moomoo: trading & investing

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Moomoo Technologies Inc.
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3 weeks ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for moomoo: trading & investing

4.65 out of 5
20.9K Ratings
1 month ago, Review Truths
Excellent Brokerage!
Moomoo has been an excellent brokerage! Pros: They provide real time quotes, DOM, T&S and anything else you may need that other brokers charge a fee for. This ALONE sets them apart from most brokerages. The fill times in my experience have been lightning fast, which is extremely important to me as I’m looking to enter and exit positions very quickly. Excellent software stability. I have not experienced any delays or issues with the software to date. Even their maintenance schedule hasn’t caused any delays that I have been personally affected by. Cons: They currently only offer margin accounts as of May 2024, which may not be suitable for everyone as you may be limited on the number of trades you will be able to take in a five day period (PDT Rule). The platform layout is a little rough on the eyes in my opinion. Nothing terrible, but as a reference I prefer/enjoy the layout of Webull much more. Also, the platform is only available via download to PC/MAC or app on your phone. No web page access whatsoever. (Chromebooks won’t be able to access the Moomoo platform) Lastly- In my opinion this is not likely a good choice for beginners. Personally, I think you should start with TradingView first to learn the basics. All in all I find this is to be a fabulous brokerage that I truthfully believe you will not be disappointed with. Happy Trading!!
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9 months ago, X24ktx
Problem with this app
So my review for this app is negative 100, do not download it. I downloaded the app to check out the possibilities of new tools as a active trader that may or may not be on this platform. I signed up using my phon number , big mistake , from there i was sent a text message asking if i need help on the platform text back for yes or no. So i replied no. Shortly after i received a call from the company and again i said don't not call my number , but that didn't stop them from calling again a hour later. Again i said you can not call my number and put it on your do not call list. Shortly after i was sent another text message again trying to get me to do whatever they were wanting , and who knows because it never got beyond the point of hi, please don't call. So i deleted the app, and block one number, but this is either the company not respecting the rights of me or they clearly have an issue you leaking your data. Either way huge mistake to download. UPDATE to response of the developer , no why would i contact you again inside your app to give you this review, no. Personally i think you need to change you business model, and or be kick off apple store and possibly you app can open doors to some time of weird crazy hacking, that just an option though.
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2 years ago, Frost 420 ish
Real customer experience
So I found an offer for around $20 to install the app sign up and get approved and all and then deposit $1, so I figured I would use the app and take the extra $20 and invest it and go from there testing the app out. Got to the point where you deposit the $1 after linking your bank account that they say they accept, and they say it takes days to verify the transfer but they will front you whatever amount you deposit until then, wellluckily I waited because I’m sure they would charge “reverse fees” because that’s what they did with the deposit. Supposedly my “very very very well known bank” is not accepted on moomoo and they charged my a reversal fee of 5x the amount I deposited. So before I knew this, I tried one more time and again I got denied the transfer and charged 10x the amount I tried to deposit. It took me all of 5 minutes to delete account, uninstall app, and write reviews here and on the AppStore in hopes of saving others from these whack jobs. Oh and they never gave me the $20 for depositing, and the website where I found the offer said they haven’t had a single payout from moomoo. Thanks moomoo.
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4 years ago, Joshstadler
Go to Day trading app
I love this app. It is fantastic for level 2 trading, includes a good community to get trading ideas or find chat groups outside of the app to join. Also you get good pricing on your trades as well as quick finalization. The only suggestions I have are a quicker news feed. As it seems like the news stories are behind other applications like webull or TD ameritrade. The pre and post chart. You are only able to view it as a line graph right now and it would be nice to see the candlesticks instead. And finally the ability to set stop losses or take profit trades. Moomoo does have trailing stop trades but it would be nice to have the SL and TP options as well. Thank you for the excellent trading platform! And the excellent technical support.
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11 months ago, Michael Mirando
App is fine and provides features that similar apps don’t, but the sign on bonus is misleading
First the positives. The app has a decent UI. Not the best but far from the worst. They have really good instructional videos that teach you about investing. If you are new to the stock market, they are really helpful. Finally, they provide you with level 2 data that other apps charge for. The biggest complaint I have is the misleading sign up bonus. They advertise 15 free stocks and $100 cash if you sign up And deposit $1,000. Well you get the stocks, but are forced to hold these sub par companies for 60 days before you can liquidate. You also need to maintain $1,000 on the platform for those 60 days, or you lose your shares. When I signed up I got $130 in shares, that are now only worth $117 and I still have a month and a half to go. The most misleading is the $100 “cash” they offer as part of the promotion. It is not cash. This is a straight up lie. It is a $100 coupon you can use to buy stock. But, you can’t use it to buy $100 worth of stock. Instead, it’s $100 towards a $1,000 purchase of stock. Remember, you have to maintain $1,000 for 60 days you get your sign up bonus, so you essentially have to deposit another $900 to use this coupon or you risk your asset value falling below the $1,000 threshold and losing your entire sign on bonus. Not a great start to a relationship that requires trust.
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3 years ago, ghjngyuu
Life Savings Lost Due To Order Book Glitch
On January 20th 2021, I was trading options as I regularly do. I have been a patron of FUTU/MOOMOO for about a year and it has been an utter joke. Last week, I had a massive options position opened. Around 12Pm the order book glitched leaving wrong numbers on the order book leaving me to believe my position was still in my risk parameters and would be able to close the position if need be. I emailed Futu support (SINCE THEY HAVE NO NUMBER TO CALL!!) and told them about my issue. It took over 5 days to give me the generic response that they are not responsible and that I should read TOS because apparently I agreed that even if there’s a glitch I’m responsible for losses occurred. Over $30,000 USD was lost due to the incompetence and lack of support from the FUTU customer service team. Due to the glitch I was unable to close the position and was left in the dark for 5 whole days, not being told anything other than to wait patiently. Moomoo seems great on paper, but be warned. The glitches robinhood, TD and others face are walks in the park compared to Moomoo’s disastrous glitches and endless mistakes. (DONT FORGET THEY LACK A CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE NUMER! Only email!) You’re better off donating your money to a charity before depositing it on Moomoo, atleast then you won’t be depressed when you lose your life saving due to a massive glitch, caused by a CHINESE brokerage. See you in court Futu Holdings
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5 years ago, stevestrobes
Great but some improvements to be made
Downloaded the app yesterday and have mostly positive things to say. UI is great and trade executions seem like they will be simple. Some of the cool data points it adds in involving market attitude is really cool, Robinhood does nothing like that. And the live chat feature is cool too, hoping to see it more active as the app gets more downloads. My only qualm is with the free stock. Always great and not complaining just a comment on clarification. You get a certificate saying you can redeem it for the stock from $8-200. I got ZNGA and it seems like lots of people have. Just think you guys should clarify that it’s not $8-200 but the ability to redeem ZNGA for example from any value up to $8. Other than that fantastic program and hope to get more free stocks in the future, hopefully there’s a JNJ value stock in my future!
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5 years ago, SelicaFox
Better Info than Robinhood
Updated review: Thanks for the response. Glad to hear about the upcoming improvements. I will definitely check out the desktop app. If it's like the phone app, I think it'll be first-rate. First review: I like that you can see the bid and ask in real-time. The charts are much better than Robinhood. The main reason I have to move on is because of the PDT rule. Usually it's removed if you deposit $25,000. I got my account to 30k in a couple of weeks and emailed support to get it taken off. It's still on and I'm losing profits. Also you can only deposit 5k at a time so I had to do 5 transactions. I also prefer having a desktop version to work with. I recommend it if you're not an active trader.
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3 years ago, luckystrikeguy
Better than the competition
After Robinhood, like many others out there, I was left looking for another app to switch to and after much research and trying other competitors, I landed on Moomoo and have been loving it so far. I was able to sign up instantly, and start trading without any headaches, whereas with Webull it’s been a week and I’m still waiting. I’m especially a fan of their desktop app :-) and unlike others on here, I actually did get really fast support with their desktop app so I’ve had a great experience overall. I’m Never using Webull after trying Moomoo, I mean look at the way the Webull devs treat their customers in just the comments on their app reviews. It’s gross.
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4 years ago, Survey ER
The MUST have trading app
I’ve used RH, WB, And others and Moomoo is by far the easiest to use . Has the most detailed information out of All the investment apa. There are tons and tons of useful information and stats that NOBODY else gives you and I feel it’s giving me a huge advantage. There are too many to list but my favorite is being able to see the top performing stocks from each industry and see which industry is performing better then others etc . The possible combinations are endless. I also love how clear and easy it is to day trade and to know how many left you are allowed . You can trade from 1AM to 5 PM PST. Believe me . This is the most under rated app out there .
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6 months ago, mountain top chuck
The only bad!
The only real criticism I have is they need to make a account for cash only! If they offered this it would do away with the STUPID day trade rule! It’s terrible when you can use YOUR cash to buy and sell the same ticker several times as it goes up and pulls back! Because they only offer Margin accounts even though you don’t plan ever buying on margin! Again this would be the only trading platform I would use!!! But the day trade rule is awful! If you read this MooMoo please fix this! Won’t mention it here but my other app I use is set up the way I describe with no day trade rule to go by as long as it’s a cash account! Make that change and you would be 10 STARS!
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2 years ago, DoeDoeNigga
No “rewards” that’s falsely advertised.
After depositing and opening account I did not receive any free stock that was supposedly promised to me. Moo Moo keeps trying to allow me to give them access to all my data usage in order to unlock gifts that I can receive if I invite people…. Why would they want my data usage so bad for? Definitely not trust worthy, if they promise something and don’t give it, then keep bugging you for your data usage info. Also, there’s no reason why I need proof of address to register. I’ve never had to do that with any other broker account and I’ve used almost every single one. Over 30 different brokers and not 1 asked for a bill statement. There’s something fishy about this app and would stay away, very regretful I gave my personal info to these people.
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6 days ago, Its funny and great
Best social stock trading platform in the market
If you’re into socializing and sharing your investment strategies and stories but just can’t find the right platform for your social butterfly personality, well you’re in luck because moomoo is that app! It’s amazing and the experienced traders have helped me learn so much that I’ve actually become a pretty good trader myself since March! Th app has a learning center where it shows you everything you need to know about anything stock related! The charts and indicators are on point too you definitely won’t be disappointed see you in there! Firebird Sheets 🔥🦅 Mooer name FiReBiTriXiE😊🔮🚀💵
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4 years ago, Gwp8106
Awesome platform, but my bank isn’t supported
The platform is great. The free level 2 is a huge plus for day traders; that was one of the main reasons I downloaded the app. The more I played around with it, the more I found myself wanting to fund an account. So I went to do so, and my bank isn’t listed (I have a fairly popular bank that is supported almost everywhere, so it’s a bummer that it’s not listed here) would be nice to have an alternative funding option for people like me who aren’t willing to open new bank accounts under one of the supported banks so we can fund our trading cash account...but I’ll be holding onto this app for the lvl 2 trading and hoping my bank gets supported in the future
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5 months ago, Chido1975
I was unable to use my money for almost 3weeks
The app is way to confusing its hard to navigate and find your assets whe I first opened my account my money got hold hostage for almost 3 weeks and still waiting for the release of the other half of my deposit, I’m very disappointed I have lost a good chance to buy stocks that have already when up on price! Now I’ll pay a lot more, I now wonder if they will have any excuse of why my money cleared my checking account a week ago and why I’m still unable to buy stock with the rest of my money?
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10 months ago, SantiagoIs
This brokerage is a joke.
Signed up, made an account, applied for all my trading abilities I wanted and HAVE on my other brokerage accounts. Made a deposit and it took a full 6 business days to settle. Then I tried to trade options (I applied for level 2) and it said I needed to apply again which I did and it’s going to take another 2 business days. I was just going to withdraw my funds but it said cash available $0 even though my funds settled, I guess through this brokerage you need to wait 4 business days from the time the funds settled to when you’re able to withdraw. Plus the whole setup of the brokerage is scattered and way more confusing than other brokerages, Definitely not for a beginner I wouldn’t even use it as a experienced trader regardless of my insane troubles regarding funding.
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3 years ago, MNKID22
Could be better
I love how on Robin Hood you can trade options even when you’re waiting for your money to clear I added $420 to my account thinking I was going to be able to trade options this week and only found out that I was unable to having to wait for the ACH transfer to clear. I also think that Robin Hood‘s debit card is an awesome asset to have because if you are in need of some extra cash all you have to do is liquidate a few things and right away and it’s accessible to your use on your debit card.
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1 year ago, bigjimboslice402
Moo moo
Was considering trying the app how ever they have these promotions for making deposit s and after making them and my bank sending them the money they would not clear the funds so I couldnt recieve the free stocks! Now I am not eligible because moomoo won’t clear the funds even after my bank sent them the funds. I feel like I got tricked and it just leaves a sour taste in my mouth. That being said when I try to withdrawal the money and put it back in the bank they still won’t complete the transaction. So now I CAN SPEND MONEY ON THERE PLATFORM (OF COURSE THEY ALLOW THAT) BUT I CANNOT GET THE FREE STOCKS THAT WERE PROMISED NOR CAN I WITHDRAWAL MY MONEY BACK FROM THERE PLATFORM TO MY BANK (even though it’s been cleared). Tried reaching out to customer service to no avail. No other platforms I’ve used plays games like this. Very disappointed.
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2 years ago, staplesnotcrypto
thē RWG thanks you!
Thank you for my almost immediate approval of my Hong Kong/China accounts. It is my pleasure as well as a great honour to do business in the form of stock trading. It is my understanding your stock market is one of the very best! Moo moo is an up and coming trading company which will not only create a sort of market fusion but bridge anything which may be considered a gap between the states and China. A side note, I hope to travel to China someday soon, especially Hong Kong to see the skyline there, which from what I’ve only seen on tv and film looks to be most impressive!!
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6 months ago, Melodini
Good but still confusing
I’m completely new to this and while they do a great job of providing tons of information I feel like I need something even more rudimentary at the moment. I’m sure it will all eventually make sense but I just don’t feel like I know enough yet to give a full review. For being completely out of my wheelhouse, they have been very helpful and the app is still instinctive enough to be functional while I stumble around trying to figure it all out.
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3 years ago, AMD-YES
They forced to sell my options because of thier so-called "risk control"
Moomoo forced to sell my in the money options one hour before the options expired and made me lost $50. They did that because of their so called "risk control" and "insufficient fund". However, as a brokage, Moomoo doesn't understand the rule of options and the difference between right and obligation. I want to fully control the options that I own! I can choose (have the "option") NOT to EXERCISE the option if I can't and there is no risk what so ever! I talked to the customer setvice and told them it is wrong but she said that is how they operate and she cannot do anything about it! It is surprising that a brokage is so unproportional and makes the decision for your posotions, even if you don't have any margin!
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4 years ago, drdorga7
Very good App, loads of useful info, but...
So far I am mostly enjoying moomoo after switching from robinhood. The execution speed is fast and there is a lot of information and graphs at your disposal. However there is one thing in particular that is bugging me. I noticed that when I’m trading penny stocks, there is only 3 decimal places and is rounded. For example, instead of a stock’s price reading .2547 like it should, it reads a rounded number in .255. This may seem like nitpicking, but this does make a difference with the spread on penny stocks and seems like an easy fix. Thank you, and looking forward to continued improvements!
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4 months ago, Bear4paws
Investing Platform
I’m new to Moomoo and the sign up process was rather lengthy compared to other Platforms that I am familiar with especially when it came to the initial deposit. I can understand a new user process so setting that aside, I am able to navigate quite easily on the Moomoo Platform. I’m hoping that in the future, my deposits don’t take an extended amount of time to settle in the Account as sometimes, timing is everything. But, that’s the market… without risks, there would be no gain. I look forward to becoming more familiar with the Moomoo Platform.
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5 years ago, KryptoKizik
Only a few requests
Overall this is an excellent, feature rich platform to join the likes of other commission free brokerages. The quotes page is laid out beautifully. The analysis is greatly appreciated and provides low level technical pattern recognition. Lastly the order placement system is top notch, allowing really complex orders on a mobile platform is amazing. I have only a handful of recommendations that would make this platform really stand out. 1. Reduce the strength of the ma/ema indicators on the charts. The bold colors often obscure the candlesticks on shorter timeframes. Slightly reducing their alpha would make a huge difference. I often have to toggle the indicator on and off to get a clear picture of price action. 2. Integrating Stocktwits instead of the proprietary moomoo community chat system. It would be nice to have the stocktwits accounts I follow presented in the trading app itself. Other than that this is my go to brokerage from now on. Excellent work!
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5 years ago, grhehejeerirjrjrirrjrj
Hidden Treasure!
I wish I could came across this app sooner! I have always been intersted in learning about investment strategies. this app is the best place for me to get started. It is very easy to use. What I love most about this app is that it actually push you to take charge and be responsible for your own investment decision. There are so many apps like acorns and robinhood, they don't ask you to do that, and you become lazy and that will not land you anywhere good. Ultimately you need to grow and learn. moomoo is a perfect place to get started.
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4 years ago, btfdMS
Great app.. however...
Great platform however there are a quite a bit of things that Moomoo lags behind other platforms making it inferior. First is you cannot even create any type of spread the option is just not available. Another is whenever I try to buy an option on the windows (pc) version it removes the chart and I cannot even look at the chart for an entry point, so you’re essentially shooting a bit blind there (I’ll admit this could be from lack of exp. on Moomoo but so far have not found a solution) And some other minor things like editing chart indices, etc.
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2 years ago, Grim librarian
Just okay
It’s user interface is the worst. I can’t tell where anything is most of the time. It took me a while to figure out how to read which stocks I own, how much buying power I have and where my free stocks were pending. Buying stocks takes forever and your transactions will be in transit for the better half of a day or more. Selling is the same way. There’s some clean features, but I don’t like my account being automatically a margin account. Something I took 3 days to try to find a way to change account types. Everything else works fine. They need to add fractional shares too. It just doesn’t work out to buy whole shares.
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2 months ago, SkydiverAZ
Moomoo review
"Absolutely fantastic! The moomoo financial trading app has completely revolutionized my investing experience. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive tools, I feel empowered to make informed decisions. The real-time market data and customizable alerts keep me ahead of the game, while the zero-commission trading allows me to maximize my returns. Customer support is top-notch, always ready to assist whenever needed. I can't recommend moomoo enough – it's truly a game-changer in the world of financial trading!"
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11 months ago, Way2gw
Great app with instantaneous view into assets
It has been just over a week and I am so amazed by its speed and peek into the instantaneous view of the positions and watchlist allow to check the variation every seconds or less gives a better sense as to what limit price should be kept snd saves a lot. Also the group chat option is great where the people who are really trading shares their views and opinions which is more realistic than any random people on social media sites.
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9 months ago, MoneyMagnet8
I like the app but would like to be able to drag chart
Hi, i love the app and being able to trade from mobile or desktop. I also like seeing my simple indicators, RSI and VWAP. It is almost like my Webull. I was wondering if it is possible to drag the charts like in case is not in the center? Instead of using the arrow left and right to move it? Maybe kinda like webull? That we are able to drag the charts in the middle etc? Just suggestions. Aside from that i think Moomoo is amazing. 😊
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4 years ago, Faradinc
Best in the business
Although the “learning curve” on all of the features and dimensions are a little challenging, I believe this is the most complete, advanced and practical trading platform. The extended trad8ng hours and funds with margin availability in addition to the speed of trade execution is outstanding! FYI: I have an engineering background with extensive computer programming and business analysis expertise. I have used almost every trading platform from the relics to the upstarts: TD, RH, E-trade, Firsttrade, WeBull...etc....
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2 years ago, Ninja bowler
Worst trade if app I’ve ever used
It takes 3 days to get your dividends on this app. While my other apps give you dividends instantly, these guys apparently have to manually enter in dividends so it takes three days? Sounds like something’s fishy. Then I just got off the phone with someone from I would guess India who I can barely understand, every time I call I can barely understand the person I’m talking to because English is not their first language. Anyway, I can’t even deposit money because they’re having system maintenance? And it’s going on for 8 days?! So I can’t even trade on a trading app for over a week? What a joke! Taking out all of my funds asap and deleting. What an inconvenience.
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1 year ago, yaozah
Too many problems, save yourself a big headache
Don’t bother with this app. It’s not worth any ‘free’ stocks they might offer. I’ve only had problems since trying to use this app. It seems that the bank verifying system they use ‘plaid’ works sporadically, so one day no problem but come back after a while and it asks you to verify your account again, only now it doesn’t work. Customer service was no help, they suggested calling plaid but had no way to give me a number to call??!? I’ve tried multiple apps from zecco to ally, Webull to M1. I‘ve had more trouble with moomoo than every other brokerage combined. Stay away!!
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4 years ago, shamssheikh
It’s not Free
1. It’s not free. I did 1 lot option trade till now and charges were - option buying fee .48 cents and option selling fee .12 .. 2. It does not show your position based on mark price as TD Ameritrade or Robinhood does. It just updates based on last traded price and it’s misleading as there might not be any trade but option price might have gone down. Eg let’s assume you bought 1 lot at 1.80 and price went up and last order price of option was 2 and meanwhile price reversed and went down to 1 however this app still show as 20 profit instead of 80 loss. 3. I see all these features + real-time option price in Webull( its way better than Robinhood) + cash account wherein you can do any number of day trade.
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4 months ago, Iloveoptions
Options on SPX and other indexes
After learning that Moomoo introduced vertical spreads and other option strategies 6 months ago, I fund an account and obtain level 3 option trading on indexes, only to find out they are not using the correct margin policy in their back office to open these positions, getting constant rejections when trying to initiate them (the short leg specifically) despite the fact my account is properly funded. Very disappointing!! True for other strategies as well. I call CS, but they keep telling me they don’t know why, over and over again without giving me the real reason. This had happened to my friends as well that I referred to as well.
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2 years ago, rockchick970
Deposited 100 only got one free stock. Supposed to provide free level 2 abd real time quotes but had to pay 2.99. So far they lied about everything. Now I’m locked out of my account it’s not accepting my password. Made me upload drivers license and then said would take 1 business day to review before I could get access. This is after I set up Face ID which no longer works. Also said 100 has not cleared in a week. It was out of my bank account in one day. As soon as I get access will be withdrawing and closing account. I don’t trust this app. Ignore the good reviews. Feel badly for those who put in larger deposits. Good luck getting your money back.
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3 days ago, nnkmans76
Learn and trade confidence
With moomoo for about a year now. I have learned so much about investing and trading that my confidence in the market is much higher than ever. Moomoo provides videos which helps because I don’t really like to read, now I understand strategy and investment trading more than ever before. I would say that Moomoo is easy to now and one of the best platforms out for the traders journey new and experienced.
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5 years ago, lamkkool
still a lot to work on
My job is focus on trading Hongkong stocks and some of the US stocks. For the first look at this app, it gives me a feeling that moomoo is pretty professional in this trading app business. You offer almost all kinds of charts and Corp info that a trader needs. But the interface make me sick, especially the font type. Looks like long tail caterpillar to me and compare to tiger or Robinhood, your font type is unfriendly and ugly. Hope to see that you can change another font type that looks more friendly and cooler.
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11 months ago, C_e_l_
Love moomoo
The streamline design for complicated functions is absolute a 10/10 in the industry. It’s more than “all-in-one”! For me I like to search what I want in the search bar and it lists features, useful articles and relevant stocks. They have a bunch of resources to explore. Really recommend moomoo to beginners because I learned a lot from it! I like to trade with momentums and the real time quotes here definitely helps to track precise movements.
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1 year ago, Dizmarkee
A great broker for margin stock trading
I am a full time day trader. MooMoo has become my primary margin account app. I like so much about it. I love the design. The customer service is solid. They have a large amount of pro option orders. I also really enjoy their social structure. MooMoo has a built in social scene that makes discussing stops even easier in the app. I recommend MooMoo to anyone interested in a great broker with top margin options.
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1 year ago, jk2151
Cannot access after update
They have screwed this app up after updating and now I cannot access my account. I've spent a lot of very aggravating time on the phone with customer service trying different things. Reset my password. Cannot get into my account. Now they are sending this issue to tech support and may take several business days to get a response. Stay away!! Update:. I finally was able to get into my account but my investments have disappeared. All they are showing is my account info. Now it looks like a new, unfunded account. So apparently they have stolen my investments. Crooks!!
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4 years ago, NatalHydra53
for serious traders
I have good experience with moomoo. I dont have a huge portfolio, so using a free trading app is my go-to for investing in stocks. For the most part, the experience are excellent, the data is way better than robinhood and like most people talk about here, love their charts, very smart. I have a crash one time, but it is zero commission app, what else you want. Overall I think it is a great trading option if you want to do some serious trading.
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4 days ago, yrryhftyfdggddyh
Well nothing is close to perfect!!!
But I have received better service here than any of the others, so I am pretty happy, they seem to have addressed most all my concerns when I whine about things, they have made some efforts to be helpful. Still annoyed by the spam, but they seem to be a work in progress that is to say they seem to seriously be trying to develop a user-friendly platform the cares about its customers.
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2 months ago, nishanov
Few things to improve
I’m switching to Moomoo from Robinhood and it’s not quite there yet in terms of UX polish. First - can you please give us option to get rid all those annoying daily checkin push and in app notifications? I looked for the setting in the app and couldn’t find it. Second - can you give us a portfolio widget? As simple as seeing your total portfolio value with % change today would be enough.
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2 years ago, Krissykrissyg
The best overall stock app I have used
I received two free stocks without having to deposit a lot of money. One free stock just for opening the account. There are so many learning opportunities in this app, and you receive points for reading news, going through the learning sessions. Also you get points just for checking in, commenting and sharing post/news.
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2 months ago, Russ RL
I am a beginner just starting out. I am learning at a pace I can understand and have been reward partial stocks along the way to monitor and watch daily. It gives me a better understanding as I work through the learning process. I wish they had this when I was a young man beginning life instead of an older retired gentleman. Always move forward!!
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2 years ago, skatestunt
I am sorry I opened an account, it is so hard to navigate, too crowded , not easy to log in trade and log out.. too many steps to trade, I can’t even find my assets. There is tab for assists but when you click on it only showes the stocks not the cash available. Can’t even transfer money out to close the account. The money I traded and deposited after 10 da is not even available to withdraw. Ugh.. worst app or account ever and o have 5 different account like Fidelity, Robin Hood, Chase, Bank of America got a trade-in. But this is the worst account I ever had. I pulled my money out in no time after a couple weeks.
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4 years ago, Jeronomo2012
Pretty Dang Good
Very similar to Webull so if you can use that you can use this. I’ve found it easier to place trades on here though as you don’t have to go to a separate screen. Moomoo’s analysis and information sections are a bit different from Webull but it’s good cause it gives you more tools you can access. I found this app by accident and I’m honestly surprised more people don’t talk about this trading platform. I believe it equally lives up to the Webull, Think or Swim, and Robinhood platforms.
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4 months ago, B r yAvs
Cool investing app with tons of great information
The app is somewhat overwhelming at first especially if you’re new to the stock market and investing in stocks, but it does offer plenty of educational tools and information to help people learn about investing for your future. Other than the endless sections of the app that you can get lost in and confused, this a really great investment app and info resource.
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2 years ago, WarrenBuffetsReviewPage
Dump Robinhood, Get MooMoo
Seriously. You will make more more if you trade options. I bought the same option on robinhood and on moomoo, robinhood said my option was 0.02 when moomoo said is 0.28. I sold and took profit. Robinhood eventually sold the option for 0.30, but they are shady. Moomoo is the way to go. Webull is good too. I like their desktop setup over moomoo, but I like moomoos mobile app which is where I trade mostly.
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