Moonlight Game Streaming

4.2 (563)
11.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Diego Waxemberg
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Moonlight Game Streaming

4.25 out of 5
563 Ratings
7 years ago, Csgoo
Overall a Great App
This is an overall great app. It lets me play PC games from anywhere on my phone at a Somewhat low delay (depending on the service/WiFi) which is a great convienence. However, aside from this being a great app, there are a few things to be improved. First of all there is no customizable control scheme. There is no customizing for the on screen controls whatsoever, rather than it displaying on the screen or not, also having a simple option with only l3 and r3, there is just a ton of useless buttons. Who needs a dpad that takes half the screen when you never need it. I’d say 90% of all emulators have an option to set the size of certain buttons, which is disappointing that this app doesn’t have that. Also I’d be nice to rebind the controls for mfi controllers. The WOL feature also doesn’t work when I made sure to port forward all the ports nessisary. Including the WOL one. Anyway this app is great, and I hope the dev implements more to it because it has great potential.
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6 years ago, Cabalex4
Great, although some suggestions
This is an awesome app for when you don’t feel like getting out of bed to play some PC games, but it could be better. For instance, the controls are very restricted. It’s either NO controls (you move your finger around to move the cursor), SIMPLE controls (just 6 buttons, in the RB LB configuration, seen on the top of controllers, plus two other buttons), and FULL controls (freaking PS D pad, shoulder buttons and bumpers, TWO thumb sticks, an XYAB button configuration, and start/select near the bottom edges). In my opinion, it’s either not enough or WAY TOO MUCH, as in a lot of cases only need two thumb sticks, XYAB, and start/select (ok, maybe the bumpers and shoulder buttons). The rest is just covered up screen space. Please add an option to set custom button layouts and sizes, and to choose what buttons you need. It would greatly increase the usefulness of this app. Other than that, that’s pretty much the only complaint I have. It’s responsive, but I probably wouldn’t use it for FPSes, and tweakable bitrates from 0.5 mbps to 50 mbps (default 10 on 720p, 20 on 1080p), and framerates either 30 Hz or 60 Hz. I would recommend 20 Mbps at 1080p 60Hz, but you could go for a lower setting. Overall pretty OK app, let down by the controls. By the way, it works pretty well on my laptop: Inspiron 15 i5577 i5 7th gen 3500hq GTX 1050 8 GB ram 2.4 GHz 20 MBPS down / 5 MBPS up Although you probably want 5 GHz.
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3 years ago, Zaronx
Really great app!
First, the app is so simple to use, if you have nvidia gamestream and are connected on the same network, it works seamlessly, also happy that they’ve included a lot of windows functions like a keyboard, right click functionality, scrolling, dragging, I basically dont even have to turn on my monitor to unlock my pc and get to gaming. Only thing I would like to see now is support on iOS for 120hz and maybe a 1440p resolution, 1080p looks fine but I usually stream a tad higher, and 4k looks sharper but it takes too much bandwidth when I’m not even displaying 4k on my games.
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3 years ago, Krulas88
Fantastic app
Five star rating explained: I have used this app for literally years. It is incredible and lightweight. In short it does what you would expect and allows for a seamless remote access experience. This app used to work perfectly over the public internet. Sadly this is no longer the case and it is not the fault of the developer. Apple has modified their App Store terms that make it impossible to both allow access over the internet and to be on the App Store. The developer has made the choice to remove what for me was the core reason to use this app. I do not feel the developer should be penalized with a poor rating for Apple’s choice to limit my use of my device through their App Store limitations.
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3 years ago, Nick kids shahs
Amazing app
I love this app, allows me to play 1080p 120fps on iPad with little input lag, it the best quality and input lag compared to other streaming services in my experience. The UI is decent, I like the settings slider and it seems additional settings have been popping up with some updates. It works almost flawlessly with both the host and client on WiFi (same network) for me. Cheers to the development team and looking forward to any future updates. I have yet to try using a wireless mouse and keyboard, I use an Xbox one controller, so I can’t comment on this aspect yet. You can press 3 fingers on the screen to bring up the keyboard (on iPad at least) and do basic keystrokes and stuff which I’ve been using to chat in games.
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4 years ago, MaximusRanger
Transform iPad to Laptop
I don’t even have a Nvidia graphics card and successfully got this to work on AMD GPU using a program called sunshine on the host PC just because this is the first free app to add the new point lock mouse support. I had to go out and buy a lighting to camera adapter (it’s just a USB port) to use the new mouse API since it’s only on certain Apple mouses for now as of writing this review. Apple should address this issue in a minor update to iPad hopefully soon so that all Bluetooth mouses can run the new GameCube mouse support in iPadOS 14. The adapter fixed the problem if the new mouse mode isn’t working for you. Any Apple adapter that has a USB should work. It has the new mouse feature needed for point lock to work for example playing first person shooters.
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2 years ago, 116567477
Most recent update changed the game!
Being able to put the screen resolution as custom completely changed the phone experience. Please add the ability for the phone to respond to controller vibrations! I’m using the game sir x2 which doesn’t have vibrate but I’d love to still get some feedback from the iPhone itself. Beyond that being the 7.1 surround support to the iPhone too that is on the Apple TV since the newer iPhones have Dolby atmos virtualized. Lastly please check ps5 controllers for iOS and Apple TV. They change the status light from blue to orange which is super sad. On Apple TV it is orange until you start an Apple Arcade game but with moonlight it just stays ugly orange.
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2 months ago, Dang84739
Better than steam link
A very stable software, using it I don’t get much issues or much latency. It will very by use case tho I’m only using my local network to stream my pc. Both my Apple TV and pc are hard wired I typically try to avoid WiFi whenever I can. Using it on my iPad tho I have no issues with it on WiFi on my local network. My own system is the eero mesh network but I have also Ethernet ports around my home that are linked directly to my eero to do backhaul to the points. So far so good I haven’t tested out 4k 120 yet cause I don’t really have a streaming device that can output that. But I will give a update if I do
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1 month ago, triforcetr0n
Love this app
I've been using this for years and it's only gotten better and better -- I have no idea why other similar apps like Steam Link suffer from significant latency issues while Moonlight is almost always perfectly smooth with extremely little lag. The one issue I noted with the new iPad Pro Magic Keyboard case that launched today is it looks like the trackpad cursor no longer moves the cursor on the remote PC; this worked perfectly on the previous iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard case, but it doesn't seem to work on the new one. Two finger scrolling works, but I can't move the cursor.
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5 months ago, MayhemReignsTV
Love Moonlight on other platforms
But I gave it a bad rating on iOS due to the artificial limitation of only being able to be used on a local network. Completely unnecessary. And that's how strongly I feel about artificial limitations like that. Especially ones that severely hamper the usefulness of the application. Other versions of Moonlight do not suffer from these limitations. And they now have it working great on every platform. I know they are workarounds but most of them are cumbersome at best and downright impractical, depending on the situation. Really guys, this is a phone app. The reason a phone app would be incredibly useful is because you can take it with you. I couldn't give it one star because the app functions as it's designed. Unfortunately, that design carries artificial limitations.
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2 years ago, Juan's real review
Great app, minor bad things
Strictly talking about the gaming experience with a controller or mouse and keyboard on an iPad (yes it has mouse tracking) it’s great. No it’s actually the best you’ll get, steam link dosnt come close to the preformance of moonlight. Where I belive moonlight could get better is just their UI it seems a little outdated, I also suggest maybe a test mode to see how much latency you would get. The touch controller is also somrhing that could get a face lift but like the UI is pretty minor and does not take away from the expirience, you will mainly find yourself playing with a controller or mouse and keyboard anyways
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3 years ago, Raygan
The Best, Without A Doubt
This is easily the best way to stream your PC’s screen to iOS, for gaming or nearly any other purpose. The latency is noticeably lower than any other option, and it handles game controllers, mice, and keyboards as expected. The Apple TV app is particularly nice if you have a gaming pc in a different room from your TV and want to extend your games to a new location. If you have any issues make sure to check their website or join the Discord, where solutions are available for many common problems. Thank you for your work on this app, and for keeping it free and open source!
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3 months ago, Drewkx152
Audio Ducking When Open
This App causes audio to duck across your entire Vision Pro when open, reducing all other volume by ~50%. Changing other windows to be the “active” window has no effect, and other apps with audio do not do this (for example, Jump RDP.) I would have expected that feature to disable when toggling off the Audio from PC on Settings, but the ducking remains active whenever the app is open and I cannot find a way to disable it. Otherwise, this does everything you need though!
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2 years ago, M.Isles
Problems with aspect ratio
I have been using this app for almost 2 years, it worked quite well untill the last update. Now it won't use the the full screen of my ipad pro automatically for a 4:3 game like before. The 4:3 fullscreen game interface are stretched to 16:9 and there are huge black space on top and bottom of my screen now. I can fix it by customized resolution, but now I have to change the resolution manually for different games. It's a bit annoying.
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5 years ago, MatthewGand
Great app with flaws
I appreciate the hard work for this open source free app, but bugs appear here and there. I believe the worst feature of this app is the navigation, mouse feature is terrible and right clicking turns into scrolling? Very confusing. The keyboard is missing a ton of features (tab, function keys, etc.), and it gets very tedious when getting in the way of windows. (PS Windows 10 has Tablet mode embrace the feature?)
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4 years ago, Cadelover91
Gave me back PC gaming
My kids, particularly my youngest, are awful sleepers and need near constant help, so when bed time rolls around I’m often stuck in bed cuddling/holding one of them. I can’t play on my PC anymore. This app changed that. Bought a Rotor Riot controller, Bluetooth headphones and I now have PC gaming in my hands from bed. The streaming quality is amazing! It even uses the iPhone’s OLED capabilities so the display quality is also amazing. Thank you Moonlight!!! Thank you for giving gaming back to me 😭
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3 years ago, alfredopoohead
Please fix this issue
Games run really well while streaming on my iPhone. However, the stream is interrupted every 10 to 15 min or so with a “slow connection issue” and it sours my experience. In fact I have opted not to use this app until this is fixed. I have another device that I use to run Moonlight on and all runs perfectly…and it’s a hacked nintendo switch (which is a port program) I run both my phone and switch on the same network and my switch beats out my phone every single time in the area of stream stability. Leads me to conclude that there is either something in this app or something about IOS devices that needs to be re-evaluated. I’ve tried disabling my Bluetooth and location services on my iPhone to help but it doesn’t seem to work. Please advise or fix :) It’s a Great App!!! I just wish these problems were resolved.
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2 years ago, CXMDG11213
Hope to add vibration support for joy-con handles
Since iPadOS16 and iOS16 support joy-con gamepad, iPad and iPhone can easily become a portable game console, with which to use moonlight is very comfortable, has become the main force of my gaming. But now the joy-con controller does not support vibration, which greatly affects the game experience, I sincerely hope to support it as soon as possible, thank you very much. Moonlight is the best streaming software I've ever used.
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5 months ago, ihaxedmom
Great but could use one change
This app works well and does as advertised however I did have a minor hiccup getting the link setup with sunshine as my other devices worked without the need for port forwarding but after I set that up it worked great I would however like if I could connect on other networks and not just over lan since I have the ports forwarded
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1 month ago, Silverdarkblade
No customizable controls, can’t use L3 while moving.
Not being able to move the gamepad controls can be annoying, there are many games that being able to move the buttons for would make a lot more playable on the phone. Also almost any game that has sprint on L3 makes it impossible to sprint since you have to let go of the joystick to double tap the stick. Double tapping the stick while not moving does not allow sprinting.
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6 years ago, alexaiezza
The bugs and crappy design decisions of this app have finally been phased out. This team did a great job at listening to its users and have finally delivered an excellent, flexible app that is worthy of some serious praise. They’ve gripped a technology that is still very new and done an incredible job delivering it users in an intuitive way that I frankly cannot get enough of! I hope and pray that continue keeping an ear out for their users as they continue rolling out features. I’ll say it right now, I would easily have paid for this app and should it ever become a paid app, I am finally able to say I would gladly support this team. Thank you guys! Seriously, there are not enough people like you in the tech industry.
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5 years ago, OrangeQuill
Love it
Honestly, was a pain to get it working, but only because the computer I’m streaming from is on a school network. Thing is, now that it’s set up it works real near perfect as long as I’m on a half decent Wifi. Supports my PS4 controller perfectly and lets me comfortably play games from my X with no stuttering. I’m definitely a fan of playing Monster Hunter on my breaks at work instead of milling about on my phone.
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6 years ago, ChuckoMay
Best Streaming App Ever
They added keyboard support! Also (as crazy as this may sound, it works): I am able to stream my Xbox to my PC locally then my PC to my tablet over WAN. I can now play my Xbox anywhere with minimal delay. Great for single player games like RedDead, or survival games with you buddy’s like ARK and Conan (my friends don't have a PC). Overall, this app is the best. Updates have been filling in any small blanks. Keyboard support is amazing.
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6 months ago, brenorton731
No longer able to find PC
app has been working well for the longest until last update with sunshine. other moonlight clients are able to find pc but not the ipad for some reason since last update. no way to add ip address manually on ios as well edit: reinstalled nightly release sunshine on PC and is fixed!
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3 years ago, AquariusBat
Doesn’t Actually Stream Your Games From YOUR LAPTOP
I just wanted to play games (from Steam) more comfortably than just sitting up at my laptop for hours; which will just make my back sore. After hearing so much praise for this app, I thought I finally found an app that’ll would actually work and stream from my laptop (which has my games) to my phone. Of course it wouldn’t work because it’s only designed for people who have this graphics card or whatever…thanks for nothing and getting my hopes up I guess… App opens up and basically doesn’t do anything…
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5 years ago, Mac addict 42
Fantastic, but needs PC buttons!
I LOVE this app, I use it on my MacBook, iPad and iPhone to stream games from my PC when I travel. Works perfectly for slow paced point and click RPG’s and the like. BUT I can’t use it for certain games like Disco Elysium that don’t have controller support, unless I use my laptop as I have no way of hitting Esc to access the menu and save. PLEASE add common PC button control options for Esc, Tab, function keys, etc. This would make it perfection!
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7 months ago, mamcocob64
Has Bluetooth audio issues
I have used moonlight extensively on multiple devices because it’s more convenient than hauling consoles and computers around. However the iOS version has crackling audio when using Bluetooth devices. I want to report the issue to the developer but I don’t know how
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4 years ago, Lollichop
It works!
It works well and is pretty easy to set up. Writing this review to ask you guys to please make the touch controls more customizable. I would pay for an upgraded version with customizable controls. Like removing and rearranging buttons and tap for mouse control. But other than that it works great.
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6 months ago, Quiet Phoenix1
It's good, but how can I disable two-finger scaling?
Touch screen games cannot be played normally with two fingers. The experience of zooming the screen is very uncomfortable. I hope to add a switch to control it manually. The multi-touch experience is not good.
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1 year ago, C4l3bZ
This Is a Great App
This is a really great app. It is essential if you are interested in cloud gaming. You can set this up with a front end like big box from launch box and Steam link and it works amazing. The only frustrations I have are related to Nvdia’a streaming service which messed up resolution
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6 years ago, AJBats01
Added keyboard support!!
This app’s recent update finally made it seriously usable as a desktop gaming streaming option for ios. They added keyboard support! MFI controllers may not have L3 and R3, but you can limp by with their “auto” on screen L3/R3 buttons. Overall I’m very pleased with the performance and low latency of this streaming app.
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5 years ago, DaAngryAnt
It’s great
To be totally honest. I’ve never had any issues with the app. Just wish it had a way to make it full screen on the iPhone 11. I don’t care about the notch being in the way. Just seem like a waste of screen. Other than that, no complaints here.
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6 years ago, jeffy777
This app is truly incredible. If you get lag, go to your ios settings turn off Location Services and Background App Refresh. I was getting some stutter, but now that I’ve made those changes It’s now smooth as butter on my local 5Ghz wi-fi.
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4 months ago, fumeng23
original windows touch support
the newest Sunshine 2.10 support original win touch like rdp,but moonlight still dose not support it.I hope moonlight can add this function in next vision to enhance users experience!bestwishes to you developers
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2 weeks ago, ggfhdhdjfjh
Sent from the heavens. This software is fantastic. Its open-source. Everything about this project is perfect. The team is awesome. What is there to complain about? I have no complaints. I would give Moonlight an invite amount of stars if I could. It’s great.
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1 year ago, Tairoholic
2023 and #1
GFE is going bye bye Steam link is never going to be any good. Esp with big picture essentially hijacking your pc Pair ML up with the new GFE replacement Sunshine and youre good. Desktop mode and good controller support, unlike the others. Also does NOT crash Vulkan API games like the others. And HDR is almost done
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7 months ago, GretzRod
This is fantastic!
I love this app! I have the desktop one too and it’s so great for using Yuzu and overall other things like accessing my desktop remotely. I love love loveee it and cannot thank the developers enough for making this free.
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5 years ago, Soundtracklover28
Best app on the market for streaming games
This is by far the best app you can get if you want to stream games from your pc to your phone/tablet. The fact that it supports controllers so easily is amazing! It’s been extremely smooth for me I love it and use it on a daily basis.
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5 years ago, Joey5802
Very good with one HUGE problem
This app works flawlessly. My only issue is that touchscreen controls are not customizable. This makes playing games near impossible. I have to tap exactly in the right spot with the D-Pad, since I can’t adjust the dead zone. And I can’t move the joystick to the left of the screen, making me have to uncomfortably reach and cover my game. This issue really needs to be resolved...
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9 months ago, Godzuki88
Wake on LAN not working
Used to work when game stream was being used but now with sunshine I can’t wake from Lan on IOS on same network or data. Steamdeck on the same network has no problem waking my computer using moonlight.
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6 years ago, A Caveman
Can't believe it.
I honestly can't believe that this app works so well. I'm totally blown away. My only wish is that I could control the sensitivity of the the virtual stick controls. But overall, just amazed that it works at all.
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7 years ago, Tatortottttttttt
It's great but...
I can't seem to get my Xbox 1 controller to work with this. I tried setting the .dll file in nividiasrv or something like that to .old and it still isn't working. Edit: I got it working, i needed to be in the correct program files.
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3 years ago, AzteKEmperador
Needs some QoL features please
Love the app so far but by this point I feel like things such as custom controller configuration support and an option for changing resolutions, etc should be there. All in all good though, my preferred app for streaming games.
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6 years ago, GamerGenkisan
SWEET! I love this app I can’t wait to try out the new update. :D Update: The new update is great but just a little request, is it possible to make the thumb sticks slightly bigger as they are a little difficult to work with on iPhone? :) Will be testing on iPad later.
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I’m so happy this is one of my favorite apps on the market for gaming when I wanna chill around the house instead of hardcore gaming I like to explore the map of GTA while watching rick and morty! It looks lovely especially on the iPhone X overall great app, great invention, and overall great!
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2 years ago, Baboon monkey
No hardwire keyboard and mouse support
this app seems to check all the boxes, but I can’t use it with my Logitech keyboard through smart connector on my iPad Pro, or my final mouse with a usb-c to micro usb cable. this setup works with steam link, but obviously the delay with that app is terrible. So I know it possible.
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6 years ago, Gravity Hits
Very good but should be able to move L3 R3
Would prob be perfect app if you could adjust the on screen controls more. Mainly just being able to move and or resize L3 R3 start select buttons or just have the disappear when screen is not touched
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1 year ago, ManedCalico
Great App!
This app works amazingly! Unfortunately, it’s currently utilizing the Gamesteam protocol, which NVIDIA announced they’re ending support for next month. This app may or may not stop working then without a workaround. Luckily, it looks like an open-source replacement is being developed, which is great news! I wanted to write a review now to head off all the “1-star-doesn’t-work” reviews that are inevitably coming in the near future… Keep up the great work, devs!
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8 months ago, WolflexZ
Works Greats
This works greatly but smoothing needs to be improved a bit as you can really notice it. It’s like it’s running at 30fps even tho it’s set to 120fps. I have top of the line specs so I know. However, it works great.
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10 months ago, stop_"3-?
Needs improvement to IOS IPAD 12.9 inches
When I stream my desktop to the ipad 12.9 inches it leave 1 black bar and 1 black bar on the bottom and top about 1.5 inches a total of 3 inches that it would be great if I could use that space so my screen can be fuller.
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