Morgan Stanley Wealth Mgmt

3.6 (239)
133.4 MB
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Morgan Stanley
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.7 or later
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User Reviews for Morgan Stanley Wealth Mgmt

3.57 out of 5
239 Ratings
2 years ago, Derek M
Good app, bad icon
It is a minor complaint, it I would love a different icon that doesn’t look like a zoomed in picture of the MS logo. Looks really dated and could be better.
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8 months ago, ExecutiveWomen
Can’t login to my business account
I am able to login to my personal account but after login out and entering my separate business login pass: it still shows my personal accounts. What happened to my business account? Why is it using my business login to open my personal account? Please fix I have 2 logins for my personal and business accounts and I do not want them combined.
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1 year ago, SFScotty
Needs fixing
Overall it’s OK. A few things that need fixing are: 1 there is no personal rate of return or similar so I know how I’m doing. Other apps do that. 2I wish I could customize it so that I could push a couple buttons to get to the things that I actually care about instead of five or six. 3 you can’t make Home Screen messages disappear forever.
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2 years ago, SaintsandTigers
Very annoying app
Every time (and I do mean every time) that I open this app and try to log in, I have to verify my identity and then again get asked if I want to add this device, even if I open it again 5 minutes later and then I receive an email telling me that I added a device. I have received so many emails telling me that I added a device even though I have already added the device a multitude of times. This is extremely annoying!
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5 months ago, hotdog921
Can't Login
Since the update a month ago can't log in with Firefox. After you enter your credentials it just keeps on spinning without going further. Thank's for fixing the problem. Just checked can now login from Firefox
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1 year ago, General.13
Good App - One more thing needed
The app is excellent and the design classy. The only problem is that it’s the only app to NOT show the % of return since inception or year to date. I’m reducing the stars to 1 until it’s fixed. It’s not acceptable for an investment app specifically in wealth management considering the portfolio size of us, customers of Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management. Please listen to your customers and provide a fix. I will put immediately 5 stars when it’s the case.
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3 years ago, Eggy237
Much improved - Add Dark Mode
UI and overall use are much improved from a year ago. Pretty much can do everything through the app now without hassle. Just need to make a dark mode, and we’re all set.
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3 years ago, Efta
Poor accessibility
The recent update has improved the application. However, the application must improve the accessibility needed by customers who are blind or have poor vision. For example, Portfolio Analytics will not respond to voiceover or other jesters needed by Blind or low vision users. Other areas of the application would also benefit by improved accessibility.
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1 year ago, Golfer427
Stopped working
Will not get to the home screen. Verifies my identity with my face yet will not load. I’ve completely closed it on my Apple 11 yet it still does not work. I can use it on my computer and if I use a browser on my phone I can get in just fine. Definitely had a problem. Always use this app.
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11 months ago, Supradoc
MS App Stuck on Verifying Screen
I have used the MS Wealth Management App for several years without incident. The app has the latest update as of October 31, 2022. My iPhone 13 Pro has iOS version 16.1. For weeks, when I launch the app a white screen with a blue circle appears with the word ‘verifying’. The blue circle spins and the app rarely launches and is not usable. Of the very few (2-3) times the app has launched, it works. It is terribly frustrating!!
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7 months ago, b-lak-e
Constantly Gets Stuck in Verifying Login
90% of the time I try to login using Face ID it gets stuck verifying my login. Usually have to close the app and reopen a few times to get it to work. When it does work it takes up to 5 minutes to verify. Huge waste of time as the app should be designed around ease of use and convenience. Hardly the case here…
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2 years ago, apop999
Decent but needs notifications
Interface isn’t bad and is responsive. It desperately needs the same notifications that other banking apps allow such as when an account receives a deposit or withdrawal.
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9 months ago, Toneking1989
Needs Polish
App has a lot of potential but could use a facelift and some UX tweaks. The permanent homepage notifications are annoying. Be great if we could control what screen is the homepage on login. With the e*trade merger not sure if there is a long term strategy is between that app and this one.
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2 years ago, John Whitehouse
Change the icon
It works great, maybe we can get an icon change? A refresh is always good.
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2 years ago, Geto1999
Ability to do holdings transfers is a plus
Happy to see that you can transfer securities now…
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1 year ago, Sue Grillo
Deposit mobile check
I have had an issue depositing my checks. It can be days before they go through with out being rejected.
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3 years ago, unofratello
Update to previous review
The app is working great now. It only has one minor glitch with using fingerprint ‘logging in’ not working, which is not a deal breaker.
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2 years ago, Fat Tribble
Changes but no improvements
They change things arbitrarily but make no improvements. The main display has no toggle for sort order. Customization in general is really lacking. No widget support.
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6 months ago, rambotambo13
It was great
Until i haven’t been able to login for over a week now… I have uninstalled and reinstalled app many times, like everyday, and it logs me in then I get the circle of death and a white screen forever
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3 years ago, Waffles McDuff
Latest version when you go to portfolio analytics, historical value and try to switch from “Since perf inception” to “YTD” continues to show the numbers for “since perf inception”
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2 years ago, mwalker
Can’t enter E*trade password
I can’t moved the keyboard out of the way to let my password manager enter my E*Trade password in the E*trade password screen. This app just became useless until the next update comes out. I guess it’s back to using the telephone and raising their cost of doing business.
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6 months ago, JLHulbert
Great Info and Easy To Use
Your App is simple to use and contains all of the info I need.
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5 months ago, Shirokuro
Used to work, now complains no connection
Used to work fine, now gets stuck at “verifying” and eventually complains “no connection.” Every other app has a connection. Needed to urgently check my account, this app failed it’s one job.
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3 years ago, nil sigabrt
More interactivity
The app works well and accomplishes most of the actions I need. To make it better, please make it more interactive (aka, more like an app and less like a website). Let me interact with the graphs and see the more contextual data. For example, the historical graph: I’d like to scrub along the line and see data relative to the timeframe I’m scrubbing (what was the total value and investment value for this specific date). Or the pie graphs - let me tap each section to get more info. This is more general MS feedback: I’d like a better way to understand gains from investments that DON’T include me making a deposit. I want to see market gains (or losses) for my accounts. If I see an account has some percentage loss because I moved the money to another investment doesn’t help me understand how my portfolio is doing.
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2 years ago, Monyella
Pretty goo but can be better
I’d love to be able to dig into more detail iro Portfolio Analytics. I would like to be able to review week to week or even day to day if possible.
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2 years ago, khiemahhh
Service Temporarily Unavailable
I am consistently seeing this service is temporarily unavailable more than 50% of the time now. What's the point in the app if I can't reliably access the content?
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4 months ago, Jeff2far
Worst Company - Don’t Trust Reviews
Morgan Stanley is not a platform that should be trusted or used by middle class Americans, as it will likely lead to a decrease in wealth and greater financial struggles. The company's practices are predatory, and can leave customers with a much worse financial situation than before. It is best to avoid Morgan Stanley altogether.
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10 months ago, J.walk08
Needs some design upgrades
Design is very old school. Need to be updated. Needs dark mode as well. Overall, the bones of the app are good.
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2 years ago, JHBrinklow
iOS 14.8 deposit not working
Since updating to 14.8 a few days ago, phone photo deposit is not working. I had to use my spouses phone that is still on iOS 14.7.
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3 years ago, 71 Wahoo
Not opening
The app is hung up on verification. Useless without being able to access everything.
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3 years ago, DogLife12
iOS 14 Support
Would love to see full iOS 14 Support including widgets that allow for a quick look at account changes during a given day.
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12 months ago, Ggttufdyiufddwgk
Terrible broker
Had an inheritance stuck with MS for a couple months. They charge obscene fees. 2% on spot trades and 10% on covered calls. They apparently were stealing from my aunt with those fees for years. They should be jailed. Leaving Etrade because their parent company is so atrocious.
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3 years ago, Fix touch id!
Touch ID broken
Cannot use Touch ID to login. Error message displayed saying “error occurred while registering you for Touch ID. Please try again later”.
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1 year ago, QueenieT_zoni
Lately it’s down more than it’s up
Hoping they’ll resolve the issue soon.
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1 year ago, Kathleen Harford
New Update is a Downgrade
New update is horrible. Feels like I’m using a desktop website in an app. Please go back.
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3 years ago, HelpfulUser2
Great app but needs dark mode
Generally a good app but I would like dark mode.
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1 year ago, h1996hhhhhballs
Can’t send payment major bug
There is a bug accessing the payment screen. V frustrating.
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10 months ago, ADrunkJimLahey
I thought fidelity was bad but I can’t even authenticate a lot of the time with Morgan Stanley. When you can it’s laggy and confusing
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3 years ago, Hurricane911
Apple needs to allow updates as long as a device is functional
My iPad is 3 years old. I didn’t spend $800 to have to replace it every 3 years ... Apple no longer deserves my business 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
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2 years ago, kwiz109
External accounts issues
Connection is constantly breaking between app and linked accounts
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3 years ago, Bob nope
Disgusting company
I was given the opportunity to buy Uber IPO cause I was a driver. This ugly company gave me at a super discount pre ipo price of $45. IPO price was $42, so they kept the $3 per share. Then when I sold my shares, they have the audacity to charge me another $22. What a bunch of crooks.
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3 years ago, Mhurwitz24
Never ending Verification
For some reason the app on my iPhone no longer works, I am able to sign in on my iPad using my password but the iPhone app is not working
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12 months ago, joepossec
No sign in
I been trying to sing in for 2 days, it never works, my account number is 12 digits!
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7 days ago, mjm.00
Can’t login after forced e*trade transfer
Can’t login after forced e*trade transfer Update: Developer thinks I’m their secretary.
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1 year ago, Noah14203
Do not use Access Investing
This is the worst portfolio I’ve ever invested in in my life. Lost a lot of money to these idiots. Do not use.
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5 years ago, margaretwusebrown
Just awful!
This “update” is more like going backwards. The tiny fonts, the forced requirement for viewing the already small presentation in the iPad portrait mode is absurd. Trying to make payments, check balances, unrealized gains and losses or engage in virtually any activity or review is at best very clumsy and at worst time consuming and / or impossible. I’ve been using electronic financial websites since their inception in the early 1990’s and this update is more primitive than even those original versions. After reading the comments of other users I checked with Apple to see if I had to update and they said yes, Morgan Stanley made it a mandatory update. Meanwhile, while forcing this poorly designed update on customers, Morgan Stanley has simultaneously made it impossible to use Safari to access the regular Morgan Stanley online platform, a function that was available up to last week. I am appalled and already considering whether I should shift some if not all of my accounts to another institution. Right now, I’m back to handwriting checks because it is truly faster and more efficient.
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5 years ago, Another Friend of Shep
Suddenly stopped working
Exactly what the title says. Every time I try to logon to the online app, it crashes before it can open. Tried several times yesterday and today. Deleted and reinstalled app, still crashes before it can open. Trying to get an email sent on the full sies via my iPhone - impossible to navigate- wasted about an hour, and never even finding the button to “send“ feedback. Hope someone at MS is reading, the app needed help to begin with, now it is useless.
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8 years ago, ArtWindows
Don't upgrade!! Warning!
Just upgraded the app, but I should say I just downgraded the app! Slow loading, and now forget about seeing your performance other than what it's doing today. Seems they took away the ability to see the overall performance of each holding so you don't know how much you're up or down. Between that and the slower speed, there's no reason to log into the app anymore. I can get current prices on any number of apps and sites, so why login? I am open to being wrong on this, but sure seems like it's all gone now and they don't want you to see your performance on the iPhone. If anyone disagrees, please post on how to get to the old layout with performance options. I'd love to come back and update the rating, but for now, it's less than 1 star.
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7 years ago, CaneCola
Wow. Morgan Stanley finally stepped their app game up!
This release from Morgan Stanley is a clean, fast, and fantastic: an immensely improved iOS app with strong UX. Granted, all my holdings are under the Morgan Stanley management family, so my experience is exceptionally positive. I was able to sign in, enable Touch ID, register my iPhone for eAuthorizations, and see my accounts at a glance or with great detail. Most importantly, quite a large portion of the ClientServ suite is reproduced in this app. I am very happy that Morgan Stanley decided to properly invest in the iOS platform.
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8 years ago, kartikh
Does 99% of what I need my iPhone
This app does 99% of what I need my iPhone. And considering where Morgan Stanley was a couple years ago with their website and no support for mobile, this is a huge advance. Mobile check deposit is awesome and a huge time saver! As others have mentioned, Touch ID support would be great. Using a complex password is painful, and Touch ID would be a secure way to resolve that issue.
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