Morpholio Board - Moodboard

4.6 (3.6K)
473.2 MB
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Current version
Morpholio LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Morpholio Board - Moodboard

4.6 out of 5
3.6K Ratings
9 months ago, fannanna
So impressed!
High quality work, devs and designers. Everything I would want to do on it, I can do. I will think, “I wonder if I can…oh, there’s the tool!” Very smooth, easy to figure out, pleasant design with effortless flow. I never worry about crashing or work being saved. Love the Pinterest function, it is well implemented. I like how I can navigate through other boards without losing my place in the Pinterest vortex. Love how I can crop my photos on the board. I’m so taken aback by how smoothly it runs! I always expect to run into some weird hiccup that reminds me I’m using an app on the iPad, but it’s just…perfect lol. The creators thought through every detail, and as a fellow designer, I very much appreciate that. I have an avalanche of dreams and ideas; I didn’t know how much I needed a tool like this to sort it all out and make decisions I’m confident about! Very thankful for this beautiful product. Well done!
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2 years ago, Ehhh it's ok I guess :/
Has potential but…
I use Morpholio for both school and professional use and have concluded that it needs improvement, but is otherwise decent if you don’t want to pay for design software. • Morpholio limits certain things you can do design wise, hence creating more steps rather than diminishing them. • It’s more difficult to use than photoshop so I have to recommend Adobe Photoshop over Morpholio. • The process to save an editable version of your work is a task as well. • The Mac version and iPhone version are not cohesive with each other; creating some confusion. • There’s a bug where certain photos do not upload and need to be recreated and tried again. • There seems to be no Home Menu for the Mac version. However, Morpholio clearly has a lot of potential being one of the only free programs I’ve found that (in my personal opinion) isn’t garbage; and the paid version is considerably low compared to most photoshop programs. Currently, this app is just helpful for people new to interior design, but could potentially save a lot of people (especially students) money if it was improved and marketed correctly. Overall I don’t recommend for professionals. This app WASTES SO MUCH TIME.
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4 years ago, Plankingforpizza
Amazing App!!
I found out about Morpholio Board through Morpholio Trace. I bought an iPad just so I could download Trace as I thought it would be a great tool from my professional experiences in the landscape architecture industry. At first I wasn’t sure Board would be right for me as I’m not an interior designer but I decided to download it anyway and I’m SO impressed and glad I did!! It’s so easy to learn and has a great database of products. My favorite features are the ability to link your Pinterest account and the white background remove tool. While I’ve just used this for personal projects at the time, I definitely see how I can use it for outdoor living spaces, mood boards, and general design for future projects. It really does help streamline workflow! I’ve already created special Pinterest boards just for products and materials I use regularly on projects that I can now easily and quickly integrate into Board. Overall, very happy with this app so far!!
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5 years ago, beth 2101
Great for interior design
I’ve been using the Morpholio App as well as Trace for over a year now and they have been so helpful for my design projects. The app is so easy to use, very intuitive. I often save images to either a photo library or Pinterest and with Morpholio I can easily bring everything together and make fantastic looking presentation boards in a flash. I know other designers use PPT for this type of thing and honestly this is so much easier than PPT and the finish result is nicer. Additionally, the customer service is incredible. I’ve had a few questions along the way of learning the app and I’ve always gotten a useful and prompt response.
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4 years ago, Debra DM
Good But
So I starting using this app for my jobs. I love it but.... I feel like there is some things that would make it better. 1. You can have saved favorite websites you pull products from like my own vendors. I don’t use any of your product content. I have tons of lines I carry as a designer and pull only from those. All of your content is very specific. I have not nor would I ever use any of the tabs to the left. 2. Saved favorite products categories 3. That when you paste a product to your board and you go to add other ideas from your search you go back you don’t have to start the search over. 4. REALLY a buzz kill is sharing these boards with the links. I wish either the link was embedded when you click on the photo so clients can see addition photos of the product or at least have the board and spreadsheet option to same page to share. 5. It’s a pain to save then combine on another doc. Therefore, its just so much easier to do all of this on a google doc to share with the client. They can even comment on their board so I know what they like and don’t. I’m not sure how long I will continue to use this app because of all the above mentioned.
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6 years ago, DWEIT
Revised: Recent update seems to have fixed issues
Initially on first install it seemed fine, but upon attempting to link to Pinterest account, it freezes (but not before trying to get me to upgrade to paid version, of course) and shuts down. Tried numerous reinstalls, but now won’t even let me log in, freezing at email/username login dialogue box. Very disappointing. Update: I noticed that an update was released a few days ago so decided to give it another go, and lo and behold the app now works very nicely! Will give it a few more days working with it and if all looks good will definitely be happy to pay the $12. Glad to see they seem to be paying attention, and am changing my star rate from my orig. 1 star, to 4.
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3 years ago, susieq9001
Love it!
This is the only app I've been able to use to pull together items to make a mood board. I still have a long way to go, but Morpholio makes me see what’s possible. I wish there were more instructional videos that show things like how to move or “drag” items from one Board to a new Board when finishing my designs for a better finished project. (If this ability of moving items from Board to Board exist, I haven’t found it yet)
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2 years ago, ShanC81
I am going to stick it out in hopes that some of these issues get fixed because I do love it.
It's an ok app with some frustration. I am going to keep using in hopes that the developers fix some of these issues. 1)when grabbing an image from other websites within the app, most of the time the back space doesn't work. It just freezes so then you have to type the website in again. 2)I absolutely love that you can crop an image from another website within the app and the app saves the link! However, recently I've had images that had the wrong link or it just takes the client to the page where they still have to scroll to find the item. Super frustrating when working with clients. 3)The pencil feature needs tweaking. Sometimes I like to mute all the backgrounds of objects which isn't always possible. But I would think the pencil could assist in that. Would like the option to match the pencil color to the background color when I actually use paint colors in my mood board and not the colors offered in the app - then I can mute the backgrounds manually.
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2 years ago, LMB studio
Trying it but
Can you please add a clipper tool and a rfq ability to email it to our vendors that would be the bomb and your products should be able to hide by the user it’s too much . As a interior design firm, we would never use these product we have our own vendors . We need space for projects in process like a client folders to add potential options items of photos with ability to organize by rooms - add prices of furnishings with a clipper that we can capture information from vendor websites to put it in a holding folder for client products before it’s added to the mood board or final option board . Please do this and it would be worthy to interiors designer
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9 months ago, afry87
Has potential, but doesn’t live up to it
Almost every basic editing function is paywalled, however. Cropping and background removal should be included in the “Basic” plan for the app to be considered even remotely friendly to free users. Several major brands, like IKEA, are also unavailable for use, which adds to how limiting the app feels. It feels like the app wants to be the Polyvore (rip) of home design apps, but it doesn’t have the same kind of friendly, easy to use interface or access to similarly vast amounts of products that can be showcased. Also, let users try the app without making an account first. It should be a prompt for saving boards rather than a gate before even trying the app.
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3 years ago, Bored with summer selection
Good app still needs tweeking
I really like this app as a professional however some features make it still a headache. When resizing the images they don't automatically snap level making me lose a lot of time moving and sizing images. Another thing that is needed is to give us the option when we're pulling images from pinterest or the website, to type in prices at that time so it shows up in the spreadsheet without us later having to go back and looking it up. That's a bit of a hassle. Hopefully we can have these features in the future to make this app more efficient
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3 years ago, nemoise
Hate The New Version
I used to love this app and I deleted it to save space on my phone. I just downloaded it again and it’s a worse user experience. The biggest gripe I have is that it’s very difficult for me to upload slightly larger furniture items (like a sofa). These items only show up as a blue square and it’s very frustrating. The app has a good selection of in-app furniture items, but of course, you want your own items as well. The app has also in general gotten a bit more confusing, but overall the biggest problem I had was with uploading images from my library.
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5 months ago, Retrofit life
Life Saver
Choosing all the finishes to a new home is extremely difficult. Anyone who says it is easy is lying. I love how this app has helped me with our new home build I love everything about it and have nothing negative to say. I hope you will use it. I recommend it highly. I bought an iPad just so I could use all the features and it was well worth my money over paying thousands for an Interior designer.
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4 years ago, LisF03
Great App!
As an interior designer, I really love Morpholio Board! I’ve used other platforms for creating mood boards but this by far has been the best. Mood boards look so professional and are simple to create. The only thing I would like to see is more variety of products in their “library”. Like including products from vendors like West Elm, Moe’s Home Collection, Article, etc. Other than that, it’s a fabulous app and I plan on using it for my projects.
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2 years ago, MaryLut
If you can’t visualize still decorate like a pro
Easy to drop in Internet photos into one page, see if items coordinate, share with contractor, link to item’s website for details. Using it for my bathroom reno, and niece’s open floor plan showing her a different style option In each board - paint color, wallpaper, furniture, window treatment, lighting, rugs, accessories
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3 years ago, Alexandrapenguin
If you like to spend hours of time on this app and then have it crash and erase everything then download this app. Anytime you want to grab a photo from the internet it will crash the whole app. To google something to get an image of it within this app is the most frustrating task you could attempt. I recommend using photoshop or something else because this isn’t it. It has great features like being able to erase the background and the list it generates but honestly due to all the bugs, it’s not even worth it. Especially due to me purchasing the pro edition! I spent money on this for nothing but frustration. Thanks. Be warned.
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5 years ago, netta p
Sync across devices
I love this app for helping me to get organized for a big house remodel. The only feature it’s missing is sync across devices. I’m worried that if I ever need to upgrade to a new device, I could lose all my work. I also can’t whip out my phone conveniently when I don’t have my iPad and check on my notes and needs. Not as convenient as I’d like. I hope the developers will consider this for a future version. Thank you for all your hard work!
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5 years ago, itsmesharpie
So much fun
I tried to use this app about a year ago and wasn’t able to continue because it was so slow and crashed. THIS APP IS 100% better now. I’m SO glad I gave it another chance. We are moving into a new home and I’ve been planning everything on this app. It’s fast, has tons of design options, and allows you to import your own images.
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6 years ago, Cathylanc85
Adore Morpholio
This app has helped me immensely in many projects, especially the collaborative ones. You can see the items in the space and get a better sense whether choices work well together. I’ve also discovered designers who are featured that I may not have found another way. Aimee Wilder’s wallpaper crazy fun!
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6 years ago, .*_*.*_*.*_*.*_*.*
Wanted to love it...
I saw the app in action from a different user and it was amazing. I was so excited to get it and upgraded to the subscription right away. Immediately, after upgrading, I couldn’t even open the app without it crashing and kicking me out. I made sure my iPad was updated and made sure the app was up to date, nothing worked. Two stars because I know when it works it’s great, but couldn’t get it to work for longer than 10 seconds :( apple refunded me, which is great. Hopefully they fix the bugs.
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11 months ago, Journey86
Needs some adjustments
I really enjoy the app it helps me see my visions come together but would like more and better options for products. This app also drains your battery and runs your tablet hot. The app also crashes ALOT! You’ll be in a middle of a design or editing and the whole app just shuts down. If they could fix these bugs and issues, then this would be a great go to app for designers.
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6 years ago, jadealyse411
Obnoxiously slow, intermittently freezes, and crashes routinely
This app has a lot of potential and fits my needs perfectly. My husband and I just purchased our home, and I was looking for the perfect mood board app to help with some of the interior design. Morpholio came highly recommended on several sites that I researched. The app routinely crashes, randomly freezes, and overall performance is obnoxiously sluggish. I feel sorry for the folks that actually paid money to use it. I hope that they fix their issues. I would love to use this app again.
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2 years ago, ccdesigns
Great App!!!
I am an interior designer and this app has helped me to create the most amazing mood boards in very little time! The white background removal tool is a must have, and what a great library of products! I would love a way to remove dark backgrounds easily as well, but as it stands I am loving this amazing tool!
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3 years ago, A Blaylock
My favorite app of all time
Not sure what I would do without this app! It plays a huge part in my business. The customer service is absolutely incredible and they are constantly updating the app to make it more user friendly. Thank you Morpholio!!
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4 years ago, Shea-Babe
The Best App Ever!
I am so great full for Morpholio Board! Designing mood boards for my clients has never been so easy and efficient. Not only does this app allows you to creat amazing mood boards but you get a list of your items on your board that can easily be manipulated to send to your clients if needed. Amazing!!!!
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5 years ago, Kari Goose
I use this app for my interior design business almost daily. The app concept is amazing. However, my app is synced to iCloud on all devices and it still doesn’t reflect the sync on each device... today, in the middle of a project, the app keeps crashing EVERYTIME I open it. Also, I deleted app on my phone and redownloaded it and I don’t know my password so I reset it and it hasn’t sent me the reset link!!! Also, the support which I’ve emailed over the past few weeks has NOT responded. I PAY for the app subscription!!! Beyond frustrated!!!
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4 years ago, CatMorris
Quick mood boards on the go
Edited: Thanks to the developer for reaching out to let me know what happened to the image editing tools. It’s a nice simple mood board creating app. Mostly geared to interior designers but great if you need to do something quick. The Pinterest connectivity is especially helpful. They used to allow me to add a little polish to my final boards. Pretty big bummer. ☹️
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4 years ago, @clairev.designs
Morpholio Board ROCKS!
Using Morpholio allows me freedom to experiment, collaborate and design mood boards with ease. The learning curve is very quick because of its intuitive interface. This design tool allows my clients to visualize how their new space will look & feel. Morpholio truly helps me turn my vision into a reality.
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6 years ago, Lucia Tseng
Gets the job done
The app gets the job done, but I have 2 main complaints. (1) When you start a mew board, it is pre-filled with a bunch of junk images you have to delete. It takes at least 10 clicks to remove them all before you can actually start working. Super annoying. (2) The app runs slow and freezes some times.
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4 years ago, Design-by-B
Best Interior Design App
I absolutely love this app. I use it for residential and commercial projects. So easy to use. Great furniture collection. Love being able to connect to the furniture companies websites directly from the app as well as being able to email them directly. Five stars!
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6 years ago, km_kakes
Crashes before I get logged in
This app looks like something I would really enjoy but I can’t even get logged in. I’ve tried the login with Facebook option, but when I click on it, Facebook opens and nothing happens. When I try the create a new account option, the app locks up and crashes before I can even type my name. It’s a bummer because it looks like a fun app and there are amazing reviews online. I guess I will have to look for another option.
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5 years ago, sailpamc
Revised: Developer responded to feedback
(Adding my review in the hopes that support will fix it.) The developer responded to feedback and fixed the problem. Playing around with the app and find it intuitively easy to use and fun. Great to see good customer service and a responsive company.
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4 years ago, pemdzine
Trust Payed off ! = Clear Creative Results
Although I had to persist to learn, .... .creating digital mood boards, As oppose to real material sample client boards, The end result is ! “Life Changing”,... ‘Time Saving”,..... ‘Creative Instigating “,.... The freedom you gain, continue on in “Design,.. expression,. Is Invaluable “ Creating & Re-creating mood boards quickly enhances the design process, ‘ It’s truly amazing minds, that created this program for me,.... & other more impressive colleagues I can see use this program, which give me inspiration seeing how they are using it’ Thank you
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6 years ago, Regines7
Free version has no Pinterest integration
Can’t upgrade or add that single feature within the app so you are continually downloading extra Apps on your phone. UX isn’t great. Responsiveness isn’t great. FAQ doesn’t help very much. It’s meant for existing users not new users. No redirects and limited instructions. Example What can I do if isn’t Pinterest connecting? A: Delete and reinstall the Pinterest app. Then reconnect Board to Pinterest. Yet there are no instructions on how to connect in the first place. Also notice grammar error in the question. 🙄 Site also doesn’t have a feature comparison so that customers could know or choose which version of the app is right for them. 🙄 Had to contact their support team twice. I’ve only had the app 4 days. That’s way to frequent.
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2 years ago, S.A.Matheny
Amazing, but…doesn’t synch across devices
This app is amazing for any interior design project: pro, dyi or inspo. But it doesn’t synch across devices—a major fail. I use an iPhone and two different sized iPads. I’ve had to recreate the same boards on each device make sure I have the same reference boards wherever I go. Incredible waste of time…
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4 years ago, oohflip
The perfect interior decorating mood board app!
To say I’m obsessed with Morpholio Board is quite an understatement! There is something so satisfying about using an app and it working exactly how you want it to. Finally I can put together digital mood boards that look good and help me make decisions!
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3 years ago, askmissmaria
I love technology and this app is a dream come true. Being creative is not an easy task. Having this app offer organization is where the love comes in. Taking my business to another level.
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4 years ago, des.wom.2
Love this app!
This app has made it so much easier for me to give my clients a look at all of the elements of their design, together. The fact that I can crop, yet still pull up the detailed information at a later time, saves so much time.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
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4 years ago, 222reader
Creatives Delight
Mood boards are important for creating a look or developing a specific design. And should be part of your tools for cohesive and clean designs. I wasn’t sure how to use this board, but once I started working with it was what I needed. A creatives delight!
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6 years ago, haus_of_meeshie
Great, but needs to be able to use on multiple devices
I love the app, but the major downfall is not being able carry my work over on multiple platforms (i.e. only being able to access my boards on one device instead of being able to log in on any device and work).
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4 years ago, The Reform
Love it!
I recently downloaded the app for a quick project but will now be using it for all my projects! Super easy to use and helps keep me organized on all my projects. Can’t wait to start using Trace as well!
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6 years ago, itsmejeremywm
Great for interior design
I work at an interior design store and this helps me give my clients an idea of what a piece might look like in their space without having to go through some complicated system. It’s sold many of my clients for me. Great app!
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4 years ago, laurelle design
Been using for years!
I really love this app, BUT it would be 10 stars if the boards transferred with your devices. It’s only one device at a time which can get annoying.
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2 years ago, CaSa Designs
Love My Morpholio
I have used this app for all our mood boards. Love how it works, and will definitely be viewing the tutorials offered to learn more! Excellent tool to have in our arsenal 😃
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2 months ago, Sailery
Good app but crashes
I really like this app but it keeps crashing and closing the app every time I try to open my board. It has happened before and I think it is because I have way too many things in my board but if I can’t open my board I can remove things or modify it. Otherwise is a pretty good app
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4 years ago, Xcalgal
This app is worth every penny!
This has been a game changer for my design plans. I love sending clients details on their project, I am sure I have not tapped into everts this incredible app can do, I highly recommend!
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5 years ago, sbarr81
Sad face
I’ve been using this app for at least 7 years. I don’t use it a lot. But I use it for putting together a room in my own home. Today I went to look at one of my boards that’s a few months old and discovered that I can’t use the app AT ALL unless I pay them. It’s just a little irritating. I don’t mind paying for apps. But paying $12 for something I use occasionally is a little much to be honest.
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3 years ago, Little Blue People Lover
Excellent Design App
I used the Morpholio app extensively while designing our new home. It was so helpful in putting together ideas to see what pieces would like like with one another. Highly recommend!!
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5 years ago, very happy betty
Very happy
I am very happy with the ease of getting images online and having the information come into the program. I have to still do some editing of the files but I like the file formats that can be saved!
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6 years ago, Ktopia Home
Design Boards
Extremely enjoy the ease on creating design boards for my customers. I am able to grab items we are actually using from websites.
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