Mortal Kombat

4.5 (144.7K)
1597.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Warner Bros.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mortal Kombat

4.54 out of 5
144.7K Ratings
5 years ago, micspankies
Amazing game but I have a few suggestions
Hello I love this game I have been playing sense the release so I have a few suggestions for this game “notice these are in my personal my opinion” 1st friends list because I want to play with friends that play the game and make friends, in game chat so we can communicate with our opponents, 2nd Diamond elite card pack for 800 souls if you buy one you will get 8 level up cards 4 support cards 2 rare equipment cards and 100% random diamond card 3rd clan yes we have the online factions but clans are different with clans you can invite friends or join a clan and participate in clan wars and get better rewards for winning, 4th private lobby’s and fight groups private lobby’s are going to be invite only or you can create one you can invite friends via friends list fight group is similar to a private lobby but is public if you are in a fight group you will take turns fight each other and or spectate the fights, 5th ranked matches this is similar to ranked in other games you play a ranked match rank up and get rewarded but you have tiers the tiers are trainie, fighter, master, Kawn, elder god, for the last rank rewards depend on what rank you are, 6th and final new characters I have some suggestions for some characters like more MK11 characters such as Jony cage, Kano, fire thunder god Liu Kang, Sonia blade, jax and jackie Briggs, and skarlet and other characters from other MortalKombat games like night wolf, Shang sung, smoke, noob, sindel.
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3 years ago, Hypersonixx
Report a serious bug
Im playing this amazing game for more than 18 months now and I really enjoy it🥰 thanks for everything that you did in order to improve the game experience including adding new characters and fatalities and brutality etc.😍 well, tonight I encountered a really weird and serious bug in faction wars, I was playing as the dark fate Terminator and my opponent was Klassic Ermac. Somewhere in the middle my terminator took enough damage to die for the first time and it was going through the resurrection animation to become the skeleton version, but the problem is this, the last bit of damage was because of Ermac explosion (Just before he dies), I had done enough damage to kill him first, and then i was killed because of the explosion, Now the worst part which is related to the bug I mentioned earlier, after the animation for the terminator was finished, Ermac was still alive! and he had become invincible!! I couldn’t do any damage to him no matter what! My special attacks were disabled altogether! The terminator died because the other player was still playing, and after that my other two characters were killed as well 😐 I know this is an extremely rare situation😅 but I would really appreciate it if you fix this for next version please 🙏🏻 wish you all the best 🌹you always remain five star ⭐️ 😉
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3 years ago, MSTR-AT
Fun game but some drawbacks
Been playing did 3 years and built a very strong set of characters that are almost all maxed out except for some Diamond characters that are difficult to get. The graphics and features of the game are fun. The drawbacks I am annoyed with is the fact that souls are so difficult to get but coins are easy. I have over 30M coins that I can’t buy much with since I maxed out all the characters that can be bought. It would be good to be able to use my coins to trade for souls, which has more value. The other drawback is when you max your gold characters, the challenges that are put out monthly become useless. Unless to just want coins and souls, but there’s no motive as there’s no new character to try to gain or max out further. The challenges should include Diamond characters that are difficult to get. The last and most annoying drawback are the towers. The last year they’ve gotten so difficult that I can’t even pass level 160 out of 200...and now it’s gotten worse that I can’t pass level 120 out of 200. I have very strong maxed out Diamond characters with equipment cards that still can’t beat these towers. So I just give up and don’t bother. Totally not fun when the tower characters regenerate life so easily that it’s just a painful never ending round. I use to love this game, but starting to feel all the towers and challenges are a waste of time and life. Prefer other games that makes you have a challenge that is fair and still enjoyable.
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5 years ago, AnotherN00b
Love the UPDATE!! But I wish some things were added
I’m a player who has played this game for well over a year and a half and I’ve been playing this game non-stop. I love the challenges, the graphics got even better with the update and I love it. Overall, the update is great but I would like to change some stuff. 1. I have an IPhone X and when I play the game, there are bezels and I’m not a huge fan of those. They really irritate me and I would like it if you guys can fix this issue. Maybe something happen or you guys are too busy and I don’t wanna sound too hateful but if you guys have the opportunity to fix it, I would love that 2. With the new update, there has been some issue that when I play the new challenge tower (for Baraka) It would lag out and restart the game. I don’t mind doing it but it bugs me and I hope you fix that soon as well. 3. I really liked how you change the shop but I like the old one better and if you guys won’t change it, I’ll just deal with the new one and hope I get use to it soon. Overall, the new music, new looks, I love them and I hope you keep updating this game because I love playing it and I don’t have any plans on quitting it either 😁 (I play this game so much, it kinda make my girlfriend jealous and it’s honestly funny and I just tease her with it 😂😂)
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7 years ago, XdeadXmikeX
Fun for 2 days unless $$$
Don’t get me wrong. It’s a beautiful game, visually. But u can play for 2-3 days before you hit a wall (I’m up to level 25 in just 3 days). I know the goal for the creators are to make money, but give us more than a couple days of playing before we are just stuck. Doesn’t matter how hard you grind either. I’ve been grinding nonstop just to see how far you can get without spending money. You will be stuck on a tower with no hope of passing it without paying real money for characters. And unless you do the quick match online, you will always face players you can’t beat (after the first few days, first few days are fair matchups). And don’t get your hopes up trying to beat the special levels they have (complete ALL of them and get a good player), because you have to have characters you pay for to even do half of the battles. And not just 1 or 2. But multiple teams of characters that you have to pay for. If u just need a filler for a weekend, play this game. Just for the visuals and because it’s Mortal Kombat. Just don’t get your hopes up. Honestly this should just be a 10$ game and they let you unlock characters easier during play. 20$ per player is insane. And that’s not even an evolved version of the card. Just the base card.
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5 years ago, DEATH6378
Fraction wars, card packs, and cards
I love the game but after the recent update fraction wars got more challenging but at the same time unfair. For example you would be playing with 5k attack and health team and while playing you would get a card to fight with 17k attack. Now 2 things can happen 1. The player can spam attacks constantly die after the first attack. In my opinion I would put a 5k team against a 15k card at max. Another problem is the card packs. The problem is that sometimes people like you tubers or people willing to spend money on the game would spend a lot of money for soul coins for the packs and they would get 1-2 diamond cards out of 50 card packs opened. Especially the new MK11 card pack, in that card pack your chances of getting an jade, raider, or scorpion would be more than rare than what the pack says. What i would do is add at least random diamond cards or good gold cards to the pack so If u don’t get the card u want u have a chance for getting something better or something on the same level as the card. One last problem is the card system. I would rather the old card system because its more easy to fuse of max out am card. And also for new players they can look at the roster to see what cards is better than others and see what cards to buy. Hopefully in the next update these things will change and keep improving Mortal Kombat
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4 years ago, CrishJubie
Just fantastic!
I’ve always loved Mortal Kombat ever since it was released during my childhood. This game has an impressive variety of characters, moves, and skins. With a different modes and challenges, there’s always something to work towards. Additionally, I love that they add new characters and level up old ones to new tiers. They are pretty good about listening to their gaming community when it comes to suggestions and requests. And I personally have found the game to be decently generous. I often get diamond characters from the card packs and every once in a while if there’s a problem where the makers have to do maintenance on the app, they reimburse us for the inconvenience with a decent quantity of currency. I have found it to be an outright fun game with a lot to look forward to as you level up. Slight downside, it can become a money pit down the road. It’s a gamble when you have many characters maxed out to buy a pack of random characters. You might spend $10 and only get cards you’ve already maxed out. That tends to be a complete waste. It would be great for the packs that you spend actual money on if there was someway for them to filter out cards you’ve already maxed out. Or let you flip cards until you get something usable.
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5 years ago, Samuel Dawson
Great overall but needs some changes
I’ve been playing this game for a very long time and it’s my favorite mobile game to play but there are a few things wrong with the new update. The first thing that a lot of people including me want back is the old shop. The new one isn’t terrible but it’s not as good as the old one. Also I think that the chances for the rare characters in the Blood Ruby packs should be raised by at least 2% because I’ve been getting those every time a season ends and I haven’t gotten a single rare character out of them. Another thing is the cost for the characters in the Faction Wars store, they are very expensive and Klassic Ermac and Klassic Sub-Zero definitely need to be lowered by at least 250 Blood Rubies. They just aren’t worth it. You could either buff them or lower their prices, please do one or the other. I read another review also and totally agree that at the end of the 100 battles in Shao Khans tower you should get like an elite pack or some souls or something. Please bring back elite pack too. Well that’s all I have to say and if the dev’s are reading this keep up the great work! This game is really good and you guys are awesome! :) Edit: Also forgot to say, please add a new diamond character and make it Noob Saiboat please! Bye :)
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6 years ago, Luke4546
Awesome game...I have some suggestions tho.
I love playing this game and I’m pretty good at it. I have been playing for a while too. I have some suggestions too. I think you should be able to donate to your allies. I think you should be able to search your friends usernames and have them as your allies too. I think there should be way more packs you can buy with coins. I think there should be more challenges at once. Like the weekly challenges, there should be more than one at a time. And the rubies from faction wars should be easier to get, or the cards you get should be cheaper. Also when you unlock a card, you should be able to purchase it from the shop with either souls or koins, it’s hard to evolve the characters when you have to purchase a pack every time and hope you get the same card. And I know diamond characters are a pretty recently added thing, but I think there should still be more of them. Also when packs come into the shop, like the twenty dollar card pack, you should be able to purchase them with the gold you have, 1,500,000 gold is $100 so if you pay 1,500,000 you should be able to get the card 5 times. Thank you if you actually read this!! And over all this is my favorite game!
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5 years ago, Richardmora
Amazing game/ just a few issues To address
So I really love the game and i have recently just got back into playing since mk 11 will be released soon but I have a few issues I must address first off my runes have been reset completely I had 200,000,000 and now for some reason I have 1,000 and don’t know what occurred especially due to the fact that I have been playing mk mobile since the release of mkx And another issue I was completing the challenges to unlock mk11 raiden and it stated it had 5 more days till it was cycled out of the shop as I return today getting ready to complete the last challenge to have him unlocked I come to the realization that he’s already been cycled out which came as a complete shock to me I understand that it’s just a game but i love collecting these different variations of characters and especially since it was a mk11 based card I’m highly disappointed and i wanted to address these issues and see what i can do if I can’t do anything about the mk11 raiden card I would at least like to address the issue of my runes due to the fact that i was pretty much robbed of every single rune I had I would gladly accept any responses from your end thank you for creating such an amazing game.
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5 years ago, deathskull_246
Why I don’t Play As Much Anymore. (Suggestions; Devs. Read Please) Bug Issues
So I have been playing MK over a year and then all all of he sudden, I stopped playing for about two months! Also because I haven’t been playing on the IPad for awhile and I just didn’t want to play it. When I went on it said I needed the new update so I did. Once the update happen, I saw that it was super cool, but you guys made it more confusing than it was. Yes, I know you guys are trying to make the characters are real as possible, but it just makes the background kombat area looks like a 2D Print. I also don’t like how that we have to wait for the next characters to appear to buy them, I do like the gold to diamond, but I wish they would also like have more attack and health and etc. The bug thing is that you for the challenges, “Gold Characters Only” I was able to put my diamond characters in. Some suggestions I have for you guys is make it that the soul prices are lower for the character now, because they are more expensive than trying to get Shoa Kahn and also make it that we can also buy any of the characters at any time. There are other minor things that I don’t like the change, but I won’t really care for those. As you devs. will, please discuss this in with your other people. Thank you.
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5 years ago, MushroomHedgehog
MK11 update is promising, but there’s many problems that need to be addressed immediately.
First off, there are some serious bugs affecting the save data of the game. After exiting the game, any progress made in challenges is erased. This is the case for both Baraka and Jade. The frame rate is also a bit unstable, so if something could be done about that, it’d be appreciated. Though I understand it may be a hardware issue that can’t be helped by the developer. I will not be able to play the game until the save data bug is fixed. It prevents me from finishing challenges, and I’ve enjoyed this game in the past, and would hate to walk away from it like this. Second, the new store layout is disappointing. Although I’ve generally purchased card packs with koins and souls, it’s a bit concerning finding that selection of individual characters is very limited, and that small selection is reset after a certain period of time. This isn’t fair if we have a new challenge that requires a specific character, like the Triborg challenges did. In addition to this, it has affected some characters. Cutthroat Kano, for instance, no longer has a special ability. He used to cost less than most gold characters, but now costs the same as others. I look forward to a bug fix update as soon as possible. NetherRealm rarely lets me down as a customer, so I’m willing to let this incident slide for now. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Purple22222222
Buyers Beware
First off this game can be fun. There is a lot to do. The graphics are nice. And well it’s Mortal kombat. However I’m a little surprised by the technical team and the inability to fix issues. You thing for such a big name they would be top notch. There is a lot of crashing going on not to mention the cheaters. Which neither they seem to be able to fix. They tell you to use a WBID to log in and save your progress. I lost my account after about the first year and there was nothing they could do. I started playing again and spent years and money into it and one day it crashes I reopen the app and poof gone. Contacted support and there is nothing they could do. I lost a full roster, characters I paid for, my equipment, 3,000+ souls, 9 mil+ coins, everything.... They offer to replace the ones I paid for but everything I earned they could not. After fussing they offer me three other characters maxed out. Little this would do with everything else gone. Funny they could not replace this when hackers seem to have no problem at getting this stuff. Maybe they should hire a few of them. The crashing is bad and people post all the time that they lose their accounts due to this. So play have a good time while it last. Everything good does come to an end. Just keep in mind that you could lose everything at any point. But I do strongly advise against putting you own money into it.
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7 months ago, Harry Prajapati
Harshil 5991
Well I love mortal Kombat & love playing it but I don’t understand before I don’t remember how long ago & I literally don’t understand that before you guys were allowed to have three or some different battles two win rare & Cmmon characters & now you guys only allow one battle of winning character & gems you guys should change this Quickly & fix this cuz many of us playing nonstop & finish the battle within one day or two & then we all have to wait till the battle end up yeah I know we can play faction war & extra but I do really really wanted to guys fixing this issue as quickest & early you could & can & even after this you guys used to giving biggest reward on Halloween & Christmas & in all the festivals nowadays you guys don’t I don’t understand why are you guys stop doing all of this it’s literally upsetting & sadly please & thanks fix all of this issues cuz many of us doesn’t like playing others games then the mortal Kombat & thanks soooooo much more I literally loved it & you guys did fixed it & giving 3 battles playing of winning characters im glad & thanks i love mortal Kombat games then any other games 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 I’m really really so much happier
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6 years ago, EL_SQUISHY
I’ve been playing since it’s release
I kinda wanted to respond to a comment a read that said you run in to a wall after 3-5 days of playing and how you have to pay to win. I completely disagree. Although I do agree that they people who are good usually just spend hundreds of dollars. HOWEVER, I’ve been playing this game since it’s release who knows how long ago. And there’s always some type of goal (for me at least) to reach. The game is definitely repetitive but what fighting game isn’t. I like the challenges and I love the grind of leveling up characters. And as for having to pay for characters. I completely disagree with sending money. I have never spent a dime on this game since it’s release and that’s something that I’m proud of. I don’t like these micro transactions, I believe in grinding for the reward. You can beat people without spending money. It’s. It hard building a solid team without spending a dime. Lastly I wanna say the reason this game isn’t a a four star is because the pleasure of cheating playing on this game. And how Netherealm just doesn’t seam like they do anything about. Not a session goes by where I don’t come across at least one cheater with you know what type of name. They need to integrate an In game report feature. Instead of going through WB forums.
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5 years ago, Luke GC
Update 2.0
You dropped the ball on this one. Making current gold tier characters into diamond has forced us into spending more to upgrade the characters, that’s a dirty move. Only allowing three character cards to be purchased from the store is obnoxious. So many challenges require a specific character, you were able to purchase directly from the store if need be. That helped out tremendously when you really needed it, including the discount on said character sometimes. Overall the app is now really slow, the animations are clunky and it just froze on me, hence why I’m writing this review. You should have left the characters alone and just added new ones like one of the top reviews have said (that a “dev” even commented on). Instead you arbitrarily raised how many diamond characters there are by forcing the “upgrade”. It’s really a shame that the overall conscious for the company is how to pinch ever dollar out of the people who have played the game for years and scare away any new players you may have gotten. I hope someone reads this and steps away from downloading it, it really used to be a fun game that I sank way more hours into than I care to admit. Devs, I’m sorry, I know you guys work hard on all of this but you really missed the mark. Unfortunately I know there is no turning back. Unfortunately this is my stop on this crazy train of a MK. Hopefully you can fix it.
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6 years ago, Daytimeprism5
Hey warner bros....
This game is AMAZING, i remember when it first came out, and i was pumped into playing. My first gold character is Raiden... The only time i spent money on the game was getting Scorpion pack and Sub-Zero pack from then on i work with my characters leveling them up to compete throughout other challenges fir more characters. Ive never stop playing and never will. Now my down issue is the game lags, glitches, and the music doesn't play regularly. So Warner Bros, I'm asking, is there going to be an update to fix the issue??? I REALLY wanna continue playing without the lags and to hear the sound music while I'm fighting in the game. Other than those flaws im never gonna stop playing, ive worked hard to get every character i can maxed out by level and by their tier level. Mortal Kombat is my first game to ever play from the creators before new ones came out like Injustice and WWE Immortals. Ill never stop playing Mortal Kombat, but please, please fix the issue of the game, Warner Bros or Netherrealm, who ever of ya created the game for IOS please fix the issue, i dont like lagging, and glitches, and the no background sound, please?? Thank you for letting me play since the first day this game was made 😁😁😁
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5 years ago, ♥h♥i♥s♥h♥a♥c♥h♥i♥k♥o♥
DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS FAULTY GAME SCAM! Constant crashing of this game made me lose ALL of my progress! I’ve been playing this game since it first came out YEARS AGO in my spare time without issues until a couple days ago. Every time I would attempt to play the game, it would make it to the animated opening scene/trailer of the app and crash trying to load the daily log in page. Unable to do anything, I was forced to delete and then reinstall the app, and by doing this it completely erased my entire history of the app with ZERO way to restore it! Why can’t I restore it and resume my gameplay? Because I didn’t make an asinine WB account to have my progress sync to it - which I might add, was NEVER even recommended or mentioned as something to do in the app at any time! It’s despicable that I have essentially been scammed by this company for a couple hundred bucks on their micro transactions with no way to restore any of it! I couldn’t even log in to the app to get the necessary info to create a WB account even if I wanted to because of the constant crashing which is the only reason I’m compelled to write this review! I even checked forums online and countless people experienced the same issues as me! IT’S A COMMON ISSUE THEY ARE AWARE OF AND HAVE NEVER ADDRESSED! Never again will I support this shady business after their inability to fix their crashing game and because of their complete failure to protect their customers!
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6 years ago, Phen101
Awesome! But can be more better..
This is one of the best games I ever played! The problem is that once you finish the battle mode, there is really nothing to do except do challenges(for mkx characters), shao kahn’s tower(which is kind of boring since you only have 3 entrees a day), quest mode, and faction wars(which has some hackers). Also what I would recommend is to add a story mode! It would be way better and more fun! The battle mode is pretty cool because of its fatalities, but its only once in a while once you reach a certain tower..and I was dissatisfied at the end when there was no story to finish it and they only give you a lil bit of coins and souls..another suggestion I have in mind is to add more characters! I know theres a new update right now with Bo Rai Cho, Hanzo Hasashi, and the shokan warrior, but I think you should add characters like Noob Saibot, Fujin, predator, alien, etc. I would be more obsessed with this game if they added characters like them! My last and final suggestion is to make us do fatalities..we can only do fatalities on certain towers in battle mode and some of them are guys should let us do fatalities on our own. This is why I give this game a 4*..hope you guys like my suggestions and thank you for your time on reading this..Have a good day :)
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5 years ago, Ishouldnthve
Been an original player
Love the Mortal Kombat franchise as I’ve played from the very beginning (quite literally) and when the mobile version came out I was one of those people that was all excited about it. But after this most recent update of the game I just can’t give it anything higher than a 3 star rating especially since you can no longer play off-line besides the fact that with doing the current Jade towers I have repeated the exact same tower (50 soul reward tower) for over a week and when I do finally get to advance past it I only get the first 3 matches and than it freezes than I wind up repeating the same BS. By the time MK11 actually hits the shelves this challenge will be over and I will NOT be able to get Jade from the challenge. If they actually fix this version of the mobile game I may consider changing the star rating but I won’t hold my breathe as I may turn BLUE from doing so. This aspect of review is to address some complaint from some people stating that the game never said or suggested to create an account is a load crap as they have suggested it for about a year or so plus if playing with an apple product “game-center” should be able to help with back up and restoration if not complain to those morons who were so kind (NOT) to remove it from the home screen.
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6 years ago, j1o2k3e4r
Freddy Kruger
Are you ever going to realize that the face of Nightmare Freddy Kruger doesn’t match his card. I’m an original player and it’s kind of annoying that you never catch things like this. I still play religiously, but seriously come on. With all the updates and it’s never fixed. I agree with Awesomeaxl3. The silver and bronze characters are lacking. I mean all of the characters aren’t even represented as silver cards. For example, Kung Lao, liu kang, quan chi, bo rai cho, sector, Cyrax, smoke, and good grief even raiden, mileena, baraka, erron black, takeda, Jade. You don’t even have to come up with a name as it is their base card. As far as the store goes, you should come out with new characters to just buy for souls. Otherwise the game is very repetitive. Where’s noob saibot? Let’s not even get started with bronze cards or even a bronze/silver challenge. The only character represented at bronze is Ninja Mime Johnny Cage which means you’ve thought about it. Why not just make up some cool ideas to get the bronze cards more applicable for challenges or Shaolin Master Kung Lao? Not to forget; your relic hunt percentages are off. I unlock 1 it’s 1%. I just unlocked 15 and it was 10%. It’s always screwing you over when it comes to this logic.
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5 years ago, Gori19
My suggestions
I do agree with others, while I love the game and have been playing it since it’s release on the Sega Genesis platform, this version of the mobile game needs a bit of a touch up in certain areas only. I don’t believe adding a bronze character like a Tarkatan Warrior or a silver character will help those sections are fine. Areas such as battle mode can be improved by adding more towers and more lucrative rewards for its completion. This should be an ever evolving section because the bulk of players need an escape from faction wars once there premier characters run dry of energy. Faction wars need to be a bit more competitive, love the new reward payout T the end of the week but it seems like the competition has dropped and the characters your facing badly move or perform actions now. Quest are fine, I believe however the drop rate on the rewards should be increased a tad to keep players interested. I would also like to see some klassic characters available like Nightwolf, Noob, Sindel and others like Fujin and Kabal, Striker available as well. I like the feats of strength addition to the game along with the power ups and special features during battle.
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2 years ago, Crustaceous Cheapskate
Consumer Friendly and Well Designed
Overall, this is one of the better fighting games you’ll find on the iOS app store, primarily due to the design of the combat actually being tailored to a small phone screen. While the gameplay is quite basic due to the tap-based combat, this control scheme is a lot more intuitive in the long run in comparison to other games. This game is also quite consumer friendly for a free-to-play app, as premium currency is actually quite common and easy to obtain. There are also very few, if any, elements within the overall gameplay experience that are blatantly designed to sap you of your money. Even the energy mechanic common with most free games is drastically improved here, with maximum wait times being less than two hours. On top of that, you also have multiple options available to replenish energy, making the short wait times even more lenient. Overall, while this game will likely not be the most fun you’ll ever have, it definitely has a certain satisfaction to its main gameplay loop that can help you kill some time. I feel like four stars definitely sells this game short, but it doesn’t quite reach a perfect five stars.
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3 years ago, Theres a teeny problem
Love it and have always played! One thing however...
First of all, love the game, absolutely awesome in every way! But one thing. By the time this is or if it is read it will probably be too late, but the Kraken Reptile tournament on the ‘Must have Ermac on your team’ 50 souls tower, level 13/15, Mileena, Kenshi, and Kitana are practically impossible to beat. Yes I know you have to have a really good team to beat them, but I killed Kitana, and instead of dying when she should have died (considering her health was at only a tiny bit left when I was finishing up my Diamond Black Dragon Tremor’s second attack) she was switched out by Kenshi for no reason, the only modifiers on were Ermac must be on your team and regeneration, but I still don’t understand, how did she not die when she should have died? She had about (as a demonstration) this [ ] out of this [ ] for health and my attack would normally deal this [ ]. But she didn’t die. I’m just a bit concerned that maybe it’s glitched out because she switched out AFTER she normally would have died. If this is a glitch, please look into it, much thanks!
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5 years ago, Vet annoyed
Unfair Advantage Cheaters
BEST GAME EVER!! UPDATE: no fun if you don’t get your faction wars rewards 😕 been about a month without receiving them please fix Mortal Kombat X is, by far, my favorite game I have ever played. That being said, I haven't played too many games since my kids grew up and moved out (yes, I'm an old lady) but I have played original Mortal Kombat and loved it as well so I was completely stoked to see this app for my iPhone. I have never had to pay any money to play and have reached level 51 quickly and gotten almost all the characters over the last year or so playing all on my IPhone. The one criticism I have is that once you reach a higher level of playing and your characters reach their capacity, your opponents, most not all, have multiple cheats enacted that make it nearly impossible to beat them because not only does the game give you opponents that are up to two times better than you, but they have these crazy cheats that make you completely powerless. As it is quite frustrating and really disappointing on all levels. It's an unfair advantage and cheaters never prosper in life. Thank you for reading. ~ Mortal Kombat Granny ;)
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5 years ago, Scorpion99rules
Mortal Kombat
I have been playing mortal kombat for nearly 2 years. I played it everyday nonstop. I loved everything about it until now. When I got the update for mortal kombat I have to say I am very disappointed on what has changed about it. The fighting music in the new version isn’t as intense as the old version and I don’t like it. All my characters are mixed up when I tried to edit my team, I used to know where all my best characters were now I’m having a very hard time trying to find them. I wish all my characters were in the same spot when I got the update. I used to upgrade all my gold characters to any fusion I wanted I have about 50 of them and it was very easy to upgrade them to the next fusion, but now in the new version is what I’m seeing is I can only get 3 character cards to fuse instead of fusion all the Bronze silver and gold characters anytime I want to fuse them REALLY! Also I have to wait for a long period of time to fuse them again, now that is something about mortal kombat that I really hate now. The game is ok in all but I would have been better off without the update to mortal kombat and I already miss the old version please bring it back if possible. Thank you
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4 years ago, Wolfxø
Lost the fun in it
Trust me, I love MK in general. But recently, I’ve had so many problems with it. No glitches, the game has just gone downhill in the recent months. Packs get too expensive, the drop rates for diamonds are completely BS, as well. Everything all of a sudden is this type of cash grab. You really want people to pay $50 or more for a diamond character and some level up cards or support cards? It ridiculous. Also, the actual LOOK of the game itself has just become more ridiculous. I’m all for ‘improving’, but when all the characters look crappy for the back of their card, it’s just laziness to me. I miss how the game used to be. Nothing was as expensive as it is now, and the mentality of ‘diamond packs’ is ridiculous, as well. I would love to see the developers bring back the old packs; I’m sure a lot of people want them back. The new packs are just overly expensive for the low drop rate. If I’m paying 400 souls, I should have a much higher drop rate than 3%. We also need actual new kombantants. I’m sick and tired of being hyped up for a new character and it turns out to be another version of Mileena or Kitana. I’m sure a lot of players agree with me, and I hope the developers will read this and take it into consideration. Thank you
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5 years ago, HanSolo_23
Hands down one of my favorite games.
I’ve been playing this game for over two years on multiple devices and I’ve always found a way to enjoy it. I love the faction wars play and the many different weekly challenges. Now I wish the price for the characters in the faction wars store would go down about two hundred rubies. I love how I’m this update they added some MK11 characters and I now have a larger assortment of characters but I think they should add some older characters that have been in previous MK games such as Noob and Tsang Sung and the human version of smoke, sektor and Cyrax. Or maybe even the MK roster with literally everyone. Now that would give me something to look forward to. The only thing I really hate about this update is that I removed the entire roster and replaced it with only three character at a time that refreshes every 12 hours. That was almost enough to get me to stop playing the game. Literally my favorite thing in the game is gone and I really, really, really wish they bring it back. But even thought it has changed the layout completely I still enjoy this game and absolutely would recommend it to anyone.
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1 month ago, dakilla132
Would be 5 stars…
This game is genuinely fun, but impossible to progress very far into the main tower battles. Once i got to the 25th tower, it was clear that this game was seriously trying to make me spend money to get another kenshi. The boss battle on the 25th tower is essentially impossible unless you have insane bronze cards (which is incredibly impractical) or another kenshi to use. Cards other than bronze cards and kenshi cards do no damage to the boss. I have done literally everything i possibly could, but the AI that the boss uses is literally cheating. He avoids combos that a player couldn’t do, such as legit denying my attacks even if he’s stunlocked, and counterattacking which you as the player can’t even do, nor other ai. To make things even more fun, once you get him below 10% hp, he magically gains 40% more and your character’s drops to 10%. If you try and switch your character, the boss immediately gets his full hp back, making it legit impossible to kill him. I had cleared this stage on the first account i’ve ever played on in this game, only because i was lucky enough to get a diamond kenshi and level him up pretty well prior to this floor. I have two levelled up diamonds and a gold character, and i can’t even use one of them, because they do no damage to the boss… in summary, this game is like every other mobile game, a moneygrab.
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2 years ago, Godnicklol/GNLOL
5 years and this game still has a something special
To who is may concern for this game, this is definitely a work of art, a far better game than injustice gods among us (the other battle game that relates to this from nether realm (same creators)). I remember playing this 5 years ago and didn’t enjoy it much due to some unfair issues. I come back 5 years and I can see that nether realm studios truly did some amazing stuff to bring back the spirit of MK to mobile. To start with this game has a wide variety of modes, online pvp, quests, story, you name it it’s here! Secondly I see this game keeps releasing more characters which is always a good sign that the game hasn’t died yet. But the best thing they fixed is the micro trans actions. Back then it was hard to unlock character packs without buying souls, but with this modern time they added more ways to get souls quick so that instead of buying you can use a different step to unlock it like quests or ads. In short this game has something for everyone, even those who don’t play mortal kombat, and is an absolute must download. ITS WORTH THE MANY GIGABITES IT TAKES
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3 years ago, Bdubz55
If you want a diamond card you have to buy it for $20
If you like fighting games or mortal kombat you'll love this game. I play this game all the time and it's my favorite mobile game hands down because there is always a different challenge around every corner. However my only complaint is if you want a diamond card you basically have to buy it for $20 which isn't worth it. You have souls you can buy card packs with for different characters or factions. However there's like a 3% chance you'll get a diamond card on the diamond card packs d they are like 450 souls so basically $20 because that's how much you would have to spend to get that many souls. That's basically giving people willing to spend money on the game an upper hand because diamond are the strongest and that is very very cheap. I mean who wants to spend money on a mobile game?!? Not me.. If it's a diamond card pack you should get a diamond card character no matter what just like you do with a gold or silver card pack. It should be the better cards of the diamond or gold cards that are harder to get.
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4 years ago, xJaMMERx
Game Gone Wrong
This was one of not my favorite game, I played it every day for years, until I hit a glitch at tower 45. My team would have to gain energy and I will exit the game and whenever I got the alert that my team was ready, I’ll hope on to continue the fight only to fight out that I had to start the whole fight again then after I purchased the energy with my souls and completed the tower then started on the next one the section I exit the game it’ll take me back to the previous tower to the first fight. I repeated the same thing, purchased souls to complete the towers then go back to zero once I exited the game. Ran out of souls, started the towers form the first one to get more souls and lvl up some other characters. Well, nothing work. After I started again, I got glitched at tower two. Long story short this went on for months. I quit it for awhile in the hopes that there’ll be an update that’ll fix it, I’ll check here and there, but nothing same thing kept happening. I came back to the game like 3 weeks ago, I got fed up with it and uninstall it and reinstalled again. I lost all my characters, my souls, basically everything. I started fighting again and now I’m stuck on the first screen where they tell you how to fight. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Glitch did not go away.
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5 years ago, darkseason
No bang for your buck
The in app purchases of “souls” is expensive. You need souls to purchase any of the good character packs that the game offers. Consistently, the game gives you the same characters and equipment again and again. Often they are low value equipment cards and moderately powerful characters. The awful thing about all of this is that you can easily spend $80-$100 on the purchase of souls, so you can purchase the card packs that make you believe that you are going to get something good. Which is just a plain old rip off. You buy something that strongly suggest that you will get a very powerful character, but instead you just get some mid level character that you already have. So all of this equals to not much fun. I have spent a considerable amount of money only to be let down again and again and again. Its ridiculous that you have to spend 400 souls to then get the same character that you’ve gotten five or six times already. Very disappointing and I believe it’s false advertising/bait and switch type marketing. I have been playing this game for about five years, and there is still characters and equipment that I have never been able to get because the game simply won’t give it to you. If there was a way to sue and get some of my money back, I would
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5 years ago, Swaggysweg34689
Cool game but frustrating sometimes...
I love the game, and how it usually balances different levels of players. However some things about the game seem unfair. First off, the faction war gear is a little too op for the low prices they are. They can be a HUGE game changer and only cost like 400 blood rupies. Also, in more detail to the combat, the frame advantages and recoveries can sometime be unfair, although the generally ARE fair. The primary thing that frustrates me with this is the inconsistency of the advantage. Sometimes I am even pressured into blocking but they attack BEFORE it blocks, even though I pressed block before they attacked. But most of all, is the advantage of Tremor's weakest link move. As always, the one tagging in can sometimes have the advantage if they press the special move button while the opponent is in recovery. However, when tremor does his passive "weakest link" it throws in a different character, but also gives him a HUGE frame advantage without using any of his meter. If he has two bars, at any moment he can tag in and take away half of one my my characters health without giving me ANY chance to counter. Please change this and make it so the opponent can actually attack on tag in.
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4 days ago, sosà
Really bad start
I downloaded this game because of my love for MK ofc. I started playing it, it was pretty decent with a few things i wished they added such as the finish him parts during battles not just bosses. But it didn’t stop me from conquering some towers. Then… i encountered the boss scorpion…. all of a sudden his stats were twice the size of my best player and all hope was lost. I tried beating him MANY times and yet I always lost even though i block at the right times. So i tried to level my character up using the resources that they had given me. I obviously didn’t really want to watch like 30 seconds ads for a really small amount of souls or a stupid beginner character so i felt hopeless. I tried beating him a couple more times and i got REALLY close in my last try and as i said again, my blocks always seem to have some sort of crack in them… cus how on earth do i still get attacked when i parry or block? It was kinda a dumb idea to keep going so i quit. There’s also no way to grind, no way to level up other than the tower battles. I can’t do the past tower battles or else that’ll erase the ones after it??? Really annoying btw. All i want is to be able to get a better way to grind and also don’t make the bosses so op that 2 hits is all it takes to either kill ur players or take away half of the hp!
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5 years ago, BreaktheBat2020
Good premise ruined by excessive greed
I’ve played off and on for years. Spent a medium amount of cash on the game (what I feel it’s actually worth). And the main reason I stuck with it over similar games (Contest of Champions, Injustice 2) was that it seemed to strike a balance between needing to make revenue and providing value to the player. This update squashed all that balance. They took away so much freedom the player had to choose when to add to their roster, what cards to prioritize, what to save their currency for, etc., and locked it all behind time-gated artificial restrictions. The goal is obviously to make it take so long to earn new cards that you’re either playing the game constantly for months or you’re spending real money far beyond what the game is worth. You can buy the specific DLC character you want for a console fighting game for around $5 USD, or you can drop $20 USD in this mobile game for a 3% chance at getting a partially complete card you may not even care about. The greed has gone round the bend and I’m now just waiting to see if the game dies or the devs cave first. And I’m a lifelong MK fan, so I want more MK in my life, not less. Bummed about this, NRS. Disappointed. If you read this review, I’ll say it clearly: you should not download or play this game. It’s not worth the time and money it will demand from you before it lets you enjoy yourself.
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5 years ago, RSO Pro
New Version 2.0 Is Visually Amazing But Negatives Outweigh Positives
I’m usually not compelled to write reviews because I don’t usually feel strongly enough about an app to do so, however, I really loved MKX Mobile for a lot of reasons and even spent money to get ahead. Since I’ve grinded for a while, I’m now beyond buying Kard Packs and have saved up souls to buy cards individually as I need them. Getting rid of the majority of the store in lieu of three random character selections is extraordinarily disappointing because it forces me to start buying Kard Packs again. Given the amount of different characters that could come out of a Kard Pack, it really seems like a choice meant to make more money off of us rather than make the game more enjoyable or more playable. This is especially frustrating, too, given that challenges and these new trials either do or may require specific cards. Before, I could just drop into the store and buy whatever card I needed or reach whatever fusion level was required, but now, it severely hampers my ability to enjoy the game. It seems like a long shot to get the developer to reinstate the old store, but I felt it was at least worth a try since I have been playing this game on four different devices since it came out and have really enjoyed it up until now.
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4 years ago, st. martin
It’s a fraud , they run this game 500% against you
The problem that I find with these products were that the character they offered on this package is the one you don’t get. They said that they offered a chance to get it but them it’s like winning a lottery you never get it. As you see this packages are very pricey and if you want to build your characters you need to buy them. They have this system that you need “Souls” to buy for example Diamond or gold packages and if you want to get souls went you level up you need to buy the packages corresponding to the next levels for example levels 10-20. Well that’s good but went you spend those souls to buy the characters they offered you’ll never get them. It is like fraud!! You’ll end with no more souls and to get enough you’ll need to have these levels packages. Also the character and different tools have a system that goes from 1 to 10, in Roman numbers, so you buy the packages that offer that specific character to try to build it up but again you never get it. I have spent $2000 and still haven’t get anything the promised.
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5 years ago, BloodyM14
hey guys!! so i don’t really write reviews very often, but this game is so great! i love the faction wars, the challenges! it’s so much fun! i just have a little thing that i think will make the game a lot more interesting. it would be really cool if all of the characters had their own unique weapon, unique gear, and unique accessory, and that their was a tower that we could obtain these in. i know that some characters already have 1 out of the 3 of these, but i’d be really awesome if they had the whole set. to make it more interesting as well, maybe the set could be even more specific (ex. unique weapon for Relentless Jason Voorhees and unique weapon for Slasher Jason Voorhees or unique gear for Klassic Mileena, and unique gear for Vampiress Mileena) it would also be awesome (and maybe you guys are working on this i’m not sure) if we could add all of the character of Mortal Kombat, such as Predator, Strker, Kollector, etc. we are only limited to a few, when there’s a whole world out there! thank you guys so much for listening and i really hope that this gets acknowledged! i think it would make the game a lot more interesting and lot more fun for returning players!
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4 years ago, RandomGamer030
Fun, but..
The game is amazing. Controls are easy due to just tapping, but then there’s the other things you can do when finishing a combo or using a move from your energy bar, such as repeatedly sliding in a certain direction, tapping, etc. Very immersive and easy to get into, and the grinding aspect, if you wanna call it that, is both fun and easy as well. The characters are, of course, mostly unique, in a sense, granting lots of variety and thus making you want to play more often and longer in order to upgrade all of your characters. But then, of course, there’s a few issues I have. The main issue is that when I get a card that I already have from faction wars rewards, the bronze pack, quests, etc., it automatically fuses with the respective card I have. It’s pretty irritating because I wanna use it for another character who may need the armor or whatever card I got. Another issue I have is the game being a bit buggy with the abilities. I tap on an ability on the energy bar and sometimes it just doesn’t work. But aside from that, the game is awesome and fun to play. Keep up the good work. 😁
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5 years ago, Kecarson
I’m giving the app 3 stars due to the inconsistency with the online Faction wars matchmaking. I constantly play around with my team trying to get the game to match me with an opponent that is relatively close to my attack etc. but the system constantly matches me with a team of far more attack or toughness & usually several fusion levels beyond my most powerful teammate. As an example I had two bronze cards (about 6-7K attack) and one gold card (a fusion 6 level 50 attack of 33K) .... the system kept matching with opponents of 3 gold cards all fusion level 7 or above & all level 45 or higher. Once the computer matches you & you see that your way overmatched you can exit the match but if you try to go back it just puts you right back with the same opponent. There should be a way to (for lack of better analogy) swipe left and select a new opponent or keep ‘passing’ until the system matches you more fairly. All I can do now is play battle mode to try & level up. But the rewards in battle mode are so low it’ll take Eons to level any card up. The only choice is to buy level up cards ..... maybe that’s the reason for mismatching in the first place. Get you to buy more in hopes of standing a chance??
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5 years ago, Qϋεзи♚βϊ$ђ
No way to contact devs
Game is good if you’re bored, but gets redundant. there’s no way to contact the developers in game if there’s questions or problems. They changed the way you buy characters from everyone available to only 3 available at a time & you likely don’t need the ones available. Everything takes sooo long!!! Especially feats of strength!!! Absolutely mind numbing!!! Give an open all or open however many option. Also let us click on it to speed up animations like we can with fusing. Change the algorithm for feats too. Out of 150 cards I might get 15-20 that I don’t already have & on top of that I get rune points to buy at least 20 more packs that I might get lucky to get a couple more cards I don’t have. Wasted an hour of my life getting cards I already have. Everything gives you things you already have, not just feats, rewards for whatever give you gear you’ve already maxed out. Those level up special attack cards I’ve got about 20 of each bronze cards & no more bronze characters to use them on. Once that happens take that card set out of play. Also it would actually be fun if you played real ppl instead of ppl’s character setups. So that’s why it’s only good if you’re bored.
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2 years ago, 1323557@44636
It’s Really really good but there’s a bug I hate Plus some features I don’t like
Ok so basically One of the bugs is sometimes whenever I’m blocking I’m not blocking that’s a bug I don’t like and then some of the features the first one i’m not sure if this is a glitch but the only times I can swipe is whenever it tells me to swipe second I wish there was The extra characters like Jason alien the other ones and I get it this is a mobile game but like you can at least add some of those characters the third feature I don’t like that the single player has three characters like I get it I mean you wanna advance the game a bit but like still it’s kinda not the original Mortal Kombat the original was how do I pronounce it better than the mobile one indeed not only because of the characters but the controls are better that’s another feature the controls are not that good like that that’s I don’t even know how to pronounce it so yeah but all I can say this is not as good as the one on like the Xbox or whatever (I forgot what it’s on because it’s been seven years since I first played it) but yeah it is a good game though kinda
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5 years ago, GrayWolfe2000
About the New Update...
With the new update I like the additional challenge of the new elder challenges for hardcore players. I also appreciate the more balanced online battles. However there is one issue, with the new update you boosted the opponents. I think this is good because before the update a player could defeat an entire team with a character half as powerful. However I do not feel like you did this in a good way. To improve the opponents you greatly increased there speed. While I do think that needs to be done, I think you went a little to far and could have buffed it in a different way. The reason for this is because now the opponents are so fast compared to you that 90% of the time you don’t even have a chance to block an attack. In my opinion it makes the game less fun. I feel like you should have buffed the speed a little bit but not so much that the players don’t have a chance to do anything. In addition to that I just feel like there should be a better way to buff the opponents. ps. (I sincerely hope you see this developers, and hopefully make some changes)
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6 years ago, Jigushta
Perfect Game with Great Reasons Why
To get right to the point, this game is perfect in every aspect. 1. There is consistent content throughout the game with deserving rewards associated with them, such as higher level fighting for higher rewards and even lower level fighting for high rewards. Realistically it’s not a pay to win game because you can get souls through the quest mode to build your team. Let’s say you work a job and you don’t want to spend the time to get all these souls to get your desired characters. You can run 3 one day quests to net around 100 souls per day and still play casually getting those weekly challenges. I will play this game on and off and I have for 3 years and it’s still as fun to me now as it was then. I doubt they even read the reviews, but if someone is reading this. I love your game and have played Mortal Kombat since I was a kid, Scorpion has been my favorite character as long as I can remember and I want all his variants in the game but Spec Ops Scorpion is so hard to get, speaking for myself, it would be awesome if someone could add something that makes it easier to get Spec Ops Scorpion.
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4 years ago, DragonAge6000
Needs many improvements
Like the game but definitely needs fixing. The announcer at the end of each battle won takes almost a whole minute for him to say anything. Also, y’all need to fix your surveys for souls very badly because I spent a whole 20 minutes on a survey for 70 souls and instead got ONE SOUL for it. That is completely outrageous to waste my time like that. And also please could you start making these diamond characters just a little more easy to get or at least decrease the amount of souls needed to open a diamond pack. I just don’t understand why a DIAMOND PACK gives me so many GOLD CHARACTERS hope y’all could fix this as soon as possible. Thank you for your time. Hope to see major improvements upon this. Edit: You did NOT fix the issues with the diamond packs still. I’m getting real sick of wasting souls on a diamond pack just to have another GOLD CHARACTER thrown my way and I checked you only have a 5% chance to get a diamond character this needs to drastically be brung up its impossible to get a diamond I literally opened 7 yes, SEVEN diamond packs and didn’t get a single one out of it. Can y’all please see about getting the percentage changed to maybe say 20 or 30% chance for a diamond character.
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3 years ago, 2014-2020 player
We need a FUSION PACK for sale
So lemme start by saying I’ve been playing this game since 2014 with new update the old store was snatched so instead of making this long review I’m going to leave at this I understand the reason behind taking the old but can y’all at least provide a fusion pack for us to buy ? It’s not fair to a loyal fan of the game that for us to rarely get a fusion and I understand the purpose of the update was for the game provider to profit but don’t y’all think y’all could make a huge profit of a FUSION PACK at almost any price I say this bc this is where the money at most player including myself wouldn’t mind buying a fusion pack in fact we would rather buy a fusion pack compared to something like growth pack or a level up pack take in mind one thing about the game that makes us love playing it is seeing our characters get stronger unfortunately without the old store we can’t access fusion as easily to continue the process that’s kept us playing for so long all I’m saying is a fusion pack is needed in order to keep the game enjoyable without it after u get to level 50 with your characters it’s not really fun to play anymore
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5 years ago, ThaBoiRellz
Great Game But ...
I’ve been playing this game since I’ve been a freshman in high school. It has been great to me. I have taken a few breaks from playing it too much but overall I get on this game a lot in my down time. But, recently ever since the 2.0 patch came out my game isn’t working. I got stuck on earning rewards from Faction Wars and it’s been like this for almost two weeks. I can’t play the game, collect daily rewards, I’m missing out on challenges and doing quest daily to earn more currency. I have done everything in my power to fix it. Such as delete and re-download the app, Logging out my account, restart my phone. Any trick in the book best believe I have done it. At this point I don’t care about missing out on my rewards and challenges. I just want to play the game and have all the progress I’ve been working on for almost 4 years back. If anyone knows how to help or can get a developer to contact me that’d be great. That’s another thing. I reported the bug and didn’t get anything but a confirmation that they got my message. Still a great game. I wish I could play it on the account I’ve spent all my time on.
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7 years ago, Bubb el'z
First and foremost, where is relic hunt. I have been getting countdown to relic hunt for the past week and get message to play relic hunt now. Check towers options, not there, check for update for app see same update done weeks ago introducing new characters and new playable mode, do that update and reopen game and guess what............still no relic hunt option. Second, balance out probability for packs. I have purchased about 15-20 elite card packs minimum and have not gotten any diamond characters, yet go up against other players with 3 diamond tier characters fused to level 6-7. It would not be as bad when spending hard earned souls on these packs if I wasn't obtaining a basic gold card or a maxed out gold card and getting coins for it instead of souls. Third -Faction Wars- going up against the occasional player with massive cheat codes that do not take damage at all and multiply power instead of draining (and I mean adding a full bar of power after 2-3 regular hits, not specials) or having drastically uneven matches (still not as bad as in Injustice Gods Among Us) is just not fair and needs to be monitored and dealt with. I have been playing MKX for a while and it has never been this unregulated or this bad. I have had fun playing in the past but quality goes down with the more frustrating circumstances that arise.
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3 years ago, mkx issues
I’m not happy with the solutions of issues from Nether Realm for MKX Mobile
I was kontender elite for the past two weeks and I did not received BR pack and the solution from they was just 10,000 coins and some souls and helloo I lost two Characters in each factions and they just pay that for the error the past week I finished Konterder Elite again and just received one erron black and I ready have him complete fucionate if suppouse to received two Blood Ruby Pack with Kontender Elite rank. ¿Can someone in netherrealm studios resolve the issues with blood ruby pack and stop duplicate the rewards. I have more than 80,000 of coins. More than 18,000 of souls I don’t buy with those because I just received duplicate cards I’m tired to buy on deferents packs and received duplicate cards. Yo me pregunto cuándo van a escuchar y tomar en cuenta los comentarios de los usuarios. Dejen de duplicar los premios y dar tantas monedas en los paquetes que deben dar equipamentos (Kold war tower y otras) crean una torre de 200 batallas para tener oportunidad de ganar equipamentos especiales de dichas torres y lo menos que se puede obtener son los equipamentos. Crean unos paquetes para comprar con más de 350 souls anunciando unos jugadores y la probabilidad de obtener los jugadores anunciados es de un 10% máximo) La verdad es tremendo juego pero los creadores apoyan a que se desinstale. Tantas actualizaciones y todavía a más de 4 años del juego siguen sin mejorar esos detalles 👎🏼
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