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User Reviews for Motion

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0 Ratings
3 years ago, Lorenzo876
It's been my professional workhorse
This is an amazingly capable and FAST app that allows me to tackle professional motion graphcs projects much faster and smoother than with After Effects. Although AE has more features, you can do 80% or more of what AE does in Motion in a fraction of the time. Thankfully, a few of the gaps in Motion's featureset have been filled in by vendors like MotionVFX for things like 3D tracking and the Puppet tool. I can't say enough good things about how much time this app has saved me, and it is by no means just a consumer app. I have delivered 100s of professional projects using Motion. If you do motion graphics and visual effects, you should defintely give this app a try. You'll save huge amounts of time on up to 80% of your typical motion graphics work tasks.
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4 years ago, Brainsilo
Almost reliable
It's a useful and well-thought-out piece of software, and the price won't kill you. If it wasn't made by Apple, it could be perfect. But Apple doesn't bother to perfect anything. Instead, they just make software to sell hardware. As such, each iteration of Motion is buggy as hell, and requires constant updating to new versions, which require new OSes. It breaks down like this: Every few updates requires updating to a new OS. And every few OSes, require a whole new machine to run it on. Because the software isn't what they're laser-focused on, Motion often isn't exactly reliable. At this writing, in fact, the spinning bach ball is up and I'll have to do a hard quit and restart — losing whatever progress I've made since the last save. This software can be used to do amazing things. Just know that the $49 price tag is a canard. It will cost you much more in money, and also in time making sure you have the exact same machine running the exact same version on the exact same OS everywhere you work. Personally, I would pay $700 for this software if I didn't have to play these update games.
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2 years ago, kebosart
Incredible adobe-free app I wish I knew about years ago!
Motion is still a new program for me but I have been using Adobe for over 10 years and wanted a way out for many of those years. This is my go to now for motion design, for me it was the perfect replacement for After Effects. I still cannot believe this program has been around so long an I only just found out about it. Perfect add-on for Final Cut Pro too if you wanted to try your hands at motion design. The BEST part: NO SUBSCRIPTION!
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7 years ago, ShawnFCP
Little talked about but absoluty great app!
I use Motion constantly in conjunction with FCPX and the two are extremely powerful together! If you are using FCPX without Motion I highly recommend purchasing it and learning it because it will open up a new world of motion graphics and effects. I love the ability to create templates and effects in Motion and use them right inside of FCPX. Everyone talks about After Effects but, other than 3D camera tracking and the puppet tool, there really isn’t anything I can’t do in Motion that I could in After Effects. In fact, I can do many thing in Motion that require expencive plug-ins to acheive in After Effects. Not to mention Motion is much faster to use and provides far better real time playback. To the Motion team, Keep up the great work!
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8 months ago, Stevenalexkarr
Mind Blowing and Underated!
Been using Motion now for a couple of months and I must say that I've been super happy with the capabilities of what you can create to enhance your video's. Yes you can go and download multiple effects that someone already created, but sometimes the fun aspect comes in where you create it yourself and you can feel proud of yourself with the outcome. I would highly recommend Motion to any beginner and or even advanced video editor.
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6 years ago, scionbro
Great app, but hangs after simple tasks
RIght after I bought motion, I loved it. It is really simple and easy to use. PLus there is alot of support for the app. My only problem with it is that on my iMac11,1 the app is constantly hanging and locks up unless you relaunch it. This mainly happens with audio analyzing. It says it finished analysing the audio then I press play to see if it worked. 8 out of 10 times motion will just freeze. I have sent apple many crash reports to Apple and i would love if they could fix all the problems people are having with motion freezing, crashing, or hanging.
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3 years ago, Jimbo724
It takes 7 minutes to start
Incredibly powerful program, but I am one of a few users for whom Motion takes about 7 minutes to start up (ie show the Project Browser) after clicking on the Motion icon in the Dock or double-clicking on the icon in the Finder. This problem has been discussed in the Apple Communities, and a few people have found solutions that work for them, but none of the suggestions solve the problem for me. I've made extensive, detailed reports in Feedback Assistant but have had no progress. (Yes, I know FA is not a support channel.) Extremely frustrating.
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6 years ago, GOODD64
I’ll be honest, I hate how this program handles shadow effects for 3d models. But even tho this program is mainly for FCPX transtions it can create some amazing standalone videos. I just wish Apple would push this program in that direction like After Effects. I’ll still chose this program over After Effects because of how simple the layout is and how it is clearly optomized for apple computers.
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3 months ago, a.neallyo
Good Entry Level
I'm new to video motion effects and this is a pretty easy to use interface for the most part. So I apreciate that very much. It's obviously not meant to compete with Resolve or After Effects, and thats prefectly fine. However, I do feel the effects are not as professional looking as they could be, in some respects they are almost cartoony. In general, this is a bit dated compared to whats out there now. I would love to see Motion brought up to par with today's standards, as well as some new features!
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2 years ago, Penelope Fleury
It's OK
This is an OK app. I got this when I was 10 years old because I was beginning to get into visual effects I'm 12 now and I'm mutch better at visual effects. I don't use this app anymore, it's only still on my mac because I like watching some old projects when I'm bored. I would say if your just starting out, don't buy, if your a professional, consider buying. This is really hard to pick up and there isn't really a lot of options in the end. Things like FINAL CUT PRO X or IMOVIE or even ADOBE would probably be in front of Motion. But, it is an app, and so, I give it 2 stars.
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2 years ago, A.Kinng
This is like if Apple designed and developed After Effects. Seriously.
This app is so powerful that I can't comprehend why people never talk about it when video editing is the main topic. As a complement to Final Cut is great but as a standalone app is fantastic. Sometimes I do all my work just with this app. No brainer. Get this app and put your videos to the next level.
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6 years ago, Nick LaPalomento
Doesn’t get the recognition it deserves! Motion rocks!
Having previously messed around with After Effects and being overwhelmed, I began to dabble with Apple Motion. Color me impressed. Very easy to use, and the results are amazing. The more and more that I use it, the more I like it. Give it a shot, I think youll be pleasently surprised at what its capable of and what you can create with it.
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3 weeks ago, nick applesman
Still Great
Still a great VFX software that is STILL ONE TIME PURCHASE! Finding tutorials is a lot more difficult than After Effects. But it's got plenty of fantastic features, you just have to learn how to use them. And the seamless way it works with Final Cut is awesome if you also use that one time purchase app!
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1 year ago, dacloo
Antique software
This is no longer "Pro" software because Apple doesn't provide "Pro" support in its development. Less powerful than Adobe's and BlackMagic's solution for post production and devoid of any public roadmap or communication to its users. It's fine for text animations and some effects but other than that, what is the positioning of this software? Apple should either double down on their software or abandon it.
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4 years ago, FredinLA
Not just a video effects tool!
I learned computer graphics with Corel, back in 1991? What's nice about this program is you can design any single page as a vector graphic and then export that page as a .png, .jpg, etc. So Motion can be used for graphic artwork and video creation. All for $50. I have been using it since 2012 and I love it!
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1 year ago, JaycubPerk
Sleeping Giant
Each day I stumble upon a new tutorial that demonstrates the power of motion, it's a program I was scared to use for many years, but after a few months its helped stretch my imagaination on what I can do for my clients and integrates phenomially with Final Cut Pro. Must have for professional video editors.
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4 years ago, A Puddle Of Fat
Not just for video editing!
This is a very powerful program with advanced capabilities. It can not only be used for motion graphics but also graphic images! The technology behind is very well capable of it and I've used it multiple times to make custom graphic images! The only negative thing about it is its disappointing results with the keyer...
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9 months ago, Vidvertise
Had to dump $2000 of plugins to get Motion to work.
Since the latest OS update Motion would not run so my research found that I needed to uninstall all of my plugins from 3rd party vendors. Once I did that Motion and Final Cut ran fast and smooth but the vendors are panicked. They won't give me my money back.
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7 months ago, Cool DC23
Problem with Motion 5
Motion 5 is a good program if you don't have a large set of Effects, Titles and Transition, if you install these in Final Cut they also get install in Motion 5, when that happen and you select to open Motion 5 it take a very long time for the App to respond because in the background it's loading all those Effects, Transitions and Titles, be prepaired to wait between 5 and 20 min before Motion 5 opens - FYI the system I use is Apple Studio Ultra with 128 in ram and 2TB Hard Drive.
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7 months ago, Neto81
Total integration.
I love how Motion and Final Cut Pro X have this symbiosis that makes using both applications so easy and powerful. Also I like how there is a simple way to use Motion and still plenty of pro animation and video manipulation that can be done if necessary.
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4 years ago, lukipooki
broken. wont open.
within the last few weeks something happened (unknown!) and has rendered this fantastic piece of software useless. I've followed all of the available troubleshooting guides (restarts, reinstalls, resetting graphics card, removing externals drives, etc) and still cannot get it to open. It just beachballs, "application is not responding" and asks for me to submit an error report. I'm not familiar with after effects, but I'm getting the feeling its worth a shot since Motion 5 doesnt seem to be working at all.
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4 years ago, User6654
Love the app, but has a long learning curve! If used with Final Cut Pro, it's fun to look at how some of the effects were created! It fun to play with, even though I haven't made may custom effects yet. To me it feels like the After Effects for Premiere but instead it's the Motion of Final Cut Pro. Usful for more special effects, couldn't edit a whole video in it.
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1 year ago, PondScum
Almost unusable
I just purchased Motion and it is horribly slow. It hangs with the beachball for several minutes just to open. If I try to open an existing project, it hangs for several minutes only to return to the Project Browser, never opening anything. I can open a blank project, but that is about it. I am using a 2020 iMac 27" Intel i7 processor which has been running FCPX just fine for the last couple years, but this thing is unusable.
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8 months ago, Levi Cade
Greatest Animation Application of it's kind.
The title of this review says it all. It beats After Affects and all other alternatives. And, for the price, it tops the charts even more. Absolutely amazing job by Apple, and I look forward to further updates and improvements!
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9 months ago, reverbannouncer
Decent app, can be better
Useful app especially for animating certain things, however it lacks in the camera part as it immediately crashes when you try to track and analyze a point on a subject. It's a specific use case, but I would appreciate if this bug could get fixed.
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6 months ago, Seleemzid
apple can do better
Yes apple can do away better they had been ignroing one of the most software they ever made i wish to see more about 3d tracking and more effect please Apple please
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4 months ago, CoolDaddyGruv3
Motion is great
I've used it every day for 15 years. I loved apple shake, apple motion affords me almost everything I loved about that save the pulldown interpolation capabilities. which i need less and less
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4 years ago, ac_dagoat
great app but crashes a lot
Motion is an amazing app and I use it a lot but a lot of the time I'm in the middle of editing something when the app just crashes for no reason. I don't know how to fix this but i have send apple many crash reports and they have never fixed it
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4 years ago, Hawaiian_Jedi
Issue with update 5.4.5
So I’ve been using motion for several years now and love it, but I just had a client purchase a template for me to use and its requiring Motion 5.4.5, I have 5.4 and there is no update, and the Apple store now shows that I have to purchase Motion again. Not sure why its making me pay for an update. I understand if it was Motion 6,but its not.
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12 months ago, Sleepy Bleu
Limitless optons
Still learning but I love that we're able to create our own effects, titles, transitions and more. I think there should be an easier way to rotoscope, something similar to the tool in After Effects.
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6 months ago, epdfilm
Need More Apple Motion Love
Motion is wonderful graphics and utility tool that I've been using for years. Please show it more love and make it more competitive with After Effects.
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7 months ago, aaplsauce
Feature Updates & Bug Fixes
Apple needs to deliver feature updates & bug fixes. Unfortunately new features are rare, many bugs & inconsistancies exist unaddressed, Feedback Assistant doesn't have a dedicated Pro Apps category for reports & requests, templates can't be made for iMovie, Clips or Keynote. Apple appears to lack interest in Motion's development.
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7 months ago, Pixel Pizza
Apple Motion was my first motion graphics application. I have been using Motion for over 10 years and the love affair continues. It has provided me the edge necessary in this very competitive market.
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8 months ago, B.Dave
Great app. Don't forget about it.
It feels like apple made this amazing product then just kinda stopped innovating. It could be as good as after effects.
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9 months ago, AdmiralShane
I've been using Motion for years. The ease of use and the library of built-in behaviors make Motion the ultimate plug-in for Final Cut Pro. The only limit is your imagination.
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6 months ago, JohnPaul Longmate
What it does is great - How it works could be better
Once you figure out how it works, it is an amazing adition to FCP. Templtizing just about any aspect of a video made easy and complitcated at the same time.
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4 months ago, vidmarv
Nagging for reassurance
I'm fine with program, but it's incessant need for reassurance in the form of ratings and reviews is inane at best and solidly annoying. Let it go Motion... no one is thinking about you, we're trying to make a deadline. Hopefully you are happy enough to leave me alone and let me work now.
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9 months ago, JBelew
Highly recommended for anyone making videos a lot.
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2 years ago, CAD Programmer
Glitchy and Laggy
Ever since "upgrading" to a newer computer and app version Motion has become very glitchy, taking a good 20 seconds (or more sometimes) just to refresh the screen when panning or zooming, audio is out of sync with video during playback, and overall stability has seriously degraded.
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3 years ago, unadulteratedtruth
one step above useless
nothing works intuitively and this app crashes regularly on apple m1 macs and loses the entire project you were working on. as a professional your time would be better spent learning the dreadful adobes version of this program. The more I use motion the more I hate it. final cut is great but this program is an awful companion.
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9 months ago, BlueLTC
Simply Amazing!
It is simply amazing what you can do with Motion with very little knowledge to spice up your videos. If you use FCPX, you have to get Motion.
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3 months ago, Pompon8686
Amazing green screen capabilities
I'm learning about Motion, so I'm not quite familiar with all its cabailities. However, I was amazed with its green screen (keying) capabilties. Great product!
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4 months ago, Golfer #2
Saves Both Time and Money
Packed with features for a one time $50 purchase. LOVE the no strings lifetime ownership. Beatifully and seamlessly integrated with Final Cut Pro X for lifetime use WITHOUT the Monthly Rent!
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5 years ago, Soul-Fresh
Buggy and Difficult to Navigate
In theory this would be a great product. Unfortunately motion curves are often calculated incorrectly or get stuck. The layer folder structure is designed in a way that makes it really hard to navigate. Other products are much easier to use.
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6 months ago, dsuzuki63
My most favorite Pro App
I love Motion. It runs smooth, exports fast and lets me iterate motion graphic ideas quickly. Incredibly underrated.
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8 months ago, Skippermark
Very Powerful
Wow this program is powerful. Allows users to create so much, and the learning curve is relatively easy.
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6 years ago, MazetronII
Wish it had better integration
It's a powerful program but it isn't well integrated with Final Cut or Logic. I wish the three programs were better integrated. It would greatly improve the power of the suite.
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7 years ago, Amazing Iceman
It works great!
Not sure why some people say it crashes on their Macs. Perhaps they may need to clear the PRAM and if applicable, disable their Antivirus.
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8 months ago, Robbie Icaro
Quick and Easy
I've been using Motion for rapid development of lower thirds and advaced animations. I love the integration of Pixelmator Pro and FCPX with this powerfull app.
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2 months ago, Glafizya
Getting Buggy
Hey Ya'l I love this porgram but its starting to crash like crazy. Very annoying getting through animation set ups as well as simple basic object placement.
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