Motus - Business Mileage Log

4.5 (7.9K)
93.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Motus, LLC
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Motus - Business Mileage Log

4.54 out of 5
7.9K Ratings
4 months ago, k4R-15
You won’t even know it’s running
When it’s configured it just runs. Battery drain is super low and it collects all my mileage. Once a month I review my trips and that’s all it takes.
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3 years ago, Hansenjt99
MOTUS does not care about their customers
My bank account information was stolen so I had to shut down the bank account and open a new one. My MOTUS payment covers my car payment (the car that I only have for this specific job) and my gas money to do my job. This payment is received by me on the 15th of every month. Now MOTUS says they will smip this payment and add it to my payment next month. MOTUS has refused to help me figure out a way to get the payment on time since they deem it as no fault of their own. Now I have to figure out a way to get enough money together to hopefully not lose this car that I have for my job. Clearly MOTUS does not care about their customers. Very poor service. I’m now stressed to the max over this. I have never missed a payment on anything in over 15 years and now I have to worry about my car being repo’d through no fault of my own. Once again.... It’s very clear to me that MOTUS does not care about their customers. The agent I spoke with said their manager has the ability to approve an out of cycle payment but would not because it was not MOTUS at fault. If they cared at all they would have at least spoke with me to see what had happened and why it was important to me. I encourage the company I work for to look for a better system than MOTUS to find a reimbursement program. Two thumbs way way down.
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6 years ago, bizzeeguy
Terrible technology
I’d give this zero stars if I could. Regardless of the mode you use, there are issues. If you use the “automatic” setting, it will record “mileage” for just walking around within a location. If you use “beacon” mode, it may not start first trip of the day - Motus fix is you have to “manually start recording” so, add that to the long list of things to do/remember each morning... Also with beacon, it senses other people’s beacons so if you ride with a co-worker also with a beacon, your app will record mileage. If you enter mileage manually, there are discrepancies galore - most notable, you make a round trip to a single destination and the mileage amount it uses for your initial trip is 1-2 miles different than your return trip, despite using same address. Finally, the customer service: might as well be non-existent. 5+ business days for any kind of action/response is ridiculous. This is probably reflective of the myriad of issues with this platform listed above or that are yet to happen. The only positive is the app itself is user friendly, just the whole point/premise of the technology is complete garbage. If you plan to use this, hope you enjoy being frustrated and wasting time.
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5 years ago, WeW0ntg0oN
App closes often
Unlike most apps I have on my phone this one I am forced to use by my company. That would be fine if it worked perfectly, however it does not. The app is much better than the one that replaced Equo but still has the problems with randomly closing. I will start my morning and open the app and the app was closed during the night somehow. I will then go about my day and later on in the day check and the app is sometimes closed and has to re-open and did not record my trips. If you drive from point A to point B and let’s say it’s 50 miles when you manually enter in point A to B in the app it will never be that amount, Never. It will always be shorter somehow as it will always pick the shortest route. Then you are “not allowed” to change that amount either it is what it is. You have to request more mileage from them if you want it adjusted properly. I have thought this for years of using these apps if the app would just not close it would probably be fine. Why does the app close? I don’t understand. Is the app crashing? Is the phone closing it? How can an app that records your mileage be accurate if it closes randomly?
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4 years ago, MotusIsHorrible
Absolutely horrible app
We are required to use this for work, but if it was up to me we wouldn’t at all. We have been using this for over a year now and the app does not accurately track your milage at all. There are numerous times when you’re driving that the app does not count your miles. At first I thought it was a connection issue from being in a bad area, but it has done the same thing even when I have full service. There have also been numerous times where my coworkers and I have been recording milage all day and when you hit stop it just disappears. This app has lost my coworkers and I thousands of dollars for milage reimbursement from not accurately tracking miles. Plus it needs to access your location at all times and absolutely kills your battery life. If your company is looking for something to track you and your employees’ milage I urge you to go with literally any other milage tracker. Again, this app is completely trash and Motus is a terrible company for producing a product like this.
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4 years ago, Trailblazer Fresh
This app is so much better than the old Runzheimer app
Although it’s much better than the old Runzheimer application, it still has one flaw and it is MAJOR. It is pretty consistent in conveniently not capturing business miles pretty frequently which is a shame. With less business travel this year due to COVID, and the fact that many of my business miles were not captured...I did rot have enough miles logged in order to avoid a very expensive end of year tax surprise because of the federal minimum mileage guidelines. Merry Christmas to me! Definitely less under the tree this year because of this. Sorry family. Hopefully the update recently released fixes the “missed miles”. Shame on me for not manually logging miles that were missed, but who has time to do that anyways? A major point of the application is to minimize the requirement to manually enter mileage. A very expensive lesson this year and an epic failure for an application that should work without intervention on the users part. Good luck everyone!
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5 years ago, Lights1984
Doesn’t work
Just upgraded to new phone last Friday evening after work. I usually turn my mileage on manually when I’m leaving the house and since everything I do throughout the day is work related, I used to just leave it running and then stop it at the end of the day. This way it would pick up everything. Made sure the settings were set to always for location and manual mode and started about my day on Monday. When I looked at the app again that evening, I noticed it did not record anything at all. Then on Tuesday I noticed it just randomly stopped tracking me halfway to a stop and missed about 15 miles between. I had to manually start it up again because it just stopped. Then I noticed if I didn’t have my phone in my hand making sure my screen didn’t go to sleep, it would quit working. I don’t know if the app doesn’t work with iOS 13 or what but this is absolutely garbage right now.
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6 years ago, PsychoDave
Horrible!!! Get your company to do something else
First of all this thing is pretty random on accuracy. Some trips are spot on. Some are off by a mile or two. Sometimes they can be 10-40 miles off. If it crashes or the trip won’t save, you can manually enter a trip but it will guess the miles and if it is wrong and it always is. Then you have to submit a request for additional miles and why. You also have to submit a request for additional miles every time it’s wrong which is pretty much all the time. Besides being horribly inaccurate it also drains your phones battery. I’ve also ran another mileage tracking app on the same phone with the same trip and GPS. My other app is always correct and this one is randomly off. Not sure what word algorithm but it obviously ignores the GPS and makes its own interpretations of what it should and shouldn’t track.
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4 years ago, Nickname_User_101
Dropped calls and intermittent call quality
I installed this app as required by my company. Since then, I’ve been dropping calls in places I never used to lose reception in. The quality of my calls has also suffered, with audio sometimes becoming impossible to understand or dropping out completely. I can see my reception bars drop to zero from full while the phone is sitting stationary on a table. I have the app set to always be tracking, as Motus will wont let me choose otherwise, as even when I put it to “while using”, I eventually get a prompt telling me I need to change it to always. My phone has been given me multiple notices asking “Do you want to allow background location use?”, which while it may be nothing, it great that my phone keeps asking am I really sure I want to keep having Motus always on. I’ve since tried some tests by turning off location services on the phone and have found that my call quality has improved back to normal and I’m not dropping calls like I was. Will have to test more but it seems so far that this app causes my phone to lose functionality. I’m on an iPhone 7s. When the tracking works, it’s seems like a fine app. But for likely screwing my phone up, it gets a 1 Star.
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5 years ago, v-bo2
Sorry app
I wish I could give this app a zero star rating. It is not accurate in it is calculation and tracking of miles. Just the first day of using it I found it to be off by over 4 miles just on one trip. I have even found that I lose at least a mile even on short trips for work. I called motus support and they admitted that their app can be off by as much as 10 miles per trip not per day but per trip. A vehicle with a properly working odometer is far more accurate. I verified mileage between 2 different vehicles and they were within 1 mile of each other and I tracked with motus and found it shorted me 4 miles on the distance. If you use this app make sure to track your miles with anything where you are able to track by mileage from your odometer to make sure you can correctly get reimbursed on your taxes.
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4 years ago, txdave1
Useful for what it is
Like everyone else, I didn't choose who my employer went with for mileage tracking. This app works well without any battery consequence as long as I have it set to track in "Power Supply Only" mode. Then it only seems to run the GPS and try to track mileage while it's plugged in to power in the car. It would be nice if they would expose easier ways to pause mileage capture for when I'm driving for personal use during business hours. For instance if I could long press "Haptic touch" the app icon and find an option to Pause or Resume Mileage capture. Or if it was exposed as a Shortcut so that I could control it from Siri. "Hey Siri, tell the Motus app to pause mileage capture" what a great feature that would be.
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6 years ago, Magngrant
If you are in need of an app that will drain the battery of your device then you have hit the jackpot! Look no further as this will take out your battery on whatever device you load it onto. If this is for work purposes then I hope that you don’t need said device to actually perform your job as there won’t be enough battery life for that. Also, i try to start it and it won’t load... I have deleted it and reloaded it but no luck. If your job or reimbursement depends upon this app please find another. It is listed under the productivity category but it actually provides my employer with less productivity due to the time I spend hunting charging stations and trying to get the thing to be dependable. Don’t use it! Horrid!
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4 years ago, monergistic
Warning: Battery Hog!
App needlessly requires Location Access be set to “Always” and thus utterly drains battery even when not in use. There is absolutely no reason for this. It could easily be made to function with Location Access set to “While Using the App” (an earlier version of the app did just this). Until Motus changes this back it will remain a 1-star app. Currently the only workaround is to disable Location Access every time you’re done with the app. The only reason I use it in the first place is my job contracted with Runzheimer, which Motus recently bought out, abandoning the former’s power-efficient tracking device that stayed in the car charger at all times. (Alas.)
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4 years ago, Badplayer36
Only when it actually works
It’s a great app WHEN IT WORKS. Every time it updates the automatic settings need reset and you may have to go back and manually input for several days if you don’t catch it. My end location is home and used to capture my address at my house. Now, for some unknown reason, it captures my neighbors address instead of mine. It just started doing this randomly. It picks up every location when I stop even though I have the setting to not pick up address unless I stop for five minutes. When it works properly, five stars. When it doesn’t, one or two stars. I don’t have time to fix all of its mistakes daily.
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5 years ago, Junkfortara
Extremely Limited Functionality
I dislike the tracking my every move during the day, so I did not activate that. Besides being creeped out by being tracked, Only a handful of my miles in a day are actually for business. So to enter manually in the app- it only allows you to enter today’s date for mileage- nothing in the past. So frustrating. The online version is equally as frustrating- each trip has to be listed individually. No uploading a spreadsheet with trips for the month as other programs offer. My company was using Runzheimer and they merged with Motus. While Runzheimer was nothing to get excited about, Motus has been a disappointing and frustrating experience- at best.
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4 months ago, Sbtrent
Inconsistent- shuts down frequently
How on earth does this have a 4.5 rating ?? Most of the rating I see give it one star which is one more than I would give it. This app is one of the most inconsistent work management apps out there. Unfortunately my company uses this. I waste time each month manually entering in mileage that was lost because the app shut down and didn’t capture all of my mileage. If you are a company looking at this app- bear in mind it is inconsistent and your employees will waste productive time entering lost mileage , when they could be ( gee I don’t know ) doing the work you pay them for.
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5 years ago, Tbill123
Battery Killer
Must leave Location Services set to Always on for this app on an iPhone. A well written app would allow you to set it to While Using to save the battery. Cannot get much more than half way through the day with the app set to Always. Have to turn it to Never when the trip is done to get through the day. On days I do not travel and the app is set to Never my phone has power to spare at the end of the day. The GPS app on my phone works great on the setting While Using why not Motus . IS THIS APP SPYING ON US??? Logging locations when it should not??? Makes me wonder. Rather log my trips manually than use this app.
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2 years ago, Fast Walking Tony
Overall Poor Performance as a Milage Capture program
GPS data for this app is accurate most of the time, however when it’s not it’s really off. Auto capture feature turns itself on while at walking speed (this is clearly unacceptable behavior for its use case) And does not record stop times via gpa when set to auto capture but instead records time after a 10min period of non driving activity (again, walking can simulate driving in this mode) This makes the app overall unusable for true data collection and reimbursement and shows a clear lack of accountability on this company’s reporting. I wouldn’t use them at the price they charge either often 68cpm at an overall low rate to employees, especially if reporting at the end of the year is off this wildly. Just get fleet vehicles and gas cards at this point.
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3 years ago, Jberwin
Breaks All the Time
This app breaks constantly and will not automatically record mileage. Their tech support is difficult to get ahold of and their fix is to uninstall and reinstall. When it stops automatically recording mileage you have no notification and it is possible that you will miss reimbursable miles. This app does not support apple car play which is a feature you would think would be included since it’s tracking mileage. Would be nice to be able to verify its recording without having to pick up your phone while driving.
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6 years ago, jdw1971
Update Feedback
Last several updates has resolved an issue where saved locations was taking an extended time to load Last update was for iPhone X compatibility. App now displays in full screen but the menu buttons in top right corner bleed into phones menu bar and take several taps to work. Green button at bottom also bleeds into phones swipe up dash causing issues with either/or functions
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5 years ago, Dalex7
If your company decides to use this App seriously fight it or as I am doing looking for another job. It’s constantly logging me off. And very often just doesn’t log the miles at all. For my company;most likely saves them money; most certainly has lost the trust and good will of the employee’s or in my case lost a hard working loyal sales Rep! For Motus; money in their pocket at the expense of hard working people who are now getting screwed by them!! I have taken to social media with statements and facts so I hope that others know what will happen if they are inflicted with having to use this App!
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4 years ago, nickname?required?
Works ok sometimes
The app kills my battery when running, you cannot change location tracking to “only while using” and use the app, it has to be “always on”. It randomly stops recording Nd starts up at a different location (this seems to happen most of I take a phone call). Other times it simply will give an error and not record an entire trip. So the auto record is nice, when it works but you still need to fix mileage regularly if you want it to be accurate.
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5 years ago, GoW Real Talk
Your boss will love it
App is “dumb”, poor programming. It could be good if it actually functioned. Features do not work as advertised. Automatic functionality is almost completely broken. It consistently calculates your mileage, SHORT! Your boss will love this app and all the money he saves on your mileage reimbursement. Would not recommend. If you’re stuck with this app be ready to do everything manually and enter additional miles to make up for the shortages. Customer service is friendly but won’t admit the app has any issues, “I don’t know it should work.” Couldn’t agree more!
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3 months ago, Elrod1973
Quits tracking miles for no reason
Have setup to auto track mileage. Randomly just quits tracking with no warning. We submit mileage once a month and it’s miserable to find that has tracked zero for last couple of weeks. What’s the point in having auto tracking if it doesn’t work. Serious sign in issues through company SSO. Have to delete the app, reinstall and set up all the preferences again anytime have been logged out. Just miserable experience. Constantly logs out without warning.
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4 years ago, Zippityhahaha
0 Stars!!!!
Not really why this app is so terrible but it is. If my company did not force me to use it I wouldn’t. Lost mileage- This is my largest complaint. No matter the setting it does not capture your mileage. This means lost reimbursement mileage. It’s just unacceptable. Battery Drain- Again no matter the setting this app can drain a full iPhone XR battery in a couple of hours. I wouldn’t mind if it was accurate, but it’s not. Updates - It does not appear that they are taking all of the negative feedback seriously. Every salesperson in my organization is having the exact same issues and yet it never changes. In fact the tracking has gotten worse some the last update. Rating manipulation- there is no possible way this App could have a 4.6 rating without paying a rating farm to boost it. It’s terrible. It’s not getting any better. It’s costing me money. Literally the worst.
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1 year ago, Fishguy99
Latest update makes Motus a waste of time & battery life
I have been using Motus for 6yrs. Overall thought it was a good app for mileage reimbursement tracking. The latest version now requires “Always on” location service setting which drains battery. Also, the “Always on” setting causes frequent unwanted opening of the app due to accidental touching of the blue oval clock in the upper left of the screen that opens Motus any time you touch the blue oval, even if you are already in a different app. In addition, with the latest update, it required a new login to start the “business hours” tracking . There was no notice of this and I lost a week of mileage tracking information and had to manually add the data - another waste of time. Please change back to allow “Only while using” location service setting.
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6 years ago, Diezl6280
Needs update
Been using this app for over a month or two and really loved the way that it’s been working so far. That was until the latest update for iOS 12. Now it stops all the time while I’m still driving whenever I go into an non service area. I’m sure that it’s just because of the last update and will be fix hopefully sooner than later. Other than that really well made app all around though
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6 years ago, phubbly
Plain terrible
The app doesn’t record accurately. It doesn’t account for short stops, it doesn’t allow you to adjust/edit miles driven, it doesn’t allow you to change your route when entering after the fact, ie if I add a trip from home to work it’ll pick the shortest route, regardless.(sounds good, but my shortest route has been under construction for years, making my current route a longer without the ability to edit miles driven) What’s worse is customer care doesn’t care. I’ve been waiting a week for a reply
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6 years ago, Rexfromtex
You know with so many smart watches out there, I find it hard you don’t have an interface for them. I have to use this app because the company makes us. I mean really a start and stop button for your watch would be great. So I don’t have to fumble with my phone if I forget to start it when I drive. I have a time tracker that does that and man it’s a life saver. This would make it so much easier to use on the go.
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6 years ago, Hoovsc
Tracking test
I posted a review a few days ago regarding the new update allowing location ON always which tracks every stop you do even on no working hours. Today Sunday I checked my app to review my week mileage and I found out it tracks every stop I did today Sunday. ( gym, church, grocery shipping, restaurant , ALL) after I had a call and email exchange last Wednesday which ensured me I won’t track. Well I have screen shots tracking everything, this is AGAIN a huge privacy issue, also I don’t think my company would pay me my personal trips !
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6 years ago, Skitski
Invasive, shares personal information
After installing this for work, my iPhone notified me Motus was collecting information on my location despite the app not being in use on a Saturday afternoon. Their privacy statement says something about collecting this information for advertising which I feel brings up real concerns about undisclosed 3rd party access. It also means an employer could potentially track an employee’s activity during personal time. This isn’t a concern for me personally but anyone facing harassment on the job may find this aspect creepy, if not alarming.
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3 years ago, ThePeoplesPeon
This app is a battery leech!
Seriously, it’s bad enough that manual mode will always short you on milage, but this is quite possibly the single worst app I’ve ever used in regards to battery life on any phone. Motus + 20 minutes of talk time will kill a full battery in less than your work day. I seriously have to leave my phone charging in the car when relying on this app because the battery drain is so bad, thus defeating the purpose of having a cell phone. Meanwhile, without the app running at all, my phone battery lasts all weekend long.
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1 month ago, JustJustinB
Absolutely trash app
This App is so terrible that when I saw their 4+ rating I am 100% convinced you can not trust app store ratings. It destroys your battery (iphone 14promax). It was once usable for manual entry by declining the location services a few times but now it is on ever screen, every single refresh, every selection you make the prompt appears. The prompts are so persistent I believe it goes against Apple TOS regarding permissions and harraesment. 0/10 if I had unlimited money I would buy this company and close the doors.
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4 years ago, jenks32
Not ideal
My company moved to this. I understand what they are trying to achieve but you either have to let this app track your every move or risk forgetting to turn it on as making edits don’t seem to stick in the app or online. This kills your battery and data usage because it’s always looking and tried track a bike ride. If you stay in place for more than a minute it logs the trip complete. I’d rather log my info with pen and paper the old fashion way.
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2 years ago, Koruth
This app is absolute garbage. It is meant to automatically log your miles driving for your company’s records and reimbursement. This app causes far more problems than it’s worth. Continuously losing connection forcing a reset which you were never notified about and subsequently you must spend hours at a time filling in miles that should’ve been done automatically. This app is trash and it should be pulled from Apple and the company should go out of business. Good riddance
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5 years ago, Paleeeze
Not Good After Latest Update
Since the latest iOS update, this has become almost unusable! It does not start tracking half the time. The other half, it stop in the middle of a trip. Just this week alone, I have had to add trips totaling over 400 miles that the app did not track. I have triple checked settings. Logged out and back in. Deleted and reinstalled. Kept app open on my lap. Let it run in the background. So much lost productivity and effort! Please fix the dang thing or tell me how to fix it. PLEASE!
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5 years ago, ClinteeD
Despite knowing your home and work locations, this app can’t automatically deduct your commuting mileage from a business trip that you start from home, which is required to be accurate. If you try to modify the trip after, you can’t just delete one leg of the trip. You have to delete and start over. So what is the point? Furthermore, in auto mode it starts tracking even when you are just walking around. Useless app. Make sure your company doesn’t use Motus.
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6 years ago, Scotty Watti
Absolute garbage
I have been using it for a month. It’s absolutely terrible. The app randomly shuts down when you have to manually add mileage because it often quits mid day. It’s more a hinderance than just logging my mileage on paper. I had Runzheimer (sp?) before and I never had an issue for a year and a half. Now I have to spend admin time administering an app. The whole point of an app is to NOT have to administer something. I hope we change soon. Further, they also blew a payout date. That’s inexcusable.
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6 years ago, Rich6312
Kills your battery and insists upon a major invasion of privacy
This app consumed 74% of my battery even though I changed settings to only track whilst plugged into power supply only. It keeps insisting to change your settings to have constant access to your location even though it tracks mine fine when I leave it as track only while app is open! Unnecessary invasion of privacy, your personal location may not show up on their website but it’s in their database!!
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4 years ago, WidgetPhreak
Needs Time calculation for 5 stars
It's nice that this keeps track of my mileage... and the start/stop times but the fact that it makes me calculate the time between each start/stop by subtracting the departure and arrival time in my head, is a huge missed opportunity. I found it easier to just google map each stop and screenshot the map and the time estimates. If you add time calculating between stops that would make this 5 stars.
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4 years ago, VenmoMoneyScams
Worst GPS system EVER
The gps location tracking on this combined with an Apple device is about as accurate as the gps on my 1993 Garmin Fish Finder. The gps tracking jumps all over the place when you’re not even moving. I can be setting still for 6 hrs and this useless app will show me bouncing all around a 3-5 mile area. And then my company tells me it’s my responsibility to delete any “non business “ miles!!!! I highly discourage any use of this app for personal or business use.
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1 year ago, JCG1005
Needs CarPlay capability
Would be even better if you could start and stop tracking for business trips from the screen in my car rather than the phone only.
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5 years ago, Harleuuu
Why change commute miles?
I drive over 60 miles a day for work and at first it was worth it since motus only counted 20 miles total as commute. It is no longer worth it since the company decided to up the commute miles from 10 miles one way to 20 miles one way. Meaning 40 out of the 60+ miles I drive are being counted as commute which makes the 20+ mile drive both ways no longer worth it. Not happy at all with this change.
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5 years ago, Zarefi
Using location all the time
The only problem I think Motus has is using user location all the time it won’t work when you put it on use location when using the app. That’s a big issue to think and it kills my phone battery.
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7 years ago, j e s s i e
Location services “Always” required
This app saves me a ton of time when it comes to expensing my mileage for work, however the app drains my battery like crazy because it requires Location Services are enabled “Always” vs. just “While using app”. I’d easily change my rating from 3 to 5 stars if this feature were considered.
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4 years ago, BoiseState13
Terrible company
App is trash kills your battery. They send you a emails a few days before you submit your mileage saying your out of compliance as to which you have to figure out why you are. When forms are submitted they take days to approve if your in compliance or still out of compliance. You do not get updated on policy changes. They send you a email just saying your out of compliance with no information on the changes that have happened.
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3 years ago, Fjam1237
Terrible to use
The app lacks simple features like the ability to reverse a trip. Instead you have to manually enter the return trip. Also, it consistently doesn’t load your saved locations. Amazing the creators of the app let it out in this state. The former Runzheimer program was far superior. Classic case of the bigger company purchasing the upcoming better competitor. Every day I use this and get frustrated.
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3 years ago, Hammer8282
Let’s complicate a very basic task
Mileage logs are super easy to keep…. Instead of doing that you can use this incredibly slow app that crashes regularly. I am Using on fully updated iPhone 12 and still have regular problems. Unfortunately I am required to use this app. Unless you have to just use an Excel file or a piece of paper.
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6 years ago, tagurit724
Hard to be less reliable
As someone that closely tracks all mileage for business I’ve been needing a good app to help track everything. This app frequently drops my trips and fails to save trips if I lose cell reception. It will also continually break up my trips. All of this leads to lots of lost miles as I’m frequently required to add manual entries which are then just calculated on a shortest route basis which is normally not my “fastest route” of which I took.
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1 year ago, Scoooooooters
App always tracking you. Even on weekends when not working.
The app has gone through updates that allow the app to by pass your settings that are set to save battery life. Instead of “only use when plugged into a charger” it keeps tracking your phone. Day and night. And weekends. You must pause mileage manually if you want the app to stop tracking.
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