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David O'Reilly
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mountain

3.36 out of 5
103 Ratings
5 years ago, Butterfly Helper!
Uummm, not so much
The polluted mountain is kinda depressing. My daughter likes to poke at the garbage. I just want to clean it up but I don’t think there is a way to manipulate the junk other than poking at it.
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1 year ago, ErikSF999
Two stars for.. trying. I guess?
It only took me so long to realize that Mountain is an uninspired derivative of Getting Over It because by the time I stumbled upon GOI about a year ago, I had completely forgotten about this one. I played with Mountain a few times and wanted to like it, but it seemed something was missing from its attempt at existential irony. I saw its icon while paging through my games folder just now and it all made sense: why Mountain was made and why it misfires. Even as a joke, which it may well be. If you think you might like Mountain, try Getting Over It. Both are very offbeat and both are exercises in frustration and learning to live with unhappy accidents. But GOI gives you something interesting to fail to do, over and over and over again- and its commentary is much more subtle and engaging. I am still failing to win Getting Over It. but winning is not the point with either of these. GOI, though, does have a point—and a narrative arc that changes. Not by much, but it makes a tremendous difference.
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3 years ago, Bavenous
I didn’t know what to expect and I think it helped me in being completely open to whatever the mountain would be. I found myself looking at the mountain as something I want to protect. Green, serene, void of anything negative. Suddenly, an old fridge crashes into my serenity. I can feel the discomfort, my urge to do something to “fix” the scene, clean it up. Then I realize there’s nothing I can do but accept it, release my anxiety about it and seek ways to welcome it and other unexpected or unwelcome things into my mountain (world). A great exercise in letting go of the urge to control and just accept the beauty of everything as it evolves.
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5 years ago, Craig8128
It grew on me
I’ve been running it under TvOS for several days and I can understand why some people are very negative about it. But if you leave it running, especially with a good sound system, it adds a minor, somewhat melancholy, but also interesting element to the day. It reminds me of Bob Shaw’s “slow glass”. My son thinks it’s just a Big Troll, and I’m familiar with David OReilly and maybe that’s how he thinks of it, too. But I’ll invoke the Author Fallacy and claim that it doesn’t matter. Mountain can be a small but interesting addition to your day, if you want it to be.
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4 years ago, meatloaf_boi
Actually pretty calming
When I played this, I didn’t really think much of it at first, but I started to see that it was very calming to me, especially when I play the keyboard thing, because the notes are just so pretty and relaxing to me. Also, I read some of the reviews that said that you can’t pick up the trash, but you actually can if you press and hold it for a few seconds. Just thought I’d mention that so people wouldn’t hate on this game for that.
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10 months ago, Anonymous person >:)
Read before purchase
Ive seen a bunch of one star reviews of people expecting more than what this “game” is supposed to be. If you’re downloading this expecting a fun game or a zen calming app, go elsewhere, maybe check out tap tap fish or something. This app is just an experience, something to make you think. Some people downloaded this without looking into what it is. My advice: Don’t spend your money on something if you’re not completely sure what it is or if you’ll even like it. Anyway, I do enjoy the sound effects and messing with the piano. As someone who likes to look and click on things, I enjoy this.
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5 years ago, Function Call
We need more art like this. If you’re looking for a game, this isn’t it. This is a little universe you can look in on time to time. Buy it even if you don’t want to. We need to support this developer. It’s only 99 cents. If you like this, try his other philosophical experiment, “Everything.”
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3 years ago, orangeshipbuilding
Can’t read the ‘Thoughts’...
Sadly the ‘thoughts’ are not readable at the top due to the shape of the iPhone 12 screen. I really enjoy checking out my mountain, playing notes, moving around the stuff that crashes into it. But I really love the overall atmosphere it creates with the sounds and visuals.
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5 years ago, Agent_00k
The best is at the end
If I could give this 6 stars, I would. The ending was phenomenal and so thought provoking. It’s better than any movie or video game I’ve experienced and I’m avidly looking for it. Wow... just wow... how could you even describe it? Don’t pass up the opportunity to play this amazing game.
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2 years ago, Cashy Killer
Love it
Great app. Any time I want to ponder the meaning of my existence I use this as a kind of visualiser. I would really like to read the thoughts as well but the notch on my iPhone makes it impossible.
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4 years ago, F&*#k it
The graphics are wonderful, but watching my mountain become polluted with an unending array of junk which I can’t do anything about is far from the relaxing experience this game is supposed to engender. I would have been happy to pay a lot more for the relaxing experience I was promised, but as it is the 99 cents I paid for the game is far too much.
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5 years ago, Laughing Dog
Not even for $1
This game is absolutely pointless. It bills itself as “zen” and “relaxing”... no. There is NOTHING in the game. It’s a grassy rock that spins around and you get some text at the top. There is a keyboard at the bottom that slightly changes the time of day for the rock if you bang on it for a few minutes. This isn’t a game. It’s a rip off. Do not buy.
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4 years ago, spikestoyou
This is exactly what it says it is
You are a mountain. I don’t even know what to rate this. Please just leave me alone right now
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3 years ago, 90'skidontheblock
How to reset? I didn’t know I was supposed to draw anything.
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5 years ago, Braun did what?
You can no longer save
So the game made some upgrades to the graphics. Looks much better, but you can’t save. The game basically starts over at the same place over and over and over again.
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5 years ago, ccss277
There's a bug
The little synth stopped working after the first 2 minutes of playing. Have tried reinstalling and updating, still nothing.
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2 years ago, JClark
Needs to be updated for phones with notches
There is text that pops up occasionally, but I have no idea what it says, since it’s hidden behind the notch.
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6 years ago, rcon303
its full of birds!!
And buterflies! aw it restarted and now im back at the “beginning”............oh welll... but now seems to be prettier,birdier,butterflieier and mountier..nice job !!
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4 years ago, Patricia in RM
Boring ... and kind of depressing
I don’t get the point of this game. Is the developer having a joke on us? What’s the point if we can’t start over? It’s dumb.
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10 years ago, Anth609
Not Impressed.
I took a chance and decided to try out something new on the App Store and this game hit me first. At first, when my mountain was created I started clicking around and found a piano, which I thought would lead to something else, but it doesn't. If you're the toe of person that likes to stare at a spinning mountain as it changes seasons, this is your game, anyone else SKIP. I waited around for some animals to maybe show up at one point and hop around, but no, nothing. I guess I will have to watch this mountain for a little longer to see if something does actually happen but other than that, waste of a dollar.
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5 years ago, 朱雀舞蛇
Nice game
a game that separates high school kids and grown up adults
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5 years ago, JamesOfApple
Not impressed
Firstly: This games goal is to be a relaxing existential experience as you watch over a mountain. Secondly: I purchased this game with this idea I mind Thirdly: This game hardly delivered by any means. It’s boring, there is no goal or tutorial. It’s just a chore. Is there story? Barely, just some generic psychobabble ramblings What is the gameplay? Nothing, all you do is spin the mountain around.
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5 years ago, gotham223
Not a real game
As pretty as it is, this doesn’t have any features that make it even playable. You just sit and watch. I’d give 0 stars if I could
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5 years ago, MysteriousSpoon
-5 stars you’re paying to stare at a rock guys
If you just bought this, you just threw away your money. Game has absolutely no explanation. Nor does their website have any explanation. Does absolutely nothing. And for everyone here saying that it’s so different and emotional, you’re staring at basically a rock with grass on it. Floating in space. SO REVOLUTIONARY. Don’t do it.
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3 years ago, Stagnations
I hope you like 3D models
You can look at some 3D models for a $1. Some people seem to enjoy this for some reason.
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4 years ago, Sugardump
No thanks
The trash gave me anxiety. I use to clean houses for a living, I’m👏🏻having👏🏻 flashbacks. The mountain us just something to stare at and that’s it. I’d rather look outside than stare at this...
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5 years ago, Bigmicman
Waste of money
App doesn't do anything. So you are paying for a picture. Be warned
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5 years ago, a small potato bean
For those who hate this game..
For those who hate this game, I understand why. You’re probably looking for those fast, action-packed games. If you didnt like Mountain, then it’s just not your game. However, I have both this game and OReilly’s universally bigger game, Everything. These two games throw away those action-packed shoot-em-ups and “compelling gameplay” to give a calmer experience to those who aren’t necessarily that “skilled” with other games. They both have no quests, no conflict, nothing. Just a calming experience. And these games sound like a waste of time to many, but as someone who is very stressed and anxious, these games provide a little space for me to relax. Mountain has simplistic atmosphere—nothing too bland, but also nothing too busy. It’s a mountain in space: alone, with no inner/outer conflict. And why should it? There’s only one thing you do in Mountain: you exist. OReilly has given us games that focus on inner peace, not mowing down enemies with guns. Many games solve conflicts with this kind of violence. David OReilly’s games, however, have no conflict to solve. These games, as well as the few other games similar to Everything and Mountain, exist in worlds of true peace and tranquility—the two things that seem almost nonexistent in our world (at least, that’s how I see it.) Although many of you hate this game for it “having no purpose,” I simply ask of you to see Mountain from a different perspective, and to appreciate it for being its own special game.
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5 years ago, Ńïggå
Go outside if you want to watch some dirt, total waste of money do not buy.
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5 years ago, Akira Jade
No point
Look at this mountain. Here are some birds. Here’s a crap piano. Nothing happens. Not worth the dollar.
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3 years ago, themanchicken
Kinda boring, strange bugs
This game is not suitable for iPhones with Face ID, and the thoughts are cut off on the top.
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5 years ago, Ohmar
Not actually a Game
Do not expect purpose or objectives. Can’t really affect the mountain. Should be classified with meditation apps. Misleading.
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5 years ago, Hogwartsfan101
What is the point? There is none!
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3 years ago, Krizmatic208
Awful game
Not fun. No instructions, and deprsseing from an envirmental view. Wast of time.
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5 years ago, BraveSirRo6in
It’s JUST a model
Could have watched a real mountain for free.
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10 years ago, Xxsparrow1xX
Serene and Full of Secrets
Mountain is definitely something that I haven't seen before. It throws away the fast-paced, heart-pounding action in exchange for a slow, relaxing experience. Since it's so slow, it wouldn't really be good for people who prefer more action and speed in their games. You don't really get to interact with the mountain much. It's more of a thing you would leave on while you work on something else and then check on it every once in a while to see if anything changed. But I think the simplicity of just leaving it on and waiting is what really makes it shine. I see some people wanting people or animals- something to do while waiting for something to happen, but I think adding things such as those would really defeat the purpose of the game. Although it may seem there isn't much to do, there are secrets to discover in Mountain. Secrets like if you play the notes on the bottom of the screen fast enough, you can speed up in-game time. Even though I wouldn't consider it as a game, it is still an interesting experience and worth $0.99, especially for the (supposed) 50 hours of gameplay. Moving off of that, there is a bug I encountered where about an hour and a half into the game, some of my items on my mountain started to disappear with a puff of smoke without me even touching it.
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10 years ago, Psychotic legend
This isn't much of a game, you get a mountain and it rotates when you start this so called game, you can control the camera and what ever and you get this small keyboard piano which doesn't do much except give you something to do while your mountain in time gets trashed by barrels, benches that fly through space but they just stay there on your mountain forever and trashes it. I thought maybe you can actually be god and the mountain is your world or whatever but...this isn't a game more like something you open up and stare at. I literally fell asleep "playing" which felt more like watching a mountain that has a few trees on it at first. Seasons change it snows rains gets dark and bright. Just pointless really. It's really up to you if you want to get the app but you've been is peaceful and calming to play the piano while your mountain goes through these phases but it really is weird and strange that once in a while your mountain will develop this lock, literally your mountain will grow a lock and stuff hits your mountain as it flys through oblivion. I don't understand why or what it does and that's what keeps me intrigued into this app...
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10 years ago, iPhoneapps110
App Is For Dumiez
This is quite possibly the dumbest app in existence. For a long time I thought that Hangtime or maybe Heads Up we're the dumbest apps, but this one easily takes the cake. All you do is watch a mountain slowly rotate. THAT'S IT!!! There's no controls, no heart-pounding action, and no tasty bacon treats at the end. Seriously, It's more boring than watching a Harrison Ford movie (even the later ones with audio). The only interactivity whatsoever in this game is a tiny keyboard at the bottom of the screen, and Newsflash: the keyboard is broken! Seriously, it sounds like Hellen Keller tried to tune a piano, which reminds me, maybe Hellen Keller had some input on this app....jk(just kidding and/or Jedi Knight). I mean it was either that or this app was made by the people who came up with baconless bacon (tofurkey bacon). So if you're not convinced by now to NOT buy this app, consider taking a nice long stroll past an open field of grazing wildabeasts and make sure to get up close and personal! Or, if on the rare condition that you don't live in Western Australia, try listening to a podcast with Al Gore in it for a couple of hours, then you'll have a little taste of what you're getting yourself into.
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8 years ago, 🤖🐧
Creepy game worth nothing whatsoever. 🌌🏔🌌
This is a really creepy and depressing game. Don't waste your money on a 3D mountain in the middle of space. It's not and never will be worth more than $0.00. If you think you're going to see the environment change, then skip this. The mountain never changes, you just watch it float eerily in the void of space. It's like the didn't even try. It's sad people spent so much time on this game. It's not like a city will be built nearby or it will erupt, it just floats there and gives you creepy messages and enormous baseballs the size of trees. There isn't a soul in sight, just trees that do nothing. They don't die or grow and nobody will ever show up to cut them down or plant more of them. I feel like a chump for buying this pathetic excuse for a game. Please, don't buy this. It's fun for 15 minutes and has no purpose. It must be a gag. I thought the environment would change, but no. This has distributed, embarrassed, and swindled me. I literally want to punch the developers in the face right now. Apple, please give me a refund for this piece of crap. Also, 💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀💩💀
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10 years ago, RinkRat22 - 360 live
Video Game Genre: Art
This app should also be put into the art category. It is essentially the equivalent of a wall painting or a work of art but integrates it with computers. I would like to see time move a little faster though. I hardly see any differences even after a whole week. Little people should live on the mountain too, or animals. Something to watch while your waiting for something to happen, like conways game of life. Perhaps it could just be that the trees grow into a forest and and burn down or a red vs blue battle between heaven side and hell side of the mountain. The reason it could work is if the game throws random objects (like life ending meteors) it could display Darwin's theory of evolution and the rise and fall of creatures in a mountain. If you could pull something like that off this would no doubt be the Picasso of all digital art.
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10 years ago, Jesse_Dylan
Not a very good use of battery
I see what the author was going for here, and I think it's a super cool idea. I love the notion of watching a world grow and change. I think a more advanced version where we watch, say, a household, or a medieval village, would be a lot of fun--or an ant colony; the applications are really endless. This is a basic version, but it's good enough. You can watch the mountain itself, the trees, the weather, the seasons, the stars. For me, this would be something nice to have running while I was doing other things. The problem with that, is that this application eats the battery quickly. It seems to use 1% of the battery every couple of minutes. For something that I could potentially have on for hours upon hours as I do other things, it does not seem like a particularly good use of my battery life. Maybe it would make a better Windows/Mac/Linux program than an iPad/iPhone app. So, I guess I wasted a dollar, but I still think it's a neat idea for a "game," and I do think in the future, it would be nice to have some input, for instance influencing a few factors of how my apartment building or farm or whatever might evolve and then letting it go without any interaction from me. I hope the idea present here is popular and picks up steam. But for me, it was a waste of a dollar and would be a waste of my battery to leave it on all the time just to watch my mountain.
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10 years ago, cybergoogle
Heartwarming and as advertised.
I'm starting to get frustrated by all of the negative reviews on this app. It isn't particularly exciting, and there are no controls. It doesn't claim to be anything it's not. This app is intended to be run while you're doing other things. It's often beautiful, sometimes ridiculous, and the mountain has a lot of things to say. It's kind of nice to have running with my phone propped up next to my computer while I'm doing something else. And, according to the developer, it DOES have an ending, after about 50 hours of "gameplay". I'm curious to find out what that is. If you're looking for heart-pounding action, don't buy this game. If you're looking for something pretty and meditative, I'd say go for it. I thought it was worth the 99 cents.
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10 years ago, Chase1098
Fun this is; a game it is not.
Applications come in various shapes and sizes, which is expected with the creative ranges of humans. Here I'll list the pros and cons of owning this application. -Pros- * Relaxation is easy to obtain * It is fun to watch. Really, it is. * It is cheap. * It acts as a whatever one wants it to be; use one's imagination. * It is a very simple application and can be ran while doing other things (not on the device on which it is being run). -cons- * It can get boring. * Little UI. * It is advertised as a game, while not being one. (It is fun, but it doesn't meet the requirement of being a game. Even simulators are games due to their fun factor. On it's own, this app does not have the similar fun factor; however with creativity, that may be added by the user.) * There is little to do other than look at a mountain, and actually makes me question why it even has a price. --- Overall, the app is good but is a bit boring and perhaps a bit overpriced. The app designer was going for an application aimed at a software that is easy to watch, to listen, and to play. In my opinion he got those down well. However the lack of UI makes for a rather boring game for those looking for a fun-to-play simulator. 4/5, good job.
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10 years ago, TAPDX
This app was and still is one of my favorite apps ever. You can just relax and watch the cool landscape of the mountain change over time. And I've built up quite an impressive collection of items. The prospect that another one might come out of the sky every time I play is probably why I love this app so much. I highly recommend it to anyone who might want to get it. I just have one problem with the new update. Everything else is great and the loading times are significantly better, but now, all my objects are at different angles. Before the update, I knew where everything was and how it looked. Now, the overall mountain just looked kind of ugly. Please fix, and again, great game.
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10 years ago, anthony0830
Does it mean something?
What if they are trying to tell us something? You have a mountain, at first it is clean the later on it gets dirtier and dirtier and dirtier. With all kind of junk. Like earth. What if they show you this if they want to change the world. They show you how the world become with the trash, litter. Those barrels, what if there not any barrels but oil barrels. All the factories polluting the air. Causing smog. This is telling us something special. This is no ordinary game. It's saying that this all has got to change. The litter, pollution everything! It's us.... We have to change. This might sound hippy but it's the truth! We have to change!!! #savethisworld
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10 years ago, noverantale
Beautiful and magical
I love this game so much! There are so many good things to say about it! It's relaxing, entertaining, mysterious, thought provoking, and so much more! I love seeing the mountain at nighttime the best. The fireflies are so amazing and I just love watching them. The ambient music is also amazing, it's very relaxing and fits the game perfectly. If you're someone who loves mysterious, relaxing games then I highly recommend this game. It somehow reminds me of monument valley! I hope that the developer will continue to make games like this!!!! I look forward to seeing what is to come! Thank you for making such a beautiful game! ^^*
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10 years ago, Sareenaneena
Luv it but here's an idea...
Ok its so beautiful and amazing its perfect when you want to relax just before you go to bed its like reading a book at night watch fora certain amout of time then go to bed and do it again the next day. So here's my IDEA. my idea is you know the piano it would be awesome if you could play certain melodies and then it would do tornadoes rainbows (ect.) and then it would be cool if it was cause and effects but i love it!!!!! But can there be updates where you add things to it like what i mean like a movie you finish a movie by why does that be the end keep adding science thx for reading!!!
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8 years ago, ScoMo
Not a game.
MTN is poorly categorized. It is not a game. Period. At best it is an interactive graphic that allows you to rotate, zoom in, and zoom out. I'll give it credit, it's nice looking. However, in my experience, not much happens. Once a house showed up on the side of the mountain, but then it was gone. Sometimes there are lights in the trees. However, a game is either that of skill or that of chance, this app is neither. There are no controls, skills to be learned, or even anything to really do, except watch the mountain. I did read the reviews before buying the app, and was looking forward to a different type of game to play on my phone – even looking forward to something unique. But again, this isn't really a game at all.
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8 years ago, Frogydude1
Zen Mountain
It's not a game. It's a pet. There is no challenge or goal. It is something to meditate on. You play a piano and spin the mountain. You can see Mountain from close up or on its embryonic ecosystem in space. Mountain is green on the him and dirt, root, and rock shaped on the base. Mountain spins in space. As other reviews have said it can be creepy and eerie or it can be beautiful and peaceful. Enjoy the beauty of the mountain at night, day, snow, rain, fog, and when random junk kabooms on it. Mountain will ask you philosophical questions and it's up to you how to interpret them.
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9 years ago, Aefuy
Perfect game 8/8 m8
A while back I bought the computer version of this game on steam. I was very happy with the gameplay (or the lack thereof). I was very excited when I saw this game was on the iPad. For the people who are complaining that there is no gameplay, GOOGLE IT. In this game you draw your response to two or three questions, and then you receive a randomly generated mountain (hence the name). You can only view this mountain and somehow it's entertaining, I don't know how or why. Things randomly appear on your mountain overtime. IT IS MAJESTIC.
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