Mouse for Cats

4.1 (790)
198.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Petr Vanek
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mouse for Cats

4.09 out of 5
790 Ratings
3 months ago, brinabananas
Excellent but mouse is too frequent for my cat
My cat is very interested in this app initially but she seems to become bored because the mouse is too often visible, and she ends up just staring but not attacking. If possible, an option / slider setting to make the mouse hide for longer off-screen and take more time to reappear would be perfect for her. Ideally the mouse would be able to occasionally hide for even a few minutes at a time, since that’s the style of play my cat seems to enjoy with real toys. (Waiting and ambushing). This way I could leave the app on for long periods of time without her getting bored of it and finding it too predictable. Another idea could be a mode where the screen goes black after ~10 minutes but can be reactivated by a tap. That way my cat can turn it on when she wants it but it can be blank when she’s not interested (this way she doesn’t get bored of it seeing it running all the time and stops caring). She already knows to tap her physical toys when she wants to play so I’m sure she would learn that tapping the iPad will allow her to play if I leave it running on the floor for her. I know development takes time and labor but I would gladly pay even more for these extra features so that I can tailor the game to my cat’s personality. Thank you!
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1 year ago, BadUpdt
BEST cat game ever!
My cat, Bumper, absolutely goes crazy for this game multiple times a day. She doesn’t like the mini games, they seem to distract her, so I have turned that feature off. I am rating 4 stars instead of 5 because I feel like the game should have a lock feature to keep the iPad on the game screen. Bumper inadvertently (or maybe it is intentional, lol!) changes the screen, deletes other apps, starts other apps, by swiping this game away with her wild paw action. I would like to be able to leave her out of my sight while she plays, but am afraid she will reset my entire iPad!
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3 years ago, MediaMaven315
Our Kitties love this, but now I have no ipad
Have tried similar apps which bored our girls, but they give Mouse for Cats (‘MFC’) a 5 Paw Rating. Every time I turn on the ipad one of our girls expects to play MFC. Has been a great deterrent to our moody girl - when she starts bullying her sister we turn it on MFC and she’s mesmerized. Love that it plays for a long time, & doesn’t shut down, as our oldest is a voyeur who loves to sit and watch. Wish it didn’t reset to first level after a minute, as she rarely makes it to multi mini mice chase (which she loves) going at her own slow pace. She’d get there if had more time. Am shopping for a new ipad, so don’t have to negotiate with the cats to use mine lol Update: our oldest girl actually wakes me up in the morning, as she knows she gets to play MFC once she eats. Her winter aggression towards her sister, mostly from boredom, as greatly diminished too. Nice to see her so happy. Changing review from 4 to 5 stars :)
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2 years ago, former_pkxdplayer
Love this! Pls read!
I heard about these kind of apps from my friends and I wanted to try it! I was very skeptical because I thought my two cats would not be interested. I downloaded the app on my iPad and try to show it to my cats. At first they didn’t care, but I left my iPad alone sitting on the rug in the middle of the living room. They went crazy! One of them would watch the mouse roam around the screen and my other cat would go right in and try to bat and bite it. It is a very simple app. A colorful mouse roams around the iPad screen, after 100 hits from your cat a mini-game will play. Usually the mini-game is multiple small mice running across the screen or something similar. If the cat doesn’t hit the mice in the mini-game the app will go back to the normal mouse roaming around the screen. Anyways it is so funny to see how the cats interact with it. 100% recommend!
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3 years ago, Klevine4
My cat is obsessed
I’ve tried other cat games but my cat Steve just isn’t interested in them. He is absolutely obsessed with this game. We have it on multiple devices so now he associates any device (including remote controls) with the game. He has literally come and knocked my phone out of my hands while I was texting someone multiple times. We have it on a kindle touch as well and I do think that play experience is a bit better. Steve is a very active player and swipes the screen a lot. On our phones that get him into the camera or other apps really often. That’s probably more of a phone issue than an app issue. Honestly, this app keeps Steve occupied while I need to do something else and he desperately wants to play. It’s hilarious for me to watch and he is completely obsessed. Thank you!!
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2 months ago, dejaland
Had to buy a phone for my cat now 🙄
Well, this ruined my cat. He will physically and forcefully attempt to remove my phone from my pocket, my friend’s phones from their pockets, etc. He will grab the phone out of your hand, he will stick his face right in front of it, nose to screen, and occasionally bite the corner of it if it’s not releasing the mice. So of course, we had to buy him his own phone. We went to apple and he picked out the most expensive one, after testing the whackability of all of the available models. He will be requiring a cell phone plan soon - no doubt. Be careful showing this game to your cat… you will create a cell phone thieving fluffermonster. To summarize: Best cat game ever ❤️
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1 year ago, CJ3-1
2 hours of cat entertainment!
Just downloaded today, but for a free app it has already earned 5 stars from me. Both my cats were interested, but I knew one of them would likely be more into it, and it kept him interested for a solid two hours. He alternated between wildly pawing at the mouse and sitting back to watch. At one point he’d wandered off so I’d put the ipad away… a short time later he came back to lay where the ipad had been and looked at me til I got it back out and opened this game for him again! It would be nice if it had a function to make it less likely that cats will end up swiping out of the app, but in that time I only had to get him back to the app twice.
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11 months ago, why are we playing this game?
Love the game
The one thing that my cat doesn’t really like that much is when you go to the menu or close the game it deletes all your progress. We just got to the cheetah mouse and he was really excited and then all of a sudden I click the menu and boom when I went back I’ll progress gone cat got mad and now I have to click the mouse 200 times not the cat me other than that it’s like the best game ever I have to say will give a five star review. why is this so amazing I mean I am somebody that was looking for a game for so long for my cats and then I was like wow there’s some that have prescriptions that are not bad, but this one compared to them is amazing. Do I have to go on
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5 years ago, Dia S
Ramps up then calms down, training aid
This is the second cat app I've downloaded. I don't have much for comparison but I can say the Purina app did nothing for my 10 year old cat,but this one she likes to interact with. It took her a few viewings before she started to tap the screen but she was interested from the start. Now whenever I pull out my tablet she starts tapping the screen as if asking me to turn on the mouse. The added benefit is that she has anxiety around my new dog, but this app helps to distract her when he is close. She gets very hyped during the game but calms down a few minutes after I take it away. After that she is in a relaxed state and is better able to tolerate my dog's presence.
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4 years ago, Regiman4000
Cat Favorite
I’ve created a monster‼️😀😆 Tried this on a whim and a joke but this is literally Lucy-fur’s, my indoor/outdoor male cats, favorite past time.. 👍🏻 Problem is, if he sees me with my iPhone or iPad, he quickly jumps on to my lap to look for a mouse. 😆It doesn’t matter what I’m doing on either device, he just assumes there are mice to be found. 😀 I’ve learned to always have the other device available to place on the floor so he will let me do what I need to on the device in my hand. So funny and annoying at the same time. Also, be very aware of what I said.... placing the device on the floor. 😉🙃😊If it is on the foot stool or table he may flip said device onto the floor with his mouse obsession. 🤪I figure flipping the device while on the floor is a bit safer, but like any child this game must be played under close supervision, so my device stays safe from harm. 😃It’s funny and real at the same time, kind of like babysitting a two year old, but with fur and 4 feet. 😉 Great game for him but, my indoor cat and other indoor/outdoor cat could care less. Thanks for some entertainment for me and my cat‼️😊
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5 months ago, kaseyyab
Depends on the cat
When I first got the app my 3yo cat wasn’t interested in it, he’s never been one for screens though. I just got a 8-9 mo kitten though….. she is obsessed. I’ve tried a few cat apps but THIS one makes her crazy she will literally play for so long! I do wish the mice wouldn’t always run off the screen as she thinks they go under. That being said she will literally bite and claw at my iPad when she wants to play to get me to turn it on, it’s like a crazy iPad kid lol. Definitely worth the download to try. I feel like it’s a good enriching activity so I let her do it now and then. Make sure your iPad has screen protector/good case though!
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6 months ago, LandRoverLassie
Murphy Approved App: It’s Purrfect!
Review from Murphy, the crazy little cork-tailed cat: This app will is amazing! Mom installed it on her iPad and is now regretting it. I love this app! It is fun and engaging to paw at and stomp on mice as they run across the screen. When I catch one under my paw, the mouse stays stuck there until I lift my paw. Mom says that the problems start when she turns off the iPad or when she needs to use the iPad ad for herself. I know there are still mice in there, so I keep pawing at the iPad. Mom says I should limit my app time or take a break from the app for a while. I don’t agree with her. I need to get those mice!
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4 years ago, sirsimonm
Our cats love it and play now!😸
The first few times we tried they just watched very closely. We'd tap and pull on the mouse and they’d just... watch. Very keenly, mind you. We’ve had the game for a number of months. Bring it out now and again—two of ours love it now! They’ll often swipe behind the iPad but get loads of hits in! Just noticed that there was a paid option—totally worth it! I’d love to see a fully-featured version of their Fishing (also for cats) game. It is also beautifully done (very talented 3D artists). Thank you for this! Feature request: some additional floors/backgrounds Again, thanks! 💕😸
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2 years ago, MammaBumble
LOVE this game! My cat goes crazy for it, so I introduced it to my daughter’s cats and they love it too! I actually have to limit their screen time, like children, or they’d do nothing else for hours. So funny when they ‘ask’ to play (and one of them flat-out ‘demands’ by sitting on my iPad and refusing to let me use it until he gets to play! 😂) FOR THE PROBLEM OF CAT SWIPING APP AWAY/OPENING OTHER APPS… A triple-click of the home button can solve the problem! SETTINGS ➡️ ACCESSIBILITY ➡️ GUIDED ACCESS Set that up, click the home button three times after you start the game, and it won’t matter where your cat swipes ((Mr. Developer, please put that in your helpful hints/description. It is a shame to see people lowering your rating with unfair reviews and knocking off stars based on an issue with their device, which you cannot control. Your game is well-developed for its furry audience and does what it says… engages and entertains!))
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6 years ago, jcharl
It all depends on the cat
Interesting that some people are leaving bad reviews because their cats don’t like this. I have 3 cats and my daughter has 4. What we’ve found is that some cats just aren’t interested or can’t be bothered (they ARE cats, after all!). I have 2 that will play this game for hours if I let them and one who totally ignores it. Same is holding true with daughters cats, 1 isn’t interested and the other 3 that thinks it’s great. I believe it’s a great app for those cats that are attracted to it and not great for those cats that aren’t interested. The app itself is not to blame, it’s just a cat thing!
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1 year ago, Petey's gal
Love the app but disappointed there’s no sound
Originally I added this app to my phone and my cat absolutely loved it. After I added it to my iPad my cat spent even more time playing the game because we weren’t fighting for the phone. 🤣 I recently got a new iPad with a bigger screen and I was so excited to show her the game but there’s no sound. I have checked the settings on my phone and even deleted/ reinstalled the app but there’s no sound. I see other reviews that mention the same issue.
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4 years ago, Scarn16
Kitty Loves it!
I have 2 kittens. Ones a tiny little savage he loves this app, from the second I opened it, he got the hang of it within 1 min. It’s the firs app I put on the phone for them. He tries to drag them off the screen and he grabs the front and back of the phone thinking they are behind it. It’s so cute. The other kitten is a bit more interested in climbing it takes him more time to get the hang of toys, he has to see his brother playing with them, then he gets jealous tries it and loves it. I’m sure he will come around soon enough. I have a lover and a fighter, 🤪!
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6 years ago, ravingdaving1275
Cat is obsessed!
My cat LOVES this game! I’ve tried a lot of the cat-specific games on the app store and this is the only one he reacts to! He plays for around 15 minutes before getting tired which is way more than he plays with his other toys. His obsession has even gotten to the point where if he sees the iPad or anything that slightly resembles the iPad he’ll tap on it to let us know he wants to play! Now, I’m not saying everyone will have the success that I did with this game, but with how much my cat likes it, I’d say it’s definitely worth checking out!
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1 year ago, Kittygolightly
We have two hybrid cats and after watching them turn pages on the book I was reading on my iPad, I thought to look for a game for them… as soon as I put the game on they went crazy! They tapped, swatted, lifted the iPad, dug with their paws, and then Sheba dragged the iPad while Shoki looked underneath it for those darn mice! Thank you so much for this game! They love it! I think I’ll pull out my old iPad for them to play the game so I can have this one back! Definitely will have to limit their screen time…
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6 years ago, NancyG4695
Gets My Kittens Ready For Bed
My kittens love this game and are always trying to commandeer my iPad to play. Now they've learned how to change the screens I'm on. Anyway, Natasha has gotten so rowdy while playing that she and the iPad have fallen off my bed. Boris is more timid and has eased into playing but never stops watching the mouse. They finally get so tired they just sit and watch the mouse run around. After a while, both doze off and lights out! I love it as much as they do because it keeps them from attacking my feet under the covers.
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5 years ago, Cat Café
A wonderful diversion for bored cats!
I work at a Cat Café. Wonderful concept! We have had a lot of adoptions. But it happens, times when we have no visitors. The kitties get bored, even with their favorite toys and activities. Restlessness and a little naughtiness can ensue. All I have to do is load this app, put it on the floor, and tap it once so it squeaks and the cats come running! Not all cats are interested, but some are secret players... they wait until no one is watching and do a little tapping of their own! Excellent programming, beautiful colors. So simple and so perfect!
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4 years ago, gtown1968
Our 4 cats are all fans
All 4 cats play with it slightly differently but they all enjoy it. We often just leave the iPad sitting on the floor with this app and they come and go to play throughout the day. TIP 1: If you leave it unattended, turn off WiFi to save battery but also because they get rough with it and end up exiting the app. The still hit the screen and can enter another app or App Store and might spend money! TIP 2: They may attack the iPad when you’re using it since they know the mice are in there!
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3 months ago, Trjhdcj
Amazing for my 3 kitties
After a few years of using the free version on a decade-old iPad, I decided it was well worth the three bucks to pay for more features. My old grouchy feral rescue and my two adolescent cats are obsessed. I put the iPad on airplane mode and set my screen timer to stay awake longer because my girl kitties sometimes prefer to watch - like cartoons lol. But when they attack the screen, they get each other riled up. The minigame is a real hit!
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3 years ago, Beavis98723
My cat loves it… but I don’t
By far the best cat entertainment app I’ve ever installed! It’s perfect in the fact that cats play with their prey. The noises and being able to “grab” the virtual mouse makes it more real. The only reason I only gave it 4 stars is because of the iPad interaction. He swipes and double taps or holds down and it switches screens. Still looking for his mouse, he keeps batting at it, which has resulted in apps being deleted and other apps being opened. If you could somehow lock that out, it would be 6 stars!
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2 years ago, Trisybear
My kitties love this game!
My cats loved this game when they were little and my kittens adore it. And mouse noises are so addictive and they run right over to the phone. It’s really funny because they try to look under the phone but can’t find any mice. It’s very addictive and it keeps them busy as a little treat. if I had an iPad, this would be perfect for that because it would have more space but it’s so funny watching five kittens crowd around a small iPhone to play.
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4 years ago, penny💜cora
My cat loves this app! The only thing that would make it better, for both of us, is if you were able to lock the screen so that it doesn't swipe away when she's playing it. Sometimes she will accidentally open the camera and has taken a picture....and sometimes she ends up on depends on which other apps are open. I always have to move her off the screen when she swipes it away in order to get back to her game. Thanks
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2 years ago, Sefree
Great app but.....
I can’t seam to find a way to prevent our cat from exiting the game when it hits the home button or when it slides from the sides with its paws, am sure it’s in the app settings somewhere or isn’t? a complete screen gestures and home button lock should be implemented with a timer that when turned on the cats can use the game for a determined amount of time without exiting by accident, as it is this app is a waste of money. Update!! sep-29-22 developer says they’re not able to disable/lock screen gestures not even temporarily and suggests “ try to teach your cat to only hit the mouse”.... are you kidding me!? this app is useless, if it was possible I’d leave no stars.
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3 years ago, h6frytygy
Best app for cats
My cat loves this app! She has tried others but they just don’t compare to Mouse for Cats. Anytime I reach for the IPad, she watches in curiosity and excitement to see if I’ll be tuning in to mouse for cats. She will play and hit the mouse for about 10-20 minutes and then tuck in her paws and watch with one eye open. Better than any toy I’ve ever purchased! She needs her own iPad ;) I also pull this up on my phone sometimes and her paws and occasional claw have never damaged my screen protector.
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6 years ago, ChloeIsabella2184
My Cat’s LOVED It!!😺
Both of my cats LOVED this app, and it kept them busy for hours!😂 I was a little skeptical at first because I thought my iPad wasn’t going to pick up their paw pads, but it worked perfectly! The mice moved around and made noise when my cats touched them! Their nails also didn’t do any damage to my iPad at all! One of my cats is also very lazy and fat and she even enjoyed this game! If you are looking for a game to keep your furry friends entertained, i really recommend this app!🐱
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2 years ago, Harley2510
Addiction Warning!!
This app should definitely come with a warning label to warn people that your phone will be stolen by your cat after they start playing this game! My cat will try to swipe my phone from my hands every single time he sees it! Never thought my cat would be addicted to video games but it is a real thing! He just loves this game and watching him play it makes for great laughs for everyone around!
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4 years ago, Dorajean722
This is a great game! My 5 month old cat Maximilian (Max) has gotten obsessed with this much so..that every time I went to sit down to work or use my computer..he sits by my side..taps his right paw and looks at me with those sad eyes..and I give in. Well, it got so bad...I decided to download the game on my mini iPad and that is now his...when I get on my computer, I start his and we are both happy and not disturbing each other...I watched him once and he got up to 434 Pt’
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4 years ago, Hmsla
Almost too good
Our theee cats love it but so does our dog. He loves it so much that I’m worried it’s giving him a complex. When we’re done playing, he routinely spends at least a half hour searching for “the mice that must be under the iPad”. Furthermore he thinks anything dark and rectangular is an iPad with mice. He knocks over these items trying to find where the mice went. So anyway, cats really do love it but use again your own risk of being annoyed if you have a dog.
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7 months ago, Emmypartot lover
My cat Mischief (yes, that is her name) loves this game. It took her a minute to figure out but when she played she loved it until she tried to look behind the phone and saw nothing, which then leaded to her questioning everything to ever exist lol. In all reality my cats both live this game and the sound it makes when they tap it is very stimulating for them and also the way it moves around. Hope this helped!
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6 years ago, WizzyToe
Ruby got it, Finally
When Ruby was two months old, she was not interested and she couldn’t understand it. Now, at six months old, she has played this game with me and understands how it works until she gets tired. LOL I had to get this app because she was trying to get my straws out of my glasses while I was drinking my water and she won’t listen to me to get her to. Needless to say that I am quadriplegic and I cannot physically put her down or spray her with water. 🤨
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6 years ago, Sam-E1029
Love it but.....
UPDATE: I gave this 5 stars instead of 3. MAKE SURE YOUR RINGER IS ON!! No need to pay (like I did when sound wasn’t working). Contacted developer and helped with me getting sound with the app. Now my cat just looks at it like “uhh I don’t like the sound”. Of course. Haha still a great app My cat loves this! I played it without buying in but no sounds... so I paid into it... still no sound. Restarted my device. Made sure sounds were up. Still nothing. Wasted money.
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3 years ago, caitlinnicole128
Great for Active Cat
My cat loves this app! Did not like the free friskies one for whatever her catlike reasons are. She will misbehave on my desk until I stop working on my iPad and let her play. I recommend having a glass screen protector. She will watch and play And eventually fall asleep on the iPad. I did purchase the full version for variation. Worth it for the variations for a few dollars for something she watches daily when I can’t play while working from home.
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6 years ago, @MissDaizy
Nice but no sound
My cat seems to like it but I worry she’ll get bored fast since the sound isn’t working. Even paid for the premium version and still no sound. I’ve restarted (app and device), made sure my sound is up and not locked, and updated the iOS software. Still no sound... What I do REALLY like is the mice look like real toys. Other similar apps use more silhouette graphics that don’t seem to interest my cat at all. Overall, good app with one big bug.
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6 years ago, ole_u
The sound on this app no longer works
My kitten loves this game. The sound stopped working so I thought it meant that in order to keep sound I would need to purchase the app so I did. Still no sound!! All my other apps work fine ! This needs to be fixed and refund my money . Otherwise this would have 5 stars ***UPDATE**** In response to the developers snarky response. It STILL has problems intermittently . Clearly there is an issue with the app itself they haven’t resolved. All my other apps with noise work just fine. Just fix it instead of getting mad that customers are complaining. It’s a fun app, my cat loves it when it works right.
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2 years ago, MDCKM
Fun, but Annoying
My tabby loves this game and I bring it out when he is bored and whining. He finds it very interesting, but when he plays and swipes right, the game goes off and tablet is back to main menu. There needs to be a fix to this game so that his excitement doesn’t mean I have to reset this every 20 seconds. I saw another game that you had to click an x or press the start button to exit. Please add that!
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4 years ago, hebdudndnhf
My cat is a male grey and black American shorthair I love him so much I have had him for a while. I have time to play with him but not as much as I would like. I got a book that told me about cats his breed was famous for catching mice. So I got this app it’s so great he will play for a long time I think you guys should get this app if you cat is bored. It looks kinda fake but the way it moves and sounds is the best. I recommend this game thank you for reading this.
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2 years ago, 🐈:)
This game is amazing
Cats love it so much whenever they saw the mouse they immediately pot on it it is a perfect game for cats this is the best cat game I ever had for my cats my cats have been shown many of cat games but they never acted like the one they saw us this time they immediately pod at it and had fun with it they love this game my cat follows me around meowing for this game this game is amazing and you should definitely get it for your cat
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6 years ago, Happy guy1121
Better than catnip
I put catnip on my cats scratching pad and started the game after she got cozy with her pad, my cat heard the sound of the game and came over to play. She really wanted that catnip, she kept looking back at her pad, but would not leave the game. My cat plays on my iPad and will try to grab it if you try to take it when she is playing. Great game but make sure your device is in protection this game brings out the claws.
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4 years ago, Hopie Cat
5 Stars from the cat
My cat loves to chase things, but gets bored easily and sometimes I just don’t have the time to waive a want for 10 minutes while she decides if she wants to chase it or not. Lately she has become sedentary and needs some encouragement to be more active. This app has helped and she really gets into it! She will even flip the iPad over to get the mice! It is a joy to watch her get so excited.
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5 months ago, Uuttolll
Best cat game ever ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I have a kitten named olive and she loves to mess with my phone when I am on calls or watching videos so I got this game and she loves it in fact this is the only cat cage she will play! I also love that it doesn’t cost money to play the simple game it is perfect! There’s different levels to and my cat loves it so much! I should get her, her own phone lol! 5 star forever! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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5 years ago, Kellen jmsd 1998
Great useful app
So we were going on a trip and we brought both of our cats my cat hates the car but one blanket a breathable cardboard box one charger one iPad kept my cat anxiety free he played with the game the hole ride it was 7 hours but Better than my sweet cat from getting anxiety, kept him from stressing, and left him occupied so yeah get this for long car trips when u bring cats and this app will save u one less stressed cat !!!
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1 year ago, Slreid
My cat loves this game!
My kitty plays this game every day and never gets tired of it. He loves the noises the mice make when they are caught and even though he has been playing for weeks now he still tries to catch the mice with his mouse and tries to look behind the iPad to see where the mouse went! I laugh every time I watch him play! Fun for my cat and me!
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3 years ago, ZunieAZ
Great Fun Game without Ads!
The cats and I really have fun with Mouse for Cats! I think, it’s funny, that the cats think the mouse goes underneath the iPad. They try to paw for the mouse underneath the iPad, as well as, on top. The graphics and sounds are great! I like playing the game myself! The mice change texture and color. There are single and multiple mice various sizes with various backgrounds. Try it! You’ll like it!
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1 year ago, SantaMonicaBeach
Oh my goodness… my cat doesn’t really play with other app game but she is way too addicted for this game! I ended up purchasing app then she demand my phone!! It’s just crazy how she can be soooo addicted. I felt like I have a sassy daughter again. One thing I don’t like is when she kept fighting with my phone, it close app or change app and she kept crying!
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4 years ago, BrainierRain
😂 (please read)
My cat didn’t understand that she was supposed to use her paws. She kept trying to lick and bite the mice 🐁😂I will see if it works with my other cat. By the way I love that I am able to drag/hold down the mouse. I recommend you add a computer mouse that would be funny 😺 Edit: My other cat didn’t like it but it’s okay I understand it depends on the cat’s personality and energy level 🤷🏽‍♀️😄
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6 months ago, Carlarm666
My cat can’t figure out how to start this app.
My cat, Petra, can’t get enough of this game. It’s like electronic catnip. When the game is not running she paws at the home screen of my iPad but, so far, has been unable to find the app and get it running. Just as well. The cost for the full featured version is very reasonable so, of course, I paid.
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