MoviePro - Pro Video Camera

Photo & Video
4.4 (1.6K)
49.6 MB
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Current version
Deepak Sharma
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for MoviePro - Pro Video Camera

4.43 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
6 years ago, OSU_007
Easy to use app to make quality videos. Needs more sharing options.
I was having problems with the built in camera app and another free app using an external microphone and washed out faces due to lighting. I purchased this app because it has an audio meter you can turn on to get visual confirmation your audio is working. After using the app it was great to discover it also gives you confirmation when you connect an external mic and allows you to adjust the input level. This was a great help! This along with the ability to adjust ISO and Shutter allows for superior video over the built in app and the free app I was using. I would rate this 5 stars if it had integration with Apple’s files app and allowed you to move the files to other apps on your device.
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8 months ago, mikey186
A PERFECT alternitive to 24fps app!
I've been using "24fps" app for a long time, as it has the ablity to zoom automatically and manually with a side switch, volume button, and has a true cinematic video stablization. And it has a built-in editor with the ablity to export raw video to camera roll. And all of that was free. Unfortunately, the whole app itself had turned a downfall thanks to a new update that took away the core features to it's name and is now nothing but a bland filter app. Now I been trying to find so many apps that have come as close to what 24fps had which unfortunately nothing could compare with 24fps, and I have come across this app which FINALLY.....FINALLY a perfect app that matches the features i wanted what 24fps app used to have. The ablity to use the zoom slider on the side (as virtual buttons or a slider), a cinematic video stablization (I didn't try out the extended version but I want to soon), and more importantly, it exports raw video to camera roll and it has portrait mode too! No other video apps that have the features has portrait mode, until this app finally does! Thank you! Thank you!
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7 years ago, Wordspinner1
". . . you have made MoviePro the champion of iOS video apps."
I have experimented with a number of iOS video recording/remote control app packages. Marketing promises notwithstanding, the only one that I have found to be reliable under "field" conditions has been the MoviePro/MoviePro Remote set of apps. As has been true with each software PAC kàge that I attempted to use, there were start up problems that needed tech support help. In MoviePro's case, it wasthe transfer of the recorded footage from my iOS device to my Mac. Unique to MoviePro was the rapidity and effectiveness of their response. As I told them, "Your file sharing traction made the transfer easy. With this rescue off my video data, you have made MoviePro the champion of iOS video apps for me. For the first time, yesterday, I was able to operate a three camcorder recording of an important event from a chair with a side-tray, rather than standing for two hours (at 81, that matters!), and I felt that I was finally in control of everything that I needed to control. Accessing the video file add the experience perfect. Well done, and thank you for hand-holding me through the necessary problem solving." Kevin Murphy
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7 years ago, MDK210
Important Features are Always Buggy
I've been using this off and on for last month or so. Basically as soon as I got my iPhone 8+ I wanted a way to record audio using Bluetooth headphones without a separate track and this was it. Just remember to turn down the volume when in the app so you don't hear your voice. Layout is good but a little bit of a learning curve although videos are available. It allows you to have presets and more control overall with a clean see through design. Problem is the AF, AE, and AWB glitch out a lot causing them to get stuck in the auto modes even if you attempt to refocus them. Fix action for me is to click out of the feature then click back in. I contacted the app maker and we attempted to troubleshoot but he admitted he did not have the iPhone 8+ at the time so figuring out the issue would be difficult. Built-in iPhone camera app works properly but I do like the features of Moviepro if it was reliable. Tried to record a video today only to realize the app froze 55sec in. App is nice but when all the important features are constantly buggy then what's the point...
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6 years ago, akkayakr
Movie Pro
Not sure if this is an iPhone thing or not. Often time I set the exposure manually because I am going to pan, and I can’t count on the app not trying to adjust exposure at times.. this ruins the shot and there is no work around. I also don’t like the fact that every time I select manual exposure the setting jumps to the slowest shutter speed which results is whiteout screen that takes many finger swipes to get back to the same general exposure the camera was sitting at on auto. This waste a lot of time. The settings should not force zeroing out but stay relative to auto adjustments until I make the tuning adjustment. The text type is thin, so it’s real hard to work with the manual adjustments in outdoor light. I mentioned the iPhone point because I noticed that absolutely nobody has made a panorama program for iPhone that also does not loose the manual exposure setting when trying to sweep the pan. I don’t understand why nobody corrects this obvious problem. I don’t want the camera trying to save me from my own settings, I know what I want to see.
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4 years ago, hombre moderno
Friendly app for a musician, great support
I find this app easy to use. As a nonprofessional I am probably not using all its video capabilities yet, BUT am a musician and picky about audio. To record music one needs to set recording levels, which is not possible in the Iphone camera app. MoviePro does allow this capability IF you connect an external mic compatible with setting levels (not with the built-in iphone mics, starting with iphone 6 and on). Thank you! I was having trouble and emailed MoviePro support. They replied personally the same evening with the helpful info about mic levels. Personal support is so appreciated! Regarding mics: There are small lightning-connector external mics available; but you can also use a usb mic, or a regular xlr mic connected via digital audio interface to usb, and then the special iphone ‘camera adapter’ (usb to lightning connector). This works with MoviePro and then you can use the mic of your choice and set levels.
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7 years ago, Joser2112
Great alternative w extras
I need a camera that would allow me to use a Bluetooth or external microphone source, to get better audio than what comes out of the standard iPhone microphone. I was pleased to find this one was loaded with some extra features as well, and it also allowed me to export the file to my desktop instead of directly into iMovie or Final Cut Pro. There were a few things that I was needing multi angle for and when you have to upload the video directly to final cut it adds extra steps. I like that it has a white balance built-in and to be honest I haven't really used a whole lot more of the features, even though it seems feature rich! I'm sure as time goes on our use more of the great features included in this app, I highly recommend it!
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7 years ago, C.Beckett
Prefer much more than native app
Just downloaded 5 mins ago and instantly prefer it over the native camera/video app. The native app, when you switch it from photo to video, zooms in for some reason and you lose part of your image. Really frustrating!!! This app takes videos without doing that, letting you use the full screen. So much better! Also, with this one you know you want to make a video. No more click the (native) camera icon and then change it to video in the app. If you want to record video, just click this app's icon. Dumb, I know, but it makes this app much nicer for me. Plus, all the other great features your native app doesn't have make this a killer app. Definitely will be taking better videos now. Highly recommend.
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3 years ago, LGN-USA
Pretty good camcorder app for iPhone 11 Pro
I have a license for Filmic Pro also so I can compare a little. Movie Pro is better for me because I am able to switch from all three cameras while recording - Filmic does not support. I need this to be able to zoom in and out for hockey games. However, Filmic allows control of white balance - MoviePro does not - it is locked or not locked but there is no adjustment - not for the iPhone 11 Pro. I hope this helps you decide which is better for you.
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4 years ago, sdfhhtsxgs
Good quality image, but bug ridden
I downloaded this app because I wanted to record videos with a Bluetooth mic. When it worked, it definitely improved my video quality and it worked with my Bluetooth mic. My phone almost always overheats when using this app for video. For videos longer than 10 minutes, it usually crashes before I’m finished recording. It also drains the battery really quickly, so if I keep it plugged in while recording longer videos, that typically exacerbates the overheating. When I playback videos I have successfully recorded, the video starts going in slow motion after about 30 seconds. I don’t know if this is user error because this wasn’t always a problem. Nonetheless, I can’t fix it and now the app is essentially unusable.
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4 years ago, Lemont_hill
Glad to See it getting updated frequently
Glad to See it getting updated frequently and I’m satisfied with this update this is a major update. Is it possible that you can add a toggle switch to enable the stereo recording feature Stereo audio recording Mono audio recording But set stereo audio recording by default I used standard video stabilization due to the lag that still exists Also can you add audio gain control where you can set the gain for recording at 100%. 70% being set by default, no lower than that. This feature help with the mics when recording If you can add all these features in the next update then this app will be getting better and better I know you told me to use the low power mode for cinematic but unfortunately that’s not going to happen because it disables a lot of the main features I need that would still be my only complaint about this App but not enough to take away a star from the app ratings since I can now use this app
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4 years ago, Mikeyboards
Powerful App - Accesses features my iPad Pro has hidden
I’m very impressed with this app. Once I downloaded and explored it a bit, I happily realized it was a good deal, money well spent. I love that it gives me specific access to features and adjustments within my iPad Pro (including separate access to the Ultrawide Lens, etc.). And I could have it automatically save the recorded videos to the iPad’s camera roll. Then could import such items selectively into the app’s own video library, for easy/preferred access. Ability to pause and resume during recording worked flawlessly. Also taking snapshots during the recording, with no resulting blips in the continuity of the video itself. I look forward to the tutorial videos that are linked to from within the app; I’m sure there’s stuff I don’t even know about (or understand yet), which will make it all the more usable. And oh, rapid response from support for a question I had emailed about before purchasing the app. That assured me it’s a worthwhile investment :)
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5 years ago, BenLive
“Operation Error” message
This app has a pretty good UI and great features but it has one fatal flaw, there is a major glitch that causes an “Operation Error” message to pop up during filming and it stops the filming. Not only does it stop, it doesn’t save anything it was filming up to that point. If you film alone, you won’t know this until you finish the shot and go back to the phone to check it, so you either have to start over or move on without the shot. The renders the app essentially useless. I was running the latest version is iOS 13 and the latest for the app, tried deleting and reinstalling, making sure there was plenty of space on the phone, and closed out apps, nothing worked. This app had a lot of potential but ended up being a major failure, very disappointed.
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3 years ago, Down2gofilms
What happened to the pause button??!!
I used to use this app all the time because of the fact that it could be able to pause a recording as well as continue, now you can even do that if you wanted to do multiple shots continuously in a video. This app used to be great before that big update with the UI, you guys need to bring it back. Turning the low battery mode doesn’t change anything at all, the UI completely deleted the pause button, I am using the IPhone 12 Pro BTW.
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7 years ago, lazypacket
Great video recorder!
I've been using the default Camera app before, but wanted to use the microphone on my bluetooth headset (BeatsX) to record my voice - the default Camera app ignores the bluetooth mic and records using the phone mic, which was disappointing. Instead I downloaded this app (MoviePro) and it works great with my bluetooth mic. It even shows on the screen that the bluetooth microphone is active. This makes it much easier for me record my voice while the phone is on the tripod and I can walk around and talk.
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3 years ago, IntrusiveAdds
Don’t buy its a fail on iPad to make front rear videos, entirely a fail
Buttons are in the wrong places to make a video where you switch from front to rear cameras. The buttons are on the opposite side of the iPad screen 8” from the camera, so you have to look for the buttons to press them, which totally is a hot mess of bad button placement. If you change the orientation the buttons move to a much more preferable (almost perfect) placement to keep eyes on the camera but anything recorded with the front camera is then UP SIDE DOWN!, did it you goys ever use or test your app, and you cant edit the recorded video to flip it back because its recorded up side down, you went from 5 stars to 1 star so fast This app fails its primary mission, to be relevant on iPad for recording any front and rear video in a clip Completely the app on iPad is a joke and cant be used to do anything other than look like an idiot as you move your eyes to the buttons, because you have to. Needs fixed and needs tested better for useability how could you sell this on iPad and not feel guilty, its darned near useless
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5 years ago, SnareyBearey
Great For Sports
I use MoviePro to record soccer games. It is more reliable than the native app. Also, because of the screen layout, there are less chances of accidentally pressing the wrong button and stopping the video. I would like to see it possible to pinch to zoom out, and vice versa. I would also like to see a slight visual confirmation when a snapchot has been taken, because the noise outside often prevents me from hearing the click. But otherwise I am super happy with the app.
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7 years ago, SierraTech
Pause Too Small
I love using this APP, but too easy to hit stop when you attempt to pause. Make the pause button bigger, so it is easy to access! The resume button is even small and since it is RED (Same color as STOP) it too can be confusing. Sometimes I accidentally hit Stop in lieu of Resume. I also tried to upload a video to Drop Box and it would start and stop immediately with no error message. I could upload a different video but not the one recorded just prior. Had to copy to Camera Roll and then dock iPhone 6s to computer to access the video. Frustrating!
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5 years ago, Shad Rostov
Excellent. Also great for Hudl and Krossover
The ability to easily set and manage manual record settings is a big plus. This is a great app for recording sporting events and then uploading the videos to Hudl or Krossover. The functionality is intuitive and easy to perform. I wish there was a built-in MoviePro merge editing function to connect separate MoviePro video recordings into one seamless recording. Overall this app is keeper with enough features to cover most everyone’s needs.
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5 years ago, JohnF9
Worth 5 STARS
Have been using this app for a number of years and it is the best in it’s class of video recording apps. It is very easy to use and it has advanced features which are intuitive. Especially useful is its ability to pause a video recording and then resume the same recording. Has excellent zoom in and zoom out features and other features which are too many which I can’t describe here.
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1 year ago, Jayjnayan
Very nice app, but one new problem
I have used this app for over five years. I really like it. Recently, a new problem has arisen. While shooting a video I used to be able to flip the camera from recording in front of my iPhone to recording on the camera on the other side. Now when I start recording the button to do the camera switch disappears. Please fix it.
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2 months ago, 1989 kid
Great app and easy to use!
I love this app. I used to use filmic pro all the time but I have recently switched over to Movie Pro. I have to say, I think I like this app much better. It gives me all the control that I want as well as good quality video for projects I’m working on. I would definitely recommend this to anybody who wants to get into video or filmmaking with your smart device.
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6 years ago, dzauha
App Crashes on iphoneX
Was very happy with the app until last update. Now the app crashes every single time if I go into Settings and then simple tap the Done button. Can’t make Settings changes without crashing the app. This only happens on iPhoneX...iPad Pro is fine, but that defeats the use of my gimbal. I hope they correct this major bug soon so I can get back to using the app. At this time it is useless to me. I have screen capture video of the behavior if anyone wants to see it. Will change my rating if they fix the issue. Last update was supposed to fix iPhoneX didn’t.
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5 years ago, JamesFestini
Apple Watch?
I’ve had this app for years and I think it’s the best, however when I saw this massive upgrade I was super excited because I thought finally you added Apple Watch support for those of us who do use our watch as a remote control. But you didn’t. So until you get Apple Watch support for basic functions like viewfinder stop and start I will keep it at four stars
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5 years ago, Jerry's Corner
My Go-To App (over FilmicPro even)
MoviePro is more reliable than FilmicPro, while offering nearly the same features. It is head and shoulders above all other filming apps for iPhone. I love the Moondog Anamorphic Lens & DJI Osmo Mobile compatibility, which has allowed me to make amazingly cinematic videos on an iPhone! I love the slide focus. Also, the ability to change the video quality (data rate/mbps) alone is enough to improve the images.
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5 years ago, Ravymo
Must read!!!!
If you are a beginning vlogger or YouTuber this is the perfect app!! I know some people stress because you can’t switch from front to back camera in a single video, but you can with this!!!!! Sadly your built in camera doesn’t have the double tap feature like Instagram and Snapchat to go from front to back camera, but this app does!!!!!!!!! I highly recommend this app!!🙌🏾
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6 years ago, TheseMyTunes
Awesome app but (updated)
Update: thanks for the heads up in the bug. I have adjusted settings and I’m good to go. Hopefully they patch that bug soon. I just purchased yesterday after researching a few different options. It seems like the duo cam mode is not operating properly. It get a split image that is highly pixelated when selecting that mode. If I zoom in that state it causes all camera modes to fail also.
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7 years ago, satori69
Credit Where Credit Is Due!
I just added the app to my iPhone 8+. The video showing the recommended settings was excellent. But, nonetheless it did not work in 4K. And inquiry popped up asking for what I thought of the app. I typed in my issue. In less than 24 hours, I received a response validating that it was a bug associated with iOS 11. I so appreciate such a timely and helpful response! I’m a raving fan!
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3 weeks ago, Jason 98
How to rename the file easily?
I need to take a lot of videos everyday at work. I liked the app very much and recommended it to many colleges. The main reason we chose this app was because the filename can be changed quickly according our own order just after the video token. But now we just don’t know how to rename so many files easily according special date or event? Really hope we do not need to find another app.
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1 year ago, Ben Niemczyk
Not Pro but Ok
Movie Pro is nothing more than a toy for non-serious shooters. It claims manual control but that is false. Try moving the sliders for exposure comp, iso and shutter and with each adjustment, the others follow suit. That is not manual. That is called full auto. Even when highlighted, each number moves. A more honest way to represent the manual control would be: “Control one variable at a time. No full manual control available.” This app is good for people who want to set and forget, but for those interested in manual control, other apps—though not many—are available.
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4 years ago, kevinjackson
Everything I Was Looking For
This app is great and the support team is top notch. I sent an email to support and they responded within minutes. The main reason I bought MoviePro was so I could record videos and use my Bluetooth microphone. It does this flawlessly, and has tons of other features to offer as well. Highly recommend.
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5 years ago, CG03026
Version 7 -many improvements
Except for a very quick video when I use the native App, MoviePro is what I use exclusively. It will take some time to master the new features, but surely the new UI is clean and easily navigated. When updating to V_7 not all Settings were carried forward from the previous version, but I easily set them to my preferences.
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5 years ago, KentuckyRanger
Audio is out of sync
Almost perfect. On the iPhone 8 Plus, if you use cinematic image stabilization, the audio becomes out of sync with the video in post video editing. It can be easily resynchronized, as long as you have a good clapper slap, or some visual cue to get it back where it needs to be. But it’s a real pain when you’re editing under time constraints. Normal image stabilization works fine, but cinematic is awesome for scenes where I’m walking. Other than that, it is an awesome app!
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5 years ago, cloverpickingharp
I used this app for work quite often to film tutorial videos for Med Tech device repairs for my Company’s Best Practices committee. I was given time on the upcoming call to refer this app and speak about it for a few minutes. Unfortunately due to the removal of in-app editing this app has become virtually useless to me. They have removed in-app editing in hopes that, given the obvious need for it, you will find in an additional app they will release down the road. I’m sure there exists people who will use two apps to do the job that one can perform, I’m just not one of them.
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1 year ago, gcruz08
Monitor quality
Great app, used it for a test video. I hope to see improved monitor quality in app when paired with the remote app. The quality looks great from my phone but not the picture with the iPad I’m using for as a remote. The color seems to look off as well when I look back at the footage vs live recording.
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6 months ago, EVASPACEMAN
Amazing App / Try It!
I’ve been using this app for 10 years to capture my video. I have tried many others, but keep coming back to MoviesPro. The feature set is very comprehensive, and gives the user tremendous control over the video. It’s also pretty easy to use.
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6 years ago, soccerdad04
Please move the pause button away from the stop/start button
Great app. Need 1 change. I use this for recording soccer with lots of pausing. Both buttons are right next to each other. The pause button would be great on the other side of the screen. At least a couple inches away from the current location.
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4 years ago, Ford Flex fan
Save issues IOS 14
Will not save to camera roll using IOS14. Not happy. I was able to get the videos to save once I deleted the app and installed it again. This did resolve the issue and now the app will save to the camera file, it works just fine again. Thank you for you quick response.
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4 years ago, Sobdenny
Adjust your microphone for the concert & zoom
I bought this app to use for recording live bands outside. It works great you can adjust the microphones input so it does not distort the music in your video. Also it can zoom in and out. Other apps made my battery drain and my phone hot. This does not do that. So it to me is a great app.
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5 years ago, Ethan Cheatwood
Back Camera Stabilization doesn’t work!!!!
Ever since the refresh of the app, there is a bug where the selfie camera stabilization only works and the back camera stabilization dosnt. it used to and i used to be able to get clean and good shots. now it is just as shaky as the default iPhone camera app. Please fix it. But i also love this app. great job!
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5 years ago, turk_vocals
Nice update, but sad zoom slider is gone 😭
I really found having the manual focus and zoom available in slider format at the same time was handy for really spicing up my creative content by being able to play with depth of field and zoom at the same time. That was the one unique feature about this app that appealed to me in the previous version, however in this version I am unable to find a way to achieve the same style. Pretty bummed about this.
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6 years ago, dougrdotnet
Works Beautifully
While I have issues with remote app, MoviePro itself works perfectly. It does cause a high level of power consumption that requires the device to be plugged in or an ample supply of external batteries but I don’t find this out of the ordinary. It would b nice if improvements could be found here.
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3 weeks ago, curtymarsh
Volume up and down to pause recording.
The ability to use the volume up and down buttons to pause recording on iphone would be magical.
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2 years ago, Eko3alpha
Works well so far
I was hesitant due to the ok reviews, but I’m using this on my iPhone 13 and oooooold iPad Air and it’s worked great so far. The frame rate on the iPad is low but I only need it for framing myself in the video. For the price it’s absolutely a deal!
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2 years ago, Dogguy1001
Stops recording unexpectedly
I used to love this app. I’ve used it for years to shoot videos for work. I spend a lot of time in front of the camera. Sometimes as much as 40 minutes. Lately I’ve been coming back to find only two or three minutes have been recorded at least once a week. This is unacceptable. I’m going to have find a new app that will consistently do what I need it to do. It’s a shame though.
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1 year ago, Mjalmassud
Works well
At first I had crashing problems but it seems to have been fixed through updates.
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7 years ago, Chromite
Broken on iPhone X
I’ve used this app for years and love it, however it’s completely broken on iPhone X. Video shows up as distorted horizontal lines when filming in 4K and there’s a green/purple line on top when filming in 1080p. I’ve lowered my rating to 3 stars but will gladly raise it back up to a 5 when these issues are fixed, as I’m sure they will be in the next update!
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7 years ago, Someguy381549592
iPhone 7- image stabilization issues
Strange issue with image stabilization where when setting on auto or cinematic it adds a greenish bar on top of the video image, pretty annoying because I really like the stabilization feature and how it works. Overall the app is pretty nice with all the features - just wish this issue didn’t exist
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6 years ago, Aysilier
Great for film (and photo!) in low light
Only app which enables filming and photos under low light conditions by changing shutter speed, not by amplifying noise like some crap apps. This is also great for special shutter effects! Numerous resolution and aspect ratio settings as well as frame rate.
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4 years ago, manytopia
Does not switch front to back as advertised
Got this app to switch between front and back cameras when filming. Unfortunately even though the app does give you the ability to switch cameras when filming, the camera you switch to captures the image upside down:( Tried different options and settings to no avail. Very frustrated. Unless fixed this is a waste of money.
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