Movoto | Real Estate

4.8 (47.7K)
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Last update
11 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Movoto | Real Estate

4.79 out of 5
47.7K Ratings
3 years ago, Charles E.J.
Better than Zillow, Redfin and Realtor combined!
Movoto by OJO is by far and away the best real estate search portal on the market. It has more listings than the other guys and even more importantly, more data and insights about homes, neighborhoods and even sustainability which is very important to me. One of the best parts about Movoto by OJO is all the support you get from the OJO team after you start your search. I was paired with an OJO Concierge who helped me navigate the buying process and shop for a mortgage. Simply amazing!!
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1 year ago, concerned person $$$333777
This app/site is not accurately monitoring or screening for fake/spam listings. I caught at least 4 in the past two weeks. One of which not only contacted me but scheduled a time to tour the house. Fortunately my instincts knew to block them and not go. The listing was removed the following day because it was a scam, they emailed me instructing me to cease contact. But what if someone doesn’t possess the same discernment, or doesn’t get the email in time? Someone can get scammed or even worse! I will not be using this site or it’s partner Zumper any longer, this is ridiculous and getting out of hand. I do not recommend this app, if so proceed with caution and do as much verification as possible. Also important to note, I’ve tried working this review 3 times and have gotten kicked off midway. I had to copy and paste this from my notes. Not sure why but that’s fishy too.
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2 years ago, E_Danwie
Never up to date
This app does not keep up to date. I will find a house I’d love to see and it sold 4 to 6 months ago. We all know real estate is going quick now, some apps lag by days or weeks- this one is months! Always check a listing you like on another app, it could be long gone. Also, if you own a house- you may find it listed without your permission. We were months from having our place ready to sell, hadn’t even spoken to an agent, but I was looking in this app for what was available. Found our home was listed on this app at a price that was lower than our neighborhood could support. We received spam letters addressed to “ the owner of” our address with offers for rent to own. It was creepy. It took almost a full day of being blown off by these people before I finally got someone to take the listing down. Not cool.
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2 years ago, FritzGreen
Love it! But some issues.
This is my favorite home search app by far, and I’ve been using it for years. It is easy to use, and the interface makes a lot of sense. I highly recommend it. My gripes are: that the latest version is somewhat unstable when viewing photos or loading maps (restarts occasionally required); sometimes photos are not all loading on a house until you restart; I wish there was an option to use Google Maps instead of Apple Maps; and I wish there was a way to create a more specific geographic area search. Despite those issues, I still love Movoto.
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2 years ago, Kamarhi
Good app buuuut….
Great app to find homes if you only want to look in a certain area. Don’t try to zoom in because if there are no houses in your zoomed area it will give you an error message each and everytime you move the map and there is no houses in an area. If you zoom in too close zooming out can be 4 error messages, which is very annoying. Also, when searching I live in a city that has smaller cities around. So if I want to look in one city and around it I should be able to move past the city boundaries. NOPE!!! If I try to move out of the city boundaries it bumps me back to the city search. Freaking annoying. LET ME SEARCH.
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4 years ago, Sinestra77
Find your next home, or just look for fun
I like this app- you can easily choose your preferred area or do a map search and browse away! Move the map to look elsewhere without losing your preferences- Pick your price range, area and type of home easily or change preferences as you go along. Photos come up large, clear and nicely formatted. Property info from the state or county is not always robust but other apps can fill in the details. This is a visually appealing, easy search app. Enjoy!
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5 years ago, Tikitom DL
Don’t waste my time, GIVE ME MOTOVO
Without naming them, I have tried to use other realty sites and it was a waste of my time and extremely aggravating. I tried to limit my search and Z, R, Red, etc. sent me a bunch of crap, not what I had filtered down. This site has sent me properties as they are listed that are in the exact location, within price parameters and otherwise what I specified. I have deleted the other apps and I am relying in MOTOVO. Way to go and when the right house is listed, I intend to snap it up. You snooze, you lose.
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12 months ago, paulajmc
A gracious surprise!
I had never heard of Movoto and did not know what to expect. The answer is I could expect and enjoy EXCELLENCE. Prompt and gracious people are very helpful and providing well chosen information to persons seeking a home. Their help is professional as well as kind and understanding with those like me who do not know every step in the journey toward a new-to-me new home. Movoto, you are awesome! Thank you all!!
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5 years ago, Fanofscrabble
Not always happy with results
We are actively looking for a house in another state. Sometimes this app resets for where we live currently. Looking for a specific town or county but this app sends me houses from as far away as 40miles. We looked there a few times so the app thinks we want to continue getting info from there. We cannot tell the app to discontinue that search. I don’t like the bombardment of the same info clogging my email. Why do I still use the app? Because the pictures are bigger. The information is informative. But again I don’t like a lot of the information given.
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3 years ago, DeePinkston
Need to change status of property more frequently
I love the site. You truly receive new homes as they are listed daily the only drawback is during my process when I see a new home it’s very difficult to know if the home is under contract or not prior to reaching out to view the home. My example is now I have a home under contract for at least two weeks and it’s showing a status on the website as being for sale.
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2 years ago, Siempre Dope
Force closing!
I LOVE this app. More than the competitors. Recently it started force closing. It begins to load and then it just crashes. I have more than 1 device and it does it on each. Can’t wait for this to be fixed because I’m definitely missing this. Until then I’ll have to go online because the others just don’t compare.
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2 years ago, madeline-b
Accurate , leader
My experience with your website showed me listings I have never seen ,with same location permitters and your site has them. Thank you for being excellent with your listings. I gave 5 stars because it is.
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2 years ago, anxiousgoddess
Hasn’t opened in months
I love the Movoto site, it’s the best for home searches out there. And I used to love the app, even though it’s always been a little unstable. But I haven’t been able to use it for months now. It starts to load for a second or two, then crashes, no matter how many times i try to open it. There have been several updates, but nothing has changed. Hope this gets fixed so I can use it again.
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2 months ago, TrixieMi
Cannot Sign In
This is an okay app. Served its purpose, as do the other real estate apps. Handy when you’re in the market, until it randomly decides to have you sign in with your email/password But if you cannot remember your password to sign in, you won’t be using it. At all. Ive made several requests through the app to send me a link via email to change passwords because I cannot remember the password. No email. Nope… still no email. I need the space on my iPhone screen—- Bye Movato. I’ll use RedGin, Zillow, Trulia… and the others.
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3 years ago, AnnaMae15
4 starts
So far everything is just like the website except I don’t like that I can’t see the pics individually and zoom in and I also don’t like how if I search a city and get no results it doesn’t give me an option to search nearby areas like it does on the website. But other than that im hoping to find my first home on here!
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3 years ago, Shoop shine
The map feature on this app is especially frustrating. Any time you try to zoom in on an area you have to exit out of it telling you there are no properties matching your criteria before you can keep looking or zooming. I have found really interesting listings on this app that I don’t see on other apps which is nice… but the map feature sends me away every time
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4 years ago, Crystanthony
Best home Search APP
I’ve been using The other popular search apps and find them to be disappointing. Movoto is a superior search tool and easier to use. Much more organized and a better information source.
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2 years ago, MoveOvee
Using Movoto Has Been Fun
I have found a greater variety of styles, layouts and other features in Movoto’s listings than in certain other, shall we say without naming names “more recognizable, larger realties.” I actually look forward to searching for new listings on Movoto.
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5 years ago, grazmike
It’s has helped me a lot searching for homes. It’s very much accurate with the market value. What pops up as new to make me decide on the property and schedule a viewing. I recommend for investors and first time home buyers to see and compare homes they like in the areas market.
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2 years ago, Delray800
User Friendly!
Intuitive and flexible. Very easy to use. You don't get the "what am I not seeing" feeling. I have not found a better RE app! If you've used "the others" and then try this - you'll see what I mean.
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4 years ago, Jpscaaminer
Ok but needs some work
I like how the app lets my husband know when I’ve liked a house but every time I try to move the list the map moves making the list change. It’s very frustrating. I have my finger on the list and try to swipe up, the move readjusts so instead of looking at the list of my desired area, I spend my time trying to keep the map from moving.
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2 years ago, buffy pepsi
House 108 Atlantic
I am interested in this house I will pay more than the actual asking price Lynnette khan 333 2nd Ave SW I am looking for a house in Rockford because it’s close to my son and I am a new grandma and I want to be close to my granddaughter they live about 30 minutes apart if I moved in that house I can get to my sons house in just a few minutes Please let me know if it’s still for sale I saw that house on the Internet onceAnd I never saw it again so I just wonder if it’s been sold ..Please let me know thank you
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5 years ago, deitymari
Love the layout!
This app is great. Makes house hunting fun! I really find the layout of everything, especially the pictures very helpful. Especially bc the pictures take up my whole iPhone screen. Adding to favorites is great too. Thanks, Movoto!
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2 years ago, yesivtt
This app always manages to kick me out, and when it doesn’t, it will just randomly stop populating photos on the house ads. I constantly have to switch from my phone to my computed just so I don’t lose my mind refreshing the app. I have a new iPhone 13 max pro, so not sure why this always happens.
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3 years ago, H ach
Highly recommended
The best app to find your next house , I found the house here and closed the deal before it shows on other apps and saved some cash, use it you will never regret.
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6 years ago, lesainRwc
Keeps getting stuck
I just installed the program yesterday to assist a time sensitive home search. The only issue I have is the program ALWAYS gets stuck when you try to view the listings photos. The first page loads fine but when you click the PHOTOS square the page goes blank, you can’t get the photos to run AND I have to close the page and start over, this happens every time I try to look at the extra photos even if I wait 30 minutes for the page to load. Any suggestion on how to fix this problem ? Lesa OMara
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4 years ago, slamshut
Crashes an freezes
I’ve started to use this app an I do like it a lot. Seems to be accurate compared to others. I’m still using it with a few others. Things that can improve on this app. 1. App freezing and crashing when pictures are loading. Have to reopen the app. Gets annoying when searching. 2. Should have a mortgage calculator so you can estimate what your mortgage might be. That’s a plus for me. 3. This would be nice to have a map for area for crime schools Ect like one of the others. That a suggestion. Overall good app easy to use.
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4 years ago, KLPJ64
Good But Buggy
I prefer Movoto to other apps but it’s frustrating when app freezes up. You can view 2 or 3 homes, but then app freezes up or takes an excessive period of time to load. The only resolution is to close app and start over. I would recommend app developers take a serious look into this issue.
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3 years ago, adampierce
The app works well, but it would be nice if it had all the same features as the website, such as the ability to enter a commuting location.
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9 months ago, :-)Angela:-)
Get Started
I have down loaded the app. It comes up then there’s the “get Started”, that’s as far as it gets. I touch on it but it doesn’t do anything.
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4 years ago, sb2997
App crashes on welcome screen
I can’t even use this app because it crashes the moment I start using it. Just downloaded it, opened it up, I get to the welcome screen and boom! It crashes and the app closes down. Tried it 10 times. Crashes at “Welcome to Movoto, Let’s get started.” Closed it out completely, it still does it. Removed the app and reinstalled it, it still does it. Closed it out and retried it after some time, it still does it.
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3 years ago, C chuckles Chuck
Lacking the features I downloaded for
I installed this app thinking I would get the features I enjoy so much on the website, specifically ClimiateCheck, as we are moving because of fire season. Unfortunately you don’t get that with the app, really disappointing.
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6 years ago, Aremley
I bought a home I found on Movoto
Great app to search for homes. Movoto tends to service more remote areas than Redfin. I like Movoto, because years ago I bought a house that I found in my search on this app.
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2 years ago, 187thisgame
Spam calls every day
Since getting this app, I have been getting spam calls several times a day every day. They call from local generated numbers that I block but they still call from different numbers with the same automated message. The app itself is not worth having because the listings are not updated regularly. Worst mistake ever, this app.
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2 months ago, Ms.Keeke (richmond va
first time homebuyers club
thanks to Movoto. I found my dream family home for a great price and now me and my family are moving half-way cross country found a great lender and REALTOR. I recommend Movoto for anybody.
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6 years ago, Carlos Boniato
Very complete and useful app
I find this app very easy to use, not only this version,but also all the previous. It’s very informative and well designed.
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4 years ago,
Website is better
I love your concept listings and listing updates but the app isn’t stable and always freezes up then crashes which is annoying. I recommend using the site via safari for smooth searching etc.
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1 year ago, Pelotiza
It crashes too often
It provides timely updates on properties for sale. But the app crashes too often as if it cannot handle all of the data.
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6 years ago, Huddybuddy1
Love it
Being able to see the price history is a bonus.
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1 month ago, frobie57
I sold my house in Lincoln Rhode Island 7 months ago and bought a house in Berlin New Hampshire. Not sure how long we are going to stay here. I need to find a house around 2 hundred thousand maybe in burville ri or Smithfield
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4 years ago, AEVR646
Contact Real Seller Directly
I marked a property posted on Movoto. Then I click to “see property “ nobody contact me to SEE the property. One week later I received an email that indicates the property was sold in a price lower than posted at Movoto. I call to Movoto and the answer I received was that they are “third parties” and don’t are the Real State agents of properties. Movoto has to put accurate price and description of properties on their website.
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7 years ago, ThriftyShipper
Good app
I like the ease of use and how detailed the listings are. This definitely helps with the home search and saves a lot of showing time. Many thanks...
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1 week ago, mjshermanator
House shopping
Always helpful and accurate
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3 years ago, ecruz64
Not bad
Like the format because it’s easy on the eyes. Few things that are important to me such as property tax and property size in acres. Wish there was a way to convert into the appropriate measurements that fits my needs.
Show more
3 years ago, HomeboundBirdie
Easy to use, website makes in enjoyable to search
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1 year ago, RE Buyer!
Great but buggy
Clicking on IOS notifications does not take to the right page in the app. It's pretty frustrating. Please fix.
Show more
1 year ago, weezetwo
False advertising
The property I’m interested in is listed as having a mortage. The owner only accepts cash. This should be listed as a CASH only property. FALSE ADVERTISING!!! Thank You
Show more
8 months ago, Daviddepaz1984/ebay
Never ask again don't care your customers bad service so bad
They never call you back only waisting your time so bad They never call you back so bad service don't waist your time with this page They never call you back so bad service don't waist your time with this page
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1 year ago, BarkerSystems,LLC
Keep crashing
The app is very nice and far better than the competition but it keep crashing which is extremely annoying
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6 years ago, Gmadador
This app is fast and up to date, it makes looking at pictures of homes more enjoyable.
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