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User Reviews for MP3 Converter -Audio Extractor

4.74 out of 5
37.4K Ratings
10 months ago, Autumn Renee
This app is great. Simplistic but also provides editing options that really enhance audio! However!! & I rated it 5 stars so it wouldn’t push it to the bottom, I decided to try the free trial to add their “automatic” enhancement to an urban audio video I’m working on. I pressed OK & sometimes if I don’t have money on the card I use for this stuff because I don’t attach my bank card, it’ll decline if there’s nothing on it, other times it approves it regardless, not sure what determines that but. It declined (which I understand them not wanting to sign you up but you’re using the free trial so I’ll never think it’s cool apps that provide a free trial require you to have money on the card) HOWEVER, it tried charging my card. I got a notification I have set if something tries to run & it’s declined (for the ones that I want to renew I can go & put more on there) then about 5 minutes later it tried charging me again the $6.44 or $6.49…. Which isn’t a lot but still don’t think it’s cool now that first decline could’ve been a hypothetical charge, but the second? Yeah I don’t know & I’ve never had an app do that. & I have about $150 in subscriptions monthly. Performance awesome, transparency or efficiency in payment? Not sure I’ll trust it to sign up.
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3 years ago, baileynred
Exactly what I need
I am a dance teacher and am always cutting/editing music for my choreography. Almost always, I need the music to be in a different format that what I originally downloaded, in order for me to edit properly. I easily import the music and then have multiple options to convert it to. Once converted I am able to export it virtually anywhere. And if necessary, once edited, I can reimport the music, convert it back to its original format (or an additional format) and export again. This app has saved me countless hours, headaches and occasionally tears. The process is extremely quick and painless…if only the same could be said about the editing process. Also this is the only review I’ve ever written…I just wanted to share how much this has helped.
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3 years ago, Bilal Ali.1
Well right off the bat, you can tell this app is great because you don’t even need to pay to use it compared to most other apps. However, it does provide some advanced settings which can only be used with a subscription, but that’s to be expected. Basically, this app does exactly what you ask for with some bonuses as well. I’m not the best at explaining exactly how, so I’d recommend just installing the app and trying it out yourself. If you don’t like it, it’s not like you wasted any money on it anyways and can simply delete it after. Anyways, this app is fantastic and you will definitely be satisfied at the least after using it. 10/10 👍
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2 years ago, audioafterglow78
What’s with the hate?
I’ve been using this app for awhile now never had it crash the files always load and convert. I’ve never had any of the issues in these reviews and I’m a real human being. I think. I hate to say it but I believe the problems people are having are due to operator error and not the app itself. I freaking love this app. Use the screen rec, import from camera roll ,convert, and export to files its literally easy. There’s other features here too some good some whatever but that’s all you really need to do. It’s worth it believe me why would I lie about it Deuces
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4 years ago, LoganL2
App Won't Open
For the last few months, this was my favorite app to convert my voice memos into MP3s. Except for the constant ads, this was a great app. However, just now the app stopped opening. I was exporting an audio from voice memos and the app crashed many times. So I restarted my iPad. I tried reinstalling the app, nothing. I checked my iPad settings and according to it, all the files I previously deleted it are still in it, even after deleting it. I always delete my files after transferring them so there shouldn't be any files in there all, meaning the app is just pretending to delete them, and worse yet, it appears to be the reason it won't open. But it's really odd and annoying it won't open. If a developer wants to contact me, I can send a screen record showing it crashing, but pretty much everything I described should be enough.
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6 years ago, AU-Tiger2x-
Great for converting iPhone voice recordings to mp3
Tried this for converting iphone voice recording files edited with Hokusai 2 to mp3. It was able to handle files over 400mb. It allows for setting different sampling and bit rates to greatly reducing file size. Easy to use, but takes a while on large files. I would recommend for the use I detailed. When the files are deleted from the app they stay on phone until deleted through Settings > General > iPhone Storage. My phone kept saying out of storage, but it didn’t increase my free storage just by deleting the files from mp3 converter.
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2 years ago, Orlynbrandon
Doesn’t work
Lets me import my file - but says the file is 0 bytes (on my phone & iCloud files it’s 52kb). You can then convert that to a 0kb mp3 file. Those are the best kind. A file of nothing. Lol So - idk. Prompts u to buy the premium yearly version to get all the additional tools which I don’t want, but I especially am not going to buy a higher priced premium version of an app when it’s basic function doesn’t work. The premium version could be a great app, idk. But I can’t justify paying $7 a month (or whatever it is) for something I would use a couple times a year. So for someone needing to do actual editing to the audio files on a regular basis it might be good but for someone needing to convert file formats every now & then do it via website there’s free ones
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4 years ago, operabound85
My life saver!!!
This is the best app to convert files I have ever used hands down. As a musician I use it on a daily basis with no issues. I paid for the pro as well which o think is worth it to avoid ads for every conversion and download, Plus you can convert the files to another format such as WAV with the pro version. The only thing I noticed is that I can’t play or use any of the WAV formatted files so that’s a gripe I had about the pro version, but it’s a minor inconvenience and luckily the MP3 version of any file works just fine. Thank you for this app!!
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3 years ago, S_T3V1_E
MP3 Converter Is A GREAT App/Platform To Convert Audio &/Or Video Files To Almost ANY If Not ALL Different Types &/Or ALL Different Forms For ALL The Different Versions Of File You Want To Or You Feel, Maybe Even Know That, That Specific File Type Is The Best Version For ANY & ALL Of Your File Versions To Convert Your Files Or If You Have To Convert It To A Exact Specific Type File That Is Chosen &/Or Someone Might Prefer Rather Than Another Also, Its VERY Simple, Fast & Easy To Use & Convert To Whichever File Is Wanted For Your Needs, That Being What Your Converting The Certain File For! 5 STARS EASILY RATED & REVIEWED FOR This App/Platform ’MP3 Converter’!
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4 years ago, SkyLinePon3
All I can say is “yes!”
This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. This app works perfectly and does exactly what it says it does. Certain features require VIP membership but it doesn’t completely ruin the app. They’re extra features that you can add if you want. Import videos from your Apple files or Photos and convert them into an MP3 audio file that you can export into your Apple Files and then import into apps such as GarageBand. I’ve been using this for a long time and don’t plan on using anything else. 10/10 👍
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2 years ago, -Foxina-
Used to be great, but suddenly stoped working
I used to use this to download songs to import into my animation program to make animations, but recently i encountered a bug that causes it to stop working. After i import the file, and convert it, i go to select export. But the popup where it’s supposed to give you the options as to where to save the file, is corrupted. Shrunken into a pencil thin box on the top of the screen. You can select any of the options, so you cant save the file. I tried closing the app, deleting everything on the app, and deleting the app itself but none of these fixed the issue. Ive only been using the app for a small amount of time.
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2 years ago, Velcro Head
Swiss Army Knife for audio files
As advertised (maybe better than advertised), no gimmicks. As someone who creates, cuts, mixes, and shares audio files fairly often, I was super happy to find this app. I cannot remember if there was an option to keep it free, but the price point is considerably low for the capabilities of the app. No joke, this is a top 10 favorite app on my phone. I hate writing reviews—I’d rather lose a game of Soggy Biscuit than write a review for an app, but I actually think this one is worth it.
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2 years ago, boo bah belle cat
Really good but started facing problems after 2nd use
So I’m a animator on FlipaClip and I really need songs, so i record them and usually put the vid on a editing app I have *kinemaster capcut, etc* and they are all really off beat, so I looked for some apps to help! I found this and installed immediately, it is very helpful! But I was trying to make “straight up villain” meme, and it was stuck loading, I don’t usually have a problem, but this time I did, so I had to re-Download it, I hope it works now! Please fix it! And thx for reading, bye! :D
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3 years ago, Rowan 🧍
Great experience!
This app has a great interface and easy to use! I wanted to help a kid in computer class who wanted to insert an audio clip of Vector saying “Oh Yeah.” We were doing this interactive card where you could insert audio. I was going into this blindly. I told him to screen record the video, download an MP3 converter, and upload the audio to google drive. It worked flawlessly. It was hilarious because he spammed the audio and it distorted. Great experience, will definitely use again.
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4 years ago, salilulu
Absolutely great
I’m very surprised by how well the app works. I didn’t have to pay to be satisfied with it, there’s not too much ads, and it’s just overall really good. It was able to convert a 4 , almost 5 minute video in a matter of seconds without me having to pay for a membership or whatever. The audio quality is great and it’s perfect for many uses. The app also operates very well and hasn’t crashed yet. I’d definitely recommend this app for whatever you wanna do.
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4 years ago, Lee'End
A pain to use
Though it can convert most formats to MP3 without audio marks you often need to use 2 devices. I’ve not managed to convert a single file with just the device I have the app on. And the insecure interface is something to be skeptical of especially for musicians trying to use this to make original content more accessible. Ads are horrendous, if it were just one per conversion it’d be livable but any change of screen comes with an ad. I wouldn’t recommend it for musicians or people making original content but if you’re converting something to a usable format, it’s tolerable but not my highest recommendation (or my recommendation at all). It works just after weaving through weak instructions and multiple devices.
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4 years ago, TheMienecraftPup7
Infinite crashes
Alright, let me get this straight. I absolutely love this app. I use flipaclip to animate, so being able to instantly covert files to mp3s is amazing. Its super useful and I totally recommend it. Today I wanted to transfer a song I love (Gem Karaoke from SU) for an animation. I clicked on the app after reinstalling it because i have automatically uninstall on for when i don't use apps. When I opened it, it crashed. I tried dozens of times to open it to no avail. Maybe part of the issue was that my iPad storage is pretty full. I still love this app, but sadly I cant use it.
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2 years ago, Busyfresh2000
Perfect for any Audio File Editing and Fixing
This is one if not the best application to fix any distorted or clipping audio or edit cut or trim any audio on top of that it has so many different files formats that it can convert any other file format to. This is actually the best audio editing software application for iOS if audacity or able to live or available for iOS this would come in 3rd, but it doesn’t so this is the standard.
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4 years ago, Samster65
The best one
I think this app deserves a review because, after searching the App Store, this was the only free converter that actually work. It takes a second to understand how it works, but honestly literally a second. The hard part is knowing what to press after you have converted it (press open in if you want to email/air drop/move to a file). This app was a banger and deserved a 5/5 because it was the only one out there that helped me finish my project👍😎
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2 years ago, Mcintough
Every time I need to make a quick .mp3 this app has me covered. It always gets it done very fast and efficiently, making it an absolute breeze. I recently bought a new IPad and this was one of the first 5 apps I downloaded. I promise if you need to convert videos to audio, this is the ONLY app on the entire App Store that works. Thanks again for this incredible app that has made my life much easier.
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1 year ago, Nostalgiakills
GarageBand export doesn’t work
I bought this to make ringtones and alarms…and the GarageBand export feature doesn’t work 90% of the time. It’s only shown up as an option in the apps once. I can’t add it to the apps I want to open the file in either. I can export the file to an mp3, create a new project in GarageBand, add the file, and export it as a ringtone from there…but that’s a hassle. I’m paying the yearly subscription for this app for the supposed ease of use for the GarageBand functionality that was advertised. This works fine as an mp3 converter which is why it’s getting 2 stars.
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12 months ago, Alizarea
best converter
I LOVE APP THIS SO MUCH ive always struggled with tuning, seperating vocals and accompaniments, and just converting audio in general that i resulted in having to download multiple apps that specifically have these features. The sad part was most of the apps werent even that good, but using this app has all those features combined in one, and what makes it cooler is that THEYRE GOOD😭😭 this app saves me so much time, and reduced my stress with these problems tysm
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1 year ago, Pastor Pagán
Awesome app
This app give you what they are saying they are giving you. Not like others that you pay for them and they give you nothing, just problems and you can’t not get out of what you pay for a year, and not even what they promise. I am using the free part of this app, and not question about it, is one of the best app I have used. Thank you for your honesty in what you offer. JR.
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2 months ago, Dalvisin
This thang in fleek (jkjk it’s a really good app)
This app has been the most reliable thing to me when it comes to sampling for my music. Ads pop up, but are not intrusive (AS THEY SHOULD BE). Choices in audio file types, editing options for manipulating files, and selection on what to deafen out is even cooler, but that’s just me. A great tool for anyone who works with audio frequently
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2 years ago, 'riLlN
this app is the best !!
I’ve been trying to figure out how to do custom ringtones for months and i got this and now I have like 10 custom ringtones !! it’s the best and I think you can do as many as you want . it has ads but it doesn’t even last to long you can just X it off . anyways this is such a good app for ringtones so get it if you want a custom ringtone !!
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3 months ago, WEKIV
Feature Rich; VERY affordable, & updated regularly.
What more can you ask for ? For many, a subscription fee is an instant, No thanks! But this app is an exception. Why? Because the cost is less than $10 a YEAR! DEVELOPERS TAKE NOTE; You are losing hundreds, if not thousands of potential customers because you are asking WAY TOO MUCH $ for subscriptions.
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12 months ago, TWRA aivian
Swear I’m not a bot
App works easy, no paying, banner advertisements are not annoying, will use it a lot to import audio to my google drive, to my vita, and then to it’s app. Applications are meant to work in a streamlined way to help people, not pander for money from people who can’t be bothered to look into things further. Many thinks software developer
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3 years ago, British spirit
Great app
I was skeptical at first but after using the app I was surprised to say the least it converts videos to music at a very fast phase. The only down side to the app I find is you can’t shuffle the songs in the order you want to play them I could not see an option to that, it basically put the songs in the order you initially recorded them and you can’t move the files around.
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4 years ago, Mikeyboards
Don’t waste $ on the upgrade
Sure, the free version extracted my video’s audio as an mp3, but to choose other audio formats I had to pay the 5 bucks for upgrading. Did that, tried to export as wav files, as aac, etc. The results will only play within this app’s player. NOTHING else recognizes these files or is able to play them. I just wasted 5 bucks. For more fun, try clicking on “App Support” for this app in the App Store (since there’s no link or access at all within the app itself). Behold a completely inaccessible foreign language page (as an English speaker). No way to get support, or to get my $ back, that I can figure out. Oh, BTW, the 2nd image shown in the app store, showing an Audio Trim function? Not there. You just get play, pause buttons, etc., to listen to the result within the app. No such thing as Trim. Stick with the free version, if you’re happy to extract audio as MP3. Just dismiss the ads, which are always there.
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2 months ago, Erick30Mendez
Only used one and it did it’s job
Ive only used the app once however it did the audio conversion as expected. No annoying 30 second ads or feature block. Also the audio quality was the same as on the video. It even has options to enhance it. Well built app💯
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11 months ago, Sapphire・Zoldyck
Highly recommended
I have been trying for year's to change my ringtone, but I always had difficulties with garageband until I got this app. It makes it super easy to just convert your video, move it to garage band, then make the sound your ringtone, I am very happy that I was finally able to do that, thank you.
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2 years ago, Lauren loves big kitty
It does what it says it does, I’d be angry if it DIDN’T
I mean, it took my screen recording of a song, made it an mp3, let me email it to my computer, and flawlessly burned the song on a disc. My entire performance would have been ruined if I didn’t find an app like this. But, it does what it says it does, nothing more, nothing less, it works.
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3 years ago, Keonna M.
Used the free version at first for audio extraction, then after a while upgraded to further enhance audio with denoise and bass boost feature. As I get better at editing , will most likely utilize more of the features. Love the app thus far, especially how convenient audio can upload from and be sent to other apps on my iPhone.
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4 years ago, elmonardo
Great app!
I’m a music producer and I’ve been using this app for sampling things I screen recorded on my phone. It does the job and the ads are not that bad (in terms of annoying). I mean, they’re giving you a great tool for free. It’s also to use and let’s me send the mp3 to my MacBook very easily. Although this is a review, I wanted to thank y’all for making this.
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5 years ago, Jordyanne
Easy to use
I’m not great with this type of thing- I know how to instagram and online shop so being able to convert my files easily was great. The only drawback is not being able to attach more than one file at a time to an email through the phone. But this app did the trick for me to link up audio from a live presentation to a power point.
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7 months ago, Finalevent77
Wonderful app
I use this app to convert videos to mp3 it's just fantastic, and usually pretty quick. The thing I really like is the ringtone function that turns your converted media into a ringtone you can use when someone in particular calls. Or just in general. Thank you for this app.
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5 years ago, asslessslacks
Very helpful and fulfilling
This app does work, and converts music videos into mp3 files efficiently and accurately, as sometimes I need to add a song to my phone for personal uses. However, the only downside is that you need to either have a preexisting file of the video or screen record in order to convert, not just copy the video link and convert like other apps. Overall, it does fulfill its purpose, and I’d recommend it.
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2 years ago, Sober Savage GodKing
It’s Awesome fam… Getting it!!!
Easy to use and fast results… Great quality and fantastic sound no matter your equipment… it gives me what I need independent of internet so no matter where I am she delivers. I’m at work managing a plant and producing sound for videos music and commercials… Customers love my end work so thumbs up! Thanks
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6 years ago, da crazy cat
I am so happy with this app! I finally don’t have to record from my computer to simply put music to animate!(none of the mp3 converters online worked for me D:) but I basically just screen record the audio, converted it with this app, and then used it! Thank you sooo much for this app I would be blasting music right now and annoying my family without it! :D
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4 months ago, ChaimTheGreat
I looove everything about this App Except it takes you out of the app to rate it. I think that there can be a more convenient option to rating like a drop down bar or a notification box sort of like the one that asked me to create a rating. Thank you
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2 years ago, lego masterz
My Review
This app has been very useful, making custom ringtones and converting music into mp3 format for adding into videos and editing was much easier when I started using this app. The advertisements are not very in your face and frequent too, nice app design and simple mechanics. Would recommend to beginner editors
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3 years ago, cool veah
You will love it
It’s the best thing ever just pick a song from TickTock or any other app save it to your phone go to mp converter then go to GarageBand and he will have the best ringtone or even an alarm clock it never gives me too much as I love it so much I’ve used it for about three months now and I’m obsessed please please please get this app I’m begging you
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2 years ago, Polo r7alph
I Love It
I love using the mp3 converter app. I have been using it for about 6 months now, and It's easier to convert all my voice recordings from my phone. This app has always been quick and simple and I like that I can import videos and turn them into just audio.
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2 years ago, P.Hips
Dude- so easy
After getting let down by roughly EVERY OTHER lame $$$ converter app. FINALLY you can use this if you’re brain dead, which after a long night I sometimes am.. good on ya folks at… wherever you are. It’s appreciated . Word to the wise just don’t F with any other one.. this is all you need . Don’t be stupid
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2 years ago, lusamee
I don't usually leave reviews but this app definitely deserves one. I was having some difficulty trying to make my own ringtone but this app helped so much! If I ever need to make another personal ringtone I'll make sure to use this app again!
Show more
4 years ago, DB026
Amazing settings and features
The new update allows for people to customize audios in countless ways unseen in any other mp3 converter in the market. It takes away most annoying steps of converting your favorite songs to ringtones and lets you modify the songs to your liking with audio variations. Overall amazing app.
Show more
2 years ago, Stevens123Gav
The ads
I love this app and I use it pretty much every day, it helps me do what I need to do. It is just the ads, though. Every time I convert a file an ad pops up and I can’t close it sometimes, so then I have to restart the app and it just takes time. It is just pretty annoying and I don’t want to have to get the premium version, but other than that the app is perfectly fine.
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6 years ago, _xX-Alyssa-Xx_
Highly recommend it!
It’s a great app to use to get audio from my screen recordings and videos. There’s minimal ads, and it works quickly and efficiently! You can take the video and put it into multiple audio formats. The possibilities are endless! If you’re looking for a video to audio converter, use this one!
Show more
10 months ago, Yadaddmf
Love this app
Had it for so long an it never failed me, super easy to use and extremely helpful on iPhone because everything is paid for mostly but this gets the job done. I have used this app for around 3 years I think now love it ✅
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2 years ago, jj_gomez227
Works Amazing
i’ve been using this app for over half a year now and it’s helped me so much with my music and my music career, it works very nicely and easy and it’s Free which is amazing. it’s super easy t download and make any video into an mp3 and i love this app. highly recommend it to be honest
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