Mp3 Cutter - M4a, Music Cutter

4.5 (2.2K)
57 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mp3 Cutter - M4a, Music Cutter

4.48 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
5 years ago, pickle pros
Just what I was looking for
This app does what I need and that is to trim and merge songs. It took a little to figure out how to use it. The instructions could be more detailed. Once I figured it out, it was easy to use. Works nicely with iTunes. One thing I would change is to enable it to begin the song at the point that I drag the progress dot back when listening to the cut. When you drag it back, it then starts the song at the beginning of your cut instead of the location you dragged it back to so then you need to drag it forward to get to where you actually wanted to start listening to it. Another thing is that once you trim the song it is hard to tell where you are at because your cut starts at zero when you are actually one minute into the song. Would be nice to have another timeline showing where you are at in the original song. I haven’t really tried all the features yet like sharing, etc. so hoping those things work good. I would recommend this app to others based on what I have experienced thus far.
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5 years ago, DrRho825
This app saved my life!
I’m a maid of honor for a wedding thats in 2 months. It turned out that I had to organize a flash mob for the wedding. I asked 2 different DJs if they can mix 5 songs for me, and both told me that they didn’t have the software or capability for it. So after researching I came across this app. It is very well developed. Minimal ads. Didn’t crash. I have minimal experience with these things, so I think it’s very user friendly. I loved the “zoom in” option where you can get really close to finding the millisecond pause in between verses and hooks of songs by adjusting the arrows. You can even type in the milliseconds as well. It is as best as it could sound, not being professionally mixed. It was also very easy to share with the other girls in the flash mob so they can have a copy of their own. I’m just hoping when i give a copy to the wedding DJ the m4a format can be used, since I’m not familiar with it. I’m not one to even write reviews on anything. I’m very very pleased. This app saved me a lot of time and money! Thanks!
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3 years ago, Tsuki419
Great for simple edits! Maybe more tools?
This app is easy to use once you get the hang of it, it has a nice design and minimal ads (which is great, considering the app is free!) It works great for stitching sounds together and cutting parts out as well as trimming sounds, and I don’t notice any change in the quality once music has been edited or downloaded like I have with some other apps and websites. My only suggestion is adding more features, maybe a fade in and fade out option? It would definitely come in handy for ringtones and background music. Other than that, the program is practically perfect as is. I’ll be continuing to use it for any of my projects in the future!
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1 year ago, Quantumator
Thank you!
I was getting so frustrated, because I couldn’t seem to find any way to import an audio file from another app into my iPhone’s Voice Memo app to trim off some extra length. Apparently, I need to use a desktop and do it with iTunes. No thanks Then I found Music Cutter. I downloaded it to give it a try. Honestly, I was expecting it to charge me even to do such a simple trim job. But it didn’t! The controls were intuitive and it only took me a couple of minutes to figure it out and accomplish what I wanted to do. So much frustration trying to do it in my iPhone’s built-in apps. I very much appreciate Music Cutter. I don’t do audio editing a lot, so I just needed something for simple cutting and such, without having to pay a hefty subscription fee.
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3 years ago, Zgirl44
Absolutely Amazing!!
This app saved my life!!! I highly recommend. I have to go compete in less than 2 weeks and my music wasn’t cut so I was worried sick. I asked friends and family, nobody could do it. So I decided to try to cut it myself. I found this app and transferred the music from dropbox and started to cut it. I was able to trim, cut some parts in between the song, and more! when I was done I saved it and was able to transfer the new file back to dropbox. There was NO PRICE so I was able to do it completely free, fast, and without bugs. There are barley any adds. This app worked wonders! Great job and thank you so much!!!
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3 years ago, dm74575
Worth 5 stars in some respects…
Would prefer landscape horizontal view. Conversion was easy and worked well. Maybe there’s an MP3 output option, but I only trimmed one song from an album and it was AIFF. No big deal, it only takes a converter to change that. Need to look further for MP3 outpput if there is one…but I was hit with a rate-me, so this is my very quick initial take. It does a fast job of conversion, but the AIFF lost some dynamics. An EQ can fix that. Shouldn’t have to do that though. So overall, the app performed well and I may use it from time to time in lieu of firing up my laptop and using audacity to break out files.
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2 years ago, Livia**
Easy (you feel like a hotty-mc-shauty once you figure it out)
It’s very simple and easy to use once you figure it out. I am doing a solo for dance and it tells you how to cut and edit the music before you start which is nice.😁 if you u don’t know how to get it off Apple Music you feel lost and like an ugly-mc-shauty instead of a hotty-mc-shauty. if you have apple using you have to be a material gurl and buy the song on iTunes. Then after that you have to put you 2 brain cells together and download it onto iCloud… then you wait a second🙄and PERIODDDT u r good to go
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4 months ago, EmanuelMillionaire
I use you music cut
Use music cut for 360 booth - Use music cut to create ring I must say it has been an absolute game-changer for me! As someone who frequently creates 360 videos and customizes ring tones, this app has made the process incredibly easy and enjoyable. One of the standout features of Music Cut is its ability to quickly and efficiently create 12-second segments. This is perfect for my 360 video booth, as it allows me to showcase different music snippets seamlessly. The app's intuitive interface makes it simple to select the desired portion of a song and trim it down to the perfect length.
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1 year ago, Really frustrating app
Bad App
This app is not letting me use my music from a different app then I tunes store and it is making me really frustrated because it keeps saying, can you read this music and then on the bottom of it it says download it from iTunes Store and I don’t have that app, and I don’t feel like buying the music from my phone . It also says cancel on the bottom and I press that and you won’t like I don’t know what to do once it’s exit off like you need to be more helpful on this like in everything you have in your brain like I can’t read your mind.
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1 year ago, jwax66
Super helpful for mixing up pieces of music
I used this to trim parts of songs from some of my favorite artists and then combine them into a sort of “best of” mashup. All the features (trim, merge, and ringtone maker) are also completely free, unlike most other apps like this. To make up for this, there are a few photo ads, but they only show up every once in a while (so it’s barely an inconvenience in any way). Would totally recommend if you want to clip and/or combine pieces of your music!
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1 year ago, LawrencePlayzYT
Nearly Perfect
This app is hands down the best music cutter out here. It can do mostly anything, and has really helped me out. The only two things I suggest, is to add something so you can mix two audios at a time, this can be very helpful to me and many others. Another thing I dont like, is that the files after you cut them dont convert to .mp3 files, they convert to .aiff files. I have went through crazy long processes to turn these .aiff files into the .mp3 files I needed. Thats all, everything else is amazing.
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3 years ago, 4BaseballMom18
Needs better instructions
It’s fairly easy to learn for a very new beginner. However, better instruction would have made this much more simple. It would also be better if you could save your progress on the same screen instead of forcing you to save a separate file for each step of progress. Otherwise, the app got the job done.
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4 years ago, Mo and froglett 🐸🐸🐸
Apple Music
You can’t cut a song that is just on Apple Music. You have to buy it from iTunes for it to work. But it acts like you can because you can look at your Apple Music library but it says the song has to be downloaded from that first. But besides that it is a good app. The developers should really take into consideration that people with Apple Music need to be able to cut songs instead of buying them individually.
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1 year ago, marcylla
Amazing and easy!
Needed to cut a digital song down - I own the track in my Apple Music library. This app pulled the song from my collection. I could easily download the song, trim, cut etc. and then I saved the file and emailed myself the new .aicc file. From there, I used a cloud converter online to convert from .aicc to .mp3. The whole process took less than 5 min. Great app!
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2 months ago, DogterLuc
Simple and Easy!
As other reviews have stated, it does exactly what it need to. Trim and merge! I usually just use it for trimming down certain voice audios for practice animations and such! The instructions are very easy to grab on to! Definitely recommend it to anyone who just wants to take their pick from songs and other various audios.
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2 years ago, Jc4000
Easy to use!!!
I really needed an app just to trim some music files - mostly for a talent show. This app was really simple to use. Only improvement I would have is to make the save file icon bigger or just say “save”. Took me a bit to figure out where to tap to save it. But downloading, cutting and sharing the music was nice and easy!
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4 years ago, YoullThankMeLater
Figured it out
I LOVE a simple app like this. I trimmed an mp3 to lay on a short video but could not find the file. Turns out you have to have the FILES app downloaded & you can delegate your music clip to different apps through that. 4 stars because I wish we could be more precise with editing down to the partial second. Perhaps an arrow to tap that will move the edit line forward or back a tenth of a second at a time? *hint*hint*
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4 years ago, Icesk8er1210
For an app that is supposed to cut music on your PHONE, it’s pretty good! I needed something to cut music really quickly, so it’s really good for a one time use and for something that can work in a pinch. It worked really well. I will say, you can only make one cut and I did not like that. It was definitely much harder to cut only using one cut. But like I said, it was a great one time use!
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4 years ago, Elpheba#1
Very Easy to Use
I have an audition in a few days and this music cutter app helped me cut my music quickly and I didn’t have to worry about it. My one complaint is for apple because they made it so hard for me to download a song using a gift card. I shouldn’t have to use two devices in order to download one two minute song. But no hat for this app!😁👍
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5 years ago, Jose Manuel mon
this app is FUEGO
I downloaded two or three other cutters before this one, and none of them came close to providing me with what I needed (which was taking a small part of a song out of it). I downloaded this app, and within the first two minutes I knew clearly what I was doing and how to do it. It feels like a high-end editing tool. 100% recommend! 👍🏻
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4 years ago, CantuMama3
Learning curve
I got this app for cutting music for my dance group. It works great but there's definitely a learning curve. This is the first time I've cut music since 2001, with cassette tapes so the tech was new for me.👵🏻 It would be nice if the visual could be zoomed in even more. I made 4 cuts to my music & there is one that I just can't get quite right. It's good enough that my husband can't notice it but I can. Also,
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5 years ago, Wilhemina S
Simple and to the point
I’m a singer and record covers on different devices and need to cut the file sometimes. This lets me upload it the files from google drive , cut them , done. All the other apps only allow you to cut/edit music from the actual Apple music which is annoying but this works for exactly what I needed.
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3 years ago, Ipmaur
Super confusing
I just got this app and I have no idea how to do anything. I have tried to get help with the little help bar on the side but it doesn’t tell me how to cut the music or how to copy and paste. For the next time you update the app, could you please tell us how to do anything with the music? It would help a LOT. I have been trying to figure out how to cut, copy, and paste the music for the past 30 minutes. If you could tell us more specificity how to do stuff with the app, that would be great. Thank you for reading and I hope this helps.
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1 year ago, MayGarces
Practical and useful!
I just need a simple app to merge some audios for my class and for some reason it was so hard to find a simple one. I downloaded more than 5 and none was like this one! If you want a simple and practical app this is your best option!
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3 years ago, zacian sword
Music won’t download 👎👎👎
OK so I log on thinking this is going to be an actual really good video editing app but then as I try to download my freaking favorite song with Hamilton polka this is what happens it says unable to download song forcing me to download it on iTunes which I don’t wanna do no one wants to have to do that OK so I mean it’s so stupid because the app won’t let me download any freaking music it just says error or says not connected to internet this app fricking bull crap an deserves a big fat shot with a 50 cal gun
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3 years ago, IADANCER21
Great Tool
This was a simple cut I needed done quickly and I was able to use this app fairly Easily. I would have liked an option to remove and trim at the same time but was able to save the files etc. And maybe I can but The instructions weren’t clear.
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2 years ago, Lol 420 no scope
Perfect For musicians and producers
I have lots of my music in my files and this app has helped me trim for the exact parts i need to send to my clients when i can’t access my computer. 10/10 would recommend and, although it has ads, im surprised its free.
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2 years ago, dokkendude
I enjoyed the app
Small learning curve because of the start up screen. I might not know the app well enough yet but it would be nice to not only hear the beginning cut but the end cuts too, but it may be that I just don’t know what I’m doing yet
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4 weeks ago, eggsaladgamer449
nice simple UI
the fact that this app only does one thing means that the entire screen is utilized giving me exactly the buttons that I intuitively expect to be there, no more, no less. Although I wish I could pinch to zoom
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1 year ago, InspireDance7
Wow this was easy!
I struggled using other music cutting apps, but this one was very intuitive and easy! I love how you can merge your cuts together and it sounds great! Thanks for making such an awesome music cutting app! I don’t know how to save them to a mp3 or 4, but I will look into it!
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2 years ago, February Eleventh
Please add instructions to more than just the tutorial
We swipe five times and don’t have it memorized. It’s unusable. Got it to work once but don’t remember how to do it again… sooo I’m left with deleting and reinstalling the app? Likely wiping my ringtones with it? Ugh!
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5 years ago, ssvena
I love this app!
This has been great for me to cut floor music for gymnastics routines on my phone. It’s easy to use and highly functional for a mobile app. My only wish is that the add a copy function was better designed or better explained because I have not figured out how to use it and it would be useful.
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3 years ago, coach_br
I’m trying to make a list of walk-up songs for my daughter’s softball team. This app (free version) is super basic, but it’s very easy to use and it allows me to cut out curse words and make clips with the “good part” of each song. Would recommend.
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2 years ago, SraEhorsetrainer
Useful dancer tool!
Recently used this to trim a song for a performance in which it can only be 2:45 long. Very easy, and was able to send the event direct my completed track within moments.
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2 years ago, TyneSteps
So easy
Thank you for creating this app. I needed to merge some songs for a last minute performance my daughter was asked to do. I just wish you would add fade in and out. It got the job done! It was really easy to manage as well!
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5 days ago, missbyrdie
It Was Easy!
I got it on my third attempt! I spent 30 minutes trying on another app and never got close to editing music the way I wanted! Thanks for making this so easy!!
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2 years ago, FitzBiz
Quick and easy
I really love this app, it is quick and easy to use for all of my short video editing, ready to post on my social media pages in an instant
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7 months ago, Crayon2
Very good!
Able to cut and trim old songs, just like the app promised. Now I’m sharing some of my old music (shorter versions without long long winded intros or long outros). Very simple and easy to use too.
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1 year ago, CaseyF86
All I wanted was a free app to merge audio files together…I went through about 7 with no luck until I found this one. Simple and gets the job done!
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3 years ago, new aplication user
First trim worked great!
My first trim worked great. Now need to figure out how to get the song to my computer into iTunes to put it on my original playlist. I hope this can be done.
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3 years ago, Glad2seeU
First time song cutter
So I wants to use and cut a song for the first day of school and this app was easy to use. I was able to do a song in less then 5 minutes.
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8 months ago, rachelstaples🌺
Very good
It gets the job done well, but it is hard to tell where in the music you are when you are cutting parts of it out; takes a lot of trial and error to fit the music together
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4 years ago, angsty teen 18
Good For Big files.
I needed an app to edit ambiences up to 10 hours and this app handles them just fine. Is only usually buggy when device storage is close to full. Lots of ads but that’s it.
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6 months ago, fnp flossboss
Simple and works but could use more documentation
It was easy to make a clip and save to a couple formats but I didn’t see how to save as mp3 and the “documentation” doesn’t mention it
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3 years ago, vgonzalezt001
How to unlock or remove ads?
Is there a few or a mechanism to remove ads? I like the tool and it is useful, but the ads are annoying (I know they are supposed to be, but ugh, it’s too much).
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6 months ago, THELazyArtist_16
I absolutely love this app! It’s very beginner friendly, easy to figure out and gets the job done! I love that you can trim and delete pieces of audio when needed, and you can save it with ease. Excellent app!
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4 years ago, Tony_BI4321
Like that it works with different folder and easier to save the modified file. It needs playback before modifications , so you know where exactly you are stopping in line audio. Other than that i love.
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11 months ago, MillionaireMalika
Works Wonders
This app does really precise editing on audio files! The change to the audio is seamless with the help of the “zoom in detail” tool to help you really get to the milliseconds! Amazing results and it’s FREE! 🥰
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5 months ago, MoneyGramSureSucksNow
Simple and effective
Does exactly what I needed simply and with out over complicating it or trying to make me pay for some thing I don’t need
Show more
2 years ago, Nodramabamagirl
Easy to Use
Incredibly easy interface and functionality
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