MP4 Maker - Convert to MP4

4.6 (1.8K)
26.6 MB
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Current version
Arthur Eduardo Skaetta Alvarez Desenvolvimento de Software LTDA.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for MP4 Maker - Convert to MP4

4.57 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
4 years ago, imovieguy
Thank You
My problem: Unable to import MOV video files into iMovie. First, I tried the 2 free converts and both worked flawlessly. Second, I purchased the $2.99 Pro version. I converted 26 video files from MOV to MP4 and had no problem importing all of them into iMovie efficiently and effectively. Marvelous tool. What a value. Thank you. While making my movie, I discovered the MP4 video’s of 1-3 minute duration was less clear/vibrant than usual. Since all the iPad videos were of a flight on a fairly cloudy day, I have no idea the cause. Remember, I went from can’t open to easily open. So no complaint here. Perhaps a more expensive program would work better? Any suggestions?
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2 years ago, Temoa
So Quick and Easy, I love it!
This tool makes my job so much easier! I had to convert the .mov videos online and it was taking forever.I also had to do it on my computer so there was a lot of uploading big videos in to driveBefore I could actually convert it. This literally takes second for a short video. I purchased the pro version because I wanted high-quality videos and it’s worth it so far. At least for short videos it works well.
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4 years ago, EveryNicknameIsAlreadyUsed
Terrible quality unless you pay $2.99
There are three options when converting a video: low, medium, and high; low is the default. In order to get medium and high quality, you need to pay $2.99. Does the app itself work well? Yes, it works incredibly well, better than most converter apps, as it has a neat and tidy interface and simple controls. Is the video quality good? No, in fact it is absolutely abysmal, unless you pay for higher quality. The default (low) quality is so awful that that it renders videos completely unrecognizable. I was shocked to see how it made a HD iMovie video become what looked like something worse than 140p. If it wasn’t for this, I would give it 5 stars, but the fact you need to pay in order to have a usable video lowered it to 2.
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3 years ago, elgin b
This app is idiot proof
I had a project where only mp4 files were acceptable and I only had mov files I tentatively downloaded the app and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was! The app is positively idiot proof whic is just what I needed it to be. It’s so easy I could do things by accident and still be correct. Kudos to the designers I highly recommend this app
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3 years ago, 123MeliMelsa678
Absolutely Horrible
I purchased this app for 3.99$ so I could use the "high quality" video feature. Unfortunately it looks just as pixilated and horrible as the blurry low quality video they let you save for free. No different, except you get your crappy video faster. I see why this is not subscription based like many other apps, you would only pay them once and then just cancel their crappy app anyways. I feel ripped off… if you can't tell. Do yourself a favor and pass on paying for this useless app. If i could give a -5 stars, I would.
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5 months ago, Joelmakesfilm
Can I do zero stars?
Paid $3.99 for upgraded version. My iPhone videos come out looking like they were made on beta or vhs. In best mode they are highly pixelated. Looking to spend $4? Have someone kick you in the crotch instead. Time and money better spent….
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2 years ago, Myself0nle
So impressed with the simple app! It did exactly what I needed to, convert a video from MOV to MP4. No gimmicks no unnecessary b/s just straightforward. I even tried the Adobe conversion and I was getting “cannot play this file type” on my computer. Used MP4 Maker and boom perfect video.
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4 years ago, Ama9096
Easy to use and quick!
Just bought this app and it was so easy to use! I tried two other apps. They were quickly deleted as they took a long time to convert and not user friendly. Thank you!
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5 years ago, jfs26
Very Helpful
Now that my phone saves videos in the HEVC format, I’ve found they are not compatible everything. So this app is great to be able to covert videos into MP4 before I send them off. Very helpful utility!
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4 years ago, djuggernaut
Straight Garbage, don’t waste your money!
Just downloaded and tried 4 mov files each 200MB+ and none of the converted to MP4. Wow - Apple please get this garbage apps off the App Store - getting frustrated with all the terrible apps that don’t stay up with the OS revisions and just plain don’t work, but when they charge you it seems like you have very little recourse in getting your money back - may be time for a class action so Apple will pay attention to the problem. Apple please!!!!!!
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3 years ago, castlecrash3r8
Works really well, just annoying
The app itself works very well. It’s able to convert links to mp4 in an instant. Only reason it’s not getting 5 stars is because you are limited to 2 mp4’s before it hits you with a paywall. (Which is a pretty big downside)
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3 years ago, TopTramp
So easy to use
I wasn’t looking for anything complicated. I just want to covert videos from my IOS devices to MP4. For $3.99 this works just fine!
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2 years ago, krawlings123456789
Easy to use but poor quality videos
I paid $3.99 to get the high resolution videos for converting my IPhone movies to MP4 for a work project and the videos were very fuzzy and pixilated after conversion. Tried another app, that was free, and got clear converted videos.
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5 years ago, Fogell78
Amazing converter
I’ve been using this app to convert my iphone videos before importing them on my computer to edit them. The highest quality conversion is flawless and worth every penny.
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3 years ago, AAfolk
Doesn’t work
I bought the app. I converted my videos to their video format. Then we I upload the “MP4” files to a college website they got rejected for not being in MP4 format!
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3 years ago, BaldEagle89
Fast and easy to use
An easy way to convert MOV videos from my iPhone into MP4. Easily one of the best apps available. Highly recommended.
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4 years ago, 12637282558183
Pay for better quality videos
The app works perfect but the quality of the video is horrible in the free version unless you want to pay for it? Then it looks better.
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4 years ago, Burgh.Simpson
A must have app
I’ve been trying to airdrop my recorded videos to my macbook and without this app it’s impossible since the iPhone now records using HEIVC format. This app is a lifesaver and a must have!
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1 year ago, Adel Hameed
Simple and accurate
Works every time and love that it’s simple and does the job. Well done!
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4 years ago, Miss.Safron
It worked very well and the conversion is quick and the result has good image quality on the higher settings.
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5 years ago, Arthur91BR
Amazing app!
It’s very intuitive and the conversion quality is perfect. I’m using it to convert videos at work and I can’t live without this app now! Highly recomended for anyone that needs to convert .MOV to .MP4
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4 years ago, LuloButi
Conversion quality is perfect
I’ve been using it to convert my iPhone videos to MP4 and it works flawlessly and the quality of result is amazing.
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3 years ago, Frank on B40
Great app! Functions easily and perfectly. Pro version is very affordable and totally worth the cost.
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12 months ago, C.J./awsome
HORRIBLE QUALITY! I’m a podcaster and I video podcast but the format that it needs is now MP4! My device does not record MP4 videos and I needed an app to convert them into MP4. So I got this app hoping it would work. This app makes it HORRIBLE quality. Like,(VERY EXTREMELY) glitchy. I’m so freaking angry about this and would sue if I could, do not get!
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1 year ago, TrayJay23
Great product, easy to navigate! A awesome tool to use or my school projects.
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4 years ago, dappyao
Just a blue screen
After paying for the better quality option, I was excited to receive my now converted .mov to .mp4. Once I saw how it turned out, I can't say I am pleased by it in the least. It was just a blue screen with the sound playing in the background. Absolutely a waste of my money. I want a refund.
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2 years ago, DRL3213
Lucky if it actually converts one
Downloaded and paid $3.99 only to have the app crash after converting only one video. App gives up in the compressing stage and just freezes. Want my money back.
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1 year ago, Farts_McCool
Free version is worthless
The free version only allows for “low quality” (their term, not mine) results which is such a poor quality that it’s unusable. I wouldn’t trust a company to deliver decent results if they’re willing to put out such an awful function as their demo.
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4 years ago, pokemon5263
Worked great for 1st conversion.
This thing worked amazing to convert the 1 quick time movie from my phone to a MP4, then it quit working after that. It starts the process then nothing, it either has an issue or the screen locks up.
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3 years ago, JoeBeans23
Garbage scammers and crap product
I wanted to convert an WMV to MP4. I selected the WMV and it says “you have to pay before you can convert this file”. I paid, then it says “unable to convert file”. How about recognizing the failure to convert BEFORE the purchase? That would have been nice. Don’t give these hacks a dime!
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4 years ago, JJ_Simmons
This is the only tool that worked for me. The conversion was fast and the outcome has great quality
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5 years ago, Fredferaco
This is just what I was looking for! Thanks for making this app! This is that exact conversion I needed!
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4 years ago, Mike Returns
Does not work
Paid for app. Get invalid file message when trying in convert avi and mov movie files. Tried multiple files before writing this review and received message on every attempt. Removed app and reloaded - made sure iPad was updated. Still does not work.
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3 years ago, KweenMike
The quality is not there
I purchased this to make my videos upload in better quality due to the platform requiring mp4, and the video quality got even worse even on the high setting. Very upset I wasted my money.
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5 years ago, BigPerello
This is exactly what I needed and it works really well. I’m using it to convert HEVC to MP4 and I have no complaints so far!
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3 years ago, dodo i can get in
Good but.
The quality on this a is a joke man, you have to pay for higher quality.
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3 years ago, Ryan.H75
Did not work for me...
This app seems to work for some people, but didn’t work for me. I recorded some .mov files from my Panasonic LUMIX G9. This app would not convert them. I ended up offloading them to my PC and converting them there instead. Lost a lot of time and $2.99. Would love to see my money back.
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3 years ago, Yunosaysoda
Doesn’t work don’t pay
I kept getting invalid file message so I bought premium and nothing changed, still getting same error and there’s no explanation as to why it’s invalid
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4 years ago, TEEHEE_12
Good application MP4 maker app
This MP4 Meker had fun doing it I ll tel people ahead of time that this app will do it
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3 years ago, gachocopeach
Did I get scammed or user error?
I changed from previous app to this one. In hastily changing I somehow purchased premium but can’t access premium component of the app. Need resolution or refund as I create numerous videos in need of conversion and don’t really like what I have seen thus far.
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3 years ago, jessica🥳‼️
very bad quality.
horrible. I don’t recommend, I like how fast it was to use but the quality was the worst. it made my video worse than it was before! and u have to pay if u want the high quality. Never again!!
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2 years ago, Rgrace85
A scam
The app converts the videos quite quickly however unless you want to pay for the subscription you get horrible quality.
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3 years ago, robotsound
Doesn’t actually convert to mp4
The MOV files i “converted” were rejected for not being MP4 this app is just changing the wrapper and not converting anything very disappointed and i feel ripped off would really like my money back.
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3 years ago, David L.C.
Terrible Quality
It would cost nothing to run ads. It lowers your video quality unless you pay three dollars. Why is the app even free?
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4 years ago, big boy bih
Mp 4
I couldn’t download high quality but overall it was good works fine
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3 years ago, captchris801
Says Invalid Format
Just paid for the premium version on my iPad and it won’t convert AVI files in any quality. Says: invalid file format. I just played the AVI file with “VLC” on the iPad with no issues. What’s up?
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4 years ago, Trigoree
The fact that my video 25 second clip looks like something u would find in an early 80’s arcade game is pathetic. Yes it’s low quality but it should not look pixelated, utterly terrible.
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2 years ago, reddyredpanda333🐼
Terrible free-to-use user treatment.
I don't want to pay 3.99 for some stupid upgrade that probably doesn't work. You could at least UPGRADE THE "LOW QUALITY" mp4's! What a shabby cash grab
Show more
3 years ago, 12356745roy
Don’t waste your money !!!
The app is garbage does not convert anything always says it’s not supported and no help support it’s about getting your money and that’s it
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4 years ago, opsnapple
My video looked so good but this app made the quality look horrible you have to pay 2 dollars just to make the quality better yea no I deleted it asap
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