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User Reviews for Mpix Tap To Print

4.79 out of 5
32.8K Ratings
4 years ago, kaylaylaay
Great quality!
My son is 7 months old and I have been searching far and wide for a quality and affordable way to print photos and holiday cards. I’ve tried different places like Walgreens, CVS, and Meijer and every attempt came out horrible and ruined the quality of the photos. Some were so bad that I opted out of even sending the cards, like his birth announcements, because they were just embarrassing. We got his Easter photos taken and my aunt suggest Mpix for printing so I hesitantly gave it a try. I was so use to wasting my money on photo printing services but I really wanted to send holiday cards. I ordered 25 Easter cards that featured 4 photos of my son, including one giant one on the back of the card. And let me just say- they turned out BEAUTIFUL. I am SO happy with them and SO happy I found a reliable company I can trust to print life’s precious moments. I can’t wait to order some canvas photos, I’ve been wanting to order canvas since my son’s newborn photos- and now I finally found a company that does a quality job! I love mpix and would recommend to everyone!
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1 year ago, CymCyms
Best Quality Online
By far, the best quality photos online. Crisp, clear and exactly what you see as if viewing on your smart phone. I’ve had photos developed at retail stores like Target and Walgreens, and they’ve been grainy and blurry. Disappointed and waste of money. Mpix is professional grade like back in the Kodak days of developing. Thank you Mpix for the quality of work. My only suggestion is to the tweak your mobile app for ease of use. I’m pretty tech savvy but found it a little difficult to navigate your app and choose multiple photos and sizes. I messed up my first order relative to designating sizes for specific photos. User error so I reordered correct size and paid again. Shipping charges are a bit high, but I won’t knock a star off for that because I don’t do much printing and the quality is worth it. Otherwise great photos!
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2 years ago, Tippertantrum5678
VERY satisfied customer!!!
I had some professional boudoir photos taken in 2017 and again in 2018 for my husband as an anniversary gift. At the time my photographer used a company called PASS. We had the formal stuff done by her, but I decided to order just a standard print of each for my husband recently as we had talked about it.. It literally took 3 months of hunting them down to get it them sent. They “couldn’t find my order” but my Card was charged within 2 days. I was Discussing this with my photographer, she sent me to mpix. Let’s just say I’m blown away. I was playing around with a book in the middle of the night so technically 12/14. I decided to order it and use expedited shipping. It arrived today 12/15. And it’s absolutely perfect. You have a customer for life now! Thank you!
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7 months ago, Lindzo214
The best products hands down
Been using Mpix and Mpix pro since I became a freelance photographer years ago. They have the best quality prints and customer service by a long shot. I also referred them to my clients who purchased digital copies as I prefer my work to printed in a quality manner that you won’t get at pharmacies or any other online photo companies. I’ve ordered all kinds of products over the years and have been very satisfied with everything from simple prints to more high dollar items. They look amazing throughout my home and also make great gifts. Shipping has gotten more expensive but it’s worth it in my opinion, especially if you wait to order until they have a promo.
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3 years ago, CatalunyaSweetheart
Exceptional Quality
I recently ordered a few 8x10, 5x7 & 4x6 prints plus a soft cover photo book and am blown away. Not only was the pricing extremely reasonable but the quality of these items have sold me on never using another print company again. The photo book alone is what has my hear swooning: actual card stock for every page with vibrant and clear prints...I couldn’t be happier! My order was placed on a Sunday and all items were delivered before noon that same week Thursday without paying extra for express shipping. If you haven’t tried this company yet, I urge you do without hesitation!
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1 year ago, H30?:
Took DAYS to add to cart.
I had to download the app after the website kept crashing on my phone. That is fine. A lot of sites don’t work on mobile and need an app. The app quickly linked to my photos and everything was pretty easy. A couple of things weren’t necessarily intuitive, but overall it’s fine. The reason I gave this a two star rating though is for what happens when I go to add items to cart. Any text or phone call or other interruption causes all progress to be lost. It literally took me three days to find the time to upload all my photos, and I was only getting 125 4x6 prints. I don’t mind the time it takes to upload the files. I do mind that progress can’t be paused, so you have to find time to upload everything in one go and not use your phone for anything else in the meanwhile.
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4 years ago, Adamwilson301
Great quality and great service horrible app
The app is not very intuitive or ergonomic at all. You have to play around and be a detective in order to figure out how to do things and it’s a little clunky like a late 90s web page. They need to make the app smoother and better. I’ve downloaded it a couple times then decided not to use it because it wasn’t streamline or easy. If I want to use it I end up logging into my PC which means I have to send the pictures over and that’s kind of a pain. That being said these guys are way better with print quality and making sure images are fixed before sending them to you. I’ve had a few hundred pics delivered to home from them and only had maybe 4 I didn’t approve of. The wait time is not that long either and prices are reasonable. My only gripe is with the app itself. Please update it to 2019. Thanks.
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1 year ago, Jillybean5036
I don’t know why people are reviewing the quality of pictures here. It should be the app quality itself that is reviewed. This app is difficult to navigate and you have to search everywhere to complete a task. I have added multiple albums but I can only see four of them. Once I upload the pics I can’t access them. By the time I have fooled around for an hour to upload pics and not be able to progress, I give up. That’s taking money out of your pocket Mpix. I also get texts for 30% off but there is no promo to use in the app. Lastly the last few weeks I’ve not received a “coupon” text until the day it goes out. Please fix these nuances.
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5 years ago, kjac9395
Just got my collage kit today and WOW. Absolutely love it. I’m going into plaster so it’s a little bit of a pain but that just comes with an old house. FYI the blue painters tape they include is to hang your template. Don’t do like I did with it and peel it off thinking why did they waste all this tape :) I ordered expedited shipping (the middle option) and it came in several days. Hardware is included in the main box and labeled, make sure you don’t chuck the box once you pull out the pictures. The items were well packed and everything arrived in great condition. The pictures look great.
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8 months ago, PDF maven
Album Organization Mess!
Update #3 minus 1 star for the app - because you still have not added a SEARCH feature for adding photos from albums. I have many albums and your browser makes no sense! Not in alpha order, not in date order and does not use the iPadOS 16 photo browser user interface. You could get bonus points if SEARCH could find caption words! Print quality is top notch but using your iPad app turns me off. What the ... Yes, I want to order prints. Update #2 - app still needs to improve access to albums in Photos app. Many apps now include Search. Quality of prints is great. UPDATE Top level now has All Photos, Favorites & Moments. But the mixed up list of automatic albums & the ones I’ve made show up randomly listed. Please fix. ORIGINAL The list of albums on my iPhone is random. This does not help me be your customer! Please fix the list. Get the auto albums (created by apps) together and get Shared Albums together. Recognize my folders and albums. Better yet, let user sort by date or alphabetical list of albums.
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1 year ago, fggfhfjhfj
Very slow app. Couldn’t use it
I was looking for an app to print few family pictures. I downloaded this Mpix app, but was having a hard time to get it worked. The app keeps freezing, I couldn’t select a picture, couldn’t upload. One of the pictures I was trying to upload was made from a screenshot and then cropped and edited. But Mpix kept reverting it to the original. Why? Hard to find a reason for it. I deleted and reinstalled this app couple times but the problem with freezing persisted . Looks like they always want to get an access to all the pictures on the phone instead of only selected. It seems like due to the large amounts of pictures the app trying to access it can’t progress this huge volume of data and keeps freezing.
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3 years ago, Ashley S -
Very expensive for mediocre customer service
The pictures were just ok quality. Took almost 2 weeks to get my standard prints. Just 8x10 (2 of them) and some 4x6 prints (15 of them). I emailed the company and the response I received was that I should have paid for premium shipping. Come on. I can just go to Walgreens and get them same day. 2-4 days shipping... fine! But 2 full weeks? That’s crazy. And the fact that they told me to pay more for shipping if I want them quicker was laughable. The prints were not that much better than Walgreens...the cost definitely made it seem like they would be. As I promised to the customer service person... I will be deleting the app. She didn’t seem to mind.
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4 years ago, Myers Swingset
Mpix is fantastic.
I love this service. The prints are very high quality and enlargements are very well placed in the desired size with nice resolution. The “chat” option makes it easy to get answers to questions. The development time is very fast and with expedited delivery I can get the prints the next day. I also noticed that I am getting fewer instances (just once this year out of 30 prints) that say an image is too small for enlargement, and I got many of them last year, which I believe evidences that Mpix has improved its technology. I’m a very satisfied customer.
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4 years ago, MHO58
Great photo prints
As a long-time serious amateur photographer, I am extremely pleased by the high quality prints and the packaging of the photo order for shipping! If you have color calibrated your monitor and edit your photos in a program such as Lightroom then you can have your photos printed with confidence as uploaded without any additional adjustments by Mpix! This feature can be turned on or off in your preferences! The quality of the prints is professional! Outstanding service with several options for photo paper .
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3 years ago, Mother of a Hawk
Amazing Photo Quality
I scanned an old small family photo and wanted to enlarge it and give it as a gift but was worried about the quality of the photo if I printed it out because places like Walgreens, CVS, etc quality is not good. I looked at the reviews of this company and dived in with my eyes closed, praying that it will come out right. I just got my delivery today and I truly love the detail and quality of the photos. I will most definitely will be ordering from here again!
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5 years ago, JenMcC21
Good but some kinks
I love the fact that I can just upload straight from my phone or tablet. The draw back is that doing certain thinks takes some detective work. Would love to see a button on the home screen for uploading pictures right away. Not jumping through 3 or 4 other steps to figure out how to do it. It would also be nice to be able to access your account and order info from the home screen. You have to click on other options before you can even access the menu button that allows you to do that. You’re getting there Mpix just not quite there yet.
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5 years ago, Kariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Mpix app is awful!!!
I love the quality of Mpix, but just as many other reviewers have stated, this app is the WORST!! It’s nearly impossible to upload photos, as it’s super glitchy and unless you are selecting all photos from your phone (which would take days to upload) it’s extremely difficult to select certain photos. You have to scroll all the way back to select, and then once you select one photo to upload, app bounces you all the way back to the most recent photos. So then you gave to scroll alllll the way back again, FOR EVERY PHOTO you select!! Not to mention it takes forever to upload photos, and more often than not the app times out and deletes photos you already uploaded. SO ANNOYING!!
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6 months ago, Awful site!!!!
More expensive than other sites, less customization options, and undoubtedly a huge pain in the behind to use. I've tried the app and the website. The website crashes constantly so you can't finish anything (since it does not save it) and while the app will at least save your project, it can't load the darn thing to your cart! I've been working on the same project for a while, and now that I finally finished it with all the problems I had, now Mpix can't load the pictures in my album to the cart, so I don't think I can even print it. I only used this site because I got a gift card and they won't refund it.
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1 year ago, DonAntonio100
Review: disappointed by this company.
Well, having worked with computers and cell phones for 20 years. This site is slow and not user friendly. 2 hours, including talking to customer service all I needed was 12 prints, and nothing…now moving to another site/company This company dissuade negative reviews, they requested Nickname, I tried 12, all “unavailable “ I was giving one star and decided to put 5 on so as speak.
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8 months ago, Mr Learned
Nice quality
I was looking for a high-quality photo finisher that would be easy to order online. I tried a competitor first and I was completely disappointed. I’m so happy I tried this app because the quality is much better. The paper is obviously better quality and the colors are so vibrant and the images are much sharper just like they should be. I’m very happy.
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4 years ago, SNB2016
A little good, a little difficult
I like that it is easy to upload photos from pretty much any platform. It was difficult to shop for cards because once I clicked one there was no way to back out. Then I would have to start from the top of the page again. Once I decided on a card it was pretty easy to make but there were a few glitches, especially with the app not saving the latest version of my project. Also, the project that I started in app never showed up on my desktop profile so there was no way to avoid the glitches.
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3 years ago, ekta85
I keep trying, and this app keeps being awful...
I attempt to upload pictures from my phone to the Mpix app approximately once every 4-6 months or so. Every single time I spend hours attempting to upload photos, and every single time, the app crashes, and I wasted those hours. Then, another 6 months goes by, and I think, “hmmm....maybe they’ve worked out the app kinks by now.” But, my wish has yet to come true. I sincerely wish the app was better, as the photo quality of Mpix photos is beyond compare. I’d happily pay the triple cost of what I end up spending at CVS (whose app is fabulously easy and reliable). I can only order from Mpix with professional photos uploaded from my computer...
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5 years ago, kel4kev7
Top notch quality pictures and frames
I’ve never bought frames online before and found MPix via my new iMac computer as a suggested app. Gave it a whirl and was wowed by the secured packaging considering the items were breakable and the quality of the frames were high end! Of course I paid a decent price, but am very happy with my purchases! Pictures deserve the investment as they’ll be around for a long time!
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2 years ago, 9972648919
Poor quality and expensive.
I paid extra for what I thought I was gonna be a nice glossy photo. 3 times of what I pay at Costco. The print cam on very poor glossy paper. For $41 for a 16x20 I thought it was gonna be great. Not the case. It was standard printing paper. For a customer I was selling it too. I have pride in my photography and will not let it leave my hands on junk paper . Cheap paper shouldn’t even be an option for the prices these guys charge. Especially shipping . $10? Really? And don’t fall for the discounts. They find a way to get you either way. I sent my photo back and it’s being refunded. I will be looking at another place for print. Have no idea how they have the stars they do . Maybe people who have no idea what quality photos look like. America…. Cheap product for a high price . New name of the game . Sad. I will not be using this service again. And I will make sure my followers know this .
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5 months ago, Lisa Apple
Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to add more photos, and there isn’t any help section. When I began my experience I opted to let the app have access to a select few photos. Now I have no idea how to change this. Nor do I understand what the interface is trying to tell me. It’s a weird screen that seems to be communicating how things are currently organized, but I selected “add more photos” so I’m expecting to see a process that is action oriented, and not info about empty folders with no “add” buttons. I’m confused and disappointed.
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4 years ago, aeIrun4me
So disappointed this time!
I didn’t receive my pictures as quickly as usual and with all that has been going on in this busy Christmas season I figured I would just get them when I get them. Today I received a package from a woman in Massachusetts containing my pictures. Inside I found a note that said she had received them in error. She called customer service and was told to just throw them away and that Mpix would send me more. She didn’t want them to go to waste and decided to mail them to me. So kind! Mpix hasn’t sent me more, they haven’t even contacted me about the mixup. So thankful for this woman that did the right thing when Mpix didn’t.
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3 years ago, sunami41
App has many issues
Really wanted this to work but seriously a lot of issues uploading and saving photos not user friendly at all clunky and slow plus confusing as to how to actually order! I do agree with others I have a ton of photos I need printed while I haven’t seen the quality yet I’d picked up a Snapfish order today at Walgreens it was deplorable! Waste of my money $ Many peoples photos are irreplaceable so I’m hoping if I use my pc (a pain since my photos are mainly on my phone) it’ll be easier to use otherwise ... on to the next as there are many services
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3 years ago, ezhem
When my photographer first recommended Mpix I figured it was her artistic eye that would notice a difference because really a photo is a photo, right? WRONG! From my first order I fell in love with my Mpix photos and have been trusting them with my family photos for years. The app makes it super easy to order right from my phone.
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1 year ago, grl677463957
Quality pictures. Terrible app.
I’ve used Mpix several times before and have always been happy with the quality of the photos. However, I just tried using the app to order my most recent batch of photos, and was never able to actually order my pictures. Every time I would try to select my photos for ordering, my progress and all my pictures would disappear for no apparent reason…when I was mid-task. I tried multiple times to order and had the same problem, even when I tried it on different days. Incredibly frustrating.
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3 years ago, Larsmith
Too many duplicates!
I have such a hard time adding large quantities of photos and having them duplicated. Example- I will upload 250 prints and end up with 370 in my cart. It randomly pics photos to duplicate. It is not as simple as there being 2 of the same photo in the quantity. It actually uploads the same pic twice, so I have to go back thru and try and figure what has been duplicated. Such a pain. If I didn’t love the quality and service of Mpix so much, I think I would try and find another app to use.
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5 years ago, MomP123
Loved Mpix and App until update
Loved mpix until the app update that added various social media options upfront. They take up my entire iPhone screen so I can no longer actually see any photos I want to upload from my phone - infuriating! I am a longtime, loyal mpix customer, even for holiday photo cards and love their photo products. But I loved the ease of ordering when I could upload photos directly from my phone. The app change has unfortunately prevented me from ordering prints for the past several months. I am sad to have to look elsewhere for holiday cards this year and dread having to find another photo app for prints. ☹️
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2 years ago, Kelly🌸
Prints are beautiful
I am ordering more after receiving my first order I missed some I needed. Easy pick em, pay and they came so fast. I was so please the told me which ones would blow up in the app automatically. 100 right on the mark. So pleased. I had many prints and sizes I confused myself. Correcting by ordering more. Awesome and easy.
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5 years ago, julesg85
Great quality IF the app works
I’ve spent literally HOURS trying to upload my pics from my iPhone, computer and iPad. When uploading, it constantly times out, then will only upload portions of the photos I selected. Then I’ll have to go back and forth figuring out which pictures are missing. They’re also out of order from what you select after uploading. The quality of the photos are excellent, which is why I’ve kept trying. But I’m currently looking for another service with similar quality photos because printing photos should never be this stressful.
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2 years ago, Ar2345??!
Christmas cards 2 months late
I ordered 15 or so Christmas cards for my babies first Christmas to send to family. Some family is in the USA (including me) who got their cards Jan 2nd. I expected it to be after Xmas a little (I ordered a couple days before Xmas) BUT my Uk family just got theirs-Feb 4th. This is an absolute joke. For the $70 I paid, I was expecting them to at least get there by new year. They can claim postal service issues due to Covid- but I sent packages by USPS and they have been er taken more than 2 wks, most 1 week. These cards took 2 months!!!!!! They look nice. But for the price and how long it took to get there it’s not worth it. I won’t be using them again and actively urging my family and friends not to bother either. Babies first Xmas (he was 2 months old) card, dampened the experience for my family not actually getting a card. February is not good enough.
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4 years ago, Lynne Goodwin
Happy with products
I have ordered several products. I am satisfied with quality. My favorite is the canvas and collages. I would probably order more if the platform was easier to use. I have experienced difficulty uploading from the various options. Overall, love Mpix and believe the pricing is appropriate for the items that I have purchased.
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3 years ago, ARainwater418
Always awesome!
Always great quality and insanely fast shipping! I didn’t get an email saying they were shipped so when I ordered on Saturday, 9/12 I certainly didn’t expect them to arrive on 9/14! It’s also great that they warn you about the quality of your pictures when enlarging rather than just letting you enlarge and not be happy with a fuzzy quality picture.
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2 years ago, Coach Torre!
3 pictures just done on metal!
My family just loves these pictures! They have exceeded all expectations! I’m ready to place another order in the near future! Cannot thank you enough for your good work! Cannot quit looking at these pictures and the look on my families’ faces as they enjoy them!
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5 years ago, Family Historian 6
Exceptional Quality
My prints exceeded my expectations! I have used a handful of other online printing companies and watched the quality decline as their business increased in volume over the years. The significant difference with MPix is the quality. Clearly a person, not a computer, is handling my images and they are beautiful! I could not be more pleased!
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4 years ago, K771345789
Really bad
Awful. I thought the app would be more user-friendly than the website but still having a really hard time downloading photos. When you upload a photo it gives a really tiny box that you can’t even see what you’re choosing. Thinking about just scrapping this and going to a different website altogether. This is painful to use. Also I have used this in the past to order prints with no issues. I don’t know what the issue is with the new interface or maybe it’s only a problem if you’re doing projects like metal prints.
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5 years ago, Jessica's photos
Thumbnails and editing issues, overall easy
Trying out this App to see if it will save time printing photos from my phone. I would like to be able to enlarge the thumbnails of the images when selecting to make sure I have the correct image. I’d also like to make basic adjustments within the app such as brightening. Overall it was pretty easy to use and I’ll probably use it again for quick iPhone pic prints that I don’t need to edit.
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1 year ago, Neverworrie
Awesome service, app needs update
I love mpix. The customer service is incredible and the photo quality is great. I would give 5 stars if the app was better. When making a photo book and adding text, the keyboard constantly pops down. You have to click the text box over and over to keep typing. Pretty annoying.
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4 years ago, MXCFIFI
Great quality
I ordered a few photos and some magnets just to see the quality. My order came in just a few days and the quality is above my expectation. I am glad that I don’t need to waste my money on 1 hour photo at Walgreens anymore. I hope in the future they will offer passport photo print.
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4 years ago, $ucce$$_2020
Photo book nightmare! Go Online
Great company, quality products and fast shipping! I’ve purchased many things from this company and I’ve never been disappointed. Too bad the app doesn’t live up to everything else it is HORRIBLE when trying to make photo books. It’s so sensitive you can’t even scroll through pictures or page layouts. It simply opens and before you can finishing scrolling to select a picture or layout it closes. It will leave you absolutely frustrated and ready to pull your hair out. I’m sticking with the website. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
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3 years ago, DOC Ranch
I’m giving 3 stars because I’ve just started the process of developing pics and products - it was a little misunderstanding of navigating the process of picture enlargement. One asset is it won’t let you make a picture that isn’t in big format if picture is too small - hence you know those blurry pics from over stretching them ? So until I experience the finished product I can only submit stars now-
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5 years ago, rstonesfan
Mobile App is clunky
I like the quality of MPix bit really wish the app and online account were connected. Wish what i uploaded from phone was able to be viewed from online account. Also ordering pics from app i had to select each one individually. Very time consuming
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2 years ago, Mercer Sanchez
Hbrtexas photography
I have liked this website for my professional photography career ever since it was recommended to me by a close photographer friend. Thank you Sara Moon for recognizing the new technology! Friend discounts every month would be a nice email to see in my inbox every month from MPIX🙏🏻🇨🇱👯‍♀️
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2 months ago, johnny32568
Great service would recommend a couple tweaks to the app
Second time using the app and while if you ordering a bunch of the same size and finish prints the app is great, if you’re changing sizes, finishes, etc. you have to toggle between screens. If I want to customize individual prints I can easily make mistakes between screens.
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4 years ago, bonitabythesea
Im a faithful MPIX user BUT:(
Their app still is such a headache....I’ve been working on printing 4000 plus photographs and it’s taken me hundreds of man hours...their online support is well intentioned and kind but they can’t so much from their end so it is basically useless (at least they are kind and sweet about it...although their app has grown leaps and bounds from when I first started using it;It still has a loooong way to go...the only reason I have been so faithful to MPIX is that their metallic prints are so beautiful...and I haven’t found anyone else who provides metallic paper...
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3 years ago, A life saver-best invention
Fabulous quality
I bought some digital images from the photographer & had them sent to Walgreens. They were awful! I had this recommendation for mpix & I am so happy. The photos looks beautiful & they were sent fast. They gave a new customer
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9 months ago, Tls434
Lost project progress multiple times
Despite me saving my project numerous times, the app would continuously lose the progress of my project and I would have to start over again after hours of working on it. The same thing happened on their MAC application I used, spent hours designing the album and the entire thing was lost. There is no easy way to create an album combining iPhone and professional images on mpix. So upset over the amount of time I spent doing this.
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