MPL: Real Money Card Games

4.5 (23.5K)
322.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for MPL: Real Money Card Games

4.5 out of 5
23.5K Ratings
1 month ago, Trinity20_1
Problem with using tickets
The game setup is great. I love the free games you get to win free money, but when I open the chest and it give me money tickets, I’m not able to use them and I’m only able to play 3 different games. The loading for the game uno game never connects me with a person when I try to use my money ticket so it espires then I wasted my coins to open the chest. And when I try to go to spades it doesn’t load up any games for me to be able to select and load to play. Also it’s only showing me 3 different games when I try to use money tickets. It does sent offer the other games for option and I believe on my Home Screen when I’m not using a ticket I only have a selection of like 8 different games and I’ve seen that there are or were different games to play. Side note, I did try and message help but I have still leave a review because when I clicked the chat for help it only brought up options to get help on the games I’ve already played or my transactions. I can’t just talk to someone about a situation that doesn’t have to do with a game I’ve already played, I’ve already looked in the FAQs before coming to here as well.
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11 months ago, PoolPlayer1978
Don’t Waste Your Time With This App!!
I have been playing games online for money for a few years now and I have to say this is absolutely the WORST gaming platform I have ever played on! Don’t even think about wasting your money with this app, because that is exactly what will happen if you decide to play it. This app constantly crashes and when it does while you are in a game, unless you take a screenshot of what happened, customer service wont help you out. You might as well forget they even have a so called customer service if you don’t take a picture of your issue and if you do snap a screenshot, they more than likely will blame the device you are using to play their games on just so they don’t have to reimburse you what you’ve lost trying to play. I don’t even know why they have a customer service because they don’t service their customers, they find every reason they can to blame their customers for their terrible running app. I have lost a lot of money that I will never get back because their app crashed and they said it was my fault. If you haven’t experienced any problems, then you probably haven’t played very many games because I guarantee you will have issues within the first few games you play. Don’t say nobody warned you that it would rip you off….
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1 year ago, StrangerGranger
Liars, scammers, and thieves…oh my!
This app was fun for about a month until I finally started to cash out. After I cashed out twice (I’m talking small cash outs, one $10 and one for $12) I went to login one morning and I couldn’t. The app had locked my account and told me that I violated some rule, and they deemed my account fraudulent. Now the day before, I contacted support over a match that froze up and wouldn’t allow me to make any moves or play at all, but I could see the other person playing. My opponent won obviously, and I wasn’t even mad. I simply told them what happened, sent screenshots when they asked for them, and very and asked for a refund for the money I put in for that match. The support staff I spoke with said sure let our expert team look into this and we will definitely get it taken care of for you…. then the next morning my account was locked and I could no longer play. I honestly was enjoying playing the game and the cash outs were very simple and fast, but the games are 100% rigged. And it’s obvious when the game is literally in favor of your opponent-they roll exactly what they need to win or are dealt exactly what they need to win or to make you lose. Or my personal favorite, they lock your account for no reason and you can’t get anyone to answer the question “why was my account locked?” Screw you MPL, and eat glass. I’m just glad my account only had a few bucks in it when they locked it.
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3 years ago, A. Buggie
Customer service does nothing for you
This app is great to say the least. My only issue is that sometimes the App would freeze and the game would be lost. During tournaments or battles any interruption automatically disqualify you from the game. My example would be in the middle of fruit chop and competing for five dollars the game froze I was able to screenshot what was going on. I reached out to customer service in regards to the situation and I was told that unfortunately there was nothing that could be done and that the game shows that I did not meet the score high enough to be my opponent when in reality I could not play the game because it was frozen. On the other hand winning money here is great won’t make you rich but if you invite enough people you get money for that and if you get good at the games you play you can actually build up enough money per week to actually gas your car and or put some food on the table. I have had no issues with cashing out and the money is usually in my account within a day. I’ve already won about $80 in the last month.
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2 years ago, EdableShaboopie
At first I Enjoyed this site and games until I deposited money. I had deposited some money so I could assure my position in a tournament I had entered. I was so happy because I had not done as well as I was before and I was going to win a prize, i was in second place in the tourney. The tournament was going to end in 8 hours then all of a sudden when I hit play game it kicked me out and permanently locked me out of my games saying it was a 3rd offense in cheating. I didn’t cheat, I wouldn’t even know how to cheat on their games, let alone attempt it. I had never received any other offenses prior either. No first offense or second offense. I just all of a sudden was permanently banned. When this happened, it also makes you forfeit any money deposited and any balances you had. So you are screwed out of your money and not even told how you allegedly cheated. I believe they just didn’t want to pay out. I was in line to recieve a $150 Apple Card, but they chose to ban my account and say I cheated and say it was my 3rd offense when I had never had any problems prior and had not received any notices of offenses made or anything. They wanted to take my money and my winnings so they didn’t have to pay out. So I don’t recommend this app at all. I will not participate in anything they have as I’m sure they will do the same thing in those as well.
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2 years ago, ElissaGreen
They’ll rip you off, even if it’s your last 50 cents 😢
I had actually just re-downloaded this app yesterday after deleting it a month or so ago because i wasn’t able win on games I felt like I should have and would have in other apps. They emailed me today about a referral event happening now so I referred 3 friends in hopes yo cash in. I had like 70 some cents left on my account and they solicited me to play this new 21 game for $.50 the description stated you have two tries to “beat the score“. I proceeded to hop to play the game after clicking play, I was forced to Indore a tutorial that was at the very least two minutes long, but probably a minute or two longer. and then I was taken to play the game in the middle of my first attempt I was I was kicked out stating that the tournament had ended. I wasn’t even allowed another attempt or to finish the first attempt when I contacted their support via chat immediately they responded by telling me repeatedly that i should have noted the tournament end time (which was 8:03pm!) in the fine print before I opted to play. I’m livid and will be following up with the friends I referred to warn them. I’m warning you, too. There’s nothing FAIR about this FAIR PLAY cash game app. I recommend Blitz, World Winner, or Skillz if winning, variety, and fairness are what you’re after. Get bent MPL!
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2 years ago, HBMike2000
Don’t Play
Don’t even bother downloading it. I played a few days and started to get the hang of it and decided to play a tournament. After few games I started to do good when all the sudden in the middle of a game I was booted out. When I tried to log back in, it said I was banned for breaking some rule and that they will review the situation. It gave no way to contact them and I have no clue what I did wrong. I tried logging back in two or three times and same thing. So I waited a day and tried to log back in. I got a new message saying I cheated. I did no such thing. Don’t even know how you can cheat on this game. This time though there was a link if you disagreed with them. So I clicked on the link and asked what happened and why was I banned. The next day I tried logging on again and found there response. It said I was banned for life for cheating multiple times. How is that even possible. They wouldn’t say how I cheated, because I did not, plus that was the first time I was ever booted out and I hadn’t been able to log back in since. So if I hadn’t been able to log back in since the first incident, which I still don’t know what it is beyond cheating somehow, how was I able to rack up multiple times of cheating. Not possible. The only cheating done here is from them.
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12 months ago, saltycaptain1
certain winnings no longer on the app
i downloaded this game awhile back. customer svc is great but now after reinstalling the app, little tournaments have been taken out of the game. this has now become like the skill app. unless you put money into it, only tournaments with some odd coins or whatever they are can be used to get more of them but not on the money games. what made this app unique was these little tournaments that i could win to enter that had the cash bonus money for the bigger cash games. i guess the company is loosing money. what a shame because i was going to add a little bit of money into it but not now. as for these ads, big lies to me. yes they do pay cause i got $2.00 from them but in order to get that i had to put money in but i got it back less 1 buck. to me, it is all about shoving money into the app. they have some teenage looking boy with a fancy car. how did you get sooo much money. must have been the money he put into the game. like you are up against people all over the United States. was he the only one playing cause the winnings are very small. good luck to others. the only good game to me was the blocks game. the bingo game is the worst and good luck getting any of the numbers that match a card. the most numbers i got were maybe around 7.
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2 years ago, Daddy's Clouds
It’s in the details
Update: My favorite game in MPL had been the baseball game in which you try to hit the ball so it strikes the correct target. It was my favorite game because I was pretty good at it, and I could win money maybe 75% of the time. Then came an update, and that game is no longer available. No explanation. Just gone. Thinking about uninstalling. Reviewing the various games themselves would take an inordinate amount of time, which I cannot afford at the moment. Overall, the game controls are simple, and most are repeatable when you find a successful strategy. These five stars are in recognition of the transparency of their accounting of different forms of cash and how the different cash categories can be used, as well as the availability of “free money”, aka Bonus Cash, to give you a bit of a leg up starting to compete in cash games. Any Bonus Cash given to you, for whatever reason, can be used to compete in specific cash games. Bonus Cash cannot be cashed out. However, any money that you win CAN be cashed out, even when you make the initial bet with Bonus Cash. I’m still new to this platform, so I will probably be amending this review as I gain more familiarity with their games and their accounting practices.
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2 years ago, Kg@theBeach
From great to crap
I absolutely loved MPL when it came out. Didn’t win a huge amount of cash or anything, but did pretty well for the most part. Out of nowhere I went to login and play, and got a notification that I was flagged for cheating and banned for a day (meanwhile I’m writing to tech support to let them know that there are glitches in one of the games so that they could make sure everyone was getting a fair shot….what’s the point of friendly competition if you’re going to cheat?). After my “day” of being locked out, went to sign in the following day, only to see another notification that I had been viewed as a repeat offender and then banned for life, and took my money. I’ve talked to quite a few people who encountered the same issue, and collectively our main gripe was the fact that not once in any of our experiences did anyone from support explain what the reasoning was behind the ban, so it leaves a sour taste in your mouth for sure. Now I’m not sure what was seen or blah blah blah, but hopefully if you’re new to the game this doesn’t happen to you, because it really was an enjoyable experience otherwise. Good variety of games, good competition, and what I believed was a pretty fair chance at picking up some extra bucks with some practice here and there.
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1 week ago, challenges123454321
The only PROFITABLE game to play is crash, but be aware if you some how get as unlucky as me as to cash out the moment the ship crashes the game will freeze and u will lose your money and unfortunately there is no way to prove to staff that that’s LEGITIMATELY what happened (unless your someone who records on your phone all the time) put $160 in to there app only played it for a day and already it happened to me 3 times, play SPADES Dear Support, I’m not mad about the $160 I’m upset that the glitches happened and there was no way to prove it happened, please figure out a way to allow people to AT THE VERY LEAST get there money back when the game glitches like it did, something automated to avoid the tedious long conversation with customer support about a reoccurring bug in your system, more money in less time and more availability for customer support to handle other problems 😁 Overall (even though I only played for a day)this app is probably 1 of the better options available to put some money into (besides crash) Second review waited about a week almost 2 to reply put $200 in the game list it all in 20 minutes once again on crash and on touchdown this app is designed to make you lose it’s horrible I’m changing my rating to 1, worst app ever
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11 months ago, kenz2333
was a fan, but now they are horrible
I used to play this game so much I loved it. And I actually won money… BUT my Account was blocked for NO reason without warning and was unable to log in or play and still to this day do not have an answer. Customer service and support chats are TRASH. They do not help you and you can’t get ahold of them. I was going in circles with support wanting an answer as to way my account was blocked, and they kept asking me what my ID was. I couldn’t even tel them that bc they were so quick to close my account and shut it down! So worthless. There are so many bugs and constantly waiting for a game to start… I couldn’t even join battles for a day bc the app wasn’t working.
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1 year ago, Soalia
Not Working Right & Other Problems.
I’m trying to unlock a chest with coins, but it won’t let me. They won’t let you speak to support unless you had a problem with the game. The categories are game disconnected, winnings not credited, fraud or battle status waiting. I have a problem opening the chest, but because I don’t fall into those categories I can’t speak to support. Ridiculous! We pay for these games, the companies that own them make money hand over fist yet we get very little customer service. That’s what it comes down to because we as consumers don’t expect the best anymore. WARNING: Don’t use the app if you’re not an excellent game player. When you click on a game it says searching for someone at your level, but if that were true I should be winning more. Would be more fair and more fun if you could play at different levels. I deposited $10 twice and promptly lost it all. I did win here and there, but the majority were obviously losses. Which reminds me that even when playing free games the majority are losses which doesn’t bode well for cash games. You may be thinking that maybe I’m just not smart enough, but that isn’t true. I have worked in corporate finance and in commercial real estate. I doubt I could’ve maintained work in these areas if I weren't too bright. I’m not saying no one wins. Some people seem to do very well, but I think the majority of people lose. If you decide to play I wish you luck.
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2 years ago, poopdodoking
It’s a scam
Guys don’t waste your time this app is a scam I downloaded this app from an add that I saw on a game and they had people talking on it so I thought it was legit so I downloaded it (also seeing the relatively good reviews) I played my first game and I easily won (typical for games like this that “change peoples lives and they cash out tons of money and it seemed to be a bit since they failed on one of the easiest games) and I tried to play another beginner match after that and it didn’t load me into one claiming they would search for the next 6 hours for me to get a 50 cent refund and I waited for a while before I got tired of waiting so the gimmick I’m getting here is you win one match with a bot thinking your gonna get some money and then they put you in a real match and you don’t get in one and they take your information and location for a cheap 50 cents you will never earn more money towards to cash out and I played the block puzzle game and each time I played it gave me multiple pieces that wouldn’t collaborate with the current pieces on the board and I confirmed this after about the tenth time I played when I got 3 9 cube blocks in a row this game is such a scam don’t waste your time😒
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2 years ago, ronnielily85
Game is rigged or something.
First thing about this game is all the glitches in the game. For example: I was playing pool and had a straight shot in to the pocket nothing crazy. Well when I shot the Q ball it went the complete opposite way then the way I was shooting. Now I should’ve have made this shot but because of I had made this shot it would’ve giving me the game winning score on the tournament I was playing. Now where the Q ball went left me with no shots and forced me to loose. I was extremely angry over this. This isn’t fake money we’re playing with and this isn’t the only time I’ve notice these glitches. So today I go to get on the game to play and notice I only had $6.93, well the problem with this is when I played 3 days ago I had twice that amount. I tried to look to see where all my money went but unfortunately I was unable to verify where. I will no longer spend another dime on this game. I feel as if the game is only designed to make money off of everyone playing. The game is even taking money from every match that is played. If a game cost you $.60 to play and the other player $.60 but you only win $1. Where is the other $.20 going?
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3 months ago, Vadero1
Nothing but lies and cheats
This app should be banned. The games are all rigged. The “support” team they have is a literal joke. All anyone does is LIE and then lie some more and then they just leave the conversation while you’re trying to tell them the issue….literally in middle of you typing they close the conversation. The amount of OBVIOUS bots in this app is disgusting, they don’t even try to hide it or make the game even close to even. Like in rummy, you won’t draw a single card you need….but every single card in your hand that your discard is the exact card they need and they win in 3 rounds or less. I gave up playing all of the games besides the crash game and actually can win some decent money there…..until they decide to take away your ability to withdraw. They tell you it’ll be enabled again in 24 hours…..yet 4 days later nothing has changed. These guys are the biggest thieves and liars in any app I’ve ever tried. Seriously, do yourself a favor and run away from this app. You’ll win for a little bit when you’re new and that’s it. Don’t waste your money. I wish I hadn’t. Hey MPL, karmas a real thing and you’ll get exactly what you deserve one day. Losers.
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3 years ago, thatbihrachel
waste of my time 🤦🏿‍♀️
first off, i saw this app on an ad from a game i was playing and it looked legit. so i thought i would download it and give it a shot. when i tried to play the first game i couldn’t figure it out and thought i had to literally download every single game. but i figured it out 😂. anyways..i forgot what the first game was but i’m pretty sure i lost. and then i kept losing so i played a different game. i think it was 8ball pool. during that game(s) (as i saw on another review) it felt like the game was rigged. whenever i would aim the white ball whether it was far or close to a solid/stripe, as im doing the amount of power to shoot, the direction moves slightly so the ball doesn’t end up going in. and then i played another different game (mahjong) and in that one the TIME STOPPED AT LIKE 30 SECONDS and the opponents always end up winning. after all that i just decided that i wanna try to withdraw the little amount of money i got. so i go to the section where it says “withdraw” or sum like that, and when i tried to withdraw the money, it said that i needed to DEPOSIT MONEY TO WITHDRAW MONEY. WHYYYYYY i don’t understand. those are the reasons i’m giving this app 1 ⭐️.
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3 years ago, LaniGrly
Glitch in the pool app
There is 100%. Glitch in the pool app and I’m begging for it to be fixed. The ball don’t go in the pockets. They jump and I even see the curve in a way that looks rigged. It wasn’t like this before I updated the app. I’m really angry. Even when I try to align the quo ball I see ghat it doesn’t let me go where I want like I’m fighting it to maybe the right alignment. Almost like a magnet pulling . And I would describe the balls as springy when then jump out of the pockets for only one reason! For me to LOSE MONEY. I played perfectly fine and fair with the same people. And now this upset ruined how I felt about this app . Loved this game up until the new update. The game feels rigged now and is overly sensitive. I wish I never downloaded the new update example for pool all the shots that should of gone in some reason jump out of the pockets!! This didn’t happen before the update!! Every shot that should go in doesn’t. I was playing fine up until the update. Now I won’t play until the app is fixed. I’m telling you they rigged the app now. And people are just stealing my money. I’m so upset
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4 months ago, Kstonya2526
Can’t play
I like this app as far as payment goes. But I’m not happy that you have a limited number of games and have Avigames on your platform. They just lost a court case for unfair play so I don’t play any of their games. I have noticed that lately your daily login is randomly selected when to close or open. Also it doesn’t matter if I do open the app between 0:00 and 24:59,at my location, I didn’t get the next login and it resets to day 1. My favorite game was taken off the list and I don’t play any of the other games. An Avigames app is on your platform which I have stated that I know they are not paying for our winnings. I have screenshots of my login that is before midnight in my location which I should have gotten the next login but it was reset to day 1. I don’t pay to play so my earnings are to low to withdraw but you want a fee for the lower withdrawal amounts. I can’t even get support on the app to request my favorite game or to get the login and other issues resolved. I wish your app support would allow me to post my issues instead of having a set of issues that don’t allow me to post MY issue. Please fix your app.
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11 months ago, Calli rainbow
literally only downloaded to write a review about the ads
okay so i have zero interest in actually playing another fake get-rich-quick scheme type game bc you actually don’t win anything and there’s always a problem when cashing out BUT i downloaded just to say that the ads for this game are absolutely hilarious. they gave the dude a script and he literally reads it with grammatical errors and everything! it gave me a good laugh. he didn’t even try to make it more believable or make the english sound right 🤣 “if you someone” (instead of “if you are” or “if you’re”) it’s comedy gold, tysm for making a clearly native english speaker read translated english for an ad that would come across millions of peoples screens 🤣🤣 at least you have probably the most believable ad 🤷 but he’s very obviously a payed actor- anywayyyy still ain’t giving you my money but good luck scamming others ig
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3 years ago, worlds worst husband
Horrible customer care team
These people seriously need to do something about their so called “customer help desk “ they don’t help anything or anyone . I made the deposit of 2$ to link my PayPal in order to withdrawal the 25$ I had in winnings cash and after I deposited the money I went to withdraw and it said I still had to enable PayPal by making a deposit! I reached out to the help desk only to be told numerous times that I need to email some other team! There’s no phone number and these people don’t even read my messages, twice they respond with saying my deposit was successful which wasn’t my problem at all! Then they say they will get back to me in 24-48 hours and after 4 days I had to write again and I was told the exact same thing ! Don’t use PayPal for withdrawal they will keep taking your money and then you won’t be able to resolve it
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3 years ago, Grimagin
Great Among Peers
I’ve been playing this assortment of games competing for cash since I discovered it during the second week of the olympics. I’ve earned a nice sum so far. Having so much fun getting to see others with high scores wondering how they do it trying to compete for myself to match them in the tournaments. I recently referred my dad to join because he likes playing these types of casual games on his phone. He hasn’t shown up as a referral. We’re both suppose to get some sort of benefit for doing it, but I haven’t seen it processed yet. While doing the above, I noticed there was an update to the app. Everything was working fine before. But, ever since I installed the new version, none of the game rooms or tournaments seemed to be working. Because the game has individual packages that install for each game, I had to uninstall the whole app to get them to work again.
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12 months ago, Tam Rosa
I was playing the game as i normally did because I had it for a few months but than I had an issue and I talked to costumer service, they helped me with the issues and than I deposit some money to the game. I played the game for a bit than exit out of it and a few minutes later I go back in the game and it says I was BANNED?! It doesn’t even say why I was banned but it said I was PERMANENTLY BANNED and that I could NEVER make another account and play it again. I reached out to them many times trying to figure out why I was banned or what I did wrong to get banned but they ignored my emails. I feel like this is extremely unfair because I put my time and money into this just to get banned and ignored. I did nothing wrong to get ban from the game. I also think it’s funny how I just talked to costumer service a few minutes prior to getting banned and they didn’t say anything. I just deposited money to the game too and they took my money perfectly fine but than they decided to ban me?! Big waste of my time, if you want to know other games that I have played and that work let me know.
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2 years ago, K'la Smoot
Definitely a great game but…
So this game is super legit you do get your winnings which is great HOWEVER I would suggest practicing in the many games they offer to see what game works best for you and then developing a strategy for that game. You could be good but others are better and you don’t want to beat yourself out. Okay lots of 60 cent games first and then move onto the dollar twenty or 3 or 5 dollar games. Try to too in the leaderboards as well as you ear additional money after the leaderboard is done. Don’t deposit your money until you get a cash back offer!! You don’t have to deposit money to start the game since they give bonus cash but you can’t withdraw your winnings until you deposit at least $2 so wait until you spin the wheel and get a cash back offer and THEN deposit $2 so you earn some bonus cash back. Thank me later😌
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3 years ago, yallRfraud
Normally don’t
I normally don’t write reviews but this app is a complete joke I’ve never been lied to so much in my life by a so-called company I did surveys for them and in completion of the surveys I was supposed to receive a reward which would be five dollars in game credit they told me it would be within the next 24 hours would be added to my account it has been a month and a half nothing when I contact the helpdesk where you can talk to live they tell me the same thing they all sound like robots or terribly sorry we don’t want Shikhar to cause any inconvenience for you please within 24 to 48 hours it’ll be added to your account I was even assured by a couple of them that they are taking in their own hand and they promised me that they would be there in 24 hours which it never came also I want a lot of competitions on there and it told you if you beat a certain score you guaranteed a certain price amount I got screenshots proving everything they don’t give you the guarantee price amount they shorted you every single time like every time customer service is a joke
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1 year ago, Ccafeltoo
At first I loved this app
At first, I loved playing the games on this app but then it came to the point that I never won, no matter how good I was playing. Now, on the free games, I was winning quite a bit it seemed but the moment, I try to play for a little money, I hardly ever(close to almost never). Then I got really fed up over the holidays. I entered 4 tournaments and was either frozen or booted out and they kept the money. Not to be mean but I explained this many times over a week with support and either they don’t listen or what but I was only refunded 6 of those dollars. Sadly, I finally gave up trying to get the rest back because kept getting brushed off and ignored. I specifically stated how much I lost and I guess lucky to even get a few dollars back. So, don’t waste your time off money here because there are other games out there. At least, they don’t promise fair play while they cash in your money. Help desk was absolutely not helpful no matter how many times I emailed despite saying we’re here to help. Uh huh.
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3 years ago, Vrodiene
Legit just a suggestion
For the most part I love playing this game, mostly the $30 pots on the basketball game cause it’s really the only one I play! But I got over $10 playing for not even 2 full days and it was at SCHOOL so just imagine if one day you just chose to sit and play MPL, honestly that’s a lot of money you could get, everytime I join my money is always atleast $1 up Bc of the games I play forgetting I did😂 But I played fruit ninja which is a very old game I used to play when I was like 4😂 Basically you have to swipe the sceen to slice the fruit, but one thing I don’t like is that when you accidentally scroll up to the top screen it says time exceeded and you lost, that’s nerve racking Bc you could be so close to beating someone and boom just Bc of that you lost, pretty dumb but Overall the game is very fun you should download Bc you’ll get used to it👍🏾
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1 month ago, AJ's Momma 328
Will steal your money
I used to love playing the games on this app. And customer service was awesome… at first.. The biggest problem was the app freezing right as my entry fee was taken. It didn’t happen very often but it was always at the same point, just as the entry fee was taken but before it showed what the “bumper prize” was. I wasn’t too upset about it because all I had to do was contact customer support and they would refund the entry fee. Lately, this same issue has been happening more frequently and they are now BLAMING ME, saying that a disruption in my network is to blame and REFUSING TO REFUND THE MONEY I LOST IN THE ENTRY FEES!! So PLAYERS, BEWARE if you’re having the same problem with this app freezing. Customer support will be real nice and issue you a refund immediately with no problem. But once they tell you that they need additional time for their team to investigate it and you’ll hear something within 24hrs, that’s when they’ll start telling you that it’s your fault and they will not refund your money!! Best believe I got screenshots of EVERYTHING!!
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3 years ago, dexter mrgn
Good games, horrible customer service.
I’ve won a bunch on here, & the best thing about this app is the paypal instant withdrawal...However, it’s not always even instant. Sometimes I have to wait hours for payouts. On top of that, there are glitches in some of the games, & when you ask customer service about them, they give very vague responses that don’t seem like they even speak english. The worst thing to happen to me on this app was when I was in 1st place for a tournament to win $25 & had been playing all day to stay in first, out of nowhere it deleted my score 2 hours before the tournament ended & I got nothing. Customer service gave me no help & I didn’t receive my winnings. The first place prize went to the person in second place. All in all, It’s a decent app to win money, however, if the payouts were ALWAYS instant, if they had English speaking customer service & fixed the game glitches, it would be a 5 star app.
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3 years ago, Queenieweenieeee
yes you get payed fr.
so i found this game idk how and i was like heyyy it says we can make money so i downloaded it … i kid you not, i started off with NOTHING no money at all i completed all the easy simple task in the game and i earned money then i played with the money i earned to make MORE MONEY. So when it came to withdrawing i was like okay this better work. It had the option of paypal your own card and more options i linked the paypal account but i didn’t know what i was doing wrong because it would not withdraw also it said it takes up to 30 mins. So i decided to link my cash app now that.. that says it takes up to 5 to 7 business days…. why i get my money the same day in like 1 or 2 hours ?!!! yea it works !! 100 LEGIT. and lol this is my 1st time really doing a review this is so crazy. thank you for the game <3
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3 months ago, SoDisappointedInThisGame
Very Disappointed
I would give 5 stars for the Spades game but 0 stars for Ludo and Snakes and Ladders. I never have any issues playing spades, I never lose connection nor does it freeze. However, Ludo and Snake and Ladders will occasionally freeze right after they deduct the entry fee from my account. The first few times this happened, they refunded my fee, but the last 2 times their support started to blame the disconnect on my internet and never issued me the refund. I proved screenshots of my frozen screen that showed full service bars on my end. I also tried to provide the details on the specific games and timing of the glitch so they could possibly attempt to fix the bug or troubleshoot a solution. I am very disappointed. I really enjoyed this app until this happened. What I don’t understand is if it was my internet connection, I would get disconnected for all games. Not just the 2 games where they disconnect me right after they deduct the entry fee from my account. And I never have a problem when playing spades.
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2 years ago, Bill (Shoot)
Cheating situation much better now but…
While the cheating issues in my last review seem to have been mostly alleviated, unfortunately they have made a handful of changes that make it difficult to continue to justify playing cash games on this app. All head to head games have a very punishing 20% or higher rake, even at the higher stakes. Promotions that give some of this rake back to the players such as battle arenas and leaderboards have become scarce even the more popular games such as bingo and basically nonexistant in the less popular games and the frequency and payouts of tournaments have gone way down. I understand the operators need to make money somehow, but they aren't giving a compelling reason to play this app over one of their competitors. On the bright side, it is possible to play most games without stakes and the games are legitimately fun, but i cannot recommend playing for stakes given the current situation.
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2 months ago, Andrew- SOG Alumni
Watch out can’t withdraw money win
So I won money with this app I didn’t have to verify anything to give them my money but now I’m trying to collect my winnings and I have to verify identity which is name dob and address and phone number which I enter then it says failed….. I enter again and again failed and then tells me if I try one more time I’m locked out and can’t withdrawal. So I contact customer service chat and tell them I would give them my ssn and drivers license whatever they needed so I can withdraw. And they tell me to just try again and make sure it’s correct I told them well obviously I did that….. and told me there is nothing they can do. So not only I have my real money that I deposit on there but also money I supposedly won on there to that I can’t touch and with no one to help me. Be very careful of this app!!!!! I will update if this gets fixed but sounds like a SCAM to me. I’m so disappointed in Apple for allowing this app on here.
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1 year ago, staciegoolsby
If I could give negative stars I would have!! The block game(tetris) is a complete waste of time and money. The tutorial will show you how to play but the game doesn’t have the options needed to win. You can’t rotate the blocks, you can’t undo a move and there is no hint button like it explains in the tutorial. I reached out to support they were not helpful only saying “we are sorry for the inconvenience and discomfort this has called you but at this time the game does not have those options” so why is it in the tutorial than? How are you suppose to win if you can’t rotate the blocks? Complete and total RIP OFF!!! Can we say false advertising? In its finest!!! I’m so tired of these apps that claim you can win REAL money and you have to deposit money to MAYBE win a small amount total waste of time if you ask me!! If I were a smarter person I promise on everything I love I would create a REAL app to play games and win money and you would NEVER have to deposit your own money unless you wanted to. So so so over it.
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11 months ago, TheRealJoeyNunz
Game is rigged
No matter what, the game is in control. It will never let you win more than twice in a row. Sometimes when the game is over, it’ll show you having a higher score than the opponent, but in the 2 seconds it takes to go from the game to the finishing screen, the opponent somehow scores an ungodly amount of points and you lose. Pretty sure most of the people I’ve played have been AIs. Never play Snakes and Ladders.. that one is so obviously rigged for you to lose it isn’t even a laughing matter. The idea of this app is great, but they’re truly out here just to keep you thinking there’s a chance to win.. there never is. You’re not in control, the app is, remember that. It’s not real dice, it’s not a real bingo ball spinner. It’s all rigged. If you win, it’s only because they allowed you to. Update two weeks later: Snakes and Ladders is still 100% rigged. It will never give you numbers worth using, while it will give exactly what your opponent needs. Definitely not fair and more than likely illegal.
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2 years ago, Lady Lanay
Actually love the app
I really like this app and the variety of games that it has my only issue is, the app freezes a lot I’ve had it done to me 3 or 4 times in the middle of a game to the point where I can’t even take my turn. I reached out to the help desk and in all reality they don’t help anything. I’ve gotten several help desk associates inform me that I’d have to record or screen shot the issue and when you’re a paying customer that gets very frustrating because I’m jumping on to play a game and not be souped out of my money. Also if certain push notifications come through while you’re on a game, the game closes out and once again you lose your money. I had this happed and once again reached out to the help desk accompanied by a screen recording and was told the lose of connection was on my end and I wasn’t entitled to a refund. I have a few games pending but ultimately I think I’ll be removing the app all together
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3 years ago, Maggs030981
Maggie B
I love playing with these games! They actually pay out as long as it’s $1 and there’s no waiting which is a huge plus! You might have to use a little cash here and there but you really do get it back plus a little extra it might be $1 more than you paid or even just $0.25 more but it does payout and that’s huge when the vast majority of the games Ive played are scams. And I love all the different games because it gives you an opportunity to play to your strengths and the ones you’re not good at or don’t enjoy you leave alone or practice on so out of all the games I’ve played online this is definitely in my top 3 and 1 of the few that I actually recommend to other people who are looking to get a little cash and love gaming too!
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3 months ago, Cnelson0789
Inappropriate game rules
Speaking specifically of their game, gin, rummy for anyone who has actually ever played the game he will know that it no point in time. Should the final player actually have extra CARD’s, you end with nothing and you get your opponents points extra points. Apparently in this version you can knock whenever you want it even if you’ve got extra card and while you will lose points for your extra cards, you haven’t actually gotten a gin rummy. Who ever actually wrote the program for their rummy game has clearly never actually played the game properly. I am 35 years old. I learned how to play this game from my grandparents over 20 years ago, clearly whoever designed this game, for you has never played either base rummy or gin rummy.
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2 years ago, Dub Nation1
I use to enjoy playing the different games on this app. until they accused me of cheating. I was playing a Bingo game against another player and I had my best overall game. I was able to get a full house and when I tried to enter my score against the other player, it stop my score, it stopped everything. My score wasn’t allowed, made me forfeit my best score and locked me out of my account. They accused me of cheating and they never explained what I did. They cheated me out of my entry fee. They made a mistake because I didn’t cheat and don’t know how to cheat. They had my account locked and I had no way to do anything for 3 days. All I was told that I cheated and they never explained what I did. They were totally wrong and now if I try to play a game they stop the game I’m trying to play and tells me that I have a bad internet connection and to go back to the battle room. This is totally ridiculous and I will delete my account and this MPL app. I did come out ahead and I can say, you guys suck……LOL
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3 years ago, awesomeguy51303
Love the concept, like the games, hate the bugs
The concept of being able to play mobile games and have fun whilst earning money is good. I like a couple of the games and have even became very consistent in earning money in a couple of those games, that is, when there are no bugs. In the baseball game whenever you hit a homerun you will sometimes be greeted with a frozen screen. In the fruit chop game sometimes you will not slice fruit. The daily reward wheel will not give you bonus cash and always bugs out whenever you land on bonus cash. Speaking of bonus cash,when you first download the game you are greeted with challenges that allow you to earn bonus cash. The challenges are simple as you are only required to play games in order to beat these challenges. However, you no longer get challenges after you beat the first few. There should be more ways to earn bonus money than referring friends.
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2 years ago, SassiMuzikLuvr
Use to like this app and getting extra cash but then it got to the point where me and other people who have the app saw multiple accounts with the same name. After notifying customer care they said they would look into it but it was never taken care of. Then after/while playing cash games you get booted and told either your signed into another account or are logged out, after going to log back in get notified that you have been temporarily banned for “cheating” when all you did was beat the game score by a few hundred. I have seen numerous accounts gets scores of 16,000 or higher but nothing happens to them, or people can have up to 13 or so accounts and nothing gets done to them even after customer care is notified. During tournaments there will be 2-3 with same name and nothing gets done. All customer care seems to do is repeat themselves like they’re reading from a script.
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2 years ago, David Sathe
This is an awesome app
I have been playing for over 6 months now and not even once did I feel the need of getting in touch with the customer support team to cross check with them for security concerns, considering that it is a cash gaming application. To all the new users out there, be rest assured that your account details are safe and secure. Also, a little heads up to get you started. Try finding the games you love, like arcade games such as pool and fruit slice. League or contest level games can get a little tough and you need to be strong when it comes to the skills needed to to win at multiplayer stages. It is not hard, you can practice and play better. Play free contests regularly and practice and then participate for big contests. Go for it.
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2 years ago, HQBubbles
Pleasantly Surprised
Alright, if there’s a game that you can play to earn money, I’ve tried it. This one takes the cake. I never write reviews, but I felt like I had to for all that people that, like me, are skeptical about the idea. Firstly, this game sets you up with so much bonus cash to compete in games where you can earn money without every depositing. To me, that’s a huge win. I don’t want to HAVE to put money into a game to win money, and this is the only game I’ve found that allows that. Played for a couple hours—something I’d normally do anyways, I have a lot of downtime—and I made $20. Sure, you’re not going to get rich, but $20 is $20. If you’re having doubts about the legitimacy of this game, stop. Download it. Play. You won’t regret it.
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2 years ago, Cowbell82
FairPlay is anything but...
Their so-called FairPlay protection is flawed, flawed, flawed. It's supposed to protect players from cheaters... but what it does best is wrongly permanently ban rule-abiding players for unspecified reasons, or reasons that weren't the player's fault. Such as experiencing a glitch it a game... just the one time and BAM. Permanent ban and theft of wallet contents. Exploiting a glitch is one thing... but having it happen just once and paying the ultimate MPL price is ridiculous. MPL outlines what they consider cheating and they provide a graphic to explain how cheating is penalized. The graphic claims a player needs three offenses to be permanently banned, but if one continues to read below it states that a player caught cheating will be permanently banned and all money forfeited. If a player who has "cheated", whether in fantasy or reality, they're automatically permanently banned without any notice or prior offenses. Their customer service is ridiculously useless. Questions go unanswered, emails may receive an auto-reply stating within 24 hours they'll get back to you... but it's a crap shoot. Promises of resolution within 24 hrs are made but never followed thru, (I tried numerous times) and nearly all contact with customer service is copy-and-paste style. The developers reply to these negative reviews and ask you to contact them for help... but when one does, it's the same thing. Gamble elsewhere.
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5 months ago, Shade1124
Phone text verification don’t work
So I’ve been playing this game off and on for three or four months and when I try to cash out it says it will cash out to my PayPal account but I have to verify through a text message that they supposedly send me but I never get it so until I get a text from them. I’m gonna call this a SCAM!!!. Don’t waste your time and energy or get your hopes up if you have any winnings because you will not get them. **** ****Update on my recent review**** This app is legitimate. The issue I was having was actually due to T-Mobile and not MPL as soon as I got the issue resolved with my phone service I cashed out immediately and have several times since then sometimes there’s not enough players online to play the game that I want to play but they have many tissues from and I don’t mind waiting. if you enjoy playing games for money, then this is the app for you. Sorry for the earlier review….
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2 years ago, Maxcarnage11
Biggest Failure/Scam
I would have previously been ecstatic with the app. I did fairly well at the games; and although had deposited money to get the bonuses, did end up cashing out more than I had put in. Then the problem occurred. I made another small deposit, then went to try and grind up my money. Was met with “Account Permanently Banned”. Accused of “Cheating”. I have no clue what that even meant, implied I had done and as I tried to inquired with support, they gave no further explanation, reasoning. Seized the funds I had in my account and no longer respond in any way to my expressing an adamant innocence in the whole ordeal. I can’t fathom how they legally can get away with such thievery and as well false accusations/slander on paying customers. No help provided, no explanation nor any other recourse. Literally would be all for any class action suit this company is bound to get in the future. Would “ban” them from the App Store if possible.
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2 years ago, please fix cheaters
Great concept. To many cheaters.
The concept in general is fantastic and is a fun little way to earn some extra cash. However, there is an issue with cheaters in the game. The anti-cheat system that is supposed to keep the cheaters out does not seem to work all the time. It is super discouraging to lose to someone who is cheating and never see that money again. So often I am seeing all these brand new accounts with strange names getting absolute insane scores. Some of which are actually humanly impossible to get. I think if a brand new account is coming in and scoring the highest possible amounts, that account should be flagged immediately and monitored. I think if they made a better effort to refund every single dollar someone loses to a cheater, then it would be worth it. However, too often I find myself losing to a cheater and never seeing the money again.
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3 weeks ago, Sean Sullivan is Fat
Games are fun. Cash out is horrible
I got this app a few days ago and I put a little bit of money into it. When it came time for me to cash out, it told me I had to verify my identity. No big deal, but I put in all the information. Double, triple, quadruple checked it, and now it’s saying they can’t verify my identity and that my withdrawal is locked. I know it’s not much money, but I want to be able to get the $25 I won into my PayPal or something but it’s not working. This is getting really frustrating considering I did everything I’m supposed to do and now I have to deal with it locking me out of being able to make withdrawals. They shouldn’t be able to make taking money from us easy if getting it back is going to take an act of congress… I Will update with any potential changes…
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3 years ago, Boggle Queen Gail
Wow what an incredible app it’s completely outrageous! I gave it five stars and started out with that sentence in the hopes that this review will be printed. I just found out that you are not allowed to ever withdraw your deposit amount, only your winnings. This is unheard of in any other cash game and for that reason alone, once I lose my $20 (and thankfully I only deposited $20) I will delete this app as fast as my fingers will allow me to. How dare you keep my deposit amount!!! I never even thought to check to see if that would/could happen because there’s no other app that has this ridiculous and unfair rule. Do you self a favor and steer clear of this pathetic app.
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2 years ago, Steven Wilson.
I strongly recommend MPL to you
The app covered for me during my lesiure time. With all the workload and meeting being scheduled throughout, when I travel from one place to other and have time at hand, I play games on the app. The app brings in such fantastic games and the graphics are truly awesome too! I prefer playing fruit chop more but I have even tried cards and there were so many games listed on the app that I didn't get time to touch. All of them are at their best and have fantastic engagements. I didn't get bored while playing at all and never lost my engangement while playing games. Must play games on MPL atleast once, I strongly recommend it to you!
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