Mr. Cooper

4.8 (24.3K)
33.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mr. Cooper

4.81 out of 5
24.3K Ratings
6 years ago, BHOD55
One of the best
I’ve had multiple loan companies on my house loan and none of them compare to Mr. Cooper in general let alone this APP. I’d prefer to manually pay my payments each month just in case I don’t have enough saved up. I can literally just swipe my finger and can make a payment anytime I want for free. My other company made me make payments over the phone through an automated system which would take close to ten minutes per call. This APP also has a FAQ about your loan and anything you really need. I hope that my loan will stay with this company for the rest of its duration. Couldn’t be happier
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3 months ago, Jamesfilms
This app used to be great, not anymore
The app used to work fine. Use Face ID to log in and all is well. But now it asks for password and user name everytime and does not give access to saved passwords on the iPhone to use Face ID anymore. Something changed. Face ID works from the website directly on safari, but not via the app. No longer use the app just go to the webpage. Edit: the developer response did not address the issue. The app now forces you to enter the information in manually everytime and does not store in memory. It does not store in saved passwords from the app. This is a simple fix that can be resolved with an update. But it’s not being fixed. You need to pick up an iPhone, download the app, and use the app and see for yourself that it does not save information and the link to the website will not save the data either unless you click to open it in a separate browser and not the in app browser. You will need to physically do this yourself to verify. Just allow access to saved passwords within the app again, or revert to previous version that was working.
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3 years ago, ICCTEK
Payment system is a joke
The application seems nice at first but irrespective payments selection, it applies payments the way it feels like it. One must call each time a payment is made to have someone else correct it on the other side. As a matter of fact, I’m starting to believe this buggy service is considered a feature on their side because every time Ive called in to have a payment corrected according to my expectations and not to the application’s behavior, I’m “offered” refinancing. It doesn’t matter if the payment is made using the phone app or the website itself; it always applies payments erroneously if you’re making extra payments towards the mortgage principal at the same time you’re paying a monthly mortgage payment in advanced. The one feature that’s supposed to work, which is allowing customers to make payments easily, it’s the one that doesn’t work at large. Please stop requiring your employees to offer refinancing over the phone when customers call because your stupid applications don’t work properly. We are not calling for phone advertisements. It isn’t cool! On the bright side, their customer support representatives have been rather professional and very nice people in general, which is appreciated.
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4 years ago, CoffeeBuzzBuzz
My payments are not applied correctly, AGAIN
The most important function of this app is to be able to make payments and that part of the app has been troublesome many times. I make extra payments to my principal the second half of the month and more than half of the time it applies the principal payment as my next month’s payment. I have taken screenshots to show that I requested principal-only payment and then my payment was applied incorrectly. The customer service group can’t explain why it’s happening. I have had to call for help at least 6 times. GET THIS FIXED!!! I should not have to call and have my payment corrected multiple times. This is the largest purchase I’ve made and it is being handled very poorly. Without this recurring issue, where they are taking my money and repeatedly using my hard-earned money incorrectly, I would have given this app 5 stars!!!
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10 months ago, Desiree_nc16
No More FaceID Login
The new version of the app doesn't allow login via FaceID anymore. So now we have to manually login each time. Super annoying. I understand security issues, but I HIGHLY doubt anyone is going to hack my account to pay my mortgage for me. Please bring back the FaceID login option. I don't want to have to manually login each time. Update: The app developer responded to my rating comment about the FaceID feature, as well as others who also made comments about them removing the feature. To the developers—we don’t want to have to sign in manually with our username/password each time we want to log into the app. It’s a waste of time. Please reconsider and make the login process easier for the users again.
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4 years ago, Willblake13
Never write reviews but this was worth it
I never write reviews but after buying my home through a small mortgage company, who then sold it off to Mr. Cooper, I was delighted to discover how easy the app is to use. My car payments are a nightmare to pay and make it next to impossible to check the remaining balance. Mr. Cooper makes it easy to track and schedule my payments, check my equity, pay additional principal, and breaks down interest charges vs principal charges so I can see the effect of additional payments. I truly hope they continue to service my loan.
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4 years ago, StylistJenn
Love this app!
When I got a letter from my former mortgage company that my loan was sold to another company, I was worried. When I found out that I’d be entrusting my biggest investment to some company called Mr Cooper, I was taken aback by its name! My fears were not necessary at all. This app is so easy to use and very intuitive. It’s so easy to make a payment, find out my house’s market value, the amount of equity I have and the amount I could use if I wanted an equity loan all in a matter of seconds. It’s fast and easy—what else could anyone want?
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1 month ago, VelcroP
App is okay
Very frustrating- there seems to be no way to contact actual app support. Every link or help form directs you to Mr Cooper’s loan servicing, nothing for using the app itself. So, I am posting my app complaint here. Whenever I try to download a statement onto my iPhone using ‘Save to Files,’ the app opens a window listing my folders. The background of this window is white. The upper right corner says ‘Save,’ and the upper left corner says ‘Cancel.’ However both of those words are written in WHITE font, the exact same color as the window background. It’s impossible to tell the words are even there. Plz fix this.
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2 years ago, ChezDude
iPhone format only???
In this day and age, why is this app, which they push when logging into the website on an iPad, only in iPhone format? If they don’t want to support the app on the iPad in native format, then don’t push the app at the top of the website. It’s not that complicated to add universal support to a mobile app in Xcode. A few switches in the configuration and some updated graphic resources…. done. Haven’t used the app much at all, so otherwise can’t comment. But I’ve used Mr Cooper (Nationstar) for nearly a decade and can only state that I’ve never had issues with them and I’ve used AutoPay most of that time.
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5 years ago, Punk2050
If I could give zero stars I would. As of today my homeowners insurance is canceled because of non-communication between the two. I called both last month and thought this was handled. Oops my bad it’s not. When asking the mr blooper lady on the phone how they were communicating with the insurance company, via email and fax. I asked why hasn’t someone actually picked up the phone and called them her response was.......... I was standing with my insurance agent when he faxed over the payment information not one but twice. They haven’t received it yet. Really. Mr blooper bought my loan a few months ago and I received tons of mail saying the I was going to have a WONDERFUL mortgage experience! When does that start? Sell my mortgage please, to someone who knows what the heck they’re doing.
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4 years ago, Claudia L. H.
Awesome Company
Love the convenience of having all the info at my fingertips-the app truly appeals to younger people who want to quickly pay for something, check how their escrow account is doing, and more all at the same time-all without call waiting. User friendly navigation for all ages and makes me feel in control of my finances.
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5 years ago, LeonJon
One star for such a large financial institution to offer only an iPhone version of their app. I assume there are thousands that don’t mind looking at a tiny screen to transact their business with the silly named Mr Cooper company, but not me. I want to use the larger screen offered by my iPad to transact my business and to take advantage of the screen in either Portrait or Landscape mode as I CHOOSE. Instead with this limited app, I am forced to use it in Portrait mode thereby making my external key board useless, unless I wish to “crick my neck” as I stare sideways to use my keyboard and look at the solitary option of Portrait mode. Come on Cooper, get with it, either offer an iPad version also, or add an option to select either Portrait or Landscape modes on your iPhone app.
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1 year ago, Darth Dyer
One of the most annoying companies
Actually reaching a person at this company and getting the correct information NEVER happens. They purposely give you the run around so that you can’t get rid of your PMI even when you’ve met the criteria. They have messed up my property taxes since they bought my loan. The address for said department get returned as mail delivery error. They constantly are asking you about your needs aka we want you to take out more money or refi so we can get more money. The actual attempt to just deal with your current loans and servicing it is secondary. They remind me of Wells Fargo. I want a bank not a used car sales person. If I have a need…meet it. Period
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6 years ago, Jeff Hatzinger
Good Company
For an internet mortgage company, you guys have it together. Your website is easy to use and efficient, your data is frequently updated, and scheduling payments is a breeze. My problem has been with making Principal Only payments on my mortgage, which I do randomly and fairly regularly. Every time, the website splits those payments into interest and mortgage, which is incorrect. I have to call you guys to straighten it out, which is easy enough, but a waste of my time. Please try and get that glitch fixed. Other than that, I like your company and would recommend it to others.
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7 months ago, locally unique nickname
Good at ads, bad at security
So probably like me you don’t have a choice about using these clowns since they bought your mortgage. But in case you’re wanting to believe the stuff about having a better mortgage experience you can let that delusion die now. At the top of the app is an ad for you to refinance your mortgage. In the middle is your next payment. On the bottom is an ad showing how much more equity you have to borrow on. Useful information about your mortgage is off screen. How about security? The big hack recently couldn’t have been that much of a surprise. They don’t offer two factor authentication yet. 0/10, do not recommend. Unfortunately we have no choice.
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2 years ago, Kanakaboy92
Nice app, missing feature parity with web
This is a nicely polished app, and a huge step up from what my previous loan servicer used (nothing). Some callouts I want to make though. It’s very annoying that I cannot paste my account and routing number in the app. Instead you force me back to my desktop to copy and paste. Please support BASIC system functions. Additionally, an account as important as a mortgage should have some form of 2FA, preferably TOTP via some sort of authentication app or password manager. But at this point, I’d be happy with SMS because it’s better than nothing at all.
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7 months ago, Coffeyswife
I Miss My Old Loan Company!
This app is awful. No ability to sign in with Face ID, and there is bare minimum info available on the app without having to navigate its cruddy menu; it’s like being on the actual website, which is also awful. Paying our loan every month has become a time-consuming chore full of unnecessary clicks and logins and trying to find info on the loan to check on progress. It’s stressful! I cannot say enough what a cheap mess this feels like. It makes me nervous about the security of my Information! I was so worried when I received notice that Mr. Cooper had purchased our loan, because when I researched the company I found several places with feedback that things would be this way. I used to love making our house payments because the last company who had our loan had an excellent app, website, and dashboard. I can only hope Mr. Cooper sells our loan to another company that actually cares about the service they provide to their customers!
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3 years ago, JashuTheDon
Payoff calculator is missing in the app
Payoff calculator is an hai day tool for someone who would like to calculate and see if they want pay a portion of loan and how much it makes sense. This calculator is missing in the app and the website calculator is miscalculating. When I reached out to the contact center they said they are working on fixing the loan nature date but the other attributes are working fine, but they are not. The agent could it calculate and give the details either I was told since that is the tool they would use. How unprofessional??? Also they didn’t even bother to take the tool down or put a disclaimer that they are fixing it.
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2 years ago, 2008Denali!
I have had a mortgage payment made on time each & every month for over 20 years with Nationstar & then Mr Cooper and have not once had a reply to any of my questions.... unless they wanted me to borrow more money with high closing cost. Now I am 62 and cannot retire because of how much they were “looking out for me” by refinancing..... when all along it was not a good idea, after 30 years of payments, they still own “My Home”. Usually when someone contacts you, it is not for “your” benefit.
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9 months ago, Sully Tampa
Removed Face ID
“Mr. Cooper will soon be removing Face ID & Touch ID authentication for all customers in order to implement new features and enhancements.” Why???? So your saying you want to make your app less secure? Did your IT team decide to go retro because they like passwords? This app was so good, but this is a stupid thing to do (imo) and something that ruins your customer experience. Any feature or enhancement at the cost of security is stupid to do and your team should be ashamed for letting this happen. Update: Mr. Cooper says… I would like to assure you that this decision has been made after careful consideration of our customer's feedback and requirements Are they stupid? No customer requested you remove faceID
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2 years ago, E. Penn
Mr. Cooper… who??
Unfortunately my loan had been sold to this company (Mr. Cooper) during the pandemic. I had been approved for payment assistance during the pandemic with my previous mortgage company. I was very upset as I thought my mortgage was safe during the pandemic. Customer service does not exist Mr. Cooper. I had an extremely hard time contacting anyone by phone, by email even by live chat during the pandemic. I did not receive any response for almost 2 weeks. I did take screenshots of my attempts too contact this company for future reference if needed. I would not recommend this company to my family or any of my friends. I cannot in good conscious give this company even a one star rating.
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2 years ago, KittyMcBratty
Principal Payments are marked as monthly payments
Echoing other reviews here: the app is incorrectly marking payments to my principal as a standard monthly payment and I must call regularly to have them manually fix the issue. Furthermore sometimes these errors are caught automatically and the fixes all occur on the same date. My guess is the api doesn’t give time stamps or they are simply ignoring them in the sort so the corrections are out of order and it appears the principal payment is being reversed and applied as a monthly payment. Tough to discern exactly what’s happening with my account which is unacceptable.
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4 years ago, FlyHighDiveLow06
My loan was sold to Mr. Cooper. I downloaded the app, set up an account, and now keep getting errors every time I login. I simply can’t get the app to work. Wait times to call customer support seem to be in the hours. Their email response time is 3-4 days and the only response I’ve received is “call our customer support”. This is my 4th mortgage company and the worst by far. For the first time in my 10 years of owning my home, I may be required to mail in a check to make my monthly payment because their app/website/customer support are so bad. Very frustrated that this is my new mortgage company (and I didn’t even have the choice, it was transferred from much better Rocket Mortgage).
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3 years ago, Mountaineer00
Always an error with the system
I really like the app when it works and allows me to sign in. Recently it seems every time I try to login through the app I get an error message “Somethings wrong with our system and we can’t sign you in. Please try again in a little while.” I have to delete the app then reinstall and all is well for a few logins then I start to receive the same error. Logging in through the website has never been an issue only with the app. Have your QA people test the app more. Currently I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro Max running iOS 14.5.1.
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1 year ago, apacrytgon
Downhill needs fixing
Since the beginning of the year/December the apps gone down hill with issues, started with them not being able to process my payment multiple time from backend issues, now it will not save any information forcing me to re-enter it each time. They have wonderful customer service but the app and things on their backend apparently need some work Still not saving info and looking like a repeat problem from December, curious if they’ll figure what they had working last year out again :(
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2 years ago, 1uis
Are they trying to make this app less convenient
App forgets my payment method so I have to re-add routing/account numbers. To make matters worse however the app won’t let me paste the values I copied from another app, it only give me a “scan text” option. Worst of all, the scan text functionality is broken beyond belief — literally every digit that it scans is wrong 🤦‍♂️ I’m all for adding these smart/ML features to make things easier but don’t go removing the basic tried and true functionally in the process. Now that the fancy ML feature doesn’t work I’m left with a product that is worse than before.
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2 years ago, ChrisW_86
Worst Customer Service
First, I wouldn’t recommend getting your mortgage through this company, they are lazy and made getting my mortgage a much more difficult process than it needed to be. But as far as the app goes, about 60% of the time when I try to log on, it is down for maintenance…just like their website. It is because of this that when you attempt to access things like your 1098 tax form, you can’t. Forget calling them, their automated service is worse than their app and website reliability. Customer service is their last priority from every experience I have had.
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3 years ago, Cheesymc!
I can only wish my loan wasn’t sold to this horrible company
I wasn’t going to make a review but their high rating is absolutely ludicrous and fake. God help you if your loan gets sold to this company like it was done with mine. First off, the communication was horrible when transferring the loan. I literally received a letter with my account number (which you need to set up your account) the day my payment was due. Then I had to spend almost an hour with an agent to set it up due to “technical issues” with their app so I ended up doing it through the website. To cap it all off, they recently had a system glitche where they billed me THREE TIMES!!!! Yes that is correct... these scum of a company did that. Sure it got reversed a few days later with a lame voice message apologizing about the mistake... but yeah, DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY WITH AUTOPAY. I can only hope this company goes out of business and my loan gets sold to a legitimate company.
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9 months ago, Uzbek la
Worst company
This is very disturbing and disgusting company to work with. Honestly I did not pick them for my mortgage needs. They bought my debt from my initial financial institution. If I had a chance to give them 0 I would. I have been dealing with management of Mr. Cooper, and they are unreasonable and rude. Mr. Cooper will take all measures to ruin your credit history and up charge you fees. They will block your mobile app so you miss you payments, they will always add extra useless securit measures so you can’t make payments, they will make you pay ruthlessly. I’m the only person. In the family who supports my 3 year old, my wife at sch and my old parents. They created me hardship this I and my family struggled. Take my word and run if you can from these conartists. Don’t work with Mr. Cooper . Run from them. I (If you feel bad all of sudden and want to make things right my last four digits of my loan number is 6328)
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3 years ago, bippy_b
Helpful App but recently lost a feature
Very helpful app.. it used to tell you about how much you would save if you added additional principle. I love this feature as it was always a good reminder of the money you could possibly save paying early. A recent update has removed this unfortunately. Other than this the app is super useful. Very helpful in contacting support. Very helpful in making the payment.
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3 years ago, byamo
App is fine, fees charged not so much
Talked to a another mortgage company about refinancing loan. That company called to get the payoff amount. Mr. Cooper is now charging me $25 because they e-mailed it to the 3rd party. Yes, there is an expense involved, but let’s be honest it Is a routine request that takes a few minutes to fulfill. I work in P&C insurance and this is typical behavior of what we would call ‘non-standard’ insurers. This would be okay if I had a choice in who serviced my mortgage and I knew this going in to the business relationship. Unfortunately, we as consumers don’t.
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1 year ago, Https..lem0ntea
Our loan was transferred and apparently Mr Coopers system had a glitch that messed up all account numbers from transferred accounts. After giving the correct checking and routing number, Mr Cooper still reversed my payments and provided this reason..”we think the account number on the account is wrong” but, they could never verify the account number. Mind you, supposedly my account number was still wrong after a representative processed a successfully payment the month prior. If you get assigned to Mr Cooper, I’d suggest looking for other mortgage companies to handle your account.
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3 years ago, srfaires
Irritating Misinformation
I like many things about this app, but one feature drives me crazy. The home “snapshot” supposedly calculates the equity in my home by subtracting the loan balance from the fair market value. But the value number is about 40% too low, making it appear that my house is underwater, when I really have about $175,000 of equity. There is apparently no way to deactivate or hide this feature, which is worse than useless.
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2 years ago, Chicken and turkey
Terrible App/website
I want to love this app, as I tend to get fantastic customer service representatives every time I call, but this app (and the website, AND even over the phone) DOES NOT WORK FOR PARTIAL PAYMENTS. Literally EVERY SINGLE TIME I make a partial payment (I pay half from our first paycheck, half from the second) it posts to our principal, not as a partial payment. I have tried the app multiple times, the website multiple times, and every time I have to sit on the phone for over 20 minutes to have someone reverse the funds and reapply them.
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5 years ago, Marc S. ARKANSAS
Horrible Customer Care
I went through a divorce and the ex got the house in the divorce which she has yet to pay a payment on time. Now my credit ran into the ground, because she is nearly foreclosed on by Mr. Cooper. They say there is nothing they can do. I would never use Mr. Cooper for any reason. They bought my loan out when I was married, now I wish I had gone local instead of staying with a company like them. DO NOT USE THEM! I have called about 15 times in 2 1/2 years and no call backs. Just harassed for the mortgage payment that is not mine. Horrible and no options for divorced people.
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2 months ago, Sleeping Froggie
Every time I log in, there’s a big banner at the top that says I have equity in my home and to click here to get line of credit. News flash - you want to pay off your mortgage, not risk losing your home because of excessive debt leveraging, but I guess the company makes more money if they can get unwary customers deeper in debt. My old servicer’s app wasn’t as flashy, but it had tools for how to pay off your mortgage faster. This one doesn’t have that, which fits with the predatory ads they’re running too and center. Gross.
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3 months ago, SeaShell99z
Unable close statements
(1) When I open a statement, the X in the upper left hand corner does not work. To continue in the app, I have to completely exit and start over. (2) It would be very useful if the screen would rotate when viewing statements. (3) Lastly, when I select to contact App support, I’m taken back to the Mr. Cooper app. Seems weird to me. iPhone 15 pro max using iOS version 17.4.1, using the most recent update of the Mr. Cooper app.
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5 months ago, SS4300
Mr Cooper lost all of my data. Everything… Lost data lasts a lifetime. And Coops offers 2-years ID Theft Notification. Then to send out marketing emails CONGRATULATING…ME for the 1st year with you. Dude…how about packaging up my mortgage and selling it to someone who has comprehensive cyber security. They accessed it for 3 days until IT scratched its head. The CEO provides a South Park “I’m Sorry”. Mr Cooper aka Nationstar…Nobody likes you! You fail and scam your Customers consistently. Stop buying other people’s mortgages so they don’t go through the same fate as your current forced to be with you customer base.
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3 years ago, joyous79
Great app!
This app is great. Very user friendly and contains loads of information about your loan and your house. You can make a payment with the app anytime you like which is amazing. My previous loan company made it difficult to make a principal-only payments which is ridiculous. Glad to have mortgage through Mr. Cooper.
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4 years ago, Love candy #1
New mortgage company
I was very skeptical with this new mortgage company when they sold my old mortgage . Low and behold I love this company. They are hands on, polite & professional. Willing to help at a drop of a hat with all of your needs! Answers any questions or resolve any issue you may have! Omg! Such an easy app also! Most apps I can say are not as easy and thorough as Mr. Copper!
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5 years ago, NoFoolin21
Didn’t send me a payment coupon for July and I missed my payment. Called me in Aug to tell me I owe $100 because I missed payment. I asked where my payment coupon went and they said they had correspondence returned and they didn’t know why (my payment coupon I assume - they couldn’t tell me for sure). I went online to make the missed payment and it said my address was wrong, I checked and my address was correct. Was this a scam to force me to go paperless and charge me for missing a payment? It sure seems like it, my address hasn’t changed in 15 years.
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5 years ago, our place1
I really like this lender. Doing the hours of operation you can speak to a person and most important there in the United States hoorah. No out sourcing like most companies. They are very professional answer any questions. I was concerned at first because our loan had been sold twice but the rate was lock so no problems. Thanks for being so courteous.
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2 years ago, Footballman77_00
Best company I’ve worked with during the pandemic
They have been absolutely great every time I’ve had to deal with them, very helpful and helped me immensely by kicking my past due payments to the end of my loan. I can’t recommend them more! Thank you Mr Cooper for such a stress relief.
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11 months ago, Tuck7722
Bad app and service
I was forced to join Mr. Cooper when my mortgage was sold. Received dozen of emails and letters about how they have a “outstanding #1 rated app”. You can’t even set up biweekly/weekly payments on the app like my previous lean company without mailing in a written copy of the paperwork to Mr. Cooper. It’s 2023, I should not have to use analog snail mail to set up payments. On top of that Mr. Cooper is an embarrassing name that if not knowing what the company was I’d associate it with something along the lines of a buy here pay here type shop not a reputable mortgage company.
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5 years ago, Alvie666
Always wrong
Got an email to download this app and use the “tune up” feature, with a screenshot. Downloaded the app, opened the app .... the “tune up” feature doesn’t exist. Pretty par for the course with this company. Their book keeping is chaos. Takes forever for information to update to reflect activity, usually in the 2-3 week range. My previous mortgage company would register the activity and correctly show it in history immediately after the action was completed, like any other normal financial company. Not a fan of Mr Cooper at all.
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9 months ago, fringeflower
Bring Back Facial Recognition!
I have had trouble with the new system the last 2 months. Each time I use my new password and login it give me an error message and makes me go through the reset password again. My user name has not changed but it states it does not recognize it. Please fix the system. No one wants to pay my mortgage for me.
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6 months ago, EMSZ83
Chat bot
The chat bot repeatedly tells you that there is a long wait and that you’ll be sent a link when you can be next in line to talk to an agent. This link is never sent. After days. (They took out two monthly payments in November and I needed support in getting it dealt with) But when I call, I can talk to someone within just a couple of minutes (once you navigate around the voice menu)
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12 months ago, Slurpynurply13
Worst website ever
I’m so disappointed mortgage companies are allowed to just whimsically transfer your servicer whenever they feel like it. This one is terrible, multiple times I have been unable to proceed online because something is broken and I can’t even click “accept”. Terrible garbage online service I have to call every time I go to do ANYTHING. Why bother having an online presence if it doesn’t even work? If you ever get Mr cooper assigned to you, may God have mercy on your soul.
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1 year ago, hvddhhbeddchurefvji
Worst loan company ever
I don’t know how mr cooper bought out all of these mortgages but I can’t wait for the housing market to collapse so I can refi. Mr cooper will screw up every aspect of your loan, and take months to respond to you so nothing gets resolved in a timely manner. They completely messed up my escrow and are refusing to fix the problem. I am trying to have them stop my escrow but their experts are having a hard time trying to figure out how to complete this. My advice is to stay far away from these crooks.
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2 years ago, m18m18m18m18
Sends unnecessary notification about session expiring
Why does the app send a notification about the session expiring? Very annoying to get that notification after every check of the app. At a minimum it would be good to get a choice of opting out of those session notifications. (I still want to get other possibly important notifications.)
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