Mr. Crab

4.1 (1K)
140.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Illusion Labs
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mr. Crab

4.11 out of 5
1K Ratings
5 years ago, Unikitty Harry Potter girl
Could have five stars but.....
This game is a really good game! The graphics are good and there isn’t many bugs. But there is one thing that annoys me.. There are different crabs you can buy like Arnold and Fury, but why do you exactly need them? I know because they look different but also why do you buy them then? If they don’t really do anything different why are you asking money for them. I think you should probably make them free, if not then do something like add special jumps or attacks like Noodles can shoot out confetti that makes all the enemies around him explode or get hurt and Arnold can have something like rocket boosters that allow him to kind of fast forward through the level. And maybe make a crab that has special powers that make him a trail to the next baby crab. Also I have one more idea. If you can add a spectate button at the end of the level so you can see yourself going through it. Please read this Illusion Labs, and add any of these ideas if you can. You made a great game but what my ideas are can make the game greater. Take care and GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODBYE
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3 years ago, Why not for free?
Why not for free? 😐
I loved this first. You have to pay to play all the other levels and that not fair. What’s the point? Making us pay for almost all the levels does nothing. You gave us only about 5 free levels and the rest for us to pay for. The crabs are cute and there’s no bugs but this problem isn’t fair. The levels are fun and cool but I want to try the others, the ones that are not free. Please change this IIIusion Labs, Me and other people really like this game and really want to play it fairly. 🥺
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3 years ago, fartnuggets2569
☁️Good Memories☁️
I love this game and how the graphics were cute and the sound effects, and I played this game with my mom when I was 3. But I don’t know why you only have a couple levels and you have to purchase the rest. I read some of the reviews, I some of them I agree. I’m not saying the game is bad, but the thing I agree with is the make the characters have special abilities. You see, I bought the whole game and now there is SOOO much to do now, but it gets kinda......................boring? OKAY OKAY I’m not saying the game is bad, but it needs a push, some pep in it’s step, you know, some energy. So can you add some special abilities, or add some cool stuff in the maps, maybe even mini games. OOOOOOOOOOOOOHH MINI GAMES!!! What a great idea! Please add this stuff, or maybe make a mr crab 3 because mr can 2 kinda sucked. So can you add this stuff, or maybe some of it. BTW, what ever you add, MAKE IT FREE!!!..............okay bye!
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6 years ago, Mochi girl 🍡❀
This game is a total scam
Okay, at first I loved this game. The graphics were rlly cute, the sounds the crab makes when it is jumping were adorable, and I love the levels like Fernando feathers and blowfish bob, where you have to defeat a giant blowfish, owl, etc. you do not have that in Mr. crab 2, which I downloaded first. But then, I found out that they gave me ONLY 9 FREE LEVELS AND I HAVE TO BUY THE REST! SERIOUSLY ILLUSION LABS WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM!!! I have to admit, $1.99 is a pretty good deal for any set of levels you can purchase, but still. And the “Watch a video to get three free levels” thingy DOES NOT EVEN FREAKING WORK!! Whenever I tried to use it it just says the video is buffering and says that there was an error playing the video so I do not get the levels. Can you do an update where you don’t have to buy all the levels? Everyone is asking so what are you waiting for? This game could have been awesome but I’m sorry, I don’t want to buy levels and even if I did my parents would not let me. So illusion labs, LOTS OF WORK TO DO FOR YOU.
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2 years ago, yeetus penius
Nostalgia 100
So when I was younger I used to love this game and whenever I got money I would always use it to try to get everything on this game eventually I completed everything there was and I stopped playing for a while but recently I found out about it again and I’ve started playing through it again and the nostalgia really hits hard. It is a bit annoying how you do you have to pay for stuff but overall it’s not really a big deal and I love the new feature that you get to open your mouth to jump still overall great game tons of nostalgia
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6 years ago, Guy 528
You sand bagged me Illusion Labs!!!
I purchased Mr Crab and Foosball when they were released a few years ago and they are really fun, I even made a wooden table with a perfect cut out so I could set my iPad in it and use it as a real Foosball table, I eventually gave it to my brother as a gift. I loved both of these games until now, Illusion land screwed me by making both of these games free, I purchased the full Mr Crab game but when I try to play it it says I have to buy the in app purchase to get all of the levels, I already own those levels but I can’t play them, also I purchased the full game of Foosball but it now has ads and is free, I paid with my hard earned money to have an ad free Foosball experience but they screwed me, even if I wanted to I can’t pay to remove the ads because they don’t give you the option. Thanks Illusion Labs for robbing me and selling out.
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3 years ago, doops27
Why not for free?
I read someone’s review called why not for free? And I totally agree. I love this game so much so it is such a disappointment to have these other levels you have to pay for. I have never seen this before in a game and to me this is really saddening, because. I love this game. Only 4 stars for this reason. I love this game, (like I’ve said multiple times) please fix this Illusion Labs!
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7 years ago, itsFBM
Pretty good!
I like this game alot, i just downloaded it, the graphics are so fun to look at, which i really enjoy! One thing though, about other levels that we have to pay for, wouldnt it be better if you made another version of the game which we have to pay for and not spend money as much as for levels, i mean just make 2 diff games, a free one and another with all the levels. Just my idea.. for more people to play! :).
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7 years ago, Goddessdawn
You must play this game!!
I cannot even recall how many times, I have downloaded this game, just so I could play it from the beginning...over & over again! Mr. crab makes me feel like a kid again, experiencing the beginning of the "run & jump" game genre! I would love if you would make more levels, continuing this game! It could be Mr. Crab 1.5!
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This game would easily have five stars but the only problem is the levels you have to pay to go on and I don’t think that’s fair because you can really play one level and then you have to pay to continue playing a free game
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1 year ago, Marsh.A.Mello
Childhood fave
Used to play this when I was really little and I just found it again. I remember liking it a lot. Nice graphics, cute characters, and easy to play. I don’t know why but the shiny pearls are very satisfying to collect. Thanks for the memories
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5 years ago, That Kind Of Person
That One Thing!
this game is awesome! but what bothers me the most! is that when you are done with all 14 levels, you have to either watch an add or buy a $6.99 game that will only last you 2 min! i just want to play games for my entertainment, not buy it! please see this illusion labs and take this as consideration...GOOOOOOOOODBYE! -A Frustrated Person ☹️
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4 years ago, mmjnnhggg
This is a good game but I finished all 14 levels and I finished 14 and pressed next and I had to buy it! 😡 I’m just a kid so I have to ask my parents to buy it and they will always say no I downloaded this game thinking it would last like 1 year it only lasted me 1 week!
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5 years ago, marumarku
Great game!!
I love this game a lot. It is really challenging and addictive. I bought all the crabs and all the levels and I'm not disappointed. I am half way the game and it saddens me that they are not making new levels because they moved to Mr crab 2 which is really bad and not fun at all.
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3 years ago, maxamillion289
Really? This is a decent and good game but the crab is so ugly!!! (jk). You only get a pinch of levels and you have to pay for the rest!! It’s really annoying considering it’s a good game. But you shouldn’t have to buy levels in exchange for more crabs!! I just wish it wasn’t a pay-2-play game. That’s why I’m giving this 3 stars
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5 years ago, A Magic Chickenn
Good Game, But.....
This game is really fun. My friend got me addicted to this game but I was really disappointed when I found out you had to buy more levels. You should definitely add more levels to make the game fun. I always okay it but I usually delete it and re install it. Please fix this game, because you are trying to take my money and happiness.
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3 years ago, GHOSTRIDER707
Oh yes
I love this game but i have one problem! I keep jumping and jumping but it jumps automatically every time and I don’t know what is causing this menace! The developers need to fix the bug this instant! And I mean it!
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5 years ago, Freddy R. Lake
Ugh why
So.. a couple years ago I first got the game for my daughter and she asked me to get the full game. So, I did. And fast forward a couple years, she wants it again. So I get it on my new iPhone, only to see the full game is not purchased anymore.😤😡 At first, it was a great game. But for some reason it does not remember my profile on the game.
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5 years ago, Selena_1116
This game would not detect my finger like I would jump and then again and it wouldn’t jump like if u can’t have me jump twice without glitching then why even put it in a game, also what’s the deal with paying for the rest of the levels that’s not fair, stop being thirsty for money
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5 years ago, MamaYoung24
Love it but it needs a upgrade
This was one of my favorite games on my phone so I love it but all of the levels should be free so everyone can enjoy it without having to pay so in the next upgrade that is what you should do🎀💙🙃
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7 years ago, ADoehne
I really liked Mr. Crab. I like how cute he was! But I was sad when it said you had to buy more levels. I don't have iTunes money and if I asked my parents they would probably say, "No!" or "Why? You don't need it!" Don't get me wrong I love Mr. Crab and all his fun levels but I don't want to buy all the other levels. 😔
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7 years ago, Bbcasas
You only get two levels in the others you have to buy don't buy this app and less you are prepared to spend $10 or even more.💰💰💸💸💸💰💸💸💸💸
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4 years ago, Evangeline the spirit lifter
Really fun game and super addicting, but I beat all the levels in less than an hour and the second game looks really sucky. This annoyed me a lot!! Try harder next time! If you want people to like the game, make the first one longer and the second one less sucky and more like the first one. SUPER ANNOYED!!!! C’mon, only like 10 levels?!?!? Probably one of the suckiest games ever
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2 years ago, maybeamakeupartist_kp
I loved this game as a child but seriously do I have to pay for every freaking level. There’s no way I’m going to do that. This isn’t a good enough game to keep if I have to pay for every level. As much as I would love to keep playing, I’m going to delete because I will not be paying.
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6 years ago, Tappan78
Cute but ..
Game is cute and I bought the full version and beat it in two days and now there are more levels but they want $6.99 for them. It should update and allow the people who bought the full version to have the new levels 😑💁🏻‍♀️
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4 years ago, TipsyBlitz9
The game is awesome! Everything about it is perfect! An easy 5 star in my book! This game needs more updates with lots more levels! I hope the developers are reading this>
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4 months ago, Yoo yoyo
this game is my childhood
i played this game with my brother for hours on end. this was the game I fought with my mother over just so I could play more.
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6 years ago, 4eva.joii
I have mixed feelings about the game .
I love the game because it’s so fun and entertaining also kinda But I don’t like that all the levels are not free and that you have to pay for it. Which makes a lot of people uninstall the game. So I think for a update make all the levels free with the game. Because if not the game should not be a free game.
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2 years ago, hotdog15;)(5;:5;56(
Good game but bad system to make money
I wish that there was ads so people didn’t have to pay for the other levels because they look really fun and Mr. Crab 2 has the same problem
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3 years ago, jean.96
Used to be a great game, but you can’t play more than 3 levels from each map. You have to pay $7 for a full game that is no longer updated. It isn’t even optimized for newer devices. Textbook example of how to ruin a game. Nice job Dev!
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4 years ago, RadicalReviews
Amazing. Just about your other games
I love this game. I just wanna talk about your old game; blast a way. I miss it, and wish you can bring it back
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5 years ago, Syd the Squid🦑
Cutest game ever😍
I love this game so much the sound affects the skins it’s just 👌🏻 perfect. Bonus tip: some people will have the option to watch an ad to get noodles, Gaia, and some other one. And yeah toodles.😁
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5 years ago, White319
Stress and Anxiety
I think this game is too stressful, and is not very “fun, or enjoyable”, for people that have anxiety, or stress out a lot. I don’t recommend this game to people that have anxiety, or anything like that. I was on the 3 level, and I could not get on of the obstacles, and I was VERY annoyed. Please try to change that.
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5 years ago, lilybirdsingya1
I love this but not very fun 😬
I love this game it is so fun and funny with the character Mr. crab I love it but there is not many levels at all so I was sooooo board playing the same levels over and over again 😬😊
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7 years ago, I❤️Brooklyn and Bailey
I have a concern. You have hardly any levels to play for free. And half of those were really hard and frankly, boring. I don't want this game if I get about 10 levels and I can only complete about 5 of them because they are a little easier and a lot more fun. This game takes up to much space so don't get it.
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7 years ago, Cami😌
It's super fun
It has so many free levels, and it's super addictive . I love this game and since most games these days are inappropriate this one's perfect!
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4 months ago, CHa V epic mooents 2018 vine
The game and its sequel were real!?
The game and its sequel(s[if somehow there more Mr. Crab games]) is so weird in design and I’m autistic so I forgot about this game and I only thought it was a weird fever dream. I hate you not. I thought this game was a dream that’s how forgettable it was.
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7 years ago, R678 toca
Kinda Fun 🙂🙁
This game is Fun but not the best , The good things are I am allowed to by new Levels A lot And this game Is fun!!😏 The Bad things are some the Baby crabs are Impossible to get and sometimes I keep falling and I get sooooo upset 😭
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6 years ago, magic rabbit1
Pretty good.
I disagree with some of the other people. I like Mr crab a lot. It’s really fun. Maybe u could out with new levels I would love it. Pls keep up the good work.🦀
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5 years ago, NotArat
Love but where are my levels
I love this game but I purchased all of the levels and they aren’t all available for me, it’s trying to have me repurchase
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7 years ago, Zombiekillerforlife
It's so fun
It's so fine because a crab is in different places then it should be just to get his kids back.
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2 years ago, Louie Alfred Shiu
This game needs help
The game was really fun at first but my daughter accidentally purchased a character but I don’t have American dollars so I had to literally delete it because it was 108 Philippine dollars
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3 years ago, Gachagamer3133
The nostalgia
This game I used to play a lot when I was younger and I still love it to this day
Show more
4 years ago, spongebob fanatic9000
Do not download
I’ll try to keep this short. They make you buy everything in the game except the first nine levels, their jump mechanics are kind of broken, and I only had this game for ten minutes then deleted it. It was that bad over all just a complete waste of time.
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4 years ago, Miracle1216
And I thought the sequel was greedy...
You have to pay for the other crabs even though the all play exactly the same and look incredibly ugly and pay for the other stages. Graphics look like crap also
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7 years ago, Psyex5
Ok but 😒
It was so funnnnnn but I was very very very disappointed when I bet all the free levels and I have to buy the rest. Why do they even need all this money.
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5 years ago, Seamus McAngus
This game is so addictive!!! I love the cute graphics and the creative style!! I just wish there were more levels to play.
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6 years ago, BenW627
Make more levels
Lots of fun and challenging! Finished all 112 levels...make some more available!!!!
Show more
5 years ago, Angie787878
Stuff costs to much
You get 6 levels and the rest you have to buy with real money. You also get 1 character free and 1 that cost stars which is the game currency and then the rest of the skins you have to buy with real money
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4 years ago, Old Canvas User
Great game 🦀
I ❤️ this game. It’s really really fun. And I love how on your phone you can open your mouth or stick out your tongue and the crab 🦀 jumps
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