MSN Money

3.8 (1.5K)
42.3 MB
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Current version
Microsoft Corporation
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for MSN Money

3.8 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
1 year ago, Radioactive 2
Visually simple sophistication.
Financial markets information, as well as other financial data is presented in a simple manner that makes it very easy to read. This app includes some very useful tools. The inclusion of a Currency Converter and a Tip Calculator, are tools that prove to be real time savers, and are well suited for frequent use as the need arises. The personal finance features are very informative and helpful, unfortunately some do not fully fit inside an IPhone screen. News stories in text form, fail to fit inside an IPhone screen, making it very awkward to try to read them. News videos are always timely and relevant.
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2 years ago, DWMJunior
Broken, non working app
Nothing working for days now except the tab that shows a few stocks and fund results. All other tabs / options pop up a notice about wi-fi not connected. Strange it works for every other app on my phone. Seldom need wi-fi anyway because most everybody has an unlimited data plan these days - every other app I have works just fine and switches between wi-fi and data seamlessly when needed. This is nothing more than Microsoft dropping the ball. I also notice the current version of MSN Money is 3 years old!!?? Looks like Microsoft just decided to abandon this app and not notify their users. Don’t waste your time installing it. Even when it was working it had reached the point where some of the stories and news stayed up for days without being replaced with anything newer.
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5 years ago, 289abhi
Really good n simple app, but there are bugs and crashes
I use it a lot and generally like it’s features. It seems like it is a web front to the msn money website. The articles and analysis is good. There are limited ads on the app. The main issue is that it crashes from time to time and freezes without any explanation. The UI gets messed up when it doesn’t get proper response from server. bottom line: it’s a really nice and intuitive app, but microsoft can do better.
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5 years ago, M Wheels
Decent mix of interesting articles
The MSN Money app has a decent mix of interesting articles that get updated fairly regularly, every 1-5 days I’d say, depending on the type of article. I like their lists of best or worst things, like places to retire, or projected future income from different careers. Their articles tend to be short in length and not very in-depth, so they’re not always best for making informed investing decisions off of, but they can be a good starting point.
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4 years ago, AZ_Doc
Frustrating trying to reorder watchlist
One of the most important functions for me using this app is the watchlist, which allows the ability to rapidly look at data. Recently the ability to reorder the watch list has become very frustrating. Basically when to drag an item to a new location and hit “done” it does not move. In fact I spent three hours one day trying to reorder five new items. They basically would not change positions in the list. Someone might laugh at who would spend three hours doing the same thing over and over again when it didn’t work the first few times. Well I guess I call it persistence in case their server wasn’t working, etc. Have tried for several days now. It does not work. If keeping a watchlist is important to you and you plan the reorder after adding new items, don’t use this app. There are many other options that work better than this app.
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4 years ago, devin greene
Frustrated Forced stealth Profile Pic
There is nothing more frustrating when you can’t accomplish a simple task on an app you really like. It will take all my info including bank cards and birthdate and thoughts on power moves with stocks. But no photo to show who did it :( come on man we all like our praise and chance to shine. Please help. Have a blessed day awesome app
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5 years ago, Pitty2004
Good but one thing
Love this app aside from the stock suggestions. These are often not updated for months on end for less known stocks. A few had buy ratings when they were underperforming for over a year before finally changing to hold... they need to get on top of that!
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6 years ago, multi spawn
My goto money app
I use MSN daily for checking the market and my portfolio on my mobile. If you’re a minute by minute trader, it’s not for you. It’s free. The quotes update 20 minutes after open...after that the updates are seconds apart. Typical open delay for free app? News is timely in the AM. If the news or quotes are exceptional, then I go to my real money apps. I’m a fundamental investor.
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4 weeks ago, Hersheyk1ss3z
Suddenly stop working for past several months
I use to be able to view my watch list from msn money app on my window laptop and iPad. Around holiday season last year my msn money app on iPad and iPhone keeps saying connection issue. Attempting to sign into my Microsoft acct results in as if I didn’t log in and continues to show network issue. My Microsoft word, excel, calendar, and outlook mail works just fine tho. I prefer msn money over Apple stock app, it’s disappointing issue with app on iOS system has not been resolved yet
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7 years ago, William O'Hara
Great App! Horrible banner ads!
Great app! The interface is wonderful and the design is a refreshing change from the typical iOS app. Microsoft is really proving to be a savvy app maker. Too much savvy in the direction of advertising dollars is a bit unwelcome. In my watchlist - the key feature of this app in my opinion- what do I see tucked in between the rows - a pixelated WalMart banner ad. It absolutely ruined the experience. Microsoft gave up the wrong screen real estate for that one. I can’t give it a higher rating until they stop this.
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3 years ago, -Jangsta-
Crashes and won’t sync with MSN account
App won’t sync with my MSN account watchlist. When I go to add items to the watchlist in the app, a dialogue box comes up saying that changes were made to my account when I was signed out (I’m signed in). The dialogue box asks if I want to merge the changes to my account. No matter what I press (merge changes or disregard), the app crashes and won’t load anymore. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times now and nothing changes. Watchlist won’t sync and crashes when you try to make a new one. Every time.
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2 weeks ago, einsteinboricua
App no longer works
This isn’t so much a review as much as it is a notice: it looks like the MSN Money function has been rolled into the Microsoft Start app. This app is still showing news articles from summer 2023, so it’s clear that this app is no longer being updated or used. Just wished Microsoft had sent out a formal notice saying the app will be sunset. If you’re trying to get the functionality of this app, Microsoft Start will be your best bet. Delete this app as it looks to be obsolete.
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9 months ago, its that bad
My Internet connection
You are telling me am not connected to the internet. I have an outlook account I have had for years no problems. I downloaded the app but I am having and issue with the app. My internet connection is excellent
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4 years ago, frankenstein oderwuffer
I need this app for financial news.
Even though there are so many sources of news these days, whenever I want to know what’s likely to happen in the stock market before it opens, MSN has me covered. Otherwise, their new tends to be late when the stock market is too volatile for news to be handy.
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1 year ago, Robert J. Ross
Occasionally not available
On rare occasions the app or parts of it are temporarily not available; but I consider this a minor inconvenience. Content always makes interesting and informative reads. Has everything I need in a financial app.
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5 years ago, Greg from Wisconsin
MS Money is the best of the financial news apps
Microsoft Money app is the best financial news app because of the straightforward presentation of real news articles without too many ads or trashy content. It is a better experience than the CNBC app which itself is better than the CNBC site. Yahoo Finance is a shadow of its former self.
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5 years ago, Major Powell
Good, But
This has always my go to app for investment as a novice, but reading all these reviews has put up a screen. I know money and ads play a role for any company and I get that, but one has to be careful not to get sucked in once people are involved. Some will say Microsoft is not like that, we will see.
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6 years ago, bronchman
Great app for quick market updates
I use this app for timely updates on market indices. The news stories are informative but sometimes lack depth. Overall appreciate having this app on my mobile devices.
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4 years ago, Steve3050
Where’s the meat?
For years a synopsis of why the markets did what provided a snapshot of some reasoning as to what happened during the day. That snapshot has disappeared. There is no news about today’s market developments under the “market” section. Just a little bit about nothing. Don’t know if this is because not one knows why at MSN Money or no one wants to take the time to provide something meaningful.
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1 year ago, uSlackr
Weird auth bug
Every time I open the app I get a popup that says “now logged in you made changes to the app while not logged. What would you like to do. Merge or Discard” Every time. Why doesn’t the app just stay logged in?
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10 months ago, Dawn from Fargo
Not working AGAIN!
This app will not work and shows a Wi-Fi connection issue, when all other apps are working just fine with my Wi-Fi. When trying to look up a stock, it just freezes and will not fill. I have checked several days now and am giving up on using it going forward. I wish Microsoft would fix this app or delete it from their apps!!!
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12 months ago, cir103
Unstable keeps losing starred stocks
This app is unstable, it gets unresponsive. Once you terminate it, it will ask if you want to merge. If you merge it does not load correctly so you wont be able to scroll correctly. In this state your only choice is to terminate it again. If you select discard on the pop up after termination it will simply delete all your favorite stocks. Not worth it, there are other stable stock apps.
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4 years ago, lz2006
Frequent re-login requests, data issues
Overall this is a decent app. However its data is not always update, and some info display is just wrong. For instance it often says “market closed” in the middle of trading day. It also keeps asking me to re-login. Hope these bugs will be addressed in future releases.
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5 years ago, albiggy67
Fast reference for Equities with interesting articles
I have been using MSN Money for a few years and like the ease of viewing. I can add equities and funds to match portfolios. The news and articles are nice to have along with the market activitats es.
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5 years ago, eye.strain
Windows version is better
Visually unappealing once you get past initial screens. Too many articles referenced require subscription to read more than the opening paragraph. Data presentation is excellent, would be better if graphs were interactive. It’s better than 3 but not a 4 and I didn’t want to round up
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5 years ago, Grimraven1
Needs a dark mod
The app seems fine for what it is, clean laid out look and UI. But so tired of bright white. Personalization has no features but clear history? Why bother. Again please allow dark mod as a choice.
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6 years ago, Salem Sathi
Best application for financial data
Agreed there are other applications that are good for technical information about stocks, but if you are looking for fundamentals this is the best application to use. Also the ads that are displayed are suttle and non intrusive.
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10 months ago, SaxtonIV
I used to love this app
I am not sure why it seems to choke and show me the same information for weeks at a time. Then it will be fine for months. I have deleted it and reinstalled, but it seems to only work when it wants to. I like the quick market numbers & news, when it works.
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1 year ago, mpmrfee
Lost synchronization My Watchlist
No longer syncing ‘My Watchlist’. Got messages asking to merge data that was made in one place and not another. And since that time the app has none of my Stocks listed and I can’t get it to sync back up even when I sign out and sign back into my Microsoft account. Really the only reason I use the app is to get my watchlist and related news tied to those stocks.
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6 years ago, bolting7
Stability Issues a stumbling block for an otherwise really nice App.
This is one of my most used Apps, yet in the past couple of months, I can rarely read any of the articles I am interested in, because the App crashes and closes. If it were fully functional, I would give five stars.
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2 years ago, Ipodteen
Some tabs are not loading anymore
The order of stock watch list always display in random order and not correct in landscape mode. I have to change it to portrait then back to landscape in order to display the screen correctly. Maybe it is not maintained.
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6 years ago, Thojun
Great, useful, simplified news.
I use many apps for news. This is one of the best. The headline gives enough info to decide if one can continue reading. It’s really simple and easy to use.
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12 months ago, aaaaagghhh
Watchlist doesn’t work
This is a great app, but about one month ago, the Watchlist feature stopped working. Why?? This is an important feature and it needs to be fixed. I am one of many users that I would guess use it to track their holdings at a quick glance. Fix it please, ASAP!!
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5 years ago, lmaodifficult
Great app
I view this several times daily to get a general idea of what the markets are doing. Only question I have is why does it say “Markets Closed” when they are obviously open?
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5 years ago, DLM47
Great quick reference
I go to this app first thing each morning to get the latest market news and check my watch list.
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5 years ago, mismosoy
Keeps me up to date
Excellent business app. Highly recommended for those want to stay updated with what is going on with the economy and businesses.
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5 years ago, Natan Ziv
Watchlist news needs a better filter
The news are sometimes very old and sometimes irrelevant. Ex. News section for British Petroleum (BP) shows also articles about blood pressure. News articles seem to be displayed in random order, it should be sorted and displayed by date and time.
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10 months ago, BCruzer
Out in August again
I like this app to keep up with my favorite stocks and read financial news. Every year it quits working in the summer. My guess is it’s run by interns at MicroSoft. When they come back in the fall it’ll start working again.
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2 years ago, David from Concord, CA
Problem with Company Profiles
When are they going to fix this App so you can see the company information that used to appear in the “Profile” section ? ? ? I have sent several E-mails to MSNMoney about this problem over the last 30 days, but nothing has been done to fix this, and it’s very frustrating ! ! !
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4 years ago, BostonUncensored
Good app needs balanced content
Technically nice app quick loading never crashes etc. Good programming. Content has gotten worse, if I just want to read CNN I can go to their mobile site or download their own app. Some balance in viewpoints would improve the experience
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4 years ago, 1kmillionmiler
Bugs have existed for some time that haven’t been addressed
The app needs work, especially in the watchlist tab. One can no longer rearrange the list the save has no effect. Additionally, many times going into the details of the stock and then back out, the app will jump up the list instead of returning to the spot where you were...very annoying. Please fix.
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3 years ago, Dhhhhug
Same articles over and over
People like money talk run the same despicable ads (they are not articles) over and over. One is “6 reasons I will never trust suzie orman”. This article comes out once a week with an updated date. Been that way for over a year. Honestly, why focus on one money guru? Why not attack the guys? Terrible app. Deleting.
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4 years ago, happy anniversary to both
Watchlist does not load all stocks
I am just wondering developers do testing or not. For me watchlist never loads the stock more than one page. To load the scroll I have to click around in the app before more stocks get available in watchlist. Sometimes it never works.
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3 years ago, 176lab
Good feature but Outdated
The app is good the news section of finance and money, especially the calculator built into it. But my only feedback for Microsoft is to please update this app UI experience. This is the same UI from 2010’s and it needs to be updated from the outdated MSN to Microsoft’s universal language.
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6 years ago, Elon Tim
Stick screener missing.
I don’t know if they have another app for the same. But if not then stock screener tool which is on the website is missing here. I was expecting they will have the web version of that in app also. That is must have tool for this app.
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6 years ago, aurorasteve
My look
Great site for checking so many financial markets, funds, and great advice. Easy to come to my own conclusion which direction to go after researching on this site. Thank you
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4 years ago, Thomas 728
Great app keep the updates coming!!!
You need to fixed the watch list not updating current stock numbers prices!
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8 months ago, Jjan44son
No network error
Whenever I go to find out what the current market is doing all I get is an error message saying there’s no network error number 1001. My network is Wi-Fi network is working for everything but this app but I still get the message. I even delete it and reinstalled it, but that didn’t help.
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6 years ago, ANSARI5X5
Great app
I want a currency rate change widget. Just like we have in Windows 10, we can see the change between currencies in the app tile in the start screen.
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6 years ago, Asdferfgadsf
Very nice tool
"Money," is one of three different apps I use daily, to keep informed on financial matters; yet is the app I keep in the highest regard, due to the vast amounts of quality and up-to-date news.
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