mSpy: Find my Friends Phone

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3 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for mSpy: Find my Friends Phone

4.03 out of 5
8.8K Ratings
2 days ago, Gardi•GOD
Amazing tracking service 💯💯
This app definitely helps to keep tabs on love ones and family members but the work of such tracking apps is usually limited because you always need to access the device you want to keep tabs on in order for tracking app to work effectively. My question is if i can access the device i want to hack, why would I need it hacked? But i understand we hack devices due to different intentions and to recover some information that must have been deleted or kept from being easily seen, the device will be required to be cloned. Being unfaithful gives rise to a whole lot of issues and situations that might be very difficult to cope with if you don't have an account of what is really going down with your partner when you are not together. If you keep getting these signs it's most likely to be true your partner is cheating. That's not the end of life anyway, you can make a choice that suits you and be to your advantage for something like that to never repeat itself. For anyone that find themselves in this situation, what you need is to contact a private ethical investigator named chris at Hacklords00 @ gmail to find out what has been going on behind your back, and fix it as quick as you can. His services are highly rated and affordable, regardless whether your problem is personal or beyond personal, I am certain that whatever you are passing through will be fixed in a jiffy. I am a huge testimony to his exploits and I highly endorse that you write to him.
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3 days ago, Rutt-weiss
Have you read this today?
This tracking app assists in looking over my family but the ability of apps such as this is many a time restricted because you’d always need to access the phone you want to watch in order for this tracking app to work effectively. My question is if I can access the phone that i want to hack, why would I need it hacked ? However, i understand we hack phones for different reasons and to recover certain information that must have been deleted or kept from being easily seen, the device will be required to be cloned. Being unfaithful gives rise to a whole lot of issues and situations that might be very difficult to cope with if you don’t have an account of what is really going down with your partner when you are not together. If you keep getting these signs it’s most likely to be true your partner is cheating. That’s not the end of life anyway, you can make a choice that suits you and be to your advantage for something like that to never repeat itself. For anyone that find themselves in this situation , what you need is to reach out to a private investigator named dustin at Spytechguru @ Gmailcom to find out what has been going on behind your back, and fix it as quick as you can. His services are five-star rated and affordable, regardless whether your problem is beyond personal, I am certain that whatever you are passing through will be fixed in a jiffy. I am a huge testimony to his exploits and I highly endorse that you write to him.
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2 days ago, •Dr Tardi
Best in finding cheats
Getting an app that would reveal my ex’s location was necessary for me. Mspy made it look like a walk in the park. I have always wanted to know everything happening in my relationship most especially with her sudden change in her attitude and behavior towards me after she quickly closed her browser windows that fateful evening and anytime I got closer to her phone. Once I found some red flags like an email address I didn't recognize, I became more suspicious. I got in contact with a private investigator named dustin that was referred through the IT guy at my workplace. He told me to speak to him on his private email address at SPYTECHGURU @ gmail com. I reached out to him and began to coherently explain why I wanted her phone monitored and cloned. We got to the money part and I was a bit hesitant about sending money first before receiving the service but dustin gave me his word alongside a money back guarantee that was set in place. Within some hours, I had a mirror version of her phone. I could see everything she was doing on her phone. It was like Harry potter’s magic to be very honest. I finally found out why she was acting so suspicious without having physical access to her phone. I immediately filed for a divorce as the court admissible information provided by Dustin played a huge deciding role in the divorce process. Till date, I do not regret using the services of dustin.
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3 days ago, ~CararrgherW
More than enough!
I was the other guy in a 3 years-long affair; the third wheel you could say. My so-called partner was actively seeing someone else. There was no happy ending for me to say the least. Before dustin from SPYTECHGURU @ gmailcom helped me to find out about her secret relationship, her and I were former work associates and we used to hang out a couple of times and just watch TV/movies. This went on and on for quite a while but nothing serious happened. I began having an emotional attraction to her even with the knowledge that she was probably seeing someone else. I talked to my best friend about the whole scenario and he advised me to run a check on her phone. He linked me to dustin, a cyber security expert and I sent a mail to him on spytechguru @ gmailcom explaining every single detail. I carefully explained, paid and gave him the required details and he hacked into her phone. About six hours after our last communication, I received a link from dustin. That was when it dawned on me that I was being played by this lady. I saw all her messages and call conversations that spanned over two years, rendezvous meeting points between her and her partner. I also had complete access to all of her social media accounts, all of them! A Pheew!!! You know, if something suspicious is going on in your relationship, you have every right to know everything that’s going on behind your back. Take that step now and be confident about it!
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11 months ago, dndkd. e
Almost perfect
This app has a potential to be a parent’s best friend. Not only can you track your children’s whereabouts but you can take it a few steps further and do things like listen to what’s going on in their surroundings, have access to their phone use history, access their contacts, and prevent communication. You don’t approve of you can even Set alerts for certain locations. And know what’s going on in real time. The only drawback for me is the pricing. yes sacrifices made for products with these functionalities. It’s just a bit much especially to not offer monthly plans..
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1 year ago, Madoublet445!
‼️📵📵‼️💯 SCAM 🛑IMMEDIATELY UNLESS YOU HAVE $150 to LITERALLY BURN🔥UNPROFESSIONAL CON ARTISTS, THAT APPLE HAS ALLOWED TO DISPLAY AN INCORRECT PRICE, OPERATE IRRESPONSIBLE, AND WITH ABSOLUTELY NO WARNING, OVERCHARGE MY ACCOUNT AND MANY OTHERS OVER $145 on TOP OF THE ADVERTISED PRICE OF $7.99. After downloading the app from the Apple Store, I received an Email from the creator saying that I am also being charged Close to $150 for a download protection fee, along with a few other cleverly named, overpriced “fees”. NEVER ONCE DURING CHECKOUT WERE THESE OUTRAGEOUS “FEES” mentioned or was I transferred to a page to confirm the EXTRA FEES that were snuck into the final total, and stolen from my account. The worst part is that I never even activated the application or used it in anyway, but was DENIED A REFUND and my bank was told that there would be NO REFUND ISSUED NOR ANY OTHER TYPE OF COMPENSATION OR POSSIBLE SOLUTION. I never thought that Apple would allow a company to operate in such ways, under their reputable platform. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau; in hopes that other people will not fall victim to the same fate that I have. ‼️TAKE NOTE THAT IN ORDER TO EVEN USE THE APP PROPERLY, IT MUST BE INSTALLED ON BOTH PHONES, WHICH IN TURN WILL DOUBLE THE ALREADY OUTRAGEOUSLY OVERPRICED WASTE OF SPACE AND MONEY 💰 💰 💰 💰
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1 year ago, Polina Blintsovskaya
Helpful Caller Location Screening App
I've lately been using this software to track phone numbers, and I'm happy with its features, including GPS tracking and location history. It's simple to use, has an appealing white-and-blue design, and gives me what seems to be accurate information on the phone numbers I've looked up. I really value the option that lets me view the phone number's location. This has been useful when I get calls from unknown numbers and want to check whether the caller is local or not or where they are located. I can use this information to decide whether to answer the call or call back the number. Although the app's advertisements frequently focus on child surveillance and protection, in my opinion it also functions as a spam call screener. I would generally suggest this software to anyone who wants to keep track of phone numbers and be more on guard about potential spammers.
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1 year ago, may92200
Great App
I didn’t unlock to full features but I did play around with the app to see what it was all about. The first thing I liked about the app, is you can set up Geo-Fencing, which is where you can get notifications if that person/child leaves a certain area zone. Next was the SOS button, the child/person can activate it in an emergency and the app will automatically alert you and send you the persons location. You can view your persons/child’s location in real time and the app saves their history of movement for a few days. Another thing I found cool was being able to control child’s apps, you can view which apps they use most or least and control their use. The app also lets you view and know your child contacts, even if they add someone new. Overall for not unlocking the full functions, the app does what it’s supposed to do.
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3 years ago, Lolethia Buckhamkhqag
I love this app!
Honestly, I didn’t really think about using mSpy because my younger sister said it was a strong invasion of privacy. I take the bus for two hours every day to and from work and my mom didn’t feel safe not exactly knowing where I was before I got home, so for her ease of mind I decided to use a tracking app. After trying multiple tracking apps, I decided to download mSpy as a last resort and I honestly love it! Like it’ll tell her where I am in real time without having to look at ads or get through a paywall. It’ll also tell her what percent my phone battery is at and the app also allows me to track her as well. It’s honestly really nice to be able to have that security with her, and now my mom doesn’t stay up waiting for me to get home anymore.
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1 year ago, jaxphils
Good App
I really like the functionality of this app. 10 devices is a good amount for larger families that should ensure the safety of all of them. The four options are all necessary as well. Panic Mode is good for an emergency. Locations may be a bit irrelevant with find my friends already being in a built in app to Apple but I understand how it would be important. Geo-fencing is very unique and one that I think should be utilized more often. Kids should know what routes they should take based on where they live. Lastly, contacts is good for knowing who your kid may be communicating with. $40 for 3 months is a bit steep in my opinion, but may be a necessary investment if you have concerns about your child going out. I found it to be a very good app for safety.
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2 years ago, hynogee
**DO NOT DOWNLOAD FROM APP** Go to the website to download this application. If you don’t, your app will not work. I got an email to confirm my email and recipt of purchase through Apple. The email they sent takes me straight to purchase it AGAIN!!! I couldn't log in the app. It was like my purchase never existed. I called customer service, which was horrible by the way. The wouldn't even refund me! But, then turn around, and give me a free year subscription for all my troubles, even though I have NO access to my account. I kinda think it was a scam with the app because once he tried to send the email to reset up the account, IT NEVER CAME. Once I told him I didn't receive it, then here comes the free year subscription complimentary prize,the server was down, and it takes a few days to receive the email. Go figure...Look, if you really need this PLEASE use there website. The five star rating may help them, but I did this to make sure YOU don't ripped off.
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2 years ago, !eiou!
I-Phone 13 users Warning
This app does not work with the i-phone 13 😡Beware —— the app will send logon notice from MSpy to the target phone requesting access the there iCloud account. This request is random not just the initial setup. Happened to me a few days after the target phone was setup. If you are trying to do this covert the target phone has to accept the request to let MSpy to access its phone. Good Luck with that happening. FYI - the request that comes to the target phone is …. “ MSpy would like to access your iCloud account”. That went over great with my wife when she got that !!! I contacted MSpy about this, they said there program will send out the request when it looses connection to the phone. When the phone is powered off or looses data connection/ service. This is my experience with the I-phone 13 I can’t say what happens with other versions of the I-phone. Don’t waist your money if you have a I-phone 13. MSpy would not refund my money.
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2 years ago, ahhagg
A bit of a deceiving advertising!
I installed this app in my daughter’s phone around April this year. She has an iPhone 13. I was very excited about it! I was finally going to have real access to her Snapchat (which was mostly my motivator to get the app) I installed it, downloaded everything I needed it. I knew that probably I would have to figured out a thing here and there but after a few tries, and a break-day or so after the frustration, I realized her phone was NOT compatible! I text-chat with someone in their website, they gave me an email to request my refund. I sent an email. Life then happened at home and had to put this problem aside. Lost the money of course, that’s on me for not getting back to it, and be on top of it! However!!!!! I never heard back from them!!! I just felt like the advertisement was very deceiving, and NOT AT ALL clear about the fact that not all phones are compatibles! I did not see back then after going through EVERY SINGLE icon in their website, the one where you can check if the phone is compatible or not! GLAD they added it!!!!! I just couldn’t believe that the latest phones are not compatible to this new apps! Anyways, do not make my mistake and “DO DOUBLE or TRIPLE CHECK” that your kids phones are compatible before paying for the service because I personally didn’t find customer service that great! ;)
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2 years ago, Hggfs46&$
Waste of time
I suggest carefully reading the refund policy. They do not refund unless you spend hours, an hours dealing with them and their tech support department. I did attempt to get their product to work, and spent several hours and three days doing so, and in the end it is not user-friendly. This is day 15 of me purchasing this program, and going back-and-forth with emails, and watching videos, and tech-support, and not only have I not gotten my refund, but the product did not work with my target phone. After these two weeks I am still dealing with this company just to cancel my account, and subscription. They claim they are unable to do that and will only "Freeze', my account, and so save yourself the time, and money, and find another app and deal with another company. Once this is all finally over I will post another review so that others will know exactly how long it took me from start to end dealing with this company.
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7 years ago, The Gunny-95
Wouldn't Recommend It
Downloaded this on my wife's iPhone 7. At 1st I downloaded the lite version which was ok for gps, but that's about it, paid around $10 for the app. It is suppose to be undetectable on the monitored device. This is misleading. After a few days my device popped up with a notification that the app was using data for location & I happen to get her phone just before it sent her the same notification. I dodged a bullet that time. So I began to send their customer support emails stating all the data the app said I was gonna get verses what I was getting along with the notification. We went back and forth and finally they recommended that I subscribe to a higher package. I did purchase a year long plan because the longer you buy the cheaper it is per month. For non jail broken iPhones you have to have the Apple ID and password, which I fortunately had. The data only shows up days later as the phone backs up the cloud. It you have a some what smart spouse/child they will delete the messages as they go along with wiping history's & text messages. The only way this app will serve you the desired results is if the monitored person is careless and sloppy about things done in the dark. I was definitely disappointed about the actual functionality.
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9 months ago, Samual98
Be careful
Once you pay, you won’t be able to get your money back, not even within an hour! I main reason is the app won’t do what is advertised and the developer knows this. There answer is you need to buy more functionality and pay for premium. They are very good at marketing and you’ll be bombarded with emails trying to sell extra futures. At the end it’s very simple of the developer believes in this product they should give a period to cancel and get the money back. It is advertised as cancel anytime but what they don’t tell you is that you won’t get your money back if you cancel. Last the old gimmick of them responding, please right us to solve your issue is just another way of trying show the public that they care, while in reality no refund will be issued and the app won’t do as advertised ( in my case I’m supposed to download the app on my daughter phone in order for it to tell me where she is!!!)
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1 year ago, SLZ67
Stop and think before you choose mSpy or before you accidentally download it and have to please ask for a refund because you won’t get it! You’re embarrassed enough to have to ask for a refund but then you really feel like two cents when you’re told No but go ahead and sign up for another year or two! I’m still in total shock that they can be so cold and heartless as to not give back money for something that wasn’t used for one solitary second!!!! Its a shame when the almighty dollar becomes more important than common human decency and compassion. There are TONS of other apps out there to choose from. You would think they know that and would WANT people to choose theirs! I am definitely sorry I ever even stumbled across mSpy and heaven forbid made an honest mistake. If I can stop the heartache I’m going through in losing desperately needed money, for even just one other person, then I’ll be happy.
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2 years ago, Nabswish779
Worst app ever. Don’t be scammed into buying it.
They mentioned that application has all features needed to protect one’s child. However after purchasing and downloading it. I noticed it only monitors photos, notes, contacts, calendar, emails. Excuse me, none of the above interests me. You clearly mentioned all social media applications and web browsing. After I contact customer support they advised me I need to jail break my iPhone !!! Or give them access to my laptop screen and iPhone so they download another application that will monitor social media apps and messaging and web browsing!!! I don’t think I could explain more than that. Don’t buy it and be fooled like me. I requested a full refund and now they want me to email billing department. On their website it clearly mentions that full refund automatically. Apparently that is not the case. Don’t download the app and definitely don’t pay a penny as it is a scam and not worth it.
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1 year ago, Refilwe Moatshe
Very good app & has lots of functions
This app is very helpful for parents. It has so many great features that allow you to know your loved ones’ location and usage of apps. It has a panic mode which allow your loved ones to notify you if they’re in danger which I think is convenient. You also have access to your loved ones’ locations, with so many bad things happening it’s always good to know where your loved ones are & it has many other great features that keep you in the know. You do have to subscribe to access a lot of the features and the subscription fee is quite pricey but worth all the great benefits that come with the app.
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12 months ago, unhappydilli
Dilli’s review of app
This is a must-have app for families seeking reliable tracking and peace of mind. With its seamless geo-fencing and phone number tracking features, it effortlessly keeps your loved ones safe. Setting up custom safe zones is a breeze, and real-time notifications keep you informed about their whereabouts. Tracking multiple phone numbers across devices is a fantastic convenience. The app's intuitive interface and clean design make it easy to navigate and access the information you need. Privacy and security are paramount, with encrypted data and customizable sharing preferences. It is the ultimate solution for tracking your family with ease and confidence.
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1 year ago, mel98942
Finally a safe and accurate way to track kids!
Super easy to sign up, connect your kids devices so you can accurately track them wherever they are. I liked how it gave me real time location and travel information and keeps my kids safe by knowing where they are. I love the notifications and how it alerts me when they come and go. The customization is really helpful, and I like how I can easily add additional contacts in the app. I also noticed there’s a panic button for emergency alerts, which is very different than other types of tracking apps. Super convenient, easy and something I would recommend.
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6 years ago, pacificasw
Do not i repeat do not use this app and expect to be able to track anyone. First of all it costs $9.99 for a monthly subscription and then somehow they conned me into paying $30 to be able to get gps locations and call logs. After the fact the app completely stopped working it just says my subscription is expired (no i just paid) and continues to say “you restored your subscription succesfully” but continues to not work. I emailed called and have gotten no help im about to call my bank and tell them to reimburse me for the charge and have them deal with this HORRIBLE company. Not only is all that bs but i also used 2 other apps in case 1 didnt suffice, wheres my phone app and life360. Both of which were $5 tops together and show me all the same things. Forget this app i really want this company to suffer for making me stress over something so avoidable. $30 is alot to me right now so thanks for stealing my xmas money you douche bags
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1 year ago, JazzyHandz28
The best 👍🏾
With so many spy apps out there I wasn’t sure which one will work the best when it came to monitoring my sons device. I decided to give mSpy a try and I’m so glad I did. My son is now at that age where I really need to start keeping an eye on his usage and behavior on his phone. I have to say, this app is just the thing for it. Once I installed it on his phone it runs invisibly in the background and records everything from text messages to his web browsing activities. It evens monitors Snapchat! If you are a parent and want to stay updated on your child’s online and physical security than I highly suggest checking out this app.
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4 years ago, Jencap79
This company is a SCAM
I purchased the browser-based full version of this program. I also paid extra for “priority phone support.” What a JOKE. No one will answer the phone. I have called about forty times and actually spoke to someone ONCE. He offered no real solution to the problem. Please know that this program WILL NOT work for iPhones that have two-factor authentication enabled. And I spoke with Apple this morning. There is now NO WAY to disable that feature. Therefore, this program will not work on iphones despite advertising that it does. The actual solution I was given by their tech was to create a new Apple ID for my daughter. That is not an option as she would lose all her songs and media. They will not respond to my emails and chat requests and again, despite paying extra for support, they will not answer the phone. I would give this ZERO stars if I could. Please don’t be duped like I was.
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1 year ago, SAHoffmann
Every parent needs this app
I am always looking for better ways to protect my kids. What parent is not? I learned about this app from another parent and I am so glad I decided to check it out. I am keep tract of my older one and younger one with features that I get to set up and use. There are different alerts that your child or college kid can respond with and if needed, help can be notified. It’s user friendly, can be set up in a few short minutes and updated and selections changes when you want them to. Very impressive and excited to pass this feedback along to my others friends.
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1 year ago, THRWACC
To start this app doesn’t do any of the things it claims to do. While trialing this for a month I was very shocked. It did absolutely nothing it claimed. This app is literally a scam. The following is a list of things it claims to do, but doesn’t. -It never successfully tracked the target phone. However, most times it would completely forget the target phone and ask you to set up a new phone to track. -It never produced any text messages from the target phone. Like before it would ask you to set up a phone to track. -It downloaded some of the contacts after a few days. This like the others completely failed. The target phone has 300+ contacts and the app downloaded about 40 after 3 days and just leaving the app open and running on both devices for 6 hours. -I never received any call log information. Even when going to the extreme of opening the app on the target phone. Overall, this app is a complete fraud. I personally should have known better. Especially when the person processing the order for the app kept pushing buying more than one month. When I kept refusing he acted frankly childish. If you do anything with this app, then be prepared to be ripped off.
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5 years ago, mylilpanda
This app takes away people’s right to privacy. Especially children. I don’t care if you’re using this app to keep your kid safe. Or if you’re using it to spy on your partner. This isn’t about safety. It’s about spying. Like one user said, you will eventually push your child away from you by downloading this spying malware and because downloading this app is for spying, your child/partner will no longer trust you. By then you have a broken relationship. These positive reviews are fake. It doesn’t even track iMessage or social media. Because for one, high end social media apps like Snapchat and instagram would never allow this. It goes against their user’s privacy. My mother downloaded this on my phone. And now I don’t trust her with anything because she doesn’t trust me. Why don’t you toxic parents and people of partners take a seat and think before you do stuff?
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4 months ago, Ungah Bungah
Inaccurate Depiction
This product is not particularly useful especially for iOS, (for which most aspects do not work at all). I made the mistake of purchasing this product to help keep tabs on a disabled child. This was supposed to give alerts of movements but rarely does and only works when checking app already. There is no text, or email, or anything useful even when Emergency SOS button. Audio monitoring, remote use of camera and one other only work with Androids. Basically they are selling a faulty product! It does however offer a cancellation/refund option which connects you to customer service who tell you that you have the option to not auto renew your subscription. Too bad that I trusted them enough to buy a year in advance. Do not waste your time with this garbage.
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10 months ago, 247Nature
Family Guardian
mSpy Phone Family Tracker is an indispensable tool, especially for those concerned about the safety of elderly parents and young children. The real-time GPS updates every 20 minutes, giving reassurance about your family’s location. Its 3-month location history and geo-fencing features mean you’re always information. For parents, the contact list monitoring is crucial, while the panic button is a life saver in emergencies. The subscription price is reasonable and with user-friendly settings, it’s a must-have for every family prioritizing safety and connection.
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11 months ago, Jeremy Ayala
Very Helpful App!
Love this app! The features on this app help you to make sure you are keeping your family safe! I love the ability for my son to hit the panic button if something is wrong and I can get notified in real time. Being able to track and make sure my son’s activity on apps is helpful to make sure that he is not engaging or using any inappropriate apps. Lastly the best feature to me is the surroundings recording to be able to check on my child, listen in through the microphone and be able to ensure he is being safe. Totally worth the download!
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3 years ago, tech monkey Cody
Do not use this. It’s a completely over invasive software and wants way too much of your information. It also uses misleading words like try suggesting that you’re able to use it in a trial form and doesn’t. I installed the software saw it was completely not what I needed, and within minutes I was on their chat as their website said that’s what to do. After hours of back-and-forth on the chat I was told that I have to email after emailing. I was told I couldn’t get a refund if you call they either say they’re not available or you can barely understand them. Sounds like there talking on broken up cell phones seriously do not make the mistake of giving these people your money you won’t get it back no matter what their website says about A 14 day refund.
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3 years ago, pipeman30
Terrible customer service unless paid for.
I had purchased mspy for 50 dollars so I thought with that would of come with quality customer service but I was wrong. No quality customer service is available for a extra charge of 50 dollars. Like I’m going to lay that when I’m trying to get my money refunded because of a personal matter i no longer needed the app or there services. So the only way the even request a refund is by email which no body actually looks at or responds to. And by there policy should have had a answer to being that it’s been 3 business days. And was told they would get back to me within 7 days. Like what kind of crap is that. And you can’t even get a hold of anyone on the phone again unless you pay for good customer service.
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2 years ago, Oo/3
Doesn’t work as advertised
So I was under the impression I sign up and pay for the service I could monitor text messages. Well if you use the icloud info you can’t read text messages which of course isn’t advertised. I spent 82$ to find that out. I requested a refund and will update my review after the refund process has been completed. Update. I do not recommend using this company at all! I canceled with in ten minutes and could not get a refund. I was told I could not get a refund because my reason was “personal” not sure how there service not working as advertised is personal but ok. Only after I wrote an email threatening to report them to the bbb did they agree to give me a 40 percent refund. Totally unsatisfied with this company and do NOT recommend anyone using them!
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3 years ago, Hugabugs66
Never worked, support non-existent
After many hurdles, roadblocks, passwords for this, that and the other, I seemed to have this installed on my son’s phone. It never worked, always got an error message and instructions to try again later when attempting to contact support. But they were on their A game when it came time to automatically renew the subscription. I tried to retrieve info one last time before cancelling the renewal, and lo and behold, it says the phone does not have a subscription. What would I be paying to renew if there is no subscription? If there is actually anyone working for most, I would like a refund. Thank goodness, after a lot of trouble, and back and forth s to my email account, I got the auto renewal cancelled. Not worth one red cent of anyone’s money.
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1 year ago, Eliza123Eliza321
Love how easy it is to use, and keep tabs on my loved ones
I've been using this tracking app for a while now and it's been a great tool for keeping tabs on my loved ones. The app offers a range of features that make it easy to keep track of their locations. One of the things I appreciate most about this app is its simplicity. It's incredibly easy to use and set up, which makes it accessible to anyone. The app also offers a variety of alerts and notifications, which can be customized to your preferences.
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3 years ago, Carizma Rubinowiczop
Love mSpy
As a family, mSpy has helped us keep up with o e another. No kore texting or calling to inform others of location or destination arrival. They can just check the app for themselves. As a parent, this allows me to view my teens whereabouts and know that she has arrived to practice and events safely. Love the 911 features and tracking in case of emergencies or breakdowns, especially if we are not certain of exact locations. Recommend this app for every family member. It allows children to view parent whereabouts if they are late for practice pickups.
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11 months ago, juniper+theo
I think this app is quite innovative. In the age of technology, being able to have oversight of what your child is involved in has become increasingly important. This app allows you to be able to better protect those you love and that I appreciate. Especially with the app overview to see what they are doing on their phone and being able to keep myself connected to my child with a panic button. I definitely feel this app is useful and helping us stay better connected and feel more in control of your child’s safety.
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1 year ago, Djakfnfnamz
It’s a nice app to have to make you feel more at ease especially in your relationships. There are so many apps out there that say the do what this one does and they fail, but this one definitely delivered on what it says it does. It’s great not only if you feel that there’s something going on in your relationship, but another important one is for your children’s safety to make sure they aren’t doing anything they are not supposed to be doing. It gives you a sense on ease because of all the things going on in the world.
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11 months ago, Arose mother worries
Not Easy to Conceal
This app is definitely easy to use and accurate, but if this is something you did not want your child to know about or see then you are going to be disappointed. I have a teenage daughter and was hoping this app could help ease my mind some when she leaves the house, but she found it immediately and deleted it from the phone. I suggest that there should be modifications made to ensure that this cannot happen and the app can somehow blend in rather than being an obvious new addition on the persons phone.
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1 year ago, Nickdowd
Peace of Mind!
I have tried several of these apps over the years, and MLite really delivers in terms of ease of use, effectiveness and consistency. It was extremely easy installing (on multiple phones), and the set up took minutes. We were up and running almost right away, and I immediately felt comfortable and secure with what I was seeing (especially the GPS tracking). I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants an extremely effective- but also easy to use- tracking solution!
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11 months ago, EVOC NAVE
Best family tracking app
I loved this app and the better interface than the IOS service makes its that much better. Setting boundaries and borders to get awards is great for teenagers that think they are good at lying but with this, they are kept true to where they will be driving. I like also the user interface on the app as it feels very simple and not overdone. Overall using this app is a great way to keep track of my family and get alerts for certain events they perform which I appreciate.
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12 months ago, Pmv2011
Single parents best tool
As a single parent of a preteen, I understand how difficult it can get to keep tabs on their lives especially keeping tabs on everything they do on their phones. This app has been an absolute lifesaver - not only am I able to have more control over my daughter's phone usage but also know who she connects with each day and where is at. It brings me so much comfort knowing that this tool is helping ensure she remains safe. Thanks for creating such an amazing resource.
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5 years ago, Krissy2031
Complete Dishonest i
I am contacting the BBB about this company you take my money and the decide to not keep the original agreement which cause action to file a formal complaint and retrieve damages from this matter. An ample amount of time I went back and forth and now you give me 30 dollars from 110 payment. the agreement was to withhold 30 percent not pay 30 percent. This company is supposed to be highly rated and yet so determined to take a customer money and not give it back if they’re not satisfied. Unprofessional, highly disturbed that this company has created more criminals by this site to monitor one’s persona information without them knowing how can on have privacy if there’s 1 company that condone this kind of behavior I will also be contacting the Attorney Generals office for further investigation.
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1 year ago, Mplsvinylrind
Neat app.
I like how this app has many different features. My stepdaughter is almost a tween and wants a phone soon. It’s good to know that when we reach that time, there is an app like this that can connect us with where she is in real time. You never can be too careful these days. Growing up as a kid in the 80’s, my parents didn’t have to worry about me like I do with my kiddo these days. I like how you can have multiple people tracked at the same time. Or even if I lose my phone, I can be on my husband’s to find it.
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4 years ago, Kelsey 6491
Not worth the money!
This app has been nothing but frustrating. Every attempt I make to open the app, it does not get past the loading sign. It will never completely load. The app has been closing out every time I try to open it. On top of that, due to all these reasons I have been trying to get a refund of my money because I emailed the app stating I wanted to cancel my membership due to these issues and it has been over a month and the customer support system has been disgraceful. I continue to get bounced around to different support staff, but this is after days of waiting without a reply from anyone. I am beyond fed up with the app and am still battling trying to get a refund after over a month since I emailed about canceling.
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2 years ago, MX2
Fake Reviews?
There is no way most of the reviews for this app are legitimate. The app does almost NONE of what it advertises as features. I’m easily above average tech savvy and this app is a brick. Does absolutely nothing that you can’t get from Apple location sharing and screen time monitoring and controls. If you have the iCloud login for your kid (that’s whose iPhone we were attempting to keep an eye on) you are already above and beyond what this app offers. If you do decide to try it, do not expect much if anything at all from customer support. The refund policy is a joke and customer support will basically respond with “tough luck you should have read the fine print.” The search continues for us. Best of luck.
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12 months ago, Yenhl
mSpy Lite
Not only is this great for kids/teens, but also for friends and family! This app is packed with great features all in one and allows you to track activities and locations of loved ones so you can always feel reassured of their whereabouts if you don't get an instant response back via text. I thought the Parental Control function was a great feature and would highly recommend this app to anyone! It can be used for androids and iPhones!
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2 years ago, Channalan
Site opened 314+ open:blank tabs
I was checking out the website, considering if this app would be a good fit for ensuring the safety of my sons. I went to the website, and the blog to read more specific details. I try to avoid cookies, but the blog offered a 30% off discount. I had to accept the cookies in order get the discount link to respond. Well, after I enabled cookies and clicked on the discount link, I was directed to a new page that loaded as ‘about:blank’. I closed it and a few other tabs of it, then realized that there was an atrocious amount of tabs. At that point I scrolled up to the first instance and began counting as I clicked the ‘x’. Shockingly, I counted 314 instances of this new page! That was after I deleted several prior to counting! I am highly disturbed by this and wonder what nefarious intentions the new tabs indicate. Be wary! This app does not appear to be as it seems! The website claims text monitoring, but the app here does not indicate inclusion of text monitoring. Overall I would call this app/company highly suspicious and recommend you stay away!
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1 year ago, KathyDsouza
Amazing Job!
I have tried similar apps but I always felt the UI to be not so approaching! But this app really did a great job with that. The UI is easy to use and understand. The accuracy of the information is also great! It does a great job in finding the right location and is pretty much accurate unlike many apps. I used it to track my child’s movements and it provides good amount of information to track movements and keep an eye on your child.
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3 years ago, hgtyhhvtrfg
Do not waste your money!!! SCAM!!!
Paid for this app bc they claimed to have a money back guarantee and also claimed to be incognito. Instead the target phone was sent notifications every time I checked location and asked the target for permission to allow or block access. I had purchased this app to be able to see text messages, emails, photos, etc on the target phone but was only given access to gps location and contact list. When I contacted the company asking for either help or refund from the money back guarantee, all I got in response was that they won’t charge me any more payments in the future. This app is garbage and so is their customer service!!!
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