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Michigan State University Federal Credit Union
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for MSUFCU Mobile

2.86 out of 5
297 Ratings
2 years ago, FiannaHeather
Not Intuitive
It feels like every update makes things confusing and difficult to find. A couple of years ago, they made a big announcement about how they do transfers by asking where you want the money to go TO first, then where it is coming FROM. That sounds okay in a description until you try it and realize that your brain wants to know where stuff is coming from and then where it is going to. It is impossible to get used to. Why do you need a big announcement to tell people that you are going to reverse the order of transactions to something that is counterintuitive? Just leave things the way they work. You can’t find scheduled transfers without looking at the calendar, but they don’t tell you that. You can see transfers in one place, but can’t edit unless you go to another. Seriously, I love my credit union. Their customer service is top notch and I have always loved banking there, but the online stuff feels like it is being run by a team of penguins from Madagascar. Please consider an overhaul!!!
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3 years ago, abc123????!!!!
Mortgage part posting past due
Disappointed that the app is posting my payment as past due. I pulled out mortgage documentation and I have paid matching each payment thus far early. Contacted customer service and they said I was right app is wrong they will contact the developers. I would hope development would move quicker to resolve such issues like this. Now I am showing a past due amount in the total but it’s not listed “yet” as additional owed. They are going to make additional work required if this does process through to remove that from my account. What if this posts to credit bureau? I won’t be happy. The app and the online baking system should be one in the same. I was told online was correct app was wrong why that just not exercising common sense when developing. Both need to match Besides this issue the mortgage app needs to consider building to be more flexible allowing additional principal to be paid in the payment rather than a requiring two payments to be processed. I understand the payment has to be paid in full therefore not allowing the total to be adjusted but adding a row and drop down for additional principal that would than total the two lines together to process should be a simple update. Just a suggestion.
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2 years ago, kyliedye
Good app, just one suggestion
I recently opened a joint account, which came with a separate login (didn’t expect that). Now that I have two logins, the one thing I feel is missing in the app is the ability to easily switch between them. In order for me to log into my joint account, I have to sign out of my personal one and then type in my UN and PW for my joint one (I don’t have to type those for my personal because I have them saved and use Face ID) and then make sure I tell the app not to erase my saved login info before logging in. I’ve seen other apps that allow you to save multiple logins, and then you have a quick and easy “switch to” UI to jump from account to account. I get that banking needs to be super secure, but I don’t feel like the ability to save multiple logins would cause any more of a security issue than being able to save 1. And even the “switch to” UI could utilize Face ID or some other security step - it’s really the entering UN and PW and making sure my other one doesn’t get overwritten that annoys me.
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3 years ago, csfrost1986
Annoying Bug - Mobile Deposit
Overall, the app is usually fine (though a bit cluttered and lacking a few features*), but after a recent update the Mobile Check Deposit feature is basically unusable. The auto picture setting used to always work for me on the first try. This last time, I had to try about 10 different times. I even changed the location/background and lighting each time trying to find a place that would work. Auto wouldn’t even recognize the check was there, so I had to turn it to manual photo mode to take them. Despite following the instructions on that, my deposit was rejected, so then I had to do it again before finally succeeding. A lot of work for a process that in the past took less than 1 minute. *Missing Feature: I wish there was the ability to have multiple accounts registered to the app/device and be able to switch between them. I think many people have both personal and joint accounts (or personal and business) and it would be nice to not have to log out and override the login each time you want to switch between accounts.
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9 months ago, French horn #1
Usually good, terrible experience today
I’ve been banking with MSUFCU since mid 2019 and for the most part have had a smooth experience, and representatives are helpful. Today, however, my credit bill is due and I’m trying to sign into my account to pay it. When logging in, there’s a message saying the mobile app and computer line (online sign in) are undergoing maintenance, which includes password reset. It also happens to be Sunday so no representatives are available to help. The virtual assistant is useless, I’ve gone down a wormhole of different prompts. In general the app/computer line undergoes a lot of maintenance, but I usually don’t have this problem; it’s just a perfect storm this time Going to be giving them an earful tomorrow about affecting my credit score like this, it’s astonishing that it was deemed okay to line up maintenance on a Sunday, I hope other people aren’t going through the same thing
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2 years ago, Wirtie12
It’s great! …When it works.
Sometimes, the app is wonderful! It’s easy to navigate and use, and also easy to get help from an employee with direct messages - no anxiety-ridden phone calls required! But that’s only when it works. Sometimes it’s great, as stated above. But most times, you’ll hit to log in and it just… loads indefinitely, and never actually opens to your account, which renders it entirely unusable. I thought it was my phone being outdated and that the app no longer worked on my current iOS at the time, or that it no longer worked on my phone model. But I updated my iOS, upgraded to a new phone model, updated my phone and the app itself again when it suddenly started doing the indefinite load thing once more (it worked for maybe a month without issue before it started happening again), and now I’m just frustrated. I love the app, and want to leave a better review. But it only works one time out of ten - or less - and that’s unfortunately not exactly worth higher praise.
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7 years ago, romanekj
I love my credit union; the app, not so much
I have been banking with MSUFCU since 1986, and I love it! They have always kept up with technology and met my needs. I remember using the automated phone service to do my banking, then Computer Line. I was very excited to see that a mobile app version became available. However, I was disappointed to see that the options available in the app are so limited. I can do my simple transactions like transfer from one account to another, but I really wish I could make notations or comments via mobile too (instead of waiting to do it via Computer Line). As for eDeposit, I'm glad to see that it wasn't just me. I thought I was doing it all wrong. I took a picture of my check so many times and it never worked! Little did I know that the eDeposit is buggy at times. I do hope some work is put into the app to make it more consumer-friendly. I would love to be a field-tester/volunteer. I have some experience with eservices and am pretty good with providing constructive feedback.
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1 year ago, callistabr
Stop pushing “offers” through notifications
I have had to turn notifications off since I keep getting notifications that are just “offers” (ie ads). I have asked MSUFCU not to send me those, which it honors for other channels, and I have the “push notification offers” in the app settings turned off, yet still I get junk notifications, which is effectively SPAM. Yuck. I did not want to turn off notifications because what if I need to be notified of fraud or something important? This intrusive and annoying behavior is unacceptable. Fix it please. Other than that it works fine. I love mobile deposit. I could do without the big star with offers and the offers ads throughout the main screen as well. It feels really icky honestly, like it’s an ad-supported app, and I can’t turn it off.
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2 weeks ago, 14Heath
Edeposit funds show available when they have not cleared
Use with extreme caution. The app may show you have a balance which includes a recent e-deposit, when that deposit has not been actually received. The MSUFCU uses an algorithm based on your average balance. If you carry a high balance, it “covers” you. Then if you or your loved one falls for a scam, there is no protection for you. My loved one deposited an e-check and then was convinced to send money back to that person. Because they saw the balance in the app, they thought it was “real” and the check had actually cleared. The bank forced them to repay $4000 that had never cleared but MSUFCU had allowed them to use/send. Had the bank actually cleared the check before showing it available, the scam would not have happened. Shame on MSUFCU and their app. Had the check beck taken to the bank, and not deposited via the app, the bank would have NOT made the funds available. User beware.
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5 years ago, amygranroth
Used to be great
This app used to be very intuitive. Over the past year or so it has become less and less user-friendly. There are signs that it is no longer programmed with the user in mind and more for the ease of the programmers. First, it was changing the transfers to pick where the money is going before picking where to take it from, this change was not made with the user in mind at all. Now there are some glitchy things happening and it makes me feel like the app isn’t being cared for, which makes me feel less cared for as the customer. Many customers exclusively use the app for their banking, it would be a great idea to see that more care was taken to make it as user focused and friendly as possible.
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9 months ago, CM7BR
I use other banking apps which never run into trouble or that never close often for scheduled maintenance, two aspects that are the defining characteristics of MSUFCU’s phone app. And the glitches happen just when one decidedly needs to use the service. I appreciate the fact that security is guaranteed. But at this point, it is difficult to trust that this is so. And the wait when calling for assistance…as I am doing while writing this, always seems endless. While I appreciate the deposits feature, when it works, otherwise accessing this supposedly reliable help, is more often than not unreliable and frustrating. Oh. I just talked to a representative. He had to check his own phone to see if it was a widespread situation. And it is. Another scheduled maintenance. Or should I say, an unscheduled and unreported one.
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4 months ago, moonerhoosier
Didn’t think this institution could get any more incompetent but now the app refuses to do anything at all even after reinstalling. It just says login is unavailable at this time. No surprise as their web banking goes down 10x more often than any other bank I’ve ever used. It’s a total joke which is why I switched to Huntington but I am still transitioning my bills over so I still need to monitor it. MSUFCU is more focused on becoming Bank of America than having a functional online presence. Someone needs to be fired. Totally unacceptable. I could understand every now and then but it’s literally been my experience that it’s broken more often than it works. They just don’t care apparently. Chase doesn’t care either but at least you don’t need to sign in and sit in a waiting room then talk to a banker to withdraw $20. Repeat it with me: this place is a joke.
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4 years ago, houseowner1
App did work great but....
The app is working great for the most part. There must have been an update not long ago. Now the quick balance isn’t correct. I have to log into my actual account to get the correct balance. The refresh doesn’t work either. It was nice to be able to get a quick view of my account balance without having to do the two step login which takes more time. Hope it gets fixed.
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2 months ago, Minehishersoursmineyours
Won’t work over WiFi
Update: they commented to say they can help troubleshoot like I haven’t done that several times already. IT JUST DOESNT WORK. It’s like they’re ignoring the hundreds or more reviews from the past several YEARS. Wild. Do better. This app has gone downhill. It used to work when traveling to different countries. Now it doesn’t. It used to work when using cellar data and WiFi like if you don’t have a good cell signal where you live. Now it doesn’t. If I didn’t need to check my bank balance from my phone I wouldn’t bother. Because the site on mobile devices just circles around and around when logging in because it wants to make sure you’re a human (when they really mean programming AI for free) so you don’t get to log in. The only time in my life since 2002 when I’ve hated MSUFCU.
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6 months ago, ARC in NC
App fails to work 90% of the time
I no longer live in the state of Michigan but I have been a loyal customer of MSUFCU. I never had any issues with the mobile app until this past fall. Since November, the app has been pretty much useless to me. I open it up and it I get a message saying the login is unavailable at this time. Like others, I have deleted and re-downloaded the app countless times. Sometimes it will work, but it usually doesn’t. This is very frustrating for someone who lives out of state and doesn’t have too many options when I need to e-deposit a check. Or, you know, check my account balance or do a balance transfer when I am traveling or unable to get to my laptop.
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2 years ago, Blazen Volt
Subpar sign-in process
The app doesn’t seem to have the needs of the user in mind with its sign-in design, specifically for people who are new. 1. The pop-up message when you fail to log in is too vague. Just saying “Sign-in Error” doesn’t help people figure out what they’re doing wrong. Furthermore, it implies that the mistake is due to a server issue on the app’s side, rather than anything we did. 2. There needs to be more warning and explanation on what happens if you fail log-in too many times. There’s no indication that your account will be frozen, there’s nothing saying what that actually means, and there’s no telling if this is temporary or not/how long it lasts. Frankly, it’s baffling.
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2 years ago, Fix this Please 2022
Suddenly unusable abroad
I work abroad in Japan and have been using the MSUFCU app for years. It started several months ago when I couldn’t access the app through any wifi except for my home base wifi or cellular data. Now, for the last two weeks, it will simply stay with on the sign in screen with a loading symbol. I cannot access my account through the app at all at this point in time and have to go through the extra steps to access it online through my web browser which takes much more time, especially if the website decides that the device I have always used and marked to allow access is a new device and have to go through verification again. I’m very disappointed.
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2 years ago, Pooky Warner
Fully online banking
Very happy with the functionality of this app, I do all of my banking remotely. (Good customer service call line helps a lot too!) eDeposit for checks is very helpful. I see another review talking about the unintuitive order of how you do transactions now: choose where the money is going TO before you choose where it’s coming FROM. I agree that this is unintuitive and challenging to adapt to. I would prefer the other way. That being said, I’ve gotten used to this way.
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3 years ago, reckinatorthepeach
i love the app and more importantly, i love msufcu
the app is great. i love the features. i love that you can send money between members with just a phone number. my fiancé and i can easily send eachother money when bills or due or just because. i am so happy with msufcu’s costumer service. their app is more advanced than any other bank i’ve been with. i love their card options, overall i am so so happy i finally switched to them. having a good banking service makes a world of difference. thank you MSUFCU!
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6 years ago, Darrrvis
I love this app, and I love this credit union. The app is extremely easy to use, intuitive and exceptionally fast. Despite the other reviews saying that e-deposit doesn’t work, I have never once experienced a problem with it. Moving money around and viewing transactions is very easy and wrapped in an aesthetically pleasing UI. I have stayed with MSUFCU even after my graduation because of how they operate and how easy they are to work with. The mobile app makes it even better. 💹 Go Green 💹
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8 months ago, Anon8266
Really bad the last 2 months
This app worked well before the last two months or so. The only problem I used to have is when I’d transfer money I’d have to close the app and reopen it before I could make another transfer/bill pay. Now it still does that but in the last two months, the app has said it’s unavailable without the opportunity to log in. Multiple times the website has also not been available. Not sure what’s going on but the last couple months for the MSUFCU IT and app development teams have been a struggle.
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1 month ago, milleang23
App doesn’t always work
App was great and convenient for years until recently when it started saying login unavailable intermittently. At one point I called to report that it was down and was told it isn’t down and that I must be using a VPN. I assured them I don’t have a VPN but they just told me my internet must be using a VPN as if I wouldn’t know. Doesn’t work on my cellphone with or without WIFI then later will work just fine with or without WIFI so apparently my (non-existent) ghost VPN comes and goes randomly. Just know if you download it, it may not be reliable. Such a shame because it was great for years. So frustrating.
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4 years ago, scofiel9
They have to fix their camera function
There camera has never worked well. Sometimes it focuses and sometimes it just won’t. Sometimes it you submit a picture and click use photo, but doesn’t process and kicks you to the same screen. It has. Otho g to do with blurriness. Although that is a huge problem with this app. Sometime you take a clear picture, then it is blurry. Or you take a blurry picture and it comes out clear. This doesn’t happen with my other bank so it is not my camera. Please fix this.
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2 weeks ago, Colesmommi
App Down Frequently
I otherwise think the app works great - when it is working! This app is down frequently. I launch the app and immediately get that “login is currently unavailable”. This happens frequently enough for me to come on here and say something. I’ve also contacted the bank several times. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app many times with no success. I see this more frequently on the weekends. I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max with the most current iOS version 17.5.1.
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3 weeks ago, Idjtyvt
Most unreliable banking app I’ve ever used
It’s fine when it works (except for the TO and FROM fields still being reversed compared to every other finance interface in existence) But it’s constantly down for maintenance. Routinely unavailable on nights and weekends, and an unacceptable number of outages during normal banking hours. Over the years the app and ComputerLine have gotten less not more reliable. Honestly close to switching credit unions just because the online banking experience is so bad.
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2 years ago, MelyseJ
This app is garbage
The login screen might appear once/week. Every other time it tells me log in unavailable. How are customers supposed to monitor accounts, pay bills, and do their banking if we can never get online? Especially since there are very few, if any branches nearby. It’s been going on for months- I’ve called, written reviews- it can’t be that hard. Other banking apps work just fine. Maybe it’s time to find a credit union that actually offers access for customers. So frustrating.
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6 years ago, MadBobo
Inbox Bug and missing features
When you open the “inbox” on the app, it never opens and logs you out and attempts to log you back into the app. Greatly appreciate the ability to rearrange your accounts, and the e-Deposit feature is great! The budget and comment features of transactions are nonexistent in the app. Wish the ads for services or pre-approvals on the homepage could be dismissed so you can just see the accounts.
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1 year ago, JG-new10
The content of the app is fine but it is the most unreliable app I have ever used. I would guess 50% of the time I want to log in, mobile login is unavailable. And then today (among many days), I get the fun error where it logs in and then immediately shuts down. If it wasn’t such a pain to move my accounts I would. Once my loan is paid off, I will find a new bank. If the mobile app is this unreliable how secure and stable are the rest of their systems. Invest more in IT. They create they face of your company.
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7 months ago, brian0821
Good when it works, 5% of the time
I love my credit union, but the app is straight trash. It’s constantly down and you’re left unable to even attempt to login. I’ve had to go to a web browser to do this stuff 95% of the time over the last year and a half. What’s the point of a banking app if you can barely use it? Also updates don’t always make things easier for you, it sometimes over complicates simple actions.
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1 year ago, Clapzilla
Good, not great
This app sometimes gets stuck in a log in loop after Face ID. It will scan my face successfully, load the main account screen then load the log in page again and immediately repeat the process over and over again. Killing the app and reloading tends to fix this. Changes to the transfer pages aren’t intuitive either. Seems muddled
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2 years ago, Music_Teach05
Mobile Deposit Bug
App is functional and easy to navigate, but there is a bug when taking pictures for e-Deposit. When it tries to open the camera I am booted to the sign-in page and no keyboard availability. After a few restarts it eventually works, but very frustrating.
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5 years ago, Tobyb303
Better, still wonky with iPad camera but working
Pleased that user feedback is actually read so big gold for that. Everything in that app does what I need. The app still gets weird with iPad cameras on deposits but probably just leave alone at this point, at least I can deposit a check in under a minute, I can live with that.
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6 years ago, cool5breeze
Innovative and Compassionate
MSUFCU is a truly exceptional institution. They have kept pace with innovative technology yet have maintained their dedication to their membership. Instead of becoming a cold, clinical type of financial institution, they have always demonstrated a compassionate understanding of the many and varied events that affect their members. From near death and serious illness to recession woes, MSUFCU has stood by us.
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6 months ago, Batman-Chels
App issues
App still not useable since update . Inconsistent on loading the login outside my house but sometimes works. I can never can get it to load the login at home. Says it is unavailable this is regardless of if i am on wifi or off wifi. I have undownloaded and redownloaded the app. everything else works on my phone so I know it isnt a network issue on my end. I was at the bank once and mentioned the issue and they weren't able to offer any support.
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11 months ago, Yuuuuup739:8
Why are you blocking access outside of US and VPNs?
Team - I’ve been with MSUFCU for almost 20 years. I’ve lived abroad for the last 6. I need to access both the site and app, but you recently just started blocking geolocations (it seems). What are your customers supposed to do? There is no way around this via VPN so far as I’ve tried. Please can someone let me know how to troubleshoot this and/or fix the geoblocking you have on IPs. For something as critical as banking, this should not be happening.
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3 years ago, It’s gotta be D
Hasn’t worked in a very long time.
This app used to work great for me. I never had any problems. I have the most up to date version of the app on the most up to date version of iOS. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to log in. Recently I’ve been getting checks from work and haven’t been able to deposit them since I’m out of state. I tried calling them for assistance and couldn’t get any help. I just want it to work again!
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1 year ago, Anonymous Reviewz
Too many bugs
The app is buggy, and crashes all the time. Often when I need to transfer money from one account to another, their login becomes “unavailable” and I am unable to access my account. It is incredibly inconvenient. When the app does run smoothly, it is a decent app, and is helpful, but it honestly does not work well for me more than 90% of the time.
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7 months ago, liv4ever03
Quite literally doesn’t function
This app will, for some reason, go down for months at a time. Since around October this year, I have been completely unable to log in to the app—it is December. This isn’t the first time this has happened, either. Multiple times over the past few years, the app has gone down for weeks at a time with no fixing. When it works, it’s great. But this app is unusable.
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2 years ago, JEAA
Was working, but now it’s not
In the last week or so I can’t sign in to my account. I’m not sure what’s happening, but i have to sign in via google or safari and the website keeps suggesting I use the mobile app. So, I’m not sure what’s happening, but it means that I lack access to my accounts with the frequency I used to. Which is aggravating since I am all the way in the UP, with no branch in sight.
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2 years ago, Knithapi
This app works well, when it works. However, it often just loads indefinitely when attempting to sign in. I’m forced to use the web browser to access account information which is difficult to read from a mobile device. I’ve given up on this app. Updates and reinstalling have not addressed the problem.
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2 years ago, Romaine14
At this point I’m over this bank!Ever since I have them something is always going on. Something is always wrong with the app , there is always a inconvenience, delay getting your own money sometimes, and technical difficulties. It’s never a delay when transactions are depositing from the account have that same energy for that.
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1 week ago, Nickname1289x
Broken App
App doesn’t work. It is very frustrating when I do not have access to my money away from the bank and makes me want to withdrawal all funds and cut all ties. I have been told to delete the app to fix but that doesn’t work. If you need access to funds don’t bother using the app you’ll have to go to the bank. Developers break app I’ve submitted multiple bug reports and the company does not care.
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2 months ago, Yi Mihi
Haven’t been able to log into this app for weeks
I really love using this app for its convenience, but for the last few weeks, it’s been giving me a message that says, “We are sorry for this inconvenience but our login is currently unavailable. Please try again later.” The app is up to date and I’ve also tried deleting and reinstalling. It’s completely unusable. I hope this issue is addressed ASAP!
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2 years ago, mstock1857
Can’t Use Login
I used to love this app. I still rely on it heavily. However, over the past two months, it rarely lets me login. I always get an error message saying the login is not available, with a retry button. If I hit the retry button enough, sometimes it’ll let me in. Most of the time I cannot access my accounts. I tried uninstalling and re-downloading, but it still won’t work. Please fix this!!!
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2 years ago, Srellez
Latest update doesn’t work
After the latest update, the app won’t work. Upon opening, it immediately shows a screen that says ‘login not available’ with a ‘retry’ button that doesn’t actually take me back to the login screen. ‘Report a problem’ through the AppStore doesn’t even work as I haven’t made a purchase through the app, so I can’t submit a problem. Very frustrated.
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2 weeks ago, Secutina
Doesn’t work while traveling
Useless outside of the states which is not helpful at all while traveling. The app just doesn’t function after trying on multiple devices if you’re not in the US, but my card still works, which makes things frustrating and difficult to monitor.
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2 years ago, pngue
Dismal app
Look over the large number of negative reviews. This is a poorly executed app. It’s literally a gamble whether you can log in let alone make a payment. The lackluster developer comments do not inspire any confidence things will get better. Many of the people who (try) to use this app are a captured audience trying to make payments on a large loan (home furnace for us) and can’t jump ship to a better bank, better app
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2 years ago, Yrsc
Can’t login with app
I’ve had this app for years now and I don’t know what happened recently but in the last week or so the app has not worked at all for me. When I go to login it just buffers forever and nothing. I’m having to just use the mobile site on my phone instead. I see there was a recent update but whatever went wrong is still not fixed. Needs urgent attention
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2 years ago, nmconner
Used to work
I have used this app for years, but now it crashes every time I try to log in. Because of this, I can no longer conveniently e-deposit checks and now have to go into the bank to make deposits. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but nothing works. I am reading that many others have been having this same issue. Is there a fix?
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4 years ago, 24562338733
Favorite banking app
This app blows every other banking app out of the water. It’s simple, well organized, loaded with features, and fast. The app is the only reason I have kept my account with MSUFCU after moving away from East Lansing.
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