MTG Scanner - Dragon Shield

4.7 (3.4K)
152 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for MTG Scanner - Dragon Shield

4.7 out of 5
3.4K Ratings
2 years ago, alss sa
Excellent product
I only scanned in a few things so far to get a feel for the app, worth the premium price. I enjoyed the email I got about "winning" and "losing" cards, that is a useful feature for keeping an eye on the list when Im busy with my stack. Im currently organizing some things so I can finish a huge scan thats about to come in. The best thing about the app is how quickly the cards are recognized and how accurate. The only cards that give me trouble are class cards or sagas, which is to be expected. It's a lot of work for the bots we demand so much from. I read the reviews about the previous hand and I'm glad things have improved, I can't speak on the old system but the new one I am pleased with. I felt good showing my husband (a beta and alpha player who just got back into it because I brought home D&D) this app, he is also happy about seeing his prices without the hassle of constantly checking TCG manually. We can just open the app and see our cards without digging them out etc. We have already collected a lot so this is making things much easier to keep track of. "Hey do you have this card in lorehold yet?" "I'm pretty sure it came in the precon, let me check dragon shield... yep, see its already there :)"
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3 years ago, TonyPjamas
Thank you Dragon Shield
I’ve followed this app since the legacy MTG Manager app, and was so disgusted with the pricing model the previous developers came up with that I actually stopped cataloging my cards despite being half way through my collection of 20,000+ cards into this database. It was literally more worth it for me to abandon all that time spent scanning than to use this app. That has changed. I see dragon shield has made this free to catalog, and all other features are bundled into a premium subscription, at $20/year. (Previous developers were asking $100+/ year subscription JUST to have your card slots available for scanning. THANK YOU for making this app accessible and FAIRLY priced. I am excited to start cataloging my collection again. With the right marketing this platform could quite honestly revolutionize card collecting, i have always seen so much potential in this app!!
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2 years ago, I Really Don't Care
Not a great app for the detail-oriented
[edit: developer responded that the technology is limited to scanning the art only, so I’ve increased my rating by one star. But I guess, then, why can’t that be expanded to scan the rest of the card, to detect variants and promo stamps? Regardless, the issue of displaying mismatched thumbnail/variant name pairings needs to be addressed. And maybe the default should be regular versions of cards.] The scanner works extremely fast at pulling up the card you’re pointing it at… but it’s terrible at selecting the correct version. With Wizards printing regular, borderless, extended art, alternate art, alternate frame, and promo versions of every card nowadays, any card scanner needs to be able to detect these subtleties in order to pull up the right version of a card. Sadly, this app is unable to do this with much accuracy. It also often displays mismatched card thumbnails and card version names when scanning. And changing to a different version from what it mistakenly auto selects is cumbersome (as are many many other features in this app). Needs some work.
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1 month ago, JJardel96
Works But Needs One Key Thing
This app does really well at cataloguing and keeping track of prices for your cards and helps keep it all organized. Love how quickly the camera picks up on cards most of the time and changing editions is honestly relatively easy. My biggest issue is the lack of sync between inventory and deck lists. While I get there may be some nuance to deck lists that may make it difficult to have them transfer 1 to 1 (e.g. your deck list has cards you want to get but don’t have), it would be easier to be able to have that synchronicity and just adjust as needed in one tab or the other. It feels very much of a hassle to essentially scan a card twice for it to show up in two places. I don’t know anything about app coding, so it could be more difficult than I understand. But it’s a feature that’s making it difficult for me to want to continue updating the app with my deck collection, even if it’s such a useful tool to do so
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2 years ago, Byronius-Rex
Everything I Need, Except…
I use this app to keep track of an 8,000+ card collection. The amount of relief this product has brought me is tremendous. Dragon Shield has set themselves apart from others in a number of ways with this scanner. The seamless accessibility and ease of navigation is definitely noteworthy. I am able to customize the way I store and organize my cards, keep track of the decks that I have my cards in, and monitor the ebbing and flowing values of my individual cards, as well as my collection as a whole. This app has everything I could possibly need, except ONE feature (which I hope to see added, eventually). The only thing this app is lacking is a way to add MTG products to your inventory, aside from individual cards, that would otherwise be for sale on sites such as TCG Player, Card Kingdom, etc. It would be helpful to keep track of my inventory and the value of items such as unopened precons or booster boxes. I’m not sure how realistic or easy it would be to add such a feature, but I would love to see it! I've already recommended the app to my entire playgroup, and even offered to help them get their collections organized. Absolutely top product here.
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3 years ago, stryk55
Not an improvement over previous app
So before dragon shield took over, you would need to purchase the database to add the latest set, usually for a couple buck. Not a big deal when only 4-5 sets come out a year. Now with their subscription model? Totally a cash grab. Not sure why it didn’t properly track my previous inventory as transferred over all my cards but doesn’t give me any space? I originally had about 7000 available inventory slots and now I can’t add new cards because I am “over” my free 100 card limit. Dragon Shield - you are being way too greedy with your pricing model for what this app is designed to do, and especially because there are so many other reviews complaining about your scanner quality. I would gladly pay $3-4 per set like it originally was, but if you think people are gonna blindly sign up for subscriptions with features listed as not even available yet? Set some better expectations for what this app is and does, and price it accordingly. Love your other products and sleeve, but this is completely off the mark.
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3 years ago, DragonRunner
Free before. Subscription now. Does the job.
Got the app a long time ago before it was bought out by its current owners. Previously the App would let you purchase quantities of card slots so you could permanently own a certain amount of card space for your collection. However, since then they have stolen those previous purchases away from me and now only offer a subscription for stuff I already owned and payed for. If you want some kind of collection manager where you can trust the developer this is not the one. Complete scam. I want my money back. Update: have tried multiple times to get fixed by contacting developer. Still not fixed and when I try replying to any emails they do send me they don’t respond back. Update: Support managed to get me my previously purchased collection slots added to my account for me after several emails back and forth. Changed my rating from 1 to 3. Will have to wait and see how the new app feels before I decide if it deserves more.
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1 year ago, GriffWK
Pretty good! Just needs one thing…
Got this app recently and it works pretty well! You may have to double check that the app gets the correct set for each card though, which will slow you down a little. Overall very pleased with the scanner part of the app, though. Scanned 2,000+ cards this past weekend by myself! Just one thing I wish this app had…it would be so, so helpful if the deck building function gave you the ability to add cards straight from your “inventory” lists, rather than having to re-scan or search cards by name from the entire library. As far as I can tell, you can’t even filter your search results to show only cards that you own in your inventory. Imho, this would be a HUGE help to users who are interested in building decks using cards that they’ve already scanned into their inventory.
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2 years ago, Magpi-
Wish I knew about this sooner!
This app is amazing! I love the all features and ease of use! I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who likes to keep track of what cards are in their collection and especially if you buy and sell cards, it makes it so easy to track prices! If I had any criticism it would be that there is no option to add your deck files into your collection easily so you have to scan it all in twice. It would also be nice if it would give market value on your deck folders so you don’t have to duplicate it in your collection if you want to know the value of a deck.
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1 year ago, Blackstar Bushin
A nice resource for card management
I used to keep track of my collection via mtgprice’s website but after they changed their policies to a subscription service I ended up just being locked out of my data. I happened upon this app a while ago and while the UI is a bit touchy it fits with what I needed. Pros: •Inventory tracking •Price Tracking •Card Scanner •List Creations •A variety of filtering/sorting options •Deck creation •A fair subscription price for ad-free management, price alerts, price charting, and updates Cons: •Deck Creation is not adjustable for EDH/Commander format •Scanner is very quick with the capture feature and sometimes (rarely) doesn’t know what the card is I’m still testing it out but over the last month of using it I decided to try out the subscription service. I’ll may update later.
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3 years ago, Hyperwarpian
Good but needs some fixes
I really like the way this app is laid out and how easy and straightforward the scan feature is. It’s already helped me sort my 30k card collection and find the high value cards. My issue with it is that it seems buggy. There are some cards it simply refuses to scan no matter what, and it occasionally gets “stuck” where every scan results in showing the same random card, which can only be fixed with a restart. The other thing is that text search seems painfully slow to get results, and those seem buggy as well, like cards that don’t include the search terms showing up in the results, but only sometimes. Ultimately I’m really glad this app exists, and it does what it’s supposed to, it just needs a few wrinkles ironed out.
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3 weeks ago, HatMan69412
Could use a few extra features
Overall, very useful app. I like that it allows me to sort my cards easily and move them between folders. The win or loss percentage is also helpful. I have scanned my entire collection with very few problems. There are a few things that prevent it from getting the fifth star, though. For some reason, it keeps thinking things are the card “Savannah” multiple times when using the scan feature. It is also very bad at scanning Saga cards. Finally, it would be really helpful if there were a way I could access statistics such as colors and rarity percentages for the whole collection. I can do it for individual folders and decks, but there isn’t a way to export the list of cards and import it into a new deck.
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2 years ago, IhaveTOOmanyCARDS
Good but deck building needs a little love
This is a great app for people that have large and actively updated collections. Data base is comprehensive and scanning is fast and accurate. The price tracking is also great, no complaints there. My only issue with the app is that I find the deck building to be a bit lacking. My biggest want is importing decks from other platforms but another feature that would be great is having decks show which cards I am lacking in my collection when I make a deck. I have a lot of cards but I still need to pick up the odd card now and again so it would be nice to know when I need something for a deck I am planning. One last minor thing, I also noticed the data base doesn’t recognize the stranger things secret lair by the stranger things names (Mike, Will, etc.). While it’s easy enough to just search the magic equivalents, it would be nice to have the card name in the app match the words on the card.
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2 years ago, PlainFrogOfMassiveRealm
Could Be So Much More
The whole profit system is confusing. What if we don’t remember how much we paid for cards? There is just way too many variables in the mix, why can’t we just have an app where we add our cards and into the inventory and just use it as a database and market price catalog? Also, show the cards current value in the inventory lists page, why show what I paid for it? Most of my cards I do not know what I paid for them so showing me that info doesn’t help me. Just a bunch of $0.00 values all the way down. Ex. if I group by none, and the sort by current value in my library, why does it show the price I added when I added the cards when scanning? Why can’t it display the current value of the card in the market? I didn’t add prices that I paid for these cards
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2 months ago, Casual Boulder
Fast app for bulk
The primary thing I love about this app is the speed of the bulk scanning, haven’t found one that is faster, just be sure to sort out foils into a separate pile. I haven’t had much success using it with with showcase cards, and for some reason black cards regardless of what lighting or position I use are incredibly difficult to scan, sometimes impossible. I usually have to switch to ManaBox which is slower compared to bulk scanning feature this app has, but you can only scan what you scan! I’d honestly consider premium if I could use this scanner for all my needs, and didn’t have to edit my cvs sheet to export for moxfield. As is, I can only entertain it for tracking high value cards, since I can’t scan any of my bulk black cards.
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2 years ago, freebirthingpod
Amazing scanner. Features could be better.
Pros: -Scanner is insanely fast, accurate, and works on virtually any surface. - gives you high, low, and market prices, along with win/loss percentages and other valuable tools for analyzing your investment. -allows you to create custom deck and inventory folders to suit your sorting needs. Cons: - My biggest complaint *by far* is that there is no export/import function. You can save or send your lists as text documents, and that’s it. This is a major issue considering you’re spending countless hours scanning, and can only use them for this app. - the decklist function is very barebones, and is essentially just a separate inventory folder. Very little analytics or tools for deck building. Conclusion: This app has probably the best scanner out of them all, and is primarily designed for value tracking, with its robust monetary analytics, but is very lacking in deck building and player features. The absence of an import/export function is almost a dealbreaker, as there are many other apps with different useful features and purposes that would accept these files.
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2 years ago, mrupah
Pluses and grand canyon minuses
Yes you can track your cards prices, just like every other ap like this. You can scan the card, Theoretically, I never got it to work. But the big minus in this is that let’s say you enter the card into the inventory area and then you want to say I have a deck of these cards you have to re-enter them you cannot simply move them or select them and say make this into a deck. Or if you have the card in inventory and you want to move it into the trade option you cannot simply select it and say trade and it goes into the trade menu you have to re-enter it into the trade menu. It seems to me it should be fairly easy to be able to move the cards around within the app however they do not provide that simple service and because of it it is a major drag.
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12 months ago, aarlof
Visual scanning becoming significantly worse
This app used to crush other scanning apps, especially the very picky and battery consuming TCGPlayer app. But since the acquisition by Dragon Shield, the app has become notably worse over time image scanning cards. Sure, WOTC has been absolutely dumping new cards and art onto the market at warp speed, but if you’re going to acquire a startup app for its visual scanning capabilities, you might want to continue investing money in that technology, especially when it (used to) generally destroys TCGPlayer’s own app on accuracy and battery consumption? Don’t even get me started on the unusable web app manager, that’s so bad it’s not even a feature worth discussing. Get it together Dragon Shield, you’re better than this.
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3 years ago, JohnnyIsland
Fantastic card management solution
Device: IPad Pro 2020 Length of use: 2 months Disclaimer: *subscriber* This review will focus on my experience thus far as a paid subscriber. If you are like me, you have probably tried out many different card management apps that offer a scan method for ingesting your card data. To make it short, this is no difference. We all know that the scan method is a gimmick. Under the right circumstances you can scan cards as expected. Once you throw in some off angled lighting, sleeved cards or even a backdrop of carpet the scan method seems to stop working. I use the text method for searching for cards. It is by far the easiest way I have found. Better than the competition. What I like about this application over the rest is the user interface. Time and research was spent on making this as user friendly as possible. All I can say is try this out. So far I am very happy and will continue to support the app by subscribing.
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1 year ago, tmhandamh
So easy to use and so much information
I am a huge MTG collector. I have over 20k cards. I have given up so many times on apps because of the time sink. DragonShield truly put effort into this scanner. It scans almost faster than I can put the card in front of it. The database is huge and I like that I can make adjustments to my scanned card on the fly. I am having fun again and the options for sorting made my day. Thank you for this app!
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4 weeks ago, Foxworth22
Quality & Quantity
The database is sufficient; would be fun to see Arena exclusive cards added. The UX is amazing; I especially like how the app doesn’t promt you to turn on notifications until you first visit the notifications menu. I do wish that after adding a card to a deck and returning to the text card search that the existing text in the search bar was autohighlighted so that I could immideately start typing the next card I want to search. All searches might be even better if they incorporated fuzzy searching. Additionally, the app desperately needs background app refresh downloading to decrease wait times at launch.
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4 months ago, Starboy813
Good app for MTG collection
The app does a pretty good job at recognizing cards when they’re scanned. I do like how I can sort my cards into different categories. I’m hoping in the future they add search by tribal categories or keyword on the card’s description. I will also say that about 10% of the time my cards will scan as a “Savanna“. I do like how the app shows you if your cards have gained or lost money, but I wish there was a way to just show all cards with their current values flat out. Because sorting by current price is kind of confusing. Overall, great app and I can’t wait to see the updates they make
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2 years ago, Obsidi
Good Interface, but can't really export to other programs.
The previous devs had a good thing but tried to implement an extremely poor subscription model into the app. I am pleased with how Dragon Shield has wrapped that into a much smaller subscription, but also not paywalled basic features. One problem I have is that I cannot export decks easily to any other programs. I would like to be able to export to MTG Goldfish, TappedOut, or Archidekt so I can get feedback from friends, but the deck list that this app exports is not at all compatible with those. I would have to run it through excel to get a usable list which isn't really the best user experience.
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2 years ago, MCarson B.
Over 30 hours wasted…
I got into this app and loved it, the UI is great the reader is fast and the logging deck building and price management is all great. With all of this in mind I recommended this app to one of my friends with a massive collection. He gave me cards in the past to fill out my decks so I decided to do him a favor and log his cards for him. Little did I know when I logged out of my account all of my data from my account was deleted, all of the 1,000s of cards I scanned from my collection… and the best part is I did t know until I scanned in his over 22,000 cards. Over 30 hours of my life wasted lol… imagine my surprise when I went back to my account by logging out of his and onto mine on my phone to see an empty inventory, panicked I went back to his, all gone… everything
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3 years ago, m4rman
Dragon shield!!
I downloaded every app I could find that can scan cards and maintain a digital version of my card collection. This is the one that stuck :D It’s been great so far but a little limited still. I’ve used the export feature to copy a csv into TopDecked in order to take advantage of their more advanced filtering features. I am eagerly awaiting further development here, looking forward to the “soon” labels to drop on some of the UI. 9/10 cards scan very quickly, once in awhile I have to manually enter (more common for things like Saga cards and more unusual card layouts). I would love to have more power in filtering, selecting and forming groups of cards. A big part of my initial use case was pricing all of my old collection. Would be awesome for me to be able to sort simply by card price, not just profit percentage. So far it’s been great, but it does fee a bit “under construction” ala late 90s angelfire sites (shout out to my early html heads). ✌️ great app, will update this review after the next few updates :P
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1 year ago, DarthTorus
A few features wanted
This app is great. I love being able to scane a card and have pop up with price and all that. However. The deck builder portion is a bit difficult to work with. Adding the cards is easy. Adding them to the inventory is not. 1. Can there be a checkbox or button that adds all cards in a created deck to your inventory? 2. Can there be a drop-down option to set what format a certain deck is? For example if a deck is EDH/Commander, then set the image to be the commander and have a specific category for the card itself. 3. Set codes along side the full name and symbol of the set? Ie, 2X2, ONE, IKO, DMU, etc. 4. Double counting of cards. If I have 100 cards in my deck and in my inventory, I shouldn't see 200 total. I should only see 100 since they're the same cards if the option to count the cards in inventory is checked or whatever. Or don't count the deck cards as part of the inventory. All in all, a good app but could have a few updates.
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3 years ago, mr.sashimi
Pretty good for collection management
I got this app specifically to use the card scanner function to make cataloging my cards way easier. While the scanner is really cool, it only functions correctly part of the time. Sometimes I scan a card and it tells me it’s a completely different one, and sometimes I can even scan a random part of my ceiling and it will tell me I’m looking at a card. As a suggestion, perhaps the scanner could be a bit more stringent when recognizing cards? Other than that, the other functions of this app are really nice!
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1 year ago, CaptainLongStockings420
Not Ready
This app is okay at best at the moment. I scanned my Gandalf the Grey (Legendary Creature - Avatar Wizard, R0322) and it keeps pulling up land cards such as Savannah and Plains. They don’t even have the same color scheme, number or anything. There is literally no similarities between the card I’m scanning and the incorrect ones pulled up, outside of being a MTG card. I understand technical errors but if you’re gonna have a “Premium” offer (which I take no part), you should most definitely have kinks like this worked out. You’re better than this Dragon Shield. MAKE YOUR APP AS FLAWLESS AS YOUR BEST SLEEVES!!
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2 years ago, elihasthisnow
Loving the app so far. One tiny question/suggestion
Hello there! Just want to say I’m absolutely loving the app. The UI is structured very well. The scanner works great. Great work you guys. One suggestion/question. Is there a way to sort your cards by rarity? Whenever I click “sort” it shows me that I can sort by name and price. I was wondering if there was a way to see my Mythic's, followed by Rares, etc. I may just be missing where I can do that though. Thank you!!
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2 years ago, azps1995
Excellent, Missing A Few But Excellent
There are many many pros to this app, thus the five star review. The scan is immediate, and the organization is superb. I’m mainly just writing this review to mention to the devs that not all the cards are in the data base yet, as I can’t scan a few of the cards from Adventures In The Forgotten Realms set. Thank you again for a fantastic experience so far, I look forward to the future of what’s in store for this app.
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8 months ago, JupiterMenace
No search, can’t add from inventory to decks
The scan feature works really well but, despite the app description saying you can do it, I could not find any way to add a card from my inventory to a deck. It just wants me to scan cards directly to the deck, which isn’t useful to me. I want to build a deck WITHIN the app, not manually. I don’t need an app to build a deck manually. Likewise, I could find no way to search my collection, once cards are scanned in. Not even just by card name. Which seems like an insane oversight. Why else would you scan thousands of cards?! This app is like a powerful electric screwdriver that no bits fit. Great in theory, useless in practice.
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3 years ago, Arena Wolf
It would be very helpful if you could set the scanner so every card you scan goes into a folder by itself. Like setting it to send all cards to the White Card Folder instead of having to do it individually. Maybe have a setting to put cards into folders by the color of the card, rarity, cmc, set, etc. I like the app so far but some settings for the scanner would be very nice. I’m a free user.
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2 years ago, naunga
Handy little app
I’ve been getting back into Magic: The Gathering after an long time away, and it’s been great to get my collection into digital form. The scanner feature is really nice although at times when doing bulk scans it can have a hair trigger and scan a single card a bunch of times. Easy enough to correct the quantities so it’s a minor complaint. Overall it’s been helpful.
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12 months ago, MrPublix
Pretty Good
I like that they give me updates, I can make a wishlist, add deck lists etc. I wish I could my my deck out of my inventory and not have to input cards twice. It would also be great if there was a way to copy a deck so that it’s easy to make adjustments and save a similar deck. Like a standard version and a commander version. Also the scanner is just ok, if the card is foil or if the card has a sleeve it’s unreliable. I do not see a way to export a list if I want to sell cards.
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1 year ago, Snocaps231
Exactly what i was looking for!
I recently started playing Magic again and got my daughter into it but I wanted some way of tracking all of the cards we started collecting. I was dreading using Excel but then i saw this app and it perfect. Scanning was fairly smooth. I had issues with some the black cards but may have just been my lighting. Categorizing and seeing values was awesome. Great job!
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8 months ago, P.Anglea
The Best App for MTG
Exactly what I was looking for to catalog my collection. The app supplies card values from TCG player without having to search each card individually. It also make it easier to research cards for new deck builds and gives you rules information for the cards. This had to of been created by someone that actually cares about both collecting and playing the game.
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2 years ago, jessicabelanger
The greatest advancement in collection management since cardboard boxes!
This app is the way of the future! No more spending weeks manually entering cards online to check their prices and document your collection. No! You have Dragon Shield’s MTG Scanner! You just point your camera at a card and BAM! DONE! Thank you Dragon Shield.
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2 years ago, stranger1625
Excellent application for cataloging cards
The is an excellent application if you want to keep an inventory of what cards you own. Unless I’m missing some features (I have the free version and am generally dumb) it could use a bit more functionality in the deck building department to make that process a little easier but that may just be that I’m expecting a different workflow. Still a great to use and great to have app.
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3 years ago, Godmun777
Problem with advanced search
I only use this app as a way to search for specific cards and recently I haven’t been able to select a card type in the advanced search settings which includes type, supertype, and subtype. Besides that I’ve had no issues with the app and have been really thankful that I can use it when I’m not connected to the internet.
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2 years ago, C. Chive
Great, but needs improvements
This app has been really awesome for scanning in cards and being able to see the value of my decks. There is a big problem though in the way of, if you have your deck, in “Decks” it will not show up in your “Inventory”. If you want a deck to show in your inventory, you first have to create a folder and then manually add each card one by one.
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3 years ago, rategoodtostopads
Fix Needed; Feature Request
Although the Type feature now works with the advanced search, it still needs to be fixed. When I select multiple Types, it is creating OR statements. It makes much more sense to have AND statements with the Type search. Also, please give us the ability to view both sides of two-sided cards. Thanks!
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2 years ago, evbd d
When I started using this app it was great. I only had a few issues such as some cards not scanning, and no classes or sagas scanning but other then that it was fine. Then when I logged into my account on my iPad compared to my iPhone everything broke. On my iPhone I had a +30% but on my iPad I have a -20% the market value completely changed for all of my inventory. Developers any help?
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2 months ago, rofo_ofo
Great job, stop improving
Please oh please stop updating the layout every other week. As far as functionality goes it works pretty well most of the time. Or at least when it’s not assuming every third card is serialized or Savannah. Just stop changing the layout constantly, it’s only getting harder to navigate.
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2 years ago, Fox 0021
Super fast scanning and unbelievably useful. Only things I ask for would be a deck builder with your scanned cards as the database and the ability to scan cards in bulk without set selection. Still amazing tho, can’t believe how quickly it recognizes cards.
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3 years ago, hit or miss 8483)2638;94
It’s good, but could be much better
I understand these people have to make money, but for me this would be such an amazing app if there was unlimited card storage. Sadly it only lets you have 100 cards without paying, I loved how it would tell me the prices of everything, but none of that really mattered if I could store 1/30 of my collection. Hopefully they make it unlimited, still very good for prices and price history though.
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12 months ago, dbatsonx
Very Nice Scanner, But Missing One Thing
This app is an absolute god-send for keeping track of my collection so I don't have to thumb through my card boxes/binders to know what I have to build/trade with. That being said, I wish there was an option to filter cards based off of set/color etc. The grouping/sorting is good, but I'd love to see some filters.
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6 months ago, 98SZ
Fix your card search
Why when I go to search the first word of a cards name would every other card that has the same word at the end of they’re names show up first? If I didn’t type out all those other words they shouldn’t pop up first. This is stupid and takes up too much time having to type out the entire name before it pops up. I undersold I can scan the card with my camera but won’t always work, fix this it’s making you look dumb
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2 years ago, meta4thought
Good collection app; some bugs
One of the better/faster collection apps. Doesn't capture sagas. Sometimes bugs out and captures everything as the same couple lands. But works like 90% of the time and the bug is easy to work around with the type feature. Would appreciate a feature where if I add cards to deck lists that I can simultaneously add to my inventory.
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2 years ago, NRGTURTLEJT
Incredible tool for all MTG players
I got into MTG three weeks ago and one of my friends suggested this app when I was asking around on how to play. This app has helped organize my cards and keep me aware of what cards I could use to help my play styles! 10/10
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6 months ago, David Follower
Scanning Cards wrong
I would love to rate it 5 stars but I’m trying to scan my cards into the app and it keeps recognizing a majority of them as the card “Savannah” and it is VERY frustrating. Even with all the lights off and no glare it still thinks certain cards such as “Bonecaller Cleric” are the card “Savannah” Again, would love to rate 5 stars but this problem is very frustrating.
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