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Hobbyist Software Limited
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User Reviews for Multi Monitor Wallpaper

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4 years ago, MuelverMoxie
Buggy but functional
Overall, I like the functionality of the App but there are several bugs that need to be ddressed. For example, the App generates documents to store settings for a variety of wallpapers that you might want to setup. When you open the App though, it always creates a new document instead of opening the document that relates to the currently displayed wallpaper. The most common use of the app once initially setup is to re-adjust the layout becuase it seems to change slightly every time I plug back in to my monitors. So, this means that at least once a day I am going in to tweak something and always have to go through the hasle of deleting the newly created document and then confirming that I really want to delete it. Also, It always takes a launch, followed by a quit followed by another launch each day before the App starts working. The first time it comes up none of the menu items are clickable. It is like it just freezes upon the first launch of the day but the second launch always fixes it. Ultimatley there are a lot of small bugs in the system but once you get past those I do like the capability that I get form the App.
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2 years ago, bryanhowell
Love This App Mostly...
I have two unique setups for my workspace, one at home and one at work. Sometimes this app can recognize the different setups, but it would be nice if there was a way to save a setup profile. Additionally, and this was the real thing I came here searching for: I love the ability to have saved search queries in Unsplash, but often times the app will grab the same images that I've already seen and don't like, I wish there was a way to mark an image "Don't Show This Again" or something similar. This morning I had an image on my desktop that I don't like and have seen before and apparently it's relevant to my Unsplash query (not sure how) but it's not an image I'd like on my desktop and so I'd love a way to mark it so it's not included in a cycle of options... If this already exists, please let me know, I couldn't find it in a quick search.
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5 years ago, Christopher Feldmann
Great progress
I got this app originally years ago. It didn't have what I was looking for then but I'm pretty sure now it does. The ability to tap into Unsplash is also a really neat feature. Two things that might help you move the progress of this app even futher. If I like a background on Unsplash, it might be nice to download that image right from the menu bar interface. The next option I think could help is define a minimum pixel width when searching the Unsplash library. A few results have come up pixelated in my short testing time. I'm a stickler when making my own panoramas to make sure that the ones I choose for backgrounds are only a set amount of pixels wide. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving the auto change and spaces sync features. Windows machines have had this for YEARS and this is a huge help to keep me in the OS I actually enjoy using.
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2 years ago, seegeedubya
Very Pricey and Very Buggy
I'm running Monterey 12.1. I have three monitors, and have been looking for some way to spread my background imag across all three... so I goave Multi Monitor Wallpaper a go. Big mistake. The app is buggy from the beginning. I could not even remove the welcome overlay from the application; at best all I could do was scoot it off to the side. I tried restarting my MacBook Pro, but because the app had auto-start enabled I would receive an error on start, including one fatal system error that forced me to cold boot my MacBook altogether. I changed nothing else during this process, other than to remove the spash welcome screen. After the cold boot I was eventually able to split a wallpaper image, but only after 3 crashes -- The app consistently crashed when processing my image. I tried again, this time with another image. Same result. I tried a third time, and the app crashed again. I tried a 4th time, and it finally worked. I tried to turn off auto-start, but when I did mange to reload the application my menu access was disablled. The only way I managed to gain access was a full reboot again. By this point I decided that there is no way I would pay $10/year for something so buggy. For anyone who wants to split wallpaper, I strongly recommend you try Fresco, a free app that does the spiit without the bugs and crashes.
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4 years ago, seba_pro186
This is literally the best app for this purpose!
This is my first time reviewing a Mac app, but i figured this app is so worth the time writing this review. I have tried countless apps for setting a wallpaper to span multiple displays (even trying to crop the images myself) and this is the only app that I found that supports dynamic wallpapers. Being able to line up the edges and customize the layout with guides for each monitor is by far one of my favorite features since the Settings pane for Displays doesn't allow small changes for lining up the displays. My only complaint is that the app lures you in with the Free tag on the page but force you to sign up for the subscription (with the 7-day free trial), but I believe its functionality fully justifies the price tag.
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2 years ago, GuyLock
Best Wallpaper App...
This is simply Amazing and so rewarding Each new version of this app improves by adding great features. I enjoy landscape and cityscape photography and I have hundreds of panoramic images. This application easily uses all of my landscapes as multiple monitor backgrounds. Without this application I was hand cutting each image for each screen. Now it’s as simple as selecting one of my panoramas, and then it’s instantly a dual screen background. This is a flawless app and it's working great on my dual 4K monitors at 3840 X 2160. I’m very impressed how easy this was! * * * This app can be automated using AppleScript to quickly change your wallpaper. See my post at the developer’s support forum. This is a GREAT APP !
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3 years ago, Cham_ATX
$10/year? Way too expensive!
This app is cool and seems to work reasonably well; but I gotta be honest-- once I saw that the author wants $10 *per year* to keep using this, I abandoned it. That is *WAY* too high a price for something that is purely cosmetic and usually not even that visible... (I mean, normally I have windows open on my desktop when I'm actually using the machine, so I don't see much of the wallpaper most of the time.) I'd have considered paying $5 *one time* for this -- okay-- maybe I'd stretch to $10 one time, since the app certainly makes it easy to use dynamic wallpaper across multiple monitors-- which would otherwise take quite a bit of my time to set up manually (though it *is* doable...). But there's no way I'm paying for it over and over, at that price. With apologies to the talented developer, this is absurd.
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9 years ago, wilcoxst
Useful, but doesn’t scale independently
I have a very high DPI MacBook Pro Retina, and a very low DPI 1080p monitor next to it. In the past I’ve gone to great lengths to get my multiscreen wallpaper to line up across both screens. This does half of the job - it let’s me grab 2 chunks of the image according to the resolutions of the monitors, but it doesn’t take into account the DPI, so the images have completely different scales and can only align at one point. I would like to able to calibrate the relative sizes of my monitors so it can scale the image for one of the screens to match the other. Maybe you could draw two lines between the screens, then give me position and scale controls to adjust until both of the lines connect. Maybe too much to ask for in a $3 app, but very useful with the increasing range of screen densities.
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9 years ago, julia-x-nicole
Not a Mature Solution
Usual story regarding items that appear “too good to be true”. Credit where it’s due - with this app you can easily format a large-resolution image into multiple desktops, which has novelty value. But that’s as far as it goes. If you never change your desktop wallpaper this will be great for you! If you have a library of images and you’d like to be able to switch between them either manually or better yet automatically, this solution doesn’t help. You have to render a fresh image each time you want a change. The best solutions I have found have been a system of “left” and “right” images that I sometimes have to re-synchonise or using a matrox display extender to cast the dual displays as a single one - this having the disadvantage that it doesn’t seem to transmit sound. A bit disappointed all-round, really.
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2 years ago, TylerDuffy
Just What I Needed!
This application works great. I've been trying to figure out how to spread an image across my 2 5k 27" monitors without duplicating or stretching the image. This did exactly what I needed. Keeps the quality plus you can adjust your displays so the image moves across the two just right. I wanted to make sure the program wasn't using a lot of Memory/CPU since it is a standalone app, so after checking periodically, I was happy to see that it barely, barely uses any memory or processing power. Summary - very satisfied customer! Would absolutely recommend.
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2 years ago, DavidDeAnda
macOS Catalina - Works as advertised
For this being the product of a small software company, I'm extremely impressed. I have been using this as a daily driver for my screens for many years now, with my iMac 27 inch - with no issues. The only thing I can complain about is I can't get my IPS monitor to display the same brightness as the Mac. Other than that, keep up the good work! A feature I'd like to eventually see is a hotkey to quickly show the size and resolution of an image, so I can either jettison or find a better picture quality.
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5 years ago, Samwise.034
Simple, intuitive - a must have
First off - it's honestly not difficult to crop images and and make one's own wallpaper for a multi-monitor setup. I get that. What this app does though is streamline that process to the point where it's so easy and convenient it becomes a need. My favorite aspect is the UI, which is simple and easy to understand at a glance. This makes it possible to get the layout you want within seconds - which sounds cliché, but really thats how it was for me. Gone are the days of pulling up a photo editor and working out where to crop images for each monitor.
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1 year ago, j3sse1
Great, and keeps getting better, and BETTER!
June 7, 2023 I've been using this for about 3 years now and it continues to improve. It's the perfect complement to Vlad Studio and other high-res image sites - keep it going! Original Review I originally sought out this app to solve an issue I was having with setting up wallpaper for multiple monitors. This fit the bill. What I love is its ability to re-adjust on-the-fly based on number of monitors and their respective resolutions. No complaints and worth the price paid.
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2 years ago, 200 Okay
Great App
I have used this app for about a year now and love it. I have 3 monitors and I use the Digital Blasphemy integration to rotate the images every hour. Never had an issue until recently Digital Blasphemy changed the way you login, but Hobbyist Software was very responsive on the issue when I reported it and had it fixed the very next day. They let me know once it was fixed and had me confirm that it was now working. I never would have expected that level of service.
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4 years ago, biggens47
Last Update Broke Saved Files
UPDATE: A day later the app was updated to fix the problem. No response from the developer, but the app is working perfectly!!! Original comment: Love this product, but the last update broke my saved wallpaper files. I can no longer open/apply any saved wallpaper. I've tried to get in touch with the developer but they did not respond. Once I receive a response I'll bump this back up to 5 stars, because its a great product when it works!
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3 years ago, Batgali
Works great
I like it although would like to have it so I could return to the search results of whichever website I've picked after closing a result because now it resets whenever I preview an image and have to scroll back down or type in the search box again. But then again I merely have to change a wallpaper so often.
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4 years ago, rbsp97
Use it daily & dev is very responsive!
This is a great app for quickly switching between custom wallpaper setups to fit different monitor configurations. I made an alias to a couple of MMW config/preset files and put those on my Desktop — now whenever I get to my desk at work/home (I use the same MacBook Pro for both) and plug all my monitors in, I can just launch those and get my wallpapers set up how I want them in a matter of seconds. It's also worth mentioning that the developer is very responsive to emails! I ran into a minor issue and provided some basic diagnostic information, and they replied on the same day. Overall this app is a great one, used every day by myself, and I'm looking forward to seeing where the developer takes the app in the future!
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8 years ago, Sacktackular
Default Wallpaper on Every Reboot
Great until you reboot, then your custom wallpaper is gone, and you’re back to the default wallpaper. Using it on both an old Yosemite install and a fresh El Cap install; on both systems, on every reboot, I have to launch this app, find the wallpaper, set it up again, and click Save. Why this thing can’t create a couple of temporary files and set them through OS X’s wallpaper chooser, I have no idea. Or why it can’t launch on startup automatically and restore the wallpaper is beyond me. It makes using this nice app a real bother.
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4 years ago, YEE YEE 83
Just what I was looking for!
This app helps you quickly take one large image and use it on all three of my screens with ease. I would do this in photoshop when I had windows, but I've recently discoveres Mac rules so later windows. This is one small thing I had trouble figuring on Mac, however this software solved my simple issue. Super exited about the jump to Apple computers and this software all together!
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8 years ago, cnrtechhead
Wish I had discovered this before
For all intents and purposes this just paid for itself. I generally get images to span across my 3 displays from Google Images by searching for certain sizes. In the past I have painstakingly cut these up into 3 separate images in Photoshop, which can take 5 minutes per image. Never again. This app is well worth the 2.99 for the time savings alone.
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4 years ago, Gridsailor
Excellent App and Support
This app is a great addition to my brand new 27' iMac...I not only get to use and arrange my favorite dynamic wallpapers from Ryan Bliss' Digital Blasphemy across multiple desktops, but the developer was quick and friendly in his responses when I had a few questions. That level of professional care takes what would otherwise be an already solid utility to the next level. Thanks Rob!
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2 years ago, jrw125
Does the job
Like others have said here, it's been cool to see this app evolve and it keeps getting better. The developer is responsive to questions. There is a slight learning curve, but once you understand how the app works, it will do what you want it to do and the changes are persistent until you decide to change it again.
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3 years ago, P. Kowalsky
Cannot live without it!
I have a multi monitor setup at work and at the home office, and this utility is a MUST-HAVE for me for personalizing and really enjoying my screen-time. It's wonderful, and extremely well thought-out in that it offers so many options and media sources. It's sure to please you, no matter your display setup. 5/5 stars all day long!
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2 years ago, Bob in MA
A must for multi-display desktops
Allows setting continuous desktop images that span multiple screens. Best when used with very high resolution images. Works with dynamic wallpapers as well. Interface is a little clunky to figure out, but it works very well once you spend time with it. Beats any other solution I've tried.
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2 years ago, Mike Evangelist
Great app! Simpilfies life with multiple monitors
Thanks to the developer for his responsiveness and willingness to listen to suggestions. The app gets better with each update. A great bargain too! Just get it. You'll thank me. Updated, March 2022 - I recently added a third monitor to my setup, which makes this app even more useful than before. Love it!
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1 year ago, jeddings
Only app I've found that does this well
Background, across monitors (I have 3), it's amazing. I like how you can very carefully align the desktops, and pull from really great sites. My only nit is that eventually the backgrounds take up a ton of space on your hard drive. Easy enough just to delete them.
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4 years ago, Dannyking88
Great app
I use this to set the bacgkround of several external monitors automatically. It's the best solution out there for this. The tool to to size and align your monitors can be a bit fiddly to get right, but once you get it working, it's really great. I use it now to set a different high resolution background image every day that spans beautifully across my screens.
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7 years ago, ____________:)
Excellent Software
To anyone questioning this app!! Please read. I have been searching for a software that will display one fluid image across my 3 monitors. The app recognized my monitors and displayed the image across all 3 screens with minimal steps. I added 2 more screens: 1. 55 inch tv and 2. macbook. All 5 worked with no problem. A must have for anyone with multiple monitors!
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2 years ago, Stealeye13
great idea, almost perfect
The idea is a great one; to offer the same multi- screen, spanned image ability as windows, but in your favorite macS device. latest updates to the software have made it thoroughly enjoyable with mopre controls and tweaking ability. Stability is top rate now.
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4 years ago, ocaptain
Does a great job slicing and aligning!
I used a similar utility back in the days of Windoze and this is a great utility... certainly there is room for improvement but if you want to align images among 3 screens as I do and the screens are at different sizes/heights, this is a lifesaver and "makes your desktop sexy" when company comes!
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4 years ago, Coding4Food
Absolutely worth every penny!
Its super easy to use and I dont even have to hunt around the web for my own wallpaper (even though you have that option built in also). This has saved me hours of frustration of croping my own and making it fit. I just wanted to say that I REALLY appreciate it.
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2 years ago, jacobtfisher
Does exactly what I need it for
This is a nice little application, and after trying several alternatives, i'm convinced it's the best out there. A few bugs here and there (mostly Apple's fault), but the developer is responsive and has always helped me figure them out.
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2 years ago, WestJohnson
Great App and Great Support
I've been using MMW for about a year now inconjunction with Digital Blasphemey as the source for wall papers. Works great on my Mac Studio with three displays and also my MacBook Pro. There was a recent issue with the DB connection and Rob Jonson worked very quickly to get an update. Highly recommend!
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2 years ago, scubaninja
Great environmental tool
MMW is a gem in the Mac desktop hacking space. Super easy to use, and the developer is very responsive. I've been using it for a few years since Digital Blasphemy plugged it for multimonitor configurations. It's been steadily improving and works great! Highly recommend.
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3 years ago, Steven Ga.
Makes my work experience better
This works like a charm for 3 (or even more) displays. It has a screen alignment tool that makes things easy. Love the Digital Blasphemy service so that you have many awesome hi-def wide photos to use for your background.
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4 years ago, Jonathancalloeay
One of my favoriate ways to start my day!
This is such a great little app! I have enjoyed having nice wallpapers accross my monitors that change randomly. What's better is the feature set is mature, the developer suports this app at a very high levle and it doesen't take lots of processor and memory resources. This is defenitly a day brightener for me!
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5 years ago, GenoG
Nice for Panoramic Views
I like to take panoramic shots while on vacation, this App does a great job letting me choose the best monitor set up and "adjustments" for my dual monitor configuration. App developer is VERY accessible and helpful. I've been using it for several years, very happy with it and the new features too!
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12 months ago, jimhallenjr
Must have for multiple monitors
A must have app, and a necessary subscription. In the age of high res monitors, you need a clean image that spans across multiple monitors. Do yourself a favor, buy and renew your subscription. You need this more than Tinder , trust me.
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5 years ago, hackamac
Using this for years... and it shows
This tool works as advertised... technically. But if you reboot the system or ever shut down your computer, it will loose the spanned setting if you have a single photo stretched across two or three monitors. This app has not been updated in several years... needs several bug fixes in a small update and that has not happened. Wish the dev would update.
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2 years ago, William E Vest III
Absolutly brilliant
Worth every $. has compleatly changed the asteic in my office. I have multiple workstations for my laptop , after setting each up its so satisfying to see them all perfectly aligned with one wallpaper. Amazing!
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2 years ago, lachoneus_ut
Works really well with 2 or 3 monitors
As long as the images are high quality enough, the consistent application of the images across monitors is reliable and easy to manage.
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5 years ago, The Slick Idiot
Finally the tool to complete my compulsion
This app is what I have always wanted in a multi-monitor setup. Setting a seamless wallpaper to connect displays is great for workspace continuity. The updated UI has made the task even easier. Thank you so much for your hard work!
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10 years ago, Johnny5alivesc
Works great
This application does exactly what you would think it should do and is very easy to use. The only downside is that you need some huge image files to have good resolution adequate for a wallpaper but that should be common sense. 5 out of 5 stars.
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6 years ago, Jerry!!(67&
Simple & Flawless
There isn't much to say other than I had a huge wallpaper I wanted to span across three different sized monitors. I simply used the program, selected the file, and the app did all the rest. For only $2.99, this is a must-have.
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6 years ago, JadeLD
Very poor execution, extremely buggy
Worked great the first time. Got the pictures lined up, looked excellent on the three screens. Then as soon as the screen saver kicked in, it no longer worked right, the pictures on the screen had weird backgrounds. Then every time the computer goes to sleep or restarts, some of the screens have the proper display, but others do not. Never the same problem on the same screens, but always problems.
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3 years ago, Vonnanator
it's this or nothing
I just need an app that lets me position a large image over mutiple displays. I dont need auto switching, filters, day/night transitions, image resources, etc. Why do developers do this? they add useless features and then turn there apps into subscriptionware. This app was perfect when it started, but it is now a joke. Glad to pay a 1-time fee for the basic functionality, but I'm not going to be a sucker. I'm unistalling
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8 years ago,
I’ve been an avid MAC/APPLE user since 2009 and doing VIDEO production, i have like 3-4 monitors… so I wanted to finally have something to have ONE wallpaper showing on all 4 devices. I searched, found this app, bought it and it’s been PERFECT and worth EVERY penny!!! THANK YOU for making this!!! I LOVE IT!!! JW
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8 years ago, gyroNut
Just what I wanted
I’ve been using this for several months with a three-monior setup and it runs flawlessly. The edit/adjust features are intuitive, and it has added to my desk Karma big-time. Thanks for the app!
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6 years ago, docsnavely
Changes to default every restart or login
No matter what happens, when I restart the computer or log out and log back in, the app resets the wallpaper to what it wants. I have to then go back in and rescale and reposition everything to be just right. If I would have known this would happen, I would have saved my money and done the work myself using photoshop.
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6 years ago, guitarman91
Great App!
There aren't many options out there for scaling a wallpaper across multiple screens on a mac, but this app works great! I am able to scall a wallpaper across my 4 monitors with out a problem. Definitely worth it!
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