Multiplayer Terraria edition

4.1 (2.4K)
15.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Multiplayer Terraria edition

4.07 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
5 years ago, RelykS2
I’ve Heard its good but...
So Everyone playing mobile Terraria has said this is the best way to play Mobile Terraria on Online multiplayer, The problem is I can’t use it because my Device has restrictions so I can’t get into safari to Install the VPN connection, You might be like " Then why don’t you just go into restrictions and change it?" Well that’s because my IPad had this weird thing where the Restrictions passcode changed itself, And now I can’t get into the restrictions, I’ve tried to guess my password numerous times and now I have exactly 147 failed passcode attempts, I know this isn’t the Developers fault, I just kinda hate I downloaded it, Just to find out its impossible for me to use it since I have restrictions, And I can’t disable them because my password somehow changed itself. Oh well, It’s fine, I’ll figure out how to make my password work somehow. And I look forward to using this when I do! Thx! :)
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7 years ago, Blob03moneyme
this game rocks you can join talk make a game and so much more awesome stuff too and it is easy to play the game which you can't imagine what it will not have been a long game which you can't play the way the most is good game play the same game and it would have to have the best thing about your own music which I can't read it is awesome but the way the best game and I love your games awesome and great quality of quality games that I don't know how much you can or only a little too many other side game games which I can imagine and it is easy and fun with it and the way it will play games which you can't get the game which I can't get is that it takes you away and you have no time for the best way of the year to be an issue of game time when your phone calls your game a it takes to play it is the most recent version which I can imagine and it would be nice and easy game to play the games and I don't know how to play the piano version of your game and it is not the best game that I have found and it would be great if you could use the other game to get your own games which is great for the best games and best quality of game play on your own!
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2 years ago, QuackDuck13
Would be a lot better without greifers
This is one of the best, if not the best, ways to play mobile Terraria with friends. It is very user-friendly and easy to use. However, some players have began to use exploits to gain invincibility and they’re abusing it, shutting down the two main servers and trapping spawn at their own will. They kill players at their own digression and have no regard for decency. The destroy buildings and spawn strong bosses. I really wish that there was something to prevent things like that happening, because, again, this is a very good way to play Terraria. Perhaps if there was a way to not let players use medium core/hardcore on a server? Overall, it is a great experience and I enjoy playing.
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6 years ago, corinne2665
Overall pretty good
Overall this app works pretty well. It gets buggy sometimes, but that’s to be expected. Thank you for the response! The next time I have glitches again I’ll use Support. Also, like another user said, it would be nice if there was a way to restrict access for some people. This is because some people come onto worlds just to destroy them. I know the app says it’s not responsible for that. However, if people felt like their worlds were more secure there would be more open for people to join. I’ve had to wait sometimes or come back later just to get into a single world, and with more worlds that wouldn’t be as much of a problem. Just a thought.
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8 years ago, LemurBurner05
It's great!!
I think this app is an amazing app for people with friends all around the globe!! Just one little thing. I think that this app should be available on other devices. EX: I have a kindle fire and that is where my best characters in terraria are. I would love to get this app on my kindle fire but sadly I can't. Also, you should probably add a private chat, because I want my friends to join me but I can't seem to have just them join me because I can't tell them privately. All of a sudden, fifty players are in my world robbing my chests!! Thanks for raking the time to read this!! Bye!! -lemurburner05 ❤️
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5 years ago, GAMEON4488
Awesome. One problem.
This app is one of the most useful apps I have installed. Highly recommend it. I only have one problem, and that’s chat. There is a global chat, which is useful if you need an item. But, i wish there was a private chat with just the people in your world, or even better, a voice chat so, when ur looking for a item, and the name is to long to make it your name, people will just leave automatically. If you could add a private chat and maybe a voice chat will really help. Either way though, you should definitely get this app.
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I love it
I love it because you can feel like u .....can build relationships(friendships)becauseYou feel like people care for you and most do the help you maybe protect u from other creatures such as the destroyer,QueenBee,brain,eye of chthulhu or something like that and u can actually can fall in love or try to give people love and build on what u have before and build friendships to the next level and people like I said protect and some are bad and steel from you? They might betray u but that's mostly about having fun try to catch them and that's what I love about the game it's just so good
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5 years ago, cafig-1
Pretty good!
Now this is pretty good if your alone in your world and need some excitement, just go join someone’s world, but one problem... there should be a list of people who get build permission to like build and destroy stuff, because I had saved my world and loaded it without nothing in the chests and someone tried stealing stuff and they left and someone else came and griefed the base afterwards, but I give this app a 5 stars for its connection with others! And no I didn’t lose anything of my base, everything was saved in cloud.
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7 years ago, Orion or The one dude
Love it
I find this is a great ad on to Terraria, I love that I can be in Mexico and play with my friend in California, or just go out on line and play with random people. The only problem I have with Terraria multi player is that it some time just crashes, and I have to restart my iPad to play again. Also I didn't like that I had to buy Terraria then if I wanted to play with some one fare away I had to buy the app. Otherwise a great game and I hope that they come out with the 1.3 up date soon. Sincerely a loyal Terraria fan
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7 years ago, Jon jon j
Pretty good but...
I like this app for many reasons, one being that I can finally play with friends but... There are also lots of people who keep destroying my base with holy hand grenades and immediately leave in the middle of trading as soon as I give them something and I think that there should be a blacklist or ban people from bringing any type of bomb to my base (Except for the ones that don't destroy blocks, those are fine.) But other than that it's a great way to play with friends that I can trust... Keep up the great work😀😀😀😀
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6 years ago, hehdhdsjvdxjjsjdxb
So when i first got it i was really exited and it was working perfectly, but after the first time, other people’s worlds never showed up, even when i had done everything correctly and even did other things to try and make it work. My brother also has this app and the same thing happened to him. I also think that there should be a way to voice chat because sometimes people will blow up my house, and i cant tell them to stop. Or when I want to trade something with them i cant tell them that. Overall i gave this app a two stars because it doesnt work, there is no voice chat so its just random people on your world doing random things, and since it doesn’t work very well, the price shouldnt be so high.
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5 years ago, whatisthenewthing
Great App; Some Questions
I’ll start on the pros: -Its a GREAT app for playing with friends and even total strangers. -The interface is very convenient and easy to use if done properly -The update adds messaging fellow players. (As if you need another reason) -Before Terraria was quite dead, and even now a lot of people don’t play. For 2-3 years this was my only reason for playing Terraria regularly. 10/10 would purchase again. But there are some things that I feel could be improved on: -A lot of servers have passwords, could there be a way to tell the difference between public and private like there was before 1.3? -The setup help interface is very good, but some people think it is wordy and confusing. I was able to use it fine, but other reviews say it is difficult, or not working at all.
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3 years ago, robloxgamer4ew234
read this if your skeptical
this is not the app for you if you want to join somebody fast because it takes an hour to find a server that doesn't need a password and when you do find a server it disconnects immediately as you join- the two public servers are heavily greifed and it doesn't say what worlds are on journey- plus it takes awhile to set up if you aren't experienced- the app would be better if it had updates, but its not a scam- and it literally gives you a vpn for it also i doesn't ask for no personal info and is honestly a good app for getting friends in the game- it would be better if it showed worlds you can actually join before the worlds you cant- and also it would be nice if some people didn't kick me for “being a noon” but thats not part of the app, honestly 3 stars it the best i can give it because it can get extremely frustrating at some times
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5 years ago, 🔰Defender🔰
Great App! One thing missing though
This is an amazing app that takes advantage of terraria’s local multiplayer feature and takes it to a new level, the only problem is that there’s no voice chat, see if I want someone to summon a boss I either have to make a mess of my world and build the letters with blocks or just wait till they do it there self voice chat will be a more simple way to communicate with other people devs, plz add this. Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes I am only 12
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7 years ago, Celestial64
So I've been playing terraria for a long time now and I saw this app and the App Store and I was reluctant to spend money on an app not licensed by the developers of terraria but I was extremely curious so I downloaded it took me 2 minutes to figure out and then I was amazed now I can show off my creations to the public (I always make a back up world first because of trollers) I advise u get it's because it is one of my top apps on my iPhone and iPads thx for making this app 😉😉😉
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8 years ago, Vexcrate
Great, with bugs
This was a great idea. However, there are some bugs or things I feel should be addressed. Can you add a private message system? I try to trade, but someone always messes it up. I created a password protected server but I could not share the password with someone who was offering a Flailron! Also, can you add filters to which servers you could play on? Ex. No. if players online, etc. All in all, though, this is a great app! It has really helped me.
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5 years ago, ezraldo
Whole new experience
When I first played terraria it was a amazing game. But when I got multiplayer terraria it was way better than I expected because pc terraria had lots of stuff like mounts and I was kind of bummed out because I could not use mounts and mounts were my favorite thing in terraria but now that I have mounts I was really happy. And playing whith people online was so fun and exciting so I say multiplayer terraria was so worth my money
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7 years ago, Randotale
Great App but...
This app says what it does, it lets you play online with other people (or friends), and even chat! The app is great but I would like there to be a restriction on some of the worlds such as an option to enable or disable block breaking, the reason I say this is because some people (including me) have had problems with people destroying their worlds, other then that that's all I have to say! Great app!
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7 years ago, FireSoulFoxx
Pirated App?
Help, I am unable to play longer 5 minutes and the chat is blocked, it says I have pirated the app. I tried deleting the app and redownloading but it just doesn't work. I need help and I would like to contact someone to fix this problem. I honestly love the app though and think it is traverse. It allows players to achieve help from others or allows friends to all join together in a boss killing spree. I love the app and love Terraria.
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5 years ago, JRodriguez1234
Truly Amazing!
This is a very good app that requires a minimal amount of money and it pays off! You create either a private or a public game for playing with your friends or playing with complete strangers (that will most likely destroy your world!) You can join other people’s games with a small amount of effort due to the profile you have to download. This is an all around good app and is worth the money.
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6 years ago, Ndndbxvbxbxbcbx
I wouldn’t recommend don’t buy don’t waste your money on this
It worked perfectly only for not even 2 days later I tried everything but the VPN wouldn’t work at all I wish I never spent $4 on something that only worked for not even 2 days!!!!!! I want my money back! I was going to play with my friends but it’s VPN wouldn’t connect 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬PLEASE FIX IT I loved it but 💥 its VPN stopped working
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6 years ago, CoolJ606
I want a refund (not anymore)
I cannot do anything with this app when I try to join a game at doesn't work. I don't know if it's because my phone or the app it just doesn't work for me and I wanna refund. Edit: now it’s works because of my new phone I really love this app only thing they need to add is a setting that can unable players to break your world but it’s a great app overall
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8 years ago, Fnaf_is_life11
Great app! Definitely recommend
This is a great app to play multiplayer with terraria, besides local. I would want to give some advice while using this app. Before you create a game, make sure you have a backup of the world because there are griefers that go around destroying other people's worlds. But if you trust the right people, you can get some very rare items!
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5 years ago, 3Kids1dog2fish
It won’t let me join a server
This app is very useful if your trying to get stuff. Every time I join the first time, it works very easily, but when I try to click “multiplayer”, to join a server the second time, it kicks me out of terraria. The only way I can fix this issue is by deleting Terraria and I don’t want to lose anything. So if you have any other way to fix this problem please tell me.
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3 years ago, Jean@76
Love it
It has allowed me and my cousin to play for a long time I think this is good for friends to join each other and play instead of them not playing together because they don’t play on the same wifi but because of this app it allowed so many people to play with each other around the world.
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5 years ago, Enderhuman_568
So me and my cousins live in different states and are both big Terraria fans and I wanted to play with them and give them better gear. And I saw this app I thought after 3+ hours of sever scrolling and app looking I found this I tried it then my cousins got it too. And it let us play together. Thanks if not for you we would still be looking at a server list!
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5 years ago, gt hrre rvv
Half And Half
Look, I don't like this app, but I do at the same time, you may not know what I’m talking about, you see, terraria is a very original game made by 505 games and others, but, why does the pack cost to much, like I had to wait 2 years to get this and terraria because my aunt didn't have enough money to afford it, and I'm thinking about when terraria will be a dead game, 505 and the others, please decrease your cost on terraria mobile, or this game will be dead. -Sincerely, Jake Willson
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4 years ago, PxelGamer
Awesome! But...
I use this all the time, but the one thing that sets me off is that it costs 4 dollars. I know you need the money to develop it and other apps, but you could just have a couple ads here and there. I’m not saying drown us in ads, but more like a salt shaker. I don’t use this very often anymore, because Grievers, but it’s still great. To everyone reading this, you are awesome people, and have a good day!
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5 years ago, Sapph1re78
Hard controls
I have played terraria for 5 years I’m pretty sure and I loved the game. I noticed the game is a lot like play station edition now;I can’t defeat any monsters. Also that everyone is mentioning in the chat, multiplayer. people said delete ded servers in files and restart the app, but I don’t know how to restart it. the game is really frustrating now but it’s still an awesome game.
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4 years ago, fhushufnjs
P.s this is not an employee of the Terrarian franchise I am not getting paid to say this but I just absolutely love the app and the game terraria. I only don’t like the fact you have to buy it you’ve already gotten the game terraria so what’s the point in having to buy it, Immjust saying I think the app should be free but overall I loved the experience!
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6 years ago, JustSayN4RF
There needs to be a way to restrict access
The very first time I brought this up with open VPN - a bunch of folks appeared and started destroying the world. It’s not too much fun to be online if a bunch of ‘players’ destroy everything. I went back to the directions and setup the private server. So, now I guess I will just organize w/ known friends!
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5 years ago, pentagon clips
Gotta love it
You can join and create games, it’s lit. I loss all my stuff way back, and now that I asked for help, I’m better than I was before. The only thing you should watch for is creating a game on your world with valuables. People can take your stuff out of your chest. But the easy solution is to just make a new world.
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5 years ago, zach b shaw
It's great!
Ok, so I want to be able to chat and find new servers in the car or at six flags but you HAVE to be connected to a VPN to chat etc. So you have to be connected to wifi to use this. It's fine but I hardly ever use it. Please make a server discovery feature in the app. The app is great, not lying but there are other features that I'd like to see added. Pls respond developers!
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2 years ago, Darkness on the Edge of Harlan
Some functions don't work.
I have had this app since 2016 and I can get it to work but only on the servers provided by the OGN team. Ever since I played Terraria 1.4 with the new version of this app, I haven't been able to join other people's servers. It just says "found server", and it stays like that for a long time. One time I left it on like that for 10 minutes straight and it still didn't join that server! ... And when I go to the support page, it says "page not found" on the website that it is hosted on! Please fix this, we paid money to use this app!
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6 years ago, In ROBLOX NeedlessQdog
It's perfect when your friend is tired of playing with you, and you got money in your hands. Buy this app and play online as long as you desire! But.. Just warning you, people CAN scam you, bomb your good houses, just in general, be jerks! But this is a working online app that you were looking for! I'm not a bot by the way.
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8 years ago, Mac12pro
Great must download
This app allows you to play with others online and get items that u have not had before downloading this app, however if you are new to the game I wouldn't download because people will most likely troll you, but over all I would rate 4-5 stars
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6 years ago, FinchNetwork
AWESOME GAME!!! But one feature...
Awesome game! I love the fact that you can join people around the world, though I wish there was a restriction feature, like for example: Restrict that you can open chests or no grieving/no destroying blocks. It would save a whole lot of time. If it doesn't get release, fine! Just as long as I can play this awesome app!!! 😀😀😀🙂🤔
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7 years ago, A user who's hot and female
Not impressed
It's always just searching and searching. And when it does happen to show a list of games they are always called "Plzgivefreestuff" or something of that nature. And the one time I did get in on a game, the person had mined away the whole world so you would just fall and fall and fall until you reached the underworld and died in a lake of lava. Im kind of shocked someone would dedicate so much time to do this. But mostly the app is always searching for games and I end up not bothering. Waste.
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6 years ago, Credsed
Good except one thing
This app is great and does was it was made for but a lot of times it disconnects and the vpn goes down (solution to this is to disconnect from the vpn then turn it back on and go on the app and check to see if it can connect then go on terraria and it should work)
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7 years ago, I'm an rpg kinda guy
This is great for playing with my brother and his friend
Since his friend lives away. I don't like VPN is always going off with problems but I don't think that is the apps fault. If you add Skype with this it's amazing! And also Skype can solve the private chat problem. This app has improved my terraria experience. Sorry if that sounds cheesy
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5 years ago, cblondiego39
It doesn’t work anymore
There has been a new update in terraria, this means they got rid of this feature. I used to use this when there wasn’t an update and it worked perfectly. But now, I don’t see any servers to join and spending 4 bucks on a broken app is useless. Please try and fix the app
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6 years ago, Riv Rev
This app works great! I get to join worlds with other players and create my own! Though, I wish there was a private message option because sometimes when I try to trade with players, other players join the private game and sometimes take stuff. Other than that, this works great!
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7 years ago, Fastgamer 93
The Best
I thought the app wouldn't be to good but I have it a try and everyone thinking about getting it get it it actually works there's only one downfall........ After you join or create a world and you exit you have to go back into the app but it's not bad
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2 years ago, Vynnster
One Teeny Tiny Issue
This allows for a really nice and convenient way to not only play online, but create private servers long distance. If there’s one thing that could be fixed, it would be nice if the non ‘OGN’ servers would display which are public and which are not.
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4 years ago, Ned0409
It’s ok
It’s a good game but 1. You shouldn’t have to install another app to play online. Also if your considering playing online be careful because when I installed the VPN it had this entire background program running that started deleting my core apps like camera and stuff so yeah. But overall putting aside the online game this game is really fun and I love playing it. ˚✧₊⁎❝᷀ົཽ≀ˍ̮ ❝᷀ົཽ⁎⁺˳✧༚
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6 years ago, Binksssjksjsjs
Adding 1 Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️
We need to make it a option if we want others people to build/destroy our world. I know there is a chat already in this app but could y’all also add it to the game? Would really make a big difference and a lobby for others to just run around and have fun together. Really make a big change in terraria mobile! #MakeTerrariaGreatAgain
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5 years ago, keplcrumb
Is it safe?
This app is good and all but it asks you to give them access to a vpn to your WiFi. If they miss use this type of access, it can be bad for you. Developer please tell me if this is safe or not so I can use it, I really want to join a YouTuber’s server.
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5 years ago, Hastunemikufan
It works just fine
If you wanna play terraria mobile with your friends but you’re far away from each other you can download this app and just follow the 4 step instructions it’s very simple and the app run great.
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7 years ago, Fhjsjrjen
Love It
I am almost completely satisfied with this app and would definitely recommend to any terraria players. One thing I would request is an in-game chat system, but other than that, I have no complaints.
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4 years ago, PhilSwift123
This app is easy to use, has intuitive design, and works almost perfectly. Overall great addition to the game, would probably pay twice as much if I needed too. Sincerely, a Loyal Terrarian
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