MuseScore: sheet music

4.7 (57K)
120.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
MuseScore BVBA
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for MuseScore: sheet music

4.68 out of 5
57K Ratings
3 years ago, kingcharml
Great app. Helpful song selection. Any opportunity for limiting hard copy sheet music?
Hello, I pay for the subscription to your app and have been happy because I can find many of the songs I want to learn on your app. I only have one main question. Can I download pdf versions of my songs onto a tablet, kindle, or iPad and scroll each page as I play on my keyboard? This would offer a customer like me a few vital benefits, such as the limit of money I spend to print several pages per each piece, eliminate the space I need to keep track of all my hard copy songs, easier searching when I want to play a song I haven’t practiced recently, and a much easier time flipping through pages of the song while I play. As always the library of songs offered for me is the primary benefit and more is wonderful. I love current popular music, I occasionally download classical music on the piano. I don’t play any woodwind instrument so I take my guitar sheet music from other apps. Any suggestions on electronically updating my sheet music practice I’d appreciated.
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5 years ago, Dusiastic
Good right now, but could be much better.
So this would be a 4 star, but there’s one thing that I think would make this app a whole lot better. That thing is, to be able to make score sheets in the app, or at least have an app that solely focuses on the ability to make score sheets that pairs with this app, as in you could upload scores you make in the supposed sister app from this app. And I haven’t exactly come across some of the issues other users have had with this app, except for when I try to open score sheets that are very long, so for instance medleys which tend to be over 10 or 20 minutes long. Every time I try to open a very long score sheet on the app, it freezes and I can’t do anything except for close the app and relaunch it. Meanwhile, the website has little to no problem opening the same exact score, and just to be clear I use a laptop that is over 2 or 3 years old, it’s a Dell and is not exactly great, and I use google chrome as my default browser. Other than that I don’t have any real problems with the app, and if you could conjure up something that allows users to make score sheets on their mobile device and upload from this app when on the go, that would be quite a make up for the mentioned “issues” that users comment on that I can’t seem to find or come across.
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5 years ago, Major_General_San
Absolutely in love with the concept, not the way it currently functions.
This app is amazing where transcribers, song writers, and general musicians can share their work and provide others the opportunity of learning something they can’t anywhere else. I especially love to reference this app for A Cappella because of the amazing transcribers found on this platform. There are major downsides, simply with the way it functions. Some features work one day, but either completely don’t work or crash the app another day. For instance, the option to listen to individual parts was somewhat functional, but then its button changed to “transpose” and I thought that was a pro feature. The individual part selector is something I relied on as a free feature as a chorus member. Sometimes when trying to listen to individual staves or parts, it will still play the other parts, and I would have to back out of the music and go back in just for it to work. Sometimes when listening to the song as a whole, the bar that indicates where you are in the song is ahead of behind of the audio, making it challenging or confusing to follow along. Again, the concept of the app is like no other and revolutionizes the music world, but it’s coming up short with its lack of reliability in functionality.
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1 year ago, bnissimov
I signed up for a PRO subscription years ago while I was working as a private lesson teacher. As I no longer am in that field of work, I canceled auto-renew in September, and received a confirmation email that I had done so, and they were sorry to see me go. Then, upon noticing that it was somehow still active, I canceled auto-renew AGAIN in December, and received ANOTHER confirmation email. Now, in February, I was charged $49 to renew my subscription for a year! When I asked for a refund, and sent proof of the confirmation emails, they told me that because I had not canceled before the start of the billing period, that my purchase was fully pre-authorized and they cannot issue a refund. I DID CANCEL, TWICE! AND SENT PROOF! He said because of the “inconvenience of the existing situation” that he spoke to “his head office” and they could give me a “special offer” of a 55% refund or 10 months extension on my subscription — a subscription which I don’t even want and tried to cancel twice before being notified they had billed me. The lackluster response email they sent was sent from a “do not reply” email account, so that I couldn’t even re-attach the proof that I had canceled the PRO account and reiterate that they need to refund me in full. I’m going to have to take this up with my bank. Ironic that I thought I was helping the “little guy” by supporting this app. What a joke.
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1 year ago, djcgcg
Worse than the website
Hi, I’m a trombone player I have been play it for a year now and I was looking for a good app/website to print out some video game music to perform with my friends and I came across the website for this I thought this would be good, and I can easily print something out to play it but no. One you have to pay for everything which would be fine and stuff, but paying money to print some thing that just seems a lot. it also keeps trying to get me to download the app so I do it the same only there is no print button and if I download it as a PDF I can’t only get trombone it’s really buggy and hard to use and when I tried to do the free trial, it just simply didn’t work it cut off half the things on the screen so I would have to turn my tiny phone, which, then I couldn’t even read the music the music that I want is only on this app so it really frustrates me that I can’t do what I want to do with 1. not having to pay 2. it being super buggy. would not recommend for anyone trying to print or practice something if you’re just trying to listen to something then it’s for you. Ps. i’m not too good at making constructive criticism. and my grammar is horrible. Hope you can make this app a little more user-friendly
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5 years ago, NomisBalderk
Just a big pain
If this app actually worked, I would love it! I play the piano and the trumpet and this app has a ton of awesome songs to play. The day I downloaded it, everything was great, I found some really great music, learned some cool things, and just overall had a great time. But since then, the app has just been horrible. The interface covers up a whole line of music, and if you try to remove the interface it works sometimes, other times it doesn’t work and often it will misunderstand and turn the page. However, If you try to turn the page, most of the time it won’t do anything or it will toggle the interface. The problem is, there aren’t any controls for the functions you want, you just have to tap, swipe, or pound on the screen until it does what you want it to. Oh yeah, also, often if you turn the page it does the little page turn animation but doesn’t actually turn the page. Then no matter how many times you try to turn the page, it just stays as the same page of music (or it toggles the interface and you scream at your phone and you post a lengthy-one star review about how much you hate MuseScore)
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4 years ago, OMEGATHEJOHN
It’s a great software.
So, I haven’t actually written a review for an app before, so bare with me. Essentially, this app, along with its desktop application is very reliable. I am a high school student, and I can’t Pat for premium music composition software, but MuseScore has my back. I’ve used it for 6 years, and they’ve done a great job at receiving feedback and getting back to people. Personally, I haven’t experienced many problems, tho I don’t use it as a job either. Not only does it allow you to create music, transpose, arrange, and everything in between, it creates communities with similar interests, instruments and music styles. This app for being free (assuming you’re not purchasing pro) gives all of that. The pro version I have not been able to personally get, but when I get to college I’m definitely thinking of investing into it. It helped me express myself with music writing, and helped me compose my first piece that was played at my high school. I definitely recommend this app to people who just wanna get the chance to write music, it’s the audio art anyway!
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1 year ago, V5397
Seems a little shady
I had a free trial - printed out the sheet music I was looking for - which by the way was formatted weird and started half a page down so the top half was blank - there was no title or composer attached to the print out so I had to write it in myself. Anyway, I forgot to cancel my pro subscription, asked for a refund, and they said no, we can give you 35% refunded OR ten months free after your year. Then I responded with no I just want a refund i won’t be using this app…every other time this has happened with a different company they’ve refunded me there’s been no issue. They THEN respond, “ok we’ve refunded you the difference between the yearly and monthly version” - - so I'm out $10 which is a month long cost. It’s shady that this wasn’t an option in their first response email. And also why does every other company have the ability to refund me the full amount but they’re unable to. I suppose I can understand, but not the fact that they left it out of their first response with all my “options”, when they then quoted their policy I can get a difference of yearly/monthly cost within the first 14 days if I cancel. So just weird vibes!
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2 years ago, EmoTrash69420
Please, use songsterr for tabs instead of this garbage.
My friend wrote me up some tabs and put them on this app so I could learn his songs, downloaded this and it’s absolute mess. The tab in question has all the lead & rhythm guitars, as well as my bass part, so it defaults to zoomed way out, so much so that the numbers are so tiny they start pixelating. I have to zoom in so far to even be able to see the numbers that I can only read about a bar or two of music at a time, and when I play through the song every time it transitions to the next slide of tabs the app zooms way back out to where I can’t even read anything again. Also there is no way I can rewind or skip through specific sections of songs, only the option to start the whole song over from the beginning. You’d think that the bar at the bottom of the screen would allow you to rewind a slide or two? Why is it only there to show me how many slides of tabs I have gotten through? This has been driving me up the wall trying to learn these songs. I WOULD NOT be using this app if it wasn’t my only choice, and from my experiences I'm sorry to say I cannot recommend. If you’re a musician looking for an actual good tab app, please go to songsterr instead of this garbage.
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8 months ago, trashy logos
An incredible app that makes me want to play
looking for scores can be such a hassle sometimes and often when Im looking for a decent interpretation for a piece I like Its always behind some paywall. This is THE place for free music and honestly with the amount of people making scores for this app its not limited to just one genre or level. From begginer to experienced EVERYTHING is here. I began using the payed version after they made a limit for the ammount of scores you can view per day but tbh the limiting wasnt really a problem in the first place. I only have the premium just to support the app because of what it got me through from my first few years learning piano. Now, with the free version you can still do just as much and Id recommend everyone trying musescore at least once. Final note: One of my crazy music friends straight up composes pieces on this app and its impressive what he can do, so just the sheer power of musescore is impressive. Tldr; Cool app, fun scores
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2 months ago, an autistic redditor
Amazing App, but oh my god allow MuseScore 4 files!!
I love this app and service, but the one thing i’ve always had a gripe with is it’s viewing interface. Both on desktop and phone, desktop is bad but phone is SO MUCH WORSE. It constantly turns pages and swipes and doesnt open the menus when wanted, and does when not wanted. It’s overall very inconvenient but the WORST thing about it is that after (I believe) literal YEARS of MuseScore 4 being used to write scores, it STILL isn’t able to be viewed on phone. To get around this, they let you use a browser to look at it on the non-app viewer. But after looking at 2 within a week, you literally can’t look at ANY scores on that! So you get stuck in a loop of being forced to go on the browser, to going back on the app, back to the browser, etc. Practically making a good majority of scores online completely unviewable on phone. PLEASE update it, im begging you. Besides from that issue, Musescore is still very good and even though it may have not sounded like it, I still love it.
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4 years ago, Lisacolus
I have never written a review on an App or a company before. This company has terrible customer service. Please be very weary when every response that you receive is from “Paula Abdul”- I think everyone here has talked to Paula. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I was unable to cancel my subscription within the time frame. In fact, I canceled it a few hours after the deadline, thinking most companies would see I never used the product and it was not what I was looking for. Instead, the company wanted to up sell me on a PRO account and said they would offer me a 40% refund. Ok, I get it. It was a free trial and I canceled 2 hours too late. But the company response was awful. I’m trying to locate what country they are in to file a further complaint, but no one has responded. In fact, I really wish I had read all the reviews about this company before I even opted into the trial. Review after review indicates how awfully they treat customers. I tried to write a review on FB about them, but guess what, you can’t write reviews about them. Hence, why I’m here, writing my first ever review on a company. Seriously consider not doing business with this company- they do not care for their consumers. Or file a complaint and you might get to talk to Paula as we all have....
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4 years ago, SaltyArmageddon
Great for practice!!
I just downloaded this app yesterday and I am in love. I have used MuseScore from my laptop, but it’s very hard to play the music off of that since I play the piano. I love being able to just play the music right off of my phone. My favorite thing about this app though is the practice feature. It’s great being able to hear the song as you play along with it that way you can know how well you’re doing. It’s also nice that they give you the option to turn off and adjust the volume for the individual instruments and the metronome. I also love that there are a multitude of composers and arrangers on here who put out a lot of very high quality scores. This makes it even more enjoyable. My only complaint is that sometimes it can be a little slow and takes up a lot of battery. I also wish that I could get the pro features for free, but I would never expect for that to happen.
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1 month ago, Handyman1986
Ok but not great
I was able to find an interesting version of a song I wanted to learn, so that speaks well of their library, but some of the features are clumsy or underdeveloped. For example you can export the score to a nice looking pdf for viewing on other devices, or make an mp3 for playback elsewhere - both great. You can also change the tempo and key inside the app to play along with your preferred instrument and a reasonable pace. But when you export to pdf, it only exports in the original key. When making an mp3 it reverts they key and the tempo as well. It also doesn’t always save your key or tempo when you close and reopen the app. The tempo slider is clumsy and doesn’t tell you what it is currently set to until you start to move the slider and then it’s different and you don’t know where it was. Minus one star. Minus two more stars for their outrageous price and subscription model. Keep it 7 days for free. Cancel one day late and sorry, it’s charged $100 for a whole year. It feels like every app on the store these days is counting on us all forgetting to cancel our auto subscribe and paying way too much.
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1 year ago, ando mn
App has major bugs still even after recent update
After researching music score apps, musescore was trending near the top and the reviews looked good. After using this app for only a few hours, I don’t know how because I have experienced major bugs that prevent me from using it and considering filing a complaint with Apple. Three things I expect from a music score app 1) it will cost “something” for a large collection 2) I can search and find music, and 3) I can open music to play. The only thing this app has succeeded at is collecting my money. I keep getting errors about internet connection and 20 minutes, or just error - score not available, or even that scores are not available in my country - and this was happening for every score I was trying to open. I see there was a minor bug update yesterday right before I installed the app so no excuses it should fail as horribly as it does! About the details: new iPhone, 1TB storage, fiber internet, restarted everything, waited 10 hours and after re-opening worked for a few songs then full failure again. Side note, the website worked okay but lost a bunch of favorites I saved yesterday so another failure.
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11 months ago, TheAlchemyFreak
I need an account? Seriously?
I don’t know how good or bad the actual functions of the app are, because it wouldn’t let me try any of them out. I literally can’t do a single thing in the app without signing into an account. Sure, I expected some features to be locked behind in-app purchases, but you won’t even let me try it before I decide to make an account. I would rather pay for the app outright and be able to use it straight away than to pay for “free” content with my user data. Seriously, whatever happened to apps that just work? I’m tired of having to create an account for every single app on my phone, and it honestly just feels like a shady attempt to gather user data if they won’t allow literally any of the app’s functionality to be used without an account. So I just deleted it. I’ll find something else, or maybe just stick with the desktop app. Response to Developer: I understand that having an account comes with personalized benefits, but I expect to be able to use the app without an account, even if the functionality is limited. Signing in to an account should make a good app great. It shouldn’t be required to use the app at all.
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12 months ago, mkjanssen
Shady business practices and poor customer service
I attempted to sign up for a one-week free trial of MuseScore Pro on their website to see if the service would be useful. In the process of signing up, I was given a chance to opt for what looked like a special summer deal at a reduced rate, but it was not clear that this special price did not include the free week. I noticed within 40 minutes that I'd been charged and immediately canceled my account and initiated a refund request with customer service. After trading emails for a couple of days, they finally agreed to a 25% refund. Whether MuseScore contains quality scores or not, I don't (and won't know), because I won't use it. But it is clear that their customer "service" is anything but. Perhaps it should have been obvious that the cheaper rate did not include the free trial, but the lack of a grace period is inexcusable. I'd advise anyone against giving this company any of your money. Update: After sending the above review to their support, they promised a 100% refund (processing times being what they are, I haven’t received it yet). I appreciate the refund, but it’s annoying that it was so hard to get, and my trust is obviously lost.
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2 years ago, greenbird4705
Very Buggy
I am a MuseScore user and have been since 2014, and donated towards development of the mobile app when it was in unusable testing phases. I love this website but the app has been utterly disappointing. Half of the time I try to use the app it gives error messages or just crashes. Most developers would have fixed these issues or at least suppressed them, but the MuseScore developers have had bugs in the app for as long as I’ve used the app. That was around 3 years for the full release version, not including development. The community scores aren’t great and there is no good system of finding the quality scores that are so rare. You have to pay your way into downloading scores or accessing professionally done sheet music, which is NOT included in the useless Pro subscription. While this app may be better than most other free sheet music apps, it has its overdose of problems and issues. -Love KaidenSkinner
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8 months ago, jerry is awsneom
this changed my lfime
I gave up everything for this app. My family, my friends, even my mental well being. This app has impacted my psyche like no other, when i open the app i feel like i can do anything. I improved so much in the time i had this app downloaded onto my mobile device; i went from playing hot cross buns to the moonlight sonata 3rd movement, in fact i made another movement: the moonlight sonata 4th movement was made by me because of how inspired i was to use this app and learn different piano pieces. I havent seen my wife OR the sun for at least 13 years because of how obsessed and addicted i am to this amazing app. In fact i exist only while online in this app, i dont even feel emotion unless im on this app. I could have fallen down 12 floghts of stairs and not felt anything as long as i didnt have this app open, So i thank you musecore. For changing my life
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2 months ago, Maximinmm
It’s a good app for finding sheet music but
I like the app and I use it all the time but honestly the interface and actually using the app to read sheet music is really annoying and really glitchy and sensitive but not sensitive? Whenever I have to zoom in to read a measure it’s the most annoying process cause it’s gonna be like a 5 minute struggle to actually zoom in on the measure you want to read and not the one next to it while still having it be readable. Or sometimes I’ll need to listen to a specific section just so I can get a feel for it but the app makes it a struggle. I have to completely listen to the whole piece if I wanna listen to one section or I can try and use the “repeat function” they have but it’s just so glitchy and annoying to use I just don’t. If I’m being honest I’ve just started saving the sheet music to my phones downloads and just read it there cause the UI on the app is so annoying and just drives me away
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6 months ago, PianoRob12321
WARNING to potential users
Do not create a login for this app. I purchased a pro+ membership on their website using a credit card. It is supposed to include free use across all platforms including this application. So, I logged into this app and it told me that I was involved in some sort of trial membership and that they are going to charge me hundreds of dollars in 7 days after the “free” trial ends unless I cancel before the trial ends. However, the app does not provide a way to cancel the trial. In fact, it tries to lead you through a path where your only option is to immediately purchase that expensive membership. I refuse to press the button to immediately purchase the overpriced membership. So, the app is stuck at that point and I can’t do anything else on the app. I tried to click the App support button on this page. It brings up an error stating that the page doesn’t exist. So, I don’t know what to do next. There is a forum group on their website for paid members only. There are other paid members who tried to use this app and had an experience similar to mine and no support or resolution from the vendor.
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4 months ago, Candise Wendland
To start, the concept is nice. I’m a paying customer and have been for years, but this year especially has been infuriating. They keep changing the layout which messes up my practice. I’m not saying they changed it once or twice. I’m saying four or five times, today included. And now it won’t turn to the second page. It’s useless now. I updated the app and I’m about to restart my device, but an app should just work! Especially one that I’m paying for. Also the 3 different pay levels is ridiculous. With my service I don’t even get the official scores. I have to pay again if I want that. And every day that I log in it wants me to buy courses. I already know how to play. This app has made me mad more times than I can count. I’m ready to pay someone else that will keep their dev team from making constant changes to the layout and one that has services that makes more sense and doesn’t make me feel like I’m throwing money down the drain while they lock songs and ask for even more money. So done with this app.
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5 months ago, Racing for Anthoine
Amazing App, but One Issue...
I have used this app endlessly for about two years now, and I have found so many songs that I love listening to. A cool feature is in this app where I can see the music to a singular part to learn the piece if I wanted. All up until a month ago, I was able to play multiple parts on this feature (e.g. Bass Clarinet sheet music is on screen, and Bassoon and Baritone Saxophone parts are also playing), but then it became buggy for a bit, then got fixed recently. However, in that bug (idk if it is intentional or just on my end), it would only let me play either the part on screen or all at once, which I found annoying as someone who listens to many concert band arrangements, and wants to combine a small number of parts together at a time. If this is a bug, can you fix it? And if it was intentionally removed, can you add it back? It was one of the main reasons I use this app so frequently. Thanks!
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4 years ago, GuyWithAKid
Trolls and unnecessary banning
This is a nice app and has a variety of different music sheets of all genres, and the website even has private chatting. However, there has been an increase of trolls and flamewars in the comment section that is taking up everyone’s feed. I was banned from my account, and I emailed the musescore staff asking why. They said I spammed. I did not spam. I followed up saying I never spammed, at least give me proof. They didn’t. They were just like “well we looked at the score and you violated this part of the terms of service because you spammed”. I was so aggravated. All my friends I ever made could only be contacted using musescore, and now I lost them all. The mean people who are always cussing and reporting innocent people for no reason at all are not being banned. I never did anything wrong. This is unfair. At least give proof after banning someone. You said you always look at the problem carefully and decide whether it’s really necessary or not to ban someone. You didn’t.
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5 years ago, DarthVaderIsLukesFather
Don’t see PRO as a very wise choice...
Recently, MuseScore has changed its site entirely and requires a PRO subscription to download and print almost all music created by writers or translators. Before, it was a simple site where people could share music as a recreation and people would download them, and MuseScore would make money through advertisement. I may be biased and understand funds, but I believe the choice of ‘PRO’ mode isn’t a wise one. The reason MuseScore was such a popular site in the first place is because it was free, could be easily navigated, and was the software for creating music was highly polished. Creators are supposed to get the ‘benefit’ from pro mode, as their content can’t be downloaded without permission. Still, people who are trying to make money out of sheet music shouldn’t be uploading on a site like MuseScore anyways! You should be charging users for using the creation software, not the browsers if you aren’t already. The ‘PRO’ mode can still be easily bypassed, so there’s no point in upgrading anyways.
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3 years ago, The_Lemon_27
It’s actually good now.
I’m one of those people who’s never written a review for anything, and I was never going to. But MuseScore’s app changed at some point in a monumental way: where it used to be kind of clunky and hard to use because you couldn’t easily search for songs, or look at your favorites, you can do both of those things now! You can actually search for sheet music by genre and you can look through your favorites for easy access to the songs you like! I used to use the website instead because this app was almost useless in how slow it was without these changes, but now that it has these necessary features it’s way easier to use than the website, which is what an app’s all about! This app had a great turnaround with the newer updates, when most other apps would just stagnate in mediocre-ness. 👏🏼
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5 months ago, OliCherries
Good, does what it needs to and more. Pushy on the payment
It has a solid selection of sheet music tracks, both official and custom user-made. The options to favorite and comment are nice for advice sharing as well as sorting, but the ability to Download scores and listen to them? That's amazing for the price. (I forget what I paid, but it was pretty reasonable for someone who grabs a few scores per month) About money-- that's the only reason it's not 5 stars. I opened it one day, and it asked me to pay. That seemed odd, since I'd renewed it just days before. I signed out, reinstalled, and nothing. It wouldn't let me continue until I paid. I actually came here to complain, but right before, I found out that you can actually skip the payment window by following a specific menu path with hidden buttons. It was for an extra OPTIONAL service, too. What I thought was a bug was, in fact, an intentional design choice. This worries me. This is a five star service which hasn't changed at the core, but that deceptive paywall is something I can't overlook, especially since it's during sign-up. I hope Musescore doesn't stray further down the path of anti-consumer design. I like what you have, Musescore, but if you get more brazen about trying to steal my money, then I'll go and find someone else who respects me more. Please don't become evil, Musescore
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4 years ago, Jackspedicey05
Types of Instruments
I really like this app. The UI isn’t confusing, you just type in the song, and you can even adjust results based on what instrument you play, but this is where the problem lies. In one of the newer updates, they added the ability to choose what type of instrument you could search for. (i.e. Under Trombone you would find Bass Trombone, and under Trumpet, you would find Piccolo) But the problem is they didn’t add all types of instruments, so I can only pick a Bass Trombone when I don’t play that kind of trombone, I play a Straight Tenor Trombone, but since Bass Trombone is the only option they have, I can only search for music pieces that use a Bass Trombone, so now I can practically never use the app since I’ll be searching for results with an instrument I don’t play. If they fix this issue, the app would be a go to app for playing music, but for now, I can’t even use it.
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5 years ago, Jake Iowa
Ain’t What It Used To Be
I started using this app so that I could use Finale files on my Mac Book Pro and my iPad after the creators of Finale Notepad threw Mac devices under the steam calliope. For a while, it worked well on my Mac and I could post my music to the online server and then access them on my iPad. Now, it seems clumsier, and I can see only five of my songs at any one time on my iPad, unless I upgrade to “MuseScore Pro.” I seem to remember paying for the app in the first place, so I am certainly unhappy to be asked to pay again. When I have contacted “support,” my questions always seem to be misunderstood and are not adequately answered. After about five tries when I asked why I could see only five songs on my iPad, I finally was told 1) I needed to pay yet again; and 2) there might be a fix for this problem in January. I am afraid to click the update button. So I would have given the app at least four stars, mainly because of nearly non-existent instructions. Now, it gets no more than two, and since it has limited usefulness to me, that’s a generous gift.
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3 years ago, 123456789??????
Keeps making very questionable decisions.
I’ve had this app for 3-4 years at this point, and I mostly very happy with the changes made over that time; however a couple questionable feature decisions immediately come to mind. About 1-2 years ago you used to be able to speed up a song as well as slow it down, it was a feature I used often, and still miss to this day. And just a couple days ago (the reason I am writing this review) I noticed that the newest update removed the sort by new functionality. This was a great way for me to check I there was a new song from a game or album I liked and removes exposure from newer arrangers. These decisions take this app from a 5 star to a 3, and I hope they add them back, or at the very least give a reasonable explanation as to why they did remove them.
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9 months ago, SensualPotatoes
Excellent application!
My first encounter with musescore was almost fifteen years ago when i was in high school, in the app's infancy. I had so much fun making music and playing around with the tools. Now it's a fully developed program and i use it every day as a music teacher, and encourage my students to look around at all the scores. It's an excellent teaching tool, excellent for arranging, and the repository of user-uploaded content is insanely useful and fun to look around. So many people writing down music they care about, with the ability to easily share it with others. I cannot say enough positive things about this application. And their most recent sound update? Ugh, so good! I'm more than happy to pay for the service to download the sheet music and help the developers make this app even better. Well done!!!
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3 years ago, QGFD9M
I downloaded the app because I was curious about the song selection. I was having difficulty navigating it and I agreed to sign up for a 7-day free trial. I had a great deal of difficulty trying to print any of the music so I gave up and canceled my trial the exact same day I had signed up for it. Come to find out, there was a $30 charge visible on my PayPal account from this website. I have confirmation screenshots that I had canceled my trial the exact same day and after emailing customer support about this issue, I received a response to look over their terms of service which doesn’t help my issue at all. There was an advertised free trial and I was charged just for trying to use it. This feels like a scam. If you’re interested in checking this app out, I highly recommend checking whether you’ve been charged during your trial period. I’m glad I trusted my gut enough to take screenshots after starting my trial and for doing so again after I canceled the trial. Make sure to cover as many of your bases as you can and avoid this app at all costs.
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7 months ago, ajb-2
App is okay, subscription feels scammy
I’m not a serious musician, just wanted to learn some music for my brother in law’s wedding I’ve been asked to play for. The app is kind of cool, fun to play around with. So I signed up for the free trial and immediately cancelled the auto-renew. Got the confirmation email and went on my merry way. One week later, I got a scam alert on my card because I’d been billed $70 for a year subscription. Maybe I just didn’t read the terms closely enough, but come on. An honest company in this day and age can’t rely on people reading terms and conditions carefully. But a scammy company like this one can easily rely on people NOT carefully reading the terms and conditions. Sent a refund request the same day and got all but $10 back, so that’s better than nothing. I’m not going to fight to get my own money back since maybe it is my fault for not reading carefully enough, but I do want to make sure others can be made aware. The customer service is also extremely impersonal and unsatisfactory.
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4 months ago, MuseScore Fan!
Great free sheet music option
I have been using MuseScore for about 1 year now and here are my thoughts. It is a well put together app giving creative musicians a chance to express themselves through sheet music. I have found some very impressive pieces of music even as a level 8 piano player (advanced) that are perfect for my level. Despite not ever purchasing any sort of subscription on the app. Once in a while you may find errors in the music, but that’s to be expected considering this is music uploaded by other people and not professionals. If all your looking for is sheet music to your favourite songs, the free version of the app does not limit you at all! Highly highly recommend if you’re looking for a free access to sheet music that varies from several different levels.
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2 years ago, stamptician
Something Went Wrong…
This is the message I get after using the app for about 15 minutes when selecting a piece of music to view. Several hours later, it will start working again but only for a short amount of time. I keep checking for updates and make sure I always update. I had been using this app for awhile before I decided to purchase a subscription to get the full benefits. Now, I’m getting less. I am running iOS 16.1; I have restarted the app, restarted my phone. Nothing works. This is an incredible app for what it offers and I have been rating it 5 stars easily; but today it’s a 2 star rating and will remain that way until this issue is fixed. I don’t want a refund I simply want the app to work again. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
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3 years ago, CXL fishie
After Support, I Feel Better
After Support: Now that support has contacted me, I feel much better. For some reason the pro version I purchased liked to a different musescore account I used to use. I’m currently trying to figure out if I can move it to my active account. I still recommend using the computer version of musescore when possible since it is more put together than the mobile version, but the mobile version is convenient if you need to access your songs in the go. Before Support: I’ll change my review when I (1) get the pro version I paid for or (2) get a refund. I’m emailing support later to see if they can help me, but as of right now, they scammed me out of 6.99. Just use the website; you can use every feature free there.
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2 years ago, charity🍍🥓🍩
This is by far the best sheet music app I’ve seen, a lot of these are well made but there isn’t enough people writing music to have many options. It’s always especially difficult for people who play less listened to instruments, i play flute and piccolo and can’t say it’s the easiest to find music when I can only find stuff for piano, I can still play the song with piano sheet music most of the time, but it’s usually really low and annoying, so I’d much prefer to just be able to find flute and piccolo music which is much easier in this app, I’ve found some really obscure stuff here that I didn’t think existed, there’s a lot of options,… plus I love that you can make it play the song, very convenient
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2 years ago, tororoot
Same fate as everything else
It used to be free to download music and as a creator who uploaded music for people to use for free I hate to say it’s very monetized now. It’s only $10 a month but as someone who only needs sheet music once a month at most, usually less, i’d have to pay $10 per song or $180 for a year which is insane for sheet music unless you’re making money off it or something (I wouldn’t imagine any of it is commercial free anyway). It is also now riddled with ads and even pop up tab ads. I know something happened with the company a few years back. I don’t remember the details but it has been by far for the worse. The music program itself is still great and free and improving so I also understand the need for monetiziation, but I’m rating the app which is effectively the website, and there should be means other than subscriptions to allow people to more so pay for what they actually use.
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5 years ago, spenjwilli
Unreliable, unresponsive, and a huge downgrade
Since the MuseScore Songbook app was retired and replaced with this app—which, as I understand it, new users actually have to pay a consistent fee to use—I’ve almost never been able to functionally listen to scores on my phone. When I download a MuseScore file, it’s a gamble as to whether it’ll stay in my Songbook or just display an indefinite loading screen. If I manage to get past that, sometimes scores will just crash while playing, often on their very first page, even if they’re very simple scores. Then, somehow, if I get lucky enough to be able to play an entire score, I have to grapple with extremely finicky and unclear controls. If I want to skip back to a specific measure, I’m left struggling with the unresponsive page-turning mechanic and have to try multiple times until the app will let me select my desired measure. Of course, that’s all assuming the UI is even showing up around the score in the first place; I think you’re supposed to tap to bring it up and tap again to see only the score, but it’s more like it decides at random. If you’re going to establish a subscription service for your app, put out a quality product. At the very least, it should have maintained the already mediocre quality of the old Songbook app. Instead, the drop in quality is beyond baffling. Please invest in hiring legitimate app developers, and maybe a MuseScore subscription would finally be worth recommending.
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6 years ago, Annonymous😏
Before this update the app was AMAZING and I loved it to death. I’m an advanced pianist and I use this app every day. I take it on the go wherever there’s a piano. This means there usually wasn’t WiFi available so I downloaded the music to my songbook (thanks to the $2.99 one time purchase which is very efficient and blessed 10/10). I would proudly say I used MuseScore whenever someone asked where I got my sheet music. It was amazing and was my favorite app. I’m sorry, but this new update is worse than ever, the format is intimidating and bland and now you guys are just pulling even more money from people’s pockets. The notes are automatically zoomed out and tiny and it’s gonna be annoying to keep zooming in on the notes every time I open a piece of music. The quality itself just downgraded so badly I feel like I’m using iOS 6 and I’m taken back to the era of iPhone 4’s. I can’t download music to my songbook without the subscription- worse yet, more than half the songs downloaded to my songbook disappeared. 6.99 subscription every month? Come on, you’re kidding yourselves. I know you need to make some profit but subscriptions draw people away. Monthly or annual payments? What a shame. Please take it back to the previous system and formatting. It was PERFECT and was working GREAT before. There was absolutely no need to update this. Otherwise, I’m very upset and disappointed with the app I once adored. Please take this into consideration and fix it.
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3 years ago, Proxene
Predatory Monetization
This app was once excellent and I would have given it 5 stars, but it has been updated recently and introduced a “Pro” feature for $50 a year. What were once free features available to all (things like offline viewing, auto scrolling the sheet during playback etc) are now locked behind the Pro subscription as well as now serving ads to free users. I would have happily paid money for this app in its previous state (I can’t remember if it was paid or not originally - I have used it for a while now), but I cannot support the decision to lock absolutely basic quality of life features behind a yearly $50 subscription. I am giving it 2 stars, since it does work quite well, but I would have easily given it 5 if it were not for this predatory monetization practice. In its current form I cannot recommend it to anyone. Find a different sheet music app to give your money to.
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6 years ago, DebNCatz
Bad since last update
The app has lost features that I used. The functions that are there don’t work correctly most of the time. I have contacted the company and have not received satisfactory answers. I paid for Pro so I would have access to advanced features on the app which allowed me to transpose the music and export PDFs of the music transposed and by single part if needed. I can no longer do that. The company has stated they are considering restoring those features, however, I can no longer use the app as I intended to. As the app is no longer of use to me, I stated I would pay for the months that I used, and requested a refund for the balance of that year. They have refused to refund my money or any portion of my purchase. They told me that I need to use a PC instead. That is not why purchased Pro which include the app. I would like to use the app the way it functioned in the past, if it does that in the near future I may change my rating, but for now serious disappointment in the app and the company’s response.
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7 months ago, dipique
A good app with a major discoverability problem
As an intermediate pianist trying to re-acquaint myself with reading music, I loved the interface for playing, and there is a wide selection of music available. Unfortunately, there isn’t any searching or discoverability features other than filtering by instrument. I can’t search based on difficulty, popularity, new/old, or anything else that might help me find anything other than the top 10 songs that are shown by default. To me, this renders the app unsuitable for my purposes. I would expect basic filtering/sorting, and also some kind of “playlists” feature where similar songs could be grouped so I could find a bunch of songs at around the right level that I could play through. Something to get me as quickly as possible into the deep well of content available on the app.
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1 year ago, chelz910
Love the idea but over time this app is not as functional
I used to love this app and it worked well for me. But I’m noticing the past year for some reason I get logged out. When I log back in all my favorites are gone and pretty much anything I’ve saved is lost. This is very frustrating but I went through the process to regain everything that was lost. Now again, when I’m promoted with this flash winter sale that somehow logs me out again, I click Restore (as usual) and now all my favorites and songs are lost!!!! This is so frustrating and I immediately regret purchasing another year subscription for this. Also when I go to look at different songs it is now saying that they are only available online?? What’s the point in having the app anymore? Yes, I am using the most updated version of the app. Please fix these problems!!!
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4 years ago, mrudhd
You cant play music from the app
The way it displays music is “classic” one page page turning, making many songs impossible to play... it wouldnt be that hard to make it scroll instead of just change. They did respond to this but they just mentioned the inconvenient practice mode where there is no option to show more than one part of the piece at once, despite the large area of white space which would fit perfectly. If you want to see more than one part, which any serious player would, you have to use the impossible to play page turning. ALSO, the “practice mode” for some reason makes the measures wider, so you cant reasonably get more than 4 measures on screen. If these people played instruments, they would know you have to read far farther in advanced then that. Finally, the search doesn’t even work, it repeats the same couple dozen uploads over and over and once you get past those it forcible pushes you back up to the top of the search
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4 years ago, jen.exe's review
Ok at the beginning...
When I first downloaded this app I obviously had to read the reviews to see how good it was. I read the first one I came across. It stated mistakes and good things about the app, then I read a reply from the people who made this app. It said that they had fixed these problems. So I was using this app and it showed my favorite songs that I wanted to play on the piano. I had saved those songs in my favorite list, I went back to one of those songs to learn it. There wasn’t a problem there, until I wanted to listen to the audio. The button was just now working, so I figured that it just had to restart the application. When I went back in after restarting it, it wasn’t in my favorites list and when I went to search it up again it said there wasn’t any results. I hope these problems can be fixed, so I can use this app again. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Jace Henderson
Change default sound
I always listened to scores on my browser rather than the actual app because the browser has the actual sound of the piano the score has instead of the mediocre sounding one in the app itself. The browser version has been bugging out lately, the track keeps playing forwards when I click to replay a measure while it replays the measures visually so the measure highlighted isn’t what’s actually being played, and about a minute or so into a score the audio cracks loudly and the song restarts while the highlighted measures continue on. Because of that I can’t listen to scores on my browser because it’s severely bugged at the moment and using the app works but the piano sounds horrible. Sound means a lot to somebody like me. It would be nice if you could add the default piano sound rather than the apps current one that sounds nothing like the scores.
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6 years ago, Bubbymg
Muse score is basically the best app I've ever used to find music for different instruments. The ability to find music for different instruments makes it easy to put together little bands that can play together. The transposing button is awesome so you can change it to whatever key you want! The play button allows you to listen to how the score is supposed to be played giving you a place to start and sort of your own little teacher. You also have the option to print off scores, it's a little confusing, but worth the struggle. And the ability to write your own scores is awesome! They have an application that you can write music on and share with everyone!All in all, an awesome platform for writing and finding music!
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5 years ago, rem41387
Want to love this app but...
Really want to love this app. At first download it worked pretty good but since has been the buggiest app I’ve ever used. There is always some issue: the sudden app crash upon the click of any sheet music or function, erratic controls when you flip the sheet music page or try to drag the repetition slides, screen doesn’t flip orientation with turn of device, constantly logs out of account, and right now when I open the app can’t even click anything because there is a small box centered on the page (a buggy splash page?) that can’t be closed out so the app is completely unusable. I could probably list a dozen other functional issues that have occurred over the last 6 months of using the app. When the app does work, I truly enjoy it and hope the developers can work through these issues. I will happily return if so but unfortunately until then this app too maddening to use.
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5 years ago, Scalebrine4pres
Don’t Make a Subscription!
MuseScore has some of the worst business practices I’ve ever seen. I signed up for a one week trial with MuseScore to test it. It was pretty good but I decided I don’t need to go PRO. So I canceled my subscription through the Apple app. Well... they never got the notification and decided to charge my paypal account that I used to set up my account. It wasn’t the monthly rate that they billed me for they went straight to the annual rate! Tried to contact them and they said they don’t refund according to their “policy.” Website doesn’t have a phone number just an email and when you try to respond back to their email they don’t. Try to contact their PayPal account they won’t get back with you. Tell your problem on the forum and ask to get a hold of customer service some rude guy named JoJo Schmidt responds. If I could give this app 0 stars I would. As for the app itself, it never worked always said I timed out. WORST COMPANY AROUND! SCAMMERS that aren’t there for customers just the money.
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