Music Choice: Ad-Free Music

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Music Choice
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10 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Music Choice: Ad-Free Music

3.18 out of 5
415 Ratings
6 years ago, Schutzengel06
Buggy but better than others
I love music choice on the tv and love that they have an app. I gather my music purchase list from them. However, the app is problematic. Like right now.. it keeps freezing during songs.. then backtracks and replays moments and re-freezes at the same spot. Over and over again. Or freezes and says it's paused but it's at the beginning of a song. Only way to fix is it change the station and go back. But it'll happen again a couple songs later. Then like others, why bother saving sign in? I still have to sign back in anyway.. can't stay on popular artist, it bounces back to recent played. The menu isn't that user friendly either. The design really is poor overall. And glitchy. Why do I keep using it? Again, better music selection than all other apps I've tried. I love the stuff they play and find SO much good music here. But I'm close to deleting anyway. So frustrated.
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4 years ago, Richard1252
Works great—when it works at all
I love listening to ad-free music in those rooms in which I have TV. I thought the app would provide the same listening pleasure around the house, like when working in the yard—but it doesn’t. I only use it on my home Wi-Fi. But eventually it disconnects, telling me that “cell charges may apply.” Every single time. Ridiculous. And just now I fired up the app after a long interval, only to find that it had been “upgraded”—and no longer recognized me. So I had to go through a lengthy login and verification, even though *I* authorized the upgrade via Apple ID on the same phone. Ridiculous and aggravating. (I am not surprised, though, as ALL of their apps are like that.) Fix the ID thing in ALL the apps and I would give them 4-5 stars. But as things stand, absolutely not.
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6 years ago, Scott👨‍💻
Still needs UI work and bug fixes
Constantly makes you sign with with your TV provider. Play/pause button hasn't been visible for like a year now. Annoying "did you know" messages keep covering the music information. Still no settings to adjust steam quality or disable video/graphics when you want to save mobile data. No way to mark channels as favorites or hide ones you don't want. Channel list refuses to stay on the screen and keeps going to "recent artists" screen after a few seconds. (Now it's just moved into the side menu) Can't change channels using next/previous track buttons. Spam notifications telling me to check out music videos...stop! The content is great, it's just really hard to enjoy with all these bugs and limitations.
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3 years ago, Rockscaper1
Make Music Choice work on CarPlay!!
It’s still the same app I remembered. Same great music, artist pictures and profiles, etc. Even though you can stream the songs through CarPlay, you can’t change them at the touchscreen radio because there’s no controls displayed on it. You can only pause and play livestream, but that’s it. You can only change the station on the IPhone, provided if you can safely pull the car over. Or you can change the audio on the radio to AM, FM, or satellite radio. Please make it work for CarPlay like IHeartRadio, and Stingray! (I don’t have Stingray anymore since I have Verizon Fios.)
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4 years ago, Caligator59
Crappy App.
Used this app for a couple of months. Have MC on my tv and love the variety. All of a sudden the app says I can’t access the content. This happens more than half the time now and is extremely frustrating. My cable co says they made some kind of billing change and now they don’t know if I’m eligible any more. That’s total BS. I’m paying a lot of $$$ for my cable service and there should be no question about whether I can access the app. I just want to listen to some Christmas music at work, for God’s sake! About ready to ditch MC. A music app that won’t play music is pretty useless.
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2 years ago, ShifterDX
Stressful and Struggles to do what it’s intended.
This app Stresses me out just to play music that I want to hear. *When you open it, it should just start playing what you last listened too! Nope it just sits there… *The Stations that I favorite are now pushed way down the list or you have to click another tab to get to them! Wait What? When you do find your favorite Stations and press the button. … It just sits there! Click Again! NOTHING! oh wait …maybe! Nope! ..wait! Click again …oh okay just don’t touch it! …30 seconds later it finally Starts. WOW I can finally LISTEN TO MUSIC! I use this app on iPhone and iPad they both have similar design issues and oddities.. no amount of annoying updates have ever improved or made this app better. …Even “profiles” do nothing there pointless because they still shove your choices down a list or on another page hidden away. 2 star because is at least plays music.. eventually…but the stress of making the app just WORK without fiddling with it ..especially in the car is just aggravating.
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5 years ago, rgray65
Some of the music channels that you tap on won’t load and if they do happen to load (if you’re lucky!), it buffers in the middle of the song. I like the idea of not having ads (unlike other music apps where you have to pay to go ad free) because you’ve already basically paid for it through your cable/satellite provider, but it does no good if the channels won’t load or your songs quit in the middle of listening to them. The developers need to go back and fix all of these bugs that I and others have found to have a better listening experience. With that said, I have deleted the app. Don’t waste your time on it until it gets fixed and it’s smoother operating. 👎
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6 years ago, Luvs BCs
Not as good as TV version
The app is easy to use. It’s nice to have the same music as the cable channel. However, I use this app when sleep and it periodically shuts off. It is extremely annoying because I continually have restart it. Needless to say it affects my sleep time. So this app needs major fixing!! I’m probably going to do what my wife does and create a playlist because those don’t shut down as this app does. Not sure I’d recommend this app to anyone.
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4 years ago, Barbara455
Great Music Selection, Terrible App
I love the Music Choice selection on my cable TV and the app has even more channels to choose from. However, having to re-sign in every few days is very annoying (and impossible while driving). And the music times out; this used to happen after a few hours but lately, music times out after maybe 20-30 minutes. Also, the playlists for Soundscapes and MC Workout-Yoga haven’t been updated for about a year. I’ve gotten tired of all the repeats. But the worst thing about the app is having to look at that disgusting Janelle Monae image on the iPad version every time the app opens.
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4 years ago, Todd white
Jump through hoops
It was my hopes to turn on music choice channel soundscapes as simple as on spectrum TV channel 843. Unfortunately, what I found was - You may think you are about to download a music app for your listening pleasure, however what ends up happening is you have to jump through a gazillion hoops answering personal questions that have absolutely no connection between you and the music you want to hear. I got about halfway through the questionnaire when I realized I may not only be halfway through the questionnaire. In the end, I deleted the app. You say that finding your choice of music should not be stressful and yet have you ever tried opening this app?
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2 years ago, David Slim Chance
Enjoy the symphonic and instrumental versions of my VERY wide music genres. But the recent revision of graphic stying is distracting. The full screen images are a good intention but the “black boxes” cover and interrupt the images. Given the nowadays screen sizes I like the previous layout better. The info is often interesting, both the titles and sometimes the artists’ history. Besides, my girlfriend is an artist and often pauses and photos for inspiration. 😂 David Chance
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4 years ago, Sumday Buick
Suddenly I am forced to, create a profile to use MC on my iPad and iPhone. The excuse I was given was they need to verify that I am over 21 because of the content of some of the movies offered. However I am able to get MC on all of my computers. BS. Then I was told Apple’s app had changed and it required a profile. Lastly I was told my cable company (Clicktv Tacoma) had changed something. I believe This is all an attempt to get me to put in an em address so they can focus more adds or get me to pay for streaming their music (Which Imalready pay for through my cable company) Sorry I will cave to Apples I-tunes before this.
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3 years ago, Heshe5
Lee Butler
I Listen every night to Easy Listening and I have often wished I could remember the words to a song that is being played. . It would be wonderful if you could show the words sometimes where your pictures are....or anyplace. Especially the oldies. If a family were listening we could make it a sing-along.
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4 years ago, ?bassakwards
Update - Guarantee To Disaster
I have used Music Choice streaming to my IOS devices ever since Direct TV contracted with them. However as of October 20, 2019 I have been informed I can no longer stream with my old App and AT&T login. When I attempted to “create” a Profile to force the NEW updated App to work I was presented a super convoluted procedure that did not work. After an hour on the phone with Direct TV as the provider I was informed the Music Choice would no longer allow streaming via Direct TV. I removed the Apps from my 4 devices. So Pandora here I come paid subscription and all. And, IT WORKS too!
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6 years ago, UserMMasdf
Not well done
I love the product but the app is used 1/20 of the time that I would use it because the developers are not user centric. It constantly asks for resignin for provider, email and password. Why not make it like other apps that do not require this with every app update? Otherwise do not update so often. Test your app so there are less bug fix releases. ALSO - CALL UP A PROPER KEYBOARD FOR TYPING AN EMAIL ADDRESS AS OTHER APPS DO. Provide a period and hashtag on the letter key pad. THANKS.
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10 months ago, Pokèmon Trainer Aerin
Sign in with email
Hello, a long time ago I used to listen to Music Choice on the TV, and I was so excited when I found out there’s an app for Music Choice. and “I was yes I can finally listen to Music Choice again!!” and then when I seen that you have to pick your provider I just said… well I’m just saying that I would love for anybody who just wants to listen for free to use or like email or their gmail to get in. like I thought you were supposed too.
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2 years ago, ttmoss
Great App One Suggestion
I love the app. It would be cool to have a way to see the names and artists of songs that have been recently played. I would love to purchase their music and sometimes I am too busy to write down the information at the time that the song is playing.
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10 months ago, pitagreen
More channels = repetitive music
Back when music choice had her extra channels around 2017 to 2019 I was so much better the channels were actually good. But now it's the same songs over and over again and I feel like it's because I have so many sub channels to the point where I just start listening to radiotunes instead.
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5 months ago, Dennis in Anaheim
This app is pure trash. It had a most difficult way of having you connect by having you put in your name and password with your provider which I can’t remember at the time. Maybe then it would halfway work. Do the people that write these apps ever read these reviews? If they did they would have to realize that most people say this app is terrible and yet they do nothing about it. I’m so tired of finding these worthless applications. Another app that just wasted my time.
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1 year ago, Eco1
CarPlay Compatibility Broken Since Update
Since last update app no longer opens on Apple CarPlay. If you push on the app on CarPlay Home Screen to open it, the app just immediately crashes. If you ask Siri to open it, it crashes. Have to open the app directly on my phone instead and the sound still comes through car speakers, but cannot control it (stations, etc) from my car’s screen like that now and now that drains ton of extra battery on my phone. PLEASE FIX.
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6 years ago, lostnthesound
Better Than Pandora
I love that this doesn’t have ads and that I can put it on while cooking or working out or throwing a party and don’t have to spend the time making a perfect playlist. Honestly, this is also the best for my guilty pleasure of Christmas tunes. Highly recommend.
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4 years ago, dang Stinker
Great app but there’s one problem
I don’t care if you are periodically required to sign me in or not! I can’t have you doing that because you’re talking about my grandfather’s account which I don’t know the password to. I do have a suggestion though. You could create a station based on “Wiered Al” Yankovic’s music. He gets me laughing all the time.
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4 years ago, Flex968
Love the music. Hate the app
I really enjoy having the same music that is available on the TV channels but the App makes me sign in every time I open it. Sometimes the sign-in will not accept my entry and I have to close the app and start over. The seems like more work than necessary just have good music without ads or commercials. Wake up developers! You got some work to do!
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6 years ago, xo briggycubed
Ad Free Audio Is A Win For Me
If logging in with my tv provider credentials is all it takes to get 75 commercial free music channels, I'm not complaining! Awesome selection of commercial-free channels across pretty much every genre + 25 music video channels. Literally where else can you watch pre-programmed video playlists?! I'm hooked.
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6 years ago, mrsmartin
Decent but app needs improvement
I like that I have access to the music choice channels I love, but the app needs work. There should be an option NOT to auto play the music as soon as I open the app. Also, there should be a way to save favorite channels. It also needs a pause button or something similar - I have to use my phone’s play and pause to control this.
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4 years ago, skemmey
Not a fan
Not a fan of the new update. In the old app we could have the channels that were on our TV. I no longer see that feature. I for one won’t be using the APP. I liked that I could listen to what our TV was playing when I was out and about!
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6 years ago, marcomorel04
No directv support
I’ve been listening to music choice on directv for awhile now and when I figured out that it was free with your tv subscription I downloaded the app only to find that DirecTV is not on their list of providers you can sign into so I can listen and there was no button you can press to receive support
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2 years ago, jFat
Great music. Terrible app
Don’t get me wrong. Love the music, but the app is terribly unstable and the recent update is not intuitive. Each time I launch the app I need to navigate to my favorite channel. I want it like before where is just plays the last channel is listened too. It’s too bad there isn’t a setting for this. The app often times disconnects and the music stops. Also sometimes it won’t load. Improve the app stability and this will be perfect. Thanks.
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5 years ago, Very Good Recording!!!!!
Disappointing App
Many reasons to be disappointed. First the app makes its users sign in far too frequently. I can see once a month, to insure that the user is still subscribed to the cable provider. I find they require much more frequent sign in. I could find no settings option within the app so there is no way to control the streaming rate. Generally poor quality audio. On the plus side, good music selection.
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2 years ago, big soorts fan
Terrible User Interface
UI changed is is now unbearable. Soo bad, always a new issue when I try to use it. Not sure why they made the changes but I hope they read this and realize there are problems. No good way to even get them to respond to an issue. This has now been going on for the past few months when it used to work fine. The music and concept is fine, UI is very problematic.
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2 years ago, Goddessnonsense
10 days of Christmas music!!!
It would be nice if they’d stop trying to cancel Christmas by giving exactly 10 days of Christmas music on certain channels. As soon as it hit December 26 it was back to normal music as though the season ended on Christmas Day! You also don’t play all genres of Christmas music on the “traditional Christmas” channel either. What’s even more horrible is that for 10 days it was the same 8-10 songs on rotation. Seriously?!
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6 years ago, LRHSD
Great option!
Love this app! Thank you for giving us the choice to enjoy the great music you provide without having to turn on the TV. It saves the TV lifetime and we can enjoy the music on our Bluetooth home speakers.
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6 years ago, ab718
Better... But still not thought through.
You guys need to understand there are too many clicks required to change stations. Also, why are there no favorites? Designing a music app isn't rocket science. Your app team seems to lack basic UI design skills. Please take this constructive criticism seriously. Thanks.
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2 years ago, Grandfather Ospret
Easy Listening
Kudos to Music Choice and Easy Listening. I appreciate the wonderful music variety and the incredible pictures. Thank you!
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1 year ago, RockAFire.Style
What about us that cut the cord?
I canceled my cox cable 2 years ago. And those of us that do should have access to your service. I would be more than happy to pay a large premium for your service, but you don’t give any of us the option and I think that’s such an out dated business model. 1990 was 30 years ago, get with the times!! We miss you!
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2 years ago, Jqf65
Why so darn slow? I just want to change a channel
About 2 out of 5 channel changes occur at a normal expected speed. I’ll give it two out of 5 stars in return. And the channel list is backward. Put an alphabet control for direct or at least speedier navigation. The content is fine. Fire the computer programmers.
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4 years ago, Tyuriope
My preference is true classical music. When I start to listen to a Bach or Haydn or Beethoven station it plays one or two songs by my requested composer, then it throws in some songs from the 19th and 20th centuries! Why do they give us the option of selecting the exact type of music we want and then play something different? I don’t think it’s worth the annoyance.
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3 years ago, XXPepper
No, zero, control. NSFW
When you open this app, it starts playing. Period. No pause/pause. If you’ve never used it before, then opens up with some auto-tuned BS guaranteed to irritate everyone around you at the moment. Control is to change to another channel or shoot it down. Whaaat?
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4 years ago, tenor ...
Not happy about profiles
I get they could be useful but creating a user profile for myself let alone each of my family members ain’t something I need or want. I don’t need a profile to play on our tv’s... We (including my 2 yr old) just pick our channel. While we enjoy the MC music channels, there’s lots of other online music apps. Until profiles become optional in the app, we’ll just use our TV’s if we want MC.....
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4 years ago, d-blob
Totally Unusable.
Before Music Choice downgraded the Password/PIN function on their mobile app, I thought it was a nice music service. Now, the PIN function only accepts the ten digits 0 through 9, and a user cannot copy and paste from another app, like a note pad. I will not weaken or simplify my TV provider's passcode so that I can use the Music Choice iPhone app. I will say goodbye to Music Choice and use another music service that accepts a robust passcode.
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2 years ago, Mandarin765
requirements ruin the experience
I gave this app another shot after having deleted it more than a year ago in frustration. The constant sign-in requirements really ruin the experience because I am often listening while driving or working out. It appears music choice doesn’t want people actually using the app.
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4 years ago, Kabbhayn
Wish it worked
We have music choice on favorites for our cable box and they have been advertising to download the app which we did but both my husband and I have no success with the app working. It wont let us connect to our provider nor will it let us create and account, something is wrong with the app. I’ll change my review once i can access it.
Show more
7 months ago, PBLandau
Super app!
Love this app. It gets lots of use in our home. The only addition I would hope for is a sleep timer. Otherwise, it’s perfect for me.
Show more
2 years ago, John Noone
MC app: U Get what you pay for
It's ad free (although you pay for it in your cable pkg) and it's awful. It crashes after 20-30 minutes & won't restart, making it difficult to use at home & impossible in the car. I have deleted it & downloaded new versions from the App Store & with no improvement. Don't download this app.
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5 years ago, JmichaelLesko
Had no problem streaming music choice now it asks me to log in and it says I do not have access to the services. Though I pay for my spectrum cable package where I have music choice on my tv and on my spectrum tv app. Big disappointment. I’m not logging into my spectrum tv app just to listen to this in the car no need to have my smartphone screen on when it doesn’t need to be.
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2 years ago, Yocooling
Music choices
I like this app keep adding more kids and family music stations and country music stations too. I know summer is over please update family and kids music stations and country music stations too.
Show more
3 months ago, ShawnRocker17$
Hear me out
I really have to say this again because I feel like my message isn’t getting out there. Please, on CLASSIC ROCK, go back to the way it was with more frequent deep cuts and live tracks. Please I beg of you, go back to the way it was.
Show more
5 years ago, TarHeelDon
Profiles? Who cares?
So you now have profiles and I can no longer log in with my Cable provider? Talk about a step backwards. Won’t be using this service until you bring back the ability to log in with my cable credentials. There is absolutely ZERO benefit to me to have a profile. I don’t need to further risk my security by giving you personal information about me.
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6 years ago, Eat My Dustbunny
I love this!!! Finally taking my TV music on the road!
However, even though in “Now Playing” the song metadata shows up in CarPlay, I really wish this app had full CarPlay support, meaning full car screen control with CarPlay app.
Show more
5 years ago, Poptart1980
Love it
Ad-free music with a good selection. App works flawlessly. My only question that I can’t seem to find an answer to is how many devices can put the app on?
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