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User Reviews for Music Converter

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0 Ratings
9 years ago, fgk
Can't set output quality
Super easy to use, but you cannot set the output quality. I wanted to convert the AAC audio from a mp4 to mp3, the program's only option was to write it to the Music folder at 192k, a mediocre quality level in this day and age. No preferences, no way to customize the output folder. If you goal is to get some files into iTunes and you don't care about the quality, this is good enough. I like my mp3s at 320k, so this isn't going to work for me. 256k is OK, but at 192k I can notice some quality issues.
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2 months ago, .-=RWW=-.
Better Than Pro
I needed to convert OGG files and found this program. After having converted my own voice files to MP3 (one at a time) for a while it started doing a pop-up each time for PRO, a free download. Free to download, not free to use, except in a short-lived Demo mode (?). The PRO will NOT convert OGG files at all. I'm not paying $10 for a program that won't do what I need it to. So I will stick to one-at-a-time freebee and continue dismissing the pop-up each time, one extra click each time. That's the price one pays for free. I MIGHT consider the bundle IF they add OGG convertion capability, otherwise, no thanks. NOTE: The OGG files are my voice files I created in Telegram, that I then download to add to my iTunes (Music) app. I'm not doing anything shady here.
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10 years ago, AyYaYa
I was impressed by how much the product was able to accomplish. I have a relatively small music collection (about 5,000 songs) and most of my music has come from old CDs and random sites on the internet. Because of that, I thought that the product wouldn’t be able to find artwork for a lot of my music, but I was definitely proven wrong. I also appreciate the “likely matches” feature which saved me the worry of incorrect matches in my iTunes library. The price is a bit much, but overall I’m satisfied with the product and would definitely recommend for those with larger iTunes libraries.
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8 years ago, Wii Are the Future
Magnificently Done!
Amazing, I have been searching ever so hard on the Internet to find a decent converter that would convert to audio while retaining its high quality. Attempts have failed until today that I have found this converter in this App Store. It does a good job at retaining quality of the video’s sound when converting it to audio. Although I can only convert one media file at a time, now I can use this more often in my last converter’s place.
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9 years ago, Hotoru
Cannot figure out where puts MP3 files
Documentation says click on “set destination”. But, I cannot find such a thing to click. Doesnt seem to handle more than one file at a time (no batch). I deleted this program and used All2MP3 instead which works great.
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10 years ago, jessdance
Changed my Life!
I have never been the tech music savvy person in my group of friends—until Music Converter, that is! Not only did I expand my music tastes and technical ability, I was able to spread the joy to others. I am sad now because it seems as though my system is too old to run the newest version:(
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9 years ago, fairReviewMaker
Works great
This app helped me convert about 15 .WMA files to .m4a. One nice thing I noticed was that the app could play the .WMA files before converting them… allowing me to preview them. That’s a big plus. The Finder can’t even preview .WMA files, but this app can. Also, there’s a visual progress indicator. Apps without this always leave me wondering if they’ve hung during the conversion. This version does one conversion at a time. I imagine the paid pro version does batch conversions if that’s what you need. Overall, this app did exactly what I wanted it to do without crashing once. I’m pleased.
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10 years ago, simonalford42
Great app—just two problems
I wish you could drag multiple files at once into the app and then wait as it converts all of them. Instead, I have to robotically drag tracks one by one. Also, I can’t figure out where I find the Apple Lossless files go when I convert from FLAC to Apple Lossless.
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10 years ago, JAS_WA
Great! Worked just right.
I needed to convert some .wav files to .mp3 for inclusion in and iOS app I’m developing and this worked just fine. I used it on songs about 2 minutes long and it converted in seconds. Well designed and easy to use. Nice and simple.
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10 years ago, TheVoicer
It does just what I want it to do and rather quickly at that. Simple, uncomplicated and easy to use. Thank you for making my computer life easier!
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9 years ago, CAP001
Makes it Easy!!
This app makes it easy to convert ringtones into the format Apple likes for iOS. …not sure why they made it so hard to add ringtones to iOS; but this app is awesome!! Thanks Music Converter dev (or developers)!!
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10 years ago, Music This!
Spyware, but it works
It works, but it wants to access my contacts and Little Snitch notes that it wants to connect to all kinds of places... which makes no sense since it's an App Store app that doesn't need to phone home. Use with care.
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11 years ago, alexanderlindo
It converts only one song at a time and presents an ad once you click the convert button. It works...
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11 years ago, JasmineRoseanne
Gets the job done
I love this app but the only con about it is that you can only convert one file at a time. Even though it is one file at a time, it takes less than 15 seconds to convert it!
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6 years ago, MariaMaria6868
Stunned by Negative Reviews
I’m surprised by the negative reviews! This is arguably one of the easiest apps I’ve ever used. It quickly converted my Windows Media files into MP3 within a matter of seconds. I’m a happy camper!
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11 years ago, Lasergun
Does it’s job
I never expected it to be able to open some of the files I wanted to listen too, let alone convert them.
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3 years ago, Exile714
Mud Music
Does what it says, even if the free version annoyingly makes you convert one at a time. However, when I converted music from FLAC to M4A, the output sounded muddy and quiet. This was more than a bitrate issue, it really made the music borderline unplayable. Deleting this app and the files now.
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3 years ago, JasonLovesApple
No controls
Can only convert one file at a time. Apparently, putting in a For Next loop is too challenging. No control over the output destination. Files are forced to go to your music folder in a folder you didn't ask the app to create and that you now have to clean up. Pointless skeumorph speakers pop out to "play" the audio. Wow! So music! Much 2009!
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10 years ago, CharlesRQ
Fast and does a good job
I used this software to convert AAC file to MP3, it takes approximately 3 seconds to convert a song and the music quality is good.
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10 years ago, Phone hopper
You really cannot get any easier than this. I am very tempted to buy the full version. Really awesome product
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6 years ago, greenapple09
It is very easy to convert amr files into mp3. Love it!
There are some records of telephone conversations in the format of amr, which are needed convert into mp3 format to share with ipone and macbook. This App is simple and easy.
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6 years ago, ClaneH.
So Easy
I LOVE using this. Its helped me many times, and is very simple and easy to use. Definitely worth the download.
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9 years ago, DeadHead75
Performed Perfectly
Simple and easy, did just what I needed it to do for a music conversion. Took .shn files and converted perfectly. Very simple.
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7 years ago, Videoguyjvs
Worked great
I needed to convert a WMA file to an mp3 and it took less time to do the conversion than it did to download the app. Worked great.
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7 years ago, Tester9909
App crashes and tries to get your contacts.
I don’t understand how Apple can approve an app that crashes on every attempt to convert more than one file at a time. It tries to get your contacts which makes no sense for a music app. Not worth trying this out, it should not be in the mac store.
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10 years ago, DylanBrody1234567890
Bad… Bad… Bad...
If you need to convert ONE file, it works fine. You can not batch convert even though it advertises as such. You cannot change the destination of the finished file. For one file it is fine. But let's be honest, who needs a converter for one file?! If I could give it a zero star rating i would.
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11 years ago, lexicog
If you want it to convert more than one file at a time, get the paid version. Sillies.
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11 years ago, Izzy212
It works
Does exactly what is supposed to do and does it quickly
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11 years ago, Plato The Wise
Works as advertised.
No batch operations, but I was able to convert my flac files to mp3s and they sound great. No complaints. Good freeware.
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9 years ago, Reydson
It can convert only one song at a time. Not worth it. There are several other options which will allow you to convert several tracks with once click only.
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7 years ago, MR NicknameTaken
Not being very technical I needed to convert Flac to MP4 Apple Lossless. Had project done in 2 minutes with drag and drop and no mistakes. GREAT APP!
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9 years ago, Dudebro1
Works Great
It does exactly what it says, and does it quickly
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10 years ago, RobertMN3
Best music converter
This is an excellent music converter, i highly recommend this software.
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9 years ago, Hampton W 35
Good app
Great app just can’t for some reason get the music on my iPhone
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11 years ago, I luv Music :D
OMG! Its does what I wanted it to! I dragged my aac type file and it immediately transferred to iTunes. Such a good product.
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9 years ago, Chicken_Madness
Why do you want access to my contacts?
What does that have to do with converting audio files? Very suspect. Other than that, I converted what I needed at the quality that I needed, then un-installed.
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10 years ago, Latex prof
Another useless FLAC converter!
What’s wrong with these folks who write FLAC converters? Why limit the bit rate and the frequency sampling? If I give it a 176.4 KHz file, this downconverts to 96Khz. There are no settings to choose sampling rate or bit rate. Duh!
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11 years ago, mnMark
Warning! Tries to read contacts, who knows what else
Well, that's it for you guys. Uninstalled. Why on earth would I allow you access to my contacts for the purposes of converting music files? Sure it's free…but buyer beware...
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11 years ago, bratkittty
Annoying Ads, One Track At a Time
So it starts out converting one track at a time. Then the annoying ads for the paid version start. It does what it says on the tin, but with a lot of extra annoyances.
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8 years ago, northredeagle
192 kbps only
This should have the ability to chose output quality.
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9 years ago, Keith5529
Works- BUT, why are you asking for contacts?
tested with .ogg to .mp3 and works fine
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6 years ago, jmschilling
Seems suspicious
Why does this app request access to my contacts when it launches? What the hell would a music conversion app need access to my contacts for? Seems sketchy. App deleted.
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11 years ago, mason40004
It cannot convert more than one song at a time and it will not transfer the album artwork.
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10 years ago, sethday85
Yep, I’t s 2
I looks nice, seems fast enough except for one thing. I doesnt do WMA files to mp3. aac, mp4a or anything it tried. The files are fine but the app didnt work for me.
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10 years ago, Sean Cairne
works easily but doesn’t allow editing of info as advertised
works easily but doesn’t allow editing of info as advertised
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10 years ago, Dancing_InTheRain
Access to contacts? For a file converter?
Why does ths app want access to my contacts? Users beware!
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11 years ago, Ian_M.
Does exactly what it says. It converts songs.
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9 years ago, DAEV MOMO
One Track Only
Not worth tolerating the spyware, if you must process every single musical track yourself. Just bait to pressure you into the pro versions. the description is very misleading.
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9 years ago, corby76
Tried to create an MP3 from an M4V (a bonus track from itunes record) - it never happened - told me the file was convereted and it did nothing.
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9 years ago, YufeiGryff
Easy and simple, plus no advertisement! Awesome.
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