Music Downloader / MP3 Player

4.3 (25.5K)
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Aktis Inc
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Music Downloader / MP3 Player

4.31 out of 5
25.5K Ratings
4 years ago, Review- Cethe
I would give it 5 stars but...
the app doesn’t work as well as I thought it would. A lot of the songs cannot be downloaded and when I put them in a playlist, the recommended songs automatically play after the songs in my playlist are done..? I don’t really like this since most of the “recommended songs” are usually just random audio clips from the movie that the song came from. And also, even if I put one song on repeat, it won’t stay on repeat- after the second time that it has been played, the song just pauses completely and I have to open back up the app just so that it can be started again. I would’ve given this app 5 stars, but as you can see there are some prominent downsides to this app. I still enjoy it though- on the bright side, the app doesn’t close and stays as the background music and plus the range for searching for the song you want is quite large.
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3 years ago, Bort182
Update 3-7-21: I somehow managed to break my #1 rule which is to ONLy review the product; not the other Reviewers or unconfirmed fake/non-fake ratings. Please forgive me for this was a real lapse in judgement and I am not only sorry but deeplu ashamed... I’m going to do in an depth look overt the app and give you my honest thoughts. Please don’t take constructive criticism (if I will have any to share) because it is 100% me trying to help you without trolling. Again, I know the hard work that goes into apps so I will be fair and honest! of it! Seems this app has great potential at one point and I know developers put a lot of hard work into making apps and programs (I’ve made a few), and honesty goes along way! Original 3-3-21: And for people who read how great this app is by reading the fake reviews and then are extremely disappointed when they realize they were duped, they are going to most likely leave very bad reviews that are NOT fake. You win some you lose some. Not trying to kneecap the developers here because, again, it does seem like they put a lot of hard work into this app, but someone made the decision to saturate the reviews with blatantly obvious fake reviews... But if advice, reset them... let the people show their love or dislike. Then take that feedback and use the skills you have (which can be seen in a lot of the work done) and make an even better app! Good luck!
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4 years ago, KaraSDanvets
Love it soooo much!!! You should get it too
When I first got this app, my intention was to get an app that I can listen music on. And so it was all going good. The one annoying part in this whole app is, it says free music is canceled at the very top of the app. And I was lost to what that meant. But I didn’t take that so serious and was using the app as always as I do. But then it kept on coming and I was irritated with that. But other than that the app works like a charm and you get free music and you can listen to any song, songs that are not even English. And you can also have a playlist filled with your favorite songs and have fun with it. All you have to do is click the three dots on the side of the music and you can add it to your playlist. I have had it for more than 4 months!!! And this app till this day is my #1 go to for listening music. I hope this helps you make a decision.
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4 years ago, Pizzaaaaonnaaaasickkkkkkkks
Please fix this
Hey I really like app and I haven’t used it for that long but starting today (Wednesday,July 8th) when I look up certain artists or a song from that artist that I know is up there doesn’t pop up for example I searched Takayan and miy_yuu to look for certain songs (I also looked up ドンダン /dongdang to look up a song from him) but every time it always said no download I tried it again with a song I already had in my playlist to see if maybe that would work (it didn’t) so I hit one of the recommended (Da baby) and it works for that one and the rest of the recommended buy no artist that wasn’t English didn’t work so I’m hoping you can fix this in the future other than that it’s a pretty good app other than bugs like the video won’t load or maybe the song title won’t show up but that’s all hope you fix the app a little more and have a great day/night
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4 years ago, Nikita0407
Make arrangement option
Love this app been searching for something like this for a long time. My only complaint is can you make it an option to move around your playlist or at least make a symbol to click on to change the arrange you want your playlist like abc/latest/oldest etc. I personally arrange mine in alphabetical order and if I find a new artist I like and they start with and A when I make the playlist it will be at the end of the list and I don’t like that. So if you can make it possible to move around the playlist or have a button to change how you want to organize them will be highly appreciated.
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4 years ago, minayra
It stopped working! It’s back!
So I would have gave it a 5 stars but there is one problem..IT STOPPED WORKING! Like all the music videos won’t work the only thing that works are the download ones that don’t have a music video. It used to work perfectly fine but when I tried this past Monday it’s stopped working. I know it’s not only me because I have a friend that uses this app as well and she is dealing with the same thing. I gave it a 2 star because when it worked it was awesome so points for that but it disappointed me that it stoped working. I really do love this app and I don’t wanna delete if I delete it all of my playlists will be erased if I get it back. So please fix this issue and I will change my rating back to 5 stars. Thank you for fixing the issue!
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4 years ago, winter 😻😻😻lovebts
I’d like to say it was good for about two months but after it would randomly turn off my songs, I’d put one song on and it would change it into a hole different song, it would play then stop for a few minutes just to play again and stop over and over and over! It has started to not work for hours and then turn on a song when I don’t expect it and at this point I’ve told my self if it doesn’t get fixed I will be getting a better music app and deleting this one. I don’t know if it only glitches for me or what so please THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED! Don’t worry if you get this peculiar app it will work likely for a long time I “THINK” I’m just unlucky or something because it seems like the app hates me! So my opinion is to get a better music app. Sincerely, A mad 😠person that used this terrible app at lest terrible for me.
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4 years ago, AngelsDoCry
Uhhh, it’s an ok app-
I downloaded this app because I needed to download music for edits I wanted to make and don’t get me wrong, this app has basically all the music you want! The only issue I have with it is that you can barely download any music. If you look up a certain artist, and run through the lists of songs there are, you see that you can barely download any. I looked up “Melanie Martinez” because I wanted to use her song “Mad Hatter” for my edit, and I scrolled for about 4 minutes straight and found no songs that I could download. And if the app allows you to download a song, it’s usually some weird remix. I like the variety of songs and remixes, but if you’re going to make a music app where you can download music, at least make half the music available to download.
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4 years ago, Jamejame211
Good App Overall
LOVE the fact that I can listen offline & it has no limit to how many songs you can download & there is an equalizer so you can modify how your songs sound whether to add bass or treble or anything. But there are a few minor features I wish they had. For example, when downloading from Dropbox you can’t edit the name once you download it on the app. Another thing is once you put a song in a playlist it’s stuck there, you can’t delete it if you accidentally place it in the wrong playlist. But overall it’s a very good app to download and listen music offline & FREE!
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4 years ago, Miss Heather Chandler
Won’t work when I press home or close the song video
I would give it five stars but every time I press home the songs just stop playing I have to stay on the app and I can’t even look up anything while listening I have to have the song video playing while I listen or else it will stop playing and I’ve had this app long enough to know it’s not supposed to do that please please please do something this was my favorite app ever I really want it to work again. Thank you for listening
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4 years ago, WinterBearLover
Idk what happened
So, I’ve been using this app for almost a year now, and yes, I have been going through some trouble and eventually got through those issues over time since this was the only app I could use to listen to music. But, now I’m having some issues with the search bar. I can’t seem to search anything anymore. When I try to search for a song, it shows nothing. Now, Idk if it’s maybe just the internet, but I don’t get why it’s like this every single day and it pisses me off. All I wanted was to search up some more songs so I could jam to...Please fix this issue.
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3 years ago, Angel yagusa
It’s great but
So I was searching up “music downloader” and this app caught my eye. It said that it could download mp3 for songs and that’s the only reason why I got this app. But I was bummed when I found out that this app can only let you download certain songs. I understand the copyright thing but I’m downloading songs only because I’m sharing a video privately to my friends. The other features are great and are no problem for me and that’s why I gave 5 stars
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4 years ago, snafymc
Good app
SomeCommercials but not too many and not that long for the free version and I can find most songs but not all songs on here still a really good app and songs come out great also you two versions of the songs and can download versions of the songs as well Actually could give it 4 1/2 stars because it needs to be less commercials and be able to find more songs but I can find almost every artist on here just not every song they made
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4 years ago, Harley aka me
What happened?
This used to be the only app I wanted to use, I’ve had this same app for over two years now it WAS the Best app! Dude, what happened? Now the app works maybe half the time or when it does work right off the bat, in the middle of a song, bam just stops playing for no reason!!! I listen to music to either calm down or when I actually feel ppl doing something messed up, For real, I’ve felt down deep the lies, the cheating, the flirting my boyfriend has done, before it happened, while it happened and I call him out on it every time until he admits the truth, but I need my music to release my hurt anger and help keep me from losing my mind
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3 years ago, 1921J
Sound Volume
I’ve been using the download function a lot, but I’ve noticed that the music coming out from the player is a lot quieter than it was originally and doesn’t sound quite as clear either. Also, I couldn’t find a function that allows me to select multiple songs and delete or put them into a playlist, i have to click on each song one by on, and it can take awhile to do. Other than that, the app works great!
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4 years ago, Geminicandi
It doesn't stick to its name.
Don't get me wrong, the app is good, but it's not what it's called. You can only download certain music, which is kinda bad because it says "music downloader" yet you can't download a lot. I love listening to Roddy ricch he's usually all I listen to. I went to go search him up and I couldn't download ANYTHING, which made me very disappointed. Plus I kept getting ads. My wifi trips a lot so I was looking forward to being able to listen even if I was offline. I would've gave it a 5 if I had the ability to download anything.
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4 years ago, Rrcosa
It’s ok
It’s a good app it lets you hear all types of music but there’s only one problem. It doesn’t let you install all types of music only certain ones. The music that it lets you download is honestly not the best music and kind of a rip off. The songs are actually remix and aren’t the exact music that we listen too. It does let you listen to music but only online and you can also listen to the music while being on anger apps or while you electronic is turned off. So over all it’s an ok app it’s not the best one but it’s a good app. 😊
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4 years ago, Anglexial
Pretty Good App With A Few Quirks
This app is pretty sweet it and I like it a lot the only problem with it so far is the fact that the shuffle mode is wack. It sometimes plays the same song right after it was played and doesn’t go through each song once but rather randomly chooses and repeats songs. Basically the issue is I have to go into the app and press the next button a lot to get a new song.
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2 years ago, Madden Flagg
This is the best app ever!!!!!!😁😁😁😍😍😍
This app is amazing it has no ads and has any song,YouTube video, and podcast you want also it has downloadable music but not all of it but you can pay 4$ a week and can listen to any song offline also which would be downloading the music or you can pay 40$ a year witch is 79% off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤩🤩🤩😁😁😍😍😍 But ether way it’s the best app I have had
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4 years ago, Nyoom420
App used to be good
When i first got the app, it worked quite well and didn't give me many ads, but now with the subscriptions, and even more ads, plus losing the ability to listen to music outside the tab, and while scrolling through the app, I feel kinda sad knowing that either I might have a bug in the app or that the app actually came down to such a low spot. But for now, I’ll be hoping that this is all a bug or a glitch in my app, unless I am wrong and these were the updates.
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4 years ago, next jr
What’s wrong?
Well overall the app is amazing and love hearing my favorite music through the app but something is wrong. Not much ago the app no longer let me search for music I would put a song and nothing would pop up, the only thing it said was “more...” and now I can’t hear other songs besides my playlist. I hope you can respond and give good feed back. I really appreciate it
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2 years ago, Ksle Guitrau
It's free and easy to use
I downloaded this make a song my ring as most people are doing I imagine and it was easy to use and you can go straight to ringtones with it and it's all free there are lots of adds but don't hold it against them because they have to make money somehow and overall would recommend
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Good For My Needs
If you like music players primarily to listen to music after exiting the app, I recommend this. If you are looking to download lots of music, understand that many songs on this app cannot be downloaded due to the licensing regulations and rules put in place. However, I don’t really download songs, so this is just what I needed for background music and recommendations.
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4 years ago, Jill0811
Search bug
I love the app, I’ve used it for a while too! But the search won’t work, I’ll look up something and it won’t look up anything in the categories. Sometimes when playing the app it won’t let me start a song for a while. I have things saved but I can’t look up anything! Please fix this!
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3 years ago, CriticsAndCredits
I definitely recommend Music Download
I love it!!! It has all different kinds of music, and there dare so many varieties that you don’t have to like just one song plus, they’re kid-friendly! Yes, there are some minor problems, but just try and think of a Music Downloader that doesn’t have problems
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4 years ago, MJAppleBalls
Amazing but takes to long to the next song
There’s a bit of a distance between the change of song which if you could fix that completely and make it as soon as one ends another immediately come back on that would be amazing but other than that I love this app
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3 years ago, TheWxlf
Not being able to multitask
This is a really good app, it lets me type anything I want but I want to draw while listening to music or videos, and I used this app for a while and I would download an app that has a multitask and that app just lags a lot, I don’t know if you guys removed the multitask thing or that it has been moved.
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4 years ago, ⛸💙💛☀️❄️
Yes and no
I really like the app but there is a lot of bugs when I tap on a song it changes the song out of nowhere and whenever I exit the app it plays but when the song ends it changes to a whole new song and the song will come from the end of my favorites playlist . Please fix the bugs Thank you
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3 years ago, ThefluffiestcowYT
It’s ok...
Look, I’m not hating but the app could be better. You can’t download the songs but you can screen record the audio which worked for me but, I downloaded the app so I could add music to my videos. Fix your app is all I’m saying and while your at it get rid of that recommended thing, it’s annoying.
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3 years ago, 😄🤓😄🤓
Feature ?
I would like it better if you could still have the video in 3x while in “picture in picture” mode. As soon as the video plays in PIP mode it turns back to regular speed. EDIT: this is about the SPEED in PIP mode. I can use PIP mode perfectly fine but when I turn the speed to 3x and then go into PIP mode it changes back to regular speed. I have the latest update on software & app. All my review is asking for is to use PIP mode in 3x SPEED.
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4 years ago, ùwú help
Please help this
So I really love this app but I have something to say when I but a song on my playlist I and go on a different app to play a game when the song ends my playlist goes to a random song in my playlist and when it’s in that song it’s just changes and changes but I can’t here the songs please fix it I would have rated it 5 stars if this didn’t happen
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4 years ago, Mayea.Its me
Music didn’t play
I was listen to my playlist with some of the songs said that I had to download them to listen to them and when I did there was no download button for me! Not sure if it because I have a iPhone but it suddenly just didn’t play song that were in my playlist, some of them I just listened to yesterday aswell. But it suddenly doesn’t work now. None the less this app is still great for music :D
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4 years ago, applepizzapie
Loading problem
The music won’t play it just loads and loads. I don’t know if this is just my phone that’s having this problem or not but it’s irritating. Yes, I have tried to reset my phone and no, it still didn’t work. So I’m hoping you can fix this problem I’m having. Thank you.
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5 years ago, 「iHill」
(This is because the request didnt work in app), I feel there should be an option to choose whether or not you would like to play video or only audio as this would make music load faster, would be helpful. Overall, still an amazing app!!
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4 years ago, YeetUwuOwoRoflMan
4 stars- Pretty good... BUT
Sadly there is some kind of bug. When I would search something up it would only give certain songs and when I search up certain songs nothing would happen.I haven’t been on since yesterday to check if it would go away but it hasn’t. Whenever you get the time please fix this, K?
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4 years ago, princesspie123
Fun app
This is a really good app until it decides to not work like it use to like say if i opened an other app my music would cut off now what it use to do was i could cut my screen off and the music would still be playing i just reinstalled it all i have to say is let's try this again
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2 years ago, Thugman95
***—july 11 22. update. The app is cool , I use it daily. It has a great equalizer. Sounds really good. Tho, there aren’t a lot of your favorite songs you can download, they’re some things you can. Thanks for the developer response as well! Reminded me to come give a new update. Thanks. *—— July 1 22. ***It’s just a player. A search engine. Can’t download crap.
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5 years ago, VUNGLAY
This app is better than the Apple Music app
Apple Music app (private songs) is monopoly, no share and sound worse than this app. I like this app, easy to share, easy to search, sound is very good. I wish that dev can create connection to Sonos speakers and TV. Thanks to all developers who worked hard for this app.
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4 years ago, Genny King
Search engine has problems
I started using this app and created a playlist for two of my favorite music artists. Then A week later I wanted to add some new songs to a playlist. So I typed in the artist’s name and song only to get no results. I tried a few other searches and got nothing. It’s weird because when I first downloaded the app this wasn’t a problem. Please explain or fix it!
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4 years ago, Speedy2003
Deletes songs from playlist
It works fine and i am able to download and listen to music however it keeps deleting songs from certain playlists and i have to add them all back every few days which is frustrating
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4 years ago, gjdhsgskbawh
A stupid amount of ads
I’m sorry I know ads are needed but I CANT EVEN PICK A SONG without a playable ad popping up and you might say oh? Just play it even after I finish playing it and press the x to leave it just brings me to the apps store to purchase their dumb app no one wants I can listen songs I can add songs and they keep cramming down they’re stupid membership down my throat every time I open the app and I’m sorry a app as bad as this isn’t gonna make me spend a penny
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3 years ago, Hiroto - Kuja
Update it, please.
Hey so I was wondering if you could give it a update that when you log in another app it still play’s and it play’s when you off your tablet, could you do that please, I’d really really appreciate it if you would do that!
Show more
5 years ago, SweetNPoison2U2
NiceBut annoying
It’s nice to be able to download songs that’s a beautiful feature. However, it gets a little annoying that every time you download a song each and every time that they have all these advertisements mostly for games or what have you. Every three songs yeah that’s fine but every song is really really annoying they need to have a paid version that way you don’t have to deal with it.
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4 years ago, mmyfiore
Has to be deleted
Initially this app worked great for me. It did exactly what I needed. I could download my fave songs (new or old) create playlists, access to songs without being in the app. Then a few weeks ago it kept getting this ridiculous pop up that says the downloads were cancelled but it still played all my hits. Well more recently, all the app does is load the songs. Keeps loading and loading and..... well... loading. But won’t play a darn thing. Such a bummer. Loved this app!
Show more
4 years ago, VbMe
HELP! I am all new to this and this my be a stupid question, but what I would like to know is #1) how do you see the list of songs that are included on the albums that it shows? #2) why are there songs on my favorites list that I did NOT put on there? #3) how get songs to my flash drive or card. Sorry for the low starred review; I will update after my questions are answered. Thank you
Show more
4 years ago, hrccccccx
After the recent update the music will not play in the back ground like it used to. It will only play when the app is open and I am on that specific song. I would like to be able to do other things on my phone while the music still plays. Thankfully this update fixed the search issue too!
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4 years ago, Emn317
It’s cool but..
So I loved it so much but there are huge problems: 1. It takes too long to play the next song 2. It doesn’t play my music on certain apps 3. It only plays them online which I hate so much, otherwise I would’ve put five stars solid but, due to this I don’t think I will sorry 😐
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5 years ago, Azriel2003
Playlists and songs gone??
There were a lot of different problems in this app but I still enjoyed using it until all my songs a playlist literally disappeared. Like what the heck man? I had so many songs on there and now there just gone for some reason. Like I tried resetting my phone and all that but nothing worked. Everything is just gone. So I will no longer use this app ever again.
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4 years ago, ᗷᗴᒪᒪᗩ👀
This is really good for listening to music and podcasts! You just hit the download button on the thing you wanna download and it starts downloading then you go to my music and hit downloads then you can listen to music offline
Show more
3 years ago, Tierra2223
Not working
It was good for a long time but to day I try to get on it and it won’t even open and tired to delete apps off my phone to see if that was the problem and it didn’t work so I tried turning my phone of it still didn’t work and now I can’t get my music of the app
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