Music Maker JAM

4.6 (10.7K)
91.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Loudly GmbH
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Music Maker JAM

4.58 out of 5
10.7K Ratings
7 years ago, UltimateT
Music Maker Developers, Great Job!
Just to point out, I’ve been using Music Maker for (about) 1 month at least, and, from my experiences with it, I do believe this is a amazing music app. Currently, as of posting this, while the app itself is great, there is a concern or two that I have to talk about. More particularly, about Bluetooth connection. While you are able to make music on your phone wherever you go, for some reason (at least for me; don’t know if anyone else had this), when I put in the Apple included headphones, I’m able to listen and make music while I have those on, but if I was to connect a Bluetooth headset and use the app, I can’t hear any of the music I’m making nor can I hear anyone else’s songs on the app itself. The other concern, for me, is that when I save or change the name of my music, the “Save” and “Back” options are in a different language. While it’s small, it can be a bit annoying after using the app for a time. But, while these are my concerns, this app, overall, is amazing otherwise. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves to make music!
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2 years ago, Octavio8EG
Amazing but flawed
This is definitely one of my favorite music apps by far! Even with its limitations I have been able to create some incredible projects. The issue that I’m having at the moment is re-downloading certain sound packs that I have already purchased and helpful responses and solutions from the apps creators and support team. I recently upgraded my phone and had to re-download all my packs, which is no big deal. The problem is when I had to cancel a download and then realized-download, I’m now getting an error message saying that there is a problem and contact support team. Even after attempting to repurchase the sound packs I still receive the same error message. I have taken the steps to contact the support team only to have received one email in response to my issue giving me a solution that has not helped rectify my issue. Since then, I have not received any other support or return emails from the support time. This is highly disappointing considering how much appreciation I have for this app for the lengthy amount of time that I have been a customer and a fan. I hope that I will be able to write a future review stating how this issue has been resolved and I’m still happy to be a part of thr Musco Maker Jam family.
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4 years ago, Mr. Glock8
No longer my favorite music making app!
I have been using this app for years and have loved it! It was one of the best in my book. You only had to pay for sound packs and there were no issues with sharing due to royalties. The sound packs were amazing and mixed very well together. I was able to be very diverse with my creativity and loved the end results. Then recently I lost my phone and all my creations! I was heart broken and gave up on making music for quite some time. Then I got over it and decided to start being creative again. It’s therapeutic for me. When I re-downloaded this app for some reason with my asking to join the monthly plan, I was automatically signed up. Also, most of the sound packs that I used to use and love were gone. Replaced by more expensive ones that lacked the same quality and quantity of past packs. Needless to say I was very disappointed. Plus, there is now a royalty issue which only lets you share on their app. After several attempts trying to contact them, And never getting the generic, standard email saying that someone would get back to me, I gave up and had to contact my credit card company in order to stop being billed. I would suggest that you do not get suckered into their new billing scheme and look to other apps that are free and better. I will no longer be using this app. Be warned and beware.
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4 years ago, brsdhyyuuhy7(*&
Five star again so basically all this happened but I pressed the button wrong so sorry great app
(Read title first). Is bug fixes just a mandatory thing to say because if anything it got worse The litterAl new project button does not even work and it is so annoying there is nothing other than that because years ago when the fricking button still works this was MVP above all other apps and that saddens me that one of my favorite apps “fixed a bug” and made me give this story app a two when I have it a five years ago and no matter what I try this app refuses to work why have a make new project button up f it freaking doesn’t do what it literally says it does I am so close to deleting the app for good because for an app I use for 6 years in total including other devices please fix this soon and sorry if that was rude but I am extremely angry at this
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7 years ago, Dante2090
Wait there is a valid reason...
There is a valid reason I’ve put 3 instead of my original 4 star rating. I’ve been with MMJ since 2015 and I’ve had great experiences. Met a lot of people and listened to a lot of other people’s views and tastes in music. In core, making your very own music. Being able to share your music with others like you is wonderful. This app is cool. However. There are a lot of issues. For instance literally five minutes ago I try and like and comment on someone’s track but I can’t...and the like goes away and so does the comment....then I get an connection to the internet error, when keep in mind, I’m four bars in WiFi 🤔🤦🏾‍♂️...anywho. The trending area is a little weird seeings how if you are a nobody and your not in some type of “crew” your less likely to get your music at the top of the charts. Although listening and giving feedback on others music is KEY‼️ Let’s people know you actually took time to listen to and actually give constructive criticism back. All in all good app but still has a lot of connection issues which I don’t wanna get into details about.
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7 years ago, The Compser
Good Overall, minor flaws and disappointments
This is one of the greatest music making apps out there. But it could be better. For example, the notes that we can choose to create songs. They have some notes, and I may sound picky, but as a young musician I believe all notes should be on the app. Including f sharp, C sharp, e flat and sharps, etc. I have a feeling more good songs could be produced, and the artists will like that. Secondly, me, and probably many other artists wish we could get beat coins much easier. Packs could get bought easier like that, and all of the packs that you keep making can get used. Some people don’t have the time or the money to buy a certain amount of beat coins. I say for example, a certain amount of beat coins should be given if you get a certain amount of likes or listens. This would make songs more interesting. Other than these minor irritations, I believe this app is great. If you want to contact me, please don’t use my email. You can contact me in the Music Maker Jam community, my name is M I C A H. Thankyou. I hope you will change things.
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3 years ago, Have a good day bro :)
This app is a lot of fun, but it hates Bluetooth…
I really do like this app, it was so fun for me and my sister to play on and let me release my creativity, I recently re- downloaded it intending to make some well- music. My only problem is that I use Bluetooth a LOT. Every time I open the app it automatically disconnect’s. I don’t know what is going on, I have tried everything but based on my lack of results I suspect it to be an Objective-C issue (Assuming that’s what you use). It may just be things running in the app background causing interference but Idk just spitballin’ here. That’s really been my only problem with this app otherwise. If you could add a free to play income of beatcoins every so often tho that would be nice, but I assume it may be a main income for the app, so… Anyways just wanted to address that issue! If that could be fixed in the near future that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you and have a wonderful day whoever you may be!
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6 years ago, Dafox295
I just got this app yesterday and I already love it. I just released my first song today so please check it out. If you get the app (Or already have the app),all you have to do is go to explore in the community category, then press search, then select search by artist. And once you’ve done that search Stormstruck, the song is called $TORMBREAKER , if you enjoy like it please and comment. Anyway this is a good app and I think everybody should have it, this is a chance to go big and have people like you and listen to music hat you made. Developers, you all are geniuses, you have created an app that could jumpstart so many peoples careers in music, thank you thank you thank you for creating this app, and I hope whoever is reading this thinks about becoming a JAMMER.
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6 years ago, almightyjx
Great, but here’s some suggestions
This app is great for those that aren’t even technically trained but still want to put things together in the musical sense. However, the “beatcoins” are an addition but the only way to get them is through the tutorial once and the rest is to pay out of pocket. There should be an alternative way to earn beatcoins because people like me enjoy the app for free and don’t want to be forced into paying for new content. MMJ does give free packs with the JAM x Artist branch but those are very limited in key changes, etc. Start achievements or something to earn beatcoins! Also, I can see activity on my community page, specifically when people leave comments under my songs but I can not read them for the life of me. Even on Loudly, where it says I have a comment, I click the icon and the message says “It’s so quiet... leave a comment!” like???? somebody already did??? So please fix that. I’ve been off and on with this app since they let you pick any four packs for free with a fresh install, so seeing beatcoins and the small amount you earn from the tutorial versus how much the packs are worth are really immeasurable. I understand that you must make revenue but also be mindful of those that recreationally use this, who don’t spend money to do something they enjoy. Thank you for the app and thank you for listening, user StillSe7en
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4 years ago, R.COM1
7 chords system ok but
You recently changed something I can’t find or have access to the chords to change them to make the tunes I’m working on. If a chord (b changes to an(c or an(A# by accident or even if I want extend them I just go into chords but have missed something is it still there the 7 chord system ok but it’s not enough if problems and changes come up I can’t pinpoint the location to fix it. Your latest update has a few cool things but I hope didn’t sacrifice the old chord system it wasn’t perfect but it worked. ps. I really love your app it got me through some rough times with heavy lost of family member a year ago, when I’m down this app helped a lot I just make a few tunes and it would lift my spirits although the tunes are not perfect but to the spirit it’s the best sounds ever. Thank you MM. BILLY W.
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4 years ago, Vęrn
At a loss. 🤧🤔😞
Okay, so this app is not bad at all. I don’t use it as much as I used to when I was younger - but I do get on it on rare occasions. The annoying part about this is that when I save things - it loads forever - than crashes. I than lose everything that I worked on and it infuriates me. I don’t know what the problem is and it’s not my connection. I’ve dealt with this ever since I got the app in 2017 or 2016 - one of those. I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but it gets on my nerves when I make something I’m proud of - then wait. The app crashes and I lose it all. I never write reviews - this is my first one actually. I just want to put it out there that you need to be careful about crashes... That’s all I have to say - besides that, the app is fine. I got the app when it was once free and not like this, but it’s still good with their default stuff they provide I suppose. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤧
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7 years ago, ⭐️👶
Could be better, could be worse.
I'm a harsh critic when it comes to music software, but that is because I judge it as if I were looking to add it to a professional workflow. If you are doing it just for fun or just because then you might not agree with my review and that's okay, too. I like the interface, however, there are certain sections that will pop up and are in different languages that I do not understand. That takes down one whole start for me because it adds stress to a process that should be stress free. The iPhone app feels like a toy, but is not far off from where the desktop versions are so there is some consistency, which is a good thing. I have both the desktop and mobile versions of this software and I don't approach either of them when wanting to create serious music. Sometimes I just like them to jam with the loops or chord progressions and find inspiration that way, then fire up the DAW and my library hard drive to begin a piece. I believe this will meet the needs of most users, which will probably be mostly beginners since pro's will likely see this as a toy. It has the portability down, and when I am traveling, out and about, or winding down away from keys, I find it to be a neat resource for sketching musical ideas out. Thanks for this!
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5 years ago, ..Yellow Rose..
If you ask me, there’s nothing really BAD about this app, but there’s really nothing that cool about it. My only suggestion would be maybe you could pick as many genres as you want so if you only wanted pop, you only had to select pop. Or if you wanted pop, hip hop, and rock then you could pick all 3. I also wish when you could record you voice, you can choose how long you want to record for, instead of doing a bunch of clips and playing them one by one if you want it to be longer. But this app definitely has good qualities, such as, I like how you can check out other peoples work and when you record music using hip hop, you can choose one of the raps that is already put together. I also like how on most apps now, you have to be a member for nearly everything. But on this app you can make music freely. So l give this app a three out of 5 and a 5 or six out of ten.
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6 years ago, MINDFUL BEATS
Hello jammers. I’ve bn apart of this industry for about two years now. I’ve at least spent more then a couple hundreds dollars for the jam packs , and its worth every penny. They say time is money, if that is the case then I spent countless hours producing. I guess you can say in return MMJ paid me with something that is more valuable then money. In a way this app is something I believe in , something like a religion. Now I don’t do it for the likes , fans , or fam. 100% is for me . No matter what situation am in I can run to the app and produce my feelings in a heart beat. No matter the problem , I can always find a solution when am jamming my life away. At times I just sit back and reminisce on the good and bad times. MMJ is thee realist entity I have ever crossed . I thank you founders of MUSICMAKERJAM.
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1 year ago, Jwinsmann
It’s not the greatest
There has been accounts that mock other users and MMJ bans the people who have worked hard enough to get to where they are. That’s why it’s three stars instead of four. I’m tired of people not getting listen to from their asks. For example, a user asked if MMJ could make a metal rock sound pack three months ago. They waited because they might’ve thought they would’ve listened. But guess what. They did what they wanted anyway. Administration (the music makers who make the sound packs and take care of taking down other people) should at least listen to one request. If you’re trying to start making music I would definitely not recommend this app from my personal experience! If you don’t like getting banned for no reason, don’t come here and waste your time!! 🙅🏻‍♀️
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3 years ago, arktikfoxx
Definitely a fun little app! Could definitely help with ideas and song layouts or just jams. I have a few suggestions to improve. First would be being able to import files/previous recordings from phone. This could be a way more users who want to use free only could use. I’m not sure if there is a way to do this but I couldnt figure it out if so. I have previous vocals I’d like to use instead of always recording new. Another which is tricky possibly is the Bluetooth - you aren’t able to record with Bluetooth headphones. I understand that may cause complications with the mic. With basically everything going fascist w Bluetooth these days that is a minor annoyance. Or maybe it’s a latency thing. Other than that the app is great and fun to jam!
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7 years ago, BurgundyKilauea
Was great but stopped working
I started using this several months ago just to play around maybe make some demos. I got hooked on it but there are a few things that brought my rating down 2 stars. One is that you purhase genre-based packages but the app reserves all rights to the intellectual property which means that you don't actually own the purchases you make, except for personal use. This could never suffice for an underground artist like myself. The 2nd thing is that the app has completely stopped responding, just won't log it and suggests that I have a connection problem which I don't. Because of the latter issue, I feel gyped for my purchases in that I not only cannot market my concoctions but now I cannot access my purchases at all. I've tried monthly to redownload and try again but it seems my money is rotting away on this one.
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5 years ago, ZAMBIA777
Best music studio app
You can literally make tracks that sound like they're made by a music artist. It could be even better if this app had an option to make an album so you can make a limit of 10-20 songs and kind of do a thing where you can add your song to a group of songs you want to make a album playlist and I think it would be a lot easier for your fans who listen to your music can find that album or song they like and the app should have a thing call “Make an announcement” where you send can send out a “Coming soon” and being able to choose when it will be released and on the release date it will release automatically.
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6 years ago, DiamondQueen1011
Good for Starters, but there should be a more advanced version.
Overall, this app is amazing. I think that it suits beginners well, but my one suggestion that makes this drop to 4/5 is that there should be a way to make it more advanced. I like that this is beginner-friendly, but having a way to add more advanced controls seems like an idea that would help. Some people might grow accustomed to the usual loops and controls, etc., but after that comes the point where some might get bored. A solution to this could be 1.) adding a more advanced option in settings or before the song creation or 2.) a completely new app specifically for more advanced musicians. This is the one suggestion I might give, so thank you for reading this and I hope there is a solution to this soon.
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6 years ago, DinaAnna2005
Big problem
Hey, I really love this app and everything, but for the time I’ve used the app, there are two main glitches. The first, which is way more important than the other and more affecting, is when (this already happened to me two times and I don’t have an old phone) I am recording a song that I am making while doing everything and then the sound suddenly becomes really shaky and stops. The whole screen freezes and I have to exit the app and take it out of the background for it to work again. Problem with that is, it pauses me in the middle of recording and I can’t finish. It’s a waste. The other which bugs me but isn’t the worst, is when I tap on the place where you change loops. It comes out stuck with nothing in the spot under the pack I’m using.
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2 years ago, World's number one
There is a glitch since the latest update
Since the last update, the 8 tracks are not working properly, starting from the left to the right facing the system, the volume keeps dropping, when I try and record I can’t hear the music. I noticed that apple too had an update and downloaded that too. I restated the system and it still has a glitch. The sound drops, I have to touch the track button to hear it. Anyways it’s a little crazy. I hope you can take a look and see what the problem may be. Thanks. All the best. BTW I love the system, I purchase a lot of credits for sounds. I think it’s THE BEST App for projects.
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6 years ago, CLS XD
Technical issues
So I’ve been using this app for a few months now, and had no problems with it. This morning I opened it up and it was fine,then a few hours later it wouldn’t load my account. I am extremely frustrated and this needs to be fixed. And yes I’ve tried turning off my device,putting it in airplane mode and even turning my internet off. It’s not a problem with my connection it’s a problem with the app. I don’t want to delete my account because I’m afraid it’ll do the same and then I’ll be completely blacked out. Please fix this ASAP so we don’t have this problem with other users.:/
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5 years ago, AlphaVX+
Great app!!
I love making different songs and sharing them, and I also love listening to everyone else’s songs. The app makes it super easy to add sounds and make it into a great song! The only thing I would like you to change is how you earn beat coins. It is very hard to earn them, even on the tapjoy service for beat coins, which often ends up not working. Maybe have a daily reward, or even a weekly reward of beatcoins. You could also have different challenges you have to complete within the app to get beat coins. It hasn’t for me yet, but eventually for some users it could get boring using the same sound packs all the time. But otherwise, this app is great and really given me an outlet for sharing my music.
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7 years ago, SUP3R666
Lost my purchased loops after update
I was making a song every now and again and was really enjoying it, even decided to spend money on some loop packs (mostly the Ambient packs) and have more options for my songs. Unfortunately, after not using the app for a few months and at least an update or two, I came back to find ALL my purchased packs were just GONE. No trace of them even being purchased. I already tried both "recover purchased items" and the other option in "Styles" that basically does the same thing, but nothing comes back. The loops I bought are still gone. I love the app but I can only give a 1 star rating until my situation is resolved -if it is at all- and I get my loops back or at least credits or something to repurchase them. I should not have to buy them twice or keep re buying them and lose money every time you decide to update your app.
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5 years ago, savethebees23
a headache at best.
i used this app for quite a while to create music. it worked fine, but glitches would frequently happen. fast forward to a couple months after i had started using it, i stopped to use a different music-making app. i’ve used this new app for quite a long time as well, but one day i decided that i wanted to see what my old songs sounded like. the songs on my profile were still there, but since i had deleted a lot of my old songs and there were only the recordings/projects of them, i looked in that section. all of my recordings and projects were gone. i had no other way of saving them, and didn’t think to back them up in files or notes because i just thought they would save with the account. other than that, this app is okay at making beats and small songs, but not very good if you are creative and want to carry out a song form your imagination. there’s no way to earn the coin things back after you use up you beginning 300, unless you want to buy them. i’m giving this 3 stars because i want to be a bit forgiving and because it helped me start out, but errors like this are frustrating.
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6 years ago, J333T_Beast
Used to be better
I re-downloaded this app a couple days ago after not using it for a year or two, because another app similar to this began to charge an excessive amount of money and I was left with about 6 free sounds (sounds, not packs) to work with. After getting into the app and finding my old account, I found that all of my sound packs that I purchased were gone, and the “restore purchases” option did not work. After getting frustrated with this for a while, I decided to deal with it and download some free packs. I chose a couple packs and saw the rotating circle with showed that it was downloading, but it never finished. No free pack I try to download will let me use it, and I even let it sit overnight. Now I’m left with the 2 pre-chosen sound packs from the beginning of the app. If these issues could be resolved I would be more than happy to rate higher.
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7 years ago, Luna Royale
Great for beginner music makers
I always wanted to make music such as rap beats, synth-wave, cinematic, and techno. This app gives you a plethora of beats + tunes to mix with. And it’s easy to get ahold/catch familiar with if you have no idea what ur doing. I’ve had it for 3 weeks and I’m obsessed with it! It also allows u to buy new beats/tunes to mix with that range from $2 - 6, and allows u to add credits for other music I want to mix with I. The future. I’ve posted on SoundCloud already and got a few extra fans of my page because of this app. The only con I have is that it allows only one bar with 9 different mixes. I haven’t found out any other way to add more bars for extra sound effects. Overall great app! I’m happy I found it!
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5 years ago, AlexTheKnight
Fix Issues with Beat sets
Hello Devs. I would like to tell you that. The beat sets are not working correctly /or glitches out, I am unable to use them. So since I downloaded a lot of beat sets I am stuck with one. And this has happened a few times now. I tried to see if I could fix it if I deleted the app, hoped my remixes would save. But they didn’t that’s fine. But it didn’t solve the beat sets disappearing again. Please asist. I love using this app for music. But I can’t if every time if I leave the app for a sec it freezes, then have to foreclose it. And some reason it glitches the beat sets. Help. Also can you add a suggestion to save our remixes even if we delete the app that would be great. Thanks
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6 years ago, Marcelina09
Free Music
To begin, this app is amazing and easy to use. However, I’d be great if there was more free loops as the ones that are free, are pretty simple whereas the ones that need to be purchased are more diverse in sound and tune. There should be more free loops that are accessible for people who don’t want to spend money on the good stuff. Everyone wants to create something special and unique therefore, the accessibility of diverse loops should be open and there should be an option of picking cool loops without always paying with beat coins which you can’t get any other way besides paying or the other option which is just paying for the loop. To make this a bit more fair, there should be an option to earn beat coins so it would be easier for everyone to get a chance to use some of the exclusive or different loops.
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5 years ago, HazardousGaming
Great But A Bug
I really do enjoy making music here and think the platform is great, and the community is amazing. I have experienced a problem where when I try to upload music and I go to share, at the end it says error uploading, so then I assumed to try again, and it somehow uploaded the song over and over again, as many times as I tried and it came up with the error. So now on my posted videos I have eleven of the same song posted and people can comment and like on it, so I am confused about what the error was. Please help. Also, is there a way to take down shared videos, thanks :).
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4 years ago, Me they
Disappointed user
MusicMakerJAM used to be one of my favorite apps. It was my go to when I was depressed and I could make the my music that I hear in my head and in my heart. I really enjoyed being able to arrange cuts and keys to make some really enjoyable tracks to share and export for others to hear. Now, I am 100% certain the app developers will read this review (which I why I never write any), it will at least help me to tell others about how a great app was ruined. It used to be the app ran solid no issues, no bugs. You could save tracks, download tracks all the time without your app crashing. Not so now. It crashes often. It used to be it was easy to share your track with the community, not so now. Where is that feature in my app? Do I have to pay the PRO fee for that too? And the most frustrating of all. You used to be able to arrange the keys of your cuts. Not so now. If you want that BASIC ability to make something more than it will cost you the PRO fee of almost $50 a year. Really? For something like key arrangements? WHAT A RIP OFF. Thanks for taking the only app that I could make music on and totally messing it up. Now my search is in on in hopes to find an app like yours was, when it first came out.
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4 years ago, A plague doctor
As someone who's extremely passionate about music, I love this app. But one massive problem is that I will purchase mix packs and they'll disappear, meaning a waste of the few beatcoins I have. Even free ones will disappear and I'll have to redownload over and over again. I have wasted all my beatcoins because I bought mix packs that disappear. I want my coins back. Another problem is the beatcoins. I'm jobless, broke, and I don't have Safari on my phone to get free beatcoins from websites that are absolute scams. (Parents took Safari off.) I don't even wanna spend any money on buying beatcoins in order to do what I'm most passionate about. I wish you guys could just have us watch a video or get a reward for playing. It would also be awesome if you could also add more slots so I can add more synths. I would love it if there a wider range of loops on mix packs also.
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6 years ago, TRUE LANE 01
MMJ is a really pretty lit music making app but apart from that it’s not really at the same time. In order for your music to trend, you have to know ppl, and there isn’t much of a big supportive community out there. What u guys should do instead of who gets likes the fastest and all, listen to the new tracks that are coming in by the minute and seeing if you can put them as trending, the ones that are good btw, because most of the songs that trend are pretty horrible tbh, and I thought it was about the quality that made it trend. But it’s really not. You guys need to work on that more, because in order trend u have to know ppl and that’s not fair. Try a little harder on that. Thank U.
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7 years ago, Ckrollage7
Great for starting musicians!
Honestly I started out years ago using only free sound packs and I loved it and even now, after paying for many of the sound packs and collecting a decent library to choose from,I still love it and say it's definitely worth the money. There are a few things I'd like to see in future updates, maybe smaller time scales like being able to use just 1/2 a time scale per tab or maybe some more dj tools like pitch and fade and possibly the ability to upload audio files rather than having to use the phone to record it, and of course, more Dubstep please!
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6 years ago, Christopher980057122
“Error while uploading” and lots of crashes
Every time I try to upload my songs, it takes a little while, but, it goes pretty good apart from getting stuck a few times, then the upload stops and I get a message saying Error while uploading, even though it was going to upload. Rather than a timer, perhaps a cancel button or have the program check how fast the download was in the last few seconds. Other than that, it’s a great app. Except for when you try to make songs the sounds are wonky sometimes and you have to restart the app, but sometimes the sounds get extremely wonky for a second and then the app crashes. Good app until you see the darn thing preform.
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6 years ago, King Calvin CC
The app overall is great. It’s easy to make beats, record them, and post them. However, when I switch devices any projects that I worked on disappear and I have to recreate them or move on. This makes revisions difficult unless I use one device and one device only. I have switched devices multiple times over the years and I’ve had to restart all projects because of it. On another note, the app crashes when I’m making beats. There’s no pattern to it. It just freezes and then crashes. This is quite annoying because that means I have to save after almost every add-on or alteration to my projects. If you could fix these two things, I’d be very willing to give the app 5 stars.
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7 years ago, Hfddhjjj
Love it!!!
I have been looking for an app like this for a long time each app I tried disappointed me. They were either too limited or too complicated or they just costed money, which I did not have at the time. this app is not only free and flexible but it's easy to use and gives you a nice variety of sounds, you can even record your own sounds! it's simple and user-friendly and gives you an easy tutorial through the whole thing. It even has a social media part to it where you can share your music and listen to other people's creation and be inspired.
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5 years ago, pennyjean429
Site down a lot
I don’t know if it’s Only me having this problem, but it seems like the site is Constantly Down and not running. I absolutely Love Love Love ,lol, this app, but when it’s Working !! I mean it Literally happens Multiple times a day! Not multiple because that implies like two or, even More then that which I think is Not okay. I Spend/put SO Much money into buying beats(which I don’t mind the money because as I said I Love the app) it’s just paying for something that I can only use Some of the time is getting to be pretty frustrating. Is Anyone else having this problem ?? or is it Just Me.... I Just got the new iPad so it’s not my computer or anything .. I don’t think so at least....
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5 years ago, Dawn_the_Lunatic
Love it ❤️But...
I’ve used this app before on my old phone and I absolutely love it! One thing though is that when I use my Bluetooth earbuds, the music doesn’t play through the earbuds, like I don’t have them connected at all when they are. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or what but it kind of annoys me because the whole purpose of me having it is so I can create music wherever and I don’t think people want to hear music blaring on the bus. Other than that particular thing, I absolutely adore it and fully recommend it for anyone who wants to create their own music!
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5 years ago, Xmgreene
A Request
I love the app. I make tons of music and it’s fun to make. We have a variety of Beats to choose. I enquirer you to keep adding on to it. How ever there is one problem. This app doesn’t have Bluetooth. I have an iPhoneX So I don’t have a plug-in port for a cord. Yes there is the little other port part but that becomes inconvenient because what if you’re phone is going to die and you don’t have a way to plug it up because of your headphone port. If it’s Bluetooth than you can play it on the charge or something of that sorts. Just a request that I asked. I still love the app though.
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6 years ago, (Ruined)
Is a great app it but it needs a connection support
I enjoyed using this app I started using it on the pc and even spent money on it well on the pc version that is. I wanted to use even when I’m away from the computer so I downloaded the app and the app is not only really cool but u can connect with people and hear their music it was so cool I’m not sure how or If is possible i been trying to connect the app from the computer app to the mobile app and I can’t transfer my songs which disappointed me because I started on the pc. I have a lot of songs on the pc and wanted to put them on my phone. Please add that and I’ll rate it 5 stars
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7 years ago, inf boii
Could be better with minor fixes!!
First of all this gets to me the most, as a artist with this app i expect for me to get any angle of my song/ album cover to be captured, i chose a picture and went to a specific spot and the capture spot juh went to the middle over and over again. Please fix. Also downloading mew kits should be easier to do and should be able to be downloaded while off the app so when you get back on the kits are downloaded. I downloaded some and while the download was going on i left the app. A couple days later they were still loading!! Please fix and also i think there should be a daily profit of 10 coins. Please fix and ill rate 5 star.
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6 years ago, Poseidon~Greek G0d
Music jam
Amazing, I love it. It can be challenging, but it is always fun. Even if your not on the star list, you and your family enjoy it, and that’s all that really matters. I rate it 5 stars, for no glitches or problems. Also, if you haven’t got it yet, and are reading this, I would suggest going to store and getting all the free mix packs after the tutorial. Then save coins for expensive but impressive ones. Also, one more thing, my band, or whatever, is called New Blood and has a picture of a girl, and New Blood in black and red, if you want to check it out. ❤️
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7 years ago, CyanWolf74
Better than gaming on the app store
I like this. I am able to download alot of free stuff, create an endless supply of tracks without many limitations. There are things I want added though. 1. I would like to have more note choices to choose from. So far there is only one set of notes I can pick from A-G, but for some of my songs i wish i could go higher or lower, just like a piano. 2. I want to be able to choose separate melodies for different instruments. Some mixes have a slight abnormality to them that i dont like, so being able to chose certain melodies for certain instruments would be fantastic.
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4 years ago, Kathy12762167
Needs more variety
This app is great i love it to death but i think if there was an add that presented kpop elements as well as more of j pop and c pop elements i feel that it would draw in more people to want to make music and expirament with those sounds i think theres needs to be a significant amount of those generes and when i say significant i mean significant not just one or 2 packs there could be 10-30 if not more of each of those generes i think it would be amazing if each genere had 30 per each pack and i think as well that oriental packs should be added and as well as a significant amount too
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6 years ago, bryguy359
This app needs significant improvements!
The reason I said that is because I was writing a song and then for some random reason the game kicked me out and glitched me to my home screen that was the second time the game had crashed. This time when I came back in everything I had done was gone. The same thing happened the first time it crashed. Also the auto tuning thing doesn’t quite make sense if it even is an auto tuning thing. They don’t really explain to well how to play the game. They also need to add in the option more instruments kind of what is in garage band where you can chose an instrument and put it in your song. I would not recommend downloading this app until further updates.
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5 years ago, g59betheset
Pretty good app honestly, it’s fun to mess around with and learn how to mix different sounds together, This is great for beginners, only suggestion I have is add more loops! And take away beatcoin or at least make it less expensive so we can afford without having to pay out of pocket. Also I’ve noticed there’s a lot of edm and pop music or hip hip but barely any metal, if I can suggest, you should add a lot more heavy metal and different genres of metal like black metal, thrash metal, death metal, so it’s diverse because I see so many options for every other genre, then there is like this small little section for metal.
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6 years ago, E. Stark
I do like the app but there a few issues. (1) Really bad connection issues. I've been waiting for these sound packs to load for a few days now and the app says "This pack isn't ready yet ☹️" when I tried to unlock the FREE packs TWO FRICKING DAYS AGO!!! When I want to post a comment, delete a song release or even follow someone, it says I have a bad connection when I have unlimited data. (2) For some reason when I try to use certain symbols or any emojis and I post something like a comment, it automatically deletes the symbol/emoji and everything I typed after it and it's soooooooo annoying. (3) I cannot even change my password because it tells me to check connection and I have UNLIMITED DATA! I also put in my email and when it says "email successful sent", I don't have anything in my inbox that involves a password change. (4) The number of songs it says I have released is messed up. Please check my account titled "Flowers N' Melody". I do ask you to fix these issues, please, and thank you.
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5 years ago, peachykylie
Good but there are issues.
I’ve been using this app for about 2 years now, and it’s been great. However, the app seems to tell me that I’m not logged in and I remember I had a track saved and it was completed. But then when I come back it was deleted. I’m not really sure what that was about because I saved it multiple times to make sure and it still gets deleted. Also the loading time.. things seemed to be kind of slow, but at least that was acknowledged. But if the whole logging me out of my account issue can get fixed, that would be great.
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2 years ago, PoisonGirlKris
Still don’t like the new update...
I have been using this app for about 7 years now and the first 2 was great, and user friendly. Ever since they changed how to find your samples and loops and how the mixing process works a in general has never been good. I do like the new features but the mixing process should go back to the way it was. It was WAY simpler. One of the features they used to have which I feel is a necessity was how many bmp each sample pack sounded best at so you have to go through so many sample packs to find that *perfect* vibe.
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