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4.3 (168)
30 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Music Stats ▶

4.29 out of 5
168 Ratings
7 months ago, kiddyVif
Good but ONE ISSUE
I love this app because it shows you all the stats you need to know, and it updates pretty fast- but only on the stats below your top stats. If you click on artists or albums to see the stats, it will show you and it updates quickly. BUT, at the very top when you enter the app, where it shows your top artist and top song, they do not update. I have had a number one artist recently switch a week ago, and it shows that it has more hours and times played than any other artist when I click on the artist, but the top artist will not change to be my correct top artist- if that makes sense. I really would like this to be fixed.
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9 months ago, Sick lick 6662109
Very good but sometimes inaccurate
Most of the app is correct in the stats part but for example, when I click on the “number one album” button it’ll say that my number one album has 73 plays, but if I scroll down to my “top 100 albums,” it’ll say that my number one album has 456 plays, but for most part good.
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5 months ago, AngeDeJeudi
Good Summary, Wish for More Detail
Quick upload and number seem to match what Marvin says for my stats, but I wish I could see more of my top albums/artists by year than the 5 it shows, otherwise, the app does what it says!
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3 months ago, Xia Kilian
My app hasn't updated
I love this app but the issue becomes is that there is no update on new playlists or any of the recent songs I've been playing so if possible please fix this soon
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5 years ago, Chillmatt2
Does exactly what you want
App is beautifully designed and I love seeing my stats. I keep track of my most listened to songs but it’s nice to track artists and albums as well. The only bug I’ve found so far is in the Flashback section. The songs listed are all the same (example: 2 years ago, Bodak Yellow. 4 years ago, Bodak Yellow. 10 years ago, Bodak Yellow) but when you click each song, they play what the track actually should be (10 years ago plays Pour Some Sugar On Me instead of Bodak). Looking forward to that bug being fixed and other enhancements like maybe past years most played songs. But great product if this is the type of app you’re looking for!
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1 year ago, unbeatable kitty
No data?
I can’t see any data, I gave the app permission and I have Apple Music and I listen for at least an hour per day and there is nothing. This is the 2nd app that has done this, what am I doing wrong?! I would raise my review if it worked.
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2 years ago, 👎👇👇👎👇👇👎
Completely inaccurate
Says my top artist for 2022 is a band I listened to 0 hours. I listen to my music multiple times daily and was looking forward to seeing accurate stats for this year. Bummed. Nothing was accurate.
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6 months ago, Swiftie132867
I can’t get my top artists to load which is what I really want to know
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9 months ago, raysolas2
Update Your Apple
The app is great but it’s been almost a year without any updates.
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5 months ago, ahm rom
No data
I couldnt see any of my stats and I have the apple music app downloaded so its annoying how this doesnt work. This is the second app ive used for this also.
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8 months ago, JustGlows
It just shows 0 everything
I have used Apple Music for years, maybe 10k hours and it says I have 0 hours
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1 year ago, CleverUSB
Works great!
I love the seasonal playlists!
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7 months ago, grizzil
This is so inaccurate it’s ridiculous. I’ve never even heard of these artists before.
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5 months ago, Minaj.a.toi
This app is so unserious
I don’t normally write reviews, but this app has given me a headache with it’s inaccuracy
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2 years ago, Keenwha
Works almost as intended
Has an amazing and clean UI and gives a ton of fun data but only from the songs you have added to your library, if you delete a song from your library or if you listened to a song before you added it to your library it won’t have data for it. It only collects data after you add it to your library. Other than that everything works great! I wouldn’t recommend it though just because of that one downfall because I forget to add songs to my library all the time so a song may have 30+ listens but those won’t be recorded because I didn’t have it in my library. (If you add the song back after you deleted it, the data resets) I hope there is a way to fix this because this app would be amazing if it didn’t have that one issue.
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4 years ago, pslb13
Doesn’t Work
Update: within a couple of days the app was updated and I was able to use it. I didn’t request a refund and am glad I didn’t. Today it was updated again and included even more great features! I just purchased this app last night and it doesn’t work. It gets stuck at the ‘Loading... One Moment Please’ screen for hours. I’d like a refund, or for you guys to get this app to work.
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4 years ago, Jackt0914
Works Alright But A Couple Of Things
So far I’m enjoying the app and like to see the statistics of my music but some features will just crash the app like Summer 2019. Every time I try to access it it just crashes. Also, I’m not a huge complainer about the price being $1 but I’ve seen apps that do the same thing, work better, and they’re free. If some categories worked I wouldn’t be as salty but for a paid app that’s been out awhile now with not that many features you’d imagine for at least everything to work right throughout the gate.
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5 years ago, zorcan1
Super well designed and useful app!
I love small utilities that give me practical information for things I couldn’t know otherwise. This app does exactly that. It gives me access to stats that I otherwise would not know about my listening habits on Apple Music, and lets me easily remember what songs were once my favorites to go back to! Thank you to the developer for doing such fantastic work!
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5 years ago, br00ke :))
I just want to use this app :(
I got really excited when the update came out saying the loading screen was fixed.. So I updated the app and opened it, which was really promising, actually. It looked as though it would work and then it even gave me the option to allow access to Apple Music, which it had never done before! Still hopeful, it went into the dreaded ‘One Moment Please’ screen, which has not moved in the last 20 minutes :( I’ve even reinstalled the app twice, same issue every time. I’m not super upset because it’s only $0.99, but I’m really sad that I can’t see my stats.
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2 years ago, luvvulluvvul
Wonky but good
I really like the app but for the last week when I try to open it it fails. Maybe a new bug?
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5 years ago, cmw1974
Now that it works...
I had posted a 1-star review because the app did not even work. However, they did produce an update that fixed whatever bug was causing the problem. Now that it does work, I’m still pretty disappointed that I spent money on this. It provides only very general information. It would be nice if I could give it parameters and find out, say, my top albums for a specific time period, or things like that. But it doesn’t.
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2 years ago, celfaulk
it won’t sync my library??
i had high hopes for this app since i paid for it, but it just doesn’t work correctly. it syncs my library weird (it’ll say i’ve listened to 1 hour of an artist when i know i’ve listened to countless of that makes sense) and it says all my top artists are ones i listened to in the first year of my subscription to apple music, half of which i haven’t listened to since. i know it’s all incorrect, and it will say “total listens: 4” or something like that to a song i know i’ve listened to maybe 100. i’m disappointed but don’t know how to fix it :(
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3 years ago, krusee91
Great app!
I can say the ui is awesome and feels better then other stat apps for Apple Music, and I really like the effort put into making it look like Apple Music ui!
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5 years ago, 17tluong
Easy to use, informative
Very in-depth for those interesting in their Apple Music listening history. Easy to use, clean UI, no bugs. Good work again Noisehub!
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4 years ago, MSAplaysfootball
Ok but doesn’t have all my stats
I know what my stats should be around but I was very curious to see the real numbers. This just isn’t true at all. I know I’ve listened to J Cole for at least 30+ hours and there’s only 6 on here. Childish gambino who I love but don’t listen to a lot is my third most listened to artist. These stats are very messed up
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4 years ago, kyliestan
how does it work?
so i just downloaded,, does it start calculating the data once you download?
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5 years ago, SkyCruz718
Worst $0.99 I’ve ever spent
It looked intriguing in the pictures but it doesn’t offer a lot. Also for the songs that I added daily the album artworks and names are off. Total waste of money please make it better
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3 years ago, Dantonthemanton
Don’t buy this
I paid for this app just to be met with a loading screen that never ends. I’ve tried multiple times, but all I get is a constant loading screen. This seems to be a common issue according to the other reviews.
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5 years ago, @itsVivianSelman on twitter
Played times bug
Why does it keep putting back how many times I’ve listened to a song? I was streaming a song, clearly knowing I was going to get to 1k played times. But then it suddenly tells me I’ve listened to that song 41 times? What’s up with that?
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3 years ago, Fortunebeast37
Bad app
Downloaded the app and left it up and running for over 10 hours and it never got past the loading information screen. Even if it was still taking its time to log all my music plays that is ridiculous.
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4 years ago, Brianna8cD
Doesn’t work! Don’t buy it, trust me D:
Opened the app and gave it permission to go through my library. It’s been stuck on the “Loading” screen for 20 minutes, hasn’t shown me anything. Restarted the app several times just in case, but nothing! 😠
Show more
4 years ago, Komrade_Kyle
Had this app for over a year, never works....
Always crashes as soon as i open it. Seems to be a common issue, so i don’t understand why this hasn't been resolved despite multiple software updates.
Show more
2 years ago, Stuke00
Bug in the latest version
The new 2022 playlists are showing up as 2021 when you go to create them.
Show more
5 years ago, robbybogers
Fun App
I love the idea here but it crashes all the time on my iPhone X. Maybe my huge library has something to do with it crashing?
Show more
4 years ago, 
Doesn’t load
I have just bought the app and when I pressed start it just loads forever I am yet to get on after hours of loading
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4 years ago, another someone
Looks like it has been abandoned
Been a few weeks since it has gotten past the loading “getting everything ready” screen. Seems to have been abandoned.
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5 years ago, elmusico
New update, same issues
The last version at least let me open the app - this one is hung on a loading screen and closes the app after a few seconds.
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5 years ago, 9474749274;782
Alex Newsome
I paid money for this app and I can’t get passed the first screen without it saying “one moment please” and I’ve been sitting at the screen from 20 min and the loading icon is still going in a circle
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5 years ago, ParisHilton101
App doesn’t work it’s a scam
Bought this app and it doesn’t even open all it does is opens to a page, you press continue, and then it says “wait one moment” and it never loads
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5 years ago, x51789
App doesn’t work
This app doesn’t work at all. Constantly stuck on a “one moment please” loading screen. I am an Apple Music subscriber. Have been for years. $0.99 down the drain.
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3 years ago, Grayson_124
Don’t do it...
Just don’t download this app, I tried it and it was just loading for HOURS. I even left it on over night and it still didn’t work, trust my word and just don’t get it.
Show more
3 years ago, Countless Frog
Doesn’t work
I loaded the app and it just stays on the loading screen forever. I’ve never been able to use the app. Rip-off don’t buy!!
Show more
5 years ago, Udumb
Doesnt even work
I paid a dollar for this app, so its not a huge investment, but it just gets stuck on the “one moment please” screen. Forever. No matter how long i wait.
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4 years ago, di.stri
Won’t load :(
Doesn’t work, haven’t been able to access any stats. Only stuck on the loading screen.
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4 years ago, Netroking
Plain and simple.
It’s in the title.
Show more
4 years ago, shf423
Doesn’t work
It doesn’t get past the loading screen. Don’t waste your time on this app
Show more
5 years ago, Ebone20
Doesn’t work at all
Didn’t do a thing for me. It keeps saying “One moment please” but doesn’t load anything.
Show more
5 years ago, webbeo
The app is not working
The app is not showing me anyhing but the “One moment please...” screen, is not showing me any data. I don’t know what to do :(
Show more
5 years ago, marianamed1
don’t buy it
opened the app, said it was “loading data,” and it just stayed like that. after 5 minutes, nothing loaded. i haven’t been able to get the “stats” of my music. save yourself the .99, and don’t buy it.
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5 years ago, Korbin Lemonds
Crashes every time. Do not buy this app. Waste of money.
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