Music Tube - MP3 Music Video

4.3 (16.2K)
80.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Loi Nguyen Van
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Music Tube - MP3 Music Video

4.31 out of 5
16.2K Ratings
2 years ago, jrrjfjfi Ty ci p Ww ud
I feel like this app could be better
Well it is really good without even using the subscription but I wanna be able to listen to my music on the go without paying money I was trying to show one of the kids at school my playlist and to show him one of the music and it wasn’t working super embarrassed and I’m blaming it on you it’s still a really good app just sometimes it glitches out the music and like what you say I join like Minecraft or something on my mobile and it kicks me out the music doesn’t work and then I have to go back in the app and try to get it and then it doesn’t work again this drives me Insane
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5 years ago, A Mario Fan Cuz I Can...
The new update is a trick.
One may think that the new update is for “bug fixes and improvements”, as stated in the update log, but it is in fact anything but that. What they actually did in this update is that they took the amazing system that they used to have, and threw it against a wall. Songs do not automatically play after each other anymore. Banner ads now have a timer before you can click off of them. You can no longer watch the video, unless, you pay a 30-freaking-dollar subscription EVERY MONTH! It was foolish of me to say that I assumed that the developers of this app had a sense of pride from the amount of passion they put into its creation. Obviously, that’s not the case. And not only did they sadden me to that rude awakening, but they also took the trust and respect that I had for them and rammed it into the ground. So here’s to a big thanks to them for that. ...Please. Please fix it. This app helps and has helped me through a very tough time in my life. The last thing I need right now is for my music to leave, too.
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6 years ago, Applecake309
Awesome! Just a couple problems..
The app is great for me help me calm down and I like how you can make as many playlist of songs as you like. And I really love how when you exit or turn of you screen you keeps playing. It’s just I shower calmer when I have music, playing on my Bluetooth speaker, and sometimes when I’m playing a song it plays an add over the music which I really don’t like. Sometime it stops the music and plays an add or just stop out of nowhere.. and I I’m okay with the no offline listing but it’s fine. EEEK- and one last problems when ever I play a playlist it will sometimes skip some songs. Overall all that, I still ❤️ it’s. :)
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5 years ago, My spirit conversations
Awesome app but glitches
The app is awesome I love to listen to my music while playing games (it also helps me block out the noise of my annoying family) just a few glitches here and there tho but i got used to them even tho sometimes they frustrate me because sometimes I would need to listen to my music when my sister would be singing or playing her guitar neither of which I was to hear at all I don’t really mind the 30 dollar thing for watching videos because I don’t watch the videos I just listen to the song (most of them are just lyric videos anyways)
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4 months ago, wisdomfinal
The search engine is not working once again
The search engine is having problems once again. For some videos, it’s just a minute and a half of nothing. If you press a video to be next or last, it doesn’t show up in the queue. A visual glitch when your rearranging a playlist where the thumbnail of a video copies a nearby thumbnail. (Think this happens with Playlists that have more than 50.) (I’m not sure if this problem is only to this app, but for some videos, it plays a Mexican Voiceover for some reason.) the cursor for moving the video position should be larger, it feels like I never get my finger on it. I hope there will be a little skip button of like 5 or 10 seconds.
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5 years ago, Cryptic_Skywalker
What happened
This app use to be so good but now the only thing that seems to work on this app is the adds. Before the songs would play then something happened and now some songs don’t play I don’t know why. Also if I put a playlist on shuffle it will play a couple songs and then stop for some reason. I just want to listen to my music not watch a bunch of adds and have only some of my songs play. I get you need adds to make money of the app but it’s one thing if the songs would play but some of them don’t. I hope this can be fixed soon I really enjoyed this app before this problem it was the only app I had that I could listen to any song for free and I really hope that this problem is fixed soon.
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5 years ago, DaveyDoozy3
This app was decent until I realized that the updates are totally useless and it doesn’t change or fix anything that would benefit you. Every time I click on a video i get maybe a 1 minute into the video if I’m lucky and the app crashes. An it seems like they always have a new update but it does the same exact thing. This app is getting me so annoyed with all the crashes an it doesn’t have many options for the music I try to look Up. Maybe they should update it with a wider variety of music. Mind you I have full data and WiFi and it crashes so it’s not a internet connection problem for me. Idk if they have anything in mind to edit the app or if they even read these but if you like getting annoyed from an app this is the one for ya.
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2 years ago, I love harry styles 88
Good app but glitches
I love this app is my favorite music app when I just wanna listen to song or keep hearing songs in the background while I’m on Twitter or something. Lately there has been problems with the app because before when I would search a song it would come out but now it doesn’t come out and songs that aren’t what I search come out. It would be really nice if you could fix that so the app can return to what it was before but other than that it’s a good app.
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6 years ago, Shad0w686
With much love ❤️
I very seldom write reviews, I usually only leave a review if an app really deserves a bad review but I’ve been using this app for about a year and a half now. Every night I use this app to fall asleep and I’ll sometimes use it for music, yes there’s kinks and bugs but every app has that, it’s apart of the reviews, to let the developers know of issues and problems. I personally have never really encountered any major issue. If I’ve ever had an issue I just close out the app and open back up and it’s fine. Thanks for the amazing app.
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8 months ago, Butterfly03215688900325785
Broken Search Bar
The search bar has been broken for about 2 weeks now. The music you played before still works when you click on it in your library or history but that’s about it. When you do search for a song, random results come up. Maybe the app got struck down or something because they usually fix their problems fast Update: it’s working again as of May 13, 2023 It’s broken again as of November 8th😭😭
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7 years ago, Pcardona1611
Great at first but now...
So I downloaded this app because i changed my phone and I couldn’t find the Amazing music app i had before. I found this app and it was working really well, the only problem for me was that you can’t listen offline (you need wifi connection). I’ve used it for 2 weeks and now every time i want to play a song it says “sorry! Something went wrong, Tap to retry.” But nothing happens! I’ve tried everythinggggg! And i can’t play any song!!! Pleaseeeee fix this problem! 😞 I gave it 3 stars because it did work good in the beginning, now it’s just useless 🙁 I hope you can manage to fix it!
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1 year ago, Umbreon021110
It’s a really great app but for some reason when I try to look up a songs I wanna listen to either the song or song artist like let’s say I wanna listen to Never Leave from bailey Zimmerman it won’t even show me the song from him I try looking up the song artist it won’t work it used to let me play what ever song I wanted but now when I try to look it up it shows some stupid stuff idk what it is. Is it just a glitch or something I’ve tried getting rid of the app and redownloading it. It won’t work and pretty sure it is messed up on my brothers to
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5 years ago, Imtiaq
The app is descent but it has a lot of bugs, to start off the text on my search history is glitching and appears very small and weird and second the thumbnail doesn’t load on the main playing screen it loads on the previews like when searched and adding to playlist but not on the main playing screen 😶 and then third is just an advice, the small thumbnail on the box on the bottom indicating the currently playing song should NOT be a circle. Everywhere else the thumbnail is square but there it is a circle :/ hope the developers see this and fix these problems.
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5 years ago, gsanti53
This app USED to be so freaking good. I USED to use it everyday and all day without any complaints. I recommended it to multiple friends and WAS in love with this app. This was my most used app on my phone for a long period of time. Then they got a stupid update that nuked the app and now it’s GARBAGE! Not only is the set up completely different but the entire app is a completely different from what it used to be. It won’t let you play certain songs and the updates say it fixes bugs but honestly it keeps adding on more ridiculous things which is making the app even worse. I am highly upset and I will not be using this app ever again. It was a nice app before but it’s a shame these idiots have ruined the app.
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5 years ago, sfthdwsuk
The Update Causing Problems
Before the update of this app, videos would play normally without any kinds of issues. There wouldn’t be any issues loading the videos or the app won’t crash. But after this update of the app, now barely any videos I wish to watch will play anymore. It is the same videos that I saw before the update and they played just fine with no problems. Now those videos do not play or say “Fail to Load”. I’m not quite sure if there is a glitch in the new update but it is becoming annoying that every video I click on does not play whatsoever
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6 years ago, nstantattraction
Absolutely enjoyable. The Best!
I’ve Searched for this type of App for a long time. Disappointed with what similar Apps offered. Finally I found this! Weirdly enough, after coming across this App I vaguely remember having this App before and must of lost it in device(s) transitions. When I saw it again, it jogged my memory a and I was happy to see it. I enjoy its design, compatible with iPad/iPhone, its functions and its ability to provide a huge selection of artists and their particulate music. Thanks again!
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5 years ago, sum rlly lazy panda
The update is great but it still needs a little fixing
The new update is great! It’s finally starting to look like a real music app and I love that. But one thing that started happening after the update is that when I’m at home(only at home apparently) I can’t play music. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on shuffle, play in order, or I manually pick my song, it won’t play! It’ll do the “ X/KB per second” screen over the ad that covers the video and then once it normally would load it doesn’t play. This is even stranger because this only occurs at my home (I’ve only used this app at home and at school)
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6 years ago, the Atlantic Ocean
Really great💕🙏
This app is my hero, I have been spending over an hour downloading and un-downloading so many apps I don’t have enough gingers to count them on. This is the only app where you can find probably every song you want and put it on replay. My biggest pet peeve is when you get an app that plays music but either doesn’t let you turn off your phone without the music stopping or it doesn’t let you put it on repeat, but this app lets you do both!!! I love this app thank you so so much!🙏❤️
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5 years ago, JugheadGirl
So, there’s a problem, whenever I play music and when it ends it replays the same song and won’t go to the next song, and it’s really bothering me, I’ve tried everything in the app to fix it but it’s not working, and this has been happening ever since the bug fix, well there’s another bug you need to fix now. Also, I can’t play offline anymore! And auto play isn’t there anymore, you need to fix this or I’ll delete it, and you’re getting bad reviews about the update so please please change it back.
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1 year ago, eungyuu
Good music app but music hasn’t been playing recently
Been using this app for years and have ran into a few bugs in the past that got fixed quickly. Recently most of the songs in my library was cut down to about 1:30 and don’t play anything. I’ve also experienced some songs glitching in the past where they’ll suddenly skip to a later point in the song (rarely happens). I hope those bugs can get fixed soon.
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4 years ago, Mikeyp122
New issues
I’ve been using Music Tube daily without any major issues for a little over a year now, however every time I’ve tried to open the app within the past week, it crashes and closes seconds after opening. I’ve tried to ‘offload’ and ‘reinstall’ the app, but haven’t had any success. I’d prefer not to delete and redownload, seeing as I’d loose all my playlists, but I’m wondering if that may be my only option at this point. Help??
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6 years ago, LlandraJ
Amazing app just fix a few tweaks
So the app is really cool but the problem is the after a song is done sometimes it just stops completely, two the random crashes like the songs won’t load or take forever to play and buffer throughout the song. I try to get a song to play that I already downloaded and all it does is load and load. Sometimes it doesn’t play offline and it’s kinda irritating if I already downloaded the song why is it buffering to play but overall I love it
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5 years ago, Dogcatkid
Some of the update won’t work
I use this app everyday and it’s amazing!!! I see today that you updated it and it looks good! The only thing that isn’t working with the update for me is when I try to play a playlist it only plays one song and then I have to reopen up the app and click on the next song etc. I like falling asleep or walking to music and I can’t when I have to click the next song repeatedly, please fix this! Thank you
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4 years ago, mikayla2374929
*EDITED* I still can’t open the app without it crashing. I noticed that there was a new update to fix that but it has yet to do so. I’ve had this app for 2 years and I love it. Never had major issues with it until the last update. Every time I go to open the app it’ll crash .2 seconds after. I have a lot of music on there and I don’t want to delete the app and reinstall it and go searching for them again, but I might resort to it if this isn’t fixed soon.
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7 years ago, Ansleyboo13
Love it!!! One problem...
I love this app. I finally was able to find a app that stills plays while my phone is lock. There is one problem that I have. Everything else is fine but everytime I play a song and exit the app, the music stops playing then when I go back into the app it starts back again. That’s the only problem I have. So can you guys please fix that because it’s getting on my nerves but other than that I love the app.
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4 years ago, Starkaryen
Not the same
I used to love this app and would use it constantly. Out of nowhere the app wouldn’t open and I couldn’t do anything as it crashed, I tried deleting and downloading it again only to find out that all my saved music was gone! When I tried to look for the music again it didn’t show the artists songs, only videos that were named the same by random people! You could imagine my disappointment when I couldn’t find any music by any artist! Not even the really popular artists that everyone knows... I have no idea what happened to this app, it was amazing and then it started crashing and wouldn’t even let me open it anymore.
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4 years ago, Me12345678900000432577
It works on my other phone but not the one I use it for
It’s a great app. But on the phone that has all my songs and that on it it won’t open it. I honestly have so many songs on here that it would be useless to start over and try to find the songs I had. If I’m having to switch phones I would like to be able to have an account and sign in and it all be there without the worry of losing my music. That’s just a suggestion but I don’t know what to do about it now opening.
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6 years ago, Medlar and
Good at first but then . .
It worked good at first, i’ve had this app for over a month and it was great. however recently when i play a song the whole screen when the video is playing turns to an add and it doesn’t let you exit it out and when i have my music playing on shuffle it stops after every song and i need to go back and click the next song. i gave it 3 stars for the service recently but it used to work fine
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5 years ago, Sheylove850
OMG where do I start it's literally so convenient and like it's free and theyres rarely any commercials and if they are then y I u can turn it off like immediately. ALSO the new update is FIRE like it has this brightness/volumn thing they added in and you can move with up and down on the left to adjust the brightness and the same on the left except you adjust the volumn. NOT to forget the new setup is fire like it's all over just GREAT!
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3 years ago, Angela Forte
Music tube keeps crashing when I want to save a backup of my music :(
I love this app, I’ve been using it for a while now to listen to my music, and it’s easy to understand how everything works. But recently I haven’t been able to save a backup of my music without the app crashing, I’m not sure if this is because of my phone getting an update yesterday, but I think this bug should be fixed <:(.
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1 year ago, gdhjtdvj
1:30 glitch
Recently I’ve been experiencing a glitch where a few of my favorite songs no matter how long, cut down to 1:30-1:35 ish and just don’t play. I’ve found that there is no reason behind it and it’s just a small bug but it still needs to be fixed. This is really the best music app and I hate to see it not being able to have it’s usual am amazing quality.
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4 years ago, Sal10221964
Favorite Music app!!!
I love using this app. Been using it for 2 years now I believe and use it for anytime of the day to relief stress or if I want to lay back and chill. However, this app does have some bugs that I wish could be helped and changed. And now for some reason it won’t allow me to get on the app. Just keeps on kicking out of the application whenever I open it. Please fix this issue, I love using this app.
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5 years ago, Bels B
Update Ruined the App
I was really happy with this app for a while. It worked well despite the ads and I had minimal problems. My phone automatically updated to the 3.1 version (the newest) and it looked amazing. The setup is really cool. But none of the songs will play. None of the songs in my library work and searching up the song doesn’t help either. As well, the very few songs that do manage to play will immediately stop working if I use the scroll bar to fastforward or rewind to a section of the song. This is really upsetting bc the app was so great before.
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7 years ago, Kiefff😁
Extremely Dysfunctional
Alright, I tried to wait until this app got more updates before I criticized it, but it’s been long enough. By this point, glitches such as getting “error! Tap to retry” over and over again when you try to play a song should’ve been fixed by now. The app is slow and not user friendly in general, and frankly doesn’t have the best user interface layout in the first place. The only reason I use this app is because Musi suddenly became unavailable in the USA, so this app is my only option, but half the time it doesn’t even work, especially when I plug my phone into my car.
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5 years ago, kiera lambden
Change it back
The old system was great $30 is a rip off and the app doesn’t work smoothly anymore I have to close it for songs to work I have to click on a song multiple times before it will finally play if they took this update off and changed it back to how it was it would be perfect we used this app instead of Apple Music because some of us like me couldn’t afford Apple Music now they are charging more then Apple Music every month! Change it back and it will be better but your just losing business and customers.
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4 years ago, molar_mouth
From Meh To Worse
Used to be an okay app. Thanks to the newest update, it won’t even open on my phone. I’ll see the interface for a single second, and it’ll crash. Before this update, it did have its fair share of glitches, but I appreciated an app could actually somewhat function. I can’t even really judge if the update was good because there’s nothing for me to see. And, for the record, the version before the last one was better. I get that money is necessary in this current hellscape but shoving ads that glitch out the app onto listeners isn’t the way to do it.
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5 years ago, Un1KittY
I used to love this app! But, since the new update I’ve been mildly disappointed. The new look is nice I guess, but now whenever you want to play your music, shuffle, or just put it to where the song will play on to the next one, it will just play the same song over and over. And when you do hit the next song, the app will freeze and the song won’t play. Again, I DID like this app, as it was easy to use and actually worked. But now it’s just tedious and annoying, barely works, and the adds are more frequent. The video for the song doesn’t even play anymore as there’s and add over it.
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6 years ago, PuffyUnicorns241
Amazing app but suggestion?
This is so far the best music app I have ever used yet. This app works amazingly. Some ads but it's not crazy-ad-every-minute. As much as I love this app, it'll be my top music app if it would work offline. I've been looking for offline music apps and none of them work at all. It's totally fine if you can't do it. I'd just love this to happen in the next few updates!
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4 years ago, Selenaisawesome
The app keeps crashing. I have the latest update of the iPhone software, every time I open the app it keep crashing. I have so many good songs on that saved and I don’t want to lose them. Is there anyway you guys can fix the app. Every time I click on the app my songs show up for a second and than it goes back to the home page
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5 years ago, Anime_is_God
The New Update
A few months ago it was perfect. You were able to watch or listen to anything you want, but when the update came everything just went down hill. After I found out you have to pay a $30 subscription EVERY month just to actually use the app, I deleted it. After reading these other reviews I'm glad I did. I read that there is too many ads, songs not playing right, no auto play, lagging, and more. If this doesn't get fixed soon then I'll have no music. I don't know any other good apps for music that WAS for free like this one. 10/10 would not recomend to anyone.
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4 years ago, Watsonboy04
Needs to be fixed
I got this app in second grade and I’m now a sophomore in high school and always loved the app, but recently the app has had a few problems in order to fix the app from crashing after opening it you do have to delete and reinstall which I lost all my playlists. But once that’s happened you can’t add songs that you want by search. Anything I search for doesn’t pop up so you can only add songs that they say are popular. Please fix miss using this app.
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5 years ago, Tiffy_S10
Deleting it now
This app used to be flawless! Now after the update, the look of the app is different and the functionality as well. Most songs I click on DO NOT load, then when they do play it does not go on to the next song. There are also ads now and you can’t see the videos unless you pay, whereas before the videos would just play. I don’t have time to stand around and find a song to load and when it does load I can’t even fast forward or else it will stop playing. This app is not useful to me anymore.
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5 years ago, SvgGab
Not Cool update
The whole app is great. I get to listen to music for free, and the things I do is awesome, because I play songs that are personal to me. But my problem with this update is that I can’t loop songs anymore. Not only that, it won’t auto play the next song. Can you fix that problem please? Also songs won’t play. Please fix, this update is horrible. What have you done? The update is stupid. The only thing you could’ve done was change the look, not the whole system.
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5 years ago, gatolf
New update
The new update made this all worse. I honestly don’t care whether or not i can see the video, but i use this app frequently to listen to music either with my phone off or while doing something else out of the app. Now it’s broken. If I played my playlist, it would play one song, then it wouldn’t play anymore, and i’d have to go back to the app to fix it. I literally have to reset the little circle that goes farther right as the si g plays. It’s annoying. Please fix it.
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6 years ago, Athena Storm
Plz fix bugs
2 bugs that needs fixed or I’m deleting this forever I can’t take it anymore The adds won’t go away so I can’t see the words of the song The adds make the songs unplayable after to many adds pop up I’m surprised I even gave this a second chance. I’ll give it 5 starts and keep the app if theses bugs are fixed. This was the only app I like so plz fix it cause I can’t keep fighting your app LITERALLY no joke EVERY 5 seconds or b4 each song it’s killing me inside sometimes won’t even play certain songs as well plzzzz fix
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4 years ago, dragongirl1330
This was a really good app until they added the new light update on the app. I didn’t mind the ads, they didn’t show up as frequently but now they only have a small selection of music to choose from. Any songs I search up, only the small selection shows up. None of the popular songs are on there, and I really depend on this app. I’ve been using this app as long as I remember, and really wish you had the old update back. Please consider my request!
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6 years ago, Aponiay
Been using the app for a year, but it’s glitching now
I love this app! All of my songs are on it, but recently, whenever I go to click on a song on my playlist, the title of the song would move like it’s playing, but where the cover/video of the song would be is the color of the app. It won’t load! I’m upset because I love this app and I don’t want to have to download a new one. If anyone could get back to me on how to fix this, that would be very much appreciated! Thank you!
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3 years ago, NatassjaAshley
App Keeps Crashing & Won’t Open
I’ve been using this app for about the past 3-4yrs and it was working perfectly fine. But my phone recently automatically updated the app and now I cannot even access any of my music stored on there or even get the app to open without it just automatically crashing. This app is my only way of listening to music and I want to uninstall and reinstall but I fear that all of my music will be lost. If you guys could please fix this issue ASAP so I could get back to my music this would be greatly appreciated!!!
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6 years ago, BonzaiH03
Hello, there is a problem when listening to my music on shuffle, I’ll turn my phone off and listen to a song and when it finishes it just stops. When I first got this app a month ago it never did that. So I have to turn on my phone and press the play button to resume. Another problem is when I’m listening to a song and I look up another song on the app and I want to listen to the other song it just stops and then I can’t play any songs so I have to restart the app. All of this just started recently. PLEASE FIX!!!
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3 months ago, AngieTayFarnham
search function completely broken
i love this app but the search function is absolutely broken right now, i know exactly what video im trying to find and search the exact title, yet I get these obscure videos instead that aren't even somewhat similar to what i originally searched, and can't find the video i want no matter how hard i try. if the search is broken for too much longer im about to just completely delete the app cause this is ridiculous.
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