Musicnotes: Sheet Music Player

4.8 (35.2K)
136.3 MB
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Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Musicnotes: Sheet Music Player

4.83 out of 5
35.2K Ratings
5 years ago, EvoWake
Amazing App, with a few shortcomings
So I've been using this app for quite a long time and have spent a bunch of money on sheets. I love that I can import my own PDFS and playing from an iPad Pro is amazing . My only criticisms would be that it is cheaper to purchase sheets through a web browser than it is to purchase direct through the app. I understand that they are trying to pass apples fees along to the user and I have no problem with this but they dont inform you anywhere along the purchase process that the songs can be had for less if purchased through another route. Customers want to save money just like you, Why not tell them? Only other comment is no Apple Pencil support for markups!! Such a missed opportunity. I love to add embellishments or change chords or add notes and it would be SUCH a benefit to have Apple Pencil support whereas currently you just use a finger for "markups" which is good for nothing other than circling things.
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5 years ago, Electroviolin
I want to start by saying I generally love this app. I am a violinist and strings teacher and this app allows me to operate hands free when I play weddings and find some neat pieces for my students. That said, something happened in the last update, and now my first gen Apple Pencil doesn’t work. And I’m mad. I need to be able to mark my music (I’ve been able to mark it before without issue). The apple pencil works on other apps, so I know that isn’t the problem. I will will mark and nothing will show up. The ‘undo’ button still appears as though I have marked something, but there isn’t anything there. Please fix it ASAP!! Thanks!!! 7/17- thank you for the response! Yes, I’ve been putting “draw” feature on. It won’t work for the highlighter or the pen. (I have used both just fine in the past.) 7/18- this is ridiculous! You have asked me whether I have been using the app in “draw” mode a SECOND time. YES- and it isn’t working!!!! So now not only is my app not working, but the customer service is non-existent! I’m going to be looking into a new system for my music. Extremely dissatisfied.
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2 years ago, LexusGram
Love, love, love
I love this app. I have been using it for several years and find little room for improvement. I use an Apple pencil to mark repeats etc which makes it so much easier to move around in the piece by marking repeats etc. I use a Bluetooth foot pedal and it and the mark ups make it faster to get around. I admit I have purchased a couple of musics from another app. The music on each came in quite small and hard to read. The pieces from Musicnotes are clear and easy to read. If there is one thing I would like to see, it’s in sorting. It would be nice to be able to sort in both directions. I have quite a few purchased and free pieces. When sorted alphabetically I always seem to be playing the songs earlier in the alphabet instead of going down to the end. I would like to sort in the opposite direction.
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1 year ago, FL consultant
Be patient (maybe)
I downloaded app and created account and did the same on the website. Initially, couldn’t purchase songs from app (could search songs but not click on them). I bought a song from website and didn’t show up on app. I got frustrated and downloaded the Hal Leonard app Sheet Music Direct and it worked fine. Then came back to this app 1/2 hour later and it appears to be working. I upped my review to 4 stars just based on the fact that the developer responded to me that all appeared to be working. Shame though that I’d already gone to the Hal Leonard App and downloaded some music so I’ve got a critical mass of lead sheets now on that app (which seems to work fine). I wish the app/developer would have said that it can take up to 1/2 hour or so for download to happen and content to sync across their platforms (I did give it a bit of time and it sure looked like the app was just hung).
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3 years ago, daniiii.v
I’m amazed.
I’m an adult and started playing piano in my childhood and I wish this existed or that I learned when it came out!!! I love everything about it. You can print it to have a hard copy, can have it on your screen, there’s a demo so you know what it’s supposed to sound like (I love that because I’m not too good with the more advanced piano theory and faster notes and rests) so that’s amazing for me, and you can slow the demo down to hear the more difficult parts better and play along with the demo to learn, and the price of sheet music isn’t bad at all! Please never stop keeping and uploading old and new popular songs from different genres. Thank you for having something so user friendly for us music lovers!
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8 months ago, Shafess
Lots of bugs - back to paper music
I was excited to try this, especially since it was free! I found the note taking function to be a bit clunky, but for a free app, I figured I’d make it work. Then came the issues. First, all of the set lists I had previously made were randomly deleted. Pretty annoying to discover at the beginning of a rehearsal, but I decided to keep trying it. Then, at a dress rehearsal, the app crashed approximately 7-8 times in the span of a couple hours. It also caused my iPad to become extremely hot, and drained the entire battery in just a few hours. I checked to make sure there wasn’t anything else going on with my iPad and sure enough, the only thing draining the battery was this app. The crashing is a total deal breaker. Thankfully it happened during a dress rehearsal and not an actual performance. Unfortunately I had to switch back to paper music for the performance itself.
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2 years ago, best app for best Book
Used to love it. But. It quit working on my phone.
I’ve used the website and the app to purchase music a handful of times and used to love it. Recently though, not so much. Two reasons are that it’s actually cheaper to purchase songs on the web browser (even though it says that it’s a dollar cheaper on the app—lies.) so I do my purchasing there and then want to go to the app to print it (like my checkout cart suggested) but when I try to open the app on my phone it won’t. I tried deleting it and reinstalling it. I checked and according to the App Store it’s supposed to be compatible with this phone. When I tap on it, it just goes back to the Home Screen. Useless. It works fine on my iPad, so I’ll do that, but I don’t always have that with me. Because we all know we all carry our phones - little computers in a pocket - but not very useful for this purpose now I’m afraid.
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5 years ago, Kennysaur
Absolutely amazing, but I have one problem...
I absolutely love this app and I’ve been using it in class and practice a lot. One big issue I have though is that marking up the sheet music with the Apple Pencil is a bit unresponsive. It only registers every other stroke. One way to get around it was making my marks with a single stroke. It’s hard when I have to write words but it’s the only way to write while I’m busy at a rehearsal. I know this isn’t exactly a PDF editing app but it would also be useful to be able to reorganize pages and omit certain pages. Other than that, everything is great! I can access my purchased music in all my devices very easily. Importing from Dropbox is also very easy, so I put my PDF’s here too.
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5 years ago, PJC123PJC
Musicnotes is AMAZING!!!
Musicnotes is amazing. It has everything you could possibly need to learn a piece of sheet music. When you buy your sheet music, you don’t have to buy it in the original published key the song was written in. You can transpose it to another key that fits your voice. I also like that you can change the tempo of the song when you’re practicing it. That’s helpful cuz I was trying to learn a really fast song once, so I started at a slower pace, and gradually got to the faster pace. But the best part about Musicnotes is that if you purchase the sheet music for a song marked “SingerPro”, you can play the accompaniment through the app and sing to it. It’s great!!! Love this app, and the sheet music is reasonably priced!!!!
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1 year ago, plasterpastor
New update causes you to lose all your personal music
Are used to love this app, I could import my PDFs and mark them up. In fact, I paid for the premium app, but that doesn’t matter anymore, because they changed it to a subscription-based app. Now the only thing I can transfer from my PDFs that are Musicnotes Purchased chord, charts, not the ones that I already owned from other sources, and had added and written all my notes. As you know, these days iPads become obsolete fast and since I need to upgrade to a new iPad, I lose everything I did for the last 5 to 6 years. This is a glaring issue and I would encourage you to pick a different chord chart viewer if you’re in the market for one that will not cause you to lose all your hard work from years before.. I contacted Musicnotes support, and they are aware that there is no way to do this, but they don’t warn you of that when you buy it.
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5 years ago, lovespiano
This app is Everything!!!
I’m someone who took up music again after nearly 30 years. I’m not as fast as I used to be turning pages!I discovered this app and love that you can have all your music in one place and even purchased a wireless page turning petal to turn the pages. The other huge selling feature is that you can write on your music!!! Most any song I look for is on here. It’s so fun and makes me want to run to the piano. I can imagine this is professionals dream app. A real go to if you need a song on the spot. I am slowing creating a library as I work on one song at time, it really has given me something to look forward to working on each day. I give this 10 stars:)
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6 years ago, 2tiger2
Finding an audition song
I had found an audition song and was looking for music and lyrics. Found Music Notes and noticed it offered transpositions. Originally, I was going to rewrite the high notes. I looked at the 5 transpositions, and saw that each one noted how many steps up or down the different keys were from the starting pitch. Never understood this before and helped me to choose a key that I could sing the song in. Downloaded the app and now have a ready reference for any song. I passed the audition for the cathedral choir! Song was “Papa Can You Hear Me” from Yentl, by Barbra Streisand.
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3 years ago, Justjenna1
Mediocre at best
It’s nice to have sheet music digitally rather than keeping up with a ton of pages of stuff. However, marking up music is so difficult, especially my violin music. I spend way too long adding a text box to mark a sharp or flat only to discover that it landed over the wrong note. It is equally difficult to delete the text and start over (I tend to miss the notation I wish to delete and end up creating a new one instead), since there isn’t a way to move the notation. Precision is also difficult with the drawing tool. The lines are so wide, and the tool isn’t very responsive. It’s not such a big deal on sheet music that I use for my voice lessons since I’m a beginner and there aren’t so many notes. On my violin music, however, it’s disastrous!
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1 year ago, mab.524
Needs updates
I’ve been using this app for a little over two years. I’m in a local chorus and love how easy it is to transfer files and use for rehearsals which are 3 hours long. The past couple of weeks this app has nearly drained my battery dead (from 100%) and my iPad starts to run hot AND the app crashes several times through a song. SO annoying. I’ve got the latest iPadOS and app updates. The app is really great when it works, but if this happens again next week I’m going yo have to go back to using Fourscore because this isn't useful if it drains the battery within 3 hours and crashes multiple times during rehearsal. Please fix ASAP!
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7 years ago, kaw9389
Music Notes not so noteworthy anymore...
I updated to the newest version and it takes FOREVER for the menus and set lists to load. Plus, when arranging the music in the order I want, the app is so slow, I start thinking it crashed. Today, it crashed as I was about to import more music. I do not know what is wrong with the software, but the changes/updates you guys over at MusicNotes did seems to have affected the speed of the app. NOT good! I almost could not play the next hymn at church because it took so long for the next song to load up. Please fix!!! Thank you!
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4 years ago, ztirffritz
Potential abounds but delivery flounders
UPDATE: Musicnotes support instructed me to uninstall the app, reboot, reinstall and login. This seems to have resolved the problem. ***************************************************************** I really want to like this app but so far it has failed in almost every way that I need it to work. I purchased music for Clair de Lune but it doesn’t work in the app. It just shows the app logo on the screen when I try to open it. It works from their website but I don’t want to have to log in every time and download the PDF over and over again. It needs to work in the app. Some other sample files sometimes work but not always.
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6 years ago, Charlijo1
Awesome Site
I am absolutely loving Music Notes. It has fired my interest up to play piano again and I am finding music I never thought I would. I LOVE that I can usually find the music (piano) in easy and pro. Right now I am downloading the easy versions but as I get back into it more I can find my fav music with a pro version to challenge myself more. And I think the music sheets are priced pretty reasonably. I also love that I can play the music on my IPAd to hear if I am playing correctly. Love this site.
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2 years ago, wow2k
Major Price Markup on the App
I’d give this 5 stars if not for the fact that they significantly increase the price if you purchase music using the app, versus if you just navigate to their website and purchase it their (and ironically, you can use Apple Pay to buy music off the website). I understand they are trying to pass off some of the Apple App Store fees onto the consumer, but the price hike is so high that it seems like they’re also tacking on a hefty “convenience fee” as well. My advice—download the app, but save money by buying the music on the website (it’ll then automatically be available to you in the app).
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4 years ago, silverfern_nc
Irritated, Cannot Delete Pre-Installed Music Sheets
I love this app, except for one “feature”. The company pre-installed around 9 songs. Music like “Big Rock Candy Mountain”, “Hello Ma Baby”, “John Henry”, etc. The problem is that I am now stuck with at least 9 songs in the app that I will never sing and I cannot delete them. The best I can do is grey them out. Every time I have to use the app to scroll through my music sheets, I have to scroll pass them. Every. Time. Well, Big Whoopie that I can grey them out. Customer service has not offered any help on this matter of permanently deleting the starter pack songs. I work around this by uploading my sheet music to the app, which defeats the point of having an app that sells me sheet music and keeps it preloaded. I have dupes of all my music now. I’m beyond irritated. The starter pack songs are spam to me at this point. I have no idea in what system design meeting your company decided it was a good idea to force your users to have this set of songs on the app, and they have to scroll through them every time they browse their music. I want a way to permanently delete the starter pack music sheets, not merely grey them out.
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10 months ago, PtownChristinaM
Great but major bug
So I love music notes it has all the popular sheet music that I get to play but there’s one major issue we bought the yearly pro credit package and it gave me them for around 8 months then it just stopped its been like that for around seven months I would really like the pro credits I bought but didn’t get Please give me the pro credits and keep it that way Ps why isn’t every song playable it’s really annoying when you can’t hear the song and how it’s played with this version of it
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6 years ago, not happy even for free
Bad update
I’ve been an enthusiastic user and booster of this app for several years. Very pleased with the functionality of it until now. After the last update I can no longer add new files and get duplicates of current files, up to 9(!) copies. Tech support says they are “looking into it.” I’ve been using Acrobat as a back up for now and can’t recommend this app until they fix it Bugs above are FINALLY fixed and app is working as it should again. Only 4 because I’m not confident that it will last or the the next update won’t screw it up again.
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5 years ago, Syd1464
Accurate music, terrible browsing function
I love that I can find accurate sheets to music I love. Especially to accompany vocals. Most online music you find is with the vocal melody included and it’s really difficult to find it without. Two major complaints: anything that isn’t widely well known is impossible to find, the other being, why is there no browse function? Why cant you look through a genre and just BROWSE. You either have to be looking at newly added music, or you have to search for the artist or song. Also the sheets are expensive. And the extra money for the printed/digital version is kind of ridiculous in my opinion. And you should really be able to get more than a single page preview for the sheets....half the time the first page doesn’t even get through the intro. I use this app frequently because it’s so hard to find good sheet music to accompany vocals online. But I’d love it a lot more if they improved a few things...
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6 years ago, Queen Eleeza
Purchasing Issues
I’ve used this app before and have been very pleased with my experience. However, in the passed few days I have been trying to purchase another song and am unable to. I will look up a song and only be given the option add my song to my wish list. For the last 15 minutes I have been signing out and closed the app then sign in again to try to reload it but I still have no way to buy this song. I even deleted the app and re-download it. While in the App Store I noticed that this app has gotten a lot of updates in the passed week. Maybe the problem accidentally developed in the updating process.
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3 years ago, RealLifeCalls
Too complicated
Probably lose me as a customer. I’ve used it for years but probably won’t in the future. On the order page there are so many selections after you choose the instrument, tune, type of sheets you want and key....I just want to pay and print. Now see options like add pdf, digital, etc and more than a single price and on top of this ads that you can’t get rid of ... It takes too much time to figure it all out. my experience is not good. now it’s telling me that it can’t find the link to actually print the music after I select “print sheet music.” Need some serious streamlining here.
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5 years ago, enpb56
It’s more expensive on the app
I’m a college student and I’m very short on money but we have to purchase music for competitions. I got the app hoping it would help me sort my music. Instead, it gave me prices that were HIGHER than the original website. Word of advice: if you want people to use your app, don’t jack up your prices. If you’re reading this just go to the website and buy the music it’s almost $2 cheaper. On top of that, some of the songs aren’t on this app either. I’ve been looking for a specific song that doesn’t exist on the app but was quickly found on google that took me to your website. Honestly it shouldn’t matter because it’s probably $2 more on the app if I could find it anyway.
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7 years ago, David in OKC
5 briefcases of music at my fingertips
I conduct several choirs, each with their own repertoire. Using this app enables me to carry one iPad case everywhere I go. It is so much more convenient and schlepping pounds of paper here and there. I have also used forScore and Planning Center Online Music Stand, and for my purposes, Music Notes Sheet Music Player is the most effective. I'm using an iPad Pro so the pages are the size of a standard sheet of paper, but now I am not dependent upon strong room lighting to see my music. So far, so good!
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3 years ago, Iloveitalianos123
Great find!
Loving MusicNotes and all the perks that come w subscription! I love being able to follow along and this is really helping me figure out my voice with sounds I love! I can find every single song and have it in every key. Sooooooo useful. Thank you! I also had a question and customer service called the next day! Friend, helpful and fun. Love this app and the people behind it. :) Trying to figure out how to gift this membership to friends. :)
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7 years ago, SaraswatiOm
Voice Teacher's Best Friend
This app keeps all of the music for my students in one convenient place. They are able to access it from their phones/tablets and use the "play" feature which highlights the sheet music in red while playing a midi file version of the song with a distinct vocal line represented by a separate instrument sound. I use this feature often as a tool for learning for my students that are working on becoming comfortable reading sheet music.
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6 years ago, Castroville
New update crashes app
Love the app but when I updated today, when app spends a few seconds loading it instantly crashes back to desktop. I’m using an iPad Pro. The problem seems to be loading my library of 80 downloaded songs. While it loads at the beginning, if I tap on something else, My PDFs or Recently Viewed Songs, I can stop it crashing. And I can bring up Recently Viewed Songs. If I try and load My Library it crashes Edit: deleted and reinstalled app, that seems to have fixed the problem.
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3 years ago, Tberrardy
Musicnotes review
I have been using Musicnotes for years. I am a guitarist and singer. I am often asked to learn songs for clients, especially weddings, and other special/family occasions. Many of the requested songs I do not know. Having the sheet music makes my life so much easier. Musicnotes has always downloaded properly, and printed out correctly. I am very happy that I have this product in my musical tool box. Good job Musicnotes and thank you.
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3 years ago, BDB_7
Needs to fit device screens better in landscape and portrait.
Visibility is low and not accessible for people that have vision issues (shouldnt have to rely on zooming and panning) It would be nice if you could change how big the notes without having to zoom and use your device in landscape without having to vertically scroll. The app should take advantage of the music being on a digital screen to make it easier to see and play for musicians at any device orientation or posture instead of effectively giving us PDFs
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2 years ago, Methamphetaweed
Love it but...
This app used to be amazing but now when you take notes it creates a bunch of random lines and if you undo it scribbles things out. I painstakingly wrote a ton of notes on a piece of music several pages long and now they are just GONE. I’m afraid if I start over it will be a waste of time because it will just delete itself again. Maybe the developers should revert to an earlier version when everything actually worked. Very disappointed. Update: it has now deleted all of my notes. PLEASE FIX!
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4 years ago, youknowthatname
Too light on soul music
The repertoire is lacking in soul and jazz crossover pop (70s to late 90s when chord progressions were intense) which is a shame because those complex chords used are SO DIFFICULT to suss out without help. Some blue-eyed soul is prevalent, but not having as much Black music or crossover here just isn’t great. Not sure how the repertoire is built, but it would be awesome to dig deeper, and find pieces, like pieces from the Michael Franks songbook from the 80s, or say In The Name Of Love from Roberta Flack or Bill Withers, some works by the band Pages or Crazy from Valerie Carter. Off the beaten path, complex pieces that it would a tremendous help to find!
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7 years ago, JJ678901234
Needs iPhone X support, BAD.
I loved the app on my iPhone 7 Plus, minus some minor crashes and bugs. However, with iPhone X, some of the functions are cut off completely, as they didn’t format around the notch at the top of the screen. Also, the sheet music appears very small on the screen, and is almost unreadable. This phone has been out for over a month now, so to see that it’s still not optimized for the phone is a little concerning. I love using this music player in voice lessons, but it has to be optimized for the screen to work properly.
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1 year ago, CynthiaJean
Lack of communication
The very first item I purchased with my Pro account on Musicnotes had errors in the music. I have been unable to have any meaningful interaction with the company through their help/support about this. Their initial email from 3 weeks ago asking for details has not been followed up. The day after I posted this I finally received a helpful reply from MusicNotes customer service, who had corrected the errors in the music and who explained to me how to download the corrected version.
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12 months ago, wolfden7
New version of the Musicnotes app has many limitations
Old version of the Musicnotes app was substantially better. This newer app doesn't allow full view, doesn't allow larger fonts, didn't keep transposed music in the correct, arrow at the top left corner to get back to my library works only half the time and has multiple bugs. Can I still use the old app? That one was far superior from a user interface standpoint.
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4 years ago, Annabel🎶🎶
Love this app! They have tons of sheet music for so many instruments, and for a reasonable price. They email you with deals on a consistent basis, which is amazing! The only thing is that you have to buy the sheet music to hear it all, it only gives you the first page if your browsing, which can be annoying. I’ve tried lots of different sheet music app, and this one is definetly my favorite. For sure get this app!
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4 years ago, Ellieegr8❤️
WAS great until....
I LOVE the music they have on here. But the thing is that I have added tons of songs to my favorites collection and now I can’t find them anywhere!! I am so upset because I forgot what the names of some of the songs were! There is only one song on library that I have favorited but nothing else. They all had just suddenly disappeared. The ones I favorite NOW don’t even show up in a favorites collection, so then I can’t find them again. I am SUPER confused and upset!!
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4 months ago, TomOB419
Almost Great
Musicnotes can’t be beat in terms of the sheer volume of music that can be purchased. My main issue is with the app itself on my tablet. It often won’t load, or will freeze up during the loading process. If I want to print anything I have to move to a desktop machine and open the web version. I don’t use the app as a music viewer for this reason and instead resort to another platform.
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3 years ago, Lilpeach29
Not well designed
I was looking for an app where i could collect all different types of piano sheet music based on what I was interested in. I’m a beginner and it looked like music notes would help me find the right music. Wrong! Why is there literally no way to search other than by title. How about “instrument” “ability level” “keyword” “genre” - anything? Nope. If you already know the song you want, you can type in its name, and then get a list of results. From that you can filter by a few things, but why can’t you start without a title?? Also, five dollars per song, even when they’re super old or not popular songs, is kind of crazy.
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5 years ago, John Floyd94
Would give 5 stars
I was enjoying this app. I would spend money on songs and i was learning. I got a new phone and now it won't let me log on to my account. Been a couple months now and i’m still upset i cant learn what i purchased. Learned its because i signed up using facebook on the website so i cant sign into my account on the app to actually look at the tabs i bought :/
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5 years ago, Bergie25
They have almost every song I have ever looked up. You get a one-page preview of every song to make sure it is what you thought it was. They have a club where you can join and save each time you buy. And for those of us who aren’t professional musicians, you can transpose most every song into much-easier-to-play keys (such as from A-minor to C major). 5 Stars!!
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6 years ago,
Would be EXCELLENT if...
You had the ability to use playback with PDF sheet music. That is actually why I downloaded the app (even though I’ve had a Musicnotes account for over five years now). The recent looping and the playback on certain parts are such a fantastic features. But the whole purpose of being able to rehearse on the go is so I can rehearse music that is given to me, and not necessarily purchased through Musicnotes. I uploaded very clear, professional sheet music but I do not have the playback option, just the metronome. Please upgrade this ability!
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6 years ago, Carl Higgy
Mr Lamos
Quite good but with one exception.. The program (player) has a tendency to freeze-up the Computer. This occurs when trying to change Page size or instrument options.. When problem occurs, it requires computer re-boot or a Control-Alt-Delete command to clear the (Freeze-up). I am using an Apple Mac-Book Pro 2015 .. I have downloaded the music via I-Tunes.. I do love most other features with this App.. 🤗🎸🤗
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4 weeks ago, Jonquil Beauvais
Metronome scroll please!
I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it if there was a scroll speed feature that you could set to the desired metronome speed. This coupled with a continuous scroll up feature would eliminate the need to turn pages (which is sometimes glitchy and results in page disorientation and musical disruption). Can this be a feature, pretty please?!?
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4 years ago, llambert5
Accompanist for free!
I have been a customer of MusicNotes for several years. I find my songs and transpose them to my range easily. But the app is even better because you can play your sheet on loop to practice, which other apps charge a lot for. This app includes it for free with any previously purchased song and no subscription needed. There’s nowhere else you need to go to prepare your songs.
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4 years ago, Best Car Maker
Great App and Service
I had originally given Musicnotes a 2-star review due to a crashing error related to my AirTurn Duo. Their support team reached out to me and helped to resolve the problem and now the app runs flawlessly with my setup. Not only is their support great but the app itself is very user-friendly and easy to pick up. I’d recommend this app for any musician who needs an app to for all of their sheet music.
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3 years ago, JLD2111322
Is they a customer service#
Hello there! I love music notes… I have not been on it in a long time and cannot remember my password to my account… I have a lot of sheet music in it though. The problem I am in countering is that I no longer have access to the email attached to my MusicNotes account and need help! Pretty please and thank you!
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1 year ago, Scottonaharley
Been using for quite some time. It’s adequate but….
…iPad performance is dismally slow. I have about 350 pdfs and when I search for a song it can take 2-3 seconds for the app to respond to EACH LETTER of the search. This is unacceptable. I am evaluating Onsong as one of my friends uses it and is generally happy. I’m hoping to get a response from the developers regarding app performance as when you’re at a gig you can’t take 30 seconds to pull up a sheet.
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2 years ago, falseAdvertising333
Super restrictive
Musicnotes is by far the most restrictive of any company when it comes to the music you purchase. You have to use the app. If you want to print, you have to pay for it. The idea that you can only print one copy without paying for more is absurd and nobody else follows that principle. Want to print out an extra copy to write on? Can’t do it. Want to print it out in different keys to experiment? Can’t do it. There is no copyright law that prohibits you from making copies for your personal use. This is just a way for them to make more money.
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