Musixmatch Lyrics Finder

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musiXmatch srl
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4 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Musixmatch Lyrics Finder

4.41 out of 5
8.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Amy SG
Great for learning songs in other languages
I’m learning Filipino languages, including Ilocano, Kapampangan, Cebuano, Tagalog, and Waray-Waray. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I can find a lot of translations for songs in these languages on this app. Even when there isn’t already a translation, adding one is easy no matter which version of the app you’re using, so I’m more motivated to actually look up the words I don’t know and translate the lyrics myself. I like that this app gives me a fun way to practice the languages I’m learning. I think there’s no better way to learn to sightread a language quickly than by learning to sing in it, and this app makes that fun and engaging, especially when syncing lyrics that don’t already have them synced. That’s how I ended up finding out about this app — I was listening to a lot of music on other apps that didn’t have the lyrics synced, and found out this is where that info comes from. I’ve been enjoying adding info to the database about the music I love, and knowing that I’m helping others connect with it more too. I have experienced some issues when syncing lyrics line by line — apparently in the iPad version at least, you may have issues if you’re trying to navigate the song by the timestamps — it’s better to use the timeline at the bottom, otherwise the playback and the timeline may de-sync. I also had some issues with elements not displaying properly when using an external keyboard via USB-C with the iPad version.
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2 years ago, spacecat_thehero
bad start, but pretty good…
hi! When I saw this app I was like “oh, cool” and decided to try it out because I really like looking at lyric videos, especially when the artist’s voice is hard to understand or the words aren’t that clear. So I downloaded it and tried to sign in but it said I wasn’t putting in the right password and that I had an invalid email and it wouldn’t let me in, even though I was doing my email right, so I deleted it. Then I decided to try again because I THOUGHT that when you delete an app all the data gets deleted, so I tried to sign in with the same password, (phew!!!) but apparently it saved it on the app anyway, so it let me make a new password and it worked better and let me sign in. Then I synced it to my Apple Music. This is my second day of having it and it’s working really well now. The lyrics are really accurate (like, 98% of them) and you can choose backgrounds for the lyrics to be in front of, or you can just use the album cover as the background instead. 👏👏👏
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3 years ago, δαʍί3ηʆմƘ3
Love this app, you will too
A lot of people would believe that this app is just another Shazam-like song identifier, but that's completely false. Of course it identifies songs with ease but that's the least of what this app offers. If you're a music lover you will benefit more from this app than any other music app you've ever used. Pretty bold statement.. but i'll back it up.. so i'm now officially a "music curator" witching the musixmatch community. i help build the musixmatch library. I add lyrics to song that haven't been added (new music, old favs,etc) i also love to sync the lyrics with the music. Options to do so Line by Line or even Word by Word . Oh and i should also mention i get paid to do this .. and i also get the premium features for free.. and it all started from downloading this app and the love of music. i added a few lyrics synced some songs and was offered to join the Academy. Took the lyrics test passed and took the curator test and passed . You can too! Download the app and tinker around . everyone will enjoy this app! 10 stars ..! ty devs ty musixmatch you've taken my love of music and enhanced it to new levels of enjoyment ty!
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1 year ago, 20andrescruz10
Great app, glitches tho
This is a great app, I used it to write lyrics down to my songs I produced with vocals in them without featuring anyone (no they’re not me, it’s just some random vocals). I also used it to contribute other songs that didn’t have lyrics and synced in some lyrics that weren’t synced and corrected some lyrics that were wrong. Now I basically have recognition for once. Although, when I rewind or fast forward a little bit or when I tap on one of the random synced in lyrics it glitches so much and sometimes it starts over, the glitching scares me. Musixmatch really needs to fix this for mobile. I highly recommend using the desktop version, it doesn’t glitch everytime you rewind, fast forward, or tapped on a synced in lyric that much. Overall tho, this is a good app, I would recommend using it for songs that don’t have lyrics.
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7 months ago, ~_Mac_~
Okay for users, horrible for contributors
Musixmatch, so far as identifying songs goes, is a great app that I would willingly recommend to any of my friends. As far as lyrics and lyric syncing go, it is absolutely horrible from a contributor’s perspective. There are so many songs that get readily approved with clearly incorrect lyrics, and can’t be fixed because a higher up is needed to do so. You need certain badges to earn Curator status and gain further contributing powers; I can’t earn it because I never received two of the required badges (contacted Musixmatch support about this months ago, got a reply but no resolution.) A number of songs have lyrics that Musixmatch is “not authorized to show”, with no explanation of why that is the case. It is absolutely infuriating to me, because I joined this community with the hopes of improving content quality and helping listeners out, but I feel like there are too many glitches and roadblocks to do so properly. Musixmatch needs to work on fixing their system if they expect to retain half-decent contributors.
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3 years ago, RetractedPrincess
Gets better every year
I have been a member of Musixmatch for a number of year's. I enjoy the process of inputting lyrics on the off chance that they aren't already there. I enjoy syncing them in time with the music. When I feel like taking it slower I can review what others have done. If you speak another language that opens up another world for you. Ty can translate the lyrics as well! There's always something to do. On top of everything there's an academy you can take to learn everything. It's not as scary as it sounds. You earn points for everything you do and gain levels. The high your level, the greater the level of lyrics you can edit or review. If you do well enough you can become a curator and do missions which you can get paid for. It's rarely dull on Misixmatch. Musixmatch has opened my ears to genres of music I would never listen to or given a chance on my own. Thank you Musixmatch for helping me to keep sane during this pandemic.
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6 months ago, Tobra81
A really good and informative app
I’ve been using this app for several years and I like it if they don’t have lyrics to a song they give you opportunities to find and add it for points not sure why the points can be used for yet but I’ve gotten a few. You can also report wrong lyrics, synch lyrics and all kind of different things. My favorite is making pics out of the lyrics just wish they would increase the amount of words you can add or atleast let it finish the sentence because a lot of time the line I want to add I can’t complete because it limits the number of letters you can use or allow you to pick more than one section of you run out of letter because sometimes I would like to omit the words that aren’t necessary in order to complete the point I’m trying or make in the sentence but that sounds difficult even to me. But still love the app.
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4 years ago, its emmma
Stuck on a song bug
I’ve used this app for YEARS and never had this problem until a couple of months ago— when you download the app and play whatever first song from your Apple Music, it gets stuck on that one and every time I open the app while playing a different song it automatically switches over to that first song. It will NOT allow me to open the app and click on the current song playing and simply view the lyrics if they’re synced. Once I do that it switches over to the same first song that I DONT WANT TO LISTEN TO. I don’t want to have that glitch every single time I want to listen to music on my headphones because I cannot identify a song if it’s over the headphones. It’s incredibly frustrating and I want it fixed ASAP so I can enjoy it while I’m wearing my headphones. I am deaf and this is one of the best apps for synced lyrics out there and I want to continue using and enjoying it but it is impossible with that ridiculous glitch. Fix it.
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3 years ago, grantaking
Great but one annoying bug for translations
This app is the best one that I’ve found that has lyrics translations from other languages. And the word-by-word lyrics are great... BUT there is one annoying bug for translated lyrics: the translated lyrics often don’t line up with the lyrics in the original language - they are often one line before. This happens when the first line of lyrics in a song is “...”, which doesn’t get shown in the translation - instead the translation of the first actual line is displayed, and after that then the first line of lyrics in the original language is displayed with the second line of the translation, and so on. So all of the translated lyrics are displayed one line before the original language lyrics. Please fix this annoying bug!! It will make following along with songs in other languages much easier! Then this app will be perfect.
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4 years ago, #unknownsononeofyourbeezwax
This app is amazing!
I just wanted to say that this app is amazing. It helped me sing the correct lyrics, because a lot of times I barely knew them. It was also a lot of fun adding and syncing the lyrics. The bad part of the app is, you have to type the author’s name too, to get the correct song. Sometimes even though you put in the author’s name, the song doesn’t show up. Another bad part about it is, you have to type every single word correctly, even spaces! This is sometimes stressful, because when I type in a song, it doesn’t show up. I realize it’s because I put the space in the wrong spot. But this app actually helped me a lot, and entertained me.
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5 years ago, RemingtonRand
When I open the app, it asks me to sign in. When I try to sign in, it says I have the wrong password. When I say forgot password, it says something went wrong. When I try to register with Facebook, it says something went wrong. When I launch the app and attach it to the music that I happen to be playing through the iPhone, the lyrics that are presented our for a different song than the one I’m playing. When I try to play a playlist and then open up the app, and half on the now playing bar at the bottom of the screen, it always, every time, returned me to the very first song in the playlist and present that song and and those lyrics. And when I press the fast-forward button to skip to the next song, although the audio will skip to the next song and lyrics that are presented in the hat are the lyrics for the first song in the playlist. So, basically, there are about 10 defects in the app to prevent me from using this app at all. It is very frustrating.
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2 years ago, PissedoffPeter99
Finally Fixed! Thank you!!
I have been trying to use this app for years, it used to work just fine on my phone then a couple years ago it started not loading on my phone. Every time I opened the app it would crash instantly or just freeze. Every update never changed a thing. It still worked on my iPad but not on my phone ever. This new update finally fixed it and it works beautifully! I'm so thankful you guys stuck with it, I always loved this app and now I can fully enjoy it again. I'm glad I stayed patient and that it still worked on some platforms. Now I got my most used app platform back. Much love Musixmatch and I'll be happy to contribute back to the community again! ☺️
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5 years ago, Lafeyarabian
What Happened???
I’ve used this app for a number of years. It always worked great until recently. For the last 3 months, every time I use it, it gets stuck on whatever song is currently playing. Instead of moving on to the next song in my playlist it keeps repeating the original song even though the title says it is playing the next song. If I manually change the song or try to forward it to a different song, it still plays the original song even though it says the title of the new song. I’ve tried closing the app and shutting down my phone, but when I open the app it brings me back to the original song. Uninstalling and and reinstalling the app works once, but as soon as you play the first song, it gets stuck on that song and does the same thing again. I’m ready to uninstall for good 😠
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6 years ago, Once a skeptic
Not conducive to contributions
this app is fine if you just want lyrics and possibly a song translation but if you’re looking to actually help build up the app’s collection of lyrics and translations then it’s not gonna go great. it doesn’t let you edit lyrics until you’ve earned a certain number of points doing other tasks like syncing and translating; your only course of action if you see something clearly wrong with the lyrics is to send a report (which may not be reviewed for months). sometimes while translating it will tell me there’s an error with some of my lines (there usually isn’t one) and refuses to let me submit it, nor does it tell me what specifically needs to be fixed about it. this platform works about as well as you’d expect from one that asks the community to do all of the work while keeping mechanisms in place designed to make it difficult to contribute.
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10 months ago, QuantumAnomaly
Made to wait through ads, then asked for personal info
I had to wait through 3 deliberately delayed ad screens. It was annoying, but I thought if it’s just once and this is the only annoyance, maybe I’ll still try the app. But after being made to wait, next was a registration screen. Like, just pile on the pain points before a person even has a chance to use the app! Keep in mind users know nothing about your app until they try it. If you set up this many hurdles before someone can even experience anything good about it, of course they will walk away. There are plenty of places to find lyrics online. I just thought maybe this app would provide a more advanced search engine than a web app - turned out it just presented a bigger waste of time.
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4 years ago, Chief Tuskaloosa
Absolute trash. Stay away!
UPDATE: The developer left feedback on my review but clearly they didn't even read why I rated so low. All they suggested was to visit the troubleshooting website or email them - BOTH of which I've already done and received no help or response. Typical for this (cr)app. This app crashes every time it's opened and has never worked for me. I've tried the beta version on TestFlight and it had the same issue. I've tried on multiple devices running different iOS versions. I even erased my phone and setup as new (did not restore from backup) and the app still won't open. Just crashes every time. I've tried the troubleshooting info on their website which didn't work, and also submitted crash reports to the developer. Submitted multiple support tickets on their website but never received a response. I give up! Don't waste your time like I did.
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7 months ago, ninjawolfgirl07
This is AMAZING!!
I love this app because it has every song you can think of. All you have to do to start this experience is signing up and it’s so easy. I also love it because I can play any song I don’t know and just start singing the lyrics looking at the app. When you play a song it also connects what your listening too ,to the right part of the song and if you start the lyrics int he middle of the song you can just tap that lyric and the song goes right from there. Overall I think this app is amazing and very distracting when you play your favorite songs 😂( in a good way ).
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5 years ago, goose32
Best lyric app you can find!
This app is amazing. I love the fact that you can just use it to view lyrics and follow along with songs but the best part to me is that it allows you to contribute to the quality of the lyrics as well. The features that allow you sync up the lyrics to the exact rhythm of the songs to better the experience for others is amazing while also creating a fun experience for yourself to contribute and learn the lyrics and rhythms of each song even better than you can with any other app or website out there. Highly recommended for anyone looking to follow along and learn their favorite songs!
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6 months ago, Tre’lin
Good app, lyric editing system bad
Loved this app for the first five minutes. I was very excited to finally be able to edit and add lyrics to songs I liked. This was, of course, until i realized the system is barely useable. When editing line by line, the music more than often pauses when you click a certain line about 5 seconds after it starts playing. This is very annoying as you have to play with it for a bit until it actually starts to play correct. The “back” button on the word by word editing system doesn’t work at all making it impossible to fix your mistakes. Also, on both systems, neither of the “slow” buttons work to slow the song making it very hard to make precise adjustments.
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2 months ago, mhmd_alameh
Fantastic UI, needs additional customization features
I absolutely love Musixmatch. It is, in my opinion, far better than Genius. However, i was really hoping there would be options to like albums or particular songs. From what i have seen, the service only allows you to like artists but not particular content. I would really appreciate seeing a system like that of music streaming services, where you’re able to customize your personal library: like songs, save albums, create personal playlists or even save other’s.
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1 year ago, bennyryan
can we update?
used to work perfectly.. pro user here. made contributions as usual in the past. whenever I go to submit my synced lyrics, the app freezes for just a bit under half a second, immediately displays an error icon, (looks like an explanation point inside of a triangle,) and force logs me out, back to sign in. without saving the lyric sync I just completed. Rough stuff. no workaround, usually i figure out a way to beat these kinds of bugs/glitches in order to work with what resources I have avail. to me; but not this time. I can screen record an example if needed but, i'm in the app store reviews... so i can only expect this to go so far. thanks, bye.
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4 weeks ago, Chace-a-face
Lyrical Error & Company Response
Really liked using the app until I made a simple mistake inputting one line of lyrics for my own song. Once the lyrics are “verified” by the company, it’s nearly impossible to change unless you become a curator which takes forever and has it’s own set of issues. For months I’ve been trying to report the problem with the correct lyric change, and at one point they did change the lyric, but to a different incorrect revision that ignored my written correction listed in my message. Going on 3 months now I have submitted so many reports with the correct line and I’m getting no response. Where are you guys?
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7 months ago, Chris Stamey
It's a good concept but it has some issues.
This app will prompt me to sync lyrics that I have just sent synced, as soon as I send them and get points for contributing. Why am I asked to sync twice? Why can I have one account which won't let me manage song credits, and an account that will let me manage credits for the same artist, with the same email address, and still not be able to connect those things within the app? These feel like serious problems, though I love the premise of this thing. In my pro artist management account I've managed to wiggle in there without paying for it under the balloon ads after long loading times, and I sent some lyric and song credit submission out...using the web browser in my phone since pro account wont show up in the app... Somewhat successfully my lyrics are on Instagram with an OK sync, but they are not on iTunes and it has been over a week. I'm wondering if sincd I am prompted to do things multiple times that causes me to send multiple submissions of the same thing because of some glitch in your system...?
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3 years ago, kc8pnl
Fantastic app!
Now that VoiceOver once again works for reading lyrics in this app, this is once again my only lyrics app! I had planned to give it a low rating due to accessibility problems and also cancel my subscription to offer support, when I saw an update appear and I was overjoyed to discover it was fixed. I have always loved music, but am now losing my hearing and I'm already blind. Thanks to my braille display, iPhone, and this app, I'm able to get that part of my music back! Thanks so much for making this possible!
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2 months ago, Tiff_sci
Irritatingly glitchy
I haven’t used the app in a few years since it’s incredibly glitchy, from just opening it to contributing. A new album came out so I tried to give it a shot again and it’s still so glitchy. I want to help my favorite band out by syncing lyrics and translating but I get so annoyed. When I click contribute the app freezes, then when I can get to the syncing part the songs don’t start or the audio gets stuck and it makes this horrible sound. When it is working I’m afraid to make a mistake because if I have to go back it does it again or it takes me to the beginning instead of back one verse… it’s been many years since this app has been out, I was really disappointed it hasn’t been fixed.
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7 years ago, Riderkicker
Almost good
I like the concept of the app and that it saves the lyrics for my music. The player is great. I just hope they could make it so I can add lyrics, both regular and translated, for my own personal use. I sometimes have songs it can't find lyrics for and there is no option to add then sync them offline. Liked a translation for a song so I added it, but anyone else can delete it. At least I want it to remember the UnsyncedLyrics tag attached to my music and let me edit/sync/translate for myself so it would show on the widget. Would have been willing to pay for offline lyrics if they made an offline version in another app with a one-time payment.
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7 years ago, TheMildEnthusiast
Great App
I love this app because I can learn lyrics to songs the right way instead of I interpreting lyrics and sound like an idiot when I sing the song. It’s also fun to sing a long with the song. I’m giving four stars because the lyrics occur choppy. If the lyrics scrolled up from the bottom of the phone and continued to appear this way, I’d give it a five star. The lyrics show up in parts and they cut each other off and it can be difficult to follow if the song is fast paced. Fix this, and this app would be perfect!
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3 years ago, Kiriel97
Great app with all the lyrics you want or need
I love listening to songs along with lyrics, and had been using a few other apps to do so when I came across this one. I initially tried it because they have line by line lyrics which me and my friends could use for karaoke. Then I realized that unlike several other apps, this one was fan-edited and had a lot of the more niche bands I listen to represented in their library. Overall, my experience with this app has been amazing! Thanks for making it devs!
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6 years ago, Jenfjfkskf
Love this app
It’s perfect for getting translations to the songs I love, and because lyrics pop up in time with the music, it makes it easier to follow along. Lyrics are updated pretty quickly, which is awesome. I would definitely recommend this app if you are learning a new language, like listening to a large range of music, or just want some lyrics so you can sing along. The only thing that would make it better would be if the translations would pop up as a widget. But maybe you need to pay for premium for that.
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2 years ago, BouncyPenguin1
Always have to manually select
This good be a great app, but it has 2 major flaws which should be addressed. I’ve deleted this app 3 times because I get so frustrated with it. 1. It’s always stuck on 1 (the same) song on its initial launch. No matter what song is on, if I open it it goes back to that 1 song. I’m not even sure why because I never did anything with the lyrics for that song. 2. You CANNOT use it like a regular music app, for example playing music from your playlist. BECAUSE…as it finishes a song, the lyrics for the next song will not be correct. You have to manually select the next song so the correct lyrics sync. It’s so annoying.
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2 years ago, alex 🌸👍🏻
Not Helpful
I downloaded the app to try to correct some lyrics that were incorrectly written in romaji, using letters that don’t even exist in Japanese romanization. Since I took the academy, I know the lyrics should have been written in Japanese, not romaji. I submitted several reports, but nothing changed because the songs have been locked and approved. I’ve also put in work synching lyrics, but the lyrics are often wrong, even in English. I had to email and ask for my academy score, because they did not contact me within 48 hours as I was told. Without telling me a score, they told me I didn’t pass, and told me to “really study.” I’m not going to study hard when the site profits off of my free work. I’m done with the app and the website.
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4 years ago, hi new frind
UwU read this
I really like this app and when I could hear the lyrics I would go here also I love the translations but a cool thing to add would be the syncing with the song a bit better because sometimes I mess up then it’s all heksvskdvyskdvaoavakshsvsk (weird) ya know also another thing you could add is you search up lyrics if you don’t know the song because that would be easy-er to do I hope I wasn’t one of those people who try to say “fix this fix that I want my own style on here bla bla bla" so um yeah stay safe and have a nice day UwU
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4 years ago, sedative hypnotic
Lyrics doesn’t change with songs 😡😡😤😤
There’s serious bug in this version of the app. I never had faced this problem before. Lyrics doesn’t change with songs. Let’s say, I open the app & played a song. Fine, there’s no issue. App can recognize the song & show the lyric. But when the songs ends & starts a new song , it shows a different lyric from a specific song. I tried to change the song again & the problem remains. Whenever the song ends automatically & stats playing a new one it shows the specific lyric. Even if I change to a different song by myself, it still shows the same specific lyric. I just don’t understand why ??? The app shows the correct lyric only for the first song when I close the app & reopen. Other than that, the app always shows a specific lyric for every single track I play. This is just ridiculous. As far as I remember, the lyric that is shown in every single track , I played that very song once I downloaded the app for the first moment. I hope you guys can fix the problem as soon as possible.
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1 year ago, KDE bla bla bla
Needs Improvement
This app is okay. It’s very glitchy, and oftentimes doesn’t accept my changes to lyrics and syncing. Even when it does it may take a few times of submitting to go through. I’ve waited days to see if it just takes some time and it still hasn’t changed. Also, the curator test is terrible. I don’t know how people possibly pass it. The song for the first question should probably be changed. Another thing, Musixmatch constantly verifies the wrong lyrics. I’m not sure that they even read the lyrics sometimes because they’re just so obviously wrong. They’re such sticklers with their guidelines but can’t follow them themselves. The translation aspect is very cool and good to use for learning languages, and the design is quite smooth and satisfying, but there’s just so many problems that should be fixed. I don’t think it’s enough not to download, but I’m still hopeful for the developers to make changes in the future.
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6 years ago, ohmygodthisiscrazy
Fix your bugs before adding new features
Since I started using this app last year, there have been quite a lot of bugs. I didn’t delete the app because I believed in its potential. I thought given some time they would totally fix those. I was wrong. Instead of improving their existent function, which was truly unique, they decided to add more features, which many other apps have been providing for a long time and doing much better. Now I’m losing my patience gradually. Those bugs seem more and more annoying every day. Nothing is wrong with having ambition, but knowing your own ability is equally important. Don’t let your big appetite ruin you.
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1 year ago, Uymky
Almost perfect - add manual delay
This is an amazing app for learners languages. The only problem is that the timing of the text is sometimes off, sometimes by a fraction of a second, but as result you don’t have enough time to read the original lyrics and their transition as the song progress. It would have been perfect if I could manually add a tiny delay and place the current moment anywhere I want on the screen. Perhaps by just dragging the screen.
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4 years ago, FelixTheKat1960
You Do The Work. They Get The Money.
Worthless. This app does nothing for the user. I thought I was getting an app that already had lyrics and translated songs for you. They want you to write the lyrics down, sync them with the track and translate it yourself. Who has that kind of time? I don’t need an app to write down my own lyrics. The translation process is a nightmare. Even when you save, if you go back to the page, half of it is missing. I tried it twice and gave up. If you don’t have or want Apple Music, it’s a PITA to access your library. Everything about it is so uptight and restrictive, you can’t copy any of the language translations, you can’t even share the translated video. I don’t know what the point of it is.
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7 years ago, Cjknights
All about lyrics
They were the absolute best player with lyrics for the past 18 months. Recently has turned into an app that is very hard to tolerate. Ads are insane and this app allows their advertisers to have ads that take up half the screen and has a fake “X” which never closes the ad that blocks your vision but only opens a full blown ad. In addition, this app used to be controlled by Apple Music, controls moved from Apple Music to the app so everything must be generated from this app. That would be okay but there are major music control issues such as there is no pause button that works! The overall workflow took a big hit here!
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5 years ago, Taz(17)
Used to be the best app
This app used to work perfectly but lately I have been experiencing the same problem once and once again. I play a song and the lyrics of the song start on the screen, but immediately I put another song the app switch up and replay the first song, so I can’t see another lyric from any song or put another song that isn’t the song that the app puts. I deleted the song and re downloaded again but it didn’t work. So this app went from being my favorite app to an annoying app that don’t even let me put a song
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4 years ago, you're so salty
I loved this app so much but it’s been a while since i’ve been having this issue. Whenever i listen to a song on my music app on my iphone (not from apple music) for some reason musixmatch will redirect and change the song to a specific one every single time. I reinstalled the app several times but it didn’t fix the issue. Furthermore whenever i do that, the app won’t detect/recognize the song i’m listening to on my music app for some time and then somehow at some point will start to detect/recognize. I used to think that maybe it was an issue with my old phone because it was getting old but I just got a new one and I still have the same problem.
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4 years ago, CattyJester40
So much potential, but MANY FLAWS
I contribute a lot on this app and am an insider graduate with 271 points. When this app works and the lyrics are correct, it’s amazing. However, there are some big problems I am experiencing when adding lyrics primarily. A lot of the time, it isn’t saving what I write. The lyrics save at first, but then revert back to what they were before. This has caused me to lose 20 minutes of progress on a song and forced me to start over. Perhaps others are experiencing this bug as well. I hope this can be fixed, because I love contributing on this app
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3 years ago, Tessellation Row
If you love lyrics and music you’ll like it
I only have one complaint that really needs to be addressed. The overall time required to add, sync and sync by word is extremely laborious. Especially the word by word part. A song that has 7 minutes of instrumental before the lyrics come in means I need to sit and watch the app for 7 minutes, can’t switch apps, can let the display go to sleep, can’t lock the phone. This one complaint is the reason I don’t use this app as often as I once did.
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3 years ago, GenoHI
When the app works properly it’s great, however I’ve noticed, more often lately it displays messages like “you must have better taste in music than we do” or “out of 6 million songs we don’t have this one, sorry”, whenever it doesn’t display the lyrics to a song. The problem is that I’ve been using Musixmatch for several years and they always had those lyrics in the past!!?? I’m wondering what the real issue is??
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7 years ago, Snick3rBars
Good concept, needs work.
I like the idea of live lyrics and have been looking for an app that implements them. This is a good idea but there's some issues. Firstly, I'm having a lot of bug issues and app crashes. Moving forward in menus or picking new songs is locking the whole app up and making it unresponsive to the point closing and reopening it won't even launch it. Somehow I was able to close every running app on my phone including the music app and there was still music playing. This is the biggest issue that needs fixing. Secondly, I don't like the idea of this being a "free but upgrade to premium" app. If the developer wants to utilize ads in the app, it should be done in a way that doesn't detract from the gorgeous aesthetic that the player brings. I have a feeling that's only going to drive users away. For the record, I'm running beta software but it's beta 6 for 11.2 and since 11.2 has gone public there should be no conflicts with this.
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6 years ago, JoeXGray
New Widget is way better, if a bit buggy.
The new widget design is finally consistent with the look of widgets on iOS since iOS 10. And frankly it looks fantastic now. I love it. It does often say “unable to load”, though. That’s not the biggest issue, since tapping on it makes it load after about two seconds, but it would be absolutely amazing if it succeeded to load the first time more often. Thank you for fixing your widget. It finally looks like it belongs with my other widgets.
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6 years ago, Bob277v
This app is fantastic!
Tried several other apps to get lyrics, nothing is easier than finding the lyrics as the song is playing! The only complaint I would have which isn’t a complaint, would be I would like to sometimes read the lyrics to the whole song and not actually have to read along with the music, but you can look those up online if you really wanted to.
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1 month ago, Superbonniegamer
Deletes my lyrics
I have been trying for months on end to write lyrics for songs so people can learn them and sing along. However, with ever song I write lyrics for and sync to the song, I’ll try to send the song and get some random error. Then, when I try to fix the error, it kicks me out and deletes everything I have worked on. This is extremely frustrating because I just wasted a lot of time writing and syncing lyrics just for them to be deleted because of an error that isn’t even my fault. I hope the developers see this and fix this issue, or else I will stop using this app entirely.
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6 years ago, Stanzb
I like this app for seeing lyrics for songs I’m listening to, but something I noticed is that whenever I have shuffle on, when I change a song, shuffle turns off then on again and I end up hearing the same song multiple times because of this. I checked and it does not happen when Musixmatch is closed, but when it’s open, this happens. I even checked on my other phone and it does the same exact thing. Please fix this soon because it is getting a bit annoying!
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2 years ago, ruggie27
Where is the lyrics?
I have enjoyed your lyric app in the past. Now I am so frustrated how this app have changed. Now I can’t enjoy following along with the music as I am Deaf. I depend on this apps to follow along with the music at the same time. What is going on? Now it is identify the music. Ok. But isn’t this the whole reason you developed this app so we can follow the lyrics at the same time as it listen to the music. This doesn’t sit well with me. Please accommodate the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Also for other that want to read the lyrics too. Thanks for hearing me out. Your review matters.
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3 years ago, tiarra woods
this app is being really annoying, & i’m close to uninstalling it for good🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
this app is getting a 1 star, because it’s being annoyingly very, very laggy and it’s always force quitting me out, and freezing as well while doing that! if this problem doesn’t get fixed, then it’s goodbye to using “Musixmatch” for good✌🏽(btw, i’ve never really had a problem with Musixmatch before. especially the whole lag, and force quits, and freezes from the app itself, whenever i’m on it. just fix those problems, and maybe i’ll use it again). and give it a 5 star next time. thanks for reading or whatever ig.🙂
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