Mutual LDS Dating: Meet & Chat

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Mutual LLC
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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Mutual LDS Dating: Meet & Chat

4.07 out of 5
32.3K Ratings
4 years ago, musicalmedley
Works for some, but also be careful!
I will admittedly say when I downloaded the app I didn’t have much hope for it, but after a few months and some definite dud dates I found my one! We talked on mutual for a few months and then finally met! It was an instant connection and we have now been married for 7 months! While this app worked great for us you still need to be aware and be careful! I got so many messages just asking for a hookup and was promptly ghosted when the answer was no. Additionally, my sister was seriously catfished by someone on the app. After months of being led on by someone she has been left heart broken and lied to and is completely ready to swear off any form of dating! Like anything online you need to be aware and keep yourself safe while using this app. Ask questions, meet in public places, don’t give to much personal information unless you really know them! And after you have an actual match get their number, call them, make sure they are who they say they are! There is such great potential with this app I see it in my own life everyday! But be careful! And keep yourself safe!
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4 months ago, emvac
Dating can be complicated, mutual can simplify it
I downloaded the mutual app as a somewhat reluctant 49yo woman, just having heard crazy dating app stories & not knowing what to expect. Divorced for a few years, I hadn’t been in the single dating pool for several decades, but knew I was ready & looking for a partner that was familiar with & ideally shared my faith background (among other things, but that’s primarily why I chose mutual). I didn’t do the paid version at first. To start, I appreciated the format they have for setting up your profile: several pictures, sections w/ prompts, questions, interests. I like the filters you can set up as far as age & distance you are open to. But esp how they verify users to filter out bots/cons. During the last few months I have been on, I have had quite a lot of success & fun making connections, new friends, & romantic interests. Lots of texting, FT, & some dates (the guys I match with are mostly out of state). I eventually did a month of the paid version so I could see who liked me & have a more accurate way to potentially match. Sometimes I initiate the conversations & sometimes I wait for them to lead, but I truly haven’t had any bad experiences & I have so much respect for the men (& women) brave enough to put themselves out there with the hope of finding a connection! I totally believe I could meet my future boyfriend or husband this way. I would definitely recommend this app to friends.
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4 years ago, ftmarijo
When I first downloaded the app I didn’t expect much. Maybe meeting some people members of the Church. At first I met people from different parts of the world (I open my location to it) I had very interesting conversations on the app with different people. After a few months on the app I met to the most amazing and incredible man, the few pictures he had on the app he look cute and looked like he could be a good friend, and after a few weeks of talking we decide to met in person and 6 month later we GOT MARRY!!!! Before using this app I didn’t really believe in meeting The One online or in an app. But I pray and I took a chance of meeting other members of the Church of Jesus Christ and I am so very grateful for the app, it was easy to sing up, I decide to use the Preminun features and was easy to see who was interested in me and also to start conversations. After my third date with my husband I put my profile on hidden or ninja (something like that) because I wanted to see where this relationship will go, when we decide to date seriously I cancel my subscription, it was an easy process. Thanks mutual your app it was great and I know that you understand why I stop using it and erased from my phone. And to who ever is reading this I know that God has someone for us. It took me 32 years to met the love of my life. Hang in there the love of your life is out there and will come to you when you both are ready.
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4 years ago, Anjb90
Have to pay to get all the potentials
I’ve been on Mutual many times over the last 4 years. Most recently, since February (so 4 months). I set my parameters, and had reached the point where I had swiped through all eligible men within my parameters. It’s been this way for about a month. The number of people who “liked” me had finally reached a number that I was curious about, so I paid for the advanced version. Only to find out that every single one was someone outside my country (my parameters are set to only show men inside my country). This was super frustrating that it is showing people who like me that are outside my parameters (especially a geographic location). I really wish there was a way to limit who you saw in the “liked” section too, since these are people I’m realistically not going to date due to location, and have now just wasted money on the paid version. But also interestingly enough - remember above I said that under the free version I had swiped through all the men within my parameters, and it had been that way for over a month? Well, as soon as I paid for the advanced version, I all of a sudden have an endless number of men to swipe through again (and no, I didn’t click on reset my list). I’m very doubtful that these men all happened to join Mutual this week, and am lead to believe instead they were being held back because I wasn’t willing to pay the app. And that’s cheap and leaves a poor taste in my mouth for the app.
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4 weeks ago, DoubleGGoat
Doesn’t work compared to apps
This app is the weirdest app I’ve used and the one I’ve used the longest. I have gone on a decent amount of dates from this app and even got a girlfriend for a bit. This app has been confirmed by the development team they limit who sees your profile based on subscription status/ activity. Which is just scummy because as a guy you’re forcing me to swipe 50 girls a day to land a date with st least one girl because you don’t limit the activity of women. When I went out with these women and checked their profiles because we were joking around. I had about 130 likes total on my profile of a year. This girl who’s has the app for 3 months has 873 likes 🤯. Trust me no one is going to want to settle when they have over 500 potential guys out there. This app really needs to limit the amount of likes someone gets maybe at 30 and until they’ve matched with that person they get more but no that is reserved behind the 26$ paywall (or whatever). This is really sad as many of my lds friends who have gotten married or found partners have been off hinged or Tinder which is hilarious to me. The app doesn’t punish unresponsive people, the app locks all quality features that are free on other apps behind subscriptions, and the way the app is maneuvered is really just for money. TRUST ME. For people who are depressed swiping on girls and finding no luck go to Hinge or Bumble you’ll go on many more dates and meet a lot more interesting women.
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4 months ago, Maigen is me!!
What my pros and cons are of this app *just my opinion*
Pros: •You get to match with people of different backgrounds and different likes •You can date people with the same interests as you have. •it gets you out of your comfort zone •talking to new people lets you venture out, and get to know all sorts of people • If dating online is your way to go here is a good app for you Cons: • I have had nothing but trouble with all the matches I have matched with I might be my luck but all that has happened is I have run into nothing but predators! • Would not recommend it if you are not ready to date, if you want to find friends this isn’t the place for that. •A lot of guys want to put a ring on your finger as fast as they can, a lot don’t want to take it slow! Which is a real deal breaker with me. I tell them to take it slow the next thing I know they are trying to propose to me. **Not all guys are that way just the ones I have dealt with** **This was my opinion, we all have our own opinions so before you judge it try it out. I am just telling you what problems I have dealt with personally** This app is something that is removed from my phone at the moment because of my luck with the opposite gender. I have never had good luck and maybe it is just me, I hope you all find happiness and health, stay positive. Good luck to whoever is on this app! I hope you all can find your true love. Just because online dating isn’t for me, doesn’t mean it isn’t for you.
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4 years ago, Booyah 2.0
App is great, people not so much.
I’ve been nearly using this app for 2 1/2 years now and oh my gosh! My advice, use this app at you’re own risk. The app itself is actually really good all around (my only tip would be to add a filter to get rid of those who are inactive), but the people. Right now I’m having shivers just thinking about it. I’ve had my fair share of bad dates that aren’t from this app, but this app has shown me nothing (with the exception here and there) but bad people and bad dates. It’s is like a breeding ground for the mentally and emotionally unstable. You will encounter Gold diggers, hookups, clinically insane people, the “let me tell you every mental disorder I have”, scammers (happens when you do worldwide filter) and this year has just been worse. The year 2020 has made so many users absolutely militant and just straight up nasty if you don’t align with a certain political party, trend, or ideological movement that I will straight up swipe down on anyone who has anything like what I’ve just said in their bio’s or pictures. Isn’t the fact of this app supposed to bring people who may think differently together, because we share the same faith and that is something we can agree on? My advice is again, use this app at your own risk. There’s been crazy’s on here before, but in 2020 there’s been a massive influx of them in this app.
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2 years ago, DigiKidGaming
Two Major Problems:
1. For a dating app built, communication is a core component of the service. The built in chat feature is unacceptably buggy. I should be able to read the message I am replying to, but it is instead hidden behind the keyboard. This is not a one-time bug, this happens literally every time I try to reply to a message. 2. Artificially capping how many profiles your users can view a day is cowardly. Trying to strong-arm users into paying for a subscription service that they may or may not want, and which is atrociously overpriced is shameful practice. Improve your offering, don’t manipulate and coerce. I was almost considering it, too, until you tried to twist my arm. I’m happy to improve my rating if either of these things gets addressed. Edit: Revising my response after receiving a response and also having had a few days to cool down. My initial review was definitely written in a moment of spite, but it wasn’t just vitriol. These are legitimate complaints I still have, but to leave a 1-Star review wasn’t fair. All things said, and Utah dating culture aside, the application is reasonably well developed, and is useful as a tool if you’re looking to meet people, romantic or friendly.
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5 months ago, Yet Another Success Story
Lots of effort, but a happy ending
The only reason I won’t give 5 stars is because I feel like you have to upgrade to the paid version in order to get the results you’re looking for. I was on the app for 2 years with very little success. My fiancé was on the app for one week and paid for the upgraded version, and he had much better success finding what he was looking for. Obviously it paid off big time for the two of us because he found me and we matched, but the low level of success that I was experiencing with the free version made me never want to upgrade to the paid version, just because I wasn’t sure that it would improve my results if I already wasn’t seeing what I was looking for. All in all, despite the stigma around dating apps, I’m very grateful for this app because it did help me find my person. I’m very happy that this option exists, because it can be so hard to find people with similar beliefs and standards who are ready for the same level of commitment as you.
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1 year ago, Razzle_Yazzle
The app works fine, but the idea of mutual is broken. In my opinion the apps main objective is not to help single members of the church meet people, the main objective is to get you to buy their mutual plus thing (which is a massive rip off). The app tries to get you to match with a lot of people, most of which either live super far away, are way older or younger than you and generally you’re not interested in. Which is fine and all but then the problem is you never see these “79 people like you” when you swipe. In my experience the app hides from you people who have swiped up on you, and in my opinion this is because the main objective of the app is that they want you to pay money and buy their subscription thing. And I get it, they are a business, but don’t claim to be the churches dating app if you’re goal isn’t to help people meet other singles, or if your objective is to make people buy the mutual plus thing at least make it somewhat affordable. Also if you are a male, don’t even bother, the app is way more biased towards females. If you want to actually meet people and go on dates use hinge, if you want to look at girls and never match with anyone use this one.
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6 years ago, Ahkahbeatrice
Not Perfect, but Effective
As a woman, it feels good to be able to play an active role in dating, as opposed to just waiting around for someone to ask me out. I moved out east when I got home from the mission, and the sudden scarcity of Mormon guys to date combined with my post-mission awkwardness lead to going on exactly one date for the whole first year home (sorry prez!😬). This app turned that around. With it I started going on dates again—albeit not a ton, but dates still the same. I could chat with and meet guys from the area that weren’t in my Stake. Downsides: The maximum geographical distance they give you before you have to jump to infinite is only 250 miles, which isn’t ideal for people on the East Coast. Also, there are a few non-mormons using the app that don’t realize it’s a Mormon thing. Not a big deal, but good to be aware of. I also wish the notifications could make a sound when I get a message instead of just being a silent banner. Great app, though. Made all the difference.
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3 years ago, Gbdbhkfehsfb
Needs Improvement
Very little happens after “matching” with people because you know nothing about them to begin a conversation. The app only allows a handful of words to describe oneself and only 5 photos. The trend on this app is to match and never talk to each other. If there were more room to tell about yourself and important/relevant questions to be answered like LDSPlanet has (frequency of church attendance, whether or not you have a current temple recommend, etc.) people could proceed with conversations with more confidence that they’re not wasting their time. As it stands, talking to people on here is a black hole. You don’t even know if the person is a church member a lot of the time (a huge percentage of people on the app AREN’T church members, much less active ones). There need to be more and better information filters so you know important things about the person before matching/talking. I’ve emailed this feedback to Mutual in the past, but so far nothing has changed in this respect. Mutual and LDSPlanet need to get together and rebirth their LDS dating opportunities— Mutual has a lot more people, but LDSPlanet has much better information to pre-screen people.
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2 years ago, MichaelMillion10
Hope you paid for premium
With this latest update, I’m more disappointed than ever. I semi-understood the limit on swiping (okay, no I don’t actually- it should be a limit on LIKES, not SWIPES. Limiting swipes literally just means I use your app less. Limiting likes means I’m more conscientious about who I show interest in. They are not the same at all), and I’ve always thought the features that premium offered would be worthwhile to those interested. But the premium advertisements are just too invasive now; my final straw was the inclusion of the “Get Premium” tooltip in the messages to get text-receipts. Other apps have premium for text receipts- this is fine. HOWEVER: they don’t have an obnoxious “Get premium” text box that never goes away. Why not make it a 1-time tooltip to inform users they have the option for receipts if they buy premium, and then have it disappear for the majority of your user base who aren’t interested? Fix that, and make the limit on likes instead of swipes, and I’ll change my review (as I’m sure would many others). Otherwise, I’m joining the exodus to Hinge with everyone else.
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2 weeks ago, friedvitamins
They don’t want to fix what’s broken and the source of all of their feedback.
You could excuse them at first, but they’ve been around for years now, and so many of their features are designed to artificially inflate people’s ideas about how many actually use the app and are actually responding to likes and notes and whatever. If you don’t pay for premium features, it’s nearly impossible to get noticed, and then those premium features are then hobbled or are so buggy they’re almost useless. It’s not even a matter of some complicated technical problem that would take thousands of dev hours, it’s features they’re willfully implementing. How do we know? Just look at their feature request page. Thousands of votes for basic features that would really help people know whether it was worth investing money to message someone based on whether their account was abandoned, or even if that person had swiped down on their note or them or whatever. It’s predatory. I truly wish someone else would come up with a better app, because this one is riddled with bugs and has a team that just won’t listen to its users.
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3 years ago, adamthefirst97
Hinge is Better!
The only thing that I appreciate about this app is that it provides a demographic of people that are of my belief. But whatever algorithm that mutual uses makes it impossible to match with people you like. I was on this app for months without buying the premium and the entire time the number of people it said had swiped up on me, never went down and I would run out of people to swipe on. Even when it said I still had people that had swiped up on me. Plus the app would randomly match me up with people that I had never seen, from a different state. I’m not saying I never matched with people but it wasn’t very often. On top of that a lot of people don’t care for this app. So even when you did match with somebody it didn’t matter because nobody ever checks their messages on here. I kept getting ghosted and I began to think that maybe it was me, maybe I said something wrong. However, I tried out Hinge and I found out that was false. I’ve been able to get more dates on hinge in two weeks than I have with mutual in two years. Get Hinge if you are looking for something that actually works.
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5 years ago, M3gaMan1080
Not working out for me
It’s definitely a me problem, but the app functions well. Tech support is friendly and helpful. The app was deleting my info and I contacted the support team. They helped me work out the kinks. Now everything seems to be running smoothly. The only reason I’m rating it at 4 stars instead of 5 is because it seems like not many people are using this app which is not helpful for as an introvert. It’s possible to get to the end of the list and be given the option to start over from the beginning. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s anything the developer can do to bend people’s will to use the app. That being said, I do still think this app is good. The tag feature is useful because you can’t write a whole lot in the about me section, which is probably a very on purpose kind of thing to help people get to the point of who they are as a person. If you can’t tell I’m one to ramble a bit.
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1 year ago, chapped123
Get Hinge!
You can get unlimited notes on hinge or pay 2.99 per note on mutual. You can see everyone who likes you on hinge — or pay $25 a month to see all your likes on mutual. Now that mutual limits your likes/swipes even more than they used to, there is really not much benefit to this app. I remember back when they limited swipes for “consideration” purposes and now they’re not even hiding it, it was always about getting more subscribers. If everyone on mutual switched to Hinge, hinge would be the best app. Mutual developers: I saw you reply to someone else’s comment about how you can only keep mutual free and bug free because of subscribers, but y’all really don’t consider lowering your prices would bring in so many. I cannot name the number of people I know who would buy the subscription if it was around $7-8 per month and you didn’t have to buy 6 months at a time. Y’all should just really test run it and see what happens. That’s the only hope this app has to be good, and I will constantly advocate against this app until something happens.
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3 years ago, madywurtz
Don’t Give Up
I used this app on and off for four years until I met my husband in August 2020. Before meeting my man, I met a lot of great guys on the app because I was careful and had high, but realistic expectations to make sure I was safe. My husband and I actually FaceTimed before we met in person because I wanted to see if we really liked the conversations we had, enough to actually get together. I didn’t go on one bad date while using this app. It’s all about what both you and the other person are looking for in life. If you meet someone who just wants a ncmo, but you don’t want it, get out fast by unmatching them. Keep looking until you find someone who’s goals and intentions match your own. I didn’t have hope for a long time, but I kept trying and I am so grateful that mutual was the method that ultimately led my husband and I to find each other.
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3 years ago, hahdkdyxbsnddh
My wifey
I found my wife on this app and I never even believed in it at first ! This is how it went: I was 21 just got back from my mission and my girlfriend left me during my mission so I decided after a few months of being home it was time to search again. So i asked some of my college buddies and they brought me to this app which I thought was such a bad idea because I thought it looked dumb. But I scrolled for a couple days and I accidentally went passed this one gorgeous girl and I ended up having to pay to go back but that was the best payment I’ve ever spent ! We ended up matching and meeting up at Red Lobster in Provo. She looked so much better than the pic showed which was so nice I never trusted apps because I was scared of a catfish but long story short we fell in love at red lobster and my life changed because of this app and the small payment I chose to do ! I loved mutual !
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4 years ago, Chancey88888
Found my eternal companion
I was married in the Mesa AZ Temple to who I thought at the time was my eternal companion but ended up not working out. I was bummed for a while and went less active for about 2 years. After that 2 years I figured it was time to come back. I started dating but found that it was hard with a child, I have a 3 yo. I tried the singles ward but found it difficult. I figured this day and age is all online, so I registered for Mutual and struck out there as well. There were a few matches and sparks but nothing that stayed. One night I decided to log on and go through my matches but some reason it logged me out, I tried recovery username/password, etc, to no avail. It asked me to re-register, so I did. When I registered that evening I matched with my now fiancé. We are set to be married in the Gilbert AZ Temple this Sept 2020. Glad to say I downloaded that app with the full purpose to delete it. :)
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7 months ago, Haha361927
Useless update
My dating experience on this app honestly has had its ups and downs, but the 1 star review isn’t about that; it’s about the stupid updates they make on this app. As if it wasn’t difficult enough to be unmatched with for no known reason (which, I get it, sometimes people are just not interested in you and that’s okay), they updated it so that it says “conversation ended” whenever someone unmatches with you (or whenever you unmatch with someone else) and the chat just lingers there for like a day or so. The chat is blocked, so you can’t talk on it, delete it, undo the unmatched or anything. It’s insulting. What’s the point? Might as well go to someone’s house and write “loser” on their window so they can wake up to it every morning. They also archive the previous matches that you unmatch with and they just sit in a file and have no purpose whatsoever 😂 No other dating app does this, from my knowledge. Make dating an easier experience for others; don’t make it any harder than it needs to be. Remove that stupid update, and I’ll consider giving this app a higher rating.
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5 years ago, Hol-Hol
Frustrated but thankful for the idea and reason behind Mutual
I’m both grateful and frustrated with this app. Grateful because this gives me an additional way to meet guys, something that’s difficult to do unless you know the right places to go. Frustrated because I think there needs to be more free filters. I think height preferences should be a thing. I think certain tag preferences could also be a thing. Say, for instance, if a guy has tagged himself as a returned missionary and that’s something that’s important to a girl then she would be able to find only the guys that have tagged themselves as a returned missionary, possibly among other tag preferences. Another preference idea could be a culture/race/language preference. Many guys complain that Mutual has got their age wrong too and that the app won’t let them see who they’ve matched with or messages they might have received. In addition to these frustrations, I’ve noticed that there’s a handful of guys that keep resurfacing even after I’ve swiped down on them at least a dozen times. I don’t need to see them over and over again. It’s not necessary and is a waste of my time.
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2 years ago, hspacktoone
Finally a way to broaden the dating pool
I started off using tinder but when mutual came out I was stoked. It’s a great way to meet other members of the church when you’re living in a place with very limited options. Just like any dating app you have to learn to really narrow down what you’re looking for instead of saying yes to anyone you deem attractive. I had a lot of things I looked for that were red flags. After using it for about 8 months, I matched with someone I clicked instantly with, we did long distance for 8 months, and got married. Been married now for a year and a half with a baby and life’s never been better. Be patient, be smart, and you might just meet the person you’ll spend an eternity with. Let’s be honest, people rarely get asked on dates traditionally these days, so give this a try. You’ve nothing to lose!
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5 years ago, Dracoscarlet
Not bad
This dating app is good at what it does note I didn’t say great because while the app runs smoothly it’s still a big game of trying to find someone out there that has the same beliefs and interests. Some people are here just to find followers for their Instagram or Snapchat, some are here to just find a friend (nothing wrong with that) but I’m here to find some one I could spend the rest of my life with I don’t appreciate the people that are using this dating app as a way to gain more followers or just use you for something you might own like a pet. The people that are using this app for its intended purpose of I’m new to a area and I’m looking for some friends that’s fine because that could lead to more down the line but I feel bad for the people that are trying to find some that they can have a relationship with and some of the people on here are not mature enough to do so.
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6 years ago, Sarsav
Frustrated with the bugs
Besides the fact that I find it strange that I match with some guys, write them a message & then never hear back from them........ I’m actually giving it 3 stars because it’s so buggy. It is frustrating to have the little message icon light up but then check my messages and there isn’t one. Then suddenly later there is one, but - when was it actually sent? I don’t know. Because all the time stamps say the same time as the time it currently is. So if I read a message at 1:44 and then open the message up again at 2:30 it will say 2:30. Then open it again at 2:33 it will say sent at 2:33. So it is impossible to know when a message was actually sent, and I’m not sure if I’m receiving messages that aren’t showing up? Or if my little message boxes are lit up for no reason? It’s frustrating. So 3 Stars. I’m sorry, Mutual :( I’ll keep using off and on though. Although I hate having to have Facebook for it. I only have my fb activated so I can be on mutual.
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4 years ago, brycestopher
Well...It’s something
It’s something more than just trying to date in your ward...where you either already know everyone and aren’t interested in dating or have already dated everyone you’re interested in and are looking to find other people in other areas. I wish sending messages at least could be free since you can’t get to know someone without messaging someone and you can’t know who the people are who have swiped up on you unless you pay for a subscription which is frustrating. Also I don’t understand why my messages area doesn’t show messages I’ve sent so I can remember who I’ve sent messages to...yes it shows the messages of mutual matches’ messages but I wish I could see EVERYONE I’ve written. And I wish there was a location filter...because I’m just not going to date someone in Russia or South America etc I’ve got cancer and travel is not quite a possibility right now and going through 50% of the people out of the country is annoying.
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2 years ago, Cowgirl At Heart
Decent, but lacking
The app does have a lot of really good features, and is very easy to use. I do like that you offer a weekly subscription rate, which is different from most other apps. Let’s me try before I invest longer term. As a single mom, however, it would be really helpful to know if potential matches are also parents. Sure, a guy can add that in to his profile manually somewhere, but it’s not an automatic part of the profile, which it should be, just something as simple as has kids, doesn’t have kids, etc. And while this app definitely isn’t the only one to do so, I think it’s ridiculous that you can’t even see who likes you. Blurred out pixels isn’t helpful. It really doesn’t even peak my interest. It would be much more helpful to at least be able to see their main picture, and then you might actually have more people wanting to subscribe for some amount of time.
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5 years ago, Laurel.GB
Well, I Found Him!
I was living in Aurora, CO and not finding any men I was interested in dating. About a month into using Mutual I was visiting my family in Southern California for the holidays about 30 miles north of where Andrew was stationed in the Navy. Andrew also went home to see his family for the holidays but only after my profile popped up on his mutual app during the narrow two-day window we were in the same city. Without Mutual it’s possible I never would have found this wonderful, handsome, charming man who is now the love of my life. We’ve now been married 3 months and are even more deliriously happy than we were during our months of dating. Though yes, like dating outside of an app, you have to sift through a lot of frustration and unmet expectations, Mutual helps people find each other when they never would have otherwise.
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10 months ago, NefiAlejandro
It’s all pay-to-play now, and premium is expensive
The app no longer performs its intended function unless you pay for the premium account. It seems the algorithm specifically hides most of the profiles that swiped up on you so you can’t match with them organically. Then, to mock you further, it shows you hyper-inflated numbers of the people who supposedly liked you (which you cannot access without paying), most of which are not real or relevant to begin with. If you pay for premium and exhaust the ridiculous and fake list of profiles they give you, you only get a regular number of likes going forward. But if you stop paying, they almost instantly claim you have hundreds of new likes waiting for you if you would just pay for premium. Huh, funny how that works. And the matches practically stop until you start paying again. Stop betraying your customers.
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4 months ago, challenge me bro
Good app needs this:
Mutual has a great team of devs and designers as well as a great customer support i see no reason to make a major changes but i want to help fine tune. I say this respectfully but can mutal add a weight to the profiles too? I have a true love for everyone but im not interested in girls that weigh more than me just like how girls arent really into guys shorter than them. It doesnt have to be a big deal and mutual can help girls and boys push past through insecurities they may have too. Additionally can we leave reveiws on other profiles like hey this person tried to steal my wallet, or hey this girl gave me amazing compliments. Or hey guys shes really only dating for fun. This would be a really cool feature ive never seen before and would encourage more people to use the app since they can see hey this guy is actually or creep or he seems fantastic.
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2 years ago, Anther Horny Mormon
This App is Basically a Virtual Institute Dance
I say this because (1) almost everyone here is LDS and (2) almost everyone here is just looking to get laid. Or for a drinking buddy to confide in. It’s Mormon Tinder. Anything that you’re looking for, you can find it here. Trust me. Don’t let the targeted audience fool you. In fact, I think a lot of Tinder users would have better luck with this app than Tinder. If you’re serious about finding the right one, there are a few diamonds on here, but you’ll have to go through a lot of painful first dates, full of smiling and nodding, as well as a lot of money spent on some sorry man’s wife before you’ll get to them. My advice: don’t take any of it too seriously, because nobody else does. And consider looking elsewhere if you’re really looking for your forever buddy.
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1 year ago, melshang
Matches or Money Making?
My rating is based on my comparison to another dating app. I would give a lower rating, but some of my review is based on suspicion and speculation. In another dating app (Bumble), it is very obvious that my profile is being exposed to the men I am being exposed to - men who are compatible to me. I get a ton of compatible matches and very quickly. On Mutual, it seems that my profile is not being shown to the people I am being exposed to. I swipe so much and only get a few matches. It’s a huge difference. Then, when I paid to upgrade, there were hundreds of people who swiped up on me, but very few I had been exposed to. Like I said, it seems strange that on one app every other person or more is a match, but on Mutual I have to swipe hundreds of people to be connected. It seems suspicious. Not sure what’s going on behind the scenes, but the Mutual app is terrible at finding matches for me.
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6 years ago, LDSgal87
Has potential but needs work
Pros: - Tags are a fun way to quickly tell people about you. - Ability to undo last swipe - ready to date meter that tells you if they’re looking for a serious relationship or not - ability to take a second look at who you’ve passed up on when you run out of matches (although it doesn’t work half the time) Cons: - App gives me an error message literally every time I use it that prevents me from using the app. I have to close it out and reboot it repeatedly. - Not even close to enough room to describe yourself. There’s room for about two medium length sentences. - No designated place to tell: whether you have kids, want kids, or any details about you other than where you’re from, where your mission was, and where you went to school; or absolutely anything about what you’re looking for - If I want to change my profile pic to a photo that isn’t in the system yet, I’ve got to delete all of the ones that are and start from scratch. - In order to make my pictures be the appropriate size on the screen and not be zoomed in so much that half of the photo is missing, I had to take screenshots of my pics in the photos app on my phone with all of the extra black space on the screen and then upload those instead. - My “about me” section is blank to other viewers even though when I look at my profile in editing mode, my short description is there.
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5 years ago, handsomefacedave
I'm not sure if this app even works! I've been on and off of it for a few months and the amount of matches versus how many people I swipe up on is ridiculously low. I recently downloaded the app again two weeks ago to give it another chance and I've gotten one match in that time. I run out of people to potentially match with within minutes, and yet somehow the next day or even a few minutes later if I reload the app, there's suddenly more people? Another reason I think there's something wrong is that I'm currently getting to know a girl that I came across on this app and swiped up on, but before that I added her on Instagram. And guess what? She said she's swiped up on my profile multiple times and yet, no match was ever made! The idea for the app is great! It's nice to think I could find someone with my same religious background to date. But if you don't get any matches, then what's the point of it? 😡
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1 year ago,
Just For Funzies
It’s sometimes overwhelming to think there isn’t a soul in the world who matches your wave length, let alone your morals and future plans. Whether you’re on the dating train to get off at casual-ville or marriageapolis, you can chug along knowing that this platform is filled with people who are just trying to be better and meet other good humans along the way. I really appreciate the latest design updates which resemble the hinge platform allowing a person to like or comment on specific pictures or bios on an account. It gives you a conversation starter and helps you to feel like you’re not people shopping/being shopped for solely based on looks. This app gets that dating can be fun, and it enables people with a safe platform to experiment a little.
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2 years ago, BrookeLW_W
#1 dating app if you’re looking for something serious
I met my husband on mutual, I only had it for 2 months. I went out with about 8 people total from the app. I do admit you have to be continuously engaged and swiping in order to find people who are serious about dating (just like any dating app there are people who don’t respond or have other intentions) but over tinder, bumble etc, this one is easily the best one for lds singles looking to date/marry someone with similar standards. We swiped on each other on mutual and chatted for 2 months! I was in Utah and he was in California, after the summer talking he moved back to Utah, we went out to Breakfeast for our first date! It was unreal. Our first mutual date was in October 2020 and we got married November 2021.
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6 years ago, A review 123
A good app with good intentions
I give this app 1 star due to many bugs and it’s users. Works when it wants to. Also I found this app is full of fake people. The makers of the app had good intentions but the users have made it bad. Found that most users I have met through this app don’t want to date, have high standards therefore don’t ever get into a relationship, also the biggest most common thing is “ I am damaged “ by previous relationships (from years ago), damaged by someone on this app, I don’t want to date/relationship ready, or they are players dating multiple guys/girls. For an LDS app I had bigger expectations but it is like all the other “free” dating apps. Use this app at your own risk. I have found that the real men/women looking for relationships pay for dating apps, it weeds out the free app users who just are not really ready for actually dating/relationships, the ones who make it away to feel good about themselves by swiping and matching with the most people and have no real intention to actually date, the game players, the hook up people.
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4 years ago, AnneTodd
Matched, Met, Married: How to Find THE match...
I was one of those skeptical, eye-rolling YSA who thought online dating is where you just meet the creeps. Then I met my husband on Mutual. We’ve been married for over 3 years and have a 5-month-old little boy! How to find THE match: 1) Turn off the location filter. We were in the same stake and both graduated in the college of humanities at BYU, the same year, and never met; moved to two different states and because of Mutual finally saw each other. 2) Turn off the height filter, ladies. He’s an INCH shorter than me, so I never saw him until I turned off that dumb filter. And now I’m married to my best friend who’s perfect for me in every way. 3) Try, try, try, again. Before I finally swiped yes, I swiped no and got that “it came to pass you ran out of options, get it together and try one of these guys again” message. 4) Don’t overthink it. He laughs all the time about how my profile only had one measly picture and like zero text about myself. Luckily he messaged me anyway and I messaged him back. It didn’t take many paragraphs back and forth before we realized we liked talking and moved on to calls and Facetime. Bottom line: it’s a fantastic app, so try it!
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5 years ago, Minpin list
Has its pros and cons
Pros: I like that it has to be mutual for contact to be made. I like that it’s simple and easy to use. I like having filters for distance, etc., and the option to add tags to help make up for such a small profile window. I like that it saves your conversations, and you can re-set down-swipes. Cons: I don’t like that you get a VERY small paragraph to tell about yourself and read about others; I’d feel better getting to read much more about someone like some apps allow before deciding whether to swipe up or down and start an official conversation. I also don’t like that for me it has had tech bugs for what feels like 50% of the time; profiles not loading, info disappearing and re-appearing, sometimes simply not working. Customer service has taken an interest and listened and looked at screenshots but I still have to delete and reinstall the app on a regular basis to keep using it.
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4 years ago,
🥳👁🦿yes I am here to get married, but
I have not had the luxury of meeting even one real live human being in person as a result of contact via this app. That’s okay not the end of the world or anything. Look I am very, very old so maybe it’s the fact that I am over 35 and no longer considered “attractive” (according to the President of the United States at least). I will say that, despite having been around town more than once, so to speak, I still do not consider it my job to directly not formally initiate anything really, when it comes to dating. Maybe my not finding anyone yet is because in the land of LDS, it’s forever. I have noticed there are a lot of complainers on here. Anyways, when it’s right it’s right, and you’ll know. The end.
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4 years ago, PostRecyclops
Patience is a virtue
I started using this app in Fall 2017. And yes, like many dating apps, I had to put up with talking to a lot of guys who were either creepy or wouldn’t reply back to me after matching with me. Which didn’t make much sense to me but I digress. I often would download and use it for a few weeks but end up deleting it because of those reasons mentioned above. In October 2019, I decided after a few months to try it out again. I ended up matching and going on dates with a few different guys. All were nice but in the end I fell madly in love with one of them. We got engaged in May 2020 and married in October 2020. Obviously it’s not going to happen for everyone right away but it ended well for me after a lot of patience. Thank you Mutual!
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2 years ago, User20190401
Used to get a lot more matches
Maybe it’s just me, but in the past when I had used this app, I would get a decent number of matches. But on this go of having the app, pretty much nothing happens on the app in terms of matching and messaging. I know they’ve made some changes with swipe limits and things, but I wonder if the algorithm is fundamentally different to make matching happen a lot less frequently. I know when the app says you have swiped through everyone that it is actually holding back a lot more profiles that will trickle through to you, so maybe we just see fewer interesting people in general. Or maybe people aren’t as active on the app anymore… I don’t know, I just know that the experience isn’t as good as before. I was also willing to pay for a week subscription here and there before, but the prices have gotten high enough that it’s a little tougher to want to do that now.
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3 years ago, Litl_trina
Good but frustrating
The app itself works great, but it’s quite frustrating for me when I can see that a decent amount of people have swiped up, but I can’t see who they are. It feels like a money grab, it’s nice to have premium for like a day, so you can see who’s matched with you, but then it doesn’t show your profile to anyone until it runs out, and then after your premium has expired, only then does it start showing your profile to other people. And 90% of the time, the people who you match with don’t message you back, or even at all! I’ve spent hours scrolling with absolutely no matches, and even when I do, I’ll get messages asking for a “non committal makeout session” and then proceed to get mad when I say no. I think it’s more of the people on the app than the app itself, but it definitely has its frustrating moments.
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9 months ago, Juspain
Doesn’t work
I’ve been on Mutual for several years. I decided to pay for 3 months. Forgot to cancel and paid for another 3. I never once matched with anyone from the boosted profile to skip the line. I haven’t been hit that hard with the ugly stick, to not at least get one match there. The notes had a little more luck but not much. Maybe 2 or 3 over 6 months responded. The app itself seems great. Lot of LDS folk on here now, but I think their algorithm is messed up big time. Am I any better off now than I was 6 month ago? No. Paying for the service wasn’t worth the cost, as none of the paid features did anything to bring me closer to meeting any of these hotties at the alter in the temple. Only benefit I see of the paid service is to see who’s ghosting you and who’s not. Good luck being single my friends, because that’s Mutual’s ultimate goal with you being active on their app.
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6 years ago, Joonya21
There are some bugs holding users back from a great experience
I’ve used this app on and off for about a year now. I have noticed issues with uploading photos since day one. When selecting a photo to upload the user can only scroll down a few pages before the app suddenly crashes. I hoped this would be fixed in a few of the updates, however, that has not been the case. Aside from that issue, photos seem to zoom in an unnecessary fashion. It creates some difficulties when selecting photographers. I have had an ongoing issue with seeing my conversations. Sometimes the app will completely log me out of my account, other times it will say “couldn’t locate your conversations” or something along the lines of trying to reach the server. *The latest issue is the app will not open at all. As soon as I try to open it, it immediately crashes.
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1 year ago, where's my-guy
Matches don’t respond-no men to swipe.
I was using free version for a while and kept getting told 8-15 people liked me. I couldn’t see who they were so I gave in and paid. I was disappointed in my matches but did write to a couple with no response. I have swiped up on many men that I can not see again and now since I paid over a month ago I have not had any men to swipe on. How can I see those I swiped up on again? App states I needed to change my filters so I actually changed them to the whole country and no preferences to see if I would start getting men to swipe on. It did not help. I have been told there are not many members on here between 58-70. I think that is strange since Match gave me a free members and I found over 100 that are possible matches. Again when I write they don’t write back. Please remove all inactive and give us the option to see all we have swiped up on.
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1 year ago, Kbrady88
On again….
I’ve had an on again, off again relationship with this app. I’ve had a couple of dates from it a number of years ago. But nothing past the first date. Then I had a guy a couple of years ago who planned to go on a date with me we had the plans then he canceled at the last minute and ended up ghosting me. Most recently I started talking to a guy the Friday of Memorial Day weekend and that’s the last time I heard from him. I’m trying ti be patient this time around because I’ve heard a success story from a couple in my Ward who met through bathe app and now their married. So, I’m hopeful it can work for me. But patience is difficult when people ghost you and such. I’d like to like the app more but two stars is what I give. It wouldn’t let me change the star rating that I gave a while ago from three down to two.
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2 years ago, Tash2camp
I’ll have better luck at the grocery store
When people are all complaining about exact same things it’s no longer a user error. Mutual used to be a good app but has gone down hill. I used the premium for a few weeks and didn’t really see a difference in the matching activity. And now it’s really expensive. I have the same profiles keep popping up after I’ve said no or sent them a message. I understand the daily swipe limit but the limit should be for swipe ups not all swipes. If you want me to make meaningful connections then it should be a limit on swipe ups, so I’m actually thinking about my connection with him, not I only get a certain amount of swipes so might as well. Sometimes weeks go by without a match for me, I have the thought of, the men I’m seeing on this are more than their pictures so I swipe up quite often and it’s strange weeks go by without a match. I also am matched with people whom I don’t ever remember seeing. If this app is really looking to get people married I should have people coming up in my area not the next state over. I have had this app since it’s come out, so a few years I’ve had this app and have just been disappointed as the years go by. Actions speak louder than words and you can say all you want that you want people to find their eternal companion but the app says otherwise.
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5 years ago, countrygal2244
So Many Glitches & People Never Message
It often struggles to save changes to my profile and filers, which can be super frustrating to start from scratch over and over and over, with it not saving. Wish they had a confirm changes button instead of just the back arrow and you cross your fingers your changes are saved. Especially the bio, I’ll type out something and then it doesn’t even show up. Currently, in the filters it keeps saying its filtering 0 miles and ages 0-0 and no matter what I do I can’t change it. Thus right now the app doesn’t even work. Also, this isn’t the app setups fault presay, but I’ve rarely gotten people to message first or reply if I message first once we’ve matched. If you liked me, why can’t you show enough interest to respond to me? It’s insane. Like sure, matching with cute people can be a confidence booster, but then when they never reply you start to think something is wrong with you.
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3 years ago, pure irritation
Do they just want my money?
I’ve been using this app on and off for about 4 years now, and the quality of my dates ranged from “maybe we’ll click” to literally a child molester who was arrested 2 weeks later. (Note: I am not blaming mutual for any of my dates’ actions, but I thought it was worth reminding people to be careful with online dating. Even church members can be predators.) The free version of the app is lackluster, buggy, and constantly pestering you to pay for the upgrade. It’s annoying to use. I haven’t bought the paid version, and I doubt I ever will. I don’t have much faith in the company to actually follow through and make a good product. I’ve also read other reviews stating that the paid version has its own issues. I’ve seen other reviews saying they don’t get replies/messages from their matches, but part of me wonders if that’s an app problem or just a product of all dating apps (from my experience, the percentage of matches that lead to actual conversations are low no matter the app). That said, I would also believe that the app is suppressing messages and/or matches themselves. Some suggestions: - make some more filters available for the free version, such as height - fix the algorithm - stop begging me to buy the paid version. I won’t do it
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