Muzz: Muslim Dating & Friends

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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Muzz: Muslim Dating & Friends

4.53 out of 5
29.2K Ratings
5 years ago, meetme raaaating
Better Than Minder :P
Alhamdulilah, I got a lot of amazing matches and there is many options to choose from. Any location, ethnicity, how religious they are (but that's for you to find out!), age, etc. This is coming from a female's perspective. App was developed well and no glitches! You can request to rematch again if someone unmatched you or if you unmatched them and blur your photo if you don't want someone to see it then give the option for them to see it when you're ready. Best Muslim dating/matrimonial app in my opinion. There are some non Muslims on there.. weird.. The upgrade paid version gives you more options. I just found my man 😜 My cousin found his soulmate on here and they're now happily married mA. some are serious, some ready for marriage ASAP, and others are just there to waste your time (stay cautious)! Hopefully you find your person iA. EDIT: I’m extremely grateful for this app alhamdulilah cause I met the love of my life , best friend, life partner, amazing husband and soulmate. What we wouldn’t do for each other! Completed half of our deen. We are long distance but making it work with our love, commitment and du’as for each other. We are now married and had our Nikkah done recently!! 💍Thank you so much Muzmatch!!☺️🙏🏼💕
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2 years ago, Tobanael
This is really cool
I’m not Muslim, I’m Lebanese but still not Muslim nor Melkite. When I saw the app though it just really made me happy to know that there are places where racists and just mean people, are left out. A few of my greatest friends are Muslim, so as tensions and Islamaphobia mounted it became really important to make sure my friends knew I loved and cared for them. I’m truly sorry that the community faces so much nonsense in todays world… still. I do occasionally reach out to the prophet to ask Allah to make sure that the Muslim communities and families are kept safe and protected from the violent and disordered people who claim to be followers of what is both a peaceful and kind faith. I know that, insh’allah, in time we can all find ourselves with the sudden realisation that all the hatred just disappeared. I’m sending my love and prayer that everyone on the app, finds their lives full with blessings and joy. 🫂
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5 years ago, Mz1234557
Ok last time I reviewed I gave this a 3/5. It’s up to a 4/5 lol. So the app I feel has more serious choices/folks. Which is good. There is still a lot of weirdos but that comes with any app so nothing against muzmatch. The reason I won’t give this a full 5/5 yet is because the interface could use work. I hate how I have to “visit” profiles that like me to like or pass them. Especially when I wanna say no basically. I wish there was a way were your list of folks who “like” you can be LISTED going down instead of that horizontal scroll - with info included and the option to like back or dislike without visiting the page. But maybe this is the app’s way of us making sure our decision isn’t based on looks etc. And honestly it isn’t I just keep getting the wrong sect guys liking me and I want to pass them lol. So I guess I see the reasoning of why we must visit a page but I think knowing they’re getting that notification that I’ve visited their page is weird. What if I wanna just check their profile out but don’t wanna make it seem I’m obsessed or creepy? LOL. I guess that’s where the issue may lay. Anyways this IS a good app. I’m really hopeful. So far I have a couple matches and they seem great. So let’s see. Anyways keep it up. Hope the constructive criticism helped!
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6 years ago, Hi I'm Reality Check
I get likes all the time. I respond fairly quickly and never hear from them again. It's no wonder why so many of us are headed into our 30's and still single. Muslims are terrible at this. Part of it isn't our fault as our parents told us not to talk to the opposite gender all our lives and now we are headed to or in our 30's and they are wondering where are wives and husbands are. Oh yeah, also I think this site has bots. I don't believe all these profiles are genuine. My social circle shrunk with regards to Muslims as I left college. People tend to move all with life for various reasons. So I gave this a shot and it's either bots or you're so paranoid and introverted (perhaps egotistical) that you can't send a message or even reply? One girl changes her mind? Possible. But over and over again? "It may just be you" you say? But it doesn't go past "hi" lol. Cool, so sit there then and wonder why you can't find the right person. I much rather be alone than parade myself on this anymore. I get more attention from non-Muslim woman than my own - it's absurd. It's partly because Muslim woman act like their dads are watching over their shoulders even away from home when you approach them in public. My friends have the same issue. I'll go with the rishta ladies at this point. Deuces.
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6 years ago, Elmolovesmimi
Great app, could use some tweaks
This app has improved a lot since I first downloaded it a few months ago. The texting feature is much better now. There are a lot of profiles on muzmatch and the people on it come from very diverse groups so I think this app is for anyone looking to find a spouse. I also like how you can set certain filters so the profiles you're seeing are more compatible with you. However, one thing I find odd is that the option to filter out profiles based on prayer level and practicing level is only exclusive to premium members. Considering the fact that this is a Muslim matchmaking app, I would think that compatibility in deen is the number one priority, so everyone should have access to these filters. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the upgrade, so it can be frustrating trying to sort through profiles without these two filters on. Another suggestion I would make to the developers is to add a zabiha vs non zabiha option, because some Muslims use 'halal' and 'zabiha' interchangeably, whereas others do not, and this can cause some confusion.
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3 years ago, Jcantony
Terrible experience
One would think that it isn’t muzmatch fault in creating a terrible experience. Most woman who are on this app are looking for Prince Charming . The others tend to talk disappear then talk again then disappear . Muzmatch isn’t helping at all . They say they welcome ideas but as long as it doesn’t hurt their pockets . They always answer with be patient . ( keep buying our gold membership) is what they mean . They try to make you believe that the reason your not being seen , liked …… is because your not a gold member . but they never warn you that the person you liked or want to Instant match isn’t interested . It’s always 100 % compatible . Then you have the fake accounts That muzmatch either creates or it bypasses them even though they have a regress profile approval system . If you report them they only hide the profile from you . Which is shady . All in all this isn’t it jack . If you care about your well-being and don’t want to destroy your self esteem run away . If muzmatch really cared about people like Muslims should do . They wouldn’t be doing this . I understand it’s costly to operate but we are talking about a serious topic MARRIAGE This isn’t tinder .
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2 years ago, N_Rahim
Definitely NOT Suitable for Muslims!
This is an app which targets the Muslim population yet the staff does not understand the basic foundation our religion is based on and they gear to please unIslamic principles. This “Muslim app” runs on ads that include tabarujat, i.e. women who decide to go against the rulings Allah has placed for their modesty - those who are cursed by our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) - and conversations between the opposite genders concerning irrelevant topics, this is basically the step of dating. In Islam, when we want to talk to the opposite gender concerning marriage, our conversations should be about that! About things that we NEED to talk about, not to video chat about some cooking recipe, as shown in the pictures. Also, for the brothers signing up, HOW are you keeping to your religion while scrolling through pictures of scandalous girls?? Imam Al-Shafi’s memory, may Allah have mercy on him, was affected when he accidentally saw the ANKLE of a sister uncovered, where is your imaan now my brothers? This is an app designed to please Muslims who do not value staying away from fitnah, it is not halal just because it labels itself as is. We must stick to the real meaning of being Muslims and that is submission to Allah’s commandments.
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8 months ago, anashamaden
Terrible experience
I come from a wealthy family and I don't get the green card thing but every time I talk to a girl and I tell them I was raised overseas they go like you are fine and stuff but a day after they say sorry and we are not suitable for each other. I am just not getting it like what special about green card. I am a student here I am 25 I am able to get married financially and I am stuck in this stupid country for the next 3 years. Why it is so hard to get married. I do not want to blame the app only but I want to blame our society who is judging everyone based on the look although I have nice cars and a nice life but I don’t post anything of my life in the app. Only post selfies because I want someone who is gonna marry me for who I am. However I believe the app has so many bots. And they need to monitor the pictures that some girls have cause some of them have pictures half naked which is inappropriate for Muslims and I can’t imagine anyone who wants to marry a real Muslim to be Deeeoth. So I wish the get that fixed up. And for those with those pictures, you can go to tinder and find a guy. That should not be the right app for you!
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4 years ago, m0ney m0
The app is cool and is definitely one my favorite apps out of the other dating apps I tried. Two things that really bother me is the ad that keeps popping up encouraging you buy a membership. It’s annoying and ruins the flow of things. It’s like I’m navigating a mine field when going through the app trying to be careful to not have an ad pop up. Lastly the fact that you can run out of likes when you DON’T like someone is whack. Coming from Tinder and Hinge this is something that bugged me and that doesn’t make me want to buy a membership more. It just ruins the user experience for me. Other than these two things this is definitely an awesome app. Feels a little strict with the rules and that’s understandable. They want to make sure accounts on there are real and that’s what I really appreciate about it because you’re most likely talking to another person not a bot. I still don’t think they should’ve removed my photo tho because that was definitely me in the pic 😅. The UI/UX is also nicely done. Quick and simple to use.
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8 months ago, BuggggyAF
Too buggy
I wanted to like this app I really did but it’s just too buggy. Yes there’s more “serious” people on here or at least you’d think but it’s still a Pareto principle on this app. 80% of the matches are very unattractive men, most don’t read profiles or waste your time and theres tons of fake profiles I feel like I report more profiles than actual talk to real matches. My biggest issue with the app is it started rejecting profiles that liked me before I could like them back. Support has been useless. First they blamed it on the update, then they had me reset stuff and reinstall, one support rep just copy and pasted from her script on “widening filters” that didn’t even address the question. I’ve asked multiple times to be given gold features even as a trial to make up for the issue so I can at least get back those matches but they always avoid the request. What makes you think the app is worth the $70 for 3 months if your support is this unhelpful. If this is the support for the free version I can only imagine how terrible it would be for paying.
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2 years ago, insaan420
So i been scrolling thru muzz alot in past days i started to realise majority of profiles are fake, bots. Patted Bio and information exactly what people in my country are intrested in, youngsters are hungry for women/men they think app will get them some british or american girl/boy will marry and take them abroad. Shows blurred or non blurred photos with cool bio 1km away, i know which part of my city have what type of people, someone just got married near you well i know my whole neighborhood in radius of 50kms maybe nobody got married photos bio theu nobody like this lives here, but if you want talk or chat to them you have to upgrade to vip and pay some $ noce scheme of ripping people with no knowledge but lust, God knows who makes this profiles, if it people they get nothing vip fee still goes to muzz, GOD knows so i would suggest even if you use app in countries like Bangladesh , Pakistan, India use free version dont pay for vip, i have reported this issue to muzz cleary since that day my app is not working keeps on telling me add bio and when i do and do ok keeps on loading tried with different phone and etc its working… BE CAREFUL PEOPLE 😊😇
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5 years ago, noorybaby
Green Card
I didn’t quite settle down with anyone I’ve met on Muzmatch. The first guy asked me to marry him in a rush even though he isn’t a permanent resident/ citizen in the country, having zero job and means to provide for a family. I felt he was just out looking for someone to give him a Green card. I tried to help out by assisting both morally and financially fi sabilillah but his behavior and demeanor towards other people, use of profanity, racist comments, quick temper, manipulative sneaky ways and the way he pressures me to financially play the role of the man, sign up on a mortgage, leading me to do haram sexual acts, and the pressure told me this isn’t the man I’d want to spend a lifetime with. The same applies with the second one; same story and they are all perverts wallah
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5 years ago, shareeqphx
First, the good things. The app keeps it simple for Muslim men and women to seek partners for marriage. It has a fairly good pool of verified individuals looking to find a match for themselves. An app for Muslims to find a life partner has been long pending and Muzzmatch comes close to meeting that need. Now I’ll come to what can be improved. Options to set the partner preferences are poor or discriminatory. For example, if I am looking to find a partner who is not very practicing or someone who only prays occasionally, this app doesn’t give you that option. This is because the option that comes close to this is ‘at least moderately practicing’ & ‘at least prays occasionally‘ which will include all those who are ‘very practicing’ & ‘always prays’ respectively and everything in between. This is either poor design or discriminatory. I tend to think it is discriminatory because the app gets the search option right in case of marital status, Islamic dress, etc Give people the option to find a partner of their preferred religiosity and prayer level.
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4 years ago, Khizer9t2
DO NOT pay for the “gold” version and people with super high expectations!
So I’m a guy in my late 20s and I’ve been using this app on and off for about 2 years now, matched with some lovely people when I was using the free version but didn’t workout they either end up ghosting or find someone better. Thing is that I didn’t have great pictures in the beginning and now I’ve got better pictures since it’s all about looks really and I paid for the gold version. I’m trying to reset likes to be seen again but it’s not working, I keep getting a message to try again. So I’m stuck on this app full of girls who are looking for a handsome hunk of their dreams (and some, mainly reverts looking for a beautiful middle eastern men and Arab girls looking for Arab guys or white guys). I’m really disappointed that I paid for features which were promised don’t even work, so with all those girls on the app I have to deal with these bugs too which is not helping at all. I need a full refund because I paid for features which were promised to work but are not working. I feel like I was cheated.
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4 years ago, Nickelbackfan89
I—like every millennial Muslim—downloaded this app with the faint hope that I’d match with someone who’d lead towards marriage. The most recent app update (post January 2020) makes that dreams seem impossible. The app is built in an almost identical format of hinge, that focuses on pictures and short blurbs instead of a singular intro paragraph. The difference is Hinge has built in prompts and convo starters to help guide and engage users. Instead when you type your text is randomly broken up throughout your profile. Another HUGE lose for me is the order in which the information on profiles appears. Why is religion and status(single, widowed, divorces etc) BELOW languages spoken? I’m talking WAY down towards the bottom of a profile. By the time I scroll that far I’ve already figured out if we speak the same language or not....what I want to know up front is are you practicing (esp on a “Muslim” app) and what you do for a living. All that info needs to be in ONE singular location. Make these changes I’ll add a star and a half. (:
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Banned My Acc. + Horrible Customer Service
Salaam Brothers and Sisters, First, I want to say I have always had the best experience when using Muzz. No issue there at all. (I have been a memeber with them for about 3-4 years or so). I got my account banned, I cannot access Muzz at all. I contacted customer support, frustrated, they get back accusing me of having duplicate accounts. (May it be somebody using my pictures or pretending to be me. They did not ask to verify with them or nothing). They gave me one response stated that and when I wrote back desperately asking for proof and telling them to please listen to me cause I have been a loyal hater with them. They told me that they have the option and freedom to decide if they want to respond to me or even further assist me. After that last email, they never responded back. I’m begging you guys to be careful and have your photos on private. You never know if you’re the next victim dealing with their garbage customer service. I hope you guys never go through what I have went through.
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3 months ago, Fool3487
Good luck if you find a normal person :)
Unfortunately, This app filled nothing but toxic fake Muslims! Majority of the females which they call themselves muslimah but lack of responding to basic greeting "Aleykümselam". Today, You say selamunaleykum to a complete non muslim person and he or she will respond with kindness and say aleykumsalam yet never experienced so much arrogance and extremely egotistical Muslimas. Wasted so much of my time and energy in this app. When I confronted one of my match asking what's the point of being matched if you don't reply, Wallahi that hijabi lady gone and a psychopath pulled out. She started cursing bad and told me I have mental disorder and no wonder why I'm on this app 🤣 She also said I don't pay her bills etc which I couldn't relate. The app algorithm and the functionality is pretty legit to match with people but good luck if you find a real muslima. This experiment made my view changed to dating apps forever!
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5 years ago, ease123
So I signed up for the one week premium trial. This app is so glitchy!! Every time I’m in the “people who swiped right on me” section and swipe left on one of the profiles to remove them, when I go to the next profile it shows me the one I already swiped left on, again! Also, the list of people that swiped right on you should show the same way the main swiping page shows, as in I should be able to swipe left or right on them quickly and it should take me to the next profile rather than having to click on each specific profile individually. I have over 100 people who have swiped right on me and I can’t get the number down because it takes so long to get through them, because 1) the app is glitchy and keeps showing the same profiles I already swiped left on and 2) the interface doesn’t allow me to quickly swipe left or right on them. Very annoying!!! Please update.
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3 years ago, AlaskanJos
Not Niqabi Friendly
This app is fine, people seem to be a bit more serious and if they aren’t you can tell almost immediately based on their bio. I wish the “frequency of prayer” wasn’t a good option because for many of us that is one of the most important aspects. As a niqabi your only option is to 1) take off the niqab and show your face or 2) pay for gold and have your photos blurred then tell the brother that you wear niqab and won’t in blue your photos for him which is a red flag. Just issues that there must be some way around. I understand why the guidelines exist it’s just quite bothersome. I wish it didn’t tell people when you view their page, sometimes I’m talking with someone and use their page for reference but I look like a weirdo going back to their page two/three times in 20 minutes.
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1 year ago, Muhammet3030
Inactive Accounts
There are some accounts that were created 3-4 years ago and haven't been online since that time. The accounts you visit or try to reach are mostly inactive. The accounts that have visited your profile are active. Is this a problem? If you don't mind wasting time, then no. How did I know it? Well, here are some proofs: Someone wrote she is 23 years old, but her account shows that she is 27 years old. Someone has wrote that she will graduate in 2017. It would be helpful to have a feature that shows the last time a user was online. This way, we can be aware of who's currently using the app and who isn't.
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3 years ago, Hahahanfockebxg
Hala scamming!
$46 for 10 chats (which give me the option to send only 1 message to someone unless they respond back which is 5%rate) And $85 for 10 profile boosts! Gold membership gets you 1 boost every 3 days and 1 chat every day! Very generous!! So basically to have 30% normal response rate. Which is relatively low comparing to other scathing or matching sites. You need to spend $800 a month on this app. Not mentioning the 80% “just looking” profiles or “hi” profiles without knowing nothing about the person! 80% not serious and if you are divorce or have kids your chances to get a response is less than 1% I am not sure how they can verify sisters profiles who uses very heavy makeups that makes them look like someone else. Like why sisters need to wear heaving make up and hid all the things they think going to push someone away! So they think someone going to marry them without knowing how they truly look like! I think they should not allow any sisters with heavy make up. And shape up too. Oh yeah they can make the shapes different. Smaller nose. Larger eyes Longer eye lashes. I truly hate make up. And sisters who abuse using it should know they can’t fool someone because end of the day they will wash and deeply clean. And remove all those layers of colors and whatever they called. Imagine !
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1 year ago, za214
Issue with app
Asalaamu Alikum/Hello, This app is meant to be used “Halal” way. Most of the guys in these apps are not serious to potentially get married. Both ladies and guys are taking advantage of this apps only for doing things are not permissible in Islam. Along with, the guys don’t even bother to communicate. These apps have now become an issue in USA especially. All these profiles are the same across the country whether through muzmatch or facebook of whatsapp yet people are still confused of how to decide to which person to consider. It is shame to say that these apps are like your picking and choosing a car model; until you don’t give the full test drive then at the end you choose the right one. People are talking to 20 people at once and don’t bother being genuine. How is this app even helpful? May Allah guide the Ummah, forgive each and every one of us that use this app in the wrong way. Ameen
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7 years ago, LadiDazfvtjbf
I met him on muzmatch and now we're getting married!!
Muzmatch is a wonderful app, created keeping genuine-ness in mind. I met my soulmate on muzmatch and we met in person in the presence of my mother. Everything went well alhamdulillah and after much istikhara we are getting engaged tomorrow InshaAllah 😊 thank you muzmatch for the superb halal platform that you have provided for the purpose of marriage. EDIT: we got married a month after our engagement 😍 It is now September, and we are celebrating half a year of being married and falling in love with each other more and more each day! Alhamdulillah ❤️ We will always be grateful to muzmatch, and appreciate the very halal platform it provided for us to meet 🙃 Jazakallahu khairan katheera! -Sadea & Powl
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5 years ago, donotpissmeoff
It’s a scam just like Tinder don’t bother
I thought I would give this a app try with the hope that a “Muslim” themed app would avoid all the trash on an app like Tinder and allow me to connect with like minded Muslim females seeking marriage... nope forget it all hopes “quashed”! I’ve been on the site now for about a month and I can confirm all the critical reviews and comments to date as my experience has been similarly if not the same dissatisfaction. In particular, not even one female has ever even viewed my profile much less reply despite weeks of diligently reading and swiping on profiles. Even on Tinder I would regularly recieve matches so it’s impossible that on Muzmatch I would be so “shunned” by hundreds and hundreds of women who found me so undesirable that they would refuse to even view my profile. Moreover, for about a week now my screen has been locked on a profile that I already “passed” on and the only option for me to continue to “swipe” passed this profile is to change the “pass” to a “like”, but only by upgrading my subscription to a paid premium subscriprion. 🙄 Now, just as of the writing of this review the app has entirely crashed due to a “internal error”... oh yeah there is an internal error with this app for sure because their so called “support” has completely ignored my request for assistance.
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3 years ago, Praise be to our Creator
Alhamdulillah for all situations, circumstances and situations!
I converted to Islam almost 5 years ago and was in search for a religious, Allah fearing husband. During Ramadan 2019, I made a lot of dua for this to happen and turns out so did he. Alhamdulillah I met the love of my life shortly after Ramadan and got married after 2 weeks of knowing him! SubhanAllah if Allah needs something it will happen! We are now almost 6 months into our marriage and I pray that Allah continues to bless us and protect us from the evil ones! Insha Allah all of you looking for marriage finds your true love and may Allah make them the coolness of your eyes. And may Allah grant us all offspring that will be the coolness of our eyes also! ALHAMDULILLAH :)
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2 years ago, hjkcxsfgh
Waste of membership money
Even with gold subscription, advance filters are not deal-breakers. Despite setting those filters, I see everyone, from all criteria, all walks of life. This makes focusing on finding the right partner hard, because I have to go through all these profiles I don’t want. Please add deal-breakers to advanced filters?? 2- No mechanism to limit visibility to only people I like or advanced filters I set. So everyone sees me, and tries to reach out. It’s nice of them but again, I’m trying to offend people but I don’t want to waste my time on the app. If I blurr photos then no one can see them, even the profiles I like. Please add a limited visibility mechanism so that my profile is only visible to those I like or within my advanced filters. So far, even with gold membership, my experience on the app os just as frustrating as without having paid the membership.
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5 years ago, Usmang
Needs work and less promotional pop ups
I respect the idea of any Muslim marriage application since it’s tough for us who follow Islam to find relationships organically. However, I paid a premium to give it a shot for one month. What I received was absolutely no way to hide blurred and private profiles so I can’t see what the person looks like and even if I can see what they look like they make it every difficult by plastering an instant match button taking up most of the screen. Not only is it invasive for the other party because they have not agreed to this, but it is extremely annoying because I can’t see their face. I will improve my rating if I see improvements. Note: The free version of this app is absolutely terrible. I get that they need to pay the bills, but constantly promoting offers for a free month after referral or joining premium every few swipes is definitely mildly infuriating.
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6 months ago, Shoa khan
Mostly fake accounts
One would think that is isn’t a Muzz fault in creating a terrible experience. Most women who are on this app looking for their Prince Charming. The others tend to talk then disappear then talk again. Muzz isn’t real helping at all. They say they welcome ideas but as long as doesn’t hurt their pocket. They always answer with patience. (Keep buying their gold membership) is what they mean. They try to make you believe that the reason you not being seem or like is because you don’t have gold member. Then you have fake accounts they Muzz either creates or it bypass if you report them. They only hide the profile from you Which is shady behavior if you care about your self esteem run away. So much glitches in this app where I am just getting tired don’t waste your money.
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2 years ago, Arafat Hossain
Too many UX issues that shouldn’t exist
Muzz has potential but seems to focus on the wrong improvements constantly. While the new design looks nice, the functionality is not so great. First, removing the swipe option is poor ux, especially when you hide the bottom bar unless you swipe down. Second, the AI for profiles is horrendous and always has been horrible. I’ve had the same profile pic for years which no issues but I change one photo that isn’t even my main profile photo, and all of a sudden the AI thinks it’s a bad photo (even though it shows me clearly and the other new photo also shows me clearly). The fact that this isn’t even fixed during manual checking (also a really unnecessary feature) is embarrassing. Finally, while I get why this feature exists, I don’t get why it’s forced upon users unless it’s paid for and that’s the blurred faces. If you’re doing profile checks for pics, what’s the point of allowing users to hide them altogether? That’s literally contradicting each other. Honestly, you literally have a blueprint on how to make a Muslim dating app called Salams and somehow you haven’t even resolved basic UX issues. Be better.
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8 months ago, Ermal 1999
Matches Disappeared after Voice/Video call
I like this app, and in general this offers some good opportunities to match with real potential people who are looking for marriage. The reason why I am giving 1 star is for the fact that this is the second time which I have a match, and we both agreed to talk to each other through voice/video call, and in the middle of the conversation the call stops. I check the user’s profile that I’ve matched and it gives me a sign of “this user is not available for the moment” or smth similar (can’t remember). I check if they just unmatched me randomly (which they had no reason to do so), and yeah, they don’t even show on the unmatched list. It’s either that I’m unlucky that I might be matching with people that have conflicted the rules of this app, or smth is wrong with this app in general. Because as I said, it is completely unusual that the connection stops in the middle of nowhere and the user that I’ve matched basically “DISAPPEARS”. If this is a bug, then try and fix it please. But if I’m that unlucky that the second time that it happened, both of the users disappear (as maybe they’ve conflicted the rules of the app before) then I’ll change my rating. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Gaznavi81
For time wasters please don’t come to this app. This is searching for something serious that will lead to marriage. I wish the app was more strict about people who are time waster. Also the people who don’t use this app muzz should ban or delete those accounts automatically. Muzz also should prioritize Gold members because they paid for serious reasons, like me! But overall this is a great opportunity for Muslims ( I mean among Muslims who are really serious) to find someone who is worthy of their life.
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4 years ago, Fairdd
Ok app but waste of money for premium
This is app is not a great tool to find a wife . Lots of girls to swipe but even if your lucky enough after you match ,they rarely respond or continue conversation. Mostly they are from pakistan and looking for desi husbands so if you dont have pakistanese background its really hard to find someone but not impossible . Many girls and i heard guys as well are looking for visa and status here thats a huge turn off to get to know someone to build a life. Some people here they lie about their past. They are separated but they say we’re are single in their profile . They make up stories to convince they are single which i think its not a good thing .This happened to me couple times and i was surprised Dont get their premium .its just give you unlimited swipes . I got for one month and totally disappointed
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3 years ago, Ssujoyy
So the interface is decent but there are major flaws. 1/5 compared to the other apps out there. Basically if you have the non-premium version you’ll get a blurred out version of profiles that liked you. When you start swiping, those profiles will never come your way so you can never match. The only way to come across profiles that liked you is by taking the bait and paying more. The only thing I can think is that those are fake accounts/bots designed to make you pay more. Highly misleading. Also the amount of “private” photos is astronomical. It’s a matching app, without half the people providing clear pictures. What happens if you match and after long conversations you can finally see pictures, and unfortunately they are not your type. Terrible feature.
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1 month ago, suenichols88272728
Just one suggestion
I do like all the changes that were made over the past few years, definitely think the experience of using this app has gotten better. However, I would really REALLY appreciate if they can add a filter where we can choose to only see people who were raised in the same country as us. It’s already a question we have to answer on our profiles, so I don’t see why this can’t be added as a filter as well. Most of the matches I’ve been coming across are of people raised in other countries and that’s a huge factor when determining who you’re compatible with. Overall, this app is alright.
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7 months ago, Kaï says
Amazing app, just needs to improve a bit
Installed this app 4 years ago for the first time and I have to say that it has come a long way since then. The interface and the verification system is really good. But please add a few more thing: 1) Please add a feature to see whether a profile is an active one or not so that we do not waste our time by matching. 2) Please add a prompt where we can select whether we are interested or open to dating/marrying a person from other race or ethnicity. Hence, we would be able to see the filtered profiles. This might seem racist but this is so crucial. 3) Please do not allow anyone outside our basic filters to dm us. 4) Please add a prompt where people can select whether they are interested in a long-distance relationship. 5) Please advertise about the app in South Asia, especially in Bangladesh. No one knows about the app here and it is so disappointing. The young and progressive Muslims should use this app instead of the ones which do not cater to our core values and beliefs!
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5 months ago, Foreignzoom67
The need to make the travel feature free again
I do understand the need to maintain this platform through gold membership but I do also feel this is one feature that should remain free. The limited likes option and instant chat features can remain a luxury but for most Muslim singles who are either abroad for some reasons or etc. by making the travel mode feature paid it severely limits the choices for todays Muslims and creates more hassle than ease This is one feature that I again reiterate shoudl be the least thing to be free on this app otherwise this may also become a major deterrent for future members. I have many cousins in my family I recommended this app specifically for this feature who reside in Northern America to ease thier process of finding suitable mates from Asia and primarily Pakistan, india etc. Such little steps can really ease the hassle of Muslims having to travel abroad to look for suitable mates and than waste that period if they are unable to find any. Hence it’ll be a great relief from the muzzmatch team is that were to be the case and I’m very sure my words are the majority’s words
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1 year ago, My want is
Most of these self proclaimed “serious sisters” (looool) are nothing but wasting time, youre not the only guy they’re talking to and vice versa. Why give your phone number if you’re not interested in replying? If i dont get a reply within a day (max), i delete your info. Same situation, these apps give you “too much choices” i would think less than 1% of people end up getting married and muzz high jacks the numbers to make it seem like you have a “great” opportunity. Trust me, go and find someone, go approach them, go talk, real life always , ALWAYS beats internet. If you approached the same girl you liked on this app in real life, you have a HUUUUGE opportunity to meet her dad and what not, and end up getting married. Other than that, youre just another option on the app. This goes for guys and girls.
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5 years ago, Mdeeny
Randomly stopped working
One day the app just decided to stop working. Every time I try to log in I get an error saying “uh-oh something went wrong.” I have tried to login under different internet connections, with and without wi-fi, deleted and reinstalled the app, turned off the phone, other devices, you name it I’ve tried and it hasn’t worked. I reached out for help on the matter and was not helped at all (they just have a default answer that claims it’s my internet when it’s not). I also cannot figure out how to delete my account. When I asked I got no help there either. So disappointed in the app and I wish there was support that could be given to address the issues I’ve had. This seemed to be the only app that allowed me to set the appropriate restrictions I needed to set and I now cannot use the app at all.
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2 years ago, hydrogenandpotassium
Qadr Allah
Salam everyone, First all I think it’s hilarious that everyone in reviews write these long reviews but on the app itself people barely take the time to write in their bio. A bit ironic. Anyway , I think this is a great platform to meet Muslims. Not everyone will meet someone but some will. I read comments people are blaming the app but in reality it’s just humans will always be humans. We have to be optimistic and pray to Allah , hope for the best. I’ve been using this app on and off for a while; I haven’t met anyone yet but I know others who have and that gives me hope. Insha allah khair. I hope you all find what you are searching for.
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3 years ago, Queen KeiKei
Not for marriage
I have been on muzmatch 3 different times the first time a guy took off his shirt and sent me a picture asking me if I like what I see. My profile clearly stated I was a serious practicing Muslim, so also that time the 4th male laughed and everything with me then told me he had to be straight with me that he liked men and women.🤦🏾‍♀️ the second time I went on there the person I was so compatible with started talking to him on the phone just to find out he was already married with children he just wanted sex. Last but not least the last time I was on the guy was very sweet but was a manipulator and con artist. I take it as a joke now so I say if you bored go at it but this is not it
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3 years ago, mola69
One of the worst /money hungry apps
Signed up today and within minutes it started pushing for paid options. Declining doesn’t do much good because again within minutes it comes up again, and again, and again. Most functionalities are paid. I do not recommend at all. Free swipes are limited to a certain number per day. You literally cannot swipe left or right after a certain number of swipes (in either directions by the way) and will have to wait 12hrs to be able to Access anything in the app. You get locked out. You would not be able make changes to your profile, preferences. Nothing. You can’t even delete your account if you wanted to. In brief, I do not need further assistance. I just had to say something about your upselling tactics (money grabbing tactics) Good day.
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4 months ago, MuhamMemon
Good app but one issue
If you are in Muslim, that is serious about a Halal relationship, I would recommend this app. My one note to the developers is regarding the instant chat feature. When you send a chat request there is no guarantee that the recipient will accept. I have had many instances where my request to chat has been declined. I want to be able to receive my instant chat back to my account if the recipient declines, because otherwise it is unfair. Please correct this issue, and I will adjust my review to five stars, everything else is perfect about the app. Thank you
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2 years ago, Vicky33Vicky
Way too many fake profiles
I think the developers of this app have created too many fake profiles so that the user never runs out of looking through profiles. I even used the gold membership and still shows a lot of fake profiles. Profiles with weird names and pictures that you can tell has been used without the permission of the owners and without any profile descriptions. I narrowed down my search to people with Persian ethnicity and you can easily tell the profiles are fake because none of the names are Persian or even some of the looks. I highly recommend not paying for gold membership and not keeping your hopes high while using this app because the developers obviously only look for money and not connecting people.
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4 years ago, usbgirl45
Creeps galore
With dating apps, seeking validation instead of an honest relationship is quite common. This app is filled with creeps that manipulate women into sending nudes and engage in non halal behavior on the low. It’s rare to find a decent guy that’s halal, respectful, and serious. Even though there are some that are, there’s other things like distance, family background, and culture, that are not easy to filter. I don’t want to swipe on guys who I know are not in a job that requires an education. I don’t want to swipe on a guy that grew up in a village if I grew up in the city. These things matter more in Muslim communities. Finally, I would say that while I did meet a few people on the app - the distance and the “leading on” that occurs before you meet (if you ever do) is not worth the pain.
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6 years ago, Lacuervita
This app is a joke! Most of the men have their photos private and their marital status is "Separated." They just want to cheat on their wife. The response time is brutal. Also, as a 55 year old woman, I would like the age filter to be more specific! It only goes up to 54 as a parameter. Beyond that, if you click further, there's no upper range! So if I want someone 45-60, I can't choose that. I get 45-54 or 45-OLDER THAN DIRT. LOL. And I doubt that all of these "doctors" who are willing to relocate are actually doctors!! Hhhh. I have a great idea for a free parameter: immigration status-- temporary visa, green card, or citizen. I am so tired of all the guys just looking for a green card wife who they will divorce when they get it. Ugh. After 6 months, and lots of crappy matches with liars and scammers, I'm pretty sure I'll never have success on this app.
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2 years ago, 1010 fan
Something is really wrong here
I have gold membership and I am allowed to send one message to a person who never likes me! I have to wait 24 hours to get charged another message to send anyone unless there is a mutual like! This is terrible because it slows down communication and kills my time! If you want to send more messages you have to open your wallet and pay for that! This is a greedy and terrible business model. It is not fair and definitely not helping society. I doubt that many profiles are real. There are many profiles seem to not active or bot. The platform looks full of people but it is quiet. It is a big disappointment. If don’t send messages as many as I want to why I have gold membership? What is this?
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3 years ago, TheHussein7
Overall great experience
25yr, male. My review: Con: I did NOT appreciate after paying for Gold membership that it did not come with instant chat. But I understand this app is a business at the end day. Pro: I think app is great! Great experience and matches. However, is best come to this with the right mindset. Although is advertised as for Muslim users to find partners and to adher to Islamic understand, if you come with that mindset, you maybe disappointed here and there. However, If come in with open mindset and see what is in the market and advertise your bio according to who you want to attract.. you will be good. Overall Great experience, great app.
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1 year ago, ayo#1
Horrible horrible app NOT SAFE
Hi everyone as a Muslim girl I want to feel safe using this app with the experiences I had and so did many of my friends I encourage any girl don’t download the app just don’t they don’t do background checks on the guys at all, and your photos are not private anyone can come in and copy your photos I am shocked on how this app still exists and I wrote them an email and all they did was block the guy on the app and as u see then the guy comes back with same profile horrible not safe wouldn’t recommend and how funny few days after I get an email saying that my photos aren’t my photos and I got messages from a guy saying I saw your photo on the app with multiple accounts don’t trust this app
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2 years ago, cocogurya
Happy searcher
Assalalama alakuim , The app has helped many hearts and soul joined Alhumdulluah , I have not had success yet but it will happen with the will of Allah . Some people dislike Muzz because they met horrible and deceiving people online. I don’t feel that way even though I been here for the longest time - inshAllah one day when Allahs order inshallah your app is just a resource and nothing else - naseeb and hard work of searching pays off at the end - I heard the Chicago event went very well MashAllah ! Bless you all - Wasalam
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5 years ago, Mikey.606
not what i expected
for starters, this is a great idea, meet muslim singles near/far and create relationships, buuuuuuuuuuttt, and its a huge but, you need to buy a premium membership. i’ve used this app for about 3 days and i’m already sick and tired of it. i see premium membership ads every 5-7 swipes. super annoying. this isn’t how you market an application. you wait until your app gets bigger then you slowly start to show the premium side of the app, not slam me with “BUY UNLIMITED SWIPES” every 5 swipes. even worse, i can’t skip past the ads unless i wait like 10 seconds. the devs practically force you to read the ad thennnnn you’re allowed to skip. i understand that the devs need to make money but shoving ads down the users throats isn’t gonna get you paid.
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