My Boo: Virtual pet Take care

4.5 (17.9K)
109.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tapps Tecnologia da Informação Ltda.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Boo: Virtual pet Take care

4.52 out of 5
17.9K Ratings
6 years ago, 🌷💐👀👅😃😃
It's a great app!
This app was very close to 4 stars however because even though it's a wonderful, cute game there could be some fixes. First off, everything is overpriced! Not all people have hundreds of thousands of coins to spare! Most people do not like to spend real money on games like this. This game is meant to be a fun, cute game! Please give us a little more access to expensive things without having to spend real money. Secondly, my favorite mini game is Boo Hop! I think that's what it's called. It has red jump boosters. But sometimes when you bounce on one it boosts you up to somewhere where there are no platforms to land on which is really unfair. I'm pretty sure this is a glitch and would be very glad to have it fixed. Next, you Boo takes way to long to recharge. The Energy of your Boo goes down twice as fast as it recharges. Energy drinks are expensive as well! Which also relates back to my first point. Lastly, the community! It would be amazing to be able to actually communicate with other Boos at the community instead of just being able to walk around and shake trees for minuscule prizes while being badgered with nice computer programmed comments. You could add some events to do with other people at the community like places to eat with them or mini games with other Boos! Other than these few problems My Boo is a wonderful, addicting, adorable game and I hope you take my comment into consideration when making updates for the game.
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5 years ago, L&L dance
Still surprised this is FREE
This app is amazing, why you ask? I will gladly tell you, you are able to play so many games at once without taking up so much storage! The app also has 3 challenges per day, which is where you try to beat other users scores, and if you do, you will earn boo dollars. You can use your boo dollars to dress up your boo and decorate his or her home as well as buy potions, energy drinks and food. And you can even show off your boos outfits by going to the boo park which is where you can comment with preselected compliments! It is really just a perfect app because shopping and taking care of your boo is just so cute and fun. However, my favorite feature is the mini game feature, because you can play things like flappy bird, piano tiles and so much more! Not to mention when you feed, clothe and play with your boo you earn more points which helps you get to higher levels and each level unlocks new things like new mini games, I my self have unlocked them all and love them all so much! And once you reach level 50 you are able to have two boos! I am not even able to mention it all but over all this app is fantastic for all ages and is truly amazing.
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6 years ago, Onnniexx
The game is good but...
I love the game, I’ll add just a few things. The boos are cute once you get them, Some of the items are overpriced, like the sets for boos, They cost like thousands of coins, and sometimes I don’t have enough coins to buy them, The minigames are really fun, but for some you have to reach some levels to unlock them, The clothes selection is great, The community is great, too, But I think that you can add more to the park. like a playground, or a pool. All there is in the park is just a few trees, and a fountain in the middle, There is a lot of boos in there, but I’m wondering how to talk in there, but I realized that there was game operators talking, I think when you tap the community button, there should be a few communities to visit, Your friends and family are there and you can talk, There is restaraunts there, There’s a pizzeria, a Chinese restaurant, a bakery, a fruit and vegetable stand, and a drink shop. Although some restaurants have levels you need to reach. The potion shop is a good selection. but energy drinks are too expensive, I sometimes can’t get the amount I need, The foods in the stand are great and a little expensive. but I have enough. So far the game is good. P.S. By the way, the community is fake, That’s the problem, All you get to do is walk around, and shake trees, It isn’t fair that the fake boos in the community get to chat and we don’t. Get rid of the fake boos and let us talk,
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6 years ago, Donut_Master_3000🍩
LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!(but you need to fix some stuff)
I enjoy this game. Whenever I play, I can’t stop. There is one thing I would fix. The ads in the game are SUPER annoying. It distracts you from the game. But also, I was wondering, how many levels are there? My Boo is awesome, but just that little error, doesn’t make it perfect. Nothing is perfect though. My Boo is really fun. Since I’m writing the review right now, I really want to play My Boo. And I just realized, I have one more question, Can MY Boo talk in the community? All the other boos can. I just don’t think it’s fair. Oh, and I forgot something. Let’s say I buy all the food, and My Boo doesn’t want any. What do I do? If I were to add anything to the game, I would add more mini games, clothes, and food. And more colors. Let me explain about the colors. So basically in the tutorial, it said to pick a hairstyle, I did. Then to pick a color for the hair, I picked purple. Then it said to pick a color for the Boo, None of the colors matched my Boo’s hair color. So I went back to the hairstyle, and it didn’t let me pick a new color. So I just went with Salmon Pink for the Boo, and black glasses. My Boo looks okay, but I would recommend to fix that. And in the tutorial, let the people pick the color for the Boo FIRST. And then the hair stuff. Sorry, I am dying to play My Boo, so I am. Please try to fix these problems, especially the color one. Bye!!!
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5 years ago, The queen MJ
So cute but some problems
I love this game when I first got it I couldn't help but think how cute the boo is but when I wanted to customize it you couldn't use the things you wanted to until you get to a certain level witch was pretty fair enough but sense I just downloaded this app I'm only of course only on the really low levels and one other thing is that the boo games are so much fun but the only thing that is bad about it is that it wastes your boos energy and energy drinks are 300 coins which is way over the top but you can by 5 energy drinks for 4.99$ witch is way to much I'm sore people don't want to spend there real money on that so your only option is to put the boo to sleep witch takes so long and also when you take your boo on a walk there are programmed comments that people say too you and all you do is shake trees and get fruit but the worst thing is that it will show random adds and when you try to press x it takes me back to my home screen and you have to start the game all over again so I love this game but there needs to be a couple of fixes and if you see my review please take it in too consideration Thanks ❤️
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2 years ago, sofia the chicken nuggie
I lovee this game so much and I have ever since I was little but I have a few suggestions. First of all a while back you use to be able to take pictures of your boo and they would save to your camera roll well I actually loved that and I wish you guys would add it back to the game. Another thing is, my boo loses energy really quickly and so maybe while they sleep it would be cool if like there was a thing for us to work like do stuff while the boo is sleeping so we can still make money. And another this is it would be really cool if maybe the boo could cook like make foods and then be able to eat them and you’d receive coins for it. The last thing is that you should add more decorations for the house and stuff and some more clothing and hair items and stuff. I have many friends who play this game and would love for these suggestions to be in the game but there just ideas that maybe you should take into consideration. If I have any more ideas I will be sure to tell you them because all I really want is to make a great game better!
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5 years ago, kiwiperson532
Not bad. 4 stars.
I like my boo overall. It’s good. I like the features, and I like that there are multiple ways to play, and not just one general rule, but one general algorithm that can be stretched to fit the needs of almost any type of gamer. However, the features I don't enjoy can be problems with almost every free-to-play game. These issues are, first of all, the amount of adds. There are a few to many adds in my boo. Few too many, despite the “few”, is still too many. And with the young audience of this game, a so-called “18+” add could pop up in front of a toddler. And I also don’t enjoy the fact that you have to unlock mini-games. But that can tie in with a lot of games, as I mentioned before. But again, overall, it is a pretty good game, and I will admit, I have grown a bit attached to my boo. It’s a good way to teach young children basic skills on how to take care of a pet, or even a child. I am 10 years old, and I have to say, I have learned a few things from this app. For example, pets will become lonely and sad if their owner is away for too long. So I give it 4 stars. The missing star is for the issues I mentioned before. And that is what I have to say about my boo.
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7 years ago, B❤️🐰
Best Virtual Pet (ᵔᴥᵔ)
Before I knew "My Boo" even existed, I played games like Talking Tom and Talking Angela. I got really bored of them sometimes, but I liked the concept of taking care of them and stuff like that. I had NO IDEA what I was missing. The graphics in Boo are way better, the mini games are way better, Boo is way cuter, you can do more stuff with him, you can't randomly slap him in the face, and there's no suspicions of a "man in Boo's eye". (I doubt that story is true, but still, nobody's ever suspected that about Boo). I can give about 100 more reasons why Boo is better than most virtual pet games. I'm not even gonna start on "Pou". Plus, you can tell the people really care about your gaming experience because they are updating it all the time! And all of you that are whining about the ads, I know how to get rid of every single ad without paying a cent. Just turn your phone on airplane mode! If you were looking for a good virtual pet, your search ends here! You'll not find a better one than My Boo. This game deserves far more than five stars. You guys did great! Thank you so much!! 😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😜😜😜😜😜
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6 years ago, Avery Emersyn
I love this app
I love this app it’s so fun to play with but there are some minors on it!!! First, whenever you play the mini games it has a ton of glitches, which doesn’t make it fun!! For example on the one where you jump up to land it doesn’t always get to where you can land on land. Second I wish it had less expensive things!! For example the food on it is way to expensive, some people don’t have a lot of coins, and for me personally I am thirteen and have to earn my money and when I do, I don’t want to spend it on a game!! Most people don’t like spending real money on games!! Third of all when you level up to a new level it just unlocks thing you have to pay for, which also goes with my second reason, it would be a lot nicer and easier if the level came with stuff instead of having to by it!! I’m not trying to put hate on this game, cause I love it!! I’m am simply putting out constructive criticism, there is a difference!!! Again I’m not putting any hate on this game!!
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5 years ago, LilyLovesStarwars1
Great and all but a few problems...
This app is great and very good for little children. It has lots of stuff to do but I have a few issues and annoyances. First of all, I’ll play a mini game with my boo. There’s usually an add that pops up once in a while. For example, the hunter douglas thing one pops up. It hit close and then the sound just shuts off and I have to restart the app. It’s really annoying. Second of all, energy runs out too fast and takes to long to restore without an energy drink. I’ll play like 10 games or go to the town with all the NPC’s and after that I’m almost out of energy and then let’s say I have no money and no energy drinks, well now I have to wait like an hour for the energy to restore. And lastly, there’s no way to save and/ or reload your progress. I was on like level 20 something a few years ago. My friend got me to download the app again. I was hoping it would either reload my progress or let me log into the Game Center but no! I have to restart all of my progress and do everything all over! It’s really annoying. I hope you ( the developers/ creators of the app) read this and fix these issues.
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7 years ago, RedRubys2008
I specially love this game and it’s mini games and that you can decorate your boo and it’s awesome . But there is a few suggestions I would like to make . Well first I found out about the community I was so excited and I seriously wanted to see my brother and communicate with him in the game but seriously I couldn’t see him then i realized that you could not text other people at first I thought I did not know how to do it and other people did , but then I realized that the pretty dressed up boos were fake and the players could not text each other only the makers of the game and also the same boos keep showing up in the community if you are just gonna keep the community fake well at least please change the boos that keep showing up in the community please . Then second i do not like the way that you have to pay for the potions I mean because the boos energy runs out so fast that is why i do not like to pay the energy potion. But still I would play this game in the future and I love it’s fantastic! Well I hope you read my review and you appreciate it I know my review it’s kind of long but it it what it is ! So bye
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11 months ago, vboodhjeiejjw
Love, Love,
I’ve played this game on and off on different phones for years. I love it! It’s one of the OG phone games from the early 2010’s. I downloaded it again about a year ago and tho I’m not big on phone games this one has always stuck with me. The colors are gross, it’s all well organized, it’s very easy and enjoyable to customize boos clothes and home. My favorite mini game is boo climb. I did notice a lot of reviews complaining about everything being over priced and I don’t remember if they changed that but I feel like the whole point of the app is to keep playing games grow through levels and buying new things. When I first got it on the phone I have right now I decided to do a little challenge and just get as many coins as I could wait for. I ended up with I think 30,00 and of course I have to keep playing the games and earning coins, my boos house is now heavily decorated and I’m ver happy:) Highly recommend!!
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7 years ago, Cubcake_030
It’s good, but...
So, overall the game is cute, cool and funny. But I feel like that some things could be added therefore making the game a lot popular and better! My first suggestion is that, in the community if someone wants to play with there friend you should let them join so both players could play together. My second suggestion is that, we all know that the community is fake! But if u could add real players and chats so real players could chat. And if there are like cussing, online dating, swearing. You could kick the player out for like a day. I have a few other suggestions that everyone seems to be constantly writing a review About. So When it says that “Minigame challenges I think that we should get like 1000 coins. Also, when it says 3 challenges unlocked, And after you do those challenges it’s like it lasts one day or something for you to get back to doing the challenges. Also, there should be REAL PLAYERS! Everyone is actually reviewing this multiple times and I’m pretty sure the game should be updated and better. Thanks 🙂
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1 month ago, Koko2232
It’s not bad but…🙃
So when I first got this game, I was like really fun show me tutorials all of that. no I don’t usually write review. But I think it can really need one. So if you’re like one of your own child and all that like a play child for your kids or something. This will be the game for you. But they have these game tokens, which can sometimes get really annoying. It doesn’t really show you that much of ads which is a good thing if you ask me. But in my opinion, go to a three stars. I feel like it’s really over price to get coins. Because just for 4000 coin which in this game, it’s kind of like barely anything, especially if you like to dress up your character. It’s $1.99 and everybody knows that’s just technically two dollars. so if you have money to spend and she’ll like you’re only a child, this is like the game for you. But I will recommend if your child has a Kindle you should get the game on there instead on Apple on mobile because you’re gonna pay money. But on Kindle, you don’t have to actually pay or watch all these ads. 😊
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7 years ago, Stefanie Martin
Addicted Adult!
I am a 23 year old woman who is addicted to this adorable game. I love everything about it. I modeled mine after my boyfriend, and even he likes to play with my Boo and he’s 30! The concept of this is similar to a Tamagotchi. You get to feed him, play with him, clean up after him, give him a bath. I like how as you progress further in levels it unlocks the mini games, other things you can get for your Boo, such as clothes and even unlocks restaurants so you can get many different foods and drinks for him or her as well. I also like how it is fairly easy in this game to get coins. Playing the fun mini games, by playing with him and tapping him, and even get food and coins in a park called Community. The characters talk to you through speech bubbles, I wish there was a way to talk back to them or I wish that it was actual players visiting the Community. I am pretty sure though that it is just Boos that the makers of the game created to bounce around there in the park. The only glitch I sometimes notice is when I open the game and he has went to the bathroom and he is still sleeping, sometimes he doesn’t want to wake up. I can even get him to sleep walk at the park he just slides around the screen instead of hopping around and being awake. I love this game and continue to play it daily. And when he is ready to wake up and full of energy, even my boyfriend likes to play. Really this is a wonderful game all around. Great job!
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4 years ago, Just saying hi
Awesome just a few problems!
So when I got this game it was the best! I got it on my moms phone when I was 3. Now it’s on here,the game is very cute and funny too! But here is a couple of things that a want to change,1 when my boo is very happy her mouth goes in and out, and it creeps me out ,put some hearts around it. 2 can we do chat? When in outside there’s other boos walking around,and I know there npcs but can we do the chat too? Cus i was looking for it and just couldn’t find it! Till I new it wasn’t a feature,so can you do that pls? 3 things are over priced! Not all boo players have that much money to get clothes and furniture for your boo ,so can we have them a little cheaper?4 no more pop up adds! For other things like games or the present, just not pop ups, there annoying. But other then that this is a great app and it teaches responsibility (well sorta) good app! ;-)
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3 years ago, cheaphelmet
Watch videos to earn reward
Watch a video to get the opportunity to get a reward. There are four options from which to choose. The odds of getting the “best” reward should be one-in-four. It is not. Your reward (or category of reward) is predetermined before you “pick”. I am basing this conclusion on the MANY videos I have watched while playing this game. I also base my conclusion on the fact that I played this game several years ago with my older grandchild. During that time I believe the odds were one-in-four, because it wasn’t unusual to win 500 coins. In the last week, I won 500 coins only once, even though 500 coins shows up frequently in the windows I did not choose. Another issue is the appropriateness of the adds. I purchased the unlimited mini-games for my 8-year-old granddaughter. It would not allow me to enter her year of birth. I had to enter my year of birth; therefore, I get a lot of ads that are not appropriate for an eight-year-old. This company can do better than this.
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5 years ago, Map down loaders
Great App😍😍
This app is great! I really recommend getting it. there are not many ads but you have the choice to watch ads if you want more game lives.( or you could obviously spend My Boo Game Coins to get more game lives) But you get to feed,play,care,wash AND play dress up or just put clothes out what it wears. Oh did I mention GAMES!!!You can also play games with your boo like Piano Tiles,Boo hop,Boo mix,and Boo ball, jump rope, trampoline, and ball! Also there are levels. At every level you get something new, like new games, or at level ten you get a trampoline!Also a level 50 ( at 60 your god ) You get a new BOO!!!! (I’m god with all my Boos,!!! Download this app and see if you can get all god for all 6 boos) As your boos level up, the get bigger. So they look more adult like. The ONLY DOWNSIDE is that I want more games like not played before like Flappy Boo is just flappy bird!!! I want more original games! But get the app and see for yourself!!!!!
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6 years ago, Mssanfo
I like it!
I really like the game. It is super fun. I have another boo on a different device, but it’s super restricted. It is level 47. My favorite minigame is Boo Hop. But why do they call them “mini”games? That is kind of unfair since they are a big part of the game. Also, I don’t like how, even though kids play this, they have ways to get to Facebook and social media. It might be okay for kids over age 12, but what if a younger kid accidentally got on an adult app? I think they should ask your age so kids under age 13 don’t get on Facebook or something. Also, in the higher levels leveling up is hard. But overall, My Boo is super fun, entertaining, and awesome. I highly recommend downloading it (it’s free, yay!) Thank you so much for taking time to read this, and I think you should read some others, too, because I can’t say everything and you will want to hear other opinions as well. Thank you again, and good bye!
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5 years ago, lewisdawnr
Amazing app and doesn’t make me feel alone when I am!♥️♥️♥️♥️🐾🐾🐾🐾
I love this app! It’s just like taking care of a real pet! I have already got on level 10 just in one day!♥️♥️ I am glad I saw this app🐾🐾! Now when I’m alone I will just open this app and start playing!♥️ I also love playing with Boo! It is just so cute of how it’s reaction will be! It is really big now and I am really glad and happy! When I saw this I was amazed so I decided to get the app and look how I am now!😄 I am really happy now cause when I first got Boo I was happy but I am more happy not like I was barely happy when I first got it I was still really happy but I just can’t get enough of this game! I love this so much! I rate all five stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! I am really happy keep up the amazing work! I am really happy I was just sad but now this has changed my mood! And I treat it amazing! I take care of it! -a really huge fan of this game and sorry if this is really long
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4 years ago, Holly Taymon
Great app!!! But I want to add something to it!
I LOVE this app so much! But I was wondering if you could add something. So you know when you get to the very last level, I thought that when you get there you can have a baby boo! Then you can start a boo family!!! Think how fun that would be! Also when you get kids I want there to be a school so the kid boos can learn. I was also wondering if you can add friends. I thought it would be a good Idea that if you tap on something it will say add friend and then you can play with them and invite them to your house! And when you want to add friends if they are not in the same world, I want there to be a search bar where you can add friends! One last thing that would be cool is if you can chat and say things in the game. You can talk to people and make friends! That would make the game really, really fun!!! I LOVE THIS GAME SOOOO MUCH!!!!!! Pls add these updates!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) 🤩
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1 year ago, Fvjngcfbjnh
My boo
My boo is super fun! You can play games with your boo, take care of your boo, and shop with your boo those are just a few. If you click on the gaming button it takes you to where you have multiple games for you to play. When you keep taking care of you boo you level up and almost every time that happens you get a new game! Your boo is like digital baby so you have to take care of it so you have to feed but to get the food you have buy it with digital money that you earn in the game! You get new food store when you level up. So you also have to give your boo naps. If you want to keep playing you can give the boo an energy drink but the energy from the energy from the energy drink doesn’t last as long. The shopping is fun to you can shop for new Alf it for your boo and furniture. So that is why I recommend this game
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4 years ago, nikky😁❤️😁❤️
Y’all should try it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
This is the best game ever you get to talk to people you get to feed your little boo you get to wash it clean everything that you can imagine of however if they do you make a change I hope that it is that they would add more places for like your boo to go away like a salon or something if you want it but if not that is totally reasonable and this is the best game ever y’all should really really try it out you get to do everything with your boo did wash clean everything I would not rated a four star ever or three or two or one it will stay completely solid five stars if there is more stars I will give it 100 but there is it so LOL but if you’re ever download this game it will be awesome for you it’s perfect for anybody that has their opinions Waze thank you so much for creating this game is now I have something to do when ever I am sad bored happy mad I will always play it! :)
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3 years ago, sophie rose a
Great but...
If you are still thinking if you want the game or not, read my review until the end; I would love to give this app a 5 star, if the boo wasn’t so needy. I feed him, clean him, play games with him, pet him, the usual stuff. But as soon as I exist the app (I’m literally not joking) I get a notification to come back and take care of him. Like for example,I exit the app after putting him to bed and playing games with him. But as soon as I exit, I get a notification that says, ‘Ashton wants to play mini games with you! Come back to play!’ And 30 mins later, he has a mental breakdown when I log on. We have a bit of time together Reapeat. But otherwise, the game is great! Unlike some virtual pet games, you get to name your boo! Mine is named Ashton ( I was originally gonna name him button) such a great game and I love it! Edit: I see a couple reviews saying the boo gets tired so easy, that’s not true. I get plenty of time to play with Ashton before he goes to bed
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6 years ago, Super cool girl 1000
❤️My Boo❤️
I got this app when it came out and fell in love with it. I had it on my iPod and used it daily. When more modern tech came out I got that and never looked back. Recently I re downloaded it and loved it again. I am allergic to fur which cancels out most pets so My Boo is perfect. I read the comments and some complain about the consent care for the Boo. I have to say I disagree because that is how I believe a real pet is like. I have a few requests even though the game is amazing there is always more! 😃 First of all it would be nice if new Boos could show up in the community, most of the time I see the same ones every time and can't there be a little tourist boos😉! Next the adds are a little overboard I know you need money for the employees but maybe just a few or even one could be gone. And lastly the prices on the medicines are a little overboard. Thank you for reading and making a great app!
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6 years ago, Or4nAngel
It’s great overall but I’m new thing...
This game is great. I love how you get to play mini games and fashion on with your little boo...but the one thing is that when I’m playing a mini game, the piano boo to be exact when I run out of time, it ask me if I would watch an Ad to give me a little more time to increase my score. I do watch the ad but for some reason it loads and never gives me more time to increase my score. Also, when I go back to the game screen random pop up ads come up..I find this really annoying especially when there is an option to watch ads for mini games and constant presents filled with ads come every time when I swipe towards another room, wether it’s where you play with your boo or feeding it. But besides the ads this game is truly a game you can pass your time on. I’m not saying you should not play this game , it’s just something that needs work on in my opinion otherwise I love My boo , it’s the cutest thing ever 🤗
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2 years ago, 😊 app lover
Great game. Probably my fav! one problem though
This is an amazing game! It’s probably one of my favs. My favorite part is probably the mini games. There are so many! Also it’s cool that every time you level up you get an assortment of things. It’s not that hard to level up, which I really like. I play with no internet so the adds don’t bother me, the money for coins are great prices… very reasonable. The in app purchases aren’t needed to play, which is great 👍(I’m not one of those people who like to buy stuff) Another great part is the dress up. There are so many things you can put on! Last, the problem. Some of the outfit sets are so much more than the individual pieces. For example, the dog set is 12,000 when the individual pieces are 4,830 all together. Great game otherwise. I would really recommend it! Great game for if your bored. Ty for reading!
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6 years ago, The girl who loves my boo
I’m addicted to my boo ❤️😄🤗
I love this game and I just got it it’s not one of those games that have tons of roomers about them like talking Angela (they could or couldn’t be true so don’t worry to much about them being true it’s just a roomer so who knows) it works perfectly for the road there is tons of mini games to play even though I haven’t had much of an experience with this game I know that I’ll be addicted to it it said that u can go with friends and play with them or against them in mini games also I’m not sure if thats true it sounds true but who knows. I’m sorry that this is sooooo long and that I’m kinda annoying but hope this helps u and you get it. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT and I hope u do too ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙂😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😆😆😊😊😊😄😁😊😊😊😊😁😄😃😀😃😁😆😆😊😊☺️😊😊😆😆😁😄😀😃😄😁😆😊😊😊😊☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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6 years ago, SparkleUnicorn1605
LOVE THIS GAME! But there’s just a few problems
Im not sure if this is happening with other people, but when I go into style, one of my four boos is there, as big as a boo is, in the corner of my screen. I can’t see my other boos, nor click on them to play as them. This happened when I got my 3rd boo, and the boo that pops up is my 2nd boo. It is still there when I click out, so I cant see the things in that top left corner. I have to exit out of the app completely and then go back in for it not to be there. Also, when I click on the star to see what level I'm on, a miniature version of my 2nd boo is in the same corner. PLEASE FIX THIS! It has been going on for a month and a half and I dont know what to do! Another thing that I was wondering about was why there aren’t challenges of every game? There are only five games that come up for the challenges and I would really like to play different games in challenges! Thank you! :)
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4 years ago, Carry berry
The game is great but there are a few down points...
I love the game but you have to pay actual money for stuff like you have to pay actual money for boos until you get to level 50 and there’s lots of notifications. I know it’s optional but I really didn’t know there was going to be that many notifications. It says that the boo is hungry all the time and its energy runs out a lot And you have to wait until you win more levels to get more stuff and I think you should have that stuff a lot but have like special stuff when you win more levels and I think that this game is just like a go on do one thing and then go off kind a game. I know that’s a lot of down points but there is some good points, like how you can personalize your boo and you can play mini games and I also think that piano boo is one of the best mini games and I think that booball is pretty easy to. Here’s a tip when it says enter your age or your birth year, enter your parents age or birth year
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2 years ago, (. ; - ; )
This game is excellent! But there is a small problem
One of the best games I’ve ever played but there is a weird thing going on. so whenever my boo gets tired after playing ton of games I put him to sleep obviously then I watch some ads to earn money and pass the time. but when I get the screen that shows me four presents it seems like every time I get the worst present out of the four and The other presents are always better. I either get a piece of food or 20 coins. while the other presents are 5 or 10 purple game coins and 100 or 500 coins. either I have really bad luck or the game is scamming me because when I see that the other presents have 500 coins in them I obviously want to Watch more ads right? whoever owns the game could you please fix this? in my opinion I don’t think it’s okay.
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7 years ago, AdellaEevee
So cute! 😍
I just love this game! It is adorable, and you can really start to love your boo. This is a amazing app, but just some advice, if you’re playing the Minnie games a lot, you should have money to buy energy drinks with. (They cost 300 coins) I would love to give this app ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ but, I have a few problems with it. First of all, I just found out about the fake boos in the park, and am so mad about it. 😡 Another thing with this that is a problem is running out of energy. (As I was talking about before.) If you run out of energy and have less than 300 coins, and have no energy drinks, you have to let your boo sit for like 50 minutes to get a 20th of the energy bar filled up? I mean?!? Doesn’t that sound a little ongoing? Then there is no the ads. It makes me want to do this, there is so many of them. 😱 If they could fix these bugs, then this would get a 5 🌟 rating for sure. (More like a 50 🌟 rating actually.)
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4 years ago, Sarah F 💗💗💗
A few annoying things but VERY worth it :)
This app is very cute. If you like games where you have a pet you take care of and you can buy them outfits and decorate their house, this is the game for you. Lots of ads but it’s not too bad and a cool thing this game has is you can watch ads to double your coins! Really my only complaints are that you can only have up to 4 boos (it’s so fun to customize them you’re gonna want like 12 haha) and that each boo doesn’t get its’ own special house. I was looking forward to decorating each house to match the boo so I was a bit disappointed when they all shared a house, especially because there are so many great decorations I want to display and I can’t display them all at once. All in all, this is a really fun game and I highly suggest it if you have time on your hands!
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6 years ago, BooTuneshappyemoji
Fun game but...
Love the game. You can have your own boo and watch it grow. You can feed it and play with it and give it showers. You can take it out to meet its friends. Fun game but... I want to complain about the ads. From little game pictures to long long videos, there are so many ads. Puff, my own boo, runs out of energy almost instantly. When I put her to bed, the game plays an inescapable ad where there is no x button. I believe that doing this is clickbait, but there IS another thing I have to say. So, this is a normal day with my boo. Wake up Puff, play games with Puff, take Puff to the park, and put Puff to sleep. My point is that Puff goes to bed too fast. If I want to go to the park and Puff is tired, it looks so different from the other boos and it annoys me. That’s because it’s weird that the other boos have been in the park all day and they never leave, and STILL their energy is full. Why does my energy run out faster? But the game is so addicting otherwise so please try to fix these things.
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6 years ago, olive45667
This game is amazing. I’m only on level seven and I am already in love with it. I play it every day I play after school after I have a snack after errands before school it’s amazing so cool. You can change your color You can change your pattern you can change your hair you can change your name if you wanted to you can change all of your boo and you can level up and get new things like a trampoline and a jump rope. This game is so cool you should totally get it. I don’t know anyone who has it and doesn’t like it and I know quite a few people who like it and have it that’s how cool it is now if your parents reading this being like I don’t know if I should give you this or not because who knows what’s going to happen. but seriously people I’m not kidding this is an amazing game and it’s for a lot of ages
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6 years ago, Molly 🐣🦄
Awesome game, but...
I love this app it’s adorable, but I have a few suggestions. I think the community should have real boos that you can chat with, not fake bots. I think you should be able to have friends on My Boo, like you can send other boos friend requests and everything! Another thing I have to suggest has to do with getting more boos. I recently reached level 50 and got a second boo. The problem is, the two of my boos seem to not live separate lives. They have the same amount of energy and hunger, and they have the same high scores on games. Their amount of money is the same. They also have all of the same clothing items as the original boo already unlocked. I think it would be more fun for the second, third, and fourth boos to start out like the first boo did, and let them each have their own life. Otherwise, the game is super addictive and 100% cute!
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4 years ago, Macoroni_Man
Its a good game
Everyone is saying THIS GAME IS SCAM this game is HARD people ITS MEANT FOR LIKE 5 year olds!! Look, I have it and I’m Not five but I have it as a joke and honestly I kinda enjoy it 😏. You get to take care of a cute little pet and even name it! You can level up, and get it new clothes and accessories! You can feed your boo play with your boo put your boo to bed clean your boo and even take your boo to a little boo park where you can meet some boo friends. OH did I mention that you can customize your rooms? This is a cute game and all the haters just get out this game isn’t hard, y’all are probably just boomers or people who can’t be patient and even try! So over all good game 3 outta 5 coming from some weirdo girl who just downloaded some random game and had no interest at first. ALSOOOO I’ve seen pou and even if you did copy (which I don’t think you did) this is MUCH better it has way better quality cuter characters and many more opportunities! 👍🏻
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6 years ago, System✅
It was great but...
This game is soooo much fun! I really love about it is that you can change the colors of the walls, floors, rugs, etc. You can also give your Boo different hair, outfits, and more! There are two reasons I didn’t rate Boo 5 stars. One is because Boo’s energy runs out super fast. Then, you have to make him sleep. If you don’t wanna make him sleep, by an energy drink, witch obviously costs coins. The second reason is that almost everything costs coins! I haven’t found a way to get coins without using real money. Other then that, this game is amazing! There are a few other reviews that tell you more about the game, if you haven’t read them yet. I highly recommend this game if you are ok with spending real money on more coins. Hope you have a marvelous day. Thank you for your time. Best, System✅
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4 years ago, ALM GIRL
AWSOME because this is great stuff for kids and all there’s just one or two or something else that’s bothering me. 1st you can chat to other peeps and some people all over the world play this game and they don’t chat cause there mom/dad say so and they chat when there mom or dad is looking then there parents delete it. 2nd when your boo sleeps it doesn’t work but this part is good when I go to sleep the boos sleep power thingy goes full and I’m like wow cool awesome!! 3rd when your trying to fill your boos heart some of the heart stays empty and I don’t like it. 4th I hope these peeps on here and the other peeps that make this game hope they go for Donald Trump because I love Donald Trump! Last night Donald Trump won I hope. I gtg that means I got to go well see you later. - Lauren Elizabeth McGee! ALM that mean all lives matter!!!
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6 years ago, i heart puppies101
Boo rocks !
Boo is so much better then other virtual pet gems . The mini games are great the graphics are great boo is so cute ........................ It seams like there’s so much great things that this review will never end !!!!!!! But still there is a few problems . First the sets . The sets cost waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much coins . The high price means that my boo does not have good outfits . My boo is salmon pink and light blue dog ears. Now I’m trying to save enough coins to get the cute puppy . Why can’t the puppy cost 725 coins or something ?! Second fake boos . I really want to talk . The fake boos keep saying things like I love minigames or boo snake is my favorite mini game . Why are they in love with minigames? It’s getting really old . Real boos can say much more better stuff . Though I seen some games you can talk and some people say inappropriate stuff . Just make a button that says either send or cancel . That’s all it !!!!!!! Now download my boo now and bye !!! Good luck !!!
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4 years ago, glitterrigh
Get this app NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I used to have this game a long time ago I have no idea why I got rid of it or how so I got it back and I forgot how much fun it was !This game rocks my favorite parts about this game is that you get to game on the game hehe and I love to take care of my boo Lily I get to feed her play with her take her outside but I have a couple problems with it 1i like to compete with other players on the video game thing on my boo and you can only have 3 try’s until you can’t do it anymore and 2 when ever you put your boo to bed for a long time then when you come back it’s not even half way changed and that’s all your going to get it won’t charge anymore but other than those 2 things this game is perfect and I love it but seriously you need to get this app 😋🦄😁🤪
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2 years ago, Former Child, My Boo Enjoyer
To the creators of My Boo
My Boo was one of the central games of my childhood. I remember spending every day coming home from school to play the game, and recently I downloaded it again just for fun. First of all, I’m happy to see that new minigames and features have been added, and the overall design aesthetic hasn’t been changed which I’m happy about. The one thing I request is an option which brings back the old textures and sounds (like the wooden signs with the room titles and the original soundtrack). Perhaps this is a feature which you can activate upon your boo reaching a certain level. This game absolutely fills me to the brim with nostalgia and I like playing it now simply because of that, but the old textures and music would bring it all together. Anyways, thank you for reading this review.
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7 years ago, BooRedskins
I like the game but...
I love the game. There is just one think I would like you to change. My brother and my friend have this game. When I went to the boo community, I went with my brother and my friend. I was really looking forward to see them at the boo community, but I didn’t see them. I was really hoping you could text the other players at the boo community, but then realized that they were the game operators. I think that when you tap the boo community button, there should be a few options on witch type of community you should visit. Your friends and family can go there and you should be able to text other players. The types of communities I have in mind are: park, pond, playground, and pool. Other than those few ideas I have about the game, I love it! This is just a few suggestions that could make it even better.
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3 years ago, E-Girl Vibes 🖤✨💞💘💕
Please Help! 🙌🏻✨🙌🏻
I’m not one too write reviews but I really need too write this because I’m having issues and I don’t wanna delete the app…..I cannot play the mini games because the screen is down too much…’s hard too explain but I can’t get too the decor tab, the gaming tab ETC half of my screen is cut off which is making it unplayable for me also not about my issue but…..I deleted the app and redownloaded it because of the above issue and I expected too come back too My Boo since I logged in but I ended up loosing my Boo and having too remake another…..please add a feature so you can continue from where you left off…..please read! And I hope you fix the issue because I really don’t wanna get rid of the app but if the issue isn’t fixed I’m gonna need too delete it 😞
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5 years ago, Camille the Clever
Fun! Read this to know the realness of this game
So I have had My Boo for a while and I think that it is a VERY fun game and the are LOADS of COOL and FUN mini games and food to feed him and decor to buy with in game money and I think that even little kids like toddlers could play this cuz there is no scary things in it to I am 10 and I think this is a good game for all ages of kids even ADULTS could play this there is easy games and challenging games to play and here is a secret to no ads: Go on airplane mode with no WiFi to connect to because then the ads can’t bother you while you are playing! (By the way this works on airplane mode on mostly ANY game that has ads in it!) thanks and thank you for reading this review for My Boo and I hope u get it too ! -CleverCamille #InstaisShinyTinyTimes
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6 years ago, •Sunlight29584•
Good Gameplay, but Glitches
I absolutely loved this game so much and I’ve had it since 2014. I don’t have anything negative about this app except the glitch that surprised me when I hit level 50. I was given a second boo to take care of, but when I clicked on it, my original boo was no longer playable and now sits in the corner of my screen. I can only play with my second boo which disappoints me, because I really wanted to keep on leveling up my original boo, and I’m so close to level 60! I have tried restarting my iPhone and reopening the app and refreshing it, but nothing seems to be working. My Boo developers, I would really appreciate it if you released an update removing this glitch or to contact me to try to fix it. Overall besides the glitch, this is a well made game that I would like to continue playing. I would rate this five stars but not after my app being unplayable
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4 years ago, talia jorani
This app is amazingly amazing 😉 with all its cute and fun mini games (my favorite is piano boo currently) and it’s full of cute clothes for your cute boo! But here comes why I rated it 5 stars, (almost 4)clothes,furniture,AND OTHER STUFF are overpriced people finally have enough for something but end up with 5 coins after, after playing for 2 days you NEED to report some stuff, also after playing you realize everything is too expensive you wanna delete but after you see your boo’s you decide not to leave her/him so you have to take care of your boo a lot and a lot and pay the expensive stuff 💵but still other than the amount of money you pay for stuff, it’s still amazingly amazing so I still gotta rate it a five but it was very close to 4
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2 years ago, rotin fish
It’s a fun game.
I’ve been playing this game since it came out I’ve already had 3 my boos it just gets really boring I advise you add more if you want more costumers but also I love this game! Cute family friendly and more importantly the games so fun especially boo climb. But also everything is overpriced people don’t like using their real money on a game. It should be like 1 dollar for 100 coins or something like that. 2 for 200 I’m just saying might wanna change your prices but it’s also quite fun add more please! It would make it a lot more fun. Also don’t overprice the accessories man it just makes it less fun I had to spend 20 real bucks to get ONE accessory. Thank you for your time for reading this., Rating: 3 stars.
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6 years ago, DaLivingIceCream
Awesome but.....
I love your game! I just got it and I'm on level 3. So I was playing boo climb when it said low energy. So I hap my boo go to sleep 😴 it gave me an add, and I was like, Oh ok so after this add my boo would be wide awake! But NO!!! I took like an half hour off the app for my boo to recharge. Also there are VERY high prices with real life money and game money. I mean, people aren't going to buy a second boo for $4.99! One more thing. Shouldn't you have real life players being albe to chat w/each Other? I mean, not just computers saying Hi! You look nice! Have a good day! Want to play?! I want real people! Also shouldn't eating give you energy? Just asking,But otherwise nice app and if you don't have my boo it's a good game to get. Tysm for creating this game and I'm excited for future updates.
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5 years ago, Scot2998
This game has a huge bug in it but I love it!
I’m playing on my iPad with transferred data on it because on my phone I when I change my outfit or try rather witch let me stop and tell you the game acts like I’ve never change my boos clothes so it makes me do so as soon as I log into the game so I can only click the change button the exit and do whatever but I can’t change my boos anything witch is REALLY annoying and I just realized I didn’t tell you why I can’t change the clothes it’s because when I do so it it will freeze forcing me to reset the game and it won’t stop doing that and if this helps my phone is a 6s in case that means anything…Wait I just got back on and the weird clothing glitch is gone oh well tysm for fixing one of my fav games :)
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