My Cafe — Restaurant Game

4.7 (90.9K)
541.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Cafe — Restaurant Game

4.72 out of 5
90.9K Ratings
7 years ago, sophystylo
Like the game but could be better
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!! But let me start by saying it could be better. I think the player should be able to create there own township without being a VIP. It's kind of unfair. Then sometimes the customer asks for you to go to Facebook or Twitter or a online app that kids under the age of 12 should not be on. I think that there should be a way that when the township festival comes, prizes should not be given out. They should be picked out by the player and then the township leader can approve of. Then I think the coins are easy to make but not the gems!!! Gems should be given out every day with at 10 gems a day to each player. And a gold gift should be given out every week to the player. Only one gold gift. Then sometimes in township chats, there is bullying. There should at least be a " Report this person " button to keep kids, even parents safe. Maybe, when a kid or child first gets the game there should be a " Enter your age " bar. Or every week there should be a alert that says " You will not be able to play this game until your parent or guardian or owner of this device puts there finger print on the pad below. We're are doing this to keep you and other players safe." This helps because it keeps other players safe, and it keeps the player safe!! If this message helps you develop the game great!! Thanks for reading and have a great day!
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3 years ago, vickiwlls
Love it!! Just a problems I’m annoyed about.
First I want to say, I appreciate all you devs, you guys update this most of the time and it’s appreciated! But, a few problems I have about the game is, when your done with the stories, it’s gets really boring and it’s takes a little while to level up to get more stories and machines. So what I mean is, when your finished with all the stories, and your not close on finishing the level, it gets boring because there’re is nothing to do, especially to find ways to level up. The stories are the only source to help you level up so when you don’t have anymore there is nothing else but to spend your money, and make special orders for your customers. But I don’t like spending my cash to buy the items because I’m saving for the next level. My next issue is, when you can’t afford something for a story. For another example, you need to pay 500 diamonds to buy this for your customer. I always have to skip it because I can’t afford something. So I want the stories to be possible for every player because some people can’t do certain things and is gonna spend way to long to make a big amount to do things which is hard to play the game because now it’s gonna be such a challenge! Thank you once again devs, you guys are always reading reviews and fixing bugs, and taking suggestions.
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3 years ago, BridgetEiffel
Used to be a five star game
I still play this game because I like my Township & want to keep supporting my teammates, but the developers have made a lot of bad choices about style & function lately. The characters were recently redesigned & are now much more sexualized and stereotypical. They look awful & I want my old graphics back!! And the bouncing coins and stars all over the screen are annoying. The phone booth game is a lame distraction from the team play aspect of the game and the phone booth in front of the coffee shop is too big. It’s ugly & in the way. (Adding the puzzle aspect at least helped this side game have a purpose) Put the phone booth in the back near barista challenge!! All of the icons along the sides of the screen clutter the shop & make it harder to play. And will the rubies EVER be useful for anything else besides buying benches and bushes to clutter up the sidewalks? We should be able to use them to buy special dice or tickets for the bunny game!! Who are all the people walking around repeating inane comments??? The “seasonal” bonuses have become too expensive to purchase, I mean really, $15 for the same amount of diamonds that used to be $5? Curses to Family Island for being the developers’ yardstick….the characters in that game were so insipid and offensive that I had to delete it from my phone. And I never got the promised reward for downloading & playing it. Never got the bonus for getting a friend to sing up and play either.
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3 years ago, the spice box gem cost
Apocalypse ads
Hello. Is their a way that you can change the ads? I don’t know if you guys have any control of them, so I thought I would give you some information of the main ad/ads that I’ve been getting which have nothing to do with the my café. All I’m mainly getting is zombie apocalypse ads, The main ones that I end up seeing all the time is state of survival. I’d really like to download this game for my kids but since those are the main ads I end up getting I don’t wanna download it for them. My little girl really likes this game a lot, she keeps asking me to downloaded it for her and I have told her I will, but now I’m starting to change my mind, because all I get is zombie ads. I know some people like those kind of games but to me their disgusting, horrifying, nightmare, things for people that have a high phobia of them, were they, end up feeling sick to their stomach and they start to shake. I know some people who play my café might put a ha ha face to my comment, and I just don’t really care, people may laugh at my phobia but honestly, I don’t really care, all I’m asking is for the company who does my café please change the ads if you can, from discussing apocalypse ads, to much lighter games like raid, MergeDragons!, EverMerge, Township, garden scape, other merging games you know, anything but for zombie ads please.
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2 years ago, SugarLove333
Not for Free to play, long term players
The game itself gets kinda boring after a while, with many barriers into levelling up like money, having certain spices for story exp. quests, and little to no incentive to log on every day as the events either need too much dedication to get to the good rewards or finish the event before time runs out, and for the car events, there's no indication for how long they stay. As a lvl. 25 player, I level up maybe every couple of months considering how long it takes to get money, and with the spices contests, it's difficult to know when to log on for those to have the chance of actually making good profit with the hard to get spices. But the reason why I genuinely couldn't rate higher was from the fact that I don't understand why they're adding all these new food and drink items when I'm already barely saving up for the expensive equipment after leveling up. Having to lose idle income and having constant set backs savings-wise due to the equipment I didn't know they were even thinking of adding is just annoying and I havent been able to level up for months after having to buy 8 pieces of equiment I barely touch. I never see the customers ask for the new food/drink too afterwards and It doesn't help that every time I log on and decide to play for a bit, the camera just drags me unwillingly to the bunny game I never play or the new car quest annoyingly and makes me just want to not play for another week+ just to repeat again.
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5 years ago, Loose Skrew
My cafe 2 thumbs down
COME JOIN MY TOWN 2019!!! The Quick Sipp!!!! The concept is wonderful the cafe is essential but it would be nice if you could trade with anyone within your township and get more diamonds and coins the time and sometimes task for both is unrealistic and unreasonable you have to wait for a certain time until you can get diamonds from the TV which sometimes slows down a level for example if you only need one diamond and then you watch ads and you don’t even get the diamonds you get coins or sometimes you get nothing but a mashed up close up of the tv and can’t zoom out and have to close the app which is just a waste of time. Definitely don’t want the hassle of this nor continuing to be a problem. Making the game a little more larger so you won’t have to zoom in every five seconds would be a plus. The same characters stop through town time after time and sometimes it’s the craziest obscured story or sentence or person place or thing that you ever heard of. Then it taps back into being realistic with the graphics. Like I said great game just tighten up some odds and ends. COME JOIN MY TOWN 2019!!! The Quick Sipp!!!! All for one and one for all! Have fun chat, play and gain diamonds. Everyone wins must participate in festival to request diamonds at anytime. MOST OF ALL JUDGEMENT FREE Loo89.(admit) hope to see you soon.
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3 years ago, best game ever YEAH it is
I gotta few suggestions
Hello I have a few suggestions to make the game more popoular and better first of all make it easier to get the gems ik you made to watch a ad and to pay but I don’t wanna waiste money ( if you didn’t have a way to get the gems by using money I just remembering wrong) and I don’t wanna waste my battery watching ads so make a way where you can earn them by making every order and by leveling up like if you were level 33 you would get the 33 gems things and so on and if your giving them the gems you lose the gems so pls don’t have that next I would like if you could add more food types and drinks for example a choclate milk if the ppl have kids or they teenagers that like it and the thing that’s hardest for me is the thing where you give the costumers a special order ik that the spices are hard to get cause if you saving up to get a slot for a new worker and you need a spice for the comstumer it’s even harder pls do this oh another thing when I try to get them to place a new order the say once you reach vip status 1 they will gladly place a new order pls do these things and not just do mine do everyone’s bye bye for now
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4 years ago, kkkkkkkkkllaaaa
This game is really good, and fun, but eventually it gets boring. There should be daily quests and ways to earn gems and coins daily without having to buy it. Me I’ve spent over 200$ on this game so I could buy gold spices and other spices, also the board game is a joke. If you land on gems it should be way more than 1,3,5,7. That is simply unfair, and it seems the gold gift is IMPOSSIBLE to land on. If you had daily quests each day for people to earn coins and such; this game would be so much more fun and I would play so much more often. Instead I’m on once a week. How am I supposed to save up 15,000,000 to buy a machine when my daily coins when I come collect only amount to 100,000? This is a problem that should be fixed to make the game better! Still fun in the beginning, but after time goes on and you realize al the coins you have to save; it isn’t so fun anymore. But I won’t uninstall because of all the money I’ve spent! Also. The spices are SO expensive in gems. 41 gems for a gold spice is RIDICULOUS. And the prices need to be brought WAY down. So say I win 7 gems on the board game, I can buy one anise and one rose. How is that fair? People want to be able to buy the gold and the cardamom and so on and so fourth. People want to make it PAST the 4th special order and then be able to fill the fifth for a ticket. Update:I have since uninstalled
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5 years ago, MAnnie1997
I like this game, but there are a couple things I wish I could change. Some of the spices are so rare that they’re virtually impossible to get without being VIP, and I shouldn’t have to pay money to play a mindless game. Second, there should be constant car delivery options. Most games like this have a consistent large delivery along with the small delivery (phone). Third, this current update is still the Easter one (IT’S JUNE) and every time that board game comes on it forces you to play, which is super irritating because you’ll be in the middle of something and it’s like NOPE you have to go through this board game tutorial FOR THE 20TH TIME! Also, the board game is dumb, it’s open for like 2-3 days which means 3 free spins? What a joke, I refuse to spend money on an app and I should be able to enjoy many features without having to spend money. I also agree with previous comments made about the township, you shouldn’t have to be a vip to create one, and township assistants should be mandatory in case the leader isn’t available to distribute prizes promptly at the end of a festival. There should also be a daily prize that’s better than a “simple gift” or the simple gift needs to be revamped, I’m sick of getting only rose and anise, if I’m on every day, I should ACTUALLY benefit. Anyway, game is good overall, just wish these things could happen.
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4 years ago, Jasmyn reviews✌️
It’s okay, some things need fixing
It’s a cool game, love just checking in on it and fulfilling some orders, collecting money, then doing whatever I can. However, you can’t spend a substantial amount of time on the game because you earn money pretty slowly, and everything like upgrades & expansions cost quite a bit. The customers also eat slowly, not sure if this is because they have a ‘special order’ that they’re hoping you’ll fulfill or if they always ate like that before you unlocked that, but it’s annoying. You should be able to tell them you don’t have the items required for the special order just like when you don’t have the equipment to make a new request. It also takes Forever to level up, serving costumers only gets one star each fulfillment, and that’s if you do it yourself. It takes a Lot of experience to level up since I don’t see the bar move when I fulfill requests and I’m only a level 5. And then when you leave, the server can fulfill 100 orders and she only collects 1 experience no matter how much you let it rack up (at least from what I’ve seen). It’s a cool game and fun, you just get bored easily and end up having to leave to check in later in hopes you actually have enough money to finally do something.
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4 years ago, The Lady Critic
Parents take notice... should be 8+ Developers please read
This game is extremely good but there are a few things that need work. Some of the stories are NOT appropriate for the age suggestion of the app. The stories aren’t terrible or graphic and an adult or even an older, more mature child would be fine, but the app is for ages 4+. Some of the story content includes glorifying crime, cheating, single/unmarried parents (with slight backstory) etc. To me, those stories are not appropriate for a 4-8 year old. And some parents may feel they aren’t appropriate for even older children. I personally don’t read the stories anymore, I don’t have time for them. Secondly I think there should be a report button for the chat, I understand some people might abuse that button, but I feel it’s necessary especially again, for the age suggestion 4+. Options for opening social media pages is also not something that I think is appropriate for a game labeled 4+, but I understand the marketing and why they do it. In short, I think the developers should raise the suggested age of this game to warn unwary parents. Besides that... spices are rather difficult to obtain and maybe should be easier to get or less expensive to buy. A great game to play but should have higher age suggestion.
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6 years ago, Vic.v
The best and the worst
I loved this game for a while now, the characters have interesting story lines and of course it’s fun to build up a Cafe. I don’t mind spending some money on games I use more often, however this one has become more and more frustrating with how easy you get sucked into buying gems to compete in festivals. For instance you get to take 6 tasks in a festival, the more tasks you take the more trophies you win for your township, if you win the most trophies you win the prize of gems and other spices/gifts for your whole township. The task costs 50 gems to cancel in case you need to take a different one and it almost takes me a whole day now to complete one task on a spice..and if you get all characters to ask for a same spice and take the different task the game resets it to back to the basic ones so you have to work your way up again. Sry if it’s long but I don’t agree with the level of difficulty of this game, and festivals go on every weekend along with a ‘gems sale’ between $5-$20. I’ve had several people in my township leave because they were tired of the game and I am too now. I played a lot to get to the top of the festivals league but I too am done be suckered in. They don’t treat the players right in the game, nor in customer service when you make purchases you don’t recieve as I’ve seen other players have problems with. Best of luck Cafe, I’m sure they will only make more money from more suckers.
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4 years ago, JohnathanRolin
Fun and entertaining if you’re not in a rush
It’s a lot of fun! But you have to be patient. People complain it’s pay to win but really if you don’t get in a hurry, there’s no reason to spend money. There are some things that are annoying. You can only rotate furniture two different directions and you can only put the tv, menu, and topping shelves on one wall which hinders your options for decorating but the devs are active and keep improving the game. I’d recommend playing this as a chill game that you can log in a couple times a week, maybe a few hours for the festivals, and let your staff make the money while you’re away. The main thing is that the devs are still active so if it takes a while to level up, it’s ok. The game’s not going anywhere. The VIP levels are kind of annoying but they’re really not that important. I have bought stuff but that’s because I don’t mind spending a couple of dollars to help fund the game. You don’t have to though. There’s really not much of a benefit to owning your own township. You can easily join someone else’s. Think that’s all I can think of. Lol! 5 starts due to the consistency and commitment of the devs! Thanks!
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6 years ago, ala2181
This is one of my favorite games to play and is only game I have ever spent personal cash on. However, I am Very disappointed with the way some aspects of the festivals work, in regards to actually receiving the rewards that are acquired when the festival is over. The leader of the Township I am in has NEVER in 4 weeks played or distributed the prizes. I have made purchases so the township can advance leagues and I get the most trophies every week. The leader has NOT set a manager, nor has she even played in the 4 weeks since I downloaded and started to play the app and joined her township. The reason I picked her town was because she said she only wanted people who would work hard for her township. Now I am tired of myself and 3 out of 10 people even attempting the festivals and I WANT OUT OF HER TOWNSHIP! But I want my cut of the the prizes that I have worked so hard for. I don’t think it’s fair that I have spent so much of my actual cash money to help her township and then leave and get nothing but to have to start all over again either in my own township or someone else’s. I think there should be a way to message the township owner to remind them they owe people prizes! I would give 5 stars if I could get in touch with the township owner or be able to get my share of the prizes so I can leave my current township.
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3 years ago, Natmare317
Hard to Quest Without Paying
I truly like this game and I would have given it 5 stars, but I have one big problem that made that impossible. The quests seem to be designed for people that are willing to pay for energy instead of for those that are playing the game just for fun. I enjoy the game and understand that everything can’t be free and easy, but it shouldn’t be set so it’s either pay and have it easy or don’t pay and everything’s extremely hard. This latest quest, Petrovich’s, has been better than the last one because of how much energy comes from a pumpkin and how many pumpkins there are. But I have less than a day left and I just started the 4th level (2nd floor in this quest). I have been gathering energy and pumpkins every time they’re available, missing maybe one or two 3 hour pickups while I’m sleeping. I wish I could complete everything because the stories are interesting and the prizes, especially the new puzzle pieces, are really cool. Either we need more time to complete the quests, the energy given needs to be upped, or the energy needed on each floor lowered to make this something worth the energy that someone has to put in to succeed.
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3 years ago, Niloy 2008
Great but some problems
I love playing this game. I use to play this game from my childhood and I still love this game… The story of every character is really great! But there are some things that would be great if added in the game… the graphics and difficulty are ok but in every occasion there is a new character comes with a vehicle and we have to fill there orders, but if a player misses that customer than that customer never again returns… many of that character gives us special decoration item that could only be earned in a fixed period of time! I missed a lot of the special customer and couldn’t win the special decoration item. And they will not again return… if they return, they don’t give that special item. They give new items… So, I will be happy if those customers return… And 1 more thing, we always have to stay in the Café. And we just have to hear the story from the character. It would be great if you could visit their house or at least see the images like we do in the special quest. I hope it will be added in the next update… Anyway, it is a great game. Thank You.
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5 years ago, Dncuididhndid
Great vibes up in here👌🏼👌🏼
YES!! I love this game like seriously no lie I genuinely can play this for hours and not be bored I mean not literally but you know what I mean lol and I’m a real person like I’m saying this all coming from my noggin.(it’s pretty bizarre)< lol (I keep laughing at myself lol) no but seriously tho I strongly recommend downloading this game it doesn’t require you to buy with real money,(unless your impatient)I mean you could tho but you don’t have to. its actually pretty fun when you start to memorize the recipes and if you have a nicely decorated café or badly, idk that’s up to you and your problems (lol jk)< I’m gonna stop using my parenthesis sorry 😂. Again tho it’s pretty easy to earn gems and coins, but it keeps you playing, even when there’s recipes that has you wait a few hours or so. Anywho, I like this game and if you did read this far I hope you download this game it’s worth it and or if your into this kinda of game aaand if your the creator or part of the production of this game I wanna say thank you! I appreciate you all for making this game seriously I play this game whenever I have time and I enjoy every second of it.❤️
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4 years ago, Jerry198405
Very very fun but....
I think this game is really amazing and unique. Other games are like just you opening more restaurants and just serving your customers but this game has a wider variety of decorations and you get to interact with the customers. Also, I like this game because it doesn’t have any things that are locked. I also like decorating the cafe, serving the people and hearing their stories. But the reason I gave 4 stars is because some things require going on Facebook, but kids 4+ sometimes don’t have Facebook, like me. Another reason is those VIP things. I’m fine with you having them but I think you should allow some things to be able to people who don’t have it. I think the order to get the gifts should be for anyone. And maybe the create your own township but I’ll get why you might not allow the township but at least let us be able to choose the order we open our gifts. And maybe allow people who aren’t VIPs to buy from the VIP section too? It’s up to you. I’m just suggesting. Other than that I really like this game and I also like that you guys answer to our feedbacks because I see you reply to other people’s feedbacks. Please try to make this game better! 😊
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3 years ago, l_beach3
I love it but I have a few suggestion
I love the game but maybe make it easier to get gems, for example maybe make it so you can watch more than 2 ads on the tv to get gems per 3 hours or give out daily or weekly ones as gifts. Also could you make it so you can do more than 7 quests during a festival for smaller townships sake. And finally could you make it so customers leave quicker while your on the game perhaps like 2 minutes after their orders are filled? That way it’s easier to get money because you sit there waiting for someone to leave and no one does for like an hour. Also just a question could you guys make another game similar to this. I love games like this but this is the best one I’ve found and I don’t really like any others. Something similar but not so similar it’s boring and too similar to the other. There’s so many times where I’m stuck and just have to wait for the baristas and servers to do orders and collect money when I’m not on the game and I get very bored. Also since this game seems very successful maybe one like it would be too.
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6 years ago, cathasle
Fun but difficult to progress without spending
It’s a fun game with interesting stories and neat characters. However, everything gets increasingly expensive. You end up needing 16,000 and up in coins to purchase a machine and everything else like decor gets expensive. You have to save for hours to get it. Or you can use diamonds which the game forces you to have to have for most things including some goals. You can’t succeed unless you have diamonds because for so many goals you have to have a special spice and those cost at least 2 diamonds and most are closer to 20. Then there’s the VIP. The game is easier if your a VIP but to get to VIP, you have to spend real money. This game seems to revolve around making the player spend real money. I get it. The developers have to make money somehow. But to force it in such way that if you don’t, the game isn’t fun, isn’t fair. Maybe just make certain things not accessed unless your spending some money. But don’t restrict everything and make everything take forever without spending money to get diamonds. Or at least make diamonds a little easier to get. You can get quite a few in a day but it’s not enough to reach some of the goals. If it weren’t for the diamonds and VIP parts, it’d be a great game.
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3 years ago, dgujbbd
I absolutely love this game, I’ve been playing it for years! And those who have played it as long as I have remember the funky soundtrack that used to play in the background while you played the game. This is such a small and weird thing, but I loved that soundtrack, it brought a certain originality to the game and I found myself bobbing my head and enjoying the game more while listening to that little funky soundtrack. I think we should atleast have the idea to switch between which soundtracks we want in the background because I know not everyone likes that same soundtrack but to me it’s sooooooooooooooooooo much better and more enjoyable than this new one. Also I wish we still had the option to switch between running 2 different cafes. I’m not sure if it’s an option still, but I liked having 2 different coffee shops to play with 2 different cafe themes and also the option to kind of start over with a new shop and new approach while you still have your original cafe. Other than those minor things this game would be 5 stars for me! Just please give us a music selection option 😭😭😭😭
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5 years ago, Meya X
I love My Cafe
First off I want to say I love this game! Along with the theme coffee. I love coffee! Just wanted to lay out just a few things I feel could be tuned up because you guys are actually doing great. 1. Employees should be made to restart machines after they use them, not to say they don’t they just only perform this when they need a item. All machines should stay making products and I’m old school so I was always taught that if you empty something refill it. It really frustrates me that they pull product and don’t restart machines. 2. More task to do to level up. The story line is slow slow. 3. The map with the rabbit. You should not have to restart at the beginning every time that’s like you will never get there which cause disappointment and could possibly steer folks away from playing it since after all you will not get to the end before time runs out. I understand the concept of the game and possibly the motive for certain incentives you all put out there but these things can and will help the players feel more confident when playing. I don’t mind spending real cash but it sure got to be worth it.
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6 years ago, Peace Love The Sims
Though this is one of the only games on my phone, I’ve still fallen in love with it, and not its minorities. First of all, WHY IS EVERYTHING SO EXPENSIVE??? I’ll have like 5,000 coins and I can buy one thing before I have to save up again just so I can pass a mission, not even mentioning my level. Secondly, what’s the deal with townships? There really aren’t all that many and they’re getting full, so why can’t I create one without spending $30 of my real money? Third of all, I don’t have enough room for all the stuff! This isn’t said like you think it would be. I keep on getting to ingredient machines and then I have to spend another 10 minutes re organizing my cafe just so it’s not sitting with the telephone while all of the others are on the left side of the ice machine. Fourth, we should get a hold gift at least once a week. I always see them but never get to open them because they cost money. (This also applies to gems!) Lastly, I don’t want this to be an all negative review, so if others are reading this, I highly recommend this game and i hope that you love it as much as I do!!
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6 years ago, Anonjuju
Sad that a fun game is frustrating me in one area
I’ve been playing for a while and I do enjoy this game. The stories are cute and it’s engaging enough to keep me interested in doing the drudgery necessary to advance. I do spend some money from time to time when I get impatient, and because I enjoy the game I don’t mind that. My one issue, which has happened twice now, is that the absence of specific equipment can prevent you from participating in the special events. For example, in the current holiday story, I have filled 8 orders but cannot fill any more because I don’t have the milkshake machine yet. I just hit level 30, but of course the milkshake machine costs 7,500,000 coins and it will take days to amass that many coins, even with the extra money I spent on the holiday tree thing that gives extra diamonds. It’s frustrating and disappointing that I can’t move any farther in the holiday story due to the excessive cost of the milkshake machine. Again, I don’t mind spending money now and again, I understand the developers want to make money. But in these instances, by having the story orders require equipment you don’t have, it ruins the players enjoyment of the game.
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6 years ago, Anecia135246
Great game but...
This game has been my favorite app for a while now and I haven’t gotten bored of it. This kills so much time and the game doesn’t go to fast or too slow. The thing I appreciate the most though would be that the pace at which you earn money stays at the perfect pace for how much things cost even as you get higher in level. But with that being said this game could be improved I’m gonna go on a hunch here and say that most of the people that downloaded this game are 16 and under, so for someone like me who would love to buy gifts and money, I can’t because I don’t have the money. So it would be so much better if instead of having your VIP status control if you can create your own township or not, have your level determine that. One other minor detail is when you move your furniture, it can only rotate in 2 different ways, so it limits the amount of creativity you can have when it comes to designing. If you could rotate the furniture 360 degrees it would be a lot easier to decorate. Besides that this game is probably the only one I’ve actually been interested in. Keep making more games like these because they are amazing!
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2 years ago, CordovaCece
Fun & Addicting but….
This game is definitely fun and very addicting. My only complaint is you work so hard and (optionally spend a lot of real money) to get these stylish machines that will give you rubies and raise the prestige of your cafe. However you pick the machine style that matches your cafes theme, but as you later progress in higher levels new items unlock in a different theme you like better, so now you change your theme BUT your special stylish machines stay as the old theme and now you have to put them in storage and work extra hard or spend a lot of real money to get the new themed machines to match your new theme or the prestige and tips suffer drastically. The stylish machines should be universal to all themes you decide to change your cafe too. The game makes a lot of real money on so many other things, that I think the machines shouldn’t keep costing. If you try to get them without spending real cash for energy playing the puzzles or saving diamonds it will take months to just get one stylish machine instead of a week to get 10. I planned to start a second cafe but because of this one thing I won’t do it.
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6 years ago, Kiko Puffs :3
Unique and Fun!
This game is unlike any other game I've played. I sometimes go "game hunting" and I always install some games I think I would enjoy and then delete them if I don't like it. This is one of the few games that I don't delete and it keeps me motivated to keep playing all the time. Not too hard, and not too easy. Addicting. I don't know why other people are complaining about spices. First of all, you CAN throw away spices (to that person). Gems isn't really a problem for me. It's pretty easy to get for me and if you know how to use them, then everything is fine. Also, you don't have to fulfill every spice order. It is just for extra money and such. I really recommend people to get this amazing game! And to all of those complaining about getting more money, gems, spices, etc. I have played this game for a while now like for a year, and I can get gems and coins easily. You just need a good strategy and understand that there is patience. I don’t understand why people are saying they need to “purchase to continue the game” because there is nothing like that.
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6 years ago, Lilybug18
This is the only game I play!
I have just recently gone through my phone and deleted many games and I had five but I thought I should get one more. I love to cook so I looked for cooking games and this was one of the options. I thought I wouldn’t like it but I’m only on level 7 and it’s awesome. I’m not a VIP but I still get lots of opportunities! I love getting to run and manage and arrange MY cafe. It deals with real life experiences like people’s stories and you get to play games with your customers, you can go to other people’s cafes and look around, and you get to collect and spend money! I went home the other day and got a notebook and I call it my cafe notebook! In it I have things I want to buy and how many and their prices. Then I add it all up and put my price down and once I purchase something I subtract that price from the overall price so I know how much more money I need to make! This is like the only game I play! ONE THING THOUGH. Some things are very expensive. 1 decoration plant is $1,780... maybe lower the prices some!!! Overall I’m very happy with this game!❤️❤️😁😁🍦🍦🍽🍽
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3 years ago, Ristindi
In love, but...
I really love this app. In fact, I might even say I’m addicted. It’s so fun, and the apps are so interesting. I also love the variety of in game activities from the vans, to the barista challenge, etc. However, I do have a few complaints. 1. I’ve been trying to figure out how long it takes for the “sell furniture” option to refresh. It’s messed me up a few times during the festivales, because I accepted the quest, but it didn’t refresh in time. The help button doesn’t have anything on this. 2. Tickets are really hard to earn. I wish customers have an equal number or simple gifts and tickets after completing 4 special orders. 3. Phone orders take SOOOO long to refresh. There are times when I’m out of quests, and all the festivales and challenges are over, and I’m left with nothing to do. Then the game becomes boring. It would be better if phone orders refreshed faster. 4. Lastly, I don’t quite understand the point of gems. They take a long time to accumulate, and even then, everything is SUPER expensive and not really needed. I wouldn’t make things so pricey.
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6 years ago, Lovenotlitter
I love this game so much it is sooooo much fun but I have some wishes and things I would change though like for example I think when I am filling phone orders or the car order if for example the order says 30 chocolate teas I think it would be cool if I could put 30 things of chocolate syrup in the order an later put in the tea, bag like if it says cinnamon cupcake I think it could be nice to put all the cinnamon and later the cupcakes but I think it would be cool to have that as an option but you could still put the things in together. Another thing I would change is how you make the cafe bigger instead of making the price for extending your cafe bigger every time I would either keep it the same price or if you have to pay more money then make the upgrade just a little bigger, and my last wish is that it was a lot less diamonds to by spices since spices are a huge part of it. But again I love this game so much it’s my favorite game. A+ Ps I think we should be able to get more employees faster than waiting for the next level
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5 years ago, Ayq
Avoid in app purchases!!!!!
As i have stated avoid purchasing gems,cash and or gifts. Not worth it since the game system is not fair. Example: if you join a township and participated to try and win rewards... only leaders and give the rewards but mostly have the power not to give you your deserved rewards. leader can also bot give you a reward and posibly give it to his/her 2nd account in the group. you have been warned hopefully the developers of this game listens before the game dies due to this unfair rules. if you read most of the negative aspect of the game is receiving the festival rewards that members have participated and not getting nothing for the hard work done. specially if you spend in app purchases to add to the cost to win the festival then it is not fair to not get what you have earned thru money spent and time and hard work! rewards shiuld be given automatically by the game developers. also some leaders like my leader have been mia for 2 weeks now... im stuck in this township/group cause i still have rewards that the leader owe me and the other active members! theres not even aprivate messenger in the game to send the leaders and notify them of this problems. in other words the leader can keep all the other members hardwork eventhough he/she just sit there and do nothing! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!! don’t waste your money!
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6 years ago, nicnamesrstoopid
this game, I’ve got to hand it it to the developers, is pretty snazzy. I’m super duper addicted with this game and love all the stories. But this game is far from perfect. it’s too hard to fill all the customers requests all the time without saving up for quite a while, and all of the machine and decor are way overpriced and all though the stories are good, their pretty much the same every time, either the ex got together with someone they loved and trusted, you have to do all the work on someone else’s relationship, or there’s a robbery. And also I can usually get whatever spices I need but I’ve been trying to get cardamom for two weeks without spending money, cause I’m not allowed. I know that this may not be the case for some players, but it is for me and it’s really annoying. And there’s one last thing, maybe I’m expecting a lot, but Ive noticed that there is a point in time where there is nothing to do on this game, although it usually only lasts about 5 min. Anyway, I’m sorry about the length of this and despite it’s few flaws, this game is definitely worth getting and I recommend that you give it a shot.
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6 years ago, #Goodrev
This game is the only game I haven’t deleted on my phone! But there is a few problems. U really need to lower the prices of the items. I have to save up for a few days just to get the 2 star equipment and all of the furniture is really expensive as well. The spice box is really annoying. Pls don’t make us use gems to buy spice box spaces or if u do make it like 1-10 gems not 150. The third problem there is is that the rare spices are really expensive and WE ONLY GET 1 OF THE SPICE!!!! Now for the suggestions every player should be given a daily award of around 200 coins. And what’s also really annoying is that the players can’t pick up trash on the tables pls let us pick up the trash. And also I think it would be more realistic if there was a usable cashier that we could click to get the money out of and to see our past paychecks (By the way make the cashier free) and maybe make a way to close your cafe so OTHER PLAYERS can’t come in. And last maybe before u hire someone it would be cool if u could interview the possible workers. Sorry this is so long but pls take these ideas into consideration. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Tabbycakes8
I really enjoy the game, but.....
I actually really do enjoy this game, but the only thing I really hate is that you have to purchase items you don’t want just to complete the story. That’s not fair. My cafe is decorated the way I want it and the items you are having me buy is not according to my liking, so there should be an alternative solution to buying the items that you pick. For example, if it’s a couch or table for two, instead of limiting it to one style why not allow us buy it in any style so we can pick what we prefer and what goes along with our cafe. Otherwise, I am wasting coins on something I don’t want in my cafe and then when I sell it back I’m only getting a third of what I spent. Right now I am in the middle of a story and Margaret is requesting that I buy a California couch that is almost 9 million coins. I don’t want a California couch nor do I want to spend that many coins for an item. So in this case I feel like it’s not worth me continuing the story(because I am not buying that) which means I won’t progress and it will take much longer for me to level up. NOT FAIR!!! Please make it so we have a choice of doing something else besides purchasing these items.
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6 years ago, cmsy27
Well designed and great concept
I have probably downloaded over 20 kinds of café / restaurant / cooking game there is on the AppStore and the time management genre just doesn't excite me anymore. This is a fresh café sim game where there is continual progress and you get to serve customers and upgrade your café continuously from the profits you earn over time. What's more is that there are stories to each customer (sometimes involving several customers at once) and you get to be part of their drama helping them decide on various things and serving them coffee or cake to spill the beans or get their spirits up, which makes the game a lot more interesting. There's also festivals every week that you can participate in with your township which is nice. The progression is perfect too - not too easy, not too hard. Just enough to keep you interested! If I could suggest some things they would just be: more machines / displays / decor items for your café, the ability to change wall / flooring pattern per wall / square instead of just one pattern for the whole thing, walls to be able to create rooms, more and varied events. Great job devs!!
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6 years ago, Nomfoxx
Fun and easy to collect gems.
It’s fun and fairly simple to obtain gems. With that being said I recommend purchasing at least one pack (about $5) it gives a head start and won’t leave you without gems or money for the tedious first lvls. Don’t waste it on rushing items. No one leaves for slow service. The story would just progress slower. My lvl isn’t high enough I guess but I don’t see any double brewing items? Having a single cup of whatever you’re making brewing when several people plus the phone service wanting it makes it difficult to progress. I also think their should be a clock as well it’s hard to tell when time passes because there are customers sitting from the “previous” day and having a story unfold as if it’s been a whole day since you’ve talked to them kinda confuses me as well as ruins any sort of depth to the story and really shows it’s only been a couple min since they left and came back. It’s a good pass time game since there is no real penalty for being slow and is fun enough if you enjoy cafés.
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4 years ago, nicorajenppp
i liked this app until i went to by diamonds which cost $1.99 and i kept clicking it because it the transfer and show me purchasing or give me a notification until after 3 times i clicked on it , it said item purchased so today i checked my debit card and it said u spent $6.98 which is unbelievable it only asked me for my face scan once to make the transfer so why did it take $6.98 ??? i would like to get my money back spent on this app the creator of this app shouldn’t have these issues with paying process , it’s should be a one and done . it’s a good game but after a while it get boring and just the same stuff to do and do quests you have to pay a lot of diamonds for stuff that’s not even worth it you can’t do townships , you have to be VIP to do a lot of stuff . another thing i don’t like is the level up process it takes a long time to level up and you don’t get a lot of experience with collecting orders and when you do quest like this one quest i’m stuck on where margerat want 500 DIAMONDS to get the officer to remember like people just don’t have 500 diamonds to spend so honestly this game was good but i’m starting not to like it anymore because the quest are unreasonable , they take your money and it also gets boring . the game is scam !! DONT SPEND YOUR MONEY !!!
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4 years ago, kaymoney 🥵
Great Game
I’ve been playing this game for awhile now and I’ve loved it ever since , it’s fun making all the different types of orders and fulfilling the requests if you like games like that. Diamonds aren’t hard to come by , yes you can purchase diamonds from the store but they come actually pretty easily , in the beginning you get a lot of gifts which gives you diamonds money and spices & herbs , once you get so far it gets harder to get them , but my character gets 2 small gifts a day which varies from spices & herbs to small amounts of money and small amounts of diamonds. I payed more attention to the stories at first , but after awhile I just pressed through them. The only flaw about the game is once you hit them higher levels all your equipment prices jump , I was at level 12 and somethings cost 25,000 then level 13 the things cost 65,000 like that’s a big jump in just one level , but over time you’ll make the money to buy the things and it’s fun in general if you are stuck in the house during this COVID-19 . Thanks 😘😘
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5 years ago, thatgirlmillz
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this game!! let’s get that point clear. It’s the only game I play consistently. I literally only have one issue. I have been playing this game on multiple devices for YEARS. My only issue is the festivals. I have spent money constantly on this game. I am currently an elite township owner in the chocolate league. Unfortunately , I have had multiple township members not completing tasks or disappearing or disrespectful to the point where I have no members. Still I pay money & ALOT of diamonds to complete as many quests as I can to progress to the next league. However , it has been very difficult to progress because all of my competitors have way more members & are able to complete way more quests. Can you please have it to where we can compete against people with the same amount of team members? It gives players a really big advantage & it makes it seem as though I’m wasting my hard earned money trying to compete. I don’t want to join a township because then I wouldn’t have the same control. I am definitely a long time user & I would love if you guys take this into consideration.
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3 years ago, Gamelover8527
Can’t Stop Playing!!
Wonderful game! Solid structure! The only thing I would ask to be changed are prices of equipment and decorations for your cafe. In real life, would a bottle of whipped cream really cost 2,000 dollars? If the food cost more for customers to buy, and they actually asked for the special dishes that give you a lot of money, I would be fine with it. Please fix this, and I will give you a five star review! Another thing is that the game glitches and makes all my food cost like fifty dollars for customers... Then I lose profit and have to work to get it all back! Edit: I used to love the graphics, but after the last update the art just looks... weird and honestly kind of creepy in the case of customers. Mary Ditt doesn’t look like herself anymore!!!! Which makes me sad because she’s my favorite customer. Also, how does Petrovich walk on those spindly little legs??? Clyde Bowen is just creepy, Ron is suddenly super muscular, Bill’s new shirt just gives me headaches, Ben has tattoos and also has super skinny legs, and Jennifer’s head is way too big for her body. Please fix!
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6 years ago, Waffle Cat 59
Love this game!!!!!!!! But just one thing.....
I definitely recommend this game for people who like easy, cute, and fun games, who lets be honest is probably everybody. There is only one small flaw I would like to point out. It starts with a V and ends in IP points. Okay, I get where the whole thing is coming from, but it is a little ridiculous that certain purchases or goals require you to either have VIP points, or you have to do an extremely difficult task that you sometimes have to wait a week for.(SPICES SPICES SPICES) The encouragement of buying things with real money could really empty kids pockets. Also, after awhile certain items get really expensive! And then it gets really annoying and your tasks keep piling up and you have to save up all your money to buy a mint machine or something, only to level up immediately and have to save up to get another machine again. Seriously, the panda in love task? That was 650 gems!! Thankfully I already had like 400 something, but still! All in all, great app, but there could be adjustments.
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5 years ago, xitschlo
Amazing concept
I am in love with this game! When I downloaded this game I was not expecting it to be this addicting. It’s very entertaining and I can not stop playing. However, because of this reason, you run out of things to do pretty quickly. After about 30 minutes of playing at a certain point after you’ve gone through the basic setup of things, you have to wait until your orders via the van or phone to refresh, unless you pay for diamonds, which I have done but then they get drained in about 2 seconds and you’re back to where you started. Another thing I want to address is how many appliances you eventually need to get, my cafe is slowly looking cluttered with all of the counters and items I need, and I think it would be beneficial to add a little area of room space for all of the kitchen stuff, like said in another review, a staff kitchen or a back room so the cafes will look more put together instead of an unsatisfying mess. I hope you guys will be able to address these problems, because this game really does have potential and is amazingly fun .
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5 years ago, AbiVGoolz
Help! Horrible accident
I liked this app. Past tense. My phone bought an in app purchase when my phone glitched. I didn’t consent, as I was trying to close the app as it glitched and I screenshot the accidental purchase immediately. The purchase went through my fingerprint, but I was trying to close the app because it was glitching, that’s why my thumb was on the thingy. This app is NOT WORTH $7 to me, and I would never spend that much real money in a digital world. This is absolutely ridiculous and I thought this app was cool before but if I don’t get a refund I’ll be uninstalling forever to avoid ridiculous charges I didn’t want, and reporting!!! I don’t care enough to spend that much money on that, and would happily give you all my silly spices back that I didn’t want. I shouldn’t be charged because my iPhone glitched and its thumbprint pay. I DID NOT choose that purchase, because I don’t have that money to spare and if I did I wouldn’t buy fake things, I’d buy real food because I’m actually starving in real life, not in fantasyland.
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6 years ago, dnnscnakmcwm
Wonderful Game! Just could be better...
This game is a very positive game and is excellent for kids and even grownups! But there is a few things to make this game a perfect game for any age! When you get farther into the game after a few days, you start to spend diamonds and you don’t really realize that it is a “need” to buy things and do other opportunities. Like to buy spices. To complete people’s wants to earn extra money you need spices. Sometimes you can get different ones for free, but most of the time you have to buy them with diamonds, which for most people, it is an easy resource to lack. Also the customers usually ask you to buy things with money (not game money, your actual money), and sometimes it gets annoying. Take this review for instance. Bill (one of the costumers) keeps asking you to rate the game. And that is the whole reason I am doing the review. Over all, there are somethings that could be fixed to make this game a lot better. But this is a game that can be enjoyed if you don’t mind constant reminders to rate this game and buy their in app purchases.
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5 years ago, Nina-Corn
My Cafe Review
My Cafe is absolutely wonderful, for starters I like the fact that it shows you how to run a business, reason being, if someone wants to run a Cafe, My Cafe shows them exactly how to, and I think that it’s such a great feature, next I like how they added Ann the Barista, because she has helped me a lot so far, everyone time I am confused I ask for her help and she shows me what to do, and the customers as well show me new recipes, and now I know a lot of different Cafe recipes, thanks to Ann and the customers. I personally knew nothing about coffee recipes, but now I am an expert, this game is not only very fun, but also educational, it gives you a great learning experience, and not to mention, it is also very addictive, so I highly recommend that you download My Cafe, it’s free, but just a reminder there are some in-app purchases, but other than that, it is free to download, so get My Cafe today, and start your own Cafe dream, that is all, bye from a really happy customer. (Just a reminder, I was not payed whilst typing this review)
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5 years ago, corkkcc4
My fav all time best game I've ever played super addicting
I started playing this game I believe in early 2018 and haven't been able to put it down since, the story's r awesome the festival's r fun there constantly adding new stuff so it doesn't get old and honestly it just keeps getting better and better I used to pick on my brother bc he was so stuck on some game on his phone a while back and I couldn't understand why he would spend so much money on this game well now I completely understand bc I have spent a fortune on this one but bc I wanted to not bc I had to u don't need to spend real money to enjoy this game I just choose to but anyways I definitely recommend this game it's competitive the graffics r awesome the game all around is a great game and I've never took the time to write a review about anything really but this game definitely deserved it so to the developers keep up the good work and everyone else give this game a chance u won't regret it if u really take the time to play and build ur cafe it's awesome
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5 years ago, LilithAR
3 stars
I like this game and it’s the first one that I have played so far where I and the customers can interact together. It is interesting also because u can listen to the customers stories and help them solve some of their problems. The only problem that I have in this game is that the equipments are overpriced. It is true that there’s an option wether to buy the equipment as it is or the one where u have to upgrade it if u don’t have that much money in the game. So I chose to buy the one where u upgrade it bc the coconut equipment cost like 450,000 but I bought the one where u can upgrade it which cost like 250,000. I needed to upgrade to open some of the recipes needed for the story and so the first upgrade cost like 70,000 and the the next cost 80,000. I was gonna upgrade the third time but now it cost 310,000 to upgrade it. I felt bad and cheated considering the fact that the price went so high and it’s hard to earn mo et in the game. I used up most of my spices and some diamonds just to earn money from the game. So for now I’ll only give 3 stars and when this matter is resolved I’ll come back and change it to 5. Thank you!
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7 years ago, Laceyyy__
Could be better
This game pretty much requires that you constantly spend money on diamonds in order to get VIP spices like cardamom and saffron. But hey, at least they seem to realize that and made diamonds cheap. So I don't mind spend $1-3 here and there. I do hate that upgrades and new equipment is outrageously priced. I got stuck for 2-3 trying to earn money to get a stupid chocolate cake display AND a machine. Even the further furniture you unlock is outrageously priced. Now I can only hope to have a huge load of coins before the next level. But! The game is relaxing and addicting. My township just happens to be a good one with a good leader. I am having an issue with the sound in the game. I open the app and have to close and reload 2-5 times just to get the sounds to work and the music to play. I like to be able to at least hear the sounds so I know when drinks are ready to be made. Basically, it could use some little improvements but it's a decent game that I'll continue playing I guess until I hit level 28 when apparently there's nothing left to do, haha.
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2 years ago, shfhejsjdheskshdhwhs
It’s great
This game is insanely addictive and super fun. Being able to constantly upgrade your coffee shop is really exciting, I hope there is more choices for decor styles made though!! Some of the design choices for them are a little odd, but it’s all preference. One thing I wish townships/friends could do is trade spices, coins, diamonds, rubies, furniture, etc for other things ex. One gold for two cardamom and stuff like that. In the later levels like 16+, I can never really make enough money to buy the machines fast enough with all the expenses from what customers want me to buy. My coffee shop doesn’t make enough even though it’s big and upgraded and I always have to fill in special orders to try to get money. Some of the spices are kinda insanely expensive especially with how much money you get with their drinks, like gold being 41 diamonds then it selling as 5 or 6k in a drink!? So not worth it to buy that gold unless you get like 50k. Overall, I don’t really love the new art style but the Nicole and buster story was awesome!!
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5 years ago, LittleMissCinema
Fun at first...
The game is good. It’s slow moving but it has you interacting with the customers and getting to know the community. But after level 5 (which I got to on day 1) they start asking for special requests that require you to use diamonds. If you ask if they’d like something else because you don’t have access to that ingredient, the characters say they’ll give you other options once you become VIP which means making a purchase. It’s a good game. I’d be willing to spend a good amount of time watching ads if the payoff for diamonds was worth it and kept the game moving, but it’s VERY hard to do that and make money without them. You’re either stuck disappointing the customers, which is not a fun game at all (that’s what real life is for), or you go broke putting endless amounts of real money into a game. I wish the developers were satisfied with ad revenue but I guess not. I’m very disappointed that I won’t be able to finish this game. It’s a bit ironic that in the game customers won’t buy from you and will refuse service if you ask for too much money for their products. I hope you change the way this game is played before that happens.
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