My Candy Love - Otome game

2.7 (641)
625.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Candy Love - Otome game

2.71 out of 5
641 Ratings
4 years ago, diany nails
Eh i like it cause it juicy but like it could change
I actually played this game a couple of years ago and didn’t play it correctly so I decided to play it again but actually do it right and honestly things could improve. 1 the ap. Why is it so hard to get? In my opinion it should be 20-40 ap an hour or maybe 100 daily, there is no reason why the ap has to be so hard to get it just makes the game more boring since you have to wait so long to get ap back. 2 the ap withdraw. With the ap we get daily it is really unfair that the ap goes down so fast. 3 the picture...i DONT have anything bad to say about this one because LORD I LOVE THEM! 4 the minugames. The mini game idea is very interesting but the prizes we get from it not so much, I mean I get 5ap for winning one of the mini games? Yeah that doesn’t seem right does it?. but overall I really like the game just...plz take in mind not everyone has the money to buy ap and it would be better if you just made it easier to get
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5 years ago, unicorn.valent
Needs to be fixed more
I love this game and it’s amazing and I’m so addicted to it and I love how every story has its own story and also the story continues but there are some issues I’m in episode 6 and I CANNOT believe this but I ALREADY have 3 coins and 21 AP’s and the thing is it’s SO easy to wast your coins like things for the episode and buying clothes it’s annoying I will like if the game had like a daily bonus like each day you will get 40 coins and 50 AP’s something like that or at least put daily ad videos or something because I can barely even finish or enjoy the episode or game because I have such little coins and AP’s so I will gladly have that has in my top number 1 the second issue it’s a little buggy on mobile devices like I’m playing on my phone and it’s buggy but not to much but I will like that fixed please and I’m not so sure why we need to choose our zodiac sign you should probably do a quiz of the zodiac sign because I don’t know what am I and I had to do a buzz feed quiz on it but it’s not really me but I still went with it and I don’t know why some of my answers are a little harsh I’m not that kind of person but oh well and that’s all I have not much I will gladly see these improvements in the game thank you
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2 years ago, lizzy46girl
Way too expensive for nothing
I used to really love this game back in high school and decided to give it a chance again seeing the university story line. The university gameplay is awful. You are charged AP per interaction (including incredibly annoying unnecessary constant self monologue without anything happening just to waste AP) and in order to finish an episode you WILL have to buy AP and gold, spending on average 20$ on an episode. It’s insane! I have never played a game before where it was this expensive to play, didn’t have a choice to skip an outfit or watch ads to gain AP. Like they won’t give you any choice but to pay so you’ll be spending 500$ by the time you finish all 20 episodes of this idiotic game , that’s without replays. The OG high school game was sweet and interesting but can’t say the same about university as I literally SKIP through EVERY SINGLE dialogue just not to waste my time. They are incredibly boring , unnecessary and obviously written in a way to make you spend as much AP as possible so when you get to actual interesting moments with your crush you’re out of AP and have to buy. What a shame, this could’ve been a good game. I don’t even mind paying a little for an outfit choice etc, but not 20$ per episode. Like 5$ at most. I’m deleting it.
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5 years ago, I Have A Cool Dog
My first time playing this game was a few years back and I was very disappointed in the inconsistency of the game because everything costed coins and I couldn’t get any. Fast forward a few years and I thought I would give it another chance but once again I’m disappointed!! I thought game updates should fix the problems it had in the past but nope. The “daily 20 coins” that are given to me for logging in are not 20 coins, and more like 3. I have so many ap points that I can’t count. I had a lot of coins till I got to one mission where I HAD to buy 4 articles of clothing and lost it all. It’s hard for me to catch up and continue my story. Now I’m stuck having to scrap up coins from the mini games and the daily coins given to me which isn’t a lot. I have been trying to collect coins for 5 days now and I’m still not able to continue my story. There is no way I’m going to buy coins because I don’t think this game is worth buying the coins. I’m not gonna waste my money on a game that is going to continuously inconsistent with its “updates”. At that point y’all should make people pay for the game and pay someone to make it better!!! Would give 0 stars if I could...
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4 years ago, Aerapark
I just deleted the app. Let’s start with the fact that the art is so cool and I liked all the characters they were so charming, and the unique feature of this app among all other role play ones is that your choice does actually make a difference and you can make another character like or dislike you which is really interesting, but you have only one chance to make a difference in plot out of other 15 actions that you have to do passively, actually just tapping the screen, however it was okay, and I went on with the game, and just when it was going to get exciting it made me change my clothes and I had to choose between two options that were both expensive and I didn’t have enough coin to buy them so I literally could do nothing anymore, I waited for my daily coin but next day passed and nothing was given to me, the app jumped to high school mood its self and no I’m not gonna pay my actual money for such a thing
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6 years ago, Poemi
Never-ending Story
While the story is interesting enough, there are so many episodes over several years, and there looks to be no end in sight. I’m starting to wonder what’s the point. I don't know if I should wait it out or start over because of my low episode completions. I read the help info that says if you replay an episode, you'll have to replay all the ones after it, because you're erasing the story you had. I'm pretty far into it, so it’s not worth it to go through all that trouble, especially when you get so little action points each day, but can use up so many and not really get anywhere (which makes buying them impossible over the long term unless you have money to throw away like that).
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4 years ago, ElecWolf
Please listen to your fans
I love this game and have been playing it since 2012 and just recently started playing again and I’m telling you beemoov you would get so many more players and traction if you didn’t make everything so hard to get for us players that have no money. If you added in more mini games and better awards for the games people would be inclined to play more. You literally get ONE ap or gold everytime you play a mini game and that’s if you’re lucky you win. Or maybe you guys could do what imvu does and give us offers to fill out in exchange for ap or gold. SOMETHING to make this game playable. Matter a fact keep the gold and get rid of the whole ap system. I know ya’ll need money to but come on now listen to your people give us what we want and that’s a game that can be easily playable and will not take a month to finish one episode. Like I said maybe you guys can give us a available offers/surveys in exchange for ap or gold the ad venue will get you guys that COIN. Please.
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4 years ago, 96soccer7
I miss the characters from high school
I have been playing this game since I myself was in high school. I loved all the characters from the high school version and it was a lot of fun. When I heard that a college version was coming out, I was super excited to continue the romance with the boyfriend I picked from high school. However, when the college version came out, they got rid of almost all the boyfriends from the high school version! I was super disappointed and decided not to play the game anymore. You can’t just make a bunch of characters the players enjoy and erase them from an update. Instead, they should have just added the new characters to the original ones. This way, players can enjoy continuing their story or select to start a new romance. I have not played the game since the college update and I probably will not play it again until the old characters are added to the college version. That is the only reason why I still have the app downloaded.
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1 year ago, As vaca
Wasted potential
It’s incredibly sad to see such an amazing storyline, amazing characters and nice scenario WASTED because of the AP system. It almost seems like the developers don’t want the game to be played. It really does not make sense at all, a single episode costing an average of 250 AP when you only get 20 per day. Doing simple math, it would take at least 480 days (more than a year) playing everyday to complete only high school life. This is unbelievable and irrational. I know that A LOT of people would pay for options like: -Paying once and not having to use AP -Paying to unlock an episode So, in my opinion, the current system is the worst possibility, not only for the game but especially for the players. I can only hope that beemov listen to literally every single review that criticize the system and change it so the game can be PLAYABLE, something that it’s not!!
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1 year ago, Masi0118
It’s fun BUT-
I was a bit hesitant to try this game out but I thought “why the heck not?” and gave it a shot. The episodes are entertaining, I always want to know what happens next but the AP and the money are the problem! I haven’t been able to play another episode because my AP is so low and I don’t understand why it takes FOREVER for me to gain some AP just to play only ONE more new episode??? Not to mention, the AP you get from the mini games aren’t enough or you just don’t get any at all. Then, there’s the money situation. I don’t understand, is there a way for my character to earn money without having to, actually, pay REAL money for it??? I can’t do certain things because I can’t pay for CERTAIN OUTFITS! It’s frustrating!!! I want to continue playing the game, it’s fun! But if the AP and coins are this hard to gain then screw that. I’m uninstalling this, for sure.
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2 years ago, Rinnie B
I LOVE this game. Been playing it off and on for years. The daily allowance of AP is very frustrating, but at least it doesn’t cost you to wander now. I am so addicted to this game but AP is a problem and the reason I stop playing for long stretches of time. Have to let it build up or you can’t keep up with the story. For those sections (like high school) that aren’t getting any new chapters, why not offer a one time purchase and play as much as you want? It’s not like the clothes you ‘buy’ in high school transfer with you to university or r beyond. If they did this, I would never stop playing. I would get all the images/ collectibles and then do it all again.
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6 years ago, Kasey0987654321
What a disappointment
I have been playing this game for years and before the update, I really enjoyed it. Now, the game is seriously disappointing, Before the update, the AP was used to move around. Yes, it can be frustrating to keep using AP to find someone that doesn’t seem to want to be found but now, it’s 2 AP per “dialogue” including when Candy is talking to herself. So I can’t even finish an episode with 1k AP. Also, there is now a limit to how much of the ‘free’ (aka reward for logging in) AP you can save. Once you hit 1k, you won’t get anymore til you use it but of course, if you BUY AP, it won’t effect your limit at all. Not to mention the amount of money you received for logging in has suddenly decreased. It’s kinda shady how they’re trying to force you to buy in game currency if you want to complete the episodes in a reasonable manner. I’m really disappointed in this. I used to purchase in game currency but now I won’t.
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6 years ago, Taiga.A.
Honestly, it was already hard getting AP in the game (specially when you can’t spend) and it was already hard using up 2 AP points when you moved from one place to the other. Now that I make a new account and start over, you even need to use AP points per dialogue? That’s ridiculous. Specially the app, it’s extremely glitchy. I had a hard time selecting my avatars clothing and features since every time I scrolled or clicked it would freeze. Then the worst part. I clicked on one option and it selected another? Out of nowhere? The art has gotten way more simple and it’s just not my taste. Lastly, I just dislike the fact you prefer quantity over quality. You charge a lot and give very little content. It’s just not worth it. This was my childhood game and there was a time I loved it and wouldn’t mind the wait for AP points and such but like? This is too much. Extremely dissatisfied. I don’t recommend. If you want to play good otome games I recommend Hanabi media and 1492 studios Hanabi media is completely free but the graphics are not always that good, but the story lines are amazing, specially since you don’t need to waste money or pay to play 1492 Studios has amazing plots and amazing art. Though it costs money and the downside is that they remove 10 points per dialogue but it’s still very good!
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6 years ago, creeksans
Not worth it trust me
The illustrations are great but seriously, to play you AP which are basically points for you to play. The AP was only used for to move around but now it changed to where you have to use AP to talk???? No. I played this a long time ago where the reviews were better than ones you’re seeing. And the fact they added university???! No. It ruins the whole entire time and plot that was in the high school one. Spoiler! You and the guy break up because of distance or whatever after few months or whatever after you graduate. What’s the point of getting the guy when you’re just gonna lose him anyways? This game really disappoints me now. It used to be good now it’s not even worth it trust me please. This game used to be rated at least 3 and a half stars. Yes I played this game when it recently came out.
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3 years ago, Daisey2211
Money problems
Like everyone else I saying there is problems with the AP. I don’t mind paying 5 dollars for some to continue the story but I’ve bought some thing and the game took out way more money than I paid. And then I tried contacting help and it was just auto messages and none of the auto messages were for help with getting money back… it’s a great game I love the story and the characters but I’ve spent so much more money than I intended too and I can’t even get it back so it’s lowkey a scam but a good game.
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5 years ago, MaronKusakabe
Used to love the game, now it takes too long
I played MCL constantly and was up-to-date on everything! It was awesome, so much fun and I loved it. But then they changed the AP system around the time when High School life was ending. I couldn’t do anything. I’d wait for weeks to play and then only be able to have two conversations... It was so annoying because I could never remember where I left off. So I stopped playing. I logged on again and saw nothing had changed. It feels like there should be an option to pay a certain amount and automatically unlock a number of episodes because there’s no point when you have to wait months to complete one episode.
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5 years ago, happy party train to go
I love this game, but the AP System...
This game is addictive and charming. It’s a childhood memory and it makes me nostalgic. I like that AP is used on dialogue rather than movement now, but what I don’t like is that you only get 20-40 AP a day depending on how lucky you are with mini games or running into Auntie. I wish AP would restore like it does in other games- maybe 1 AP every 3 minutes? That would make the game more enjoyable and would make me play for more than five minutes a day. It would make following the story a lot more fun, too.
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6 years ago, Agent Kr
Please fix
The update put the new game in but it messed up everything else. On the university side I can’t even see my character and all the customization parts are blank because my character isn’t there. Then when I start the story it’s just a white screen with our dialogue at the bottom. And on the high school side, our character model is there but our eyes and mouth are missing, and those customization pieces are gone too. Then when you enter the characters are blown up so big all you and see is their chest to their hips. Also, I pressed the nicer option for Dimitri but the demon girl acted like I chose the rude one. Please please fix these bugs because they honestly make the game unplayable.
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4 years ago, Pinkrose1422
Crashes and won’t let me play
I remember playing this game back in elementary and not I’m well pass high school years so when it popped up on Instagram by someone I follow I decided to play again. Maybe play isn’t the right word. The game is very glitchy and buggy and when I go to play the game by clicking on the school (university or high school) they both crash the app and kick me out. The only thing that works is me changing my outfit but even than when I click save it crashes the app also. The game literally won’t let me play but at least I got the memories of playing this back in elementary. It was still buggy than too but at least I had fun with my old BFF while doing it.
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6 years ago, Jareth~
I used to love this game
I’ve been playing this game for like 2 years now and I used to love it, but they changed the ap system and here I am still in high school life unable to finish without buying ap and money. It’s very frustrating I’ve been stuck on episode 12 waiting for my money to raise so I can purchase a phone for amber. And I hate how ap drains during dialog, even when candy talks to herself! It’s close to impossible to finish episodes without buying ap or currency, which I will not do. I used to not mind buying ap but now I will not because I feel like I’m investing in a bad decision. So I say to other future candies DO NOT GET THIS GAME, it has become a bad investment thanks to a greedy team.
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4 years ago, macias R
Amount of ap and gold earned
Please , I know y’all worked hard on the animations and everything , it’s pretty nice but we need more ap and gold , not everyone can pay money for the ap and gold , Just please make the people get more ap and gold when playing mini games , it will make the game better and more fun , because people after they don’t have enough and see that they can’t continue they just get bored and stop playing it. PLEASE make the mini games make you win more! It will attract people and more people will wanna play it.
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2 years ago, Mx. Fishead
Can’t even log in
I’ve been playing this game on my pc browser, and I’ve been in it for a while, I’ve got plenty PA points and gold. I decide that maybe I’d be best to instal the mobile version into my iPad but, for some reason, it won’t let me log whit my account! I’ve tried of everything, went to the browser version and I saw both my email and password where correct, but still the game would tell me there was a error and that my password or my email where incorrect, but they where in fact correct. Can you guys please fix this issue? I’d really love to play and experience this mobile version.
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4 years ago, Anonymous R.
Some problems
I’d like to say as someone who use to play this game in high school, having it in app form is really wonderful. My main problem is that the objectives button sometimes will cover up the character’s dialogue which is frustrating even if I can figure out what they’re saying. I tried to report that through the support system, but I also found that the ‘send’ button wouldn’t function either which was frustrating as well.
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6 years ago, linxecat
Since people keep posting about it, your name only shows up in the forum you can change what they call you in the game after the account is set up. Currently disappointed with the new system and the daily dollar amount. If you’re a new player you have to be prepared to wait about a hundred days before the game actually becomes playable so you have 3,000 dialogue points (which is the max you can get free) and 500 dollars. This only gets you about four episodes in though (due to not having enough money).
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6 years ago, KawaiiBomb
There are many bugs and glitches in the game as of late, I continuously find it annoying when all that pops up on the screen is error and a blank page. Additionally, some of the mini games are not functioning at all. It hurts to see such a great game be brought down by these shortcomings, since I really enjoyed playing it up until I started to experience all of these glitches the past few days, which surprising since it was recently updated.
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7 years ago, Kaiteybug101
Good and Bad
Whilst the AP concept needs work, because sometimes you can't even get to a story segment with only being able to move 5 times a day, and in that way it kinda leeches money from you to be able to move more than 5 times. But at the same time, the story line is great, and I love how you can have more than one romantic interest, whereas most otome games make you choose one for the whole storyline. I love how you can have them all in this game. Been playing for 3 years now!
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5 years ago, CatGang666
I play this game for years and I can’t really bring myself to hate it even with the update but, yeah I agree the whole AP thing is pretty frustrating. This could all be fixed if they balance it out a little. Like watching ads to get AP and they could put it with the mini games, that would be a start. Anyway don’t let the bad reviews scare you off it’s still a good game even, with its downsides. You decide if you want to play it. (definitely not paid to write this review) ;)
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4 years ago, Kianacln1206
iOS updates
Have loved playing this game for years and have put plenty money in my accounts over the time span. I continue to love this game the deeper in I go, however, on the iPhone there are a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. Currently I cannot open any episodes in high school version without the app closing out on me and the inability to access events unless I go to the website is a bummer.
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4 years ago, dreamysheepy
Need more coins
They only give either 5 coins or 10 coins one a day, and I’ve been logging in (not actually playing) every day for the past month and a half trying to save up for just one outfit. I have plenty of AP now, no problem. But I can’t even progress past the very beginning of Chapter 2 until I get enough coins to buy the cheapest outfit available. I know the creators can see the multiple reviews addressing the same problems as I am: not enough daily AP/coins. It would not hurt you to fix it and increase the amount to at LEAST 20-30 coins every day. Hell, we’ll even settle for 15 everyday day.
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4 years ago, L3ocity
Love this game but...
I love this game and I’ve been playing it since if came out. Not a huge fan of that update with the AP’s being charged w dialogue rather than movement but I’ll live. My only situation with the app version, is that it suddenly crashing whenever I want click the high school to continue the story. It’s never happened before unless my phone (iPhone 11) isn’t compatible anymore. Is it me or is anyone else having this problem?
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1 year ago, Treizja
More AP
I like this game but the AP situation is so annoying! I would love to play longer but I don’t want to have to spend hundreds of dollars to be able to get through the whole thing. I think daily we should get at least 100 AP instead of 20. If they think people won’t buy AP so they want to make the daily low then they are wrong because a lot of people would use the 100 and still go and buy more.
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5 years ago, Animegurl1214
Doesn’t Work Anymore
A few years ago, I played this game daily just to see the progression of the story. It was always my go to and something I took joy in during my spare time. Now, years after, I was so excited to see that the game had made its way to mobile. Downloading and logging in was a challenge. But after I did, it crashed. I retried every day possibility when it came to redownloading the game and using a different account— but it didn’t work. I was extremely disappointed to see a game as amazing as this not work anymore.
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6 years ago, Kylienumber54
I just started this game and I loved it and when it said in the tutorial "you will have to wear the correct outfit for your date" I didn't think they meant you would have to buy the outfits I tried my hardest not to get this Ken guy to like me but it was no use and now I can't even finish episode 3 because of a date I have with him because I don't have enough coins for the outfit he likes. I Totally understand you need to make money but this is a little ridiculous.
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5 years ago, AssassinCREED19
Fun but costly
My candy love....first dating sim I played, I love it I really do but please, listen to your fans, we want to play, but you people are getting too greedy, it’s unfair and frankly down right insulting to the people willing to play this game. I get it, you want money, who doesn’t. But if you truly want players, make it more fair. I tried playing the first episode of the university life with 750 AP, and I only got 16% done! Please listen to what we ask
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3 years ago, DianeK reviewed
Anomalies within the app
I love the game. However for a few times now, I have been experiencing some anomalies. The main one : The characters do not appear anymore. I cannot know who I am talking to except within the dialogue. It cannot be my wireless connection, I tried with different ones, same results. I would really appreciate if you could fix this. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Zicoxuality
Great but some glitches
This has been my fave game for a long long time . The app doesn’t update to the latest version is an issue also crashes a lot or when you are talking to a character and try to click the text it doesn’t change .
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6 years ago, D3571ny
What Happened?
I’m incredibly upset at this game. It has such a good story and is so much fun to play, but you get so little AP daily that it’s impossible to play every day. Not to mention I can go days, even weeks, without anything happening because I don’t run into anyone to have dialogue with. NOW the newest update made it so dialogue costs AP points too! I’m the type of person who /never/ spends money on apps, so for me, this makes an app I’ve had for years virtually unplayable. Also the addition of university life seems to have really messed up the graphics of the original game.
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4 years ago, Long Time MCL Player
I love this game but I can’t even play it anymore!
I’ve been playing this game for a VERY long time(a couple of years) and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. From the plot to the illustrations to the characters and fun outfits. Even the events were fun! When the app came out I got it and had no problems up until now. I can’t even play the game anymore. Every time I tap the school building the app crashes on me. I’m really disappointed about this because I really would like to keep playing this.
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6 years ago, dogtree1234
Upsetting update
Making the conversation cost action point was not a good idea. You only get 20AP a day and each action costs 2AP. Now, not only do you have to pay to move to a different area, you also have to pay for each thought. This means you can’t get through a normal sized conversation in one day! And with this update, you have to share those same AP with the second game (the university game). This makes the game extremely frustrating to play. Please change it back to when the action points were only used for actions (and rings).
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4 years ago, LunarFoxRising
Kay so I redownloaded this to give it another shot and everything was going fine! Started college one again and in Comes the date where I don’t have enough money. Ok, fine that’s okay. So I play a bit of the Highschool one again and now the Highschool one won’t load! The college one loads but I can’t pass it till I have enough coins but the Highschool one won’t even load!! It’ll just kick me off the app completely! I don’t know if it’s my phone or the game but some help would be great!
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5 years ago, TheLittleDragon23
Will change to 5 stars when fixed
I remember playing this game when I was younger and hating that every movement you made you would love AP and only get 10 AP every day. I love that you guys fixed that and made it every new dialogue! That is more tolerable for me personally! However after this new update was released every time I open the app it immediately crashes. Not sure if this has to do with the new update but this doesn't happen with my other apps. Would like some help once it is resolved I'll happily change it to 5 stars
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3 years ago, lae 135
I played this game all the time when I was younger and it’s still the same today. And I love it! The only problem that I have is on iPhone it does not show the messages in the game. I hope it can get fixed because I can’t see new information.
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7 years ago, Brookallynn
More AP
We don’t need new ways to “manage” or need any new graphic designs. We need more AP a day. You can only play for 2 mins at a time. And by time I get enough AP to continue the story, I forgot what it was even about. The game has great stories and clothes, but it’s hard to enjoy them and appreciate them when I can only go 5 places a day. Not to mention you have to continuously click out, then back in the same spot to Continue most stories.
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7 years ago, Larenashley
Bought ap’s iTunes account charges but was not credited in game
I bought the 800 ap’s and my iTunes account was charged but I was not credited in the game. At first I thought a glitch happened so I clicked on it again and the 800 ap’s showed up but then I got an email saying I was charged for both purchases. So I’m not missing 800 ap’s and am out $20. I tried finding something on the my candy love website so I could get into contact with the people that made it but I wasn’t able to find anything. I either want my ap’s or my money back
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2 years ago, zulu7339
Good game
I love this game and have been playing for a long time but the amount of ap we get doesnt seem fair when we have to use 2ap when clicking on next it just wastes islt faster and by the time you get to make a choice you already lost all your ap because you were clicking (next)
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5 years ago, Anonymous-10198
I fixed it
Alright so I figured out how to fix the glitch problem. If you have a computer at home log on to your account and play and episode or two on there and then play in the app I did this and it worked for me let me know if it worked for you!!!!!
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7 years ago, Marinerss
Super Flawed
I played this a long time ago online and came across an ad for the app, so I was excited to give it a shot. You are totally unable to change your appearance (face wise) because it says there is some random error. Not even 30 minutes into the came, I had only one option which was to pay $100 (in game currency) for something. I had $150, yet the game insisted that I did not have enough money and I had to purchase some with real cash. So I actually cannot move forward unless I do so lol.
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6 years ago, MagicCupcake
Shameless money grab.
I STRONGLY suggest new players to avoid getting invested. I started playing in 2012 but recently they changed the game so that it is impossible to continue. Before around 500 AP would finish an episode but with recent changes it cost over 2,000 AP and is impossible to get through a single conversation with this new system and the daily AP given. It's a fun game but they've made it impossible to play without throwing away all of your money. They've also been ignoring thousands of customer complaints.
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6 years ago, Amina0786
Played for years
This is or.. was one of my favorite games growing up. I liked the whole mortal pillow fights and I think that was a very good part of the game, finding other people through this was fun. Now it’s gone as well as the other games. As much as I fawned over the idea that you were going to add a college version, I was quickly swept off by the unreasonable changes that was not pleasing. I still have hopes for this game, but some things shouldn’t have changed. Apparently many others I know feel the same.
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5 years ago, GaryGT7
I downloaded the game expecting a fun and interesting otome game, but it's just too glitchy. When customizing the avatar it froze every time I selected something and the game would freeze and often crash when in the middle of a conversation. It was an overall frustrating experience and I don't recommend downloading it unless they fix these problems. I'm disappointed I couldn't get to the real content of the game because of how many glitches it had.
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