My Check Register

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Jambo Group LLC
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4 years ago
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User Reviews for My Check Register

3.12 out of 5
321 Ratings
5 years ago, Missellaye
Sharing Accounts Glitch
I purchased this app a couple years ago and paid for all upgrades so I could use multiple accounts and share them if necessary. One problem that I have seen once in the past and again most recently is when an account is shared, the ending balance changes to an inaccurate number. It is not clear why this happens and looking through the register entries doesn’t reveal the problem. I am leaving this review because I have contacted the developer but they have not responded. I have a new device and would like to share my accounts but if the system is going to mess up my figures then I can’t do that. If you are the developer and you read this review and you care about customer loyalty and retention, please respond to my email.
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7 years ago, Ldiii03
Does what it's meant to
First time I've written a review. For the $4 to upgrade to premium (which I believe is a one-time fee), it is doing what it says. I ultimately picked this app because the others appeared to be a subscription service for the syncing, whereas this one does not appear to be a subscription. I created balances for my shared checking account and two credit cards. I put the app on two phones and one iPad and I've been able to see the balances for each shared account. I like that I can include my recurring transactions, as that will be helpful in the shared function. The downside so far is really only in the lack of instructions. It wasn't intuitive at all how to edit my opening balance, though I eventually just edited the # that showed on the account display. Getting the access key to allow for the shared account functionality is described well, but is a bit clunky. It would be great if the "register" balance could show the current balance as well as the balance with a forward looking view to include the upcoming "recurring" transactions.
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3 years ago, Santo426
I don’t hate bills anymore.
I hated sitting down to pay the monthly bills mainly due to bringing the checkbook up to date. We’re down using an actual check maybe 1 time every couple of months. This makes keeping the paper checkbook current more difficult because we pay everything online or through apps on the phone... the checkbook is not always handy to add a payment made on the fly. This app has made keeping our checking account up to date practically effortless. The registry is a touch away when ever I pay a bill, withdraw or deposit from the account. No more planning to sit down with the paper version and sorting out what I paid and when. The wife and I both have the app on our phones and “synced” to where when one of us makes an addition it shows on the others register. Highly recommended for its simplicity and ease of use. Wonder why the banks themselves don’t have similar functions in their own apps. Doesn’t matter, this one serves me perfectly.
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2 months ago, vlalra
Best basic Check Book on the market
This is the best basic checkbook on the market for anyone that wants to maintain a shared register. I have used much more advanced register that did all sorts of graphs and budgeting, and so much more. But it would Not share and keep the two registers together. This app, as soon as you open the register, it updates whatever changes were made. I don’t understand why others cannot do what this app does. Yes, there are recommendations. I wouldn’t like to see done like being able to maintain a sort like all the cleared on the top or bottom and all the uncleared together. I’m being able to market it cleared or un cleared easier than going back-and-forth. But all those little things don’t amount too much when this checkbook or check register is able to maintain between two separate people it’s just the greatest thing around. Thank you guys for making what I have been looking for for years
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3 years ago, Ceilwheel
Just what I needed
If you need simple, this app is for you! I am posting this after using this app for several years now. All I wanted was a simple app to do everything my paper register did, but do the math for me as well. It does just that. Toward the end of each month, I put in all my expenses for the next month and I can see what I have to budget. Perfect. I have it on my iPhone and iPad, and my husband has it on his phone so he always knows our finances as well. The only thing I have a complaint with is a little glitch that showed up a while ago. If I need to delete a transaction, I have to do it on my iPhone because the red delete spot doesn’t show up on the side so I can swipe it to clear the transaction. It only barely shows up enough on my phone to get the job done. It may just be a setting on my devices that I need to adjust, but it’s not that big of a deal.
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3 years ago, K I M M Y G
Won't email register anymore
I've had this app for years my husband and I pay for the premium and it seems perfectly between both phones. There are glitches here and there where when I bring it up there's nothing there several times and then eventually it will load. In the past it never loaded but they seem to have corrected that. However for the past six months it will not allow me to email myself dates like my register dates that I hit keep it says I do not have the subscription to do so. I do have the subscription to do so I've been doing so for years and I am unable to get a hold of anybody I'm unable to re-purchase the subscription I've gone into there app looked all over the place went into the App Store looked all over the place can't find anything at this point I have remove the app and I'm looking for a new one to try to get this to work for me again I love this out but I can't deal with the issue any longer.
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5 years ago, Aviationgirl
Awesome app!
I downloaded this app many years ago and it has been great! I wanted something to use to keep track of my everyday transactions so I don’t accidentally overdraw in my bank account. I didn’t want an app that synced with my accounts and this doesn’t make you. It is great to use if you keep up with the transactions. Every paycheck I get I type it in the app and pay all my bills and record that in the app and I also put in the upcoming auto payments then when I’m finished I see what I have left to use till my next paycheck. I’m very happy that this app has kept going. This is one of the oldest apps I have kept on my phone and I just thought I’d let you know how much I love it. It has really helped me financially. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Bielzebub
Could be better
I really like this register because my wife and I can both see what our balance is in our accounts without having to constantly login to our bank. The "recurring" payments definitely needs work as it doesn't usually update the register the day the transaction is supposed to happen and the export will only export one months worth of one account. Not one account at a time or one month at a time, I mean one month from one account, period. Regardless which account you select, it only does the same account every time. Good app but could be better. But then again it could be updated more frequently than 7 months and three developer could actually respond to questions...
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4 years ago, Blue Hair 19
Great App
I love this App for many reasons. I love that it automatically enters the latest entry where it belongs chronologically instead of at the bottom of the page. I love that I don’t have to worry about decimal points. Making entries in general is a breeze. I would love it if the new entry page started with the date of the last entry, but that is icing. My only complaint, (and it is entirely possible I just haven’t figured out this function) is that the register page returns to the bottom of the page automatically. This makes it hard to compare with the bank and see where errors are. On the whole I find it easy to use and it gives me the information I want in a straight forward way.
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4 years ago, Mes1701
Can't sync
This app works pretty good on a solo device I.e. My I phone. It isn't perfect, like searching for a transaction is hopeless . However, I am extremely disappointed with it's inability to sync with my iPad. I have done the upgrade, both devices show that they are upgraded to premium but the iPad has nothing. Any ideas? Otherwise app great, I can export to an excel file, editing a transaction is awesome. I have not experienced lost entries like I have read, I have transferred this app through three iPhones and it has kept perfect records. I am now using an iPhone 10r and it is still running perfect Any way I wouldn't change to another app. Sent from my iPhone
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1 year ago, BrandyEllen
I Like this App
I like this register. I and my husband have paid subscriptions. We are able to sync with each other. We have to remember to refresh or each other won’t be able to see the others entries. They don’t show up automatically without a refresh. The app sometimes will quit working. I will edit an entry and the app just won’t save it. I send an email to support. I never hear back. Days later it seems to be resolved with no response. Wish the support was a little more communicative, even an automated response would be an improvement. Might have to look into other options if the bugs keep happening. And no one is in a hurry to fix them.
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2 years ago, Nana in Ferguson
Not so free
I downloaded this (at the time “free” app) some years ago (maybe 5?). It is easy enough to maneuver; however it was not as effective as another ledger app I had already been using for 3-4 years. Since I hadn’t used the app for a while, I thought I deleted it. Recently while searching the App Store for a possible new register I noticed MyRegister and thought I would check to see if it had any upgrades. Apparently, I had not deleted it completely, as it appeared in my iCloud; so I downloaded it. Last week Apple debited my account $2.99 for My Register to “add multiple accounts”. I do not recall actually making such a purchase; but I am told by Apple it is non-refundable. I’ve searched the app again; but cannot find such an option. I certainly would not have paid for one. The amount is not that much of an issue - as long as it is a one-time charge. Write it off as operator error. However, if this is a monthly subscription, I WANT OUT.
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8 months ago, wwall10383
Gets the job done. No frills
I’ve been using this app since 2015. The first two or three years there were glitches that were due to internet speed but were ironed out. I love the simplicity I love being able to go in and enter my information as I see fit and move on. There aren’t a bunch of complicated categories to enter. Every time I explore competitors apps they just seem overwhelmingly complicated. My only gripe is I wish I could change colors and personalize the register a little bit more. Other than that it’s been great.
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6 years ago, Dex3985
Ok, needs a little more functionality
The biggest thing I see wrong is the app does not show the cleared balance. I would also like to be able to more easily hide cleared transactions like many other apps do. When I shared the account with my wife, it worked flawlessly. I then went to show her how I set it up, and deleted the account from her device, and it deleted it from mine as well. The app should not allow someone other than the account owner to delete it in my opinion. Overall it does what I need it to, and that is let my wife and I edit the register in real time no matter where we are.
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4 years ago, everynickseemstohvebeentaken
I use this stupid app because it’s the only one I can find that does what I want it to do across multiple devices, but it is extremely frustrating. I’ve spent the last 20 minutes trying to find specific transactions from about a year ago, but every time I scroll up to that date range and start skimming the entries the app glitches after a few seconds and shoots back to the bottom of the least. I’m so frustrated I was ready to throw my phone against a wall. Other frustrating glitches are that it is frequently unable to load, sometimes it doubles up an entry when you hit submit, and sometimes when I open the app it’ll open up to a balance that was current months ago.
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6 years ago, misjustine
It’s ok
So I thought I found a good app to help keep track of purchase materials for my clients. And that part did work, I could log the expense and then it would keep a running balance. The issue came when I wanted to print it or share it. Unless my clients have to app as well you can’t share it, you can’t print it, so I was left with a bunch of itemized reports that I couldn’t give my clients. So 3 star only. Oh! And there is no support button, so if you need help your on your own. It would be nice to be able to speak with someone to answer questions. Total disappointment. I do not recommend. Thumbs down.
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6 years ago, Jac411
Been using for 4 years
This is what it is. Perfectly flawless if used as a check register. Recently I’ve tried to find “budget” apps that were simple. Easy to use. This app is what it is, for those negative reviews- they’re doing it wrong. It is a check register. Spend it. Write it down. It has never failed me and only felt compelled to review again bc I’m searching for a new budget app and realize how much nonsense and fluff there is out there that does nothing more than cause headaches.
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5 years ago, Rtfour69
Kind of Okay, but sort of not
Got this app several years ago and use it all the time. It’s a simple way to set up a spending limit each month if your diligent to enter all of your debit or credit transactions. Best way is to use cash and make fewer entries. There are still export issues that I requested to be fixed literally, freaking years ago but the export feature is still a waste of time. It emails the same transactions over and over even after changing your export ranges. Booooo!
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2 years ago, Sharon's iPad 2
I have been using this app for years…… i dont know any other way to balance things out!!!! If i had to balance with something else or paper i truly wouldnt know what to do. This app has taught me a better And simpler way. It works great, everyone NEEDS this. Its not complicated, you just have your start balance, and as you spend, you enter it and it deducts. As you deposit, enter it and it adds in, Simple!!!!
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2 years ago, jover55
Can export to email transaction register
I looked at so many apps that provide graphs and pie charts, but what I wanted was a report that listed the transactions so that I could print it out for taxes. This app delivers with simplicity. I’m using the free version without the extras and I’m satisfied because it provides what is really needed. You don’t have to link your accounts. You don’t pay a monthly fee. Very happy.
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6 years ago, Windows guy
It’s a descent app
I noticed one thing that I would like to see corrected. When I’m inputting an entry and I have to put in a description, the app remembers my past entries, which I like. When I start inputting letters for the entry, a scroll list forms under it to quickly choose my entry. However if my entry is at the end of a long list I can’t freely scroll the list to choose it. I have to put in many letters to get to it. I would like to be able to freely scroll the list to choose the last entry with ease.
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3 years ago, Mommy Ervin
Does what it's supposed to, except
Does what it's supposed to, except in the case where you want to delete a single transaction. I entered a single transaction twice with different dates and was not able to delete the single entry. It only allowed me to delete be transaction date. This issue was a big inconvenience. To correct it, I waited until I had another transaction and just edited the duplicate. Other than that I think that app works just fine.
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4 years ago, Nan's hubby
Something has gone wrong.
I have used this for years. About six months ago, I couldn’t log in anymore. I contacted support and got no response but then it starting working again. Today, I opened it, no problem, switched to my online banking app and then came back and I could no longer log in. I deleted and reinstalled the app and now I have lost everything. I started loading numbers from scratch and had to close it again and when I tried to reopen it, I couldn’t log in. Will have to try another app. Something has gone wrong with this one.
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2 months ago, Missed3rd
FREE app that actually WORKS!
I’ve been using this app for at least 10yrs and it’s been perfect for what I need. I don’t need the premium upgrades but if I wanted them, they’re only $5.00. Even though there are ads, I never even notice them since they’re very minimal and at the bottom of the screen so they don’t interfere with anything I’m doing (No annoying pop ups!)
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5 years ago, Tohaveyou
Good app but can’t restore files like it used to.
I have used this app for a couple of years from one device to another with no problem and liked that it was an easy to use check register like the paper ones that come with your checks. I changed phones from an iPhone 5 to an iPhone 6 and I cannot get my files restored to the new phone again. Wrote to the publisher for help but never heard back. I guess I have to enter everything by hand again.
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3 years ago, Salcidofam
So Frustrating Sometimes
I have been using this app for years (paid version). Sometimes it just will not work. I can’t get it to load my account balances correctly or show my transactions correctly. Right now, I can’t see anything or add anything; keeps “loading” then telling me there is an error. This happens far too often for such a simple task. I’m seriously thinking of dumping this app and starting all over on a different one that has higher reviews because it…works. 🧐
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4 years ago, lilangelbear51
Not what I expected for $3.99
There’s no categories to tell what the money is for. No place to add notes when you pay a bill. I like to put my conf #s in just in case they say they never got the payment. But your app doesn’t allow that. This app should be free because it really doesn’t offer much. Really disappointed. If I wouldn’t have already paid the $3.99 I would remove it & get one that allows what I need. I would really like a refund!!! I tried to get a refund but evidently you need the $3.99 more then I do but I will NEVER buy another app for you!!! I will make sure I share my experience everywhere
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3 years ago, JP0824
Comma & not adding correctly
Is there not a way to have the commas separate thousands?! Also if you enter in a number larger than 10 thousand the last cent changes to zero no matter how many times you try to change it. Therefore your balance is not right. Had this app for years and purchased so I could have multiple accounts. Always had these issues.
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7 years ago, PatrickHaugh
Poor App
I'd give them a negative star if I could, you can't do anything without paying them. It won't let me edit my beginning balance, can't add a second account such as a savings and checking unless you pay them. I got this app to sync my account between my phone and tablet which I knew I'd have to pay for that service, however I wanted to enter both my checking and savings and test it out on the tablet before I bought it to sync between devices! Needless to say I am also testing out two other apps, and will most likely pick one of them to spend my money on!!!
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5 years ago, DivaCoCo
Sharing Account
I’ve been using this program for years. I’ve even recommended to my children. Just recently I inadvertently purchased the share account feature. Decided to go through with the purchase, no big deal. However, when I went back into the register the balance was totally off - to the lesser. I searched the register transactions to no avail to find the error. This is a major glitch. DO NOT USE THE SHARE ACCOUNT FEATURE. You will rack your brains trying to figure out why your balance is suddenly inaccurate.
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5 years ago, Cjchgcmom
Simple and useful app
This app does exactly what the paper register does with the added benefit of doing the math for you. Loved that I can have the app on both my iPad/iPhone and that it doesn’t have a bunch of bells and whistles! The only problem I encountered (and it wasn’t worth changing to 4 stars) is that there are few to no instructions. It gets the job done!
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6 years ago, HunkyDorey
Made even better!
I’m not sure what others expected, but just wanted an easy to use bank register. No pie graphs or planning modules, just quick, easy and accurate. If you make a typo or numerical error, easily edited, no time wasted. And now the multitasking, allows the use of an overlayed calculator to do quick math. What more could anyone want?
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1 month ago, emwallac
Crappy App with NO Support
I have had this app for a couple of years now. At first, it provided very basic functionality at a slow pace. Especially, if you edited and deleted an entry/ transaction it takes 4-5 minutes. Additionally, the app is buggy. I have emailed support a couple of times to never receive a reply! The last app update/fix was quite some time ago! Do yourself a favor. There are much better apps out there that have many more features and options to make your life easier. Good luck.
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6 years ago, Wilson345
Clean and functional
I have 156 apps on my iPhone. Do I use them all? Probably not but there is one app I use more than any other and it’s MyRegister. It does what it’s supposed to do without being complicated. I’ve used this app for many years and I depend on it. I’ve tried dozens of similar register apps and none of them come close to MyRegister. This one is THE BEST!!
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6 years ago, Checkwriter
Needs some improvement.
Font is too small now. CSV report still not working correctly with large data accounts. Run it for one account switch account and report is still for prior account. Dates and account not changing for query. Be nice to see preview of data before you email it to make sure data is correct. Make more entries listed on pdf page. Otherwise, this is a good app with some slight improvements.
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3 years ago, popseams
Can’t delete a transaction
I have tried over and over again to delete a transaction when I make a mistake the edit button does not work I can’t change the transaction I can’t delete it or anything I contacted the developer several times to find out how I can do this they’ve never got back to me so it’s up to you if you want to get this app.
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3 years ago, G BELL aka "lucky"
Have used for MANY yrs
Ignore all the negative reviews!! I have had this app for many many yrs and also do the shared accounts.. it does what it’s supposed to do and is such a breeze to keep Finiscial’s all in one place. I simply could not go without it. Haters gonna hate cuz they didn’t invent this app.. CHECK REGISTER YOU ROCK “Life simple and easy”
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6 years ago, Wyatt_Eastons_Mommy
Exactly What I Was Looking For!
My husband and I have always had a hard time sticking to a budget because we would look at the account and think we had a certain amount in but forget about things that hadn’t cleared. We’d end up over drafting A LOT! Now, we’re doing so much better! We synced so it’s always current! Love it!
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2 years ago, JJPMom
Great app for the price!
I have been using MyRegister for a year now and it has been great. My only real concern is that I can’t figure out how the register sorts my entry. Of course it is in date order, but I don’t know after that. Deposits should sort first but they don’t. It doesn’t seem to be entry order.
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2 years ago, "@61
I have used this app for a couple years now. I manage two checking accounts in it. One for household expenses and a personal account. It is a breeze going back and forth from one account to the other. Reconciling things with the bank is easy too.
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3 years ago, chupacabra003
Please fix!
This is a good app except it does not allow you delete just one item. So if you put something in that isn't correct you have to delete everything you input from the same date, not just one item from a date. This is horribly inconvenient. I don't have time to re input all my transactions from a day just because I had to delete one of them. Please fix this!
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3 years ago, Cristina's iPhone 7 Plus
Best App Ever!
Not sure why banks don’t have an app like this but I’m sure grateful I have the ability to use this app to keep track of all my accounts! It saved my marriage, financially speaking! No longer are we “surprised” by unknown transactions that “forgot to get mentioned at the dinner table”! Thank you!
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5 years ago, Stoogefan07
Won’t open
I’ve been using this app for years. It’s really basic but that’s all I wanted and needed. Issue now is over the past few days it will not open. All it does is says please wait. This has been a huge inconvenience. Sure I can get my balances from my bank, but now I don’t have the ability to review my entries quickly. Please fix the issue!
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7 years ago, The EBFan club prez
App is much better than a traditional check register
App is effective and efficient. I have multiple accounts and I love the ability to document all transactions as they occur. Transactions can sync between multiple devices so if your spouse documents an expense, etc, it is immediately reflected on your device. Great app and very simple to use.
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5 years ago, Angeldream81
Works, but...
I downloaded and got all my info put in on the app on my iPad, and shared it with my iPhone once I paid the full amount to share, no ads and everything. Worked great, but then once we went to put it on my husbands phone it won’t share with him. It is making him purchase the app to share. Not really happy about that since I already paid for the app and the benefits. It says the app shares across devices but I was hoping for more that two devices... bummer.
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4 years ago, Standard iphone uzer
Text in latest update
I get white text on a light grey background now but only on the transaction detail on the page with the transaction list. Very difficult to read. Please consider changing it back to black or darkening the background. Still a great app which has served me well for years.
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2 years ago, Ldelamat
Best Check Register
My register is awesome. Easy to use and accurate. I use this register 3 different ways! Checking, Savings, and Credit Card usage to pay my credit card off at the end of the week! A must have app.
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6 years ago, Margie-Susan
Rave Reviews
I think I’ve downloaded every check register app available and have found this app to be the best and by far the easiest to navigate. It has everything a person needs in simple format. Most other apps seemed like another job I just didn't need. . thanks
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6 years ago, route81cat
Year on the register date
My Check Register fulfills my needs but I wish the year could show in the ledger. The year is part of the date when you make entries but does not show in the ledger and when going back to find an entry, having the year would be a huge improvement.
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4 years ago, Tenacious10
Experiencing Problems
I’m having problems deleting entries. The feature is not working properly anymore. This and several other glitches are suddenly occurring over the last few weeks.
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