My Contacts Backup

4.6 (9.6K)
27 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Contacts Backup

4.56 out of 5
9.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Ashrussell1
Did exactly what I wanted
I found this app through a Google search. I had an old email account that I didn’t want on my phone anymore because I kept getting junk mail. But when I deleted it, I would lose 92 of my contacts. For some reason those contacts in my phone were associated with that email account. I downloaded this app, ran the backup, and within five minutes had a back up sent to my current email account. I deleted the old email account from my phone and sure enough lost half my contacts. SO I ran the backup from the email and instantly all of my contacts were back! I clicked “add all” and then another prompt came up saying it would add the ones not already in my contacts. So no duplicates!! (I was worried about that) Thank you so so much for creating a solution to my problem!! I will absolutely recommend this app to friends and family.
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4 years ago, GetOfMyInyernet
Worked like a charm
Super easy! For quite a while I’ve been living with contacts split between several accounts and since they weren’t on iCloud I couldn’t migrate them. Most of my contacts were tied to an email account I don’t have anymore but I couldn’t delete the account for fear of losing the contacts so I was just constantly being bugged by password requests because my phone kept trying to connect to the deleted account. This solved everything in like ten seconds. 1. Unsync iCloud contacts and delete local copies 2. Backup remaining contacts on other accounts 3. Turn sync back on and set iCloud to default contacts 4. Load backed up contacts I haven’t tried it yet but I think this might also be a good way to automatically remove duplicates without losing unique contacts. There were several contacts that I had three instances of and I went through manually deleting all the extras. But when you load the backed up contacts it first asks if you want to merge them with existing ones and then it creates new contacts for the ones it doesn’t recognize. Backup all your contacts then stop syncing everything except iCloud and restore the backup to consolidate them all. Just an idea.
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3 years ago, Lisitamar
I kid you not - I spent HOURS trying to sync contacts
I honestly was just giving up. I did not think of THIS method I was used to back when I had other smartphones. So many years passed that I forgot about apps like these. Today, I searched various websites throughout the course of a whole day, tried countless methods, and nothing via iCloud/Bluetooth/Airdrop/syncing would work. ALL methods lead to a limited amount of contacts - those that I see on 'Contacts' in the Mac but on the iPhone there's MANY more. I don't have a USB-C adapter yet to connect iPhone and Mac... so no third-party apps worked. After tweaking with Mac and iPhone settings, I achieved nothing. Finally at 11:10pm, this app imported 1.2k contacts in less than 3 seconds.
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2 years ago, Max Chandler II
Contact List with deprecated email, this app solved my problem!
Many of my most important contacts were in a Contact List that was using a deprecated email address. Unfortunately after searching the Internet and finding no solution that Apple natively provided I reluctantly opted to try a 3rd party app. This app exported ALL 1,000+ of my contacts and I was able to send them to myself via email. The only downside is I could NOT include profile photos due to email size limitations. Nonetheless I got the most important information via this app!
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4 years ago, Bryant Brazeal
Great App...worked perfectly
I had hundreds of contacts in my iPhone associated to an old work exchange account. Whenever I tried to delete the exchange account, I’d lose the contacts; so, I had to leave the old exchange account until this app changed everything. I downloaded the app, made a backup (less than 1 minute), emailed the backup to my gmail account, deleted the exchange account, and tapped the .vcf file in my email and “viola” contacts were all back. I couldn’t have asked for something easier and more efficient. Great app!!!
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3 years ago, PeteVuu
Quick and Painless
So easily backed up my contacts to my email, literally within seconds. Then was downloaded right to my address book on my iMac for even more safekeeping, just as seamlessly(have your iPhone plugged into your computer of course). Forget about the anxiety of upgrading your iPhone anymore, especially if you forgot, or even want to change your Apple ID. Excellent app that does what it says it’s gonna do, no strings attached; which is unfortunately not so easy to find anymore.
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5 years ago, Kidiu
Saved from Frustration!
My iCloud wasn’t syncing with my contacts, no matter what I did. So I saw a suggestion online to use this app, and it worked! I was able to finally sync my contacts to my iCloud, so now I can see my contacts on my iPad too! I was worried that it still wouldn’t sync any changes made to those contacts, but it does! Any changes I make to contacts that were manually imported are updated with iCloud immediately when I make the changes on my iPhone now! This is a lifesaver! Thanks so much!
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3 years ago, Kirkbus
So, I quit my job and my company shut down access to email. Ok. No sweat. The shut down prohibited me from transferring contacts to and from the cloud. It was discouraging and I was afraid the next step was calling my old company and explaining the situation. Nah. Well, I found this app and voila! From my old phone, I loaded all 1079 contacts in the app and emailed one vCard to my gmail account. Opened email, opened attachment, and BOOM! All contacts appeared and loaded into my new phone. Bam! Boom! POW! Nice work app developers!!
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7 years ago, dtsm888
Saved me!
For some reason, my contact list on iMac displayed all vCards/contacts (over 1000) but each card was empty. Google search and found it app. So i downloaded app, backed up and emailed to myself and then imported and replaced with backup. No good, but at least had backup as all my other devices were ok! Then imported again and also went to preferences settings to delete my gmail account contacts. Not sure what happened but now iMac contacts set up properly -- thank you!
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6 years ago, zyll1957
Works As Advertised!
Could not be happier with this App. With multiple contact groups I could not get iCloud to backup my contacts. Also, did not rely on iTunes backup since you can not read the format. I needed an easy way to backup to vCard and .csv so I had a hard copy of my contacts. Within second of downloading the app I had a full list of my contacts in a spreadsheet. Now I can organize and update my contacts and re-import them into iCloud. Thank You!
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6 years ago, 123whoCares
Very simple and just what I needed
Wow, downloaded the app, gave it access to my contacts, exported my contacts and sent to myself by email. Default was a VCard, didn’t work for me. Changed it to Excel and sent the email again and that is it. Simple and easy. If the app lets me edit the Excel contacts and the import them back in, that would be amazing. Great easy app that is very useful.
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5 years ago, yo13yo
Not dummy prof and it hurts
I love the concept but it is way to easy to delete your contacts and leave a mess of things. I know I’m not Steve Jobs but I just removed the contacts on the App itself not knowing it was taking my actual phones contacts. I tried to restore them from my previous backup but if you keep it up to date it doesn’t matter. Still trying to salvage my 482 contacts and I’ve hit a dead end. Thanks to this app I have to now be on the phone for hours with Apple care or make a visit to the local store. FYI I’ve never left a bad review like this before and it doesn’t even make me feel better. Don’t use this app or be careful unlike myself.
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3 months ago, TeeShirt
Excellent!! (Small but...)
Backs up all your contact info quite easily. This is one of my top 10 apps. I also like that you can see your contacts in the backup email. So glad I found this app years ago! UPDATE: Had to drop 1 star because every time I use it it tries to make me remove photos saying 4mg might be too big for email which is ridiculous and annoying!
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4 years ago, americanidollover5
Works well - Easy to use
This product works well and is easy to use. After opening click the backup button and then email the list to yourself. If you need to restore, just click the email and it will even give you the option to add them new or merge them with any contacts out there.
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6 years ago, Kbone202
Perfect simple fix for icloud import
I love this app. I just used it to import my phone contacts into icloud so that I could share them across devices. This fixed a syncing problem I have been dealing with for over 2 years!!! I used the app’s wifi feature to download the backup onto my computer. Couldn't be simpler or more effective. Thank you!!!
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4 years ago, Hiker9
Saved CSV File
Saved my iPhone contacts including notes field into a .csv file. So far have opened it google contacts. They all appear to be there but have not go through list in depth. Took a couple minutes to save the file. Seamlessly emailed to myself. Funny how well it works for some and not others.
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2 years ago, Kalz_foodlover
I had about 800 contacts saved through an email address on my old iPhone that I no longer had access to, and it wasn’t saving to icloud. MCCloud saved it all in an instant, I emailed it to the new phone and downloaded them all on there in seconds. What a lifesaver.
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7 years ago, Aifae
Charged without consent.
I downloaded the free version of this app but was prompted for payment option information. I assume this is for the in-app advertisements for other apps available to purchase. I purposely chose “None” because I had no intention of purchasing anything. After I selected submit I got an instant text notification saying that iTunes just charged my account for $4.99. Nowhere did it say that I was going to be charged for downloading the so-called FREE app, nor what the price would be if I did. This is unacceptable. I will not recommend this app to anyone.
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6 years ago, Capt.Hookdaddy
Awesome Fast Easy
This app is Great! I had a unique situation where I couldn’t use my iCloud or iTunes backup cuz I needed to send my contacts to one iCloud account to another. This compressed all my contacts into a vCard and you just email it to yourself. Transferring over 1,200 contacts took less than 30 seconds!! Best fix! Thank you!!
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4 years ago, Bdayala
Awesome App
I have most of my contacts under my college email—- i never deleted it from my email app. Since it was purged by my college— i wasnt able to sync with icloud, bluetooth (too many contacts) or sign in with that email. Save me from a headache!! Says what it does under 5 mins!
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5 years ago, Davetastic!
I spent over an hour trying to backup my contacts and move them from Outlook to iCloud. The info on the Apple forums and MS forums is outdated for the latest versions of the apps. I downloaded this app and had everything backed up and consolidated in under 5 min. Highly recommend!
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5 years ago, Alissaw
Couldn’t get iTunes contacts to sync properly and was worried about losing my contacts when I removed my work email from my phone. Was sent this app by a friend and was skeptical. Worked like a champ in 2 minutes. Just Thrilled. Many Thanks!
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7 years ago, Austin #67
Couldn’t delete email without losing contacts until this app!
So happy with this app. It was free, it was hassle free, and it worked quickly. Finally am able to delete old email accounts and keep all the contacts
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5 years ago, teacheronabike
Such a relief know my contacts are available quickly via email. If my phone disappears, no need to head to the AT&T store for help. I can access my email from someone else’s phone to get phone numbers. I haven’t got them memorized, of course!
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7 years ago, Wejus
I am one of the many people whose iCloud says it's full when it isn't this was literally the only way I could move my contacts from phone to phone without doing a full restore. Thank you for this app. WiFi download option was key.
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1 year ago, jcdruhd
Perfect for work phone backups
Our IT department can’t help you save your contacts when your work phone dies, a 5 second ad is more than worth the security of keeping all my numbers
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5 years ago, Hi from al
Fastest and easiest way!
First off, screw apple and iPhones, but after Apple made me wait a week to download my contacts, it downloaded only 1, and it was myself. I used mcbackup and it literally took 30 seconds from phone to email to phone. Thank you!
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6 years ago, broiledwontons
Lost contacts
I had lost all my contacts at one point when my phone crashed for some reason. I remembered I had been using this app—and got all my contacts back! Just remember to backup monthly to stay current.
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5 years ago, 104&5828
Great fix
This helped me push contacts from my phone that weren’t syncing with icloud by uploading the file the app outputs into the icloud contacts platform. Then removed duplicates on the macbook pro contacts app. Then everything was synced up! Great work :)
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4 years ago, MBDCC75
Changed jobs and my contacts were backed up to the companies exchange. I had no solutions to disconnect from the exchange and not lose my contacts. IT departments couldn’t help, Apple couldn’t help....enter this app. Worked perfectly - 100%. Thank You!
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4 years ago, Rahulkhosla
I successfully backed up and emailed the backup to myself. But here’s my question : I did this to find an easier way to delete unwanted contacts vs painfully doing so one by one on the iPhone; nice I have pruned the list, then I want to restore that edited list back as my contact list in iPhone. How do I do that ?
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2 years ago, yvuvtcxextvubibub
Deleted all my contacts on my iPhone
Deleted all my contacts on my iPhone when I tried to delete my contacts off of this app to delete the app.
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6 years ago, Pepemas
Great Ap
When I got a new phone, made transfer of contacts seamless 😀 Very fast, easy and re-assuring to be able to access contacts - past and present - not only on the phone but wherever I need them.
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6 years ago, Rowyntree
This works!
My iPhone wouldn’t sync on my computer or iCloud! I was in such a panic. My daughter suggested trying an app and I am so happy to have found this one. It was so easy and so fast! Every contact was transferred perfectly. Thank you so much!
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6 years ago, Sleepless in the Hill Country
This app is a lifesaver!
Literally backs up all your contacts within a few seconds and then allows you to email them to yourself. It has definitely saved me on several occasions.
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7 years ago, Randi Mo
Malware gateway?
I have been using app for a while, with no problems. But today, after the backup was done, a screen came up saying in Portuguese that I had 4 viruses and asking me to click on a link. Obviously malware distribution, so be careful.
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2 years ago, roku user 0001
The best ever works every time on time lost my phone got a new one one click all there 🥹🥹🥹
The best ever works every time on time lost my phone got a new one one click all there 🥹🥹🥹
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4 years ago, Nic1674
Didn’t save all contacts
I have an exchange acct that I need to delete and for some reason most of my contacts are linked to it. It is an old work account so I don’t know how my personal contacts are linked to it. I used the app to backup my contacts and some were still missing and I had duplicates of others. Some I lost the name on. The initials were still there but no name.
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3 years ago, toktarenko
Hello! when trying to transfer contacts, the mail button is not pressed. What can be wrong ?
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5 years ago, Ifcgdnkfvbog
Actually Really Good
I was skeptical at first and totally prepared to lose all my contacts when I had to reset my phone, but it did exactly what it said it would and it was the easiest thing ever.
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3 years ago, Like it .........
Takes a backup quickly and easily. Thankfully, however, I have not had to restore from backup, so can’t rate that aspect.
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6 years ago, Houndhill55
Great App, Easy & Quick To Use
I heard about this app on a popular computer website & it has not disappointed. Works quickly to backup contacts. Can’t go wrong with this free utility.
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1 year ago, Naught-A-Clue
Happy Backup
Been using this back up program to save all my contacts for many years and I’m very satisfied.
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4 years ago, Footy foo
I will change this to 5-Stars once I hear from Support and they explain how to delete multiple old contacts easily, instead of being forced to go through old contacts one by one and having to delete them. (This would take days for me to do.) I only downloaded this app because it promised/advertised that it could do what I mentioned above, but I cannot figure out how to do that.
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7 years ago, rmpbklyn
Was able to the mail function then download to pc, itunes never worked lol too much sych this that but don't show file or preview , but this app does it super easy
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3 years ago, White-Keys
Saved me hours of headache
Had problems with my old school Exchange account not syncing. This solved my issue in less than a minute.
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5 years ago, Skendall0114
Amazing life saving !
I been trying to figure out how to delete and old ema account and still keep 18yrs worth of contacts .. this app worked wonderfully !! Thank you !
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6 years ago, dududurirjfcjcjckfmcddsxncn
Well Worth the $$
I’ve used this app more than any other app I’ve purchased. It’s a great way to share contacts in a work environment where all staff need the same numbers.
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5 years ago, AbdoJoma
Facing problem viewing contacts
I face a problem after I backup all contacts, when I open the attachment file, it only shows one of my contacts only and not the list of all my backed up contacts. I tried many times even to open old backups, it keeps showing one random contact only and it does not list them all as I did??? Anyone can help on this please!
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7 years ago, The song listener
Super Easy
I normally don't write a review, but I decided to write something quick and easy for something that works quick and easy. It's just as simple as that.
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