My Laundry by Tide Cleaners

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The Procter & Gamble Company
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User Reviews for My Laundry by Tide Cleaners

4.69 out of 5
3.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Jahegler
Tide app and service
I have been a customer since 2016 in 2 different building in Atlanta. The first building had the original app which was very intuitive and the service was excellent. The new app is horrible always shows orphan orders (old orders that have been picked up but still show as open and the user cannot close and is not resolved by logging out and back in as suggested which a user should not have to do consistently I have reported orphan orders multiple times, they fix, but then the orphan orders are back again. A user should not have to keep reporting orphan orders the app needs to be fixed. There are so many tiles for a single order listing the order status and then you add old orphan orders that have long since been picked-up it is very hard to track current orders. The locker’s locks in our new building are constantly broken which I have also reported many times and they are fixed and then in a few weeks they are broke again. There are rarely lockers available for new orders where the lock is not broke. The delivery person has even delivered laundry to unlocked lockers because the locks are broken. So the time savings benefits of this on premise service (app and lockers) are basically broken and so after 5 years I am switching back to a brick and mortar dry cleaner.
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6 years ago, carterabass
Simple and Easy
I'm not entirely sure why all of the other reviews are so negative. I write software for a living, and I thought the app functioned well. It is only missing two things in my opinion; a way to easily cancel an order (maybe I missed it which is a problem in and of itself) and a way to mark an order as dry cleaning vs laundry. I felt uncomfortable leaving the company to decide whether to launder or dry clean my shirts. I've experienced a company ruining some of my shirts before. Hence my hesitation. All of this being said, my first experience was a success. Their notifications were quick and timely. I received anything back on time. The clothes were in perfect condition. It was insanely convenient. I really think a few minor tweaks to the app would make this a home run.
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2 years ago, Beymax2.0
Good idea, horrible execution
There is a tide cleaners locker in my apartment building that I’ve used a few times now. Each time, there has always been an issue. Half the lockers are broken and no one bothers to fix them. The app is also poorly developed, lots of bugs and oversights in the user experience. The app always displays the wrong status of my order — it currently keeps saying I have something on their truck even thought it’s been delivered — honestly, just stupid design. I’ve even now just been completely locked out of my locker, even with the information from support chat. I just want my clothes and to never do business with them again. Shame, because I’m the perfect repeat customer for their service, as I’m a busy working professional and live in a building that has the lockers. Instead of making my life easier and saving me time, they’ve consistently created more problems and wasted more of my time than if I just did my own laundry. In sum, the business idea is good, convenient, however, you can tell they didn’t invest much resources into maintenance, management, service, and the tech & User Experience. The service is so inconsistent and horrible - I always get damaged clothes back, new stains, wrong selection (folding / hangers). Seems like someone just designed the thing and abandoned it to people who don’t know what they’re doing for a much lower cost. If the problems are appearing in every area of the service, whoever is in charge is probably to blame.
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3 years ago, EditingEye
Honest review..
Tide is a convenient dry cleaning service that has lockers in my apartment building. The app is pretty straight forward and simple, however a few adjustments should be considered. There is no customer service number to call so any complaints require you to wait on a representative for over a day. The App is the only tool Tide uses, The website is not functional regarding orders, edits, etc. The app does not allow for you to change or update any original data ie: address, cards on file, etc... So you would need to get in contact with customer service which, again, takes over a day or two for an email response. The clothes do smell nice and they do a good job, I would just hope for a few upgrades with them overall. Consistency with the bags they return items in needs improvement. I don't like my comforter returned in a garment bag... especially when i specifically ask for it to be folded. Its the little things that can mess with the quality of the company..
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5 years ago, gnattie1
Great, convenient service!
I love Pressbox! We switched to it because I was getting frustrated by how hard it was to get our clothes to the dry cleaners at any point except on the weekends. When I heard about Pressbox, I knew I had to try it. Not only is it convenient (I love being able to go whenever I have the time), the service is top-notch and the prices are good. They’ve taken great care of our clothes, the service has always been quick (and they send emails ahead of time when there will be service delays for holidays or special events), and the process for dropping off and picking up couldn’t be easier. When I think of the benefits of living in the city, things like Pressbox are at the top of the list!
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5 years ago, Cag.S
Lost a $300 sweater gave me $3.40
Dropped off a bag of stuff that needed cleaned, and received a notice one of my items would be delayed because it needed extra cleaning time, because they improperly listed it as a scarf instead of a sweater. After nearly two weeks of hearing nothing and getting the rest of my order back I reach out to them to see where my sweater is. Another week of back and forth why they look for it, with me telling them over and over it’s a sweater and not a scarf, I was informed all I would be getting back is the cleaning fee (which I shouldn’t of been charged to start with bc they never cleaned the sweater). All while they fully acknowledge that they lost it, it’s on camera coming into the cleaning facility. Apparently if you still own clothing that isn’t for sale any longer, it means it has no value. So now I’m out a $300 sweater and several hours of back and forth, because apparently 100% cashmere black sweaters just aren’t made for them to find a comparable one.
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2 years ago, TJSvtmarine
Back Office Challanges
Dry cleaning devices are wonderful and I have no issues with the actual service - would rate that a 5 of 5. There seems to be an issue with the back office when it comes to accepting specific credit cards to pay for the services. I have excellent credit yet the Mastercard I set my account up with initially continues to be declined although it is in good standing. I will be contacting customer service today to attempt and resolve this issue as it has occurred several times now, necessitating me to include another credit card on the account. That card also in good standing was initially denied by the app as well for payment although it finally went through. Once the back office payment issues are resolved I would continue to rate the overall experience as a 5 of 5.
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5 years ago, Tony201999
Convienent and Easy
Having access to Pressbox has definitely made dry cleaning much easier to work into my schedule. I think the service is great but the app can grow into a more functional platform. It isn’t complicated it just lacks some of the interactive features, for example it isn’t the easiest to get to an area where you can contact someone with questions on your order or Billings. The facility I live in offered different promos in the past and it was never clear when these were getting applied to my account or if they were no longer active. Those minor complaints aside, this service made it so easy I dry clean far more then I used to.
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4 years ago, YesYouAre
Convenient and Fast
I moved into an apartment building a month or so ago. I looked for any close dry cleaners after moving after being used to walking one block to drop my clothes off weekly at the nearest dry cleaner and noticed there weren’t any close brick and mortar shops. I was told my building uses Tide Cleaners as a dry cleaning service and I was immediately relieved because I didn’t have to even leave my building to drop off/pick up my clothes, talk about convenience. I have used Tide Cleaners 3 consecutive times now and will continue to use them weekly or biweekly for my clothes. The service experience is nothing short of an A and they are very fast as well. Thank you Tide Cleaners!
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4 years ago, BoSanBo
Destroying buttons, losing items
I was excited about the convenience of the system but they do not use button covers or anything to protect fasteners, apparently, and lose items. I sent in a blanket for cleaning over a month and a half ago. I got a notice that it had to go to a special cleaning facility... OK. I still don't have it back and have contacted customer service with NO response. I've also had three blouses with beautiful mother of pearl buttons totally destroyed - flaking and cracked buttons. One of the cracked buttons cut a button hole. I sent them photos and they told me to put the blouses back in a locker for repair; no way am I going to have the people who destroyed the buttons - and gave the shirts back to me without mentioning or noticing the damage - replace them sight unseen. It's not worth it, so I'll be using a local cleaner I can speak with face to face. I want someone who will actually try to be professional. This is BS.
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4 years ago, JRHertzfeld
Quick, Easy & Quality
I’ve used Tide Cleaners 3 times now for dry cleaning formal skirts and dresses and have been very happy with the outcome. The app is easy to use, drop off boxes are in my building, and service is quick. I refrained from using in the past thinking it would be more expensive than dropping off to a place in the neighborhood, but so far I think the prices are competitive and even less expensive and you can’t beat the convenience. Will definitely be continuing to use Tide Cleaners for my dry cleaning.
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6 years ago, MriPhoneHimself
10 Steps Behind
While I admire Pressbox for what they are doing for the dry cleaning/wash & fold business, they are seriously behind when it comes to the ‘tech’ side of things. If they really would like to better themselves I have a few pointers for them. First and foremost, update your app to support iOS 11! Why does your app look like something from my iPhone 3GS? Secondly, it may be a good idea to get ahead of the other dry cleaning businesses and create an AppleWatch app for Pressbox. Some other things your app could use is a totally facelift. All the buttons, toggles, icons, selections, displays, etc. all need to be changed immediately. I have some great ideas to help Pressbox move forward drawn out and planned. There are some really great things that I know Pressbox could do with their app in order to make it a real competitor with other apps similar to it. They just have to make that first step.
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1 year ago, Coffee donar
Disrespectful service
Do not use this service. They are disrespectful and their app does not function properly. The app is buggy. It can get itself into a state, if it doesn’t have a robust WiFi connection, where the buttons that indicate a user submission cannot be tapped. To resolve this state I had to delete the app, restart my phone, reinstall, login, and quickly complete my order. That is certainly a headache and poorly coded app but the offense did not stop there. In my building, the lockers do not function properly when entering the locked state. They are supposed to pick up clothes at 8am. They did not. Their service is unreliable, their support nonexistent. I have never felt more deeply disrespected by a service than when trying to use this one. It’s a great idea but this is a pitiful implementation.
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2 years ago, Forced Nickname Field of Apple
Basic functionality missing
I think the app design assumes users to be dumb in terms of understanding their fabric, and the type of cleaning needed. This assumption has driven two design choices in the app as below, which are ridiculous at best: (a) App doesn't allow choosing the type of cleaning (dry-clean vs laundry). The backend team has the discretion of figuring out what they want to do with the items. My shirts were laundered, when I wanted dry cleaning. (b) The available options (return on hangers, vs folded) seem to be a proxy of what the cleaning type should be, based on the price difference. Return on hangers maps to dry cleaning prices, while folded maps to laundry. But there is no option to choose dry cleaned clothes being returned folded. Any special instructions specifically requesting the same get ignored.
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4 years ago, Vocative
Very buggy
The app itself is not very intuitive. The ‘menu’ icon takes you only to your account settings. I tried for 2 days to get my payment info to save with no luck and ended up going to their website on a different computer to pay for my order. As another review mentioned, there is no way to cancel an order. Also, the statuses are very opaque: my order is “racked”? And that means? (Help has no guide to these either.) The help function ‘contact us’ died 3x in a row when I tried to submit a question. App issues aside the service was fine I guess. Nothing spectacular and it took 3 days but I guess people use this so they don’t have to go anywhere. (I think I’m fine driving my stuff down the street now. It was worth a try.)
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1 year ago, Nicohg93
Ordered wash & fold, got dry cleaning 50X more expensive!!!!
I ordered the wash & fold service for my tshirts, tank tops, and shorts to try out the service. My order somehow was changed to dry-cleaning. I noticed the error and emailed customer service, they said they’d check but never got back to me. Tide went ahead and completed the dry cleaning I did not order and charged me 50X more what I was expecting since I just wanted a wash & fold. I emailed the same CS representative again and still haven’t heard back. Tide wouldn’t release my clothes unless I payed so I HAD TO PAY for this service I did not want!! I fully intend on disputing this with my credit card as it was not what I was expecting. Now I have dry-cleaned tank tops and shirts which is nice but not what I wanted 😑
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1 year ago, tabwells
App performance
The service itself is consistently good. We send a lot of laundry out, nothing has been destroyed, and they’ve only lost one item which they generously reimbursed for. My issue is with the app itself. We find it frustrating to have to swipe through multiple cards of old completed orders before we can get to the “+” card to add a new order. If we could delete the outdated order cards (the information is available on “order history”) that would make this a 5* app for me.
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2 years ago, Tichborne
App is meh, service is bad
The app works most of the time, the only problem I’ve had is with the “help” function. Ironic since you’ll have to use it 2/3 of the time. The help function isn’t included in the app, it uses your browser to connect, IF it can. Which half the time the link is broken. So when you have an issue with the service, which you will, you have no one to contact. The first time I used the service, it was fine. The second, I was charged for someone else’s order. The third, they charged me $20 to clean a coat that had some dirt on it. It came back in the same state it left, with me $20 poorer. Bad service with an app designed to not let you get customer support.
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5 years ago, Kittcat061
Simple, Safe and Fast
KADorman These guys have it all figured out. I’ve been using them for over a year. The store and the lockers are very secure. Once you’ve set up your account, all you need to do is drop off and enter any special requests or notes in the app. In minutes you have a confirm email. When your clothes are done you get notification and you can pick them up anytime at your convenience. The clothes are always in great shape and all notes attended to. And the frequent discounts come in handy.
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4 years ago, PhillyKell
The best service to keep your sanity.
This is the easiest, most convenient service. It saves so much time not having to go out of our way to drop off and pick up our weekly dry cleaning. As we head out to go to work in the morning we stick our dirty clothes in a locker near our mailbox, and 3 days later we pick it up on our way home from work in the same location. We get notified via text when it’s ready, so we literally never have to think about it.
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6 years ago, jvalleskey
Top notch service
Can't rave enough about Pressbox and the team they have over there. Ever since moving to Chicago 2 years ago their lockers have been in both my buildings. It's extremely convenient, prices are reasonable, and turn around time is awesome. I've had a blazer I needed rushed one time and they were on top of everything. From keeping me updated to delivering my garment, they were amazing. Service is superior and I plan on using Pressbox for a long time.
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3 months ago, NYC2302
Worst app I have ever used
I am trying to sign up for service and it keeps redirecting me out of the app for delivery info. I fill it all out and then it keeps taking me to a blank page. I back out and try to log into the main site page for New Jersey and now I get a log in error. I try to back all the way out to just see if I can do pick up since I won’t even need delivery and it’s just stick on the location that I would pick up from and only gives me two CTA’s one for delivery and one to learn more about delivery. Extremely frustrating. I have about $400 worth of dry cleaning and sad to say Tide lost that business because your app is absolutely terrible.
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2 years ago, becky o'shea
Useless - UPDATED
Not quite sure what the purpose of this app is outside of the physical locker interactions. It doesn’t have accurate pick up info/days, delivery date is always incorrect & status is never updated. I went back to Tide after my first bad experience because weather was too rough to walk to the cleaners but I won’t be making this mistake a third time. Update: my comforter is lost. I just received an email from customer service (after I reached out due to the delay) that asked for the brand name of the comforter. So they lost it on Monday and just let status sit until I reached out. TLDR; if you want to play Russian roulette with your dry cleaning, this is the app for you!
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8 months ago, nerfTractor
Mostly Great
A really convenient concept that is generally well executed. The notifications when laundry is done can be a little sporadic but ultimately it has all worked out ok for me so far. The service is worth a few quirks here and there. Ya know what’s strange tho? On my phone if I type in “Tide” the app doesn’t show up. You have to search for some subset of “my laundry” and that’s just a lil strange considering the whole logo is Tide. Obviously a small complaint but it’s mildly confusing.
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3 years ago, Fffffunnn
They stole my money
Tide stole almost $500 from me. When I emailed support about it the supervisor said “That is really Tough to hear. I am sorry you feel that way.” And then told me just to setup an new account. If you want full details on how Tide and “Colin B.”, his supervisor told me... yes we stole from you but this is a new thing we are doing, let us steal from you again. Check reddit, google or the many other social media outlets. Update: Proctor & Gamble owns all tide products and services. So Proctor and Gable stole from me and can not be trusted. Even their response to this review they basically say yes we stole from you but just sign up for another account with a different scam company we are doing. What a joke!
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9 months ago, drycleaning_wanter
updated app thinks it needs an update 🙃
Downloaded this three days ago. Opened the app today to find the following prompt: “You will need to download the update to use the service.” But when I go to the app store, I have no update option because _I have the most recent version_, as well as updated OS. And, of course, there is no way to close the dialogue and proceed to using the app. “Allow users of your app to use the app” is a foundational principle of developing apps, and one that almost everyone else seems to easily grasp. This would just be annoying if they didn’t also have my clothes, which makes it infuriating.
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4 months ago, Chicago Falcon
Overall solid service
Did my first order with this company over Memorial Day weekend, which slowed service down a touch, but I wasn’t in a hurry to get everything back. Had a suit (2 pieces) and 3 ties cleaned, everything came back impeccably and neatly hung on hangers with a reusable bag for next time. Was a little pricey for what was done, but the ease of use was stellar, and I’d use Tide Cleaners again, no question.
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6 years ago, djh2dc
Decent Laundry Service But Tech a Mess
The app and the Web site need A LOT of work. They’re not ready for prime time. Pressbox is offering a decent laundry service, but the tech end of things is a mess. There are broken links on the menus all over the web site; no synchronization between the app and the web site (neither in the available content fields themselves nor in the actual matching of settings and entered data between the fields, such as laundry preferences); inconsistent information on critical things like service pricing and order minimums; missing user instructions at critical data entry steps (like entering a locker number); misspelled and ungrammatical content that is in desperate need of copy editing.
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3 years ago, Elhageeee1996
Easy to Use
App gives you only the information you need and is extremely intuitive. i’m so glad this app isn’t swamped down by additional information or ads - it makes for an amazing user experience. i will definitely keep using this and i highly recommend. my laundry came back perfect without the hassle of taking my clothes to the launder (i don’t have a car so it really is a hassle).
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4 years ago, bmcghee8
Convenient and affordable
Been using the service since I moved into my current building - about 10 months. As a heavy user, I’ve only had a couple of items come back with small issues (mostly stains that weren’t there before). Overall, the convenience is undeniable and the service is affordable. Pressbox could make communication through the app a little easier.
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1 year ago, isignedup
No Notifications - Must Kill App to Update Status
I never get any notifications and I have to kill the app to see a current status. This has been going on since I started using Tides. I am not going to tell you more by contacting you through your help portal as you tell everyone. Several others have reported the issue several times in their reviews. At the very least, have a pull down to refresh like most apps do to refresh status\content. Or better yet, fix your app so update notifications actually work.
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4 years ago, chemic2011
Great Customer Service
Tide Cleaners (formerly Pressbox) is a reliable, convenient dry-cleaning Service. If any item is stained, they take care to pay special attention to order notes and directions for treatment. In the rare instances when I’ve had an issue with a garment after cleaning, the customer service team responded within hours with a proper remediation to the issue. I would highly recommend Tide Cleaners!
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5 years ago, Nandini behn
App times out, buttons are not intuitive
This app is horrible!!! It kept timing out in the contact us form and I had to populate three times, finally submitting as a different issue that wouldn’t crash. There is no email or other way to contact listed in case this happens. The three line bar does not bring up a drop down list of options but only your acct information. Not intuitive at all. Also there should be a FAQ in case you submit the wrong box number. I never write reviews but I was so irritated it compelled me to. I don’t know if the app is worth using tide cleaners. I miss Pressbox. Especially just texting my order in.
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5 months ago, juuuju190
Such a frustrating app to use!!! I was told to download the app to see pricing according to a web search so I did. I put my card info, address, and everything you need to make an account. Then it proceeds to give me a page for ONLY delivery or to call the store. NO OPTION to see the pricing. I even pressed help and followed instructions each step and refreshed the app several times to rule all things out. Shouldn’t be that hard and shouldn’t need to call just to see and find out a price. It could easily be put in the app according to each location. Deleted
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2 years ago, ??$$aa
No Longer Works
This service used to work great but is now unusable. Not only does the app continue to make you swipe through all of your closed orders, but suddenly it doesn’t recognize the locker numbers for my building. The app has also started texting me 4 digit “laundry codes”?! My neighbors and I have given up.
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5 years ago, 430clavey
Convenient for straight forward drycleaning
I’ve been using pressbox for the last 2 years. If I am dry cleaning basic pieces they have come back clean and pressed. I have had pieces that have gone in with stains come back looking worse then they went in. I understand some stains are just never going to come out but they shouldn’t come back looking worse. Like I said, for basic needs this is user friendly and makes my life easier.
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3 years ago, CourtneysSecret
1st time but not my last
I’ve lived at my complex for 2 years and just never tried this service until last week. It was extremely easy to get started, User-Friendly and efficient service. Prices are aligned with other local cleaners also, but the good news is, I never had to leave my address to get it done. I’m now a fan!
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11 months ago, Botown
I subscribed to a semester of their service at my University after a promising pitch from their rep. It has caused far more havoc and time than me simply doing the laundry myself. Numerous times have my clothes been gone for over a week without any communication on their status, or have my clothes been left in the locker not picked up. And when I reach out for help, their customer service is minimal and unhelpful. Wish I could get a refund but I guess that’s not possible too. Save yourself the time and money by not using this awful service.
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5 years ago, bakersk2
Super convenient
Pressbox has been very nice to have at my office. I can bring in dry cleaning in the morning and then get it back a few days later, ready to go. They also do shoe care which surprised me as other dry cleaning companies don’t. I was able to call their customer service line to see what they could do about my shoes heel and they answered all my questions
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2 years ago, Britain Ga
Perfect convenience
I got in town late Tuesday night and had to leave back out Early Wednesday morning and needed some items dry cleaned by Saturday. Was able to drop off my items at 1am Tuesday and they were ready for pickup Friday! The service was faster and easier than going into the actual dry cleaners !
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1 year ago, Tiredofthisjankyassapp
App is Trash
I have never in my life had so many problems with an app. It NEVER works in Cincinnati for my locker drop offs. I am consistently having problems inputting my locker numbers and orders, and then there’s never anyone available to correct the issues in the app (which appears to be freezing/getting stuck regularly). I wish there was a way to put in requests via a website and not just this app since this thing is so unreliable. I don’t have time to keep dealing with this janky app that only works every once in a blue moon.
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2 years ago, MurdochTN
Pressbox was amazing! TIDE ruined it
I was delighted to find Pressbox when I moved into my building at One Metrocenter in Nashville! Pressbox saved me SO much time and could not be more afforable. All that changed when TIDE took over and the app was redesigned. Lots of issues with the app and then the service went downhill quickly. Never delivered in the timeframe posted. And the last time my clothes sat in the locker for a week before the order was “Canceled” but NO notification was sent to me until I wrote in repeatedly to customer service. Bottom line: AVOID AT ALL COSTS
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3 years ago, k00000000398
The best
I’ve never reviewed an app before, but this one has made my life so much easier. The app, and the service of course. So easy to use, so convenient that I have a drop off location at my apartment, and just a very well thought out system overall. I love using tide cleaners through the app, it’s definitely made my life easier.
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4 years ago, mrtarzan5
Easy and Great Job
It is super easy to use the lockers at my apartment. The prices are actually cheaper than several cleaners right by me and the end result is just as nice. I really like this service. My only complaint is it does take about 1 business day longer than your normal drop off cleaners, but it's worth it for the lack of hassle.
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12 months ago, Gleb-2948483@
Lost item no response from customer service
My order was returned with items missing two weeks ago. I tried to contact the company but it’s impossible to get hold of anyone! There is no phone number to call, the chat is buggy. There is no live person behind it. It supposedly cut a ticket to the support team but I never heard back. How do I get back my missing items??
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5 years ago, jenkelm
Love this service
Dry cleaning and having shirts pressed has never been easier. There is a bank of Pressbox lockers in my building and I’ve been using the service for about 18 months. It literally couldn’t be easier to drop clothes off, start an order in the app, then pick them up a few days later.
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4 years ago, Greg with one G at the end
Simple and easy, but at a cost
Tide Cleaners works well. It's very convenient and the communication about when it's ready makes things easy for me. My main issue is with the way they tag your clothing. While my local dry cleaner uses a paper ID tag that can be removed, Tide uses a UPC sticker that stays on the clothing permanently. Even though it's on the inside, sometimes this get exposed and I don't like it!
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4 years ago, bradmxc
I wear a shirt and tie every day for work and they always got to the point where they would get a little wrinkly because I didn’t have a convenient, cost effective place to get my clothes dry cleaned, but once Tide moved in and they had a pick up location in my apartment complex I was sold. Very convenient and comparable in price
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8 months ago, chartranft
Unreliable service
I’ve used Tide cleaners 5 times- I’ve had one blouse damaged despite it clearly being labeled hand clean only. I had two rugs go missing for 6 weeks. It’s just one challenge after another. I just picked up an order but going forward I’ll drop my dry cleaning off somewhere local. If you’re using Tide Cleaners, I would take clear pictures of everything you send beforehand and expect to face some sort of challenge.
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4 years ago, MCQ36
This app is horrible
This app is incredibly non-user friendly. There’s no way to see order history and there’s no way to know when your order is ready. I’ve received several confusing emails and I still don’t know where my order is. There’s an alert on the app right now that just says “racked.” What in the heck does that mean? I can’t click on it so I have no idea what that means and no way of quickly finding out. I just have to wait another 24 hours for another confusing email I guess. Super frustrating.
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