My Lawn: A Guide to Lawn Care

3.5 (2.2K)
81.1 MB
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Current version
Scotts Miracle-Gro
Last update
1 year ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Lawn: A Guide to Lawn Care

3.55 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
4 years ago, Wsanders123
Key watering feature missing
I think this app is great, with consistent reminders of what to apply and when for the lawn care products. I only wish there was a similar feature for the watering. While you can see the total water for your lawn over the last 7 days, I wish the app would tell you when you will fall below the 7 day cumulative 1inch of water level. One recommendation is to provide the additional detail of the past 7 days of watering so I can then predict when I will be below the 1 inch water level. Another option is to push a reminder of sorts when you fall below the 1 inch level. Without that I find myself going into the app manually (and without consistency) hoping to catch when I should be watering my lawn. While nutrients and lawn care products help out my lawn tremendously, watering it helps it the most to stay green. A little change to the app would help ensure I stay on top of watering it without wasting water or waiting too long between waterings.
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4 years ago, Cabt Even Choose Nickname
This Was Process Ever, Best Results!
I have always used Scott’s products and even hired their spray service for a while. My lawn was hit or miss every year. Many people in our neighborhood use various services, but there were about 3-4 that have the best lawns I’ve ever seen. When asked what was the secret, who they use, there was one common denominator, The Scott’s App! They all raves about it and follow it religiously and told me the “why” of how it works. It’s all about timing! I’ve always been using the right product, just the wrong time. Usually driven by temperature and the advise given at the hardware store. Matter of factly, this year following the app I went and bought the first product when it said to apply it. My trusted hardware store said I was nuts for putting down what the app said and when. They couldn’t have been more wrong. My lawn has never been this healthy, weed free, and green this early in the spring. I usually waiting until late April or early May for bonus S, that’s way to late as I know now! Thanks to the app! Thanks Scott’s, this is a lawn game changer!!!!
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6 years ago, Enterthedragon12
Great app with room to grow
Love the app but I wish there was one more feature. It has two main buttons for each step, a “Skipped” and “Applied” button, but I would also like to see a “Schedule” button so I can schedule an alert/reminder for the day I’d like to put the product down. For example, I plan on putting down GrubEx but after using the Ask Us a Question via text messaging, I was told that “Thank you for choosing Scotts Miracle-Gro. I would be happy to assist you today. I do see that you want to apply GrubEx about 2 weeks before Memorial Day for best results.” So that is when I plan to do so, but now I’m getting alerts almost daily saying “Your lawn and the weather forecast agree: Tuesday is a great day for applying Scotts® GrubEx®”. So 1, I’m getting conflicting information, and 2, it would be nice to be able to schedule a reminder instead of having to use a separate calendar app to plan it out.
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5 years ago, Dhcjdjsnjdj
Makes Everything Easy
Earlier this year I purchased Scott’s weed and feed product before I knew about the app. I also noticed the Scott’s had a lot of other products for different times of the year and to do different things to help keep your lawn nice and healthy all year. So I began to wonder if I could build lawn car plan and that’s how I discovered the app. I told the app info about the area I live in, size of my yard, and the current condition of it (which the app makes it super easy to do) and it made a custom lawn care plan for me. It tells me the products I can use and when to give me the best results for my lawn. The coolest part is that I can purchase everything I need for the year at once and be done with the hassle of going to the store every season to get the product I need. I’d highly recommend this app (and Scott’s products) if you want a better-looking, healthier lawn. I’ve been experiencing great results!
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3 years ago, Chamorro976
Needs improvements
The concept is nice, but they need to link it all together. I purchased the program yet the app doesn’t recognize it and still asks to purchase. They should connect it so that you can see or modify the schedule (I.e. swap out fertilizer products). Watering indicator is nice, but you have to manually be on top of checking the app to know if you need to water. Timing seems off too. All of our neighbors are treating dandelions along with other weeds, but this program doesn’t touch them til the end of May (although when I first signed up for the program it estimated treatment in early May). Also, you have zero control (or communication) with the vendor. They will ship ‘when you need to treat your yard’. The issue comes up when you have no idea when that shipment will come and no way to tell them to shift it a week if you’re on vacation or something. The concept is there, they just need to follow through to make this a 5 star app!
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6 years ago, fishing48080
Poor customer service
A couple months ago the triple action fertilizer was applied and directions were followed exactly but for some reason my yard filled with dandelions which I never had a problem before. I sent in the receipts for the 4 bags of fertilizer I bought and took pictures as proof. I emailed and chatted with CSR but once I called they showed that I have provided all the documentation needed for a refund and was told that I followed the instructions to get my money back and a refund would be issued. Well that was a couple months ago and still no action. Keep getting the run around. Now I’ve always used Scott’s products with no issues and I believe somehow I received a bad product as I do plan on still using there products but this has been a terrible disappointment with customer service which has yet to be resolved. If this is resolved per my phone conversation a couple months ago I’ll be happy but why does it take months to resolve a problem that I was told was resolved and I still continue to try and get a hold of a supervisor which I’m told don’t worry I have taken care of this.
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4 years ago, 293716
Pretty good, but a few more features would make it great!
The apps water tracker which tracks local rain, and allows you to track your own sprinkling is great! I just wish there was a way for it to send you a push notification when your lawn has had under a certain amount of water rained or sprinkled over the past 7 days. It already has this feature, but adding a notification would be awesome! Including some weather into it as well to tell you if you should hold off sprinkling or applying products due to high winds, or bad weather would also be great! I look forward to the app growing to be a little more of a lawn control center/dashboard rather than primarily a fertilizer sales app. By including these other features your audience for this app would be expanded, and it would also increase peoples exposure to the Scott's lawn products and tools too.
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4 years ago, TeeWhy from WA
The Best a Man (or woman) can get!
This app is awesome. My wife and I are fairly new home owners and have battled with a dandelion and crabgrass filled lawn for two years. The app makes it easy to know exactly how to keep the lawn perfect and healthy, year round, no matter the grass type. It even factors in location, current lawn condition, composition, everything. If I’m out of town, my wife has the app and can see what needs applying and watch the instructional videos straight from the app. A neat function was the yard square-footage calculator. It uses satellite imagery to allow you to know exactly how much area you’ll be applying certain products. We have a 17,000sqft lot and almost purchased WAY too much. Using the tools they provide, turns out we only have 9,500sqft of grass once you take out the home and driveway footprint. Way easier than getting out the giant tape measure.
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3 years ago, The mysterious reviewer
What is going on Scott’s?!?!
I’ve been using this app for years and thought it was okay for my lawn care needs. This year, I decided to actually sign up for the annual lawn care plan that was recommended for my lawn. I used the app to make my one-time payment for the 10% discount and would have the products delivered 5-7 days prior to application time for my area. As soon as I hit the purchase button, my app started the “already indicated by many” non-functioning, endless “hang tight while we create your plan” loop. I also received three shipping notifications the next day via email and the three products arrived the next day. Wow, that was fast! Luckily, I received 3 of the 4 products from my actual plan. When I contacted customer service via chat, I typed my concerns and was basically told that they were aware of the issues with the app not loading AND incorrect processing of subscription/shipments. While they are “working on it” I was told I can just store the products until it’s time to apply. Sigh. PLEASE MAKE YOUR APP FUNCTIONAL AND YOUR SUBSCRIPTION PLAN WORK AS ADVERTISED. Thanks
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4 years ago, JewlzieB
Application Timeframes Off for 2020
I have been using this app for a few years and love the recommendations and scheduler of when to put product down, however this year the recommended timeframes have been incorrect for certain products. I’m in the southeast and we never wait till late April-May to apply our first application of crabgrass preemergent. We are already in summer temps by then and everything has bloomed. It would have been a recommendation to waste my money and time as it would have been useless. I went ahead and applied my preemergent in February as usual but the app does not allow you to adjust the date you apply the product before their recommended date anymore which is frustrating. Now it’s mid-April and I’m just now able to tell the app I applied the preemergent back in February (which I had to look up the date again). I’m not sure how the rest of the year is going to go, we will see. I hope Scott’s fixes this.
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4 years ago, dissatisyed
Very dissatisfied
I have filled out the surgery to determine what type of plan I need. I have lots of weed and many brown spots. I purchased this yearly plan and received my first shipment. It was just a turf builder. I filled out this survey numerous times even telling it that I have nothing but weeds and my yard is brown. Every time it gives me the same plan of just turf builder, the same product 4 times a year. What, am I just supposed to fertilize my weeds? They have never offered a fertilizer with a weed killer or a pre emergent. I was on hold for over 30 minutes to talk with a representative. They took my personal info in case we got disconnected. Well guess what? We got disconnected and they never called me back. I even sent them a message asking why they didn’t return my call about an hour later. It’s been 4 hours and I’ve not received a return call. The only way that they will take this product back is if I pay shipping. I told them that I would keep this shipment and work it in if they would just come up with a plan that fits my yard. That’s when we got disconnected
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3 years ago, JanWora
Great app
Love the 7 day water tracking feature in this app. In the past I tried using weather apps to estimate how much water my lawn had received but this 7 day tracker is way better, super convenient, and I love that I can add additional waterings I did to the total as well. If you accidentally put the wrong amount, you can undo that addition. You just have to do it right away as there is no way to subtract your additional waterings fix if you missed the “undo” window. Also, love that the app tells you water Scott’s products to use at what times of the year based on your location and that you can keep a record of what treatments you performed and when. Would definitely recommend this app to any homeowner trying to take care of their lawn care themselves.
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4 years ago, Biskits@Grayvie
Rainfall Meter is Useful
What I like: Rainfall meter lets you know how how much rain has fallen in you area and how much watering it needs. This is what makes the app valuable and worth using even if you dont use scotts products. General tips and in depth guides with videos on lawn care. It’s very informative for the most part. (With the exception of some potentially misleading information regarding fertilizing lawn early in the season) Application schedule for Scotts products is convenient, although I cant seem to find the Scott's product that I use to add on my tracker. (Starter fertilizer with weed control) What I don't like: Not a big deal, but I don’t understand why the app tracks my location when it’s not open. I chose to only track while the app is open, but it still tracks in the background even after i selected to turn off background refresh. I have to close the app completely to turn off tracking. This is the only app I have that gives me this problem. Overall I like the app. It’s nice to scroll through the guides and read up on some tips. I’m not very experienced, so it does help if your new to lawn care even if you don't use Scott’s products. Just keep in mind that some, but not all info is just to push you into using their product.
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7 years ago, Teeanderson
Best lawn in the block!!
I have always prided myself on having a nice lawn until I move into my new house about five years ago. No matter what I did, the color was pale, the grass was sparse, and crabgrass seemed to be creeping up everywhere. I had virtually given up and decided to take it all out at the end of summer and start over--that is, until I discovered this app and the people behind it! I have had beautiful lawns for over 40 years, and I was skeptical that this app could possibly make a difference. How wrong that I have been?! The expert who helped me through it give me a plan and told me to just be patient – that I was doing everything I should. By the end of summer, it is now truly the prettiest, most lush lawn I have EVER grown, and even strangers passing by are constantly commenting and asking what I'm using to make it so nice.
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4 years ago, Xbox review guy
Terrible Experience... so far
Recently began my “pay as you go” subscription and I’ve had multiple issues. 1. The app ignored what I subscribed to and chose the annual subscription which charged me $298, I chose the “pay as I go” because I don’t want to spend the cash up front even though I know I’ll spend more in the long run. I look at my bank account, they charged me for the annual. Called them, they said they’d fix it, told me to log out and back in to redo a survey for my lawn. Did it, selected the pay as you go, it then charged me three times for the summer guard application. I call them back, they say they’ll fix that too. Sent me an email in case the 5-7 days pass and it still hasn’t been refunded. Next day it arrives, FedEx shows up with 7 boxes of the blue “halts crabgrass preventer, the yellow “weed and feed” and then a bunch of orange “summer guard”. It’s July 10th, I shouldn’t be getting all of these at once correct? The only one I think I should have is the summer guard. Not sure I will continue this subscription, thought it might be easier this way having them send me the fertilizers to my door so I know exactly when to apply but this is much more of a hassle. Could be because of the current pandemic and being under staffed, but i don’t know. Customer service is polite and willing to be helpful but so far I’m “pending” $500+ and I have to babysit my bank account to make sure they don’t charge me again. I’m hoping this gets resolved soon.
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2 years ago, Cho Cliff
Extremely Helpful
I’ve been using My Lawn for the past 2 years. I have a small yard that I found very hard to take care of before I started using this app. I don’t have a subscription, but I do get all the products suggested by the quiz from my local Home Depot. I love the calendar that came with the new update! The loading is a little strange but I find it helpful to put my activities in chronological order. Currently, I only use this to know what products to buy, track when to apply them, and track watering using the handy water gauge. I’m going to start utilizing the task feature for other lawn care things I have to do monthly and annually. 10/10 would recommend for anyone that needs help knowing how to give their yard some TLC.
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2 years ago, joed987
More Notifications
Overall, this is a great app to enable the average homeowner to DIY lawn care. It would be nice if the app tried to take weather and product application instructions into account and then notified when the optimal time to apply would be. For example: when Crabgrass Preventer is coming up on the schedule, it would be nice if the app tracked the soil temperature and the upcoming rain forecast and recommended a time period to apply that would meet both criteria. Same for weed and feed - recommending a time after a recent rain or when the dew hasn’t burned off yet. It would also be nice if it could provide notifications when the rainfall falls below the 1” per week. As it is right now, it’s a decent digital version of a rain gauge but doesn’t really improve on the experience.
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4 years ago, NickNameth25
Pretty Good
I’ve now used this app for a couple of years, and it has been pretty good, but there is one thing I would like to see. Normally at the beginning of the season when you do a quiz about what your lawn looks like, it’s dormant. Instead of it asking if I have some weeds, few weeds, or whatever the options are it should ask what kind of weeds o have currently and had last season. At the end of the year last summer when I was weed free, I should’ve applied a pre-emergent to keep it that way. However this wasn’t even recommended. With that I had the fortune of battling Poa Annua in the winter, and I’m starting to see crab grass now. This could’ve been avoided with a better way to select the lawn issues you fight, and for the app to recommend the ways to keep your lawn in great shape.
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3 years ago, jqpurdue
Seems pretty good but has some flaws.
I wish the app would provide some basic information about my yard. For example, I went through the set up and use my location to determine square footage. But when I later forgot what the square footage of my yard is there was no way to find out unless I went through the set up again. This is only my first application, so will have to wait to see how good the fertilizer recommendations work out. I switched to this app and service thinking I could probably do a better job for cheaper than paying someone else to do it. One last thing I wish the app would do is to stop selling me on fertilizer that I already purchased through the app. It should be smart enough to know this and not keep trying to sell me on a purchase I already made.
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6 years ago, Topher1681
Solid app for product schedules
So far found it to be a good app for keeping you on track with which Scott’s product to apply and when. Provides nice tool to estimate lawn size if your not sure and input condition of lawn. Also let’s you keep up rainfall data. Tools for estimating condition is fairly simple but being subjective in nature those with larger yards could find it a bit more difficult depending on current condition. Could use a bit more features around irrigation. Would be nice to put in your irrigation schedules and zone/sprinkler data and it provide rough estimated weekly watering from irrigation. Right now you have to input overall inches manually every week. I’m looking at Scott’s new Gro controller so hopefully integration will come with that in future.
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4 years ago, The Old Lawn Guy
Fire the landscaper
I had a variety of landscapers over the last 16 years. They just don’t get it, and never got my lawn looking better then average at best. I retired last year, fired the last of 5 different landscapers, bought a good quality 0 turn mower, started going to the Scott’s App and set out a plan to get my lawn repaired. This is my second season and I’m really pleased with the results to date. I have great competition next door as my neighbor owns a landscaping business. I’ve saved over $3500. In annual landscaping fees and really enjoy the complements from people walking by when I’m out in my yard. One women asked how I did it and I shared what I was doing with her husband, I sure you have a new customer. Thanks Scott’s for making my lawn fun again.
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3 years ago, Dectree
Worked well last year. Totally useless this year.
App will measure your lawn via gps readings, which will tell you how much fertilizer you will need. Also will ask lawn questions to help tailor their products to your lawn. Must have had a change in the app. Now it forces you to re-answer the questions, remeasure the lawn size and then tells you that you have an existing account and then freezes up. So, you have to go to the website for information and tips. I wrote an email to Scott’s explaining the problem, which is quite similar to other app issues you can read in the reviews. Scott’s never got back to me for a resolution. Lack of response and a app hanging up gets the 1 star rating. Going to price the auto reorder pricing vs driving to my local garden center to price their competitors to see if I will continue with their program now that I know the amounts I need. The app made it worthwhile, but now it’s not.
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2 years ago, Tomasz901
Very helpful app, could do with some improvements
I like the app to remind Me about the fertilizer time. I have been using the app for over 5 years now. It’s very useful. But I do got an impression that over time, some of the improvements are actually counter productive. An example, the app used to show a time window to apply a fertilizer. If I applied in the middle of that window, the next fertilizer application window would adjust automatically to keep a minimum of 5-6 weeks from the last fertilizer application. Now, it’s just a rigid date. If you happen to apply the fertilizer 2 weeks after the suggested date, the next date doesn’t adjust. This may put your lawn at risk of burning it out with too much fertilizer over short period of time.
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5 years ago, dhgk msns
More cons than pros with this app
Please be careful using the product that this app is recommending, I have been using the product that this app has been recommending for two years now and both times it’s pretty much killing my grass. I do not know my exact grass type as I bought the house the the grass existing, therefore that is the info I entered in the app as there is an option for if you do not know your exact grass type. Then after entering those info the app gives you your yearly planner and recommended products by also using your location. Like I said I have been using there products for two years now and it has literally been killing my grass I started off this summer with near perfect green grass and after applying the scotts products now my grass is almost dead it is so discouraging and heart broken. Sorry Scott’s but that’s just the truth.
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4 years ago, worldtraveler61
Helpful but Incomplete
I downloaded the app upon recommendation since buying my first home back in December. The app is very well organized and laid out, very user friendly. My chief complaint is that not every Scott’s product is in the app. For example, my lawn has heavy moss growth on it and I went and purchased a bag of Scott’s MossEx to apply. While the bag provides me with direction, when I went to enter the treatment in the MyLawn app, there was no MossEx for me to add to my treatment plan, I could only find GrubEx. I’m sure if they did a quick repair, this would help solve my issue, I just entered it in as a Maori and took a photo of my MossEx bag. Overall, very good app but adding all Scott’s products would make it perfect in my opinion.
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4 years ago, Yard boss 85
Save money, save time
This app is awesome. It guides you in every aspect of yard care. Tells when to water, apply product, and tips. You can even setup delivery of product when application needed. I used to pay a lot of money to have a company come out and apply yard products to my lawn because I never took the time to learn for myself how and when to apply. This is app is user friendly and I have recommended to many friends and neighbors. I’m not sure Scott’s knows the value of this app, for if they did, it would be advertised on all there products and displayed in all there aisles in store. I can not say enough good things about. The best app I have downloaded.
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1 year ago, Kaleamei
Garbage app, from garbage people
For months now this app has not worked as advertised. It won’t notify you when it’s time to do something to your lawn, and then it won’t keep your last option as “applied.” Not only that, but now it continually sends me notifications that I need to update my app and create an account, which I’ve already done months ago. Oh, and awesome special deals. They always manage to notify me of special deals. I’ve gone back-and-forth with support over this for the past couple of months and they’re basically ignoring me. When they do pay attention, they point fingers at me. I continue to send them pictures of exactly how up-to-date my app is, and that I have an account, but they don’t care. They don’t listen. They don’t read the emails and they don’t respond accordingly. It’s lazy and it’s cowardly.
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4 years ago, Nimb0187
Good app
I like that it gives you suggestions for your kind of grass in your region and that it tracks water fall in your area. I like that it gives suggestions for when to put down their products and make a schedule where you can add your own activities that may not necessarily include their products. The tips section is very beneficial too- May grass looks way better now that I am managing my own yard. Those lawn care folks don’t pay as much attention to the needs of my your lawn- they have a generic mix they use for everyone and there are some things that work for Kentucky Blue grass that don’t work for St Augustine and be destructive to Bermuda.
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5 years ago, crazytaxmama
Worst App Ever
I was looking forward to using this app but have never had so many problems with an app ever! I was even going to recommend this app to someone else (which is something I never do), but thought let me use it first and then I’ll recommend it. Fought with it every step of the way from initially setting my password to trying to create a lawn care plan. The app kept alerting me that my password didn’t meet all parameters which it I ignored the alerts and used my newly created password and logged in just fine. Answered all questions about my lawn to create my lawn care plan but at the end, when verifying my responses, at each juncture it would say “error occurred. Unable to process...Inore or Cancel”. Each time, I chose “Ignore” and it would take me to the next one but then wouldn’t create the plan. I’m done! I’ve spent WAY too much time fighting with a stupid app!
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4 years ago, Rnelso55
Used to be great, now useless
I’ve used this app for years to take care of my lawn progress throughout the year. I made the most out of the water tracking function which worked great until recently. First, a recent update removed the ability to separate out your lawn into different sections. I used to have two different lawns set up since my front and back have different needs. And they’re on different watering schedules. Now, it’s just one yard available. Next the rain tacking and water function stopped working about a month back. It’s no longer accurate with local rainfall totals. And if you manually add watering, it doesn’t constantly save what you entered. Too bad, this used to be an excellent app, but now it’s useless except for a sales tool for Scott’s. Which I suppose is the real purpose anyways. Now that the app doesn’t work, I’ve switched to another brand.
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4 years ago, Jaguar XJS lover
Used app for about 3 yrs and loved it until the Jan/Feb update that ruined it. My review then described in detail my concerns: all past history had been lost; I had to establish a “new” lawn; and there was no longer an option to have different profiles for my very different from and back yards. Subsequent developer responses were worthless and never addressed my concerns but only promoted corporate “happy talk”. I note in the description of the current April 2020) update that all historical data has been restored. I just logged in and found that to be yet another developer lie and more Corp happy talk. My previous (historical) lawn data does not exist and I’m still limited to one lawn per address meaning I can’t get different product recommendations and treatment plans for the different grass types and growing conditions in my front and back yards. Thus the once wonderful app continues to be worthless.
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7 years ago, kozchris
Easy way to a great lawn
I'm in a brand new house and my lawn looked awful. Light green and brown. I'm new to having a lawn with zoysia grass so wasn't sure what needed to be done to get it looking good. I was expecting this app to likely be useless but have been pleasantly surprised. This app walks you through several questions about your lawn and then generated a plan. I followed the first steps of recommended fertilizer application, mowing height and watering and now I already have one of the best looking yards in the neighborhood. This app tracks rain levels to let you know when to water and also sends you out plan reminders. I'm satisfied with this app so far. I'll also add that I found the app intuitive to use.
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3 years ago, Fish30und
Great app!
This is a great app to keep track of your applications. I just wish that the app would adjust the dates of when to apply certain products based on when you applied previously. Example: when it notifies you to apply a fertilizer it gives you a fairly long window of dates to apply. If I apply fertilizer on the first day it recommends within the window of dates, I wish it would change the date for the next application. At the same respect, if I apply my previous fertilizer on the last date of the window then it would move back the date for the next application.
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4 years ago, JimiMat
Need to Download Reminders/Cal Schedule
The app does have notifications to remind users when to apply product(s), which is great. BUT, considering that the app is less likely to be used during the winter and the first reminders for many are in early spring, there’s a high likelihood that iOS will have automatically offloaded the app before notifications are displayed. It would be VERY useful to be able to add the schedule to my calendar via the app. Aside from that, after using the app for about 15 mins, it seems pretty helpful. Set up was easy, straightforward, and helpful. That said, I’m surprised it didn’t ask about sunlight, traffic patterns, or soil. According to packaging for most seed, those seem to be primary variants. But, I’m not the expert. THE SQ FT CALCULATOR IS EXTREMELY USEFUL and worth the download just for that. Aside from the calendar export, my only other request for future versions is an intuitive guide to educate me about my lawn and the different types of grass.
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6 years ago, Mirt88
Have been wanting something like this for a while and this is overall decent. My gripes are: there is a glitch where you have to click on the water details/info for it to refresh the weekly rain, which should happen automatically. Also the rain seems to reset on a certain day and not a rolling 7 days? Not sure but it seems inconsistent. It is not possible to document applying the fertilizer etc earlier than the stated window, but sometimes that happens so it would be nice to be able to do. Would be. Ice if you could update that you gave a different product too (eg gave weed and feed instead of just lawn food and then have it adapt for next time...) but that is probably next level.
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3 years ago, tess0907
Must have for your lawn
I was unable to keep grass in my lawn for a full spring or summer. It always started full & turned brown, then bald no matter what I did. So, after 6 years I finally concluded that I needed a program so I downloaded the Scott’s my lawn app, answered their 5 questions & was presented with everything I needed for my lawn. I switched 2 instructions around & was able to master a full & green lawn this year!!! They even have a winter guard to prepare your lawn for the winter😍. I’m so excited to see where next season takes my yard. Thank you Scott’s! From the Evans family❤️❤️❤️
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3 years ago, Evenrute
Recommendations are off and the app Does not work
I stumbled onto this plan last year and was thrilled. Cost is reasonable, I use shipments as a reminder to put it down and also saves me a trip to the store. I was in. I completed the quiz and was setup for 4 bags for the year of the standard lawn food. I was looking for weed and feed, but I thought they were the experts so I followed their plan. I also added grub killer I am not happy with the results. Grass is green but I have weeds all over. Knowing that for this year, I completed the quiz again and the same four bags of feed came back as a result. I completed the quiz 5 more times with all different conditions and received the exact same recommendations - nothing to address my weeds. I even selected the worst case scenario with tons of weeds, brown color, and patchy. Still the same exact recommendation of the basic lawn food. I have used the app in the past and recently purchased a new iPhone. I log with my account and it just continues to cycle a pop-up that says “Hanging tight ...”. It never completes and gets to the dashboard. A very frustrating experience nonetheless. I love Scott’s that I get from the store, but this program is seriously lacking that same quality.
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4 years ago, Lefty1416
Less Useful Now
I really liked this app last year when I first started using it. The 2 key features were the 7-day rainfall totals based on my location and the ability to create and manage plans for multiple lawns - front yard and side yard, for example. When I opened the app this year to begin using it, I found that neither of my 2 lawns had carried over, and when I attempted to add them again, I could only add one. After reaching out to customer support, I was informed that I’d need a separate user account for each lawn. Maybe I’m an edge case (although I’d imagine there are many users that want to track front/back/side yards), but it’s not very intuitive to now have to create separate user accounts to do exactly the same thing I did previously. With that feature removed, the app is not very useful, in my opinion.
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6 years ago, missycyr
Texas lawn
I have lived in my home here in Texas for 5 years. I have lost the battle with the weeds and especially the sand/ grass burr. I have little paws that come in limping with those devil things stuck in them. I have paid trugreen and chem lawn and still have had them. This year I decided to try myself. They still creep in but are very sparse and I can pull them and burn them or put them in garbage can. I love the notifications of when Nd what to apply and always can find the products on sale. I have a lush, thick lawn and the color is so much improved. I am grateful to Scott’s for empowering me to do it myself.
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2 years ago, Scootor58
Need’s work
First year they didn’t get the product amount for the lawn correct. Second year I called them adjusted the amount of fertilizer they would send for the lawn. Everything was fine the second year the third year comes along they charge my account without warning on the wrong date and then revert back to the wrong amount of fertilizer. When I called them about it, they said I would have to cancel the subscription. Reapply for a new subscription with a different email address or I would continue to get the wrong amount , because my subscription would revert back to my email address so it’s always going to be wrong. That’s all they could do for me, or all they would do.
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2 years ago, EmmasDaddy27
Perfect system
I’ve been using the Scot’s app and system for a couple years now. Stick to the plan you are given and simply add water. The reminders on the app make having a lush green lawn nearly idiot proof. There has recently been a crew of guys working in my neighborhood installing fiber optic lines. One of the workers was so impressed he knocked on my door to let me know that I had by far the best lawn they had seen throughout my neighborhood. After I explained the app to him I had to talk the other workers through it. I could t be happier with the results I have seen.
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6 years ago, Virgil Hopkins
I'm still kinda new to this but,...
I think it'd be nice if there were a place in the app titled 'cause & effect'. It'd be a place where you could explain to the app all that you've done between "x" amount of dates to present time of explanation to the app so that the app doesn't mistaken you for starting fresh with a mediocre lawn. For example, I fertilized my yard last week with the fall treatment from Scott's brand and we've had a lot of rain since and are expecting more to come with cooler temps. Another words have the app contain the abilities to adapt to whatever you throw at it to help you nurture and sustain your yard to the fullest extent. That would be a great app that I'd pay to use and tell all my friends about.
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5 years ago, JustMe!?!?
Mildly helpful
It’s nice in that it helps you figure out the size of your yard and some tips on timing of applications, however I think the app could be more robust with more customizable tools like identifying what your lawn goals then developing a plan to help you achieve those goals. For example, I live in the south but hate this horrible southern grass and I want to switch to a nice fescue. What if I could take pictures of my current grass to identify specific variation of grass and the app can recommend a method to kill what’s currently there and replace it with fescue. Also specific weed identification and product recommendations to exterminate those weeds would be helpful too. I just feel like it’s lacking in resources
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4 years ago, Western Pennsylvania homeowner
Southwestern Pennsylvania homeowner
I have used this app for 3 years now and highly recommend it. You start by profiling your lawn, then get recommendations on what products to apply, and when. You can also add additional tasks/products. You can also go back and review what you did in previous years. Keeps me on track with applying fertilizer. My favorite option is being able to call/email/text my lawn questions. I always use Scott’s products but do not use the subscription service. I wait and buy when I find it on sale. Very nice homeowner app.
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4 years ago, Matrix0258
Needs web support rather than phone app.
I had the app running the last 3 years documenting my progress. A recent security upgrade was forces logging me out. After update and log in all my data was gone. I have to start over. I rather do web base and store data there rather than app because there are too many updates and you do not have a choice when a force update is required. I am beginning to hate apps due to updates that are too frequent. Apart from that the program works great but since my experience with this loss data, I am not sure it is worth the effort to record progress if I could loose it in the next update a few days from now.
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1 year ago, doghooman
Bridge to nowhere
I purchased this product, specifically an annual subscription, on March 8, 2023 and so far have received nothing. I see my subscription is active in the app, which is great. I see what I’m supposed to do come the first week in April, awesome… but I haven’t received the first shipment. I don’t even have an email saying it shipped, or when it might ship. I’ve emailed them about this and nothing. I’ve called the number in contacts and it’s disconnected. I’ve gone so far as calling numbers from recent posts from these reviews and those also don’t work. I would suggest running from these people, whoever they are. Don’t give them your hard earned money. If you do you’ll be wasting your precious time like me trying to recover it.
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3 years ago, Madams30
Gonna so it Scotts Way
Being a homeowner for many years and having a decent long I have always tried to figure out how to do this on my own with the products and the timing. I have you Scotts brand exclusively for many years and this new app has given me some indication as to what I am supposed to put on when I’m supposed to pull on going to follow it 100% because the other reviews that I have seen are awesome and I want to have a great yard I will let y’all know at the end of the season by updating but I am sure it’s going to be top notch notch
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4 years ago, K^n0n
Surprisingly easy and organized
Bought my first home last year. Not sure what the old owner did, but it was clearly not good. I first tried to hire out professional lawn services but they were wicked expensive and I never knew what the next step was. I had the app but didn’t have the time. I decided that I wanted to make the time this year and this app has been incredible. No second guessing. Just buy the steps, read the rain guide, and execute! I cannot wait to get this lawn to where I am proud of it. For too long it’s been a sight for sore eyes.
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5 years ago, Jtrif09
Better than tru-green
All my neighbors have tru-green spray their lawn. When we moved in the previous owner did not treat his lawn. I had everything, clover, crabgrass, dandelions, etc. 1 year later with this app....I’ve been told my lawn should be pictured in magazines. Plus thick green grass. No weeds at all. However I would like to see an update helping users calculate how much fertilizer/seed they need based on the size of their lawn. That would help eliminate over doing big time. Most bags are 14lbs at 5,000 square feet. Adding a tool to help measure how much each user needs would be awesome!
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4 years ago, nonickname86!
Worth it!
I had a gross lawn, with many problems, in a nice neighborhood. I committed this year to having the best lawn, and now it really is the envy of the neighborhood. People who are walking the dog or out with bikes stop and ask me which company I hired to get my lawn so thick and green. I immediately pull my phone and show them how easy the system is, I don’t even have to think about it, it just shows up on my door when it’s time to use the next product. The only thing I wish the app had is a place to store before and after photos.
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