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4.31 out of 5
19.6K Ratings
4 years ago, Fissiondream
MLP Fan’s Dream
If you love My Little Pony, you’ll love this game. It’s clearly written by people who know what they are talking about (Just look at some of the silly description blurbs for the ponies, or any of the dialogue associated with the limited-time quests). If you read the comic books, even better—the game incorporates so much of that! That being said, the in-app purchases are no joke. If you want to complete a limited-time quest, and get all of the possible rewards, you will have to spend money. When the game first came out, it was pay-to-play all the way, and then got much better about it, but is starting to veer in that direction again, with features like The Royal Club and limited-time quests. That, and, a lot of items cost a LOT of gems. Of course, you DO NOT have to spend money on the game. I did spend around $30 just on a few things I really wanted, but if you conserve your gems, you will be fine when it comes to the Main Story Quests. Additionally, while the game is pretty much open-ended, there is, for lack of a better word, an “end”. Once you complete all of the story quests and purchase every item, store, and pony that can be purchased with coins, you will have little left to do. After maybe two and a half years of playing, I’ve been at the end for a while now. My only wish is that there were more “group quests” to be taken, if not some more story quest material. Even with all of that, I just love MLP too much to stop playing!
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7 years ago, NorieTullie
Mlp plz read
I am very happy with your new update! I love that if u raise ur ponies stars, you can get rewards. I love the collections and everything, but there’s just a couple things I wanted to ask if you. Plz could you make things cheaper. I understand that getting 7 times the power nots for your stars would cost more, but it’s way over priced. Not just that, but everything. The other activities, ponies, clothes, land, in app purchases, etc. I feel like you should make it so you can get 5 gems a day for watching videos or at least make it easier to gain gems. Also the land, could u plz make it so it starts at 100,000 and then goes up to about 400,000 to 450,000? And then you could make it repeat, like 100,000, 150,000, then 200,000 etc. Because I’m trying to expand my land but it’s too many bits! I also feel like you could empty out the screen a little more. There’s a lot of things on the screen. I understand that this game is meant for kids, so everything’s supposed to be out there and eye catching; But could you just get rid of some stuff? Or combined stuff? Like putting the settings in the level bar? Or putting the ballon pop game and events with the activities plz? But thank you my little pony for the game, I love it so much and I play it everyday! I’m sorry if I seemed rude but these are just ideas. 🙂
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2 years ago, ghgggggghggghgggggggggggggggg
My awesome app but..
Oh my word love this game!! If you don’t like it then there must be something wrong with your phone because it’s amazing❤️my sisters literally played it when I was legit like 5 and now I’m 11 and I love playing it. If your looking at getting this game please do! Ok the only thing is that a bunch of things pop up that say get this pony for 5 dollars and I’m like the only way you can get that is if you actually have some money that you don’t totally care about. And also I feel like they don’t give you enough diamonds, like I want princess celestia but she needs so many diamonds that I don’t even think I’m going to be able to and that’s a total bummer cause she’s like my fav one after apple jack. I also think that when you play the game where the humans dance, it shouldn’t take that long for it to let you use it again. So it has a few things I don’t like. Another thing is that it wants you to do activities a LOT but I’m like if I do it too much then I’m just gonna rdo run out of money and then I will never be able to get anything done. Please bring the prices down with diamonds… and also please do all the other things I said because this game would literally be my fav game if these things could get better! Thank you so much for making this game but pls fix these problems so then I will be able to do more on this app.
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4 years ago, Minthy97
Issues and bugs
I’ve been a hardcore fan of this game since I was little and of the mlp fandom, went in and out of it over the years. My bugs with the game is every time I try to skip a task with ads there are none and it’s not because I used them they’re just not there. I have up to 625 gems but I don’t want to waste them. I thought maybe it was because I had a software update I had yet to do on my iPad so I finally did it and there’s still none. Also some of these packs are very pricy currently both of the Halloween ones are 70$ all together (both of the most expensive ones for 12 characters) no one has that kind of cash to waste on gems or characters. And another thing it with the piggy back where if you waste gems they go there or you earn them by leveling up. I bought it twice I think and the fact that’s it’s gonna cost 15$ the next time? Like... maybe should’ve just it at like 2 dollars and just add more gems? A lot of little kids play this game and some parents give in to buying whatever they want but some don’t. And earning gems is really hard to. Also with the events that come around, school can be in the way. Little kids can’t always be on their device that they play on, sometimes barely to complete this. If you’re gonna release a event do it on a Friday night as most kids have a later bedtime as it won’t be a school night then. Then they can really get the event done over the weekend because they most likely don’t have anything to do.
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5 years ago, Jeebunny
Fun but pricey!
Overall I am having SO much fun with this game. Even as an adult, I find myself checking back often so see if my goals are done and if I can unlock the next pony or item for my towns! I definitely think this game has a high payoff for your patience and work early on, however, things become increasingly more expensive (coin wise) quickly in the game. I found myself getting frustrated with how often the prices bumped upwards for small things like playing with the ponies or expanding land. I feel like with most other games, completed missions give you around the right amount of money to progress into the next task. This game gives you less than half! With patience you can gain, or like me, hoard money and deem which tasks are worth spending money on or not. I find myself doing this often with expansion quests... it just isn’t worth the payoff. I am conflicted because I sincerely do enjoy playing but I don’t feel like my rewards are doing much for the amount of time I can spend playing the game. I think the insane inflating coin prices should be lowered so players can genuinely enjoy their experience even if waiting is still involved! Either way the creators definitely do well to keep everyone interested. I believe this game has amazing potential to be a longterm play! I would love to invest more money into my game in the future but only if changes are made to make it fair even when I am not spending money just to make it playable. Just some food for thought!
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2 years ago, Princessofrainandsnowandice
Fun, but expensive
I love this game, I’m having a great time, but WOW the amount of real life money you may have to spend to progress... :( I feel like the reward amount is too little. For anything. You work really hard and get hardly anything in return. Games cost a large amount of bits unless if you watch an ad, so when the ads run out, you can’t play games unless if you want to spend thousands of bits. Some things you cannot get without hundreds of gems, and gems are difficult to come by. Quests are difficult to get done when you can’t unlock a character without spending real money. The only character I was willing to spend real money on was the one dollar deal for rainbow dash, but by the time I went to purchase her, the deal was over! And that’s another thing, the real life money you would spend on a character bundle is too much for what you would receive. You could spend 8.99 on a character and get maybe 30 gems. 30 is nothing. Lots of other games offer at least 100 when you’re spending real money. I love the stories, I love how in-character everything is. I love the voices. But it’s not as fun as it could be. It’s all centered around how high the prices are... I just want to play games with my little ponies, I don’t want to stress about money in a fictional world when we have enough of that happening in real life. :(
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3 years ago, PineappleLlama2
I gave this game a review back in November, and I’m not sure if anyone saw it, so I’ve updated it. I’ve had this game on and off since 2013, and it’s made a lot of changes for the better, and for the worse. Some of the events are really fun, but some I absolutely hate. The ones with the sapphires and tokens to get outfits always take soooo long to actually get a prize and I hate them so much!!!! Plz take those ones away. Also, I like that some of the ponies have speech when you tap on them, but since the series has finished, game loft can probably add a lot more speech effects. Another thing is to add more quests. Like, more after you defeat nightmare moon. Also, plz make some of the ponies with object to collect to buy them easier to get. I’ve been trying to get Countess Coloratura FOR LITERALLY THREE YEARS!!!!!! It would also be really fun to add more mini games, like a baking game, friendship quests with the map, stuff like that. And plz open up the rest of equestria, like Manehattan, Appaloosa, the Changeling kingdom, Yakyakistan, Las Pegasus, Cloudsdale, The dragon lands, Seaquestria, Griffonstone, etc. Aside from some constructive criticism, this game is very accurate to the series and to the comics. The horseshoe hotel is a really fun addition, and kludgetown and the crystal empire are really fun with their quests as well. I hope people read this and take these things into consideration.
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6 years ago, Care taker of all animals 101
Good but still needs improvement
This game is amazing first of all, beautiful a graphics, storyline, gameplay, animation, but theirs a teeny weeny problem. It just needs a few bug fixes. Ok so its really anyoing on my phone becuse when it sees watch an ad to skip 60 minutes for waiting an hour for the advemture its really abnoxius that my phone will say sorry no more videos please come back later when I haven’t even watched a video or if theirs still more to watch. And another thing is you shoulden’t have to wait 7 hours for the adventure line to countine on. If u are going to make people wait then people will just not like the game and get annoyed and be done with it. Its really annyoing to have to sit and wait. Over all I love this game and its amazing. But waiting for over an hour or so gets really dumb after awhile. So please make it less then that. And also do fix the video thing so it won’t say sorry more videos later even though its still light orange. Another thing is why? Why would it be now that in the Forest when u have to wait for a totam to be finished being made its now 23 gems? Seriously thats not improvent thats just making the game more annyoing then ever. Also I was happy when the videos started working, and I was anout to say thank u today, but now its back to saying sorry please wait no more videos. Its really frustrating. The game is sooo amazing and good, and still is, but now I just feel like its getting annyoing.
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2 years ago, heartstarstring
Wonderful game but I have had some issues
I love the game and I’ve been a huge fan for a while I love the designs for everything, the fun mini games, and the quests it’s all really fun! My one issue is I guess what you would call glitches I’ve been playing for about five years and about a year ago I was at level 108 I remember this distinctly and then I got busy and didn’t have much time to play, but I got back into it six months later all of a sudden after updating I dropped thirty levels I know it sounds odd but I’ve talked to other people and I guess this is common. Recently I was working my way to finishing the Rara quest I’m at the part where you have to earn countess coloratura I had collected 45 microphones, which if your unfamiliar are red meaning they’re harder to find on quests. After updating once again my progress on this quest and two others (the quest to earn half baked apple and Aloe from the salon) was wiped it’s been a little annoying since I’ve been playing for so long and I’ve had the level drop happen before just never as severe as a year ago but the quest thing is kind of bugging me I’m having to re-earn everything I previously had I don’t even mind about half baked apple or aloe I just want my progress back on the countess coloratura.
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3 years ago, manglill
Fun but pricey
I love this game! Collecting ponies, earning coins and decorating the town is so fun! One problem ruins my experience though. A lot of items or activities in the game require a heavy amount of coin. It is super difficult to play any games or buy items in the beginning of the game. (went bankrupt playing the Mine cart game. Seriously way too expensive) raising the reward for the missions would also be a life saver, especially since they are essential to the story and needed for progression. You get barely any coins back from missions which is stressful and unfortunate. seems like the only way to get a decent amount is to either save or give into the in-app purchases (also this game is covered in them. There’s around 5 in the main Home Screen) Not to mention the crazy prices for some ponies. 300 gems for the average pony, it’s crazy. How do you even get that much? Thought I’d point out some of the main flaws of this game. Still worthy of the 4 stars! my recommendation to new players is to save coin and consider what items are essential or not! EDIT: PLEASE ALLOW BACKUPS. I lost all my progress a long time ago because I uninstalled the app. Seen so many people who have lost purchases due to this. Please implement a sign in method somehow.
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7 years ago, volcandrone
Sick of the community events 😡
I’ve played this game for probably almost three years now, and I’ve loved every bit of it until recently. I absolutely despise the new “community event! Compete against other players to win things! Hur dur dur!” It’s sickeningly obnoxious. If I wanted to COMPETE to do basic quest like missions, then I’d go to the events tab. Not to mention if you aren’t DOGGEDLY loyal to the game, then you’ll miss so much of the event that you won’t even be able to catch up unless you buy like 40 dollars of gems! (At least in my experience it’s usually about that much.) and that’s another thing. When doing these little “missions” if you want the “limited prize” (they’re all limited. Just call it ultra limited or something 😒) you have to buy ponies or characters from bundle, usually $9.99, sometimes even more. I just don’t have that kind of money to spend, nor do I have the time to dedicate to the game where I’m watching it every second of every day. I’ve got things to do. I really wish they would just go back to independent quests without time limits (OR COSTLY PURCHASES 😡) to give people the time to do things independently in the amount of time that they’re able to put in. Two weeks is not enough to finish a quest, especially if you can’t afford gems or are just starting off in the game and don’t have the money to work through it all at once. I’m extremely disappointed and angry. If it continues, I fear I may have to stop playing at all.
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1 year ago, mysterywol
Mlp ideas
I like how you can earn ponies in the hotel but also harder when they have diamond options so much and its hard to save up so much anx get the certain pony at certain time thsn itll be gone also its hard to purchase a day longer on an adventure and even when i have the elements , option it acts like im not buying it and allso should be easier way to get diamonds then just spike hunter and also from leveling up and also that you rarely get diamonds off and on and still abit hard to get ponies intell a better sale from it and almost all shops are always diamonds and too much and makes abit sense on ponies abit but sometimes it needs that change also sometimes during the mine game ir certains would glitch and not work for some reason and pleases fix those bugs and the other bug is it randomly takes you out of game while still playing and with the maze adventure mske it longer like two week barely got to read much of story because i cant actually buy the coins for real money. Also can earn dismond from video. Also that maybe do longer days for ponies on the hotel room and also same with either option to pay is acting like I couldn’t pay either elements or diomands for each adventure.
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6 years ago, TwoNumberNines
Alright game, but I have a request
PLEASE bring back the different options for work. Only allowing one low priced thing to be sold makes it unnecessarily hard to get coins. The shortest amount of time it takes to do a task is 4 hours; I’m not willing to wait that long only to end up with about HALF of what Big Macintosh is worth. Instead, you should be able to have shops that give you more than 50 coins every 30 seconds; that becomes tedious and too extensive to cover how much shops and ponies are. To just get more shops would be too much, as you have to actually have bits to buy something with good pay, right? The prices have become outrageous; in mini-games, I found it easier to use gems than actual bits, as you end up needing to use the bits so frequently. I’m definitely not buying any bits if they’re gonna be used up immediately. Also, the prices for the characters you get with gems seem dumb. The only way to get some of them would be to get money; or just grind for an unreasonable amount of time. Why not just make it a pay with real money kind of thing? Also, the ads are so hard to handle, they pop up on screen at random times and take up the entire screen, this happens a lot when I’m already prepared to click the screen and I get dragged to a new window. How about you just,,, earn the clicks??
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2 years ago, Cannon Mars
Good game, could be better.
For anyone looking for a great mlp themed tycoon to check in on daily if you have some free time to fill in your day, this game is great! It really helps fill in time in my day doing something to relieve stress, and you can get pretty far in the game without in-app purchases. To get this far though, you really have to check in EVERY DAY. The game punishes you with parasprites if you leave your ponies for more that 24 hours. The game is full of personality and lots and lots of events to check in on. I have found that some events are impossible to complete without in-app purchases like the newest ‘missing wings and maze-y things’ event, which I heard didn’t even work for some Samsung users. My only critique is that mini games are priced oddly high, making you have to choose between watching an abundant amount of adds or in-app purchases. IN CONCLUSION: great game for adults/teen wanting a cute stress relief throughout the day, maybe even tweens if they like reading and story, but if your looking for something to occupy your child this isn’t the mlp game to choose and I’d suggest something more educational and easy. The game is mostly money/resource management and your kid might make ill informed in-app purchases.
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3 years ago, etherealiity
fun game but tends to slag off
i love this game and have been playing ever since i was a little kid. i love mlp, and i cant ever see myself not playing :) however theres so little to do once youve done the main plots since there are no more to do, and the limited time adventures, while interesting and fun, arent worth doing unless you shell out tons of gems and money and constantly check in. the labyrinth event from last summer was the most fun i had playing the game in years solely because of how fair it was to the player and how nice it was to get rare characters just from finishing the event and not having to spend a dime. thats how all the events should be. i hardly open the app anymore unless im just collecting bits from my shops solely because theres nothing to do that doesnt require a lot of money/gems, which feels really scummy. not only that, but the event games to win characters hardly ever reward me my prizes, and IF they even do its weeks late. i know for sure i was supposed to be awarded prim hemline last week from the crystal mine competition, and i still havent had her delivered to me :/ all in all, youll have a good time up until you finish all the stories, and then once youre stuck with just the money sink limited time events, youll just find yourself passively opening the game every so often.
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5 years ago, Breadloaftheartist
I’ve been playing this game for a few years, I’m currently level 87. It’s a very productive game with active developers and new updates. But recently I’ve run into an issue that makes part of the game impossible to continue. The quests with Tirek. I have completed all of them except one. The one quest where you have to defeat Tirek in 60 hours. I was able to try it once and I failed, But after that Tirek disappeared. I am not able to find him, tap him, or start the quest again. I don’t know if this is a glitch or you only get one chance? But even when I try the button on the quest that brings you to him, It brings me to the castle where the icon of Tirek has also disappeared. No wait time shows up and the Castle of the Two Sisters is just blank. I’ve tried everything from restarting the app, to restarting my device completely and nothing has worked. This glitch has been going on for a few months, I dealt with it at first in hopes updates would fix it, but no one has noticed it. I’d just like to bring this to your attention in hopes of getting it fixed. I know you developonies work a lot so take your time ^^! I love the game, It runs lovely and everything about it is perfect, This is the only issue I have with it.
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3 years ago, ZombSurv
Love the game! But Possible system glitches?
Hey I absolutely love this game every since I got it years ago on my phone. Life happened and recently just rebooted the game for my iPad and enjoy playing to replay from work ~ I love the new concepts of being able to use videos to skip sections in quests so we don’t get stuck never completing quests. I do sort of mid the free item codes function but I understand making changes for a better game😁 though I did have one possible disappoint - from my understanding there were two big events happening where you have 9 days to try and complete the fight minion/ bosses. First one I got to play normal - I thought you were just waiting to set up the second one but it just popped up today and I have less than 2 days to try to get any of the rewards 😔 usually there’s nine days and I’m a little disappointed because of this- I didn’t know if it’s been up for a week already or if the timer is wrong? But if it’s a bug I please beg you to fix it as I like seeing the funny stories that goes along with defeating each section and well having a chance to win rarer ponies I can’t buy with money right now.
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1 year ago, Supp0912
Bugs and gems
I truly recommend this game👍 it is really well made and I really like how the creators took the time to investigate every character and put a description on each of them. Also, one of my favorite things is it being a long game. But some gems prices are very concerning, especially considering how much we earn. I mean yeah if you save up you’ll be fine but you just can afford things you NEED (like misions stuff) but not things you WANT (like ponies or places). Coins prices are fine, unlike gems, all we have to do is buy stores to earn more and more and we can buy a lot of stuff. In my opinion, the creators should either allow us to earn more gems or lower the prices. And another thing, I dont know if it happens to anyone else but I am experiencing a really bad bug, I dont know how to explain it so I’m gonna put an example, when I’m in ponyville, the store is like I’m in canterlot, or when I’m in Sweet Apple Acres, the store is like I’m in ponyville, and is really anoying because when I want to go to the store it is from another place and I cant buy what I wanna buy, I really hope it is fixed, but everything else is pretty good, I recommend this game to every mlp lover👋
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3 years ago, Luzbian_Amity
Great game, minor flaw
The new update has been released and im experiencing trouble actually playing it. Im trying to the first quest and nothing is directing me were to start the task. Secondly, everytime i press on the community tab, it kicks me out. This is thr second smthing like this for a mini event has happened to me. The first time was when u had to collect sonic rainbooms. I played that on the first day and literally got none of the rainbooms. The game did update and it was working again but i didnt receive any. My second problem: emailing customer services is a waste bc i emailed them in the beginning of Jan at least and still havent received an email back? My issue still wont resolved but i was deciding to the kuldgetown quest and one of them was to get 25k points so i decided to use 5 gems. With my gut i had a feeling if I did this it would have been a waste and it was. I was playing the cart ride game until i crash at 11k+ points. I decided to watch an ad t continue but it didnt work and kicked me out. I come back and see my points didnt register but they did take my gems? Ive had this problem before and they still havent responded.
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3 years ago, ImaginaryMusicLover
Game progress can’t be saved in which makes playing the game completely pointless
Every single game on the App Store has the ability to save your progress via logging in with an account of some sort. Such as Facebook,gmail or apple account. Every single app. BESIDES THIS ONE THAT IS. I wouldn’t mind paying for in game purchases, if my progress didn’t get deleted whenever the app itself gets removed off of my device. I have played this game countless of times and, I’ve never been able to retrieve my account. I’ve played this on iOS and, GooglePlay and, neither allows you to save your games progress. It honestly makes me feel sorry for all of the poor saps out there that paid hundreds for in app purchases, only for it to just go “poof” just because they bought a new phone and, aren’t unable to transfer their progress in any way. Just the fact that this game doesn’t even allow you to transfer your progress onto a new device is a major fail as well. This game use to have a Facebook login feature that allowed your progress to be saved. However I guess that a bunch of Karen’s got angry over the fact that a child might be using Facebook and, just decided to shut it down and, thus ruin the fun for everyone else. For the love of celestial, bring back the login feature so that I can actually save my game without the hassle of going through support. - Sincerely everyone with intelligence.
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4 years ago, what is that magic dog
Bring Back the Magic!
Can you bring back the School of Friendship please. I really want it. Can you also make special events shorter so I can finish them in time. I also want Hasbro to continue making Friendship is Magic shows, movies, and toys. A lot of people are on board with what I’m saying. People are making petitions for this problem. By the way, I hate My Little Pony: Pony Life, and it has almost nothing to do with Friendship. Even teens and adults watch Friendship is Magic. Boys like it too!Can you also make your in game currency, gems, as easy to get as bits I never have enough gems to pay for important things! I also want you to make exclusive things less expensive. Can you also alter the game so it includes a way you can go inside the buildings and read what your ponies are talking or thinking. And can you have a way where there are mini games that have to do with what task your pony is doing. Can you also give characters new tasks? For example, you can give Cheerilee the task of teaching at the Schoolhouse and some of the fillies that go there the task to learn at the Schoolhouse. And you can go inside the Schoolhouse and see what the ponies are doing inside.
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2 years ago, PinkPanther194
Crystal mine game issues
I love this game and play the crystal mine game pretty frequently, I always try to play whenever the wheels come back because if you get far enough into the mine, you can grab a couple of gems while playing. I’ve gotten pretty good at getting far enough to the gem point, but that’s if i’m lucky enough to not have my jumps get glitched. Sometimes when I try to jump over the diamond dogs, my jump gets glitched and I end up not jumping at all and the run gets ruined. It’s whenever I have a fresh jump to use, not even spamming the jump or anything because I know you can only jump twice (double jump) and hit the ground again before you can jump more. I’ve even gotten pretty good at dodging the shadow bolts who jump over you, but I just get so frustrated when I try to jump over the diamond dogs and it doesn’t work. The crystal mine game feels rigged to make it that much harder to even get close to the gems. I’ve wasted so much time playing the crystal mine game and I barely get gems in return, mainly dying from this one jump glitch. I would really appreciate it if this could be looked into and fixed because it truly is not fair!
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3 years ago, justanothertriggeredteen
so many bugs
i dont think ive ever left an app review before, but today im so upset with gameloft that i need to. i have played this game for years and years and always found myself coming back, but now, all this game does is frustrate me. it forces you to watch so many ads, and for the ads i willingly watch, its a 50/50 chance i will ACTUALLY get the reward i watched the ad for. the app force closes on me far too often, especially when im in the middle of a minigame. do i get the rewards from the minigame after the force close? never. today is what REALLY set me off though. i woke up to find that the gems i earned from the event were gone. i had made a purchase last night that shouldve given me free gems from the stamp and there was nothing. i woke up today to once again find nothing. i purchased more gems to see if it would trigger the free gems…nothing. so, i sent a help email to gameloft only for them to tell me i had to buy more gems just to get a screenshot proving i was supposed to get the free gems. i went to the r/MLPIOS subreddit to see if anyone else had this issue. to my (not) surprise, almost everyone talking about it has had this issue. i just wanted to warn people before playing. its addicting, but really really frustrating.
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3 years ago, sonia tran
Love the game but needs to be 20 percent cooler…
How about ya should add server and with our profile characters picture should be our avatar and add chat and live chat also the about where you type all about yourself. Also, when we play the servers we can trade like trade bits, gems, fashion items to craft for those ponies whatever they are called Idk, and decors that we don’t use all the time or decorate also don’t add trade characters cause it’s kind of not cool like you may loose your character if you have one so I may think of other things soon like… OH! Adding more mini games like that maze I tried which is sooooo coool and easy to get more gems that will be nice! And if there would be a creator room we can create things or map! It also should be private for you or your friends to visit only or anyone! Also in the social ya should put the chat friends only chat or anyone chat! It will be more cool and also if friends are not online we can add marketplace where we get things by selling items with gems or bits! That’s all my ideas next time I will come with more ideas! Hope ya see this and make this! Thx! ~Sonia
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5 years ago, I LOVE MY WORLD🤩
I love the game, I am a little to old for mop I’m in 5th grade and I love it. I not to long ago, I was playing the balloon pop game and I got princess celestia from it,I was so happy, because princess celestia costs at least 500 gems, I was with my grandparents and I screamed when I got her. It scared them so bad🤣😂🤣I like the game, but could you make things cheaper? I could earn over ten thousand dollars and spend it on a bench. A BENCH!!!!😒I find it also annoying that certain rare ponies are only on a certain event that will never happen again. I’m sad about this, plz fix it. I also have a suggestion, can you add more ponies to the crystal empire? There isn’t a lot and most lots of the cool ones are SUPER EXPENSIVE!!! I love the game though. Bye Peeps!🙃🙃😝😛😋also, I found out the young six is there, it’s just all the way at the end. I also got starlight before rainbow dash because he costed too much. I can’t seem to get past most of the cantorlot stuff because it’s too pricey. Plus, I think you should put celestia as a reward in the storyline, she costs too much for lots of people. And I’m confused that celestia lives in ponyville when she lives in cantorlot in the show.
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5 years ago, SoSonya888
Its a pretty good game, but
I played Mlp since i was a kid, and a couple pf weeks ago i decided to come back to the game. The new events are wonderful, but there is one thing that ticks me off all the time i play it: its really easy to loose gems accidentally. For example a thing that happened to me twice already, idk what the feature is called, but there is a thing where you answer s question, thry give you some material deoened on the answer and you have to wait for a number of hours to answer another question. So the problem was that i accidentally pressed the skip botton that requuered 36 GEMS to skip to the next question. I collected all of the gems, but its really and i mean REALLY easy to loose on an accident. And i know that you could buy some gems with real money, but not everyone will go to do it for a simole childs game. So i was wondering if you could add a feature that most games have involving the high prices with rare 'money'(i guess you could call it that). A botton of confirmation like "Are you surr you want to spend X gems on buying "whatever it is?". Its will be much more pleasing to play if you wont be at a constant risk of loosing gems so easily. Thank you, for taking your time to read my review.
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2 years ago, Buying Cash
Tap boss mini game event problem
I tried to contact gameloft about this issue for a while but nothing was working. The tap boss event (Example. The Pony Whisperer) is overall fun to play, but it is almost impossible to complete it without spending money. I try to stay up at night just so i can spend my bolts but i’m the end, I still can’t complete it because it’s only 3 days long and not to mention, people do need to sleep for half of that time. At least make it a little cheaper instead of 300 shards and 150 diamonds. And yes the extra ponies help would be awesome, but spending almost $10 for only a pony, 30 gems, and some sapphire or a decoration piece is not worth it… plus some people like me don’t have that kind of money to spend. I haven’t spent any diamonds yet and i am over level 50 with less than 200 diamonds.. I don’t want to grind for all of these again just for an event i needed a few extra hours on. Long story short, and easy solution would just be to extend it for half a day or make the extention price cheaper for those who don’t have money. It would make the game more fun and enjoyable, less of a grind, and less frustration.
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12 months ago, Sincerely, you.
gotten very expensive
I have been playing this game on and off for roughly 9 years. I’ve lost my gameplay a few times for various reasons. What I have noticed starting over from scratch is the increase in cost, especially for the mini games. 6,000 coins for the first option for the crystal mine cart game. It used to be 1,000 coins all of the time. Most of the ponies need to be acquired by doing special tasks. The ones that don’t cost an astronomical amount of gems. There is not a way for gamers to earn coins in the mini games to expand their land in the different places because the mini games are so costly that you need to watch ads just for one game play. The ads are repetitive, and it gets annoying having to watch them for most everything in the game. This game used to be a cute, fun way to pass the time for my little pony fans. I would spend real money on things in the game that I wanted, and I felt good about it. Now they try to pressure players into making purchases by making everything in game costly and you’re unable to advance in the storyline. I had previously completed the tree of harmony and crystal empire, but I’ll never be able to complete those now in my new game due to the cost.
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3 years ago, ASimpleFauxPas
Good overall, but buggy events
This is one of my favorite apps on my phone, and I could easily recommend it to fans of the show, but some of the limited time events are really glitchy. Sometimes, it takes a while to gain community rewards after an event. Other times, the game gets confused and thinks the event is still going AFTER it ended. That’s the problem I have right now. After one event, the game couldn’t get rid of it, meaning I’ve probably missed some events from this bug. Another issue I have is with the tasks. I like that some ponies who were originally bought with gems are now gained through getting task items, but sometimes it takes FOREVER to get the items, especially if that item has a low drop rate or you need a lot of them. Maybe a reduced time for the tasks or a reduction in how many items you need for some objects could make it a little less tedious. It’s clear that you’re trying to iron out a lot of the bugs and problems with the game, and I would say the game is better now than it was back when it was originally released, but there are still a couple of places that need fixing.
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5 years ago, a Gamer lik3 you
Good game but...
Ok, so I’m a huge fan of the MLP show, and I really like this game, BUT I have a few problems that I would like to point out. First, please make the gem prices a lot less. This is something that is really annoying to me, because even though it is kinda easy to earn gems nowadays, they are still pretty rare and having characters priced at “360” is way to much for any normal player of the game, and I know that this is only so you buy gems but I would like it if you toned it down a bit. As well as that I have the problem of making Rarity and Rainbow dash cost gems, like seriously? I know it’s not that many gems but they are essential characters to the story and gems are kind of hard to come by. So please make them bits. Also I would like to point out my problem with adds. PLEASE FIX THEM! They barely work for me! I watched an add to revive myself on the crystal minecart game and after I watched it, the game loaded and then got rid of the option to watch adds and kept counting down. Also I was trying to get a add pony and I kept watching adds to get her rewards but none of them were going through and it was REALLY annoying.
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3 years ago, Frooted
Horrible, Way too many forced Ads
Let me start out by saying I love My Little Pony. I was looking forward to reliving my childhood, but the app has gotten worse as time went on. Everything is extremely overpriced, and it’s just overall harder to progress as your levels increase. They will give you quests that require spending gems. My biggest problem with this game is the advertisements. There are quite a few options to watch ads to gain rewards, and I always do that, that’s not what I have a problem with. The problem is that ads started popping up whenever I was doing something that didn’t entail watching ads. At first it started out as still ads that I could close immediately, then it progressed to video advertisements that I could skip after a few seconds, and now it is video ads that you can’t skip over. I just had two unskippable ads pop up within less than a minute of each other. This is monumentally frustrating and renders the game unplayable for me. I play games to relax and have fun. This game is too frustrating for me to play and get enjoyment out of it. I will not be playing this game until they fix this issue, and I recommend you do the same. Don’t bother downloading this if you’re not prepared to drop a ton of money and sit through minute-long ads.
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3 years ago, just oneperson
I Love this game, seriously i do. i spend more time than i’d like to admit checking in on my ponies and reorganizing their towns. I used to play this when i was younger, and now i’ve gotten back into it as a lovely little nostalgic pastime. With as much time as i spend on this game, i TRULY suggest that the creators just take a few extra steps to make the game a little more careful. i CONTINUOUSLY have been mis-clicking and spending WAAAY more gems in the game than i wish to. There is no confirmation for any- let alone 50+ gem in-game purchases !! it just automatically spends it!! i think any extra confirmation before spending any amount of gems, coins, ect. would be so beneficial to the players. I just recovered from spending 50 gems on a speed-process that i didn’t want, only to find myself 100 gems in debt from accidentally buying land i didn’t need. It’s so upsetting !!! i like to keep my work in my game organized and stable :( - i really love this game but i would genuinely appreciate the adjustment to make it a little more secure and confident in transactions.
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6 years ago, The Daughter of a Genie
A must have... but I got something to say
This is game is so fun, I love it! But my first request is simple, to make the story time things longer. They are so cool I can win prizes and ponies that are limited time only and rub it in my BFF’s face, but I hardly make it past the fifth task before the time is up! Also, the prices are ridiculous! I can’t go mining anymore because the carts cost too much, so do the mini games you play with your ponies. For instance, the apple picking game I used to love to play with my ponies, especially AJ, but I don’t anymore because I want extra points and to get them and not spend 15,000 bits I have to watch a video! I’m definitely not trying to be rude or anything but this game is sort of unorganized, like there isn’t enough adventures to do in other towns or cities. Such as this, you have a lot of towns and such but they are all major towns, I would like to get towns such as Cloudsdale, or maybe even the town where Twilight and the others got their CM’s taken (LOVED the episode(s) Hasbro!). I hope you take in some of what I say, but if your looking to download this game... I totally encourage you to press that button!
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4 years ago, jimmyozco
Good, but annoying
This game is awesome I’ve been playing it for 4 years it’s awesome. But it has some issues. First, THINGS ARE JUST TOO EXPENSIVE! Literally everything in the game is just so expensive. It’s very hard to get gems and almost every quest makes you buy stuff that cost gems. Please fix that. Second, limited time adventures. These are awesome too, but it’s pretty annoying too. In adventures like Nightmare Night At The Museum where you have to level up and get enough power to beat bosses, getting more power just gets too expensive. Let’s say, your power is 10. It costs you like 50 magic coins to get to the next power level. Then when you become power level 15, it becomes like 120. And it becomes more and more. Why pay 1999 to get only 5 power levels? That’s not even what you need to get to the required power level. Third is time. That’s the worst problem of the game. Why wait 7 whole hours just to get a rubber duck? Maybe you just want people to stay on your game forever. Well that’s 3 problems the game has. Please bring an update that fixes this. Update: I’ve found a term to describe this game and it’s events: Pay 2 Win 💰
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5 years ago, Ashlyn Galcia
My opinion.
This is my opinion, it would make my day if you would read this when you have time. (devoloper) Now, I loved this game and the show ever since I was 7. It was a very addictive game and still is to this day. But I wish you could turn buildings around and make it easier to collect bits with tasks that might be easy and hard at the same time, it would also be cool if you were assigned with more tasks than rather have to do a task to get a new task. It also kind of annoys me that you have to wait about 7 hours for the group quests, but with the ads I guess its fine but all I want is for the time to be a little shorter. atleast 4 or 3 hours. I also wish you didnt have to assign lots of ponies too boost up your chance of getting a good chest. It almost takes up all my ponies to get a good chest, and I wont be able to do the tasks because it always says, "that pony is busy with" and something related to that. Please read this and see what you can do, but it matters if other people have the same opinion as me, or something related to all that. Take your time to read this, have a good day
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6 years ago, Ohlookabunny!
Cute, Layered Game
I’m a grown-up and put in my real age. I say that because I don’t know if the game ads would be different for a little kid. Like, would there be fewer? The ads are not inappropriate—Toyota, Bose, some other games. I like the cuteness of it, and there’s plenty to do. While you’re waiting for time-managed tasks to run, you can be gathering coins, buying new ponies, clearing land, dancing, and riding in the mine cart, which is my favorite, probably because I’m terrible at it. You get a new wheel for the mine cart every hour. Yes, there are a lot of ads that enable you to earn time or extra points or even a gem. There are adventures that run for a limited amount of time, so you can plan accordingly. So the game has many aspects about it from storytelling, collecting, upgrading, mini games, building, and time-management. There are also many locations, each with their own storyline and tasks. You earn various types of gems that will be used for some other task that goes with the story. I’m enjoying it, but again, I have no idea if it would vary for a small child.
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3 years ago, imajustconk
Fav game but P2W with bad customer service
The game is fun. I love the game but have some issues. If you want a example of pay to win were it doesn’t outright say “pay for premium” this game is it. You could technically do most everything with out paying BUT that would take years probably up to 10 years. A lot of things take gems with are not cheap. On a event you could wait a couple of hours or pay gems I chose the easy way picked to wait. I had waited they time to wait and was going to collect my reward. I pressed the button and it didn’t register when it registered it spent 20 of my gems to skip the next waiting peroid. This happened to me on mutplie occasions so I thought I’d connect customer support since the spent gems didn’t even end up to be with it. I had lost more then 90 gems something I was saving for princess cadance and her husband. I emailed the email that the game said to email for customer support they sent back a automated message with a link to conact them. IT WAS THE SAME EMAIL. There was no US number or email that lead to anyone. I was very upset. This money is a cash grab but like FarmVille it’s a good game that’s tones of fun. Fun if you like town builders and are willing to watch up to 11 ads a day( not required).
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2 years ago, Blueberrypuncake
The more fair review would be 3 and 1/2 stars but the App Store doesn’t really let you do that. The reason it’s not 5 stars is because there are some really annoying bugs, a few things that could be improved, and my own personal opinion of there being too many fan characters and politics. Firstly, please fix the bug where when I turn off my device for the night, the timer on the game pauses. Since things in this game sometimes take like 5 hours to finish, it’s annoying that by the time I’m done sleeping they still take around 3 hours. Also, some of the Mane 6 characters have a bug where when you change their outfits the changed tail overlaps the original tail. My sister has the bridesmaid outfits for some of the the characters, and they have two tails. Also PLEASE add like a little “Are you sure you want to spend [game currency amount] because it is just WAY too easy to misclick something. Ok, on a more excited note, I’d be excited for an update to the Equestria Girls game! It’s had the same small song collection for years, and adding a few more would definitely make it better.
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4 years ago, JJ Sunshine
Pretty accurate, but problematic
I managed to clasp one of my favourite supporting ponies when he became available, but some of those limited-time ponies are super expensive, and I don’t have enough time to save up gems for them. Some of the storylines are hard to do. In the Rara/coloratura quest, I have to buy I cake for 50 gems. That’s a nono for me, trying to save up to get Snails. The only way possible to get to the end of group quests or limited time events is to either endlessly watch ads or pay. There are no pop up ads, which is beautiful, and you can only watch them if you want to. Most of the cool bad guys you have to pay for. My parents would think I’m nuts if I ask them to give me “the pony of shadows”. Also, whatever happened to the changeling kingdom? I finished it and nothing happened. I didn’t even get thorax! 😡I wish you could put buildings on top of paths too. Eaither way, it’s a great game if your REALLY bored and like MLP. I like how it goes on with the shows, but stuff gets spoiled for me a lot! It has been a bit helpful though since the 9th season isn’t on my Netflix. It’s a little cheesy but this game is pretty accurate, dispute the fact that Maud Pie is smiling...
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1 year ago, blueblubby
An amazing game but…
So I have been playing this game for the past couple of days because I absolutely love mlp and have been apart of the fandom since I was around the age of eight. I also played the game when I was little so I decided to download once more. Anyways, the game itself is amazing to the quests, the unique ponies/characters, to creating your own version of Ponyville. However, there seems to be some kind of bug with this game because whenever I watch an ad I never get the reward in return. I watched ads to get gems and I never receive my gems. I have watched advertisements for bits and to skip task but I never get the rewards. The reward system in the game is not the good itself but leveling up is easy so it is easy to get the rewards. The rewards the game gives are little to nothing, the bare minimum, considering that everything in the game is pretty expensive with the in game currency. Anyways that is all I have to say about the game. I really hope this bug gets fix though so fingers crossed 🤞🤞💜
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1 year ago, cet55555
Too expensive
I really like this game, it’s very nostalgic for me and brings back a lot of childhood memories. But I do have one complaint, everything in the game is too expensive. And I don’t mean the things that cost real money, I’m talking about the in game currency things. Every quest/mission thing has you pay for things and then the reward it gives you is less than half of the amount of bits you spent completing the mission. All the decorations, buildings characters, expansions, (almost everything 😬) seems too much compared to how many bits your getting back. Even all the mini-games are too much, I can’t play them half of the time because they cost too much. Plus the cost for the mini games goes up and down. It’s the same with the gems too. If the amount of bits and gems that you have to spend on things was cut in half or cut even more than that, I think it would make the game a lot more enjoyable. I don’t have any idea how creating and editing games work, but I’m guessing that it might be a lot of work to redo the costs, but again I think doing this would make the game more fun and enjoyable.
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6 years ago, Wumbo719
Gems and Price Changes
I’ve played this game for several years now and still love it. However, I have a few negatives to point out that have hindered my experience. Ever since this game came out there has been no gem confirmation. In every other game I’ve played with premium currency, I’ve never spent any of it due to a mis-click. Please add this feature. Another change that harms the game is the changed prices of some of the items in the shop. I’ve been saving up for the Town Hall to complete a mission which originally costed 45 gems but now it costs 360 gems (eight times the original price). Gems are easier to come by than they used to be, but they’re still quite rare. Lastly, upgrading power ups for the mine cart game now cost gems, whereas in the past, they only costed gems for the last upgrade. I understand for the last one, but not for every upgrade. I know that gems are the way to make money, but please make them necessary for only premium items rather than required for story progression. These flaws aside, I still rather enjoy this game and recommend it to those who are fans of the show.
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12 months ago, Ullgenser_
Good game but with cons
I’ve played this game off and on for years since I was 12 and recently downloaded it for the millionth time as an adult and it brings back a lot of good memories. But there’s been things added I don’t think the game needs and items are way harder to get and just save for without putting in any real money. Oh gosh, and the advertisements are excessive especially with them trying to get you to watch a million of them and call it “rewarding fun” just for some stuff that really isn’t too desirable. I’m sure a lot of kids who play this game nowadays are not going to see that as fun cause I certainly don’t lol. Also the thing where you can make characters do tasks to earn like random items to use it as payment for things, is not something I care for. Idk the game is fun but also just feels like a time waster and more frustrating than anything. Just wish ppl wanted to make games you could enjoy as much as you can with a few ads here and there maybe, instead of trying to hope ppl will get impatient enough to spend money. Really is a shame.
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6 years ago, brebre1232
This game is amazing it has a lot of different things to do and u can even dress up the mane six witch I’m really like but here’s the only thing I don’t like mostly everything costs gems so it sorta ruins the fun of the game and I’m glad u adding a way to get extra gems form ur piggy bank but oh wait....... it’s costs read money to empty it :( it would be really great if u could make it so we can paw bits ( aka coins that are earned in the game ) to pay to empty ur piggy bank and maybe a little bit for gems when u level up that would be great also maybe lowering the price of the gems that would be very great and make it so we can change the picture we have I really wanted to get the rainbow dash picture but I got applejack instead but anyways can u plz make it so not everything cost gems it’s really annoying to have to pay for something just to use it in the game but overall I would highly recommend this game to anyone who likes mlp but plz I’m begging u developers PLZ MAKE RAINBOW DASH NOT COST GEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Otay bai 🦄
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1 year ago, Øbzcuríty
Know how to play!
I’ve been on and off with this game for quite some time especially since I was younger since it felt impossible to get anywhere with the quests. Now that I’m older and be more organized, this game isn’t as bad as everyone says! Gaining gems is not hard at all since there are plenty opportunities to save up especially from the weekly events. I got 75 gems in 3 days by simply saving up! Getting ponies are somewhat difficult first starting out, but the more you get throughout the game the easier it is to get even more ponies and bonuses with events. PLAN AHEAD! Get ponies to do quests for other ponies (like the amount of glasses needed for a certain pony) because you don’t know what pony you’ll need to progress through the game until it’s there and if you planned ahead you can easily breeze through it. Save your shards of harmony! Check the gameloft wiki to see how you can prepare before you get hit with the quest. Getting Twilights wings were easy! There are alot of ads in the game but to me it’s not that bad. Paying $5 a month for no ads AND a free pony every month is definitely worth it! I understand now why ponies are so expensive with gems because they are easy to get! The customer service is amazing too. I had purchased a few things and didn’t receive my in-game rewards but they responded quick and swiftly and gave me what was lost very fast! Best customer service I had in a while. 10/10!
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4 years ago, luxlucisluna
Becoming over complicated
I have been playing this game with my son for about 6 or 7 years now, with a little break in between here and there. Over the time we have played the I must say the prices of most everything or the ability to get ponies has become quite difficult. The wait times are excessive. I used to think nothing of spending some money here or there to get some gems but now it seems to have gone too far. The time frames for completing events to get rewards are also too short. I work and my kids go to school like most people and there’s not really a way to collect or win anything when not really devoting your time to it. We have loved this game for years. I understand consumerism but just because you can does not mean you should. My four year would like to play but she gives up because it is to difficult to get anywhere for her. My son used to get so much joy just from the simple ball bounce game and the others. I would really like to not have to abandon this game. And I will agree that accidentally spending gems is a real problem. Please add a confirmation block.
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5 years ago, Cory_35
I love the serie but a love being part of it in the game and love playing whit all the ponies, doing the quest, doing the events and everything I have been playing for a long time in multivalve divises and I love being able to play whit the six best ponies whit respect and loving care I would to point out some flows 1.We I’m in the part of the it’s were the characters talk I get tucks 2.Wen I get Harmony Shard some times they are not aded to the piel 3.Wen u play ball and u pick another ball that’s not the first one it doesn’t change it stay whit the first ball and has scared a lot in fear that it mite not be the right amount of multiply but now let go to something I have to so just so 1.wen it seas to do something that u have already done then maybe u cloud make it to count 2.more time in the Changeling quest 3.a few more places to visit pls 4.Being alible to cancel a ting like the totems or quest cancel what there doing but cost like one or two diamonds to do it but fore now this all I have to say I love the game love the seréis and have a good day. By G.M.A
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6 years ago, little girls🐶
Ok. Let me tell you. I just finished with the magic disappearing story. And worked real hard on all of the defeating the Windigos, and the tirek and all of the bad creatures. And I had like 2,000 of those magic coins, right? So when the timer ran out and the “ponies” finished there talking, a thing came up and said that my magic coins were being converted into gems, and at first I was like sweet! Right?! But then there was a 0 next to a gem on the pop up thing, and I pressed ok, and it took me back to my main game with all of my ponies. And I looked over to the gem thing and there was no 2,000 gems there was only 1. And that was because I won that already!!! Plz fix! This game is a rip off! And why are the games so expensive! Why is the old ball that doesn’t help you like 18,000 bits! I mean it’s probably not bad enough for the people in the world who have like millions and millions of gems and bits, but for people like me who aren’t great at savers. It’s hard!😮 And ponies are expensive too!!! Plz fix! 👍🏼 but other than those, the games not bad!😊
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4 years ago, 1234catdog
good game but...
Don’t get me wrong I love this game I’ve had it ever since I was 7 and I’m 11 now. But there is a few things that really get on my nerves, now you have to make all the pony’s do something to get a bother pony and it takes sometimes up to 12 hours, that brings me into my 2 reason, it takes too long for things. I had to wait 20 hours to build a house. My third reason is that you have to buy everything with gems now, a pony could be 30 gems than another can be 250 gems, also, but right before you complete a level a pony is 13,000 coins and when you hit the next level it changes to 63,000. My last complaint is that when you have a lot of stuff on it and you delete it for some reason, you try to get the app again and it shows you you can ether start over or stay at that level. Maybe you wanted to start over again, and then when you don’t like it anymore, you can’t get it back, so you should have different options so you could start over or stay on that level as you please. I really like this app otherwise those complaints, I just hope you put this in the review section that has been analyzed.
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5 years ago, cathleen_BG
I got some problems to play :(
Hey MLP! I love this game in the whole entire world! It’s one of my favorite game! But I got a problem, at October I wanted to play the game, but I saw there wasn’t the game in my device. I started to freak out just like Twilight. I was really scared why was it suddenly deleted. So I was just like “Well I can just download it back right? Our progress isn’t going to change, right? When I went to the App Store I couldn’t download it there was this password thing I never had. My parents also couldn’t do anything I started to freak out again, I had no idea what happened. So I was thought it was a hacker, I’m just telling you all of this because maybe it had to something with this game. If you find anything, please do something I am really desperate to get the game back, I love this game I had this game for generations JK, but I had it since I was like 4 or 5 years old. I have so much progress, so please if there is anything you can do please do so! I love you 3000 My Little Pony!
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