My Little Suitcase - The Memory Board Game

4.3 (45)
18.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Innovative Mobile Apps
Last update
12 years ago
Version OS
4.3 or later
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User Reviews for My Little Suitcase - The Memory Board Game

4.33 out of 5
45 Ratings
11 years ago, scrapper71
Teaches vocabulary
I love how the creators have used specific names for items. This really helps expand vocabulary in young children and in students with delayed language. A couple of suggestions - have an option for the child to match the picture to their own suitcase instead of it being added automatically. The pictures also move very quickly. There is not enough time for the child to see and process the information before the picture moves. Also, have a game mode where the student is presented with the category and then has to select the appropriate items for the trip. Last, allow the user to create new categories. These additions would get you a 5-star rating. They would help your app be more appropriate for children as they are ready for more challenging activities. Thanks for making this app!
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12 years ago, SLP trying new tech
Great graphics
Cute game. Works well with a group of 3 students or more. Too easy for one or two players. Please also make it so you can change the settings so that in the multiplayer everyone gets to finish. Also, it would be great if you could also have the option to play without the pictures needed- only be given the place. E.g. Find the items that you would take to the beach.
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12 years ago, Scanlon718
Very cool
I like this! I would love to be able to make my own where are you going scenes for my school. This would be a perfect way to introduce my students to new environments or let them in on where we are going for a field trip. Every time I hit customize it brings me to the review page. Hopefully this glitch gets fixed soon.
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12 years ago, RRNC
More help with categories
I'm always looking for more ways to explain categories and associations in therapy sessions. This app will help students understand items in categories and category names.
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12 years ago, None12345666
ALL players should have the chance to finish!
Please provide an optional setting hat would allow all 4 players to find all their matches, complete bonus round, and finish the game. More often than not, we are supporting non-competitive play with students, so only allowing the 'winner' to finish play seems punitive to other players. Also, I agree with other posters that the game s useless for single players.
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12 years ago, joyfulworker
I like this app. I really like the bonus part of the app since a child has to decide where the items that he has matched are used at. I can use this with my children at school in helping them learn the diferent items used for different jobs.
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11 years ago, Mamasice
A very cute game!
I love that we can play this as a family, regardless of age. The only issue I saw is that there is a thermos on two locations. It makes you choose the right thermos for your specific location. Other than that, it looks great!
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12 years ago, Ureely
Don't love this game for a single player. The best part is the bonus round where they have to match where they are going with the items they chose. The game would be more challenging if the cards were all revealed and they would have to choose what items they would take camping, to the beach etc..... It would be more of a matching game. Just flipping the cards over randomly isn't teaching them anything.
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7 years ago, Susiespeech
The beginning of a great app...
Although the pictures are good and the categories varied - all good for language development - the app still doesn't allow kids to move cards to match their own pictures; the pictures flip entirely too quickly, with no ability to adjust the rate; and there's no tracking mechanism for performance. Please consider making changes.
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12 years ago, Love to tutor
My little suitcase
Love the concept, the turn taking and the memory component. Wish you could turn off music without turning off voice recording. Would love to be able to import own pics.
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12 years ago, NOVAOTRL
Cute app
I like the turn taking and they have to figure out where they are going. I hope you will be adding more scenes, Can you make it so it rotates properly with the iPad?
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11 years ago, SLP 4 30 + years
Awesome game for teaching categories!
You have done it again. Great activity as a reinforcement for teaching categories. Love that four students can play.
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12 years ago, Kim SLP
Very cute!
Cute app! Will try with my students. I did notice one typo (aquarium). Otherwise works very smoothly.
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12 years ago, SLP666
great app for a group
I am aways looking for an app I can use with a small group of children. This is very nice.
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12 years ago, Mary T 1965
Super duper
Love this app great for reinforcing categorizes and love the multi player option. Thank you again!
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12 years ago, Michael from Gardnerville
A wonderful teaching game for memory, turn taking & sportsmanship!
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12 years ago, 1234acbde
Great app!
I like the multi-player option!
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12 years ago, Lmnop7889
Looks like it will be great for my preschoolers!
Looks like it will be great for my preschoolers!
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12 years ago, TeacherAndMom2Three
Very cool little app
My three year old loves this.
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12 years ago, DJL8888
Students in 1st + 2nd grade enjoyed the app.
Need advanced vocabulary for upper elementary students. Very few challenging apps for upper elementary school.
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12 years ago, SunshineSLP
Fun app with category practice.
This will be fun for younger students.
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12 years ago, Siibo
Nice app...
Creative way of a memory game... My son loved it(5)
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12 years ago, Baker577
Taking turns
Good for learning to take turns. For 2 to 3 year olds.
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12 years ago, harborhouse
Perfect for language therapy with preschoolers or developmentally delayed individuals.
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12 years ago, Mini animals
Cute memory game with a slant towards categories. Yolanda
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12 years ago, DMLDV
Great app
This is app is great and educational.
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6 years ago, kirby street
Please update to ios11
Please update this app to work with ios11. Thanks!
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12 years ago, IXA MOSES
Love it
Great for speech therapy!
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12 years ago, Kt7157
Nice app, but you spelled aquarium incorrectly.
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