My Mixtapez: Rap & Hip Hop

4.7 (138.5K)
92.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
My Mixtapez
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Mixtapez: Rap & Hip Hop

4.68 out of 5
138.5K Ratings
4 years ago, FAN6512
Have been using your app for years
I have had my mixtapez on my phone for atleast 6 years now beginning when I was a sophomore. Have always used it for your average car bumps to having in headphones. That bein said your latest update has made downloaded content more difficult to listen to as a playlist in and out of itself. Typically I would just press the first song (latest downloaded) and continue to listen to everything through there. Would love the resolution to that..........………………....................................nvm fixed it 🤣👏
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4 years ago, Yp giuseppe
Unnecessary Update
In the new update it works more terrible & the previous version was cool already without a fixing I see I’m not the only one that feel like this . For Example my downloaded music isn’t really downloaded no more because even though it says I’ve downloaded my songs in the option category the whole song list of the album or mixtape pops in my download list showcasing the songs i haven’t downloaded and of course there’s a reason for someone not downloading specific songs (not wanting to hear the ones you didn’t want to listen to) and it plays ALL the songs that I haven’t downloaded nor even wanted to hear anyway ( that’s why they’re not downloaded ).... Why have a download category In this new update if your going to put the whole album or mixtape in the list anyway that’s supposed to be specifically organized to the users liking am I right or wrong ? and continue to play the songs you haven’t downloaded including the ones you did just for it to play the songs you haven’t downloaded anyway automatically. It’s like the downloaded music option isn’t even a working function it’s just a symbol now . The way they made the app now downloaded music is just a option and isn’t literal at all !!!! FIX THIS PROBLEM ASAP PLEASE !!!!!!
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6 years ago, YoungTonyCNLMB
Good app but has some issues
Since this last update whenever I open the app while connected to WiFi or using data, it freezes with a black loading screen. When I turn my data off & cut the WiFi off it loads my downloads. Fix this please!! But it is a great app for new & popular music. The app crashes a lot & can be very slow at times. Sometimes when I’m downloading an album, the app will crash then the songs will say they’re being downloaded but nothing happens & I can’t cancel the download. I have several albums that are missing songs because of this. This needs to be fixed. And when I’m looking at my downloads & switch to artist, not all my artists pull up (example, Lil Baby). A nice thing would be if you could add a whole album to a playlist like you can with spinrilla. Also several albums are missing a lotta songs for example boy who cried wolf and sorry 4 the wait 2.
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3 years ago, geoh76
Horrible and frustrating
This app is the most dysfunctional app for streaming music, always glitching , always crashing, constantly freezing always lagging when you want to replay a song over you press the playback button it plays the previous song rather than restarting the track to many things wrong with app I should of been made this review but ive been rocking with this app for years for good music releases i give them that but other than the music the way this app functions is horrible i mean the worst it frustrates me alot i cant even play a track without it acting up for instance you play a song it pauses randomly you press the next button to play the next track it loads up the next track name but when you press play it plays the song you where previously listening to at the same minute mark it paused no matter how many songs you skip it will play the song that paused and its very annoying
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6 years ago, Pothead96
So many bug issues with this app, it closes out so many times, it may lag very bad where the songs are playing but you can’t stop them without spamming the pause button which will eventually play the song again, it will sign you out randomly and you won’t be able to download new music, when ever I’m scrolling for a specific song it glitches and sends me back to the top of my downloads OR it glitches and pulls the music down to where I’m looking at the same songs and unable to get to the bottom of my list. Fix this man it’s pretty ridiculous because it’s not once in a while it’s EVERYDAY I can depend on the app doing these things consistently and that’s no bueno. To keep it simple if Spinrilla gets updated music it’s better than my mixtapes less bugs glitches etc
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6 years ago, Good gameplay but confused
Better then datpiff
I’m just going to say that I use to be a big fan of datpiff actually I was using datpiff for almost 5-6 years but now they started to charge people for music that was free so I was looking into other mixtape apps and found my Mixtapez and I got to say I love this app has dope artist for the streets and it runs well offline the only problem with this app is I wish they had more older mixtapes which I enjoyed when I was younger but overall great app
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5 years ago, amish1233
Songs missing
One of the best free music apps I’ve used on the App Store but whenever I download music and add them to my playlist after a couple days some of them will be gone,(not all of them but just some) and also whenever I go to my artists and albums some of the ones I downloaded aren’t even there anymore and then I gotta go to recently downloaded, scroll and search through it for the song that I downloaded and I for instance have a couple hundred songs in my downloads Fixing that would be great.
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5 years ago, Jittkid
App issues
Been using this app for the longest just a few bugs. It isn’t as compatible with my iPhone anymore which not sure if it’s Apple or the app but wish it was. Sometimes my songs won’t switch by themselves so I have to either go back into the app or quit it. Sometimes when I’ve downloaded songs they won’t show in the library or it will say downloaded but there not. And finally, not too big but my app constantly says click to update and when I do it takes me to the App Store and there’s no update but still gonna use the app I love it overall 👍🏾.
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5 years ago, bd310000
A Bug-Fix here or there, but great app overall.
I recently started using this app after I let my Apple Music go. I always find all the songs I want and get updated when new music is released! The only down side is whenever I scroll through my library at a slower pace it sends be back up to the top so I have to start all the way over. I generally do love the app it’s just annoying to have to start back at the top of your library just to get to a song😂. I hope this gets fixed in an upcoming update.
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4 years ago, ajaxisjailed
Use to be so good, what happen?
With its fair share of issues I was able to listen to what I have saved and download new songs. Since this new update they wanted to do for some reason COMPLETELY ERASED all my saved music so now I have to start from scratch. Doesn’t stop there, I hit download on a album, I get a message that it is being downloaded and then nothing else happens, doesn’t show up but will allow me to keep pressing download and give me the notifications. I reached out and heard NOTHING from the company and I see I’m NOT the only one going thru this Stick with Apple Music or any high party service, this app platform really doesn’t care about the consumers trying to use their apps it seems.
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4 years ago, quayasiaaaaa
Hate it now!!
Might be the worst update ever not only did it delete all the music that I had downloaded for years now but when you go to search artists and music it don’t even have all of their music like it used to have. At this point I’m deleting the app and sticking to audiomack. And it won’t even let me download albums at a time, I can only download 1 song at a time. Trash app man I stg
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6 years ago, Maliktofresh
I use this app on a daily basis and have used it for several years now, I love this app and the music it puts out and that it’s free! But the biggest problems I have always had is that the app always freezes or lags specially when I use the shuffle button for my offline music, if the freezing stopped and the shuffle was fixed, I would say this is hands down the best music app out. I still give it a 5 star cuz I been rocking with this app for years every day🚫🧢🔥🔥🔥
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7 years ago, Jlllhlh
Ever since they changed the setup its been trash af
Used to like it but then they wanted to change the setup and add the Playlists. It was so much better when they just had the star to fav song and you have your favorites and downloads and you could search within favorites. Now with the trash updates you cant search for a song in a playlist and if your like me and have over 600 songs its very inconvenient. And there was the cover pic next to each song but not anymore with the Playlist. Now I'm stuck with the trashy new version because it was glitching and crashed and wouldnt let me log back in.
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2 years ago, Mystikalygang
Delete album covers completely
I’m trying to delete the additional downloads that get on the app. But the app does not give an option to delete album covers completely. I’m having to have to click more times to skip a song because an album cover is played but not the song. Also, I get additional music added to the app that I don’t ask when I download which makes it worse because I can’t delete those album covers as well. I like the app but it’s completely unmanageable.
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3 years ago, Bblljfj
What did y’all do to this app?
I downloaded this app in 2015, and it was amazing. Worked well, UI was fantastic and smooth. I could deal with the ads, as it is a free app and has tons of good music you can’t find anywhere else. Then sometime recently they made an update that made everything worse. I couldn’t search for artists or songs I’ve downloaded, the albums were missing songs or just wouldn’t work. Not sure what happened, but I’m hoping it gets fixed as this is my favorite music streaming app.
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6 years ago, Jdugs79
This app fire 🔥
Best music app for the streets! New releases everyday and it got everything Spinrilla, DatPiff, and Audiomack got and more. I wish it had the day the song was released somewhere and also sometimes you can't see who is featured in a song till u open it. Also it would help for the songs to download in order of the mixtape so it plays in chronological order
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2 years ago, Juice Love
Problems loading the homepage.
I have been a MyMixtapez user since 2010 back when we were able to actually download the music to our phones. Ive never jad a problem with the app until now. The past few weeks the app hasn’t been loading the homepage. Just shows at white screen. It would be greatly appreciative if this bug could be fixed.
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6 years ago, Lfkdkfj
Downloaded music
They need to make it simpler like it was before. Instead of having to scroll through every single song you have, they need to go back to having every song in a mixtape on one screen. It makes it easier to scroll through your favorite mixtapes.
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4 years ago, DELLi143
A Hard Fall From Grace
I hate doing reviews but this update is so trash that I felt compelled. The app will sometimes crash or just stop playing a song and I have to fully go back into the app to start the whole thing over. My downloaded music takes forever to load even when I’m not on the internet. Artists’ pages freeze mid-scroll. There’s no longer an option to add songs to the queue as there is no queue unless you make a playlist. This app used to be decent but now it’s wonky and a headache to utilize. Don’t even fix it...just delete the whole thing.
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7 years ago, cdm98747
needs work!
awesome app I needed something to replace SoundCloud and datpiff cause they weren’t cutting it anymore. the monthly price is great and I can find most of the songs I want. The app needs major work when it comes to stability. It’s extremely glitchy and often crashes. There’s also some lagging. Other than those issues this app is perfect for me and I would recommend to anybody!
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9 months ago, erictyree
Please Fix
After reviewing the comments I too agree to the fact that music that is downloaded by the user does not either download properly or the app does not save the music allowing for us as users to use music provided offline. The reason this would be an issue is because some Mixtapez listeners do not have unlimited data to songs that are un downloaded increases data usage. All in all please fix the issue allowing downloaded music to actually be saved and usable off line when we download it.
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2 years ago, Youngmoneybarbie
Not what it used to be
Been using the app for years had to make over 3 accounts because either my accounts just deletes all my music or when I open up the app I can no longer see music in the “recent music” section or the “featured” section I just made a new account a couple months ago because of that issue I see the music in the sections it’s just blank smh I used to love this app it was my #1 now I’m just going to stick to Apple Music until I find another music platform because this one is not it anymore.
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4 years ago, Sbcagbcdg
App is great update is horrible
Like the title says the app is one of the best music apps on the iPhone. I used my Mixtapez for years with little issues. With the new update if you download music and try to search for the song you can’t return to your playlists without exiting the app. Some downloads disappeared. If you try to listen to your downloaded music you still need the internet because someone felt the need to bring you to every song the artists has instead of my downloaded songs. Please my Mixtapez fix this ASAP great app but the update is trash.
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5 years ago, Yb 🌺
Needs bug fixes
It’s a good app but it some albums are missing songs & when I scroll though my library too slow it takes me all the way back to the top , also recently the app has started skipping when playing songs and Sometimes the app closes by itself .
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5 years ago, raahee69
Great App, but...
The app is fine but there are a few bugs. When I’m playing a mixtape or my playlist, then lock my screen the app does not show on the lock screen. Also, usually my music playlist would just continuously play. Now i have to hit the forward button to go to the next track. Also.... the app is killing my BATTERY! more than usual. Running iPhone XS.
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5 years ago, John Yerrrr
Great App But Glitches
Every time now since the new update I open the app and play my playlist it works for a bit but when I shuffle the songs it plays a random song like it would say it’s playing Quando Rondo and it’s show the cover page for it but then for the sound it’s play like Lil Durk or something
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4 years ago, sheedskuba
Ever since this update I haven’t even been able to play music because the app keeps foreclosing. Which bring me to my next point, I have had this app for over a year and I was fine with what it was I had at least over 1 thousands songs that was picked individually and if it’s in my downloads why didn’t it stay after the update instead of showing me the whole album I chose my songs based on my mood and now those songs are all gone!!! This is the worst update yet please FIX THE ISSUE!!! I need all my music back!!
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5 years ago, atf161
Y’all got some fixing to do
Lately i haven’t used the app but today when i tried to download that new HoodRich Pablo Juan, it didn’t download. All it did was “add to my music” and that’s it. So later I thought maybe it was just the album, lemme try a single. DIDNT WORK. Same thing. Other than that it’s a good but y’all need to fix this NOW. Please😊.
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6 years ago, fcsavage
Fix your app PLEASE
Im really trying not to be excessively upset because i love this app, but you guys really need to get your junk together and fix the app. I can never add new songs to playlists anymore because it keeps telling me that i need to check my internet connection when my connection is perfectly fine and it also tells me that it cant sync my playlists, there are other reports of the same incidents happening to other people so please fix this app because its one of the best music apps ive ever used and i want to continue using it.
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6 years ago, Gates 4 President
Do NOT download version 7.4.0
This update is awful. I’m a long time mymixtapez user. One of my favorite things about this app is the ability to save songs to listen to while out of cellular data range. That feature has either been disabled or done away with. You still have the option to download a song, but now if you do it deletes the entire library of downloaded songs you already had. I’ll be switching apps if this doesn’t get fixed soon.
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6 years ago, Young Weezy Baby
App won’t let me login
App won’t let me login says info doesn’t match but let’s me log in just fine on their website thru safari browser so it’s an app issue. Without being able to log in, I can’t download any more music. So I am cancelling my monthly $2.99 subscription to this app to remove the video ads because now it’s useless without being able to log in. Y’all fixed the instant crash issue with iOS 11 now fix the log in issue then I’ll reconsider paying y’all $2.99 a month like I have been for over a year.
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6 years ago, Bk_stroll804
Minus the Ads NOW!
This thing works faster than DatPiff app. Not sure if its because I have downloaded tracks on DatPiff or what but this app is great. I rarely if at all use DatPiff now. They both have ads so I'll still give it 5stars for now but please do the best you can and get rid of the Ad's it's disrespectful and disgusting.
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6 years ago, jesse 👹👌🏾
Good app but needs better execution
I like all the music I can get but I have a glitch where it is buffering a download forever and I’ve seen this before many times. I uninstalled and reinstalled then tried pressing “stop download” and i tried deleting the tape then getting it again but the app sometimes restarts or stops mid song and you can’t play til u reopen but overall it’s ok just polish the minor and it will be great
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4 years ago, Tae6os
The ads play to much and interrupt your music too much. I almost be about to wreck trying to click on the x to close out an ad and then i have to Go to my music and start it and as soon as i do it stops again because of you Guessed it another ad. Please fix it asap. Once done i’ll Give 5 stars.
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2 years ago, michaelLvbs47
App glitching and lagging ALOT!
when listening to a song the app glitches and lag a lot, I think it’s because of so many ads you making us watch please fix this or I will just have to use Apple Music and uninstall this app it’s getting very frustrating also the shuffle button glitches and crash my phone everytime the update before this recent new one was perfect, please handle this and go back to house this app use to be 6 years ago
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3 years ago, Lovetopoot
All downloads deleted
After I updated the app my entire library was deleted, not sure what happened. This happened a couple of months ago and since then just downloaded some of my missing library. Obviously not the entire library but it’s just annoying not having all the original music I downloaded in the past. Overall good app besides this mis hap.
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6 years ago, The Beast....................
Make compatible with Apple Watch!!!
Really great but would be even better if it was compatible with the watch because when I’m showering and want to play a mixtape song I want to be able tell my watch to play it like you can with other music apps
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4 years ago, JLeezzy
Used to be my favorite app
This used to be the best app out for trap music. It was my favorite, until the new update.... first thing when I opened it all my music was gone that was something that had me so mad but I let it go I was gonna just start over like I’ve done before. Then when I download new music some would download and be there but a lot of them would download and wouldn’t be there at all. Just fix it make it great again the new white look turned this app to trash. Fix and I’ll fix my rating.
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3 years ago, Yeedidit
Trash app
I just deleted this trash app, it was good years ago but started to decline, I get an ad the 1st song I play, I get an ad if I skip two-three songs, I get an ad when I try to download a song, and you want me pay to go premium just to not have ads when I can download and use a better app, not to mention when you scroll through your downloads and click a song it takes you back to the very very top lol this app is trash and we ain’t going to talk about the freezes it suffers 😂😂
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4 years ago, MikeLoGenious
Y’all app been failing since I been in high school it seems like I can’t even download as much music as I want with out it causing problems to the app it’s constantly crashing I gotta deal with ads nearly every song the overall I can seem to click one of my downloaded song without waiting for it to play stability of this app rn is trash and I might stop using soon if it’s not fixed. Btw I’m using an iPhone 8 so it’s not my phone
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5 years ago, pnw finest kinda
Wish they had an apple watch app
I've had this app for a few years now.. I don't like how its now really in order. Like, it's hard to find the "newest" mixtape from an artist you're searching for.. Also, I'm not sure why they haven't made an apple watch version, since you can download and listen to music offline, why not let it be accessible via apple watch.. Thank you
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6 years ago, KiddThugga
Great, but still needs work
When I first downloaded the app it was a feature that lets you shuffle play the music you downloaded and not just playlists. Also I’ve noticed that the app crashes while I’m on my lock screen listening to music or it’ll just pause by itself.
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5 years ago, Markie0009
The best offline music app
It is perfect and has almost all songs but it has and issue when trying to pause music with iphone headphones,it skips songs and volume control works just not the pause feature on headphones
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4 years ago, dayday8685
Fix plz!
When I’m listening to a song and my screen goes to sleep and I go back into the app it cuts off can please update the app I really like the app. Until the one star sorry and does it have to an ad after every download smh it’s really annoying at this point please fix the bugs
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4 years ago, Thiladorn
Best Free Music App No Cap
They don’t get every single song you want but bruh, IT’S A FREE MUSIC APP! Yall need to stop complaining i have never had an issue with this app! Only reason it’s not 5 star rating is simply because not every song is on there, a lot of albums and mixtapes missing, but they have dropped new albums on this app so honestly can’t really complain
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5 years ago, cuss oktak
Apple Music better
This app has too many problems and issues going on! It deletes songs and sometimes doesn’t even download them. And since the last update I can’t even download anymore music..... time for Apple Music !
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6 years ago, Dame DBoy
Headache 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️
It seems as if it’s no longer compatible with Apple it glitches constantly and the app malfunctions and force quits then I have to restart find my jam all over again. I also have been having issues with playing music outside the app then it will randomly stop working smh thought this was going to be better than DatPiff but I guess they are the Father Time of this mixtape ordeal don’t download if yu really like music unless they decide to fix it up and have it in great shape
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6 years ago, The billy jacks
Keeps closing
I love this app , but after the last update it randomly closes on me sometimes & it wont let me listen to a song i search up it’ll start shuffling through other songs related to what i search🤬 but plz fix and add a EQ plz😉
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6 years ago, Jamal.95
Song inventory
It's an cool app just not enough songs. It's simple songs you type in and all you have to choose from is chopped and screwed versions or remixes. Fix this. Also tried to download a song and it won’t show up in downloaded section. It showed up for 3 seconds and disappeared
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5 years ago, Ekunfeo
Too many ads and glitches out.
There’s an ad pretty much after every 2 songs you download and the app glitches and closes its self out and I have to find the songs I wanted to download or listen to again. Other than that great app and music platform. Please fix that.
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