My Singing Monsters

4.9 (668.1K)
1080.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Big Blue Bubble
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Singing Monsters

4.85 out of 5
668.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Philandhisdog
Has Come A Long Way 🤣
This game has developed quite nicely since I played it when I was younger, especially enjoying the cross over from Dawn of Fire! My favorite updates so far are the fact that you actually get a reward for logging in daily instead of the useless “junk” from tickets that you can get in a few minutes rather than waiting an entire day..... Everything so far is fantastic for both young and older players who enjoy the adorable characters and music! But my one big issue is that being someone who would rather save money for other things, I prefer not to buy anything, and of course that means I have to deal with an poorly designed ads ( which some actually break the game and force you to close the app) as well as the “LOVELY” tapjoy offers that TOTALLY rewards you with 900+ diamonds after wasting weeks of your one and only life...... seriously big blue bubble, you seem like a great company, do not let a “company” like tapjoy put a stain on your name, there’s thousands of people and their children who waste so much time and money because of the selfishly designed offers which usually give nothing in return for putting players under stress in order to complete the offer in time or even putting the parents of helpless children into bankruptcy.... this is a serious review and if I had millions of dollars I would be buying things left and right to support big blue bubble because there’s an obviously large amount of effort to make this game enjoyable to music lovers
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4 months ago, Chicken Nugget maaan
Much Time to Breed Eggs And Hatch
I personally think that it take a long time just to hatch and breed eggs. I do realize that it’s required so people can’t speed run the game in 5 seconds but I mean 1 day just to get one monster that’s a long time especially to beginners that don’t have many diamonds and don’t know how to use them or what to do with them. But like watching adds and only getting 15 or 30 minutes taken off the total time gets really boring fast. But with like 14 hours for the most that’s perfect like this would be the best mobile game in the world. But another thing is the gems like it’s like 5 for the lowest price and idk about most kids but I rarely stumble across money that’s mine and not my parents and to speed stuff up it cost like 24 gems and for 5$ you only get 100 gems or something like that. And Obviously I’m not Elon Musk who could buy 1b 100$ diamond packs so that’s a little over priced or just raise the diamonds you get in each diamond pack. And the coins are the same and even worse then the diamonds it just doesn’t give enough like 100$ for 100m coins the freaking Wubbox alone is 75,000,000 coins like that should be like at 20,000,000 maybe even lower. Not to mention you have to fill it which costs like 450 diamonds that’s another like 50$ so that comes to 150$ like bruh. Any way this is a great game in general like those are the only things that bother me the monsters are greeeat the voices 10/10 like such a W game
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2 years ago, seizure_salad101
Literally the best game
I have had this game for YEARS y’all. Even if I didn’t play for stretches of time I ALWAYS came back to it; and every time, there was something new and creative added. I never ever write reviews btw but this game deserves it. The developers are FANTASTIC also. You can see how much heart they put into this thing with the music and the designs and the descriptions of the monsters (adorable btw) and the customization of like everything on your islands and different gameplays even. I’ll also add that I had actually lost my account for about a month when I got a new device. I just recovered it a few minutes ago actually and I just have to add that again, the developers, or “monster handlers” (again, adorable) were SO helpful in getting my account back. They have very detailed step by step articles that actually makes sense. They were very personable and encouraging and you could just see it in the way the articles were written that THEY CARED. Again, I never write reviews, but I have also never had a little mobile game stick with me for this long, and I’ve never been so impressed with the devs on an app like this. Like, to watch this game grow over the years from its humble beginnings has been an amazing experience. I can’t wait to see what they have next, and if you’re reading this review and still debating on getting the app PLEASE do it it’s so worth it!!
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4 years ago, RoboBell4
Potential Updates! Please read and consider😄
I have played this game for years, and I love it. I like how simplistic it is, yet there is always more to unlock and discover. The few changes I have in mind, would only help quicken the gameplay in my opinion. I think a button to collect ALL of the monsters’ coins on each island would be SUCH a help. I always find myself not tapping the lower level monsters because I feel like there is no point. That’s why I think if there was a button that allowed the player to tap and collect all of the coins at once, it would be a great addition! Along the same lines, it would be nice to have a feature that would make it easier to produce food. Having to go through and scroll to the bottom each time I want to create a ‘Cake’ is time consuming. I would love to see an automated option where you can select how many cakes you want (with the maximum being the number of large bakeries you have.) I think this addition would also keep the game running a lot faster! One final change I’d love to see if the ability to upgrade monsters faster (especially on the Tribal Island.) On the Tribal Island I find myself upgrading him to level 95 every week, and that is a LOT of tapping. Being able to change the upgrade amount to a full bar each tap, or even 10 levels, would be a life saver! I think that if these three small changes could be added to help out larger players like myself, I’d appreciate and definitely change my four stars to five! I love this game!
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5 months ago, lllllllljgf
A few ideas I had
I’ve already written countless reviews about how I love this game, so I’ll just say my ideas. The Colossal Conundrums are cool, but they didn’t wake up the Mirror Island Colossals like I expected, despite the Mirror Islands being identical in terms of gameplay. There’s probably lore behind this if this was an intentional decision, though. Also, on the recently released Amber Island, the Final Wave was released, but it isn’t all the Fire Monsters. We still need the Magical Fire Monsters from the Magical Islands, because not adding the amazing monsters from the Magical Islands is one of my nitpicks about the game because there are a lot of cool monsters exclusive to one Island. Then the other thing is… THE SCRATCH TICKET! This is a really good way to get good monsters, but the fact that there’s no bubble to show you that it’s ready to be scratched really hurts this feature a lot, and unless you remember to do it, you will miss getting the egg which could be Rare or even Epic. This is so frustrating especially during the Eggs-travaganza event where you get a free Scratch Ticket every day instead of every week. I get that the Nursery has a bubble for monsters ready to hatch, but the Scratch Tickets icon bubble could just be inactive when you are hatching an egg on the Island but still appear, just grayed out. Anyways, these are my ideas, hope you consider them and have a great day!
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4 years ago, MSM Questions
This is THE BEST, though I have a bit of issues to explain
This game had been really been fun for the past 6 years or so, and I think there couldn’t be any other game representing music more than this. At first, I was a bit angry at the game. Thinking it was a pay to win game once again. But then I discovered breeding once it hit about level seven. Which caused the issue to go away, since if you want to get the monster right away you need to pay gems. ( Which that time I thought it was the only way to get them). But there is a huge problem which may go for some or most of the people who love to play my singing monsters. It is the breeding time problem. I know it is a good way to get people to buy gems or watch a lot of the ads you put in the game, but I do not admire the wait time for a lot of the monsters, plus the same exact time to hatch the egg. For example, I bred a potbelly, but that took eight hours, and to hatch was another eight, which took a total of 16 hours to breed. Most of my monsters came from me being inpatient and not wanting to spend money at the same time so I decided to skip 15 minutes by watching an ad. I am currently breeding another monster but it’s 12 hours long to breed. And I absolutely know it will take a whole 24 hours to get that one monster. Thank you very much for reading this, and I hope to hear a response in the future. Have a great day!
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9 months ago, love maddie
I love it very much but just one thing bothers me
This game, don't get me wrong, is AMAZING!! Cool characters! Enjoyable gameplay and sounds, and just fun to play in general, but there is one problem, it’s rather small but it still bothers me a bit! It’s Pom-Poms animation, it’s.. something to say the least. I like it, but it just doesn’t sit right with me. Please note that it’s mostly earth that kinda bothers me, and the reason why it even bothers me at all is because.. well, it’s kinda hard to explain, it just doesn’t look right compared to every other monster, it looks like y’all used motion trackers, and while theirs nothing wrong with it.. it just doesn’t look right. Don’t get me wrong, Pom-Pom is an amazingly designed monster, and probably makes the best sound on earth, it’s just one little issue! ^^ Now that that’s out of the way, heres my overall opinion on the game! So first things first, I like how unlike other games that use a similar format, breeding is fun, and it’s really worth your time if your looking to complete an island, and you can still speed it up if you need, wich is nice! All the sounds are absolutely beautiful!! And this underrated token of a game should be given I NOBEL PEACE PRIZE FOR GOODNESS SAKE!! The verses: amazing The designs: creative masterpieces, everything! To the little last bits are literally amazing!! I don’t even know how to describe it! Big blue bubble is literally a goddess for sending this game down from the heavens 🥹
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5 years ago, PaulENevin
A Classic and a Masterpiece
My Singing Monsters has beautifully revolutionized the traditional monster collecting game format and made it into something completely unique and special. The idea that every monster you obtain plays a role in a song together makes you truly appreciate every individual monster, which is even more true because of the personality poured into each monster. Although the tutorial and early parts of the game can be a bit underwhelming, (which has caused a friend of mine to bail on the app soon after download) if you stick around for it and level up enough, you’re rewarded handsomely with being able to discover new islands, monsters, and more at an exciting pace. Additionally, there have been updates to the game over the years that have fixed almost every glitch I can think of, and also add even more content to the game at an impressive pace. Despite opinions that I’ve had in the past, the amount of content in the game doesn’t take away from other parts of it, but instead adds another reason that this game is creative, unique, and unforgettable, Which really goes with what this game is truly about, being that multiple efforts can make something shine brightly both altogether and through each individual part. I could go on about this game but I think I’ve said more than enough. My Singing Monsters sets the bar high for quality games.
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1 year ago, NightFury14pluslightfury
Awesome game!
This music is perfect for both music lovers and gamers who like a casual game. I love that each monster has its own voice part, and each new one you get adds to the song in some way. But, I haven’t even mentioned the best part: Composer Island! This has to be my favorite part of the game. Basically, it’s an island where you can compose your very own monster song! There’s even a music staff and key signatures, as well as the ability to write the music on a legit staff. It’s kind of like a simplified monster style GarageBand. I used it to transcribe my original GarageBand song, Deploy the Parachute. Whoever’s reading this review can go check it out if they like. My nickname is DoofenSpyroDragon for anyone wanting to log on and give my Island an upvote. I’d appreciate the support! Now, I have a few suggestions to improve composer Island. 1. It’d be cool if we could have the ability to add half notes, quarter notes, and rests to our piece. Maybe even some other quirks like pitch bend so that singing monsters could sound more like they’re genuinely singing. Also, I know you don’t play the parts, you just paste the notes, but it would be nice to have some sort of built in metronome. Those are just some of my suggestions to improve this section of the game because that’s what I love most about the game! And I’ve only played it one day!
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9 months ago, Asher D.
So many new features!
I just came back to this game after tiktok vids reminded me it existed. I started playing when the game first came out, and so many great changes have been made, the addition of being able to compose your own songs is my favorite and I’ll be getting the dedicated app soon bc it is so much fun. I find the deal of removing ads with just a single purchase to be great honestly, a lot of games require more and for such a great game I’m happy to support. I have one single qualm, and it’s a problem I’ve had for near every game that uses it honestly. The rewards system never works for me. I don’t know if it’s some hidden requirement or what, but I’ve gone through multiple surveys that claim I finished everything, but I never get the reward. This could probably easily be fixed with more specific instructions, bc many surveys seem to keep leading to different surveys and it’s hard to tell when it stops. Maybe that’s the point, but if it is it’s very frustrating and pretty useless. I’ve put in support tickets for this, but it never seems to matter. Please if you’re going to provide this feature, maybe include way more specific instructions, such as ‘continue the survey till x screen’. Otherwise this game is great, unique and fun, and it’s come a long way since its inception!
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5 years ago, Ashley is awesome yo
I love the game but I have some complaints
For months now I’ve been playing My Singing Monsters after years of breaking my tablet and never seeing this game again. I saw it in an ad and downloaded it to play once again. I’ve created my worlds with such dedication and I play every single day. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like playing anymore because of the constant glitches. When I press the game to play it loads up to 100 then exits out and I have to press it 3 more times until I actually get into the game. When I’m moving monsters I press “move” about 3-4 times before it actually moves and when it does it moves just a bit then exits out the game. When trying to collect the money I press it 5+ times and still nothing until later on when it’ll collect the coins (same thing goes for when collecting diamonds, food, etc). When trying to go to another island I’ll press it 3 times and then it just exits out the game. Sometimes I won’t be doing anything at all I’d just be listening to the music and it’ll exit out the game. I don’t understand why there are glitches all of a sudden? My phone is fine nothing is broken and I still don’t know the reasoning as to why this started happening. Is it because of the updates? If so, please reply because I’m so confused and annoyed and I really want to play again. :(
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4 years ago, EKGMJMES
My Singing Monsters Review
This game is amazing! I like this game so much. I literally love the Shugabush. I even want to have a birthday party featuring him. I have 3 concerns for this game. The first, price of gems and coins, second, how much coins you have to pay for food, and three, you can’t have 0 monsters on an island. The price of gems is way too high. The price of coins is way too low. You could higher the price of coins and lower the price of gems. Also, you have to pay 1,000,000 coins for only 100,000 food. It should be 1,000,000 coins for 500,000 food. Thirdly, you can’t have 0 monsters on an island. About a week ago, I had Scups and a potbelly on water island. I bred the Shellbeat and I sold my Scups to make room for my Shellbeat because I only had four beds. When I tried to sell my potbelly, I couldn’t because I had to have at least one monster on that island. Then, when my Shellbeat was done incubating, It was and it still is just sitting in the incubating stating like a lone fox in the middle of the road. Now, I have to collect a whopping 7,000,000 to upgrade my castle so I can place my Shellbeat because I can’t have 0 monsters on that island for literally one second! By the way, “dood who hates energy games,” all you have to do to get no ads is to buy one little thing of money or gems. It’s not that bad “dood.” And “lemfammatch,” turn your phone or tablet off and the sound will work again. Same for “🏀🏀queen.”
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1 year ago, Dankmemeifier
It’s great! But...
Ok look. I can go on and on about the MOBILE version, but I mainly play the steam version so there’s a bit of a difference. Now, I love the game and all but it’s like is the same thing until you unlock composer island. Place, breed, incubate, C O I N, monster, repeat. Mobile, from the start UNTIL the purchase of ANY pack has forced adds, which fair, Big Blue Bubble has to make their money somehow, and I see why. However, it is a bit annoying. Steam version has NO adds WHATSOEVER, but also no rewards for watching a few adds here and there. If people don’t judge you on games you play, get steam. ANYWAYS, both aside from adds are the same. All islands are the same, every monster is charming, with three rarities, (normal, rare, epic) and all that. EXEPT the servers are split. Composer / top islands are different, no cross-play friend requests, and [ADDS], but they’re still great games. I got into it as a child, and Gingerpale did a sponsor with Big Blue Bubble (?) and I got back into it. If you haven’t heard, there is also a game by the same devs called “My Singing Monsters, Dawn of Fire” which is ALSO good. I would give this game a solid 9/10, and I might come back to this once I finish all my islands. Great job giving this game life, and when it (may) get taken down, I’m going to miss this game.
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4 years ago, LadyPhoenix027
Would’ve given 5 but..
I’ve seen this game advertising for a while now and I finally decided to try it out. I actually do like this game which I though I never would. Don’t judge a book by its cover situation. Anyway the game is very fun and I love the singing monsters. You can get coins pretty easily however all the cool characters cost around 200 gems and that cost real money. For $5 you only get 100 gems. For $24 you only get 500 gems and for $49 you only get 1000 gems. Each character cost 200 and up so you’d have to spend quite a bit of money to get the cool ones. I think you should get more of your money’s worth, I won’t be spending actual money on this game because it’s a waste. You don’t get your money’s worth so I suggest not spending it on this game. Another thing that I find extremely annoying is the ads. I understand it was a free game but so is clash of clans and I’m not getting ads on that game. Everytime I click on this game I get ad after ad after ad. Extremely annoying when I’m just trying to collect the coins and food quick I have to wait for an ad. Like I said I like the game don’t get me wrong but I’m not sure how long I’ll be keeping it tbh. The ads and the gems not to mention the relics. I can’t get anything cool without spending money. I get it, that’s what you want is money but that’s not how your going to keep people like me playing your game.
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9 months ago, Carter's Review
BEST GAME EVER! I have a suggestion.
My Singing Monsters is an amazing game. I played it when I was 5-years-old on my step-mother’s iPad and I freaked out when I saw the developers actually responded to my review! I love this game so much, but there are so many ideas I have for this game, I just want to get one out. But, I get it. You try your hardest to avoid suggestions probably because you don’t want others to think, “Oh, the devs just made THIS persons idea because they played the game 10 years ago” or, “Oh, BigBlueBubble did this because of this!” I get it. I understand. I just want to get an idea out so it isn’t hanging over my head. An island maker will be amazing! And I’d still be happy to see it even if it costs $9.99 on another app, but I’d still be happy and willing to buy it. Just don’t go crazy with the price. Ahem, anyway, moving on. I’d be really happy to make a monster’s animation and have instruments to make sounds or just upload an MP3 file! You can do frame-by-frame, or upload an MP4 or video and crop out the background if it is RGB value 255, 255, 255! Sorry about the other sentence. I just like planning things that may not even happen. I just would really like to see that happen. Other than that, it’s a really great game! 11/10! 6 stars! A++! Love it!
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2 years ago, nickname alreasy taken
Great game, Few prevalent problems
I’ve never written a review before because I never feel the need to, but I’ve experienced a handful of issues with this game that have become routine and that I can not ignore. Firstly, half the times I open the app, my monsters don’t sing and remain silent until I close and reopen the game. I’ve noticed this is mainly after an ad plays when I first open the game, but it also happens at random times too. Secondly, if I choose to watch an ad to speed up my waiting time (for eggs and such), the ad will play in its entirety but nothing happened afterwards. For example, if I’m waiting for my tree to be cut down and decide to watch an ad to speed up the waiting time, the ad will play but the waiting time will remain the same; it doesn’t shorten the time. Again these are just some of the time but it’s very noticeable after a while. Third, the game will kick me out of my account and say it doesn’t exist when I try to log back in. This has happened twice already (and is actually the reason I’m writing this review) and I’ve made two different accounts already. Other issues include the graphics or text glitching out of place from time to time and the audio going in and out randomly. I expected this game to be a bit more sturdy as I’ve known it to be around for a while, but it seems to have gotten worse since I got back on
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9 months ago, it a moon
Wonderful! But a few issues
This game is amazing, I’ve been playing it for 2 years now but there are a few problems, the waiting time on the hatching and the breeding is way too long in my perspective, I’m hatching a egg right now and it takes 12 hours and I started it at 7 am and I have to go to school at 8 am and I know by one hour it won’t be ready, plus I have to go to school for six hours and I know it’ll be another 6 or 7 hours or something around that time and I would sleep in 5 hours so while I would be asleep the egg would be able to hatch then I would have to do that process all over again, what I’m saying here is that if the developers read this to please lower the times for breeding and hatching eggs, and I have one more thing, please make it a bit easier for getting diamonds, like maybe in the shop sell 5-8k coins for 10 diamonds or more? Or a few more tasks on all the islands that you get diamonds from? I’m saying this because I’m too young to buy diamonds from the shop and my parents don’t have enough money to buy the diamonds and I don’t have any diamonds and can’t really get my monsters very quickly, sorry if this was a lot to read but if the developers read this, please take this into mind
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10 months ago, GhostRider.
Great game but it still needs better fixes
My sing monsters is a great game for a lot of people and I can agree with them too like the cool looking monster, islands ,and even updateds those are the greatest things about it they are so amazing but some thing should be fix for remove, also the free coins or gem should be fix like a lot so when you go in there you can see lots and lots of websites and links and those are it’s problems these websites and links can give players glitch’s and dangerous thing to so you should go back to saying (if you download this you we’ll get that)(when I mean download I mean like download games) but if you go back to games that can be SO MUCH safer the websites and link and the game is a great game so if you fix that the game we’ll be a lot safer and better for me and other players so please don’t do websites and link to games instead this will make the game a lot better but now the good thing the good things are the different monster and island and they are amazing thing like all the monster and island are different by it’s own way I love the game a other people do to so (also for me there is a audio glitch where it we’ll glich the monsters and the audio well trun off for some reason so yeah) great game!
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3 weeks ago, Rudolph<3
This game is just amazing. You can really tell how much care and thoughtfulness goes into every aspect of it. The developers clearly love what they do and do what they love. If you've never played this game, or haven't played it since who knows when, and you're considering getting into it now? Do it. I 100% cannot recommend it enough. Every addition to every island is a real treat. It's exciting to get new monsters and hear them sing/play for the first time. It's amazing! It's updated regularly with a seasonal event pretty much every month. The best part is that while there is a premium currency, it's not difficult to obtain. In-app purchases are unnecessary unless you want just a little boost to get started. There are occasional advertisements within the game, but the revenue is clearly put right back into the game. Personally, I spent the 99 cents to get a few gems + remove all ads from the game, but it's not a necessary purchase. I just play it often enough that the removal of ads was a welcome bonus. Despite playing this game for years now, there are still so many monsters I still have yet to meet. I can't recommend this game enough. I'd give it six stars if I could. I love love love this game. Thank you, monster handlers!!
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3 weeks ago, Katiebugbu3
Really awesome game!
I love this game to bits and pieces, it’s beyond fair to us free to play players and it’s addicting too, I play literally everyday and always look forwards to seeing what new things and surprises and monsters available I’m gonna wake up to. I recommend this game to anyone because even if it’s slow to get started on everything, once you get far it feels entirely worth it and it’s easy to catch up to those who’ve completed every island, but in a fun way and not a “everything is so easy” way. 10/10. I’m mainly writing this Cus there’s a bug happening in my game (and not the new mythical haha) and I don’t know where else to report it. I think this is because of the seasonal event update on gold island, but ever since the update my seasonal monsters on it that aren’t Jamboree won’t sing at all during the song. (Hoola, yool, blabbit, punkleton, and schmoochle). Which is a huge shame because Schmoochle’s part of gold island is my favorite! They’re not on mute or anything and I’ve had the song on loop multiple times and even tried restarting the app, but they still wont sing. I hope this can get fixed, the song feels complete without them all there to celebrate their new seasonal friend joining them 😭
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6 months ago, Shyjula.
Good game but greedy like the rest
Pop-up ads are ruining this game and making it absolutely unplayable. It’s nice to have the choice to watch an ad for extra rewards but when the ads are popping up in the middle of gameplay (and within a 2 minute time span), how am I supposed to play the game if I spend the whole time trying to close the pop-ups? By the way, sometimes the sound goes out of the game as a result of said ads. They’re like spam, and the only way to disable is to spend money. To be fair, I would pay a couple dollars to enjoy this game ad free. However, the lowest amount that you can spend in the game is five dollars and I truly feel that’s too much for the smallest reward on a mobile game. That’s when I realized how greedy the developers of this game are. It’s unfortunate, because I used to play this game years ago and I recently rediscovered it. I was really enjoying getting back into the groove of this game until I started getting bombarded with pop-up ads. Why ruin a good thing? I’ll tell you, because free players clearly don’t get to play and enjoy this game. I’m sure most people would spend money in every game if they could, but this game is unique in it’s above average costs for in game perks, or in this case, you’d be paying for the standard experience of not having ads pop up every 60 seconds of playing the game.
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4 years ago, bubblefish27
Upgrades too expensive!
I loved this game and played it all the time. I saved up my gold to get islands such as the fire haven so that I could unlock islands I really wanted like the faerie island and the psychic island. And I was excited about fire haven too once I bought it, but very soon, I needed to upgrade the castle, and it costed a million gold, just for the first upgrade!!!!! This is ridiculous and costs more than most islands!!! I bought fire haven for less than that, and saving up took me two weeks! I understand that you are trying to get people to spend real money on the game, but for people who don’t waste their money on apps like yours, the only way to progress in the game is to save up gold, which can take forever, and hearing the same song over and over again can be boring. I also think that the prices of some of the monsters are a little bit extreme, and I would love it if you lowered them to a price that players can eventually achieve, because, let’s face it, no ones ever going to get a tawkker or a parlsona without spending real money. And back to my last argument, PLEASE lower the upgrade prices on fire haven and other islands like that because high prices make it very difficult to enjoy the game, and before I encountered the issue, I LOVED the game, I really did, and now I am really disappointed. If there is a good reason why this can’t be done, please let me know.
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2 months ago, Crazy Doodl
A good game with a few annoying features.
I love this game, don’t let the title deceive you. But there are a few things about the game that annoy me a bit. First, the positives: The music is great, the designs of the monsters are awesome, there’s a bunch of constant updates, and the animation is great. The game is long too, so it’s not something you’d complete in a day. There is one drawback though that inspired me to write this review, and that’s this: The Collect All Button is something you can only use every 24 hours. Sure, yeah, you could buy a currency pack or whatever and have unlimited use, but the Collect all Button should be something that’s a utility, and not something locked behind a “Pay to make this easier” wall. There’s another thing that I’m not entirely a fan of, but i can understand why it’s there: The price and wait times for things take a pretty big spike upwards when you start progressing in the game. This can be a bit frustrating, but I’ve learned to live with it. Overall, I enjoy the game, and it’s good, but Pleeeaaase make the collect all button a common utility that can be used at our disposal. It’s just annoying to click individually all the money bags and hear the sound effect for every single one. Thanks for taking the time to read this review ^-^
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2 years ago, charlie-bailey
What, Why do I play this game 24/7, Oh yeah, Its great.
Well well well, What do we have here? Ahhh, A classic. My singing Monsters. This is One of the Few classic Mobile game’s, Along with Plants Vs. Zombies. I highly Recommend this Game, Its great. Heres Why. 1: Its not insanely P2w. Sure, There is ads, Which you can remove with any purchase. But its not shoved in-front of your face. 2: It has A good theme. It is unique. And also, Dragons are way last year. So, You see this before? Monsters? Yeah. But have you seen them sing? No. And have you seen 100s Of types and many Classes? No. 3: You can decorate. The Paths look very cool, Theres A ton of decorations, And It makes A bridge between collecting coins and Waiting for them to come back. But, There are downsides. 1: The Ads. The ads can be pretty annoying, Especially When your collecting coins, Going to Cold? Ad. Going to Air? AD! You’ll Know what I mean, When You play this game. 2: You need to wait For A long time. The diamonds Are Very useful. But there quite hard to get in the 1000s, When you can do it normally. It brings me suffering waiting for my entbrats to hatch after 2 days On Mirror Plant. Well, The Good things outweigh the Bad. You Should Play this game, And Indeed, Dragons are so last year.
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8 months ago, HandsomeWes
I used to play this on my grandmother’s phone as a little girl. I have my own phone now, an I recently went to my cousin’s house and saw him playing it on his mother’s phone. The nostalgia hit me like crazy, and I was impressed at how far the game had come. I remember my grandma had islands filled to the brim with monsters. So did my cousin! He said he’d been playing for awhile now and that you couldn’t get sick of it. Anyways, I decided to download it on my own phone and it was a great choice. I’ve been playing for a week and have three islands, Plant, Snow, and Rock. The whole battle thing was new to me, and I was impressed with how neat it was. All in all, this game is a great choice. They do have adds which are frustrating when you don’t wanna spend money to get rid of them. But in-app-purchasing wise, you really don’t have to buy anything. If you’d like to get rarer monster seasier, you can spend diamonds which you can technically earn, but they’re a lot of diamonds so you probably will spend some bucks for them. They do have tons of sales though which is nice. If you’re into details this is the game for you because each monster has so many details!!! Seriously great game. Highly recommend!
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3 years ago, MandalorianGal✨
This game is so addictive and great! Just two thing...
Okay, so, I absolutely love this game. No doubt about it. I love making music with the monsters. And that you can have friends and you can breed them and you added additional games to keep people occupied in the castle! Y’all have done amazing! Just two things I want to mention... 1. The ads bother me. When I’m trying to show a friend my monsters really fast an ad comes up and then they are annoyed waiting and I am too. I understand that’s how you get money but I mean come on. Clash of Clans is a lot like y’all but they never have ads. Maybe just cut back on the ads or find a way to not have them at all. 2. It’s kind of hard to get gems. So, for example, there is a monster that costs gems on sale but it’s still like 150 or 200 gems. That’s still hard to get. And for people that just started and want them it’s kind of hard to collect that many gems when there is a timer on the discount that is only like three or four days long. So please make it a little bit easier to collect gems. It’s already pretty easy, but for the sake of beginners please make it little bit easier. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Have a blessed day!
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2 years ago, calypsoman600
I can’t stand what adds up and doesn’t, to the game.
The game is sort of good by itself, but there’s a lot of bad stuff to it too. The memory game prizes are rigged (as in I haven’t heard of literally anybody getting 1000 gems since 3 years ago and that was the only one who seemed to have gotten it), the ads are WAAAAAAAY inappropriate, the composer island was bad enough with it’s reset motion (where something does a movement and then it resets position instead of moving smoothly). Even the sounds that come out of it are just BLEH compared to the sounds that REALLY come out of the monsters, too. If there were a smooth motion/movement option when it connects to one another and the sounds were a bit better, I’d THEN probably say “ROCK ON!!” but it’s not. And I don’t really care how advanced it goes, it really needs a good change. Then collo-sing-um comes, making it worse. That's really all I’ll say about it. Also, maybe adding a few more monsters to the composer would be a little nicer. Perhaps at least SOME (3 or more) fire-included-type monsters or perhaps the unique ones like psychic or light, then it’d be a bit better as well. But seriously, FIX THE INAPPROPRIATE ADS TOO! I’M NOT GONNA PLAY ANY IRON FORCE OR STATE OF SURVIVAL! By the way, how long they are is outrageous! The advertisements go from 40 seconds to a minute most of the time, if I’m trying to get rewards. Fix it please, and good day!
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3 years ago, new girl 2012 2 1
about original and dawn of fire 🔥.
There both very well made games and there one of my favorite games. How ever there are things that don’t make any sense. First of all, in dawn of fire the shop, sometimes( really all the time) it says this has already been sold, so then why is it still in the store? It annoys me and probably other people. This is for both games because I wanted it to be faster. This issue is for the original game. TO MANY ADDS. Other than the ones that make things faster( barely and that’s an additional problem) TO MANY ADDS. When you just gonna start playing, when you go to another island, and other random times. And a problem for both games. WHY LEVELS. I’m saying this because you have to unlock things on certain levels. I’m talking about another game for a second for an example. So animal jam has levels too. But they are I guess just for prizes. But they both are wonderful games and I still recommend downloading either or both. Thank you 🙏 if you read this whole thing and big blue bubble please please read this and improve and maybe make another my singing monsters. I love the islands and monsters and the sounds they make and the videos you make so over all this game is fantastic. And you don’t have to listen to me because I’m only 8.
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3 years ago, bobrek
Some great ideas for a great game!
This is a great game! I love it and MSM dawn of fire! Also I was wondering if you could add more elements to fire haven like water and snow so we can have all the awesome monsters! Also maybe rares/epics? And wobbox on fire haven. I know this is a lot to ask, and you don’t have to add them all. Also I have just one more request that I would want more that anything. PLEASE make it so I can link my guest account to my Game Center account because I am SO far and my email is being used and I don’t have a Facebook account so it would be very annoying to have to start over from where I am now. If you do re-add this feature, thanks a lot. I also have a few more ideas. Epic Wubbox is one a lot of people are requesting. I also have an idea for special islands called event islands. You have to teleport monsters there to get them, and you can’t breed. Each monster will get a skin exclusively to that island based off of the island. Each island has a specific time frame to teleport monsters there, and they need to be level ten. If you don’t get any monsters there then you have to wait for the island to come back. Thanks for reading this and have a great day!
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4 years ago, 09souse
Amazing, but problems
Yes, the game is very amazing I highly recommend playing this game. This game is super addicting and attractive. The game is very amazing but it cost a lot of money sometimes. Like when you play then you realize to speed something up cost like 25 diamonds and then you realize you don’t have enough. So, I really wish this is fixed and either make the stuff a little less expensive (including how many diamonds or coins it costs) so people can enjoy it more which makes people like it more and then it would be really popular and lots of people would play it which means more money! Though I do request you to make more ways to get diamonds for free but think about if a lot of people play it (about 1,253,982 people play it I guess) and half of them want more gems faster so you’ll probably get about 5,926,524,362 dollars every year. Think of all that cash! So I highly request making more ways to get free diamonds, coins, etc. And also make bug fixes because I see many more bugs just randomly happening suddenly again. I hope you find a solution to this and have a nice day! :)
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5 years ago, eddie_zaff
This game is amazing! There aren’t any problems for me, but I have been hearing about other players complaining about the glitches. I’m guessing you fixed your game with that glitches. If so, great! I love the idea of the Composter Island. It’s really nice to make your own music. I just have a suggestion. Can you make a way to make the Tribe Rewards better? Because 1 diamond???? And then after that it’s 5 diamonds. Also, can you respond to me Big Blue Bubble? I need the link to put my suggestion in!! Overall, the game is wonderful!!!! Hello again, the first paragraph I made was my first review so this is paragraph is going to be my second. I looked in the reviews of this game and they said something about LOSING THEIR ACCOUNT. I think it’s because the Terms of Service Policy. I started a few days ago and this game turned out to be amazing! When I was 4, I downloaded this game, but I deleted when I was 8. And years later, I decided to download this game! So that is my history of this game. I been hearing about the Memory Game and the Wheel being rigged. Did you fix that yet, and all the other problems? If so, then thank you! Like I said in my first review. “Overall, this game is wonderful!!!!”. Have a great day BBB.
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2 years ago, jigglyjellyjasper
Great Game!
My Singing Monsters is a great, fun and musical game. It’s basically (if you like burgers and only burgers) it’s like when you bite into a burger you get that juicy meat first which is the joy of playing then the satisfying lettuce crunch which is branching out and buying new islands with more exiting things to do. Then after that you get to the American cheese (or Swiss or something idc) and that’s when you start growing your other islands and basically have no more ideas for your plant island. Then well it starts to get a little boring when you get to the bun... the bun means perfecting all your other islands just like when you perfected your plant island but now... it’s all of them and you have nothing an when I mean nothing I mean NOTHING else to do. So why am I giving this game 5 stars you ask. With more and more and more updates and islands you can take a break for a while come back and have so much more things to do just like when you bit into the meat and lettuce play for another year cycle continues so if you see this and get bored of My Singing Monsters don’t leave an angry 2 or 1 star review. Just simply take a long brake and give it another chance.
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3 years ago, gardenosound
I love this game!
I love how they put updates a lot! And there are those rare monsters daily spins memory games and also a lot of monsters to collect but there are some things I think they should add. In the options you can click share island and in that you can set what you would like to enable for other players to do I think you should be able to select what monsters the player is able to control and the player can add there level 5 monsters to your island and they can breed there own monsters but you can only use this at level 12. Once your there you can do that but once you invite to share your island with somebody you select wich island. And you can pull up a chat so they can send in requests and talk to you. And once this is enabled you get something called the starring breeding station and the shareing hatching station but the shared person can not sell your monsters unless it’s there monster. And also they can only mute there monsters. And also another idea I have is that I think on tribal island you should be able to place one monster then breed two this apples for every player on tribal island but they can use other players monsters to breed the monster.
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1 year ago, MySingingLovers
Game changed my life
This game changed the course of my life. Before I installed this game I had no lover, no father, and no place to call home. I saw an ad for it and decided "how silly! I will give it a try!" So I downloaded it! After that I saw my whole life changing before my eyes. I got a job at a gas station and raised enough money to buy a (crappy but liveable) apartment. Then, I decided to get a tinder account! I met a girl on there and when we texted I decided to mention my signing monsters, and how much I play the game. Turns out, she shared the same hobby! We bonded over this game throughout our relationship before we decided to meet up. We lived in the same area and before long she decided to move in with me! I was so in love and ended up proposing. We decided to theme our wedding on my singing monsters because it represents the start of our endless love. When I posted on my facebook about the event, I got a DM from a man who I didn't know. He was congratulating me and revealed that he was my deadbeat father, who left me as an infant. I was moved to tears after he told me he wanted to attend the wedding, and start to be a part of my life. So yeah, this game, IS PRETTY EPIC!!
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9 months ago, Swurvette
Awesome game but too many bugs
Ive played this games for years but i deleted it about 2 years ago so i’m pretty new to all of the updates now. I love it, it’s so much more entertaining than it was and i didn’t know it could get more entertaining lol but i think all these updates have caused problems. This app crashes waaaaay too much, literally every single day multiple times on different devices and there’s too many problems with glitches. Please fix the bugs asap. I’ve already sent an email out about my diamonds being wasted due to the game crashing. I’d hate to delete this game again after coming so far all over again. Update: Still nothing has been done about my complaints even after speaking with support nothing lol. Another complaint is the ads. While i understand of course money has to be made…. seriously after every little thing there’s an ad? I switch islands; there’s an ad, I finish a battle; there’s an ad, i go back to the island i’m on after leaving the market; there’s an ad, I play the memory game or spin the wheel and after that; theres an ad. How am i supposed to play the game if there are constant glitches and constant ads 😂this is crazy. I thought these updates where cool and fun at first but maybe that’s why this game has so many problems now. It was NEVER like this years ago.
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11 months ago, KRS20088002
Really good! But so many ads and it’s so transactional based.
I love this game, and have since I was around 7 years old. When I downloaded the game and started over, I noticed quite a bit has changed. The amount of ads are so annoying. I get an add every time I leave the market place. I get an ad every time I change islands. I get an ad every second. Also, one thing I wished they changed, was the fact in order to do ANYTHING you need to make a purchase. In order to get wubbox and a lot of other monsters whos class is above natural, you either have to GRIND for who knows how long or make a purchase. Obviously, not all of us are willing or have the resources to make a purchase. And we shouldn’t have to for a kids game. It should be a lot easier to get diamonds and other things that are otherwise really hard to find. Then glitches. Every time I get an ad, once it finshes, my sound stops working. I then have to exit out the game and come back to make my sound work. This happens EVERY. TIME. Another otherwise minor glitch is that whenever I go to islands to buy them, the red line that is meant to show the price has changed floats off the screen. It’s minor, but it really shows how glitchy this game is. Please consider fixing these problems.
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4 years ago, Merge gamer
My singing Monsters best relaxing music ever
Dear, My Singing Monsters you have been wonderful game for the last past years, even tho, I had this account for less than a week but, I wanted to say that, somebody deleted my old account that was OG! But, y’all must delete account if they don’t play the account for a long time. Thanks, for putting this game free and for making this game have had played this for many years I’m 10 years old, I am a very big fan I had to start this game all over again, I’m like man why would they delete my old account man I’ll have to start all over but I did cause I love this game so much I put in some sprit in to me. Also, I was wondering if you guys can give me the Monsters that cost diamonds, those note things, and also keys I have played game for years once again please continue to make updates like, I’ll give you one “who ever monsters sing the best wins 100 diamonds and 500,000 coins thanks if you do make that challenge or update but it’s only for a limited of time it’s only two days😉 I will continue to play the game have courage for the game. Thanks for having the courage to make My Singing Monsters Love you guys sincerely, Deontae💕
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2 years ago, Guerrillagrrrl
Love it and hate it
My son who is 5 and I both created accounts so we could visit each other islands and have a tribe together, so I have been playing alongside and have experience the game first hand. I did complete purchases of the beginning pack for both of us to get rid of the ads. However this game is still unaffordable. It is so hard to acquire significant amounts of money, diamonds, musical nots or any of their many type of currency to get any of the cool items because everything is so expensive. Even the food to feed the monsters costs so much of the coins that it becomes impossible to save coins to pay for upgrades. Eventually the game almost is forcing you to spend money to buy more of something. Now again there are no packages available, the minimum you can buy is $4.99 and that only gets you either coins, diamonds or food. So to just get lowest level of each you will have to spend $15!!!! Please Blue Bubble stop being greedy and make this game accessible to kids! My son and I really love it but I may be forced to remove it from his tablet because it is too much pressure to constantly be asked to buy or have to watch casino ads for an extra spin hoping to get lucky for a couple of diamonds. Thanks for listening.
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5 months ago, GabeO826
Review of other reviews I read, because yes
Okay. First, to start off with, when I was reading the first few, they were good. However, when I see other ones, they are negative because they are accusing the developers for being greedy. Nothing’s price has to be lowered, and no time has to be shortened, because I think the topic of this game is Patience Is a Virtue. Even if you’re impatient, you don’t have to rate a 1 star review and say “I NEED TO WATCH SO MANY ADS LOWER THE TIME DEVELOPERS!!!!” And, how are the developers GREEDY? Like, I’ll make this straight. Waiting for gold and taking long to save up without getting so frustrated that you quit requires quite a bit of patience, too. This isn’t a money grab AT ALL. I’m basically really confused why they accuse the devs about being greedy or making things cost way too much or making monsters’ breeds too long, but all I know is, everything is good about this game so far. Don’t get me wrong. There’s a lack of pop-up ads, also. If I ever see ads, then I see them on purpose because I want to speed up breeding (but without getting frustrated from how many ads I watched). To me, this game is great.
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10 months ago, No more singing monsters
I was loving this game until I leveled up but then couldn’t afford to buy any of the new monsters because they require diamonds which I have no idea how to obtain. I do ntinued playing thinking I would figure it out. After searching around for answers found nothing but did level up again but again could not buy any of the new monsters because now I needed something called relics…. Which I didn’t even know was a thing? Nor do I know how to go about obtaining. Also I found out accidentally when moving my fire bush that I placed it just randomly by a Noggin and that makes them happy. Why is all of this information not easily accessible just built into the game? Such as in the description of the monsters it could suggest what plants make them happy or vice versa in the information on the plants? Similar to how Plants Vs. Zombies is set up. Information is readily available which makes the game more playable and fun. Also when I click on the diamonds or the relics icon it should tell me how to acquire more within the game not just by buying them. The last reason I am no longer loving this game is that the ads are the kind that even after sitting through the whole ad I can not just exit out but am required to navigate to the App Store then navigate back and then finally exit out. After all the frustration I no longer find the game fun.
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3 years ago, BelovedRobot
Going through a Bug
Hey there. I’ve been playing for a while (love the game btw, I got most monsters in the beginning island) and realized I had three keys so I could buy Do, Re, and Me. I bought Do, and then went to buy Re when I found I still had three keys. I checked back in my island (from the market menu where you’d buy eggs) and found that Do wasn’t there in the island at all. I didn’t hear them, nothing. They disappeared. I bought them again and then bought Re. Everything is going great until the game crashes. When the game reloads, I find all three of my keys are gone, and I look into the market menu where you buy the eggs and it’s telling me I have two Do’s. That’s impossible, I looked in the grid at the actual island, there is only one Do. I don’t mind much so I just mute Do and Re cuz I wanna wait until I get the rest of them, but then I hear Do in the background. It’s coming from the same place my existing SLEEPING Do is, which again is impossible. I checked all around to make sure that the second (ghost) Do isn’t just hidden somewhere, and there is no second Do, just the noise. I’m really annoyed by this and I don’t know what to do. Please help me get rid of this ghost Do, and maybe give me back my key if you could. Otherwise, everything works great, but this bug is way too much.
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10 months ago, jejehhrhe
My life has been fufilled
So before I started playing msm my life was useless my wife divorced me she took custody of the children she took my house and my life was falling apart. I was on the brink of ending it all but then when I was shopping for a rope an add for msm popped up and my eyes lit up I immediately downloaded it. When it finished downloading I also finished I came 50 times in a minute. I downloaded it and the characters brought me so much joy listening to the music their beautiful voices created after a hour of playing I quit my job and decided to dedicate my life to msm because they also saved mine they brought me out of a dark place in my life. I started robbing stores to make more purchases on the game I sold everything I own and I am currently in a shelter because I am broke but nothing matters anymore because I have found this amazing game my mother tried taking it from me and putting me in a rehab shelter but I didn’t let her I violently gutted everyone that stood in my way I love this game and I have dedicated my life to it msm is my mom it’s my dad it’s my siblings and it’s my pet and most of all my god msm is the only thing I need in this life.
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11 months ago, kranola
This is a really awesome well made game for all ages to enjoy.
I used to play this game a while ago when it first came out and I loved it, and I just recently got it again and I’m fond of it now, however I feel like it’s too hard to appreciate this game when there’s so many ads. I still bought a currency pack from the ingame store to remove the ads and without the ads I can actually appreciate the game more now that I’m uninterrupted from the bliss that comes out of the singing monsters… My singing monsters. I really love that the devs still take good care of the game and update it pretty frequently wether it’s just an event or a new monster or even a new island. It changed so much (In a good way) since release and I’m happy that the devs actually care about their game. And with all of that aside, I rate it a 5 out of 5 because it really is a fantastic, well-made game, suited for a range of ages. Suggestion for devs: maybe it’d be cool if you added some of the newer monsters to composer island for more of a variety of sounds, but it is still good as it is so I can see why it’d be kinda pointless to add some of the new monsters. :)
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3 weeks ago, sanzard
11th anniversary review
I’m sad to take it from 5 to 3 stars This is a truly wonderful game I found it many years ago through an ad I’m pretty sure they were only like six or seven islands when I first started and I started for the weirdos and all that stuff I stopped playing for a few years and I came back and there were a lot of ads I stopped playing because of the ads that came back and now there are ads at every time I switch islands or enter a loading screen and most of them bring me to the App Store at the end ITS INFURIATING I get it the ads bring the money in and it’s how you keep the game free but it’s gotten out of hand I (and I’m sure everyone else) would gladly watch ads in the store to get things like diamonds and food and stuff even if I had to watch multiple like five ads for a relic I’d rather do that then get five ads in 10 minutes and get nothing this is a wonderful game I’ve gotten so far I can’t spend any money on it to get rid of ads because I don’t have any money I really want to keep playing the game but the ads are getting out of hand please please do something about it I know this will fall on deaf ears but please make it so we can just watch ads for currency just like we can to skip time on things.
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2 years ago, frivkkjbgttgx6hv
AMAZING, One of my 3 favorite games! (Along with Cookie run:kingdom and Roblox)
This game is so much fun! I can’t even describe how long I’ve played it! Probably I’d say about…7 YEARS. And it’s grown so much since then! Sure I’ve lost 2 accounts in the past, but I can forgive it! And once you get all the natural islands, it opens even more possibilities with oh, FIRE HAVEN, FIRE OASIS, PSYCHIC ISLAND (Aka Fire Frontier), FAERIE ISLAND, BONE ISLAND, LIGHT ISLAND, and MAGICAL SANCTRUM. there are even more islands other than that! (I’ve spoiled enough, you have to play to find out!) and MY GOD DO I LOVE FUNG PRAY. although I’ve been praising it a lot, I’ll get into some requests. 1. Why the heck did you skip making epic grumpyre and make epic reebro? 2. Maybe add some more foods. Like, I have 100M a week. I’d like some more options. 3.adding the DoF islands (Party, Space, Cloud, and Cave) could be interesting! I’d like to maybe see these requests happen someday! Again, im level 43, and im carrying my tribal, and *ahem* RARE WUBBOX LVL 15 BIGGIFIEYD ON AIR ISLAND!!! so yeah, I can’t wait to see this beautiful game become #1 music game. Now, I don’t make reviews often, but, this game DEFINITELY Deserves 5 stars, Keep it up, monster handlers!
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11 months ago, TC_CG
Gameplay is good, some complaints
Starting with my complaints, Inescapable ads are extremely annoying, I’ll get 20-30 second ads that I’m unable to skip for some reason? Next is the rewards system, it’s a massive scam, I’ve completed the easy offers and haven’t receieved my rewards. For the ones that give a good amount of gems they bring you to scam sites that try to get my payment info with the promise of gift cards. It should just be removed. I also don’t like that you’re essentially softlocked in the game once you do a certain amount of things per day since there’s so little to do at once. When I have an monster breeding or hatching, all I can do is wait. I do appreciate the memory game, the scratch card, and the daily spin though since they provide some extra things to do, while not being severely rigged. This review probably won’t be noticed because these are issues the devs refuse to acknowledge, but it’s worth a shot. My shortened review of this would be that it’s a fun game if you touch it like once per day, but isn’t good for a full time game with hours of fun and exciting gameplay. A shortened note as well, don’t touch the rewards system.
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9 months ago, Alliyah Lyn kaderly
Good game!
I’ve been playing since 2014 and watching My Singing Monsters grow and it’s come a long way now. I’m excited to see the colossal waking up and I think the game overall has good music. I’m looking forward to new islands because if I ‘finish’ the game I’d probably get bored of it. I want to ask if you could somehow give a different way to get diamonds? The currency is really hard to get and the surveys could give you viruses, they could also track you but when I even try to do surveys I don’t see quizzes anyway. So the only thing I could really do right now is just use the mine that gives you 1 diamond each day or just buy diamonds, I know diamonds is a useful currency in the game which is why it’s hard but please make it more easy for some of us! I don’t wanna try to complain about the diamonds that much but they’re really impossible for me to get. I see others having like thousands of them but I usually have like 2 from the spinning wheel but the spinning wheel barely gives you any diamonds. I just kinda wish you put another way to get diamonds in the game.
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4 years ago, JustEnderSlayin
Great but...
In my opinion I really like this game but it has a few things I don’t like about it. 1: I know it takes awhile to make a new island or add a few decorations but I’m talking about monsters, there is the new update with the new island but what I think really should happen is instead of adding a new island maybe work on the island with only like 8 monsters this something I’ve been waiting on but a new island was added. 2: Now this is annoying cuz you do it to get rewards but when I’ve went through the work of doing all the work I have to do to get a good prize but every time I pick a mystery prize it’s always 1000 coins or something like that so it’s really annoying to try to get a good prize when wherever you tap is going to be bad, maybe I’m just tapping the wrong places but I should have got at least one good prize all the times I’ve done it. 3: The quests are take a long time to get when your far in the game and the quests when you complete them don’t give good rewards. That’s it so far I hope y’all keep making more updates and if y’all like it how it is then I guess that’s ok and these are just suggestions for My Singing Monsters. Keep on making fun updates :D
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12 months ago, mystry dur
Very annoying issues, otherwise, awesome game!
The game is awesome. There's almost nothing wrong with the game itself, but the ads are very annoying. The first thing, is that, sometimes, no, every time I close an ad, the monsters stop singing/playing. When I open another island, all it plays is the background noise you hear when you first buy a new island. I don't understand why this happens at all. And second, the ads are too repititive. WAY too repititive. I understand you need a way to make money, but this is just way too repititive. Another thing I should mention, it is the same 5 ads for every single ad, or many ads for the same 5 games. I wouldn't even care about that if it weren't for the fact that there is an ad every other time you open an island, and every other time you close the market or other menus. The in game purchases should make you enough money, especially considering the benefits a player gets when purchasing anything, outside of the purchased ones. So, TLDR, game is great, but please make ads less frequent. Thank you for reading.
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10 months ago, cmpgridiron
What can I say except (ad break) and also (ad break)
I would like to rate this game higher as it’s a classic and one of my early phone games that I played when I was a lot younger. coming back to it now seemed to be a good idea with all the new updates and monsters. But the key issue is that this game like many other phone games have fallen down the septic pit of constant ads. I get it, it’s an old game and to be fair and easy move that lots of phone games do to continue to make a profit. Yet like most phone games nowadays the ads are annoying and constantly barraging you. Wanna go to a new island for battles there’s an ad, you want to click on the shop you get an ad, you flick off the game to check something else and then come back guess what there is an ad. What makes it even worse is that the ad will sometimes make the audio cut out and you have the restart the whole game only to be met with another ad once your loaded in. I loved this game and may end up buying something just to stop the ads but in all honesty it’s a disappointment to see so many good phone games fall down this seemingly endless pit of berating it’s users with ads until they pay money to get it to stop.
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