My Sketch - Pencil Sketches

Photo & Video
4.8 (11.6K)
42.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Miinu Limited
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Sketch - Pencil Sketches

4.77 out of 5
11.6K Ratings
8 years ago, Kimmiemore
Best editing app
This is the first time I have left a review for an app that was not offering me an inducement. I have an odd hobby...I collect photo (and video) editing apps. Currently, I have over 90 that I actively use. My Sketch is THE zest of the bunch. There are many fine ones, but this is the first to be a work of art in and of itself. It makes you happy to work with it. This is one fantastic app. You will not be disappointed.
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6 years ago, Sundancercafe's World
Good app for drawing effects
I really like this app. It uses a lot of different effects to create hand drawn effects of your pictures. The only reason I rated it 4 instead of five is because I had a super hard time figuring out how to just save it to my photos album! It wants you to share on social media - but I finally got it to save to photos! If the developers make it easier to just save the image - I would give it a 5 star rating. If you draw and understand the different techniques that they offer for your effects of your photos, you will enjoy this apps sophistication of drawing skill. The only other tho g that bothered me is that I crop my images carefully and want to include All of my image in the effect- this app ends the effect and leaves part of your image faded out- or missing in the artistic drawing effect. Some of its filter effect do give you the entire image, but you really need to try them to find them.
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5 years ago, KrozNest
How do you save to Camera Roll
I agree with the other reviewer. This is a great app and I particularly like that is one of the few drawing apps that allow you to process a photo in a format other than a square — but I cannot figure out how to save to my Camera Roll. I’m always having to email the images to myself so that I can then save them to the Camera Roll. I gather that there is a way to do it directly but I haven’t been able to figure it out. Please make it more clear within the app and, in the meantime would you post instructions as part of your listing on iTunes. Your users are tearing their hair out over this issue!
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2 years ago, stayhappy@aweosme
not bad but..
I wanted to download a drawing app to maybe help me draw bc i find it easier to draw a drawing rather than drawing from a picture but anyways after searching for many apps i find this one the best for me but i feel like u could make it better there are a lot of filters and most of them just look like u put the pic in greyscale and idk put a few lines on it or smth BUT not all of them i do think this app is good and a whole lot better than some of the other apps i tried, i’m just saying it could be better 🙂🙂
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8 years ago, Homer Hendelbergenheinzel
Fairly tolerable
Search for "pencil sketch" on the App Store and you will get a ton of terrible apps that all use the exact same filters. This is not one of them. This one has a pleasant, non-obnoxious interface. No bugs. No nagging to rate it or buy upgrades. It has some pretty ok filters. If I want an edge detection-based filter I think I'll use this app. It doesn't have any real sketch filters that use strokes. It instead has a scan of a piece of paper with scribbles on it and composites your photo over it in black and white. Kind of a joke if you want a pencil sketch but it's an ok look if that's what you want.
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5 years ago, twodogman
Great app
I like this app, but there is a problem accessing the adjustment sliders at the bottom of the screen. On my iPhone X s max, I see only a slider to adjust brightness. However, on my iPad (6 th gen) I can see that “contrast” is below the brightness control, but the word “contrast” is cut off by a white space on the screen which also covers the slider control for contrast. I wonder if there other adjustments I cannot access.
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6 years ago, Laine & Joel
Not what I was looking for
I wanted an app that could take a scan and let ME adjust it and colorize it. That is not what this app does ... what it does, it seems to do OK - that is, it turns your picture into something that looks like an artist drew it. Fine. And once you save it, it wants to post it to your choice of several social media sites. But, the entire program is not fitting well inside the frame of my iPad Air 2 with the latest iOS. So even if I wanted to do what the app does, I really can’t do it because not all the ‘controls’ are visible on my iPad screen.
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8 years ago, audioadict
Fun satisfying program.
I down loaded a different sketch type program before this one and was really irritated. It was full of annoying pop ups including one app that took over my phone once before. This app is fun and gets great responses from friends every time I share a new sketch. No pop ups. Short review cause I want get back to my photos .
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6 years ago, coach41
Nice app that needs an update
I think I’ve had this app for a long while. But I hadn’t used it In quite sometime. But my creative juices comes and go. Out of the blue I wanted to sketch a few things and this app was right there. My first attempt was quite good so I kept using the app for a few things with solid results. Downside? My iPhone 6 had been problematic for a while and I hadn’t updated from iOS 10 to iOS 11 yet. I finally got the update and unfortunately there was some UI Issues after the update. I can still sketch photos but certain features are inaccessible due to a part of the screen being covered up on my iPhone. Looks like the developer is still around so hopefully they read this and get the app updated.
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2 years ago, Jojo java
Great app! Been using it for years
Time to give credit to and show appreciation for this wonderful app! Easy to use and always delivers when it comes to the processed image. There are not a ton of image choices which to me is great since what they offer is already a great selection. Hats off to the developer!
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6 years ago, RShawgo
Needs updating!
I have had this app for years. I absolutely love it for creating sketches from photos. Unfortunately, the developer has not updated this incredible app for newer phones (iPhone X and iPhone XS XS/Max) with different dimensions. Features are not showing on the screen such as the contrast sliders and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the ability to save a sketch! I am forced to “share” the sketch and email it to myself. This app would undoubtedly be a FIVE STAR app if the developer would update it for the newer, larger phones.
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6 years ago, MGWillis
The Only Knock...
Really, the only knock for me is that when I open it in my iPad, the very bottom of the workspace is cut in half by a white boarder so I can see that there is a contrast slider, but can’t use it. It was by happenstance that I hit some icon on the bottom right and it was the “save” button. Other than that, (and if you can tell me how to access it) the contrast slider is the only thing that I am slightly disappointed in this app. Pretty cool!
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1 year ago, aussieonyak
This app really doesn’t do much at all. It seems to simply remove the color from the Photo and then apply some scribble or smudge lines across the photo - there doesn’t appear to be any sketching going on at all. I was expecting that It would create outlines and and sketch lines that follow the features of the faces and people like an artist would do and like other apps do but it doesn’t. Most “sketch” results are scribble marks placed around the photo like a vignette frame - very disappointing.
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7 years ago, O Daniel Knight
My Sketch is a great tool for making your profile picture stand out. It does an admirable job converting photos into sketches - better than any of the other free apps I've tried. And it doesn't try to sell you add-ons. That said, I can think of 3 ways to improve it. 1. Give us square as an alternative to rectangle. This is the age of Instagram and profile photos on Facebook. 2. Let the user choose between a sketch with a border and a full image sketch. 3. Add a third slider to adjust the hue of the sketch. Or possibly a pop-up range of color choices. My Sketch is very impressive as is, and these options would make it even better. Especially square images. 5 stars because it does a great job and it's absolutely free.
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9 years ago, Zoie155
II like this app
I have never reviewed an app before but this one is fun, easy and impressive. I am not very talented at computer things, however, the pictures I've created from the sketch program look like I am quite talented. It is a free program that I'm using and it's a lot of fun. I tell people to send me their photos and I will show them at this program can do.
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9 years ago, JTJT
Excellent little App
This handles your photos in a clear and concise way. It is easy to adjust the settings and is very user friendly. Like this one better than the other "more popular" app that asked for a five star rating even before I tried it out. This one had more useful filters, at least for my goals.
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9 years ago, Brazos1
Does more than I expected!
I expected perhaps 5-6 different sketch types for a photo and this provides over 32. (Some of the choices have 2 options). Some are spectacularly beautiful or have unexpected possibilities. My only little niggle is that it won't let you do a whole photo, but usually just a large portion of it.
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4 years ago, jdoumecq
Amazingly performant
I have this app for ever and love it!! I’m very grateful the developer just updated it without asking for a fee or even a subscription like it’s the unjustified trending now. I would have paid without hesitation for the update but would have dropped it for a subscription! Thanks a lot to the developer. God bless you
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9 years ago, BrownsGalore
We Love This App
I am so pleased with how easy this app is to operate and how beautifully our pictures are transformed. I made lovely Christmas cards in a few minutes for all the children in my classroom. It is such an easy and fun process that my eight year old loves to work with it. Highly recommended- thanks for you fine product!!!
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1 year ago, bolo_4me
The way it copies a photo you can see the exact same detail as in the photo copied. The sketch is just as vivid as the picture. Get creative with a photo that you want before you have sketched to make awesome pictures. An easy 5 🌟 rating.
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5 years ago, support won't respond
This used to be a great app, not so much anymore.
I used to love this app, but it appears that the developers have chosen to stop improving and supporting it. In the latest version, there is not a way to save your sketches directly to your photo roll. Even though it offers a “save/share” option, once you press that, you can only choose “share to social network” options. Repeated attempts to contact the developers have gone unanswered. However they still send pop-ups asking you to go buy their other apps .... No thanks!
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8 years ago, Lynn Flynn
Unique & different ways to look @ pics
This app is easy to use & makes your pics look different & interesting to look @. I would recommend this app to anyone who wants something different in their pics or when scrap booking, gives more options to creativity when applying pics in books.
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1 year ago, arthurp92
I like it but..
Lots of great sketch effects in a simple to use app. My images are pretty large in length and it requires to crop them all the time. Why can’t I just add the effect to the whole image? All of my images end up cutting in half. Please add this update to still have the crop feature, but not require crop.
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5 years ago, shenandq
Really Good App.
90% intuitive on IOS (IpadPro). Best and easiest app I’ve found to produce sketches from my pics. Downside- can’t see all the buttons, including the Save button. Also doesn’t always share correctly; doesn’t provide an error message when sharing fails. STILL, I’ve deleted the other sketch apps. I’ll only use this one.
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9 years ago, tnphoto
I really wanted to like this app. The problem is that you can't really adjust it. To my eye, the sketches look too light. In other words, not enough picture is "sketched," leaving too much white. I want to adjust the threshold between white and sketch. You can change Brightness, which just lightens or darkens the whole thing without changing the threshold. Or you can lower the Contrast, which very slightly adds to the sketched part. That's all, though.
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5 years ago, billybobjoe203
Great app
I had to do a drawing project for school and i used this app to make my drawing. My teacher thought it was so good she said i had a special talent for drawing and artistic abilities, when I am a terrible drawer and i just used this app to turn a picture into something that looked like a drawing
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4 years ago, Spinaker75
Great App
Fun, easy to use app. When using the app on my iPad, I was unable to access the contrast slider control at the bottom of the screen. I could see part of the control, but it was mostly hidden. This wasn't an issue on my iPhone however.
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7 years ago, "Create a Nickname"
Very Nice App, Watch-out for the Ads!
I randomly picked three of these picture-to-sketch apps and this one is the best of the three in terms of function. When it comes to the advertisements, the ads land right on the mental line that says "these ads are annoying AF."
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7 years ago, sydeslip
Cant save your sketch
Now that iOS 11 is out this is the only review that matters. Since iOS 11 can’t see contrast button anymore. Also can’t save your sketch anymore. If you want a copy you have to email it to yourself then save it from there. Emailed support but no response. Apparently no activity here for over a year. Why would you download an app that has apparently been abandoned by its developers? Doesn’t deserve one star but zero isn’t an option. Looking for a replacement app.
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9 years ago, emptyCup
Simple, Beautiful
This is a simple program that turns photos into lovely sketches. There is no user input expect choosing a filter and, although you can make landscape photos, the program itself only works in portrait mode. That limitation is the only thing I find annoying about this app.
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9 years ago, LizardAnn3
My Sketch
I have to say the app is excellent, with some choices being way better than others. As an artist I have to say I feel as though I am 'cheating' to use this on my photos instead of drawing from them, but still, it is pretty cool!
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5 years ago, Ro Malone
My Sketch
I do like this Sketch app but I do wonder when I get done Sketching my photos and turn them into Art why can’t I just saved my art photos to my library without sharing on Social Network?
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7 years ago, Lot39
A fun interface to create a starting point for other apps
I use this app to generate basic sketches that I use as a starting point for other apps, particularly those that enable me to use layers. No nagging add-on advertising. You get the whole program.
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5 years ago, Girlwerks Media
Please update!
Love this app so much but it really needs to be updated. The controls are not visible and there is no way to move them into frame. Brightness is fine but contrast underneath it is barely visible and not functional. Also save options are partially hidden. Come on please give us an update!
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7 years ago, SM-HSM
This doesn't seem to do much converting your photos to "sketches". It's more making them the appropriate color and putting a border around them. (I.E. crosshatch, fine line, rainbow) plus some other frames. I like that it's not out of date & can definitely see some fun uses for it. I'll likely keep it for the foreseeable future, maybe for portrait-style photos.
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8 years ago, Sharperic
Excellent results
This app works well and is a lot of fun. It really helps if you experiment with different versions of the original photo (exposure, contrast, etc.) and the adjustments within the app. I also found that converting most photos to black and white before using My Sketch also helps.
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3 years ago, Dragon Phyre
Great app
Needs one or two things to place it completely on top...the ability to rotate or skew the image. And the ability to resize the image. Both to be utilized prior to adding the desired “sketch” design. But I still love this app. Please keep up the great work!
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4 years ago, Huntersmith022
Fantastic, would have happily paid for it
I don’t write reviews, but I must say I was skeptical of this app, but after using it I very soon realized it was a very nice interface, and with minimal ads and the low low price of free, you can’t beat it.
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8 years ago, Rjohns3
REALLY good!
This app does a great job at initially creating a line drawing. I wish there were more options for fine tuning shadows and balance but this is a quick and easy way to get a great basis to export for further editing. Highly recommend!
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8 years ago, pdnana15
I love My Sketch
I have enjoyed using the app every time! I have created some beautiful pictures. People have actually thought it was me who was drawing them. I tell them that it's not, it's an app on my phone. Thank you for such a wonderful app. Pam
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5 years ago, Kagleen
My Sketch - Pencil Drawing Sketches
I love this app! I make sketches of family and friends from photos and the sketches really capture them and everyone loves having a sketch of themselves and other friends. This is a fun, easy to use app and I highly recommend it.
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6 years ago, Llpete
Love this app
Love this app...have used many times for grandkids Sports pictures. Best of all, my grandkids love them too. Now I could add text, it shows on the photo where yet will Go, but I don’t pull up keyboard to type something. What am I doing Wrong?
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9 years ago, Dingledagger
Performs very well
I Like It. I am an artist working mostly in pencil. The results are very good and the adjustment features are also very good. It is not a replacement for my talent as I can draw with modifications. But it does make for good preview of what I would like to draw. Thanks
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7 years ago, JThurow
Super Easy to Use!
I literally downloaded this app and saved my first picture as a pencil sketch in less than 2 minutes! This is much easier to use than other apps I have tried.
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7 years ago, The Skeptimystic
Editing functions not accessible
I could see how this might be a useful app if only I could actually use the settings. The bottom of the screen is obscured and I can’t scroll to adjust anything besides brightness. I don’t see many other people mentioning this so maybe it’s just an iPad thing but it should be compatible and options should be available.
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8 years ago, Gerald Chomer
Simple and easy
Simple easy app. Nothing over the top but fun and easy to use. As always there is always something that can be improved. But hey for what you are paying for the app, nothing, it is great.
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3 years ago, BabyDee78
Just what I needed!
I am impressed with this app. I tried others and they were horrid. This is what I needed to work on my craft projects. Thank you for creating such a great app. You a much appreciated!
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4 years ago, Giz65
Loved until...
I was impressed with the images’ sketches as I was trying the different ones out but when I wanted to adjust it all I could use was “Brightness”. The rest of the adjustments (how many ops were there) couldn’t be utilized due to a solid white bar on the bottom of the app screen. VERY disappointing.
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5 years ago, Osqa27
Bottom Screen Missing
Love this app but for the last couple of months I’ve noticed that you can’t see the bottom bit of the screen to make adjustments to contrast and other functions. Please fix this. Otherwise, great app.
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3 years ago, JulieneLove
The very best!
I love this app. Its inspiring and urges you to create. This app is totally free…SO WORTH PAYING FOR! There is also another free app that they do. It’s a meditation app and also totally free. No ads in either app. Developer, you are amazing. You have so much heart.
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