My Stocks Portfolio & Market

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3 months ago
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User Reviews for My Stocks Portfolio & Market

4.75 out of 5
6.6K Ratings
5 years ago, next business woman
Great, simple, clean
After upgrading to the latest iOS 12.1.2 and losing the previous simple and easy to use version of the Apple stocks app, I found this. It has exactly what I wanted and more. You can input your watchlist, set it to show up on the first screen. You can set it to show one line for each stock which saves space on small smartphones. You can easily scan all your stocks to monitor current prices, and % change. It has additional info if you select a particular stock. The main page is uncluttered, and not distracting. No annoying pictures or stories on the main page. It is free to use. The ads are pretty unobtrusive so far but if you want to get rid of them you can pay 6.99. Overall, just what I was looking for!
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4 years ago, Kookie-Smurfie
Great app! Always room for improvements
One of the best multiple portfolios tracking apps I’ve used. This one is the easiest to use, and it is possible to have a combined overview of a few selected portfolios while being able to exclude some of the other portfolios. However, there are situations where the invested base amount are not showing appropriately... here’s the room for improvement... when inputting sell transactions it is missing the option to choose which lot/lots you’d like to sell, the app has defaulting it to apply FIFO, causing the investment base amount tracked in the app to be misaligned with the actual amount in your brokerage account. Hope to see this improvement soon. Keep up the good work. Thanks!
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3 years ago, PLC_MAN
My Stock App
I have tried many different apps to keep track of my investments. After a year of trying many different sad apps my dad told me to try My Stock app. It turned out to be the best financial app I have ever seen to keep track of my stocks. It shows the gains/losses made in a very easy format to view. Now I am playing around with crypto and had to search all over again for another app. After getting used to My Stock app I am spoiled and can not find a good app for crypto. It would be great if My Stock would let us add in our Crypto investments. 🙂
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3 months ago, 3 times kicked out
The one and only absolute best to follow Stocks
The information that you get here in the package is fantastic it is well worth the cost and it’s real time so you can make your decisions on any phone and then use your broker phone to make the final deal I cannot tell you how great this app is try it you’ll never give it up it is beyond fantastic necessity do it now also just to be clear I have no interest or money invested in my stocks app and have nothing to do it with it and nobody even knows me
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9 months ago, IRA tracker
Great for Portfolio tracking
Having used a number of portfolio apps, I find this the best for my purposes. The MyStocks app offers a great utility for checking basic equity data, charting and tracking equity portfolio performance. The app has an advantage over on-line brokerage software in the speed and convenience of tracking and basic management for long term investors who want to monitor portfolios without routine trading. The iPad version works on M1 Macs, although it could be improved if tailored also for the Mac.
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5 years ago, Loose.cannon
Great for tracking net worth
This ap is (thankfully) not subscription based. It is easy to use and allows tracking of all your stocks in one convenient place. The only features I would like to see added are a “cash” category that could be edited to reflect money flowing into and out of stocks. If that was added I could see my net worth fluctuate from day to day. Another feature that could be added is a graphic of the total in each portfolio, though it is easy enough to do that yourself in some other ap.
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5 years ago, $tock$
Great support
The other day the app was not displaying ALL of the NAV prices correctly. I sent a message to the developers, Peeksoft, and within a matter of minutes, Mike requested additional information. A few hours later the data retrieval failure was repaired. The next day he followed up to make sure everything was still functioning correctly, and it was. A a former manager for a major corporation’s response center in the 80’s, I can appreciate the level of quality support. Great job !!!
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8 years ago, Pyccku3
Great Widget & App
Fulfills my needs for a widget in the notifications screen for a quick view of where my holdings stand. I use this multiple times a day as it is much more convenient than opening my broker's app, logging in, waiting for it to load... You get the point. Couple of points I would like to make is that it doesn't like to update with market close for a few hours at times. I would prefer to be able to view more of my holdings or quotes on the notifications screen, so perhaps adding an adjustable "show X number of holdings/quotes in widget".
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1 month ago, IOS 13.1 problem
Nice app but has problems customer service never addresses
I’ve asked but they won’t tell me how often data like short sales are updated. Charts are often inaccurate reporting false all time highs Charts often do not reflect actual volume, for example chart shows 3500 shares volume while their data says 54,000 shares traded to date. Around 8 AM aftermarket quotes report trades from hours before not near current prices. Delete alerts doesn’t work can’t delete alerts and they stay forever. I’ve reported all these problems to CS and seldom get an answer.
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4 years ago, Hey there brown cow
Best way to check balances without logging into the brokerage account!
I check my brokerage account a few times a day, but it’s a hassle logging in to the website just to get a quick snapshot of my performance. The mobile app for my broker does not breakdowns gains/losses on their mobile app, so I was using a google doc for ever to keep track of my holdings. After uploading the historical positions& cost this app now gives me a fairly accurate breakdown of my PnL. Extremely pleased so far!
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4 years ago, Deacon62
Great, easily navigated app
I have only been using the app for several days but it find it ideal for monitoring my small portfolio. I love the feature of being able to see real time change in individual stocks and to go to the quotes page and see the daily charts. The app is very intuitive and input is very easy. All in all an excellent app. The only problem I have seen is the ticker numbers on the portfolio page are not changing.
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6 years ago, Llobster boy
Nice App
Clean app, pretty slick,. Overall, really like it. Just needs a way to sync (via cloud) across devices and a way to directly “sell” stock. Received immediate response from developer to my inquiry with work arounds: 1. You can use CSV to export/import between your devices. I will add cloud sync in a future update. You could send the CSV through email to yourself and copy paste on your other device. Also if you have continuity enabled, you can actually copy paste directly between devices without using email. The import CSV section has a link with details. I’ll try add cloud sync sometime within the next month. 2. Currently the way to sell is to reduce your total holdings based on the amount of shares you sold. I will add sell transactions soon - should be within two weeks, and you can enter sell transactions directly.
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4 years ago, Kelvin77
Need to see individual shares performance across all portfolios
It is quite difficult to compare each share performance across multiple portfolios as they are not available in a single view, sorted by shares. I created cumbersome workaround by setting fake portfolio listing all of my shares from real portfolios, but that doesn’t cut it. Seems they did not realize one can have same shares in different portfolios. The new needed rearrangeable view will list shares from all portfolios combined.
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1 year ago, Aw, common !
Excellent Stock Tracking App.
I trade mostly Precious Metals Mining “Penny” stocks and ETF’s and this App allows me to check the prices at any time on my over 100 stocks and ETF’s during trading in pre, normal and after market hours. I like that the User Interface (UI) is simple and clean. Adding new tickers and arranging tickers is very easy. There is also a “News” feature. All and all a very well thought out App. Would highly recommend !
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5 years ago, Wyoming Marty
Have been using Windows Phone version of this app for years and was the first app I looked for when I switched to iPhone. Easily Imported data from Windows Phone. Quickest way to check my investments by account. Graphs are excellent and news is relatively current. I paid to have adds removed on my smaller Windows Phone that hasn’t been a problem so far with the larger iPhone. Kudos to the developer for a great app.
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3 days ago, dkarro
For all I know, this app will do what I want - download the stocks in my portfolios, tell me show me what my stocks are doing on a daily basis, and calculate what my profit or loss is. But I can’t figure out how to get the program to download my portfolio information, and don’t want to enter the information manually, especially once I don’t know if b it c will let me enter the purchase price and calculate the profit out looks. There may be a way to do it, But, if so, I don’t have the savvy to figure it out. So will delete the app from my phone and see if my broker can help.
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3 years ago, roldoggmr
An app that tracks realized/unrealized gains/losses on equities and options. I had such a difficult time finding an app that would recognize stock option symbols, and I’m glad I finally found one. Only thing missing is the ability to download portfolio info directly from broker/dealers, so it takes a little time to initially set everything up.
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3 years ago, jeremyd1216
Must have app!
If you do your own active investing and have multiple accounts for a Roth IRA, or kids, or a significant other, this is a great app to track everything in one place. The free version has everything you need, but I purchased a subscription just to support the app maker for making it easy to track my portfolios all in one place.
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5 years ago, Hsreviewer
Great, clean UX and a must have!
After Apple tried to trick users into reading Apple news on their stocks app and get ad revenue from publishers, I got so frustrated with the stocks app that I deleted it, sent a email with my feedback and bought this app. It’s worth every penny. With the latest update, news stories open in the browser by default which is super super awesome. Great work developers and product and design!
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6 years ago, PurpleBone
Inconsistent and Unreliable
This app used to work well up until around summer 2017. Now it is absolute trash. Inconsistent. Unreliable. Sometimes it takes days to update data. Sometimes over a week. The other thing I noticed, is that they turned off the ability to rate the app from within the program. Obviously they did that for a reason. The other thing that happened is when the program was updated, it killed all the data and I have to reenter everything. And then it became inconsistent and unreliable. I have sent several notes to the app developer, all of which have been ignored.
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6 years ago, AustinCoffeeTime
Convenient Financial Instrument Investment Status
This investment tracker provides ample up-to-the-minute information on Indexes, Stocks, Mutual Funds and more. I was able to set up my index tracking and my portfolio of funds and stocks. A simple rotation of my iPad or iPhone brings up a historical graph for each tracked item and you can set it for day, week etc up to life of product. Very. Very handy for staying up with what is going on.
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3 years ago, Ttivas
Excellent App for all your needs
This app has as many different features as I have found on other stock apps available. I think you would be happy with all that it has to offer. I spent many years in the financial advisory business and now retired still like to stay active and current in investing.😃👍
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3 years ago, Advocate11
Newest Update
The App is really great! But I am having a problem. It could be just me but the latest update seems to have killed the widget from loading. It says “Unable to Load.” I tried disabling the widget and then putting it back but that hasn’t worked. I really don’t want to have to uninstall the app so hopefully you can come up with a fix. Thank you
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5 months ago, the Fig Man
Amazing product and free
After retiring from the investing/ brokerage business after 37 years , I was looking for an app to follow the market and individual stocks. This app has been perfect for me. Easy to use, large amount of data on individual stocks and the market, the graphs are very useful and all this for free. Sounds too good to be true, but it is .
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3 years ago, Bob8757752217844
This is the only app I’ve been able to find that did exactly what I wanted. It is great for tracking holdings, P&L, news and a bunch more stuff. I love this app! The only criticism I have is that when you have a “sell” entry, you can only do FIFO (maybe there’s a setting I don’t know about to change it?). Anyway, overall this app is excellent!
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2 years ago, Philly Reviewer
The Best
Simple, easy to use. Have tried several others. Don’t need a stock broker, have one. Need simple accurate, updates on markets, stocks, funds. My Stocks App provides this quickly in an easy to read format. Recently had issue, support jumped on it quickly and stayed with it till solved. Recommend highly.
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4 years ago, suburban daddy o
Great FREE app! Highly recommend
Reliable portfolio tracker that is my go-to for an up to date overview of all my holdings. There are ads on the free version, but they aren’t obtrusive or in the way. Ads never take over the screen or do any of the usual annoying tricks. My only request/want is for more crypto tracking (it does have the major crypto tickers though)
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4 years ago, orangecrushv
Great developer and software...
I don’t usually write app reviews but I’ve enjoyed this app for awhile. I primarily chose it for the widget to keep my portfolio details a swipe away. Always did exactly what I expected. The biggest plus was when I emailed a comment after a recent upgrade and got a response in about five minutes. Great service there!
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4 years ago, us041220
Nice program
This is a great program if you want to take a quick look throughout the day to see how your stocks are doing. It would have been nice if the dividend function worked so your stock unrealized value would match what your brokerage account stated. Also,Preferred stocks aren’t able to be followed. Again, nice layout and the color scheme makes it easy to see the daily position.
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6 years ago, ClarkDenis
Simple and Easy to use
I’ve tried a lot of apps to track my stock portfolio. None better than Stock Widget. The app is simple to set up my portfolio and easy to make updates on a regular basis. Lots of other capabilities including pre-market for all my stocks. Research. All I ask for as an enhancement Would be to be able to add a cash position. Thanks a lot.
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3 months ago, Darryl4444
Great App!
I’ve been looking for a sleek and easy to use Stock Tracker for a while. I finally found it. Works great. No issues at all. The interface takes a little getting used to, but that’s about it. Sync’s great with mobile. Thank you dev team for a wonderful app
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2 years ago, stock purchaser
Track your investment
I use this app to track two 401k and two Roth IRA it allows me to easily see on a daily basis how they are doing and is a good tool to use to help you get to a comfortable retirement. With one glance I can see if I need to make adjustments to my accounts to keep me on track
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3 months ago, Hags Frank
I Can See It All
Easy to use investment tracking App. My Stock Portfolio & Market App helps me keep track of stocks, retirement account and cash holdings. The best part: I can instantly see my current assets. The bad part: I can instantly see how much my assets have depreciated. Try it, Mikey, you’ll love My Stocks Portfolio & Market.
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1 year ago, wenusa
The best to use without logging into different platform
If u got many investment in different platforms and don’t want to login into your account, just want to see the portfolio change then this is the right app for you. Highly recommended
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6 years ago, Walleye-1
Stocks Widget makes it easy to input holdings and is simple to use. It shows current prices of holdings and how you’re doing on each one at a glance, and the totals. The latest upgrade allowing for multiple portfolios is a winner. Tech support is the best I’ve seen, as is responsiveness to customer input. Five stars is not enough. OUTSTANDING!
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5 years ago, PVMike
Pretty Good Free App
This app does its job. Getting it to do what you want is not always intuitive, but once you figure things out there is plenty of information available. There is always at least one add showing on the screen but it is not at all intrusive. If adds ever multiply to excess, I’ll reach for the apps’ delete button. So far I like what the app does.
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3 years ago, robbusolo
Great app
I have tried many different apps that I can track all of my different account separately and together. This is by far the best I have found. I was absolutely impressed to see all the ETF’s that I hold in it and even better, crypto! I can track everything I have. Very very convenient
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3 years ago, No-Uglies
Waiting days for a ticker change
NGA-WT - Northern Genesis Warrants changed to LEV-WT - Lion Electric Waarants days ago and still nothing in the app. It’s really hard to keep track of a large portfolio when you have to babysit the app - I’ve sent 2 emails and not one response. Be prepared: the email function also doesn’t work from inside the app so you have to write down the email and retype it into your email with a return receipt to know they got it. Does it sound like things you will like in an app?
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4 years ago, Yolotrumpbucks
Newest Version Bug
I love this app, but the recent iOS version does not let you hide closed transactions, meaning holdings is filled with closed out and empty transactions that bury the current holdings. Could you restore this feature? Thank you!
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3 years ago, porsynb
They just had me update to the newest version and even though I love this app it has so many issues and it even closes out on you every time you do the same little thing like moving stocks up and down in your portfolio absolu They just had me update to the newest version and even though I love this app it has so many issues and it even closes out on you every time you do the same little thing like moving stocks up and down in your portfolio absolute ridiculous te ridiculous
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2 months ago, CHARLES407
Simply The Best
This is the one Instead of sorting through the thousands of stock apps like I did, just give this one a try I promise you will thank yourself later Excellent Interface, and also quite a bit of tools for free
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1 year ago, Lou Sterling
Life saver
This app truly helps you keep up with stocks and news surrounding individual companies. Easy to use interface and self explanatory portfolios that can easily keep you engaged on what and how. You can’t go wrong with this app
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6 months ago, Eric the Mro
Intuitive, simple, good user interface and reliable
I wanted something simple, reliable and easy to use. For tracking a part of my equities in my brokerage account. This app does exactly what I want and is a no-brainer to use.
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4 years ago, MerrillCK
Great app but spectacular widget
Out of all the apps used to track my actual holdings, this is by far the best. But the widget is the hidden gem. Without loading any app I can swipe once and see all my individual and total values in real time. AND there’s no silly subscription. Highly recommend.
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1 year ago, fjpoblam
Superb. Our favorite (well, *only*) widget. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Used for many years. Tried Apple’s (and its Yahoo). No where near as good: this is concise. Best business news. Kind and competent developer. We have no need for tedious login to our brokerage account (except for monthlies and tax time: ick, paperwork!)
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6 years ago, Bull Chart
Almost great
The look and feel is clean and comfortable. The only issue I have is that the charts end at the very edge of the screen. It’s inconvenient and nearly impossible to get the crosshairs on the current/last day of trading. If you gave us a few blank millimeters on the far right side of each chart, this app would be a 5-star.
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3 years ago, Abelisgod
One of my favorite apps ever!
I use it every day and it’s awesome. I can highly recommend. I love having a quick look and being able to see my stock portfolio along with crypto holdings. Easily track everything in one app! Love it.
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4 weeks ago, Arts book
Making the best use of my spare time. I love learning about the different types of markets and industries that have evolved over time . Watching them evolve is amazing! Thanks again for a wonderful experience here at MSP. Arts book.
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3 years ago, Jdjgrjbf
Any enhance features to analyze data??
Do you offer any enhance features that will enable me to analyze and run queries on my stock portfolios (ie, pull from my list the stocks there that have increase 20% or more over the last 12 months, list of stocks within my portfolios with P/E ratio below of 5 or below, etc, etc)?
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1 year ago, Mark Sal
Excellent AP
I used it for few months and look at others and return here and became a premium member. Customer and replies are well thought out and timely not like others in this segment. Highly recommend them.
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