My Synovus Mobile Banking

4.8 (32.8K)
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Synovus Bank
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1 month ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Synovus Mobile Banking

4.8 out of 5
32.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Chelseebug
I’m actually updating a review on the App Store
I didn’t think the day would come. I rarely even write reviews, and I have NEVER updated a review. But this app deserves it. Synovus has done a massive overhaul to this app. I love it! They make the process of using synovus for credit cards, checking accounts, rewards, depositing checks, and making transfers completely streamlined and seamless. I hope Synovus give the developers a pizza party and a 1/2 day off for the work they have put into this app. I’ve been using the app since it came out and I can tell you, GREAT JOB! And the work they are continuing to put into the updates??! Seriously team, great job!
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3 years ago, MDeenS15
Too many steps
All and all a very useful app, but I can rarely ever get the fingerprint log in to work so I have to type in my password more often than not. It is also not as user friendly as it could be. There are too many steps for submitting and completing a transfer (you are not finished when you think you are) and choosing the accounts to transfer between is clunky. The scrolling choice sometimes changes and you think you have chosen the correct accounts to transfer between initially, but then you realize too late they weren’t. You have to spend too much time verifying that everything is correct before proceeding. I use the app quite often so I have everything memorized now but I have been caught with my pants down so to speak when I think I have transferred money to my debit card account just before running a transaction and then find out I didn’t when the card is declined. Embarrassing at times.
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1 year ago, Dewey0313
Needs to update real time for balances/alerts
Even though the option for Background app refresh is enabled, the app never refreshes until you launch it and wait a little. It’s so frustrating not to have real time data upon opening or be able to have real time balance/threshold alerts. I know this is a functionality that is available as my other bank (a small bank compared to Synovus) has this functionality. If I make a purchase that puts my account below threshold limits I have set, I immediately get a notification from my other banking app with my current balance as well as have current balance info upon opening the app. This functionality isn’t available on the synovus mobile app. I have to make sure to open the app numerous times a day to know real time what activity/balance is for my synovus accounts.
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1 year ago, TheDoggo
Terrible artificial intelligence in image capture
Absolutely terrible artificial intelligence in check image capture. I use many different banks and this is by far my worst experience. Everything else just works but the Synovus app causes me to resubmit over and over and re-write new checks just to try to get the system to accept them. It not used to be that way, but this update has made it even more difficult to do business with this company. I just wasted 15 minutes trying to make two deposits, and could’ve just driven to one of the few open locations and taken care of it manually in about the same amount of time. It’s not like the air is a consistent. Can’t read the bottom of the check fine take another photo, claiming I have two images of the front of the check, I do not. Claiming that the amount that I’ve entered does not match the amount on the check, it does. It feels like a failure of the blending of OCR and AI.
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4 years ago, Cholzmei
Not ready for prime time
I don’t bank with Synovus anymore, but I do have a credit card. This new app has proven to be absolutely worthless for a customer in my situation. Nothing shows up on the drop down list when I try to make a payment (only “no options”), payments I schedule using the phone system do not show up under “scheduled payments,” and I had to request a paper automatic payment form to send back via mail (this is what the customer service rep I spoke to had me do). All this app has done has forced me to worry that my payments are not actually in the system and then call customer service a million more times than I ever did before when the card used the Cardview site. It’s been months and the problems have not been fixed in updates. Did you test it at all for people who don’t have bank accounts, only cards? Beyond frustrating.
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4 years ago, CD Stokes aka SkullShadow39
Now I don’t normally write reviews, but this case is special. This app is a must have for pretty much anyone who banks with Synovus. Being able to see your balance from a glance is extremely convenient. The only thing I feel like it’s missing is an iOS 14 Home Screen widget. Synovus, I respect your developers who made this app, it is very well done and I’ve even tested it with some ways I can crash apps. Through those tests, it didn’t crash once. This is a 10/10 app for what it offers.
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3 years ago, Pleased Momma
Lacking But It’ll Work
This app allows you to see activity but lacks the ability to manage the debit card(s) associated with your account(s). This is a BASIC function that I have in other bank apps and my credit card companies. Even more troubling is you have to download a completely different app (Synovus Card Alerts) if you’d like to set up and receive alerts which requires separate login credentials and takes up storage space. If this wasn’t enough there’s not even a way to identify the debit card number associated with the checking account in either app. This is especially important when you have more than one account like I do. Very disappointing.
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3 years ago, Carter0143
Worst bank to make transfers
I have several accounts I use I deposit the money into this bank to transfer to others but worst idea ever they charge you $34 to stop a transfer! who does that!!! it’s my money I should be allowed to move it without being charged a ridiculous fee! I just wanted to move $50 to another account but for some reason it doesn’t wanna go through so I tried canceling it that’s when it prompted me that canceling will cost me $34 most of what I was trying to send !!! It’s all because they teamed up with Zelle worst bank In my opinion. they also have my wife’s work check on hold for almost a month just because her account is new but they didn’t even tell us ahead of time that’s they were gonna hold it for that long we got rent to pay !!!!
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2 years ago, RS_SC
No explanation of failure.
While the app was easy to use, when i failed to read through in full the mobile app statement and submitted, the system displayed a failed deposit message. Realizing my error I attempted again, this time, reading the statement in its entirety before submitting and it was successful. My effort could have been helped by a warning message that scrolling through the entire message is necessary before submitting the deposit. May be you can include an accept button at the end of message before the submit button would light.
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1 year ago, Lil' Ladee
Good App
I have several banking and Credit Union accounts. This one is in my top 2. It doesn’t crash while making changes, it’s easy to navigate, and the light comes on automatically when you are depositing a check via mobile deposit. I like Chase for banking but I’ve found that Synovus has perfected the banking app. It’s also easier for me to find a Synovus than a Chase. These are my top 2. Synovus’ ATMs also let you draw out money in smaller increments so that helps to keep me from withdrawing more money than I need, that keeps me from overspending. Good job Synovus!
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4 years ago, The Jennings Family
Review on online service
Thank you for having an app that is so easy to understand and so helpful to our family. It is very important to let my bank know how much I appreciate them. I’ve been with Synovus since 1983 and it seems like it gets better and better and I am so appreciative on howSynovus takes care of our family. It’s so important that we feel like we are important to you and that is a wonderful feeling knowing the protection that you gave us ❤️ So thank you very much. 🙏 ....Sincerely Sandy Jennings
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4 years ago, KatieLou131313
Not the best
I came from another bank with a much better app so I have high standards for my mobile banking app experience. The balance is never accurate or up to date. My other bank would immediately pull the fund out when you pay something, even if it was pending. When I transfer money from on account to another, it shows a false balance that is higher than what it actually is. I do like the Face ID login option and the ease of transferring money from one account to another. Overall, I will be switching banks due to problems with the app and there is also an issue with my husband’s debit card.
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3 years ago, MySmokey
Usually great but tonight won’t load
I enjoy My Synovus account and have had it since the 90s . The app is easy to use and a great way to do mobile banking , but tonight it won’t load . I have checked my iPhone and other apps to see if I had phone or WiFi problems, but everything is fine . I have tried many times . I suppose any app could have occasional problems or maintenance so I will wait and try later before condemning an app I have never had any problems with .
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4 years ago, Builder Kim
Takes Getting Used To
I’m not saying that this is a bad app but it does take some getting used to as it is different from most. It might even be a little antiquated. For example, when I went in to add a biller it kept telling me that my credit card number was wrong. Little did I know the key was to add the recipient manually and then it wouldn’t know if the number was wrong. Doesn’t make any sense to me. Good points are: it does allow you to see a running balance and it has a great budget program! Still not quite enough to give it five stars.
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4 years ago, Girldawg
Can’t even use
The update completely made the app of no use for me on my iPhone and iPad. I’m going to have to switch banks because I can’t do ANYTHING via mobile. All my recipients are gone and everything is jumbled on my screen. Deleted and reinstalled and still nothing. Talked to support today who said they could see all my recipients and I can’t see anything. Very irritated and disappointed. Been with this bank for over 20 years.
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9 months ago, Brenda Foote
Appreciate my Synovus Bank
I have been with this Bank since 1986(even from back when it was FNB) and the ‘in-bank’ tellers and all personnel have always treated me kindly and even often greet me by name. Just now I completed a mobile deposit while visiting family ‘out of state’ without any hassle, so I say again: I do appreciate my Synovus Bank—an unusual Bank that still operates with a personal touch! Blessings to all, Brenda Foote
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1 year ago, coldsteel the hedgheg
Decent app, when it’s functioning
I would say this app goes down maybe twice a week if not more? There have been many times where I need access to my account and don’t have it. The app appears to function fine but they still are doing constant “maintenance” and “updates” which appear to have no effect on the overall functionality of the app itself. I’ve never dealt with this with any other banking app. Not sure what the issue is but they need to get it together because it’s a constant problem and I don’t love having to roll the dice every time I need access to my money.
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2 years ago, Puppylover34
This app has a great layout, but it’s not as functional as it should be. Crashes constantly, logs off, will tell you your credentials are incorrect for days and then magically work again later, but also won’t let you change your credentials during this glitching. If you need constant access to your banking data, good luck. Because they won’t even email you when they’re having issues with the app, but they’ll let you sit on hold for hours at a time. Great when functioning, but rarely functions at full (or even half) capacity. Sad for such a great bank.
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1 year ago, Donna jfb
Doesn’t work anymore
I used to use this app all the time, almost daily. But apparently recently with some sort of update or something it has changed and it just simply will not allow me to login. It won’t even load the login screen for me anymore …and this is despite me deleting it off my phone and reinstalling it
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4 years ago, Irenati
Terrible App
My biggest issues with this app are 1: it doesn’t up date my amount automatically. I need to know how much money I have so I can budget accordingly and not overspend but I can’t do that when I’m never sure how much money I have in my account. My 2nd big issue I’ve had a lot of trouble with is the facial recognition. It seems like I’m having to uninstall and reinstall the app every month because it keeps removing my facial recognition and won’t allow me to reactivate it without all the hassle. I’m not happy with this because I really rely on my online banking. This app is so terrible, I’ve even considered switching banks so I can get better service.
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2 years ago, unhsppy. customer!!!!}
New system
Hate this new system. It’s a Saturday and there is no one to assist me. Why do keep changing the way to,get in to ones account. I’ve been with CBT over 45 years but I may leave as there is no customer service now. Jamie a joke!!! I want a human not. Hate this system. Now I have wait till Monday to get help. I sure hope I sure hope I don’t have drive 2 hours to Atlanta to get help! No notice of this change. As usual CBT has dropped the ball
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4 years ago, Llllllluuuuuukkkkkeeee
Mostly Great
I agree with many of the other reviews that Synovus has done a great job with this app with one exception. More often times than not my mobile deposits fail to submit. Mobile deposit is awesome when it works but so frustrating when it doesn’t. All the app tells me is that the deposit failed with no information as to why. I’ve called tech support and as nice as they are, they’ve not been able to provide any meaningful help.
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3 years ago, PeaPod118
Old app much better
Half the time i select an account to move money from it flips to another account. it appears that it is autocorrecting me, picking the account it thinks I should be pulling from. Though I’m sure thats not the case. I’m not used to technology not working correctly so my fingers are flying, then I get am email showing It pulled from the wrong account. I look at my transfer history and nothing! I have to keep logging in daily and moving it around. Also old system I could pull all my power bill payments and such for taxes, not this one. Looking for alternatives
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9 months ago, Leslie8271
Worst banking app ever
I shouldn’t have to toggle running balance every time I open the app. It’s often wrong, anyways, and then I’m sent into overdraft. iOS shortcuts and widgets for quick balance etc don’t work no matter how many times I toggle them on and off. The UI is clunky and slow. The recent update just made it worse. I’ve legitimately considered switching banks because of this horrible app. Only thing stopping me is there’s tons of ATMs near me as I live in Columbus GA (I’m a server, so convenient).
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6 months ago, Bham guy9
New Customer - Love this app
We recently left Regions Bank because their app and website has so many problems that persist and nothing is done to improve it. The Synovus app is a breath of fresh air. The experience is so much better than Regions and well thought out. Keep up the great work, we are very happy with Synovus Bank. Thank you Synovus!
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3 years ago, Hagood
Good app, just needs upgrades
This app is good, but it just needs a bit of upgrades. Sometimes, money transfers, check deposits, and transactions take longer to show than they should in these modern times. I know Synovus will get there with the app, and they have made a lot of improvements over the years, but I look forward to a near future upgrade to Add more functionality.
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4 years ago, JanetKenn
Lack of important info!!
Most important information need to make a deposit using mobile app is what have to write on the back of the check. I saw the specific wording we are supposed to use one time but have no idea where that was and can never find it when need it! Should be right on the first screen! I searched for it and read the FAQ and could not find it! So frustrating. Just put what I thought might be close to wording needed and hope it will be accepted.
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10 months ago, Alan M Orellana
Genuinely disappointed me seeing the mistake after mistake Synovus made towards me. It is a horribly made app, I was just recently hacked, and yet they can’t do anything about it until a business day? To add onto that, it doesn’t even give me the zelle option due to being too young yet I can still serve this country in the Army? I don’t understand why Chase gave me zelle with 0 problems while being under 18 but Synovus can’t. To add onto that, customer service didn’t even know what they were doing and had me on hold for a solid 30 minutes in total.
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2 years ago, Kiana Simpson
App Malfunction
For the past two weeks now I get paid every Thursday and then right after 12:00 hits and it turns to Friday the app will not let me see how much money I have in my bank account on the app. It keeps saying “Balances failed to update” I’m very particular about my money and how I spend and how I like to keep a certain amount in there but it’s hard to do that if I can only see what I have in my account 1 day a week.
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3 years ago, annelise02
Good, one suggestion
The app is fine, the ui is easy to follow and understand and from my experience, i haven’t had any issues with the app. The only thing i would like to change is when i exit out of the app (just by hitting the home button) i should be logged out. that’s just a safety concern of mine.
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4 years ago, Ham60
Can’t read with latest version
Since the latest version upgrade I am unable to read line entries for none of my accounts. Unusable in current state. Account details tab follows screen when scrolling down extremely annoying.
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4 years ago, Gillygans _Island
Everything great minus the fingerprint reader
Since the app has been updated, it’s been great minus the fingerprint reader. For whatever reason this is the only app on my phone that struggles every time to read my fingerprint. I have several other apps that use the reader and they work on the first try. Synovus on the other hand rarely works and I have to enter in the password. Sounds lazy and it might be, but the fingerprint reader is available for a reason.
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4 years ago, IsaAndrews
Impressive upgrades!
Thanks for keeping it simple and easy to navigate. I was able to quickly check balances, transfer funds and set up a few bill pays before enjoying my first cup of coffee, all from the convenience of my lazy boy recliner. Now, that’s what I call “The Bank of Here”!
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4 years ago, BuddyP34
Mobile Deposit
The app worked well except for the camera when trying to perform mobile deposit. The camera would not recognize the check. I did notice that when the app showed the check “outline” on the screen as a guide on where to position the check it took a good pic. The outline was not always visible and the camera did not seem to be able to detect the check without the outline being visible.
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3 years ago, Durdee Deedz
Mobile Deposit
I got my check after banking hours, and tried the mobile deposit feature on this app. It saved me time, money, and worries as wellI highly recommend anyone to try this feature if you haven’t ….Thanks Synovus!!
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4 years ago, J💗Little
SUPER easy to use! VERY user friendly! I love being able to take care of my banking needs from my phone! Check balances, verify charges, make transfers, set up bill pay... what more could you ask for?! I’ve been using this app for a few years now and I’ve never had an issue!
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5 months ago, Jc4serenity
Instant Balance Not Working
Why is the Instant Balance feature no longer working? I have tried everything- disabled, enabled, disabled, enabled…. Multiple times! I have updated my app, and even deleted & reinstalled. I used this feature throughout the day, so it would be great if that feature would return. Also, a very important safety feature is the ability for the customer to lock/unlock their cards (debit, credit, etc) directly from the app.
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2 years ago, Pain**The***
Please recognize payees
I wish that the app could/would recognize payees and link them to the category that is correct. I have to go in and manually recategorize checks that I have written everyone I open the app. Having the recognition of category ties to the amount of the check and not to the payee is not helpful nor logical, in my opinion. Otherwise, I find the app satisfactory.
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4 years ago, CNSilverCreek
Great Improvements!
Thank-you for listening to customer needs and desires for online and mobile bank. I love the fact my web experience is consistent with mobile. Great improvements for Bill Payment, user friendly and intuitive!
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1 year ago, B. Crews
Love this Synovous App
I’ve never been much of an online banker until this app. Making deposits, transferring funds and paying bills is so much easier with this app. I’m so happy that Synovous has made this app so customer friendly for us, the more “mature generation”! ☺️
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3 years ago, jgpwatt
When clicking on account number it would be nice if it took on a first time instead of having to click over and over to get it to take for a transfer.
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4 years ago, blueskiesovertybeetoday
This app doesn’t work
I never review apps but I am so frustrated that I feel the need. This app will not even load on my iPhone. I cannot check my balance or anything. I have a 7s. It worked fine until the last update.
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4 years ago, Will Robison
Frequently dissatisfied
This app serves its main purpose of letting me look at my accounts. Outside of that though it is frequently frustrating. Mobile deposits almost never work. When you go to the FAQ section of the app there is no search option you have to scroll to find whatever you’re looking for. I hope the developers can get this fixed.
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3 years ago, Longhornappsucks
Being able to transfer money from one count to another is wonderful. The site is user friendly. This is especially helpful when I am not able to make it to the bank before they close. Thanks so much for this service!!
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3 years ago, judePI
Mobile banking
The app for Synovus is probably one of the worse I’ve seen! In fact just about everything with this bank is difficult to work through. The mobile deposits may be the one one thing that is easiest to use, once you fight you way through the process of getting there.
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1 year ago, MojoMusicTeacher
Terrible for check deposits
Every other check I try to deposit “fails” and requires me to take pictures a few more times. It’s crazy, because the business app FROM THE SAME COMPANY works fantastic. WHY. PLEASE put the business mobile deposit functions in the personal banking app!!!! Since this bank eliminated the two branches near us, we are completely reliant on web-based banking at this point. Very frustrating when it doesn’t work.
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1 year ago, ksquared6000
Compatible version NOT available
OK. This is getting serious. I no longer have access to my bank account via my iPhone because the compatible version does not download on the older iOS phone. THIS is ridiculous. You should make your App available and usable for earlier compatible versions. I NO LONGER HAVE ACCESS TO MY BANK ACCOUNT ON MY iPhone. How am I supposed to do my banking? Make a compatible Version of your app for iPhone iOS version 12.5.6 available ASAP!!!!!!
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5 days ago, ldsnr
I love it , it’s keep me from going to the bank almost every day. I can keep up with all my bills on my transactions. I know everything that’s going on thank you for making this app. I appreciate it so much.
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4 years ago, Mac171
Not Working
The mobile and online banking is a huge improvement from the old one; however, for 7 months now when I open the mobile app it won't show my accounts. When I try to navigate the app it force closes. Completely useless. Now I have to take time out of my work schedule just to deposit a check at a bank where I have to wait in line for 15 to 20 minutes or longer.
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4 years ago, Rjk2016
I liked the app/website prior to these last changes. I don’t like not being able to see history when scheduling payments. Going through recipients to check and schedule is time consuming especially when you have more than one payment to the same institution with different accounts.
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