My Talking Angela

4.4 (329.5K)
456.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Outfit7 Limited
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Talking Angela

4.36 out of 5
329.5K Ratings
3 years ago, AlexMorgan1327
Love it but.....
I really enjoy this app. I like how you can play offline and whatever. But it gets boring after a while. You put Angela to bed and make her dance. I wish there was an option for it to be online where you could have a fashion show with your friends, or something. Angela has a very large selection of clothes which is fun. You get to unlock different outfits by taking care of her and increasing her moods. It does get updates often unlike a lot of apps, which is a fun thing to look forward to. But the spinning wheel!! I can’t tell you how frustrating that is. I swear it’s rigged. The spinning wheel is where if you watch an add, you get to spin a wheel. You will always win SOMETHING, but here’s the problem! About half of the times I have spun the wheel, I land right next to the jackpot. Now, I would say what the jackpot is but I’ve never gotten it and I’ve been playing for over a year. I have another suggestion. So when she is sad, you make her happy by playing mini games. Well she has like 4. There is definitely room for more mini games. I have one more “negative” thing about this app. The adds! You get one every 30 seconds!! Now the only reason I have this game is for the little stickers you get for texting, and it’s only purpose is to hog my iCloud storage. I’m sorry for being negative 😢 😣 Hope you download this ❤️
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2 years ago, ⒸⓁⓄⓊⒹⓎ_V͜͡i͜͡b͜͡e͜͡s͜͡
First off, this game is amazing!! I used to play it a lot, then I deleted it because of the rumors! But then I was watching some videos of the game, then I noticed that it was an hoax about “The man in her eye” call me weird or whatsoever but, I kinda saw a vent in her eye, but nothing out of the ordinary happened! also, I think I’m kinda paranoid, also the rumors are an hoax because Apple wouldn’t allow this! Like Laurenzside said “Apple wouldn’t allow this on here!” So I learned that you cannot trust everything you see on the internet, I used to think the man in her eye was true FOR YEARS so I stayed away from the game, but I was brave enough and I decided to download it, and drumroll please…NOTHING HAPPENED TO ME, see I’m still here, still ALIVE, and safe as well, so I just wanted to prove that this game is innocent, and all the rumors are an hoax, but if you don’t believe me, that’s fine, but I appreciate you reading this if you find it, if you don’t want to believe me then, don’t download I just hope your safe, call me a liar tbh, idc, but I just hope you see this, and change your mind about the game, but your scaring little kids into thinking this poor innocent game is dangerous, but it isn’t! Again, I used to think this was TRUE, but anyways I hope your safe out there! And have a good day or night, Bye!!
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1 year ago, cherry blossen
Kids, don’t believe the “rumors” people are telling you.
I can’t believe anyone would say “THERE’S A MAN IN HER EYE!”… Pathetic… If you believe that junk. Sure put your eye up to her eye. You see a ‘person’ looking at you. Have you ever noticed that you see a ‘person’ whenever the device dies? Or a ‘person’ when it’s off. Or a ‘person’ when you see a black screen? It’s your reflection!!! Sure, don’t believe me! But, your gonna be living with nightmares because of your fantasy of seeing a ‘person’ in Angela’s eye. This is on about all of the OUTFIT7 games. Seriously! Who came up with these stupid jokes to scare kids out of their wits?! You heard a noise? Do you have someone else their? Games have glitches you know. You’re having bad dreams? Why are you listening to these people who thinks it’s a good idea to scare children. Angela texted you? What are you talking about?!?! Any adults who believe this are just—just…. 🤦🏽‍♀️… Wow!… People actually believe this. Some of these reviews are literal lies. Angela REPEATS what you say! Please, stop saying these things. It is a stupid joke! Apple wouldn’t allow somebody to watch you! Just be quiet with your little hoaxes and stop bullying OUTFIT7!!! smh right now to you child bullies.
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2 years ago, root for roblox
These rumors 1! 2 these adds! And 3 great app.
This might be long but plz read 1: *THE RUMORS ABOUT OUTFIT7 IS…. Not true everyone. See, if you see these things either you are NOT doing what you are supposed to do or it’s really true (and it’s not freaking true). I never saw it! The man in her eye. Not repeating.. So……………. And I played since I was 1….Nothing happened to me. So these rumors are fake. Stop scaring these freaking kids cause I was scared but now I know they AIN’T true. And i’m 10! People says it’s scary as crap but it ain’t. It’s just a copycat game! The rumors are NOT true. I promise that* 2: *I love the game but it’s hard to lvl up and the clothes are a little pricey and I wish there was online games on there* *these adds are ANNOYING and bad adds that kids shouldn’t see!* REMINDER: RUMORS ARE FAKE ABOUT ANGELA. AND ALL THE OUTFIT7 APPS ARE COMPLETELY SAFE! IT’S KID FRIENDLY!! STOP THESE RUMORS! YOU ARE SCARING THE CRAP OUT OF US KIDS! IT’S 100% SAFE!! If you wanna feel safe (the rumors aren’t true tho) just turn off the microphone so y’all can stop trippin! Thank you for reading and please keep playing this AWESOME game! Thx family🙏 Edit: I agree with Crazy Star 17 Edit: All of OUTFIT7 is completely safe. Stop tripping about talking Angela, Talking Angela two, All of talking Tom, all of talking Hank, all of talking ginger, and all of talking Ben. They are all fine!!
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4 years ago, Nicknamessuck14
Best, just hair suggestions
I really like to play this game I play it every day now for the coins. Nothings wrong with it except for adds I know you need it for a profit but just for my suggestion no adds in the area if you guys decide to make it, please no adds. But I still do not get rid of one star for that. When you see all the awesome looking hair in the wardrobe section and you think some are cool some are meh, then an idea hit me! You could have your own hair!!! So this is how it goes... you have a section where it has a salon you make the hair However you want with some neat tools. Then a star of some sort comes to rate it it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, you’ll just get more coins depending on how good it looks to the judge. ( not actually a shoot it star thing, or a real life judge.) so the you sell it. You earn coins whenever someone purchases it in the wardrobe. But. If it’s really unique people can either choose to bye it from a store like place. Off of the food market stores where you buy Angela’s meals. Orrr buy it from an area bought like the potions area. But have to pay real money irl but this time the game gets the real money and the person gets the coins. See now you can get money without adds. 😉So please take this into consideration I really want this update.
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7 months ago, Genevieve Hayes
Ok buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut…🫤🫤🫤
Pretty good, fun @ first. Buuut, I got a notification, which is fine, right?? Yes! But not when not even 10 seconds later, I get another one!!!!! I know. I can’t turn them off but I like to have them on. You may not be in control of the notifications but please could you please like contact the person that is? Thanks and after you do that you might also want to give it more of a variety of things like clothes and make up. Then that might make it a 4 1/2 for me, then again, maybe not. I do have that it’s a free Wi-Fi game that’s a plus. another suggestion is maybe that you can’t like finish the sticker books and it just is endless. Some things maybe unchangeable. And I understand that, but for the most part I feel like these are pretty change more things. Of course, I do not work for something like this, so I don’t really know. I’ve heard that in the reviews they don’t really answer that you want but y’all can prove that. But for the most part, it’s pretty good at it was really fun at at first but then I just got boring. I don’t really know what that’s mainly just an opinion. But you may find this like the most fun game in the world and that’s your opinion that’s fine. That’s all I really have but thanks anyways even if you don’t answer any of us and I hope y’all at least read it. God bless! 🙏🏼
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4 years ago, it just needs more updates
It’s not as creepy as I thought but it is still pretty creepy
This game is kind of creepy but not as creepy as I thought it’s kind of fun when the cat is a baby I don’t really want to take it out of that Little things that it’s in when you first start playing I don’t know why but it is kind of creepy when he gets older it gets really sleepy I barely ever get to play with it when I just leave it alone for one day and it’s still sleeping in bed it just pops up in the happy area thing and it says I’ve been waiting for you in a speech bubble one time I was talking to it and I said to it who are you it didn’t repeat what I said it just said kidnapper I was really really scared it’s extremely creepy do not download this game it’s spies on kids to some people don’t believe me but if you play you will... i’ve been playing this for a long time you got a believe me and trust me a long time ago on the other app they had this thing in Angela‘s eyes I got creeped out but I also saw it along time ago you can actually talk with the cat but now it’s a band and now you don’t see the stings in the eyes often or barely at all but it still can do really creepy stuff I think they took away the thing where you can see something in the eyes because it wanted to stop the bad reviews and when they made it they didn’t think about the bad reviews but they got so many bad reviews and one stars so they deleted it but they still have bad reviews going.
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2 years ago, lunabelle&tixie
My opinion of the game
I love the game and the dynamics and the nostalgia I get from playing but I really don't like the new dancing thing, It's really glitchy. Sometimes I have to pay a diamond just to use a damce move twice so I can get enough points to get more cards, I've gotten all but two cards and I still haven't gotten the permanent butterfly face makeup yet. Sometimes when I do the dance thing, I do everything correct but it stays on the screen and doesn't give me the points for cards, but it also makes her tired and puts her dance happiness to 100! I don't understand why that happens, and it's really frustrating since I had to pay a diamond for the dances too. I would also like it if there was more variety in the clothing choices, but the second game makes up for that very well so far. I just started the second, but I like the prices a lot more too. I was even thinking of getting the first one again since I had it as a kid and loved it! The games are really fun to play, but the dance part really needs to be worked on, as well as the stickers probably. I watched ads for an hour straight trying to get the last card I needed for the red sideswept hair and I just needed the rare 41 card, but I got so many duplicates of wverything else for multiple days in a row even though I play a lot.
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2 months ago, 👹👻👻🤒👿🥴😷
There’s nothing in the eyes!
My people, stop making these stupid, scary comments about a man or woman in the eyes! It’s not true! Like good god, just stop. If you see something in the eyes then think about it logically, has anything ever happened, like oh, I dunno, A mysterious person ever came to your house? Probably not. Never trust the internet. And if it does ask you for personal information then just make something up like “I live in Florida.” (I don’t actually live in Florida) And also, I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but OutFit7, if you are pranking people, just stop, it scares little kids out of their minds. That goes for everyone, if you’re purposely trying to scare kids, just shut up and keep your opinions to yourself, and OutFit7, don’t be stupid and act like you don’t care about the kids that are playing these idiotic games. (No offense, but they really are dumb.) And also, this is actually scaring people into thinking that they’re being stalked by a guy in the eyes. But the fact that you continue to be cyber bullies. Yeah, that’s right cyber bullies. Get it together. And stop being so melodramatic about this. The game is pretty good. I just don’t like how she’s so sexy.
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4 years ago, ooopoppoo
My talking Angela is a great game I love it after the first day of playing it I made it to level 9 there are a few things I wanted to say about the game first the mini games shouldn’t be so hard for example the mini game were you have to stack the suitcases it shouldn’t be so hard to stack them second when you go to the dance floor and u have to watch video to get the happy star have moves and then after the dance when you watch the video you get super star makeup I love putting makeup on my Angela but when u but when u put it on her then it only lasts for a day third I want some hair options that don’t cost so much for example I am dying to get the pastel twist but it so many gems fourth the gems when you go to the wheel u have to watch an ad every time you want to spin the wheel fifth I want to know why you get the cards you need then when watch an AD you only get two cards number one and number two you always get duplicates so there is no point in trying to collect the cards if you are not going to get any new cards I hope you enjoyed my review P.S I want a developer response please and thank you but I do love your game it is the best game I have ever played 😋😜😛🤪😝🤩🥳😎😺😸
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2 years ago, Crazy Star 17
It’s Fine to Download Guys
For everyone who’s been hearing rumors that “it’s creepy” or “there’s a man in her eyes” these are 100% FALSE. The people saying that are just little kids that believe in those “scary 3AM games” videos or people who are dummies and trying to scare little kids. But these claims are ABSOLUTLY LIES trust me. The kids here saying that I’m wrong need to get off here and go back to play Roblox lol! 😆 Those screenshots of the man in her eyes is literally photoshopped like with talking Ginger. All these stories about a little girl going missing and kidnappers trying to kill you because of this game are obviously MADE UP to troll people. If that was true these games would be deleted off the App Store a long time ago!! It’s the same with the old talking Angela and all the other Outfit7 games. I played sevral of these games and looked closely into there eyes and I NEVER once found any man or room in any of them. They are all COMPLETLY SAFE and ok for all kids to play. This company is literally not spying or stalking anyone like all these empty headed people are saying. PLEASE PLEASE listen to me!! And Please just download this game if you want and let your kids play it. I’m Telling The Truth here!!!
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2 years ago, #RonWeasly
This app is great. Feed her, dress her, brush her teeth, give her a bath, etc; I’ve took screenshots and nothing. No hacker, no office, nothing. The other one is hacked! This game is perfectly fine and cute. A few suggestions tho, can Angela go outside? How does she get dirty if she can’t go outside? Also, can you lower the prices of the outfits? Why is the Queen outfit 150,000 COINS? Who is gonna have enough to buy it? And could there be more stickers for iMessage? Other then those great game and would recommend. Just don’t get the other one. Stay safe and wear a mask!! 😀(Edit: What’s the point of putting in a Halloween outfit, if you have to purchase it? It’s a cute outfit too! I really want it but I’m not wasting my money on this game. Thanks for the consideration and hope everyone reading this gets the game! STOP LYING!!!!!) (Edit #2: I’m tired of the adds. At least make where every time I enter a room I * DON’T have to watch adds) (* KEYWORD DON’T) Edit #3: Hey it’s me again. Came to drop a humongous truth bomb about this now garbage game. Outfit7 decides once they make a new version of this app they don’t have to update the previous version of it. I don’t like the other one. Here I’m level 128. I would expect better from a developer who has their apps downloaded frequently by kids all over the globe (except me). Thanks for your time. Read the review for a chance to know my opinion. 🙃
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2 years ago, Hayy !!
Great App ((This is just my opinion but please read )) !
Overall ,, very good app 👍. There is a few suggestions though (( this might be long)) . I feel like there are some common problems that everyone deals with such as : ads , very few or little options , etc. While we’re here here is a problem I ran into : While I was watching ads for the cards things to get 2x cards (( on the scrapbook )) I ran into a problem where I accidentally clicked the x20 diamond and lost some diamonds ,, one thing I would say is there should have been some pop up that confirms especially sense you were purchasing something. That’s just a problem that I ran into but there are 2 more. 1.) There are way to many ads (( in my opinion also my experience )) every time you click a different selection or category there would be an ad which is pretty annoying. 2.) there are very little options to choose from and over time the game gets pretty boring. One thing I would recommend is for there to be more options and activities to choose from. It’s a pretty good app I guess. This is my opinion but , I would recommend downloading the app if you are bored or just a type of person who looks for games like this. Enjoy !
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4 years ago, Watermelon lover girl
To many ads but love it
So I downloaded this game and every single time I finish doing something on the game KA BOOM! A AD COMES UP! I still like it though i mean there is makeup and dancing even games on the game! I love it you even can feed her or him whatever you wanna name it plz get a life play this game and actually play it! You can even get………SUPERSTAR MAKEUP! Anyways this game is really fun plz play this it will be the best choice you ever made! 😁 never delete this game if you get it well that’s just my opinion you can not like it or like it whatever you choose I’m just saying that if you get this game and like it guess what? you will be on it for hours & hours getting the most thing ever brain happiness guys embrace your energy on this game so that means if you embrace your energy I mean like this game will give you energy enough to be more happy than anyone trust me people. This is Madelyn signing off. Oh and if it glitches restart your iPad or phone or any device you play it on nothings wrong with the game trust me unless your storage is full oh boy that would be so tragic and your device will be very slow trust me. #sorry if I said to many trust me# this is Madelyn signing off.
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5 years ago, A random kid :)
Her eye shadow glitches?..
Ok so first off I’m going to start and say that I enjoy this game and that it started getting addictive when I figured out that the cards you get when you level up give you more items, and after the first week of playing it I got to like level 10 because I was determined to get to a higher level than my sister because she had already gotten to a higher level and she also had the app on her iPad. The team that created this app put some hard elbow grease into it, but it needs some improving. I don’t really like how you made the dance studio. I mean, yeah it’s cute but I don’t like how I unlocked all of the “superstar makeup” and then the next day I had to get it all over again? That’s ridiculous and after I had unlocked the dances that did the blue smiley faces I had to do it again so I ended up watching videos to get them again. And also the face paint is ugly and the colors are too. Okay, now I want to get to my point. I really do enjoy putting makeup on her and I like to mix up the colors and put on cool outfits, but multiple times the makeup on the right eye is kind of like pink and yellow? The other one is fine but I would like if you could fix this glitch and also improve the dance studio. Thanks for reading and have a good day! :)
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4 years ago, lucky10..31
Decent Game
I really like games where you can “raise” your own pet or child because I think they are super cute and fun. This game is really fun, but I wish that you could have another activity like gardening, where Angela could tend to her very own garden and raise her own food, and then maybe one she reached “teenager” she could me a job out of it and have her own stand at the market. It’s just an idea, but I think that could be cool. Also, there could be like a school activity where you can bring her to school and teach her things and she could join a sport at school. Or she could have a mini pet that she is responsible for. These are all just small ideas, but I think they could add a lot to the game. One more critique, my brother had My Talking Tom and I noticed that there are a lot more mini games on My Talking Tom then there are in this game, so adding mini games and more ways to make coins could also be a major positive. Other than that, I really like this game. I love the wardrobe and feeding her and taking care of her. Thanks for reading!
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9 months ago, Gump0rz
Fake rumors (¬_¬) +story
This is an update. It’s 2023 September 12 Tuesday. I have came back to bring an update :) so yeah sometimes they are a joke… but most of them are fake. I have looked before I got this game when I was around… 4 too 5 or maybe 6 who knows. anyways yes the man in the eyes are true but.. the 3AM stuff is not. I have seen so much clickbait (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞. just know that you are safe when you play this. Also I will make a story for you guys XD. onetime I got this game and thought it would be amazing to play :) when I got this game I started to play are a few minutes… I went to go the toilet with my phone. Then I got a notification! “Hey where are you? Come back and play!” …. I was scared! How did it know I wasn’t in the app?!.. I decided to get done and go back to my bed. When I was in the bed I decided once again to check my phone.. my wallpaper was different.. I shrugged it off and played the game.. I looked in the eyes and it said.. “ I’m watching you” I deleted the game immediately and everything was normal after that… anyways that was all fake lolz bye! Stay safe ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎
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2 years ago, creepy report
My talking Angela
I Noticed that whenever I click I accidentally took a screenshot and I was just looking at it for a while and I had something to the eyes and I realized there was a man figure in the eyeballs in one of the eyes and so that took another screenshot and it looks like his face got closer and I could exactly see what he was but you could tell there’s a man in the eyeball and whenever I took another screenshot taken five screenshots about the end of whatever I was done and I realize that he’s such a run when I go to the other and he’s going to like have like his hair by and he has a long nose and darkish eyes and he look like something but it was just creepy because I didn’t want my kids knowing that there’s a man behind my talking Angela and I don’t want some creep watching my kidsBecause I didn’t want my kids to be scared of a game because they play it all the time and they love this game so much but now they’re knowing that some man is watching them and now they’re terrified and there but there’s some man just sitting there watching them and I don’t know if you could be watching through the phone or anything else so I deleted the app and it’s your schedule I wanted to play on my phone anymore thank you so much for this amazing at dairy but some guys watching
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4 years ago, #Tweet Tweet
I love putting makeup on Angela. But there is one major glitch. If you hit her, then move your finger up, she lifts up her head. But then you see her teeth and her gums on her chin. it’s really creepy, and I just needed to put that out there. Also, for the spinning wheel, can you please make it more likely to get the good stuff? Because I’m always watching for coins, and I have like, 1000 gems because I can’t get any coins. Eventually I spend the gems, but even then I only get 1 gem at a time. And the stickers. I’m not mad at the duplicates I get, because I can sell them off, I’m mad because when I buy stickers, and I refresh, with the 10 gems, I can never find the stickers I need. Btw I started the game a month ago, so I’m only on page 11–15! And I need 98 and 100! THATS IT!!! Anyway, I’ll update my review if anything gets updated, but for now I’ll leave it like this. But, developers, don’t get me wrong, I love this game. My ideas are only for the best! So please consider them! Thank you for this game and have a good day! Edit: I finally got those two stickers!!! 3 more to go!!! UwU
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5 years ago, wolfie56
This is probably my favorite game and I love it so much! Although it does have some downers, but mostly it’s great! I recommend getting this game 100% It is so fun and you can do a lot with this game! And I love when she sleeps it offers videos to watch, and more apps by Outfit 7. And I love how you can change her outfit and do her makeup. It’s so fun and awesome!! And I love how you can level up and collect many awesome stickers! I’m previously on level 36 so I’m not gonna stop. And I like how she levels up slowly and not too fast, if she leveled up fast I’d probably be at level 100! Lol. I absolutely recommend this game it is so fun. I also like how you can change Angela’s fur to different colors! I play this game all of the time and it is so fun. I heard rumors about there being cameras in her eyes that watch you but I don’t believe it. I don’t really like how it records you but I deal with it. And she is so cute and I love how you can take care of her and brush her teeth, bathe her, change her clothes and shoes, watch her grow! My Angela is a young adult right now. I love this game so much so you should get it!
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3 years ago, Violent cutie
Great game, but needs improvement
So, people say that the spin wheel is rigged, because they can never get jackpot, but I can very much confirm that it is NOT rigged, because I have gotten the jackpot at least four times and I have only been playing for about a month. Also for people who haven’t gotten it, the prize is random, but you get really good stuff, it’s your luck you’ll get it eventually, but off track it’s a great game but you could add more mini games, because there’s like four so if you could add more that would be great and also, I like how you can upgrade her furniture, but maybe dial the price back just a tad. Cause I got her video game to level five and and to get to level six you gotta pay like six thousand coins, and I don’t really have that kinda money so… yeah, but I would also like it if you add more clothes to fit more styles maybe more glittery girly clothes like that and also maybe add like a custom hairstyle where you can dye it, brush it, curl it or straighten it, I think the game needs that. But yeah. It’s a lot of stuff, but yeah. I hope you can put this into consideration to make your game better. Good day sir/ma’am.
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2 years ago, *^^~Suki~-~Chan~^^*
Hi! I love this game. I’ve been playing it for a while. I may have started over a lot, but it never gets old. I love how its so easy to collect currency too! I started over and got about 10k coins and 150 diamonds in the spam of 2 days. This game is so fun! I also love the dancing feature. I love how you can get prices from it. But I have ONE complaint, its a bug. I just now leveled up to level 15, meaning that Angela’s size is now a kid. I was so excited until I saw there was something wrong with her feet. They’re going like this ↖️➡️ and it looks like the ⬅️ one is stepping on something. I thought I could just exit the app and come back in, but nope, the foot still looked like that. I believe it’s a bug, if you happen to know what I mean by this can you fix it? Other than that this game is overall really good! I love it, I even have Talking Hank, Talking Tom 2, and Talking Angela 2! I had Talking Ben, but deleted it. I also had Talking Ginger (both) but deleted them because they’re boring and creepy. But anyways, please fix this bug!!
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1 year ago, bbgkat 🥂💅🏼💦✨
Eh..its mid 🐾🐈
First of all, cute game..but it kinda gets boring later on. All you have to do is collect stickers and take care of Angela.. like at least add some more mini games or anything else. Whilst i speak my truth i shall add some suggestions..You developers should add eyeliner in the makeup section..Also, make the cosmetics a little more cheaper, i mean like 4k for black mascara?? The only cosmetics you have is like eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara and blush. Like step it up and add eyeliner and maybe some eye and eyebrow pencils. 2nd suggestion is that there should be earrings. Theres only earrings included if you wear a certain type of hair or anything. Maybe have a variety of choices between them. 3rd and last suggestion and me and my younger sister agreed with this, their should be a custom skin tone and hair.. Like wouldnt that be so cool? Fyi I've played this game from like 7-13 and two years later (im 15) im writing a review over things that should be added for other generations that play this game. Overall cute app but make at better. ☺️✨
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3 years ago, Cadence_P
I like this game!!!
Hi my name is sania and I really like to play outfit7 Games but first of all I really like this game because there’s so many features and she can level up to different levels and as you level up you will see many different things and unlock! I really like the updates and I love that now she can take pictures and dance well that update was a long time ago but still I’m happy. Thank you for making this game because I really like it and I really like that you can do her make up and I love that you add like more sticker updates where you receive cute rewards and I love that for the unicorn pajama suit or whatever the unicorn onesie that’s what it’s called but I am I love that it doesn’t cost money anymore and I finished a whole like sticker album and I completed it like cool and I love that you receive awards as you go and your sticker albums I got hair and outfits and diamonds for the other ones but thanks for creating this game because I like it oh and can you also add more mini games thanks!
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2 years ago, -Dountz_are awesome-
I’m confused..
It’s a great game and all, amazing. But the rumors make me confused. Outfit7 make the Paris game, and if that had a man in its eyes, why doesn’t this one? Im thinking they have it there but you can’t see it. I go and look in her eyes every time. I’m telling you, I see either a small bit of someone, or shelves and files or desks. Your game overall is amazing. I love the one thing where she dances. Kinda funny and creepy at the same time, i belive the rumors and it makes me paranoid and scared. The fact you can change her eyes, what if in one eye they forgot to delete the hack? Or was the hack even hacked, they were just doing it to kidnap and stalk? I don’t know. I really wished these rumors would stop, but then again, I believed them. My little brother had talking ginger and it was creeped . I read the reviews and it’s not just a tuff of fur. There’s a human, shelves, desks, like an whole business of people stalking and kidnapping. And I think that person is holding files. Idk if they are holding something. Outfit7 making these games is pure creepy. Most kids like these games, but after they find the dark hidden history, it’s not fun. Stay safe <3 have a great day!
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4 years ago, candi_UwU
Nice game!
I have been a fan of all types of these games since I was five years old! I feel like out of the blue people just started making fun of the game for having hackers in it! I feel like this game doesn’t have hackers in it! just like other talking Angela, The one that used to have a chat bar! The rumors are not true! You can believe all you want but I’m just saying that I don’t believe it because how can a hacker take care of OVER 1000 PEOPLE ON THE APP!?! And if there are more hackers than 1, how can there be over 1000 hackers on this app is there anything in her eyes? Yes but not anything like a man or a room! I looked in her eyes and all I could see was... A bench! PEOPLE LOOK IN HER EYES NOW! THERE ARE NO PEOPLE OR A ROOM WITH A SHELF! So Jessica ridgeway thing theory, I just have to say for the family that lost their 10-year-old that would now be a about 17 years old now, i’m sorry they had to go through that but the comments on that video, we’re saying that it was because of talking Angela when the video had nothing to do with talking Angela! Once again for the parents and family of Jessica Ridgeway I’m so sorry for your loss...
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3 years ago, Maddie Michelle loofah
I love it by too many ads
It’s really fun to play but you can’t put it back as a baby and it’s really annoying so it so it doesn’t really make it that fun I kind a like it when it was a baby and now it’s not that cool but when I first got it was so much fun I guess I could read it for three stars but or four stars but first people whoever made this game my talking Angela two it’s funner and this Angela game is less funner but if you could turn back as a baby again it would be funnerYeah it’s really not that cool once you arty see that one stuff once Angela rolls up and then I hate it with the diamonds and stuff why can’t they just give you lots of diamonds I really wanted a girls hair and I want it all the outfits because I really like all the outfits so it’s just not that fun because they don’t give you what you wantI know that’s the point of games but it’s just really not that fun why do you not just let us get the things that we want and just not even make us all the stuff every day when I never get time I can never buy anything it’s really stupid that my
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3 years ago, mawruiopvxgio
Give me my sticker give me my sticker give me my sticker
Download with this app to see my childhood again and actually ended up really liking it and I was really liking the part with the stickers you should update it more and do more about it but I have to super wear a sticker that was super hard to get in super hard to find I couldn’t find it for almost a month I’m on a good sticker book I finally found it and I just had one more sticker to fine but when I check back since I haven’t played for a long time I think they took half of my stickers so I had to watch millions of ads and I can’t find a sticker that’s super rare that I already had I saw someone selling the sticker that I have the stickers 31 on the sticker book that has a long hair but they want me to pay $12,000 for this ugly sticker that’s not even worth it but I’m almost done with the sticker book so this just made me mad I know I have anger issues but I don’t care this is super rude and no no no give me my money back please or just give me all my stickers back because I should be done with the sticker book as I said before I found all the stickers you took away half my stickers
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10 months ago, this game id the bestttt
I love this game but…
When I downloaded it I got 10,000 diamonds and 1,000,000 coins or less but please fix this because I tried downloading it on my sisters phone it did the same thing people may thing this is fun and awesome to get this much coins but I think it would ruin the game because I like saving up and playing games for the coins but you can get everything when you have that much coins and it’s boring so please fix this if you did this on purpose for new people fix it please I don’t know if you want everyone to have so much of these coins or not but if you don’t mean it and it’s a glitch fix it, also I had this glitch when I was playing this when I was 9 in 2017 I think and everything was a lot the level and age was up high at like 30 or 40 obviously I was excited but now I think it’s boring also if anyone had this issue or bug reply or even reply if this didn’t happen to you because I’m curious if it’s just me having the glitch.
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4 years ago, Harold guntz
Not just for little kids
I think people think that this game is for little kids but it’s not it’s for older kids I am eight and I still play it it’s really fun and I love it my sister she’s 13 she still plays it so don’t think it’s for a little kids it’s for any age even grandmas can play it’s really fun for all ages don’t think that it’s for little kids it’s good for all ages I love this game and see those 3 AM videos about Angela it’s not real literallyIt’s fine at 3 AM I love it so please download it I really like it and I will always like i never get tired of it but I don’t like about something about it because I go back there and a Angel is always so tired and it takes so long for her to be not tired so developer or whatever it is maybe you could maybe you could make the game it’s easier to put her to sleep in it’s like less last time before she’s like she has energy thank you for reading this please download it some of this might be AutoCorrect just saying😍🙃
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4 years ago, bub :3
I saw a camera in Angela’s eyes..
U might think I’m a little dramatic but I saw like a camera and there was a line thats was made me think that if it’s not true I’m so sorry but I turned my microphone on and started saying if somebody’s there just please stop this is weird your invading somebody’s or ppls privacy so anyways I kinda started swearing 😅 at the camera just in case but my point for this is if u rly want the game but this review made u kinda scared just know it alright and to stay safe lie about when u were born and put ur finger on the camera so if there is a camera they can’t see u and if u think this is true thank u so much!!! I’m just worried about all of your safety even tho I don’t know u! Now another story what made me get this game was my best friend she said she saw a room in her eyes I said I kinda saw it but then I felt like I saw the camera..I got kinda freaked out so yea just everybody stay safe please and do these I’m saying them agian and do them if u agree with me not do what I did when I turned the microphone on XD 2.put ur finger over the camera for ur safety Sorry if I went to far with this @-@
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4 years ago, Tikitokgirl
Ok so I am reading these other reviews and I am just staring at my screen like... What?... Angela is Not EVIL! First of all how do you get scary notifications?! I have had this game for about a year now and I have had the notifications on and I have not got any scary notifications! Like all she keeps asking is for her needs and wants like,”Please feed me!” Or,”I am sleepy 😴” and there is a lot of cool 😎 ones but they can get annoying... Other than that, if you want to get this game but u are looking at these other reviews, I recommend to play this game. It is fun and you get to do makeup on her and dress her up. It’s just like having a child without insurance or having to give her shots every year..😐Also! There is no camera looking at you from Angela! That is ridiculous! I love this game! My friends keep telling me that there is a camera when they haven’t even gotten the game yet!😒 Try the game before you even trust anyone that all the stupid rumors are true! They aren’t true! Try it!🤩
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3 years ago, a little borijg but very fun!
Pretty good but some things need to be fixed
This is a fun game there is a lot of fun stuff to do in it but some things I do not like about it when you play the game and you talk she will copy what you said it sounded a little creepy but I liked it but it started to get kind of annoying and she wouldn’t stop it freaked me out so I hope they fix that and the next thing is a kind of way to diamonds that I do not like and it is using real money just for cool diamonds in a game I do not like scams at all it’s a fun game but it’s not so fun when you have to use real money just for it it’s not kind either so if the people that made this game are reading this please do not scam anymore it makes the game not really so fun so the next thing I wanted to say is the adds this game is good but it has way to many Adds of this game does not stop having adds it’s not gonna be so fun anymore It started to get a little boring for me I have not played it for a while so please fix these problems if you do thank you but for now please try to fix them
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4 years ago, NaC 4141
Creepy glitches...
This is a rly amazing game for ppl of any ages.i would give it a 5⭐️ review but there is sth wrong with it... so one day I was playing this game and I saw kinda like a reflection of myself in her eyes!!😳😳 I got rly creeped out and I was like what the hell?! Then I said to myself that it’s just me seein things just cuz I heard some rumors abt it! But then I looked at her eyes again and it had like a rly creepy looking man with a chair and a old looking closet!!!!😳😳😳😳😳😳 I just yeeted my iPhone across my room like what the heck just happened?!?! Then after a few days I kinda heard her sayin real creepy stuff even tho I didn’t allow mic when I installed the app! She said stuff like “kill” or “die” or I think I heard like sth like “gun” or “knife” but it’s just some graphic issues maybe... cuz I definitely heard some creepy rumors abt this game being haunted or being able to track ur location or whatever...? But beside that it’s a rly fun game with lots of outfits and hair to choose from and playing mini games and interactions with Angela!!!
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6 years ago, aprilboughton
4 stars for the following
I think that this is an awesome game in all but it needs more realistic things like getting married to tom going on dates going to school and maybe having kittens just suggestions but I would most certainly put five stars if those were added and probably buy more stuff if you added those things also if you buy the makeup forever then you should be able to keep it on as long as you want also a tip to outfit7 if you stop this hacker that's been going around your clients will be MUCH happier and stop deleting your games and get more of them! But please add those things many more people would join if you did and themed buy more and your company would do much much much better because everyone is saying to add more things please it would make a gigantic difference for outfit7 everyone would like it cuz it's getting boring without stuff like that -thank you for your time please consider my ideas
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2 years ago, jjjjjdkdhshs
My sister is 5 she loves to play this game so much every time I get out of school she shows me a bunch of stuff she got on this app I said cool aubri she went to her room I got changed and unpacked so I went on my bed and looking for talking Angela fun to see why she likes it so much but before I put fun it said talking Angela eyes it seemed weird but I Press it and I see a lot of stuff about this so I see a news about talking Angela and it was a little girl who got kidnapped I saw the video I thought it was about some old man but then I looked up talking Angela ice on safari I saw a man so I went back to the video and I didn’t think it was a old man I think it was the talking Angela man in her eyes my sister herd the video she was so scared that she took of the app but it didn’t let and start it’s a glitch on her eyes she restart her tablet and the app was gone and some of her apps were also gone that night I told her to go to sleep because she couldn’t about the app the next day she didn’t think about it but my cousin called me and started talking about Angela my sister was yelling and went to her room and she stop thinking about it
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1 year ago, Kelsie LaBounty
The sleeping is so darn long
I wish there was more like Kroger’s in Lake, but I was looking at the other reviews and all the sudden somebody got kidnapped so once you get to level seven, or once you like on a different level, it keeps saying to unlock glass in seven like everything you do like window washer when you brush the teeth that’s all they say but then if you say something they just copy what you say if you already had this game it’s weird right yeah and then the people they’re gonna download this game. You will like it at the same time, but not like it because when you get to a level or like winner, I have been playing it for a long time you just get bored for Me, yeah it gets boring. Sometimes I wish like when you’re doing a photo shoot I’m so curious why do you say you like putting Angela in clothes and then when you go to photo shoot it’s not there anymore it’s just weird yeah but I really wish there wasn’t so much adds
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6 years ago, educated Trump
It’s okay.
I meant to put educated shrimp as the name or whatever but her we go!!~~~This is a game where you can play as a adult looking after Angela. You can bathe, feed, dress her up and more. You can collect items with the cards. These items are, for example, different hair styles, cloths, makeup, and more. I have previously gotten rid of the app for a bit but then got it again. I came across the new updates. UGH. They just had to add it. Take a guess. Three... two... one. Adds. Yep you guessed it right! Adds. I am SURLEY not surprised they added adds to a game. However you might find it annoying when you see a add just pop up on the top of the screen when your playing with Angela. However to my seeing, it’s annoying! When your playing the mini games with Angela, after you the game stops adds come up. It’s a fine game, BUT the adds. I mean come on, who wants a game with adds? Tip; TURNING OFF YOUR WIFI WILL GET RID OF THE ADDS. You probably all ready knew, whatever. But unless you have data sadly it won’t work. Thanks for reading me opinion. Have a magnificent day!╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
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2 years ago, Roblox life forever
Angela was saved die die
All right so we downloaded this game after I watched Laurens aside play it but then I saw something in her eyes and then I could delete it unlike Ben and Angela like the first ever Game and I’m not one of those fake people like I don’t know why I download them like I want to enc courage and I’m like I’m alone i’m really scared the other out drinking text me saying you can’t delete me I’m coming to get you but then I was really scared that they were coming to get me but it was a dream or a nightmare but I was really scared and this happened like a few days ago and Angela was saying die die or dead because when you first start the game in the cradle he was saying it die die die die and then when she’s out of the cradle in regards humming sound like a kid in a empty room recorded it but for your safety if you download it turn off your camera because I feel like they can watch you and see you and I want everyone’s safety to be safe because in this world there’s a lot of cool people but just turn off your camera and don’t let her record your voice for your safety
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3 years ago, werewofe 101
Please read and find out about the game
I absolutely love this game I play it every day. And I would just like to say that this is one of the best games I’ve ever played. Every day I play IBe a level in the game and it is so fun. I think everyone should play this game as long as they know what they’re doing. I am at a very high level and that is because I love this game and I think that it is very fun and you can play it whenever you want and you can’t even designed the cat. I also think that there are almost no adds this game has almost no adds that it is so amazing. I have played so many games that has so many ads but this game has no adds almost no adds unless you want any it’s amazing. I Think that the game could be a bit more updated and a bit more different but you are then I think this game is amazing and in all I just think it’s very fun to play and you should play it.
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3 years ago, Sidhkoqock
It’s not bad, but it’s not good either. First of all, I forgot all about the rumor that there was a man in her eyes, it’s mostly not true anymore. Now, I know most people don’t do this, but I think you should scroll all the way down to the Data Links... to what it says, it may track your location, plus it’s YOUR location. Better not get this probably. What I’m about to say next is actually about another game they made, talking ginger. When I read the reviews, 50% of them said something like “THERES A MAN IN HIS EYES!!!” Or “DON’T DOWNLOAD!” I’m writing this in 2020, so the reviews may have changed overtime. When I looked into his eyes, I saw a bench in a really dark room. Kinda eerie, ok, things couldn’t be worse. I was wrong. Ginger does some things... well... let’s say inappropriate. One mini-game was where you had ginger sit on the toilet, and run the roll out. Like- CHRILDREN MIGHT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS! Pls fix it if you even made it, idk (I don’t know) who actually made Talking Ginger. Pls make your games more appropriate. Thanks for reading, Later!
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2 months ago, ethnwthnryiketyneyu
Ok so let’s be real I have never played the game bc of people saying that there’s a man in her eye I wanted to test it but didn’t get the app bc I was to scared so I did it on the pictures so I looked and saw no man in her eye but saw a creepy face in one I forgot which on but it made me scared so bad and that’s the story on why I never play this game😭😭😳😳 ok I checked just now and it was the 3rd see the two little dots take a screenshot and go to pictures and crop it until you see the two little dots and a mouth😳😳ok third time of me editing this but it’s not really looking like there’s a mouth but it looks like a beard OK 4TH TIME btw I already did it but it didn’t send so anyway this girl played and she got a notification and it said come play with me😈😈😈 OR ELSE🔪 when I heard I got so scared but that’s not the only part she also heard someone coming to her room and it was the man so she cried herself to sleep and the next morning she fainted and her family woke her up and said she’s been out for 3 days so anyway stay safe❤️❤️❤️
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2 years ago, cUtIe WhAt UwU
Ya'll are fakers...
Why do people say this game is so cReEpY and "Oh their is s man in Angela's eyes." YEAH!!! If it's so creepy why dont you download it! I was looking at the critical reviews an hour or 2 ago at it said like everyone lOvEd scary apps. If ya think it's so creepy then get it! Whats the biggie??? This game is so cute and generous. Like all the dress up and dAnCe PaRtYs!i!i Bugs,none. But the ads are a bit inappropriate i must say. Like taking girls clothes off without a bra and cheating? This game is for little kids so ad developers should not pit like oh some sExY ads. Not all the ads are inappropriate, its just here and their. Most of the times ads are cute!!! And Talking Angela 2 is soooo much of a cuter update! (No offense to just Talking Angela 1). You should totally get this game! 1. its not scary 1 percent. 2. actually i got nothin. Oh and the sleeping time is very long you should maybe fix it and make the time like 30 seconds or somthing. BYEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, creepy omg af i am so for real
The man in her eyes are super creep
So I was seeing youtubers play this so I decide to and before I downloaded it I wanted to read the previews I did and ant believe them so I downloaded it myself I saw a man in her eyes but not just a man like the people he had his head looking at me holding a knife but I ant really care then I but my phone down and want to get a snack then when I was going to my phone I herd a voice on my phone now I ant give it my microphone but I heard it and she said this “i gonna find you Emiyah” I was creeped out good thing my family heard this to cause they were all with me in the same room awoke I grabbed my phone and opened it and she was creepy staring at me with her head to her side I but my phone down and screamed then heard a knock at my door I went into my closet with my family and deleted the app then the knocking stopped and I and my family stayed up all night so do not download
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4 years ago, The App Critic 👩‍💻
If you’re thinking of buying this app please read
Okay, the game is so much fun and completely safe. That’s all you need to know, but if you want you can read about how awesome it is from someone who’s played this game for years. Just like My Talking Tom and My Talking Hank, you can dress, feed, and bathe your Angela, but this game also comes with dancing, makeup, and super fun sticker packets. You can sell and buy duplicates of stickers and add ones you don’t have to your collection, and it makes you feel really grown-up. Plus apart from all the regular fun, there’s also mini games to play. You can level up your Angela and name her. I love this game. To be honest, I hardly ever give good reviews but this is awesome. I just wish her energy ran out slower. P.S. People are saying ‘There’s a murderer in her eyes! We’re all going to die!’ Yeah, not so much. This game is completely secure and no hackers are in it. Maybe in other games, not this. Any video you’ve watched is fake and any review you’ve read are lies.
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1 year ago, sofi love🥰
Scary game don’t play 😟😟😟
So first off this game is really scary because when u look in to Angela’s eyes you can see a person and a vent in there and it seems to be hacked and spy on little innocent kids don’t play i beg you if you don’t think it’s true see for yourself and be safe out there. Warning: it watches you when you turn it off and it sees you when you come back and when u play the game for to long it starts to ask u weird questions and if u stop playing the game and come back to playing the game the hacker pretty sure is a hacker will start to stare at you and it is see able but not a lot for grown ups and we don’t want it to scare children but if u don’t believe me it is fine idc but I just don’t want little kids to get hurt but if it is just a misunderstanding I understand but I hope u fix it and I hope u all have a happy and blessed day 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
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2 years ago, GirlyCatGamer1323
Got the app, deleted it, then heard the rumors...
Ok so I read this one review...(anyone considering getting this game please listen!) and I will tell you about The review in a second. I heard the rumors and once I did they were very creepy. I was very creeped out and I did not like the rumors at all I did not hear about the rumors before I deleted the app…as I am writing this review, I noticed something literally in the images. In the makeup image you can sort of see, like a bench in her eyes. And in response to the review I saw, yes I watch Lauren z side, and I heard about the rumor from her. I was scared and wanted to learn more so I watched her other video. I tried not to think about it but sometimes I couldn’t help myself from looking at the reviews on these games. Now that I have heard these videos and reviews...I think that how it says “I need microphone access to hear you” is really creepy...I accepted when I had the app and I hope nothing bad will happen. Don’t download this app In case all the rumors are real! P.S. I apologize for the long review. If you read it then thank you!
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3 years ago, Walker Team
Fake rumor
OK! So I downloaded this app and see if the “Man in Angela Eyes” rumor was true or fake. I took couple of screen shots of her and zoomed in her eyes. I didn’t see anything. There were no man, no room, just reflection of Paris. I don’t know why this rumor even started because it’s all lies. This game is harmess. I mean I played this game 2 years but of course deleted when I got older. It did creep me out when I heard the rumor about this, so I thought I would check. And results are: the rumor is fake. There is nobody watching you. She doesn’t talk anything, only what I say, she copies me. You do not have to worry about this app. It doesn’t teach your location. Nobody will call you and ask “personal stuff”. Relax! It’s all just fake rumor. All those people who say it’s real, they just want to scare other people. The rumor is fake. The game itself is safe for children. If your reading this and your kid/parent, you can download this app! It’s safe! :)
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4 years ago, Delilahthecatlover
Love this game so much but there is issues...
Ok I LOVE THIS GAME but like the other review I read... there are some things like it’s just the same things to do, pet her, feed her, make her dance, bathe her, brush her teeth, make her go to sleep, ok so the bathe her, teeth, sleep, feed stuff is cute when she is a baby!! But NOT adult, she should be able to do those Things on her OWN!!!! There is another thing, the mini games, I used to LOVE brick breaker but now when you pass a level, the ball comes back to the thing you control with your finger, it throws me off and I hate it. Now the only thing a play is the happy game one and the one with the balloons. I also don’t like the slapping, I was a little kid when I started playing and I found you can slap Angela, or as I named her, Yumiko, I would love for you to change that... thank you and happy Easter!!! Also I love the game and that’s why 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 and I have been playing for 8 years!!! Bye!!!
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5 years ago, nakia ikea
It’s a great game but...
Honestly I really love this game but the advertisements there everywhere for example, if i have to give her a bath the minute I go there a advertisement and it happens all the time I remember when I used the have this app and there were no advertisements can you please fix that issue and it makes the game act poorly for me and slow and I don’t mean to smack her in the face when I’m trying to pet her or feed her but due to all the advertisements the only time I play the game is when I put on airplane mode so that there wouldn’t be advertisements but due to that I won’t be playing it much I really love the game and I want you to fix it it’s becoming like all those other dumb games that have millions of ads and it’s causing me to sorta neglect her but I have no other choice cause when I move from room to room there’s advertisements and when I was playing games with her I got an ad right inn the middle and I lost the game due to that. Please fix this issue it’s one of the actual fun games on my phone thank you.
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